The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on November 29, 1958 · Page 19
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 19

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1958
Page 19
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S^y^r7^'^Ar^^^tV* ll ^y*'^\ / s •-' ^*- "'^-""f "*• *;• -: ,•* p^il^f^M^^;s>* y «i*wj W^V'*;^'"** f •""'*'•'}'' ? " ' < : ' ' '' M 1 -,!^ t\t \ ft i J /~i ^ vfb) <^iA »P_ i*_ A! ^f.(J.. ,?* * .ft Of*, ..g/.K.,,. , .J!i* ^ ^ "^ ),* Puppets Make AUSTIN (Mfnn.) HERALD, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29, COMIC PAIR — Phil Ford and Mimi Mines will be featured in the coming Sullivan show that was filmed in Alaska. Phil Ford, Mimi Mines on Dec. 7 Sullivan Show Fans who have soured on the Ed Sullivan Show may want to tune in once more Dec. 7. It will be his "Alaska Show," but most important will be appearance .of Phil Ford and Mimi Hines. Phil and Mimi are the comedy team that created such a rumpus when they showed on one of Jack Paar's shows. Their rise was detailed in SHOWCASE several weeks ago. They are sticking with the manager who "picked them up" when they appeared a long time back on the Garry Moore show. He has kept them in good bookings since. While Muni is looking ahead eagerly to their chance with Sullivan a week from tomorrow, her real big ambition is to appear in a stage show on Broadway. And— she wants it to be a~«bow written by her husband, Phil. Phil is a gag writer. Besides writing and singing, he plays piano, clarinet, flute, sax, trumpet and drums. Muni wants him to put together and direct a big musical comedy. By CttARUlS MERCEtt NEW YORK (AP)-Puppeta, BO popular la the early years of tele* vision, we much In evidence on the hoflie screen this season. toffiotfow, when "Art Carney Meets Peter and the Wolf" in an hour special on ASC-TV (6 p.m., EST>, the Baird puppets will make up the complete cast escep^ for Carney, ferry Como has been employing Kulda, Praia and Ollie on his NBC-TV program. Pat Boone It presenting Shari Lewis •fid her puppets on his ABC-TV show, Mmlng Pregrint Miss Lewis, who conducts a popular morning local program on NBC-TV featuring a variety o! puppet characters, was saying the other day that "Puppets don't eat much/' She meant, of course, that they offer a good show for a relatively small budget. An interesting puppet, she explained, "is something unlikely existing hi a human way." Furthermore, she theorizes that we're living in an age beguiled by the miniature. Smaller cars and smaller dogs, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. So isn't it possible that puppets, those miniature humans,, are in a trend of popular interest? iHteresting Pohit Miss Lewis pointed out another interesting thing about a puppet: He (or she) can get away with saying and doing things on television that a human cannot. It's banal, for instance, when a man swoons upon being introduced to a pretty girl, but a puppet can swoon and nearly everybody is amused. In her puppet shows Miss Lewis says she never strives for gags, "but if it's true humor we do it. There's never any pie or seltzer in the face. I try to bring vigor but not violence to a show. The conflicts are of emotion rather than physical." An Unknown to Join 4 Top Stars tor Film Version of 'On the Beach' HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Producer Stanley Kramer has passed up Hollywood's big names to team an unknown with four top stars in "On the Beach." She is Donna Anderson, a pretty, 19-year-old dancer whose success story is an unusual one. On. Jan. 1, she will fly to Australia to join Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Tony Perkins in Kramer's production of the Nevil Shute novel. Admits She's Scared How does she feel about all this? ••Scared," she admitted. And well she might be, stepping in with such fast company. But Kramer has faith in her. In fact, his faith has extended for the four years in which he has kept her under personal contract. Here's bow it all happened; Donna was a 15-year-old dance student at one of Hollywood's ballet schools. She took part hi a recital to which Kramer and his