The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 4, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1894
Page 1
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Clip your Coupons And bring them to TnB S*NTINBL office and Bcoure a copy of the splendid portfolio A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD, PAKT 2. A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD ' One of theBo coupons and Ten cents will entitle j-ou to Part 2 of this charming series of vlonrs. VOL. XVIII. NO. 2, CAIUIOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, MAY 4, 189*. WHOLE NO. 81)1. GUILD IS LEADER OF LOW PRICES You can buy more at Guild's for than you can anywhere else for $1.50 If you don't believe it just call and see for yourself. All the latest novelties of the season at prices that defy competition. NOTE THE FOLLOWING : Ladies' Fine Bibbed Jersey Vests, Ladies' Fine Fast Black Hose, Best Domestic Ginghams, Best Indigo Blue Calicoes, 5c 5c Fine Wool Dress Goods, 36 inch Percales, Fast Colored Sateens - Shaug Tong Pongees, 10c., worth 15c 15c White goods and embroideries we can suit you in pattern and style and beat the world in prices. LACES AND RIBBONS we have them all, you will be money out of pocket if you buy before looking at Dry Goods, Notions Ladies' and Gent's Furnishings, at Next door to postoffice. JOHN GUILD'S. PUBLIC SCHOOLS. THONG COUPS OF TEACHEB8 AND GOOD BEHOiTS ASSOKED. , Monday eveuing tbe school board I told an adjourned session and completed |Ub« work ot employing teachers for the ening year Our schools'have made a __ .^'development during the past •W years and tbe number of teachers •quired to perform tbe work has gradu- lly increased until we now bave a corps I fifteen teachers aud a superintendent to hoe general supervision over all i additional teacher was added to tbe room, who will also assist tbe |b grammar teacher. This was rather • experiment on tbe part of the board she was therefore only employed r tbe tall term to demonstrate whether „ additional teacher was needed. A ifge number of' tbe teachers now en[ed in the schools belong iu our city 1 we earnestly hope that they will do ytbing possible for tbe; oaooeBH of ,.r work, for there is a strong feeling »|hs part of the board tbat when da- bU teaebei'i oan be found at borne (ive Ibeparthe preferanoe aud it i« tbe i of «ll that these home teachers will ''(jUmppoint tbeir friends. With Dt strong corps of teacher* and ,_.,,»on tbe purl of tbe board to > oar city sobools second to none, jl foboole should make a splendid reo- during tbe coining year and we ieveryr«A«oa to think that they will > Dp to tho standard that is detuned- (them. Tbe following is a complete fpj Ibe teachers und tbe positions MMm been (elected to fill; UlaH BOHOOL i), J, p. Smith. , Principal, Martha J. Dutzow. I aoieuoe, O. M. Llik. X11>*MM4B OKADB. Bib »nd Eighth grade, Bertha Ltturtt SohoUttuberger. jfWd«i Viola Cooke. ,rtU grade, Libbie Maoleuu. o, Alice Welob. Degrade, Ada Thompson. Grace Kail, Lulu Long. SOUTH «DU. Jl, John Sobuohtuer. [grade, Ellu Qrifllu. f, Nellie AtbinaoMdu Viuulug. utroot for doing tbe county job Ibis year was let to THE BP «vd tbe Farm Journal. Tbe price paid by tbe oonnty la reasonable. At least it is high enough so that those doing tbe work conld make good profile notwithstanding the fact that the price paid is twenty per cent lower than was ever paid in this county, with tbe exception ot last year. Tbe Farm Journal "worked" tbe oonnty officials for all there was in it and run op an unprecedented bill as it bad a pull with certain officials, but its tb iret for pnp was not satisfied by a good round bill and according to the minutes as reproduced in their own paper they tried to rob tbe oonnty on two counts. Tbe board, however, was on to their style of doing business aud caught them at it and called them down oud prevented tbe robbery. For this reason tbe culprits got ugly ot tbe board and try to show that it is incompetent. But BO long as it does as it did in this instance the people will stand by it. Tbe little side play that this disgruntled organ is making is all folly and people wiJ not believe you, for it is poor logic to say tbat Ibe official papers are robbers because the Farm Journal is. We never saw a tbiet yet who was not always trying to (make people thieve that everybody else wan of the HUIUH it vie. SOUTH 8iuu: C!j.i:is. The old people of this club had become envious of tho reputation tbe younger members wero winning by the creditable entertainments they wore giving, so they put their heads