Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 23, 1974 · Page 3
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 3

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 3
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Woman Testifies On International Gold Transaction NKWS-HKHALl), I'.ummu City,, Fla., SMU^i^A \ TAMPA (UP1) - A young v^omnn testified at a bond Hearing this week that she was liiong when two men, one of wijhom Is charged with conspiracy to,import marijuana, irtade an Intentional gold transaction in Central America. . 'Janet Wood testified before Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge Harry Lee Coe In connection with a move by the state to have the $500,000 bond Imposed on Tarpon Springs fisherman Raymond Grady Stansel, Jr. increased to at least $1 million. Judge Coe declined to rule on the motion for a bond increase because he said Startsel's attorney had not had time to file for a rehearing before the second district court of appeals Which rejected a petition to have the bond lowered. But he heard testimony from Miss Wood after Assistant State Attorney John Hoft said Miss Wood, of Key West, had to leave Tampa and may not be back in time should the hearing resume soon. She has been granted immunity for her testimony, Hoft said. Miss Wood told the court she was with Stansel and Brian Goldner, formerly of St. Petersburg in Costa Rica and described a meeting between them and two men in which $2,400 worth of gold was purchased. She said she, Stansel and Goldner began their trip The Yellow Kid' Has No Doubts through Central America in May from the isle of Roltan, near Honduras, after they had spent some time aboard a yacht that would sleep eight to 10 persons. She said they boarded a plane piloted by Goldner and flew to Costa Rica where they made a fuel stop before going on to Panama City, Panama. She said after a visit there they returned to Costa Rica where they met with an English-speaking man and a Spanish-speaking man. Miss Wood said the men spoke in Spanish at an airport terminal while looking at what she described as geological tables. She said Stansel then handed her $4,000 and told her to go separate $2,400 from It. She said when she returned from the ladies room they all went outside to a car where she was handed an envelope con­ taining six or eight small gold bars and she gave the money to one of the men. She said the gold bars were about two by three Inches by one-fourth inch thick. She said the three of them then flew to Nicaragua and during the'flight she handed the envelope to one of the men. She said they met a woman when they arrived and she "believed" the gold was given to the woman. There was no testimony as to what, if anything, was given in return. She was asked if the name of Gen, Anastasio Somoza had ever been discussed and she said the only thing she remembered was that the name was mentioned as a friend. "Then I asked, who's General Somoza?. she said. "They stated that he Is the dictator of Nicaragua." Somoza's name has been mentioned several times In connection with business transactions Involving Stansel since he was indicted by a special statewide grand jury investigating drug trafficking and smuggling. But Somoza has denied ever having any business dealings with Stansel of any kind and said drug offenses are vigorously prosecuted in Nicaragua. The state has said Stansel was arrested shortly after he and Miss Wood flew back to Miami aboard a plane piloted by Goldner, son of a former mayor of St. Petersburg. Goldner has not been charged in the case. Earlier this month Stansel Invoked the Fifth Amendment against self incrimination when asked if Goldner was involved in any illicit or illegal activity. to be Goldner is reported working in Panama. The state attempted to show through the testimony of Miss Wood that Stansel is not a modest commercial fisherman from Tarpon Springs as he claims, but is a man of substantial means and a definite threat to flee the country if released from custody. They tried to pin down that Stansel owned, or was part owner, of a 65-foot yacht off the coast of Honduras, a bar there, a motorcycle, a Mercedes -Benz car and an airplane. Miss Wood testified the men on occasion v referred to the yacht and the plane in passing as "our" yacht or plane but that she did not know for sure that they owned them. She did say Stansel told her at one point he had to go to Germany to pick up a Mercedes. CRUISE NEW SEP. 14th TO DEC. 7TH -i nivc M M e A (PER PERSON) 7 DAYS • $289.50 ALL MEALS INCLUDED EVERY DAY ABOARD IS A FUN FIESTA DAY! CALL FRAN'S TRAVEL 1115 W. 15th St. (next to Mr. Donut) 763-2349 •JWW***^W^^^MWWWMWMW¥MMWMWMWW CHICAGO (UPI) - Joseph "The Yellow Kid" Weil, despite his upcoming 99th birthday has no doubts that he is still able to pull off the kind of act for which he was notorious around the world—swindling. Well is reputed to have made and lost $8 million in his assorted con games, living by the philosophy that businessmen, bankers and lawyers make the best targets for a man of his talents. Confined now to a wheelchair and living in a convalescent home here, he recalled his 50 years of confidence games. "It was so fascinating that I didn't have time to regret my activities. There was so much happiness and joy In swindling." Weil said his cons were usually confined to "men of means" because of their reputations.. "If a