wife were invited by choreographer Eugene Loring. It's reported the producer was impressed with Donna. Mrs. Kramer Impressed "I think Mrs. Kramer was impressed," Donna corrected. At any rate, she was invited with her mother and grandmother to visit the studio, where Kramer advised dramatic lessons for Donna. When it appeared that family couldn't afford such expense, he decided to put the young girl under exclusive contract. It was the first time he bad ever done so, though he sparked the careers of Kirk Douglas, Grace Kelly, and Marlon Brando. Then followed four years of intensive training, with dramatic coaches as well as dance teachers. "The break came when I tested for a role in a TV show at Desilu Studios," she said. "I didn't get the part, but Mr. Kramer saw the test and I guess he liked it. t never heard it from him but people around the studio started telling me that I was going to do the role of Tony Perkins* wife in 'On the Beach.' "I wouldn't believe it, even when I was called in for wardrobe fittings. Then Mr. Kramer told me." Now Hollywood may have a new star in this brown-haired beauty who admits being scared. AN UNKNOWN — Donna Anderson gets chance with top stars. YOUR COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CENTER . . • GENERAL REPAIR • MOTOR TUNI-UP • WHEEL BALANCING 9 BRAKE REPAIRS • OVERHAULING • SHELLUBRICATION • CAR WASH • BATTERIES • TIRES • SHELL TCP GASOLINE $•• Gworg* or Chtt at iTERLINQ SHELL MOTORS DUU HU-J41J DM W, Otktonl . Autfe H Network Television | Friday, December S (C> M««n« tfragWm M M C«» 6/05 #.M. S**DavW Stone 6/30 «.M. 5, tO-^Conllnental Claw- 7/00 tf.w. 4— Slsjfuid 9, Ifr-^Todfly 4— ChrltfmaJ Show B.-OO «,*». 1, 4— Cept. Konaerao 5, lO^Todoy , 8.45 AM. S^^Nttwt 9/00 «.m. J, 4— foi ue»e or MM«r S. 10-Dough Re Mi 9»*36 4tf7t> 1, 4— Hay Hunch 5, 10— Trea»ur» Hunt tO.-OO o.m. J, 4, 1— Gfldh« 5, 10— Met It Riojlt 6— III! Hlckok 10/30 «.»». 1, 4, •— Top Dollar S, 1C— Contenttatloii 4— ChrUtoplwrt 11. OO *.m. I, 4, •— Lo»t •» Life S, 10— Tic Toe Dough •—Day <« Court 1130 *.«». S, 4, -•*-$»•»«»•- '. ': '• s, ii~Co«M t* V«M 6— fettf Haw I, 4— GuUIno LlgM . •—film Kevlev 12.-00 m ' Woather ' •— Newi 12:10 p.m. •—Living Storybook 12:20 p.m. S— Troaiure Chett 12:30 p.m. I. 4— World Tumi 6— Molheri Day •—Crusade In Europe 10— BreviKes l.-OO p.m. i, 4, 1 — Jimmy Dean 5, 10— Truth or Cow queitcet 4— Liberate 1.30 p.m j!;»— Haute Party s-^r4*w« WeStho CUM 1:40 P.m 6— TV Blnoo 2.-00 #>.W, 4, «— BIB Payoff S, ID— Teddy U Oan i— Chance fo> Romano 2/30 ?.w S, 4, 1— Vtrdtei Toun 5, 10— From Th«e tooh (—Mark Sabat 3.-00 p.m \, 4, I—Brighter Day • S, 10— Queen For Day (—Beat Clatk J/J5 ^.W }, 4, (—Secret Storm 3/30 p.« 1, 4, •— Edge at Night S, 10— County Fate «— Who De YOU Trtnt 4.-00 p.m. »— Show S— Margie •—American BandttaM •—Curtain Call 10— Whot'i New 4:30 p.m. 4— €««•» .'.. . 5-latt of Mehlcafii •—Film • !•— F«r» S.-OO p.m. 1— Ctih HOOM 4— Axel * Oat J— «ebld Hood t— Whlrtybirdi 10— gengal Lancera 5/30 p.m. S— Leo ft Pioneers 4— Popey* 5— H.-flite Time •— Mlckev Moutr Cub 10— Superman C.-00 p.m », 4. S, *, «. 10— Newt. Weatnei 6/75 p.m. »— Growth ot Natioa t— Don Goddard 10— NBC News 6:20 p.m. 5-ShouId Know 6/30 p.m. J, 4, «— Hit P«tade 6— Rln Tin" rid 10— Sherwood ForeH 7.-00 p.m. S. 4, «-trackdown 5, 10— tilery QMeft •-'Walt Onne> ftttMh 7:30 p.m J, 4, »— Jackie GteaiM 8.OO p.m S. 4, i— PWi silten 5, 10—M-Sauod •""MM "I*" CoHWfw 8/J<* *j». s! 1«^tWn M Mwi «— 77 SunMt Strip 9/00 p.M 1, 4, •— Lineup 5, 10-Covaleode of SpwH 9/30 p.m. 1, 4— Per«on to Penta t— David Nlvea •— Pattl Page 9:45 p.m. S—PoM Fight Beat i.'«v»?S(S^£i,tni WtflHrlf iMrti 10,'lS p,m. •—John Daly 10/20 *.». 1 Thin Ma* 10:30 p.m. 1— Night Cap 4— Night Court 5— U^ Monhatl 10— Jack Poor Show 10^35 p.m. g HOM of Start 70.50 p.m. »— Playhouse 11. -00 p.m. 4— PloyhouM S— Jock "aor Show 12/00 p.m. 5— News OUTDOOR DRAMA — Gary Cooper reassures Julie London when they chance upon cut-throats in "Man of the West", opening at the Sterling Thursday. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL MERIT COUPON | DELICIOUS—FULL 2 POUNDS ! 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