together aud concluded to show the "Kids" that they wero strict ly in it when it comes to this class of amusement. Preparations had been made for a firaud time by tbe older members of the club. Hebearsals were the order of the day for some weeks. Tuesday evening was the time set for ltte Kroat event which bad been heralded as tliu (treat attraction of the season. At 8 o'clock when tho drop curtain silently rose, the large audience wbicb filled every feat on both iloori and packed the aisles i ml halls law on tbe stage h merry crowd of children enjoy- In^ themselves at recess just as tbe children did in thu older dayi of Ibe ••Dcestrlck Hkule." About the first iliiiiK wus u (Ight between Marshal UiimlUou u grout big overgrown, lubberly sort of a "Kid," and Herman Ulcka, a Kuuuluo old fashioned kulokerbooker. Tho party was playing "ring around a rosy" and Herman got Charley's girl aud the ueual rough aud tumble followed until thu muster of the school called them lit. Bunt. MoUuuou was toucher aud ho found no easy task in keeping order, for Joun Kuiest, Uou Kearney and Goorgo Micks aud all thp rest were incorrigible. Tho play cloned by representing tho last day of school and Ball the scholars were called out to show the committee how they had advanced tlurinc the term. Each pupil spoke his little piece and created no small amount of amusement in BO doing. The following took part in the program: J. J. McMabon, E. J. Lucey, J. 13. Kuiest, Mrs. Ueo, Micka, Mrs. John Kennebeck, Chfts. Hamilton, Mrs. M. V. Hamilton, Mrs. T. Murray. Mrs. B. J. Kearney, Qeo. Micka, Mrs. L. Flinn, Jos. llohner, Mrs. A. Cavanaueh, Herman Micka, B. J. Kearney, M. V. Hamilton, Mrs. Qeo. Keunebocli. BUILD. The Germauia society has decided lo build a ball on its lots on tbe south side just across the street from tbe City hotel. The building will be 48x100 feet fitted up with a stage and an elevated iioot to be need as a public ball. The society will bave its meeting room under tbe etage which will furnish a large sized room for this purpose. Plans and specifications ate now being made aud a» soon as they are completed the society wi)l be ready to begin operations. Tbe estimated cost ot euoh a hall ia placed between three and four thousand dollars. When it is completed tbe Qermania will bave a good borne and will also furnish • good place for all kinds of public gatherings such as theaters aud dances, TBAOUBUS' MBBTINQ. Tbe teachers of Carroll county are earnestly requested to come to the teachers' meetiug tbe llth aud 12 of this mouth. Prof. Stoue.of Coon Rapids, will present and defend this thesis: "Every lesson in arithmetic should be taught for tbe practical benefit the pupils derive from' it." A thorough in veetigation of needs in tbe teaching of tbis subject along tbe line laid down in tb* Midland Teauber will prove a last ing benefit. Miw Long, ot Carroll, will conduct a recitation in primary work. Bo sure and oome. J. J. T. V. intuony, Ki-Postmaiitor of I'roiuUo C'ltjr Iowa ttays: "I boiuht one bottle of "Mystlu Cure," for Rheumatism and two donoi ot It did nu> uioro good tumuiny iiitHllolne I over took," Bold by J. W, Mutton druggist Carroll. EvmtoituBN Fon BTIIUHV TKKKS. Mr, Oheasbro, our enterprising rcil- road man aud oUteeu, two years ugo purchased at tbe Carroll Nursery evergreen iraea tu pluut uluug tbe streets iu trout of bis residence uud u large per oeut of tbeui are liviug uud doiug well aud Wui. Gilley baa planted lurge evergreens along tbe street iu front of bin residence to toke tbe plane ot tbe old cottoi>woods of long ugo. I naked Gilley if they would grow; be turned and pointed to those large pines in front yard, and said they would grow just BB well on side of street and that there was no more trouble to grow evergreens if the people that planted would look after them for n yenr or two, and see that the trees were watered ^during the extreme drouth ot fall and spring. Wm. Gilley has furnished nearly all the evergreens tbat are alive nud growing in the city nm] vioiuity nnd for reference see J. W. EngliHh, Mr. Duoius, Ex-Senator Riob, and in the south part ot the count;, 8. A. Davis and others, aud he now wants to soil four or five thousand more to our oitizens with whiub to beautify their home Ho can sell yon evergreens from one to thirty feet high at tbe Carroll Nursery three-fourth of a mile west of Carroll. WM. GILLEY, Prop. Pimples on Tlie Knco ciu-od. Sulphur Hilton) will euro tho vomettBi! of nkln illsonuo; from n common iiimiilu 011 thu fiicu to tlittt awful (llsouao scrofula, It IB tliu liu»[ modiclno