man of means gets swindled," Weil said, "he's not going to want any publicity, so he is going to keep it to himself. They don't care how they make the money as long as they don't have to kill." But Weil said there were times when his victims did report the swindle, forcing him and his associates to flee the country for a short time, usually to play the con game at racetracks in England, France and Germany. He was caught three times and spent a total of six years in prison for his activities. The Yellow Kid said he only played his game on' men who had larceny in their hearts. He said he stayed away from politicians because "they didn't have anything, and if they did, they usually had connections with the police." Weil's favorite swindle involved the racetrack. Weil and his associates would talk a businessman into coming out to the racetrack to watch Weil's horse exercise. Weil said they would not feed the horse when the victim was there because the horse ran better on an empty stomach. WIN AT BRIDGE Swindle proves who's dummy NORTH 22 * A62 ¥ A5 • A743 > *K865 WEST EAST 4> QJ1084 4 953 ¥ 863 ¥Q10972 • J52 • 986 • 104 473 . SOUTH (D) 4 K-7 ¥ KJ4 • KQ10 +AQJ92 Both vulnerable West North East South 14 Pass 1* Pass 2 N.T. Pass 44 Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5* Pass 5 N.T. Pass 64 Pass 7 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-•Q my. He started by cashing three rounds of clubs and Jimmy discarded his deuce of diamonds. Our genius stopped, thought, thought some, more; cashed his queen of diamonds; entered dummy with the fourth club; thought some more; led a low diamond: took some more time ana finessed his 10. He explained later and with considerable bitterness that he could not see how anyone could be stupid enough to discard a diamond from three or four to the jack. Jimmy said nothing at the time, but explained later on that he needed to develop some sort of swindle to beat the lay down grand slam and that South was just the sort of idiot that might fall for it. By Oswald & James Jacoby Today's hand was played in a match-point game back in 1938. South was a bridge genius — or at least he thought he was. West was the late Jimmy Maier, a real bridge genius. He might well have turned out to be one of the greatest players of all time, if he hadn't died at the age of 31. Our self-styled genius might have bid just seven clubs which would make without depending on any luck in hearts or diamonds, but he wanted a top score and bid seven notrump. Looking at all the cards it is hard to see how he could get himself set at that contract but he worked it out with a little help from Jim- The bidding has been: 22 West North East South U Dble Pass 24 Pass 3+ Pass 3f Pass 3* Pass 4* Pass 4f Pass ? You.South, hold: • 654 VKJ432 *AQ97*3 What do you do now? A—A further bid should be made. We think you should just bid six hearts, but we would have no criticism of a four- no trump or five-heart bid. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three clubs your partner has bid three spades in response to your two-spade cue bid. What do you do now? Answer Monday We Want To Greet Every New Family Moving Into Bay County or Panama City! Our hostess will bring you a warm welcome^ from thoughtful Sponsors who have free gifts foi you. If you have moved into Bay County from an outside area recently and have not been welcomed/call 763-1780 or write to P.O. Box 2211 r Panama City, Florida 32401. We have nothing to sell but good will. There is no obligation, ever. Tell your neighbors. PANAMA CITY NEWCOMER WELCOME SERVICE Members of the Boy County Chamber of Commerce MOVES YOU IN: PAYMENTS LESS THAN $300PER MONTH, DELWOOD PUTS HOME OWNERSHIP WITHIN THE REACH OF PRACTICALLY EVERYONE. Why rent when you can own a beautiful new home at Delwood Estates? Our new lease- purchase plan makes it all possible, now, while prices are still low. Today, you can enjoy all the privileges and benefits of home ownership: privacy, comfort, tax-shelter and that all important hedge against inflation. . We believe home ownership is your most vital investment today. To back our belief we have made special financing available. We've made it possible for you to move into the Delwood Estates Townhome of your choice now, two or three bedroom, deferring closing for 6 months until interest rates have had a chance to settle down to a more realistic level. This is a limited offer and may be withdrawn at any time. We're still offering the same value-packed homes. Just look at these features: •Fully equipped.kitchens including GE range, no-frost refrigerator with ice maker, dishwasher, disposal, trash compactor. •Deep-pile wall to wall carpet throughout. •Huge patios •Central air conditioning •Walk in closets •Large utility rooms •Plenty of storage'space •Luxurious community club-pool, saunas, tennis, playground area. •King-size master bedrooms •Two and three bedroom floor plans •Cable TV •All utilities underground •Professionally landscaped You owe it to yourself and your family to investigate this once in a lifetime opportunity. Drive out to Delwood Estates today. Luxury condominiums from $29,500 Delwood is located at the corner of 19th St. and Northside Dr. Just follow the map. The Sales office at Delwood is open from 11am—7pm, seven days a week. Come by or call (904) 769-4048. 'I ESTATES 7F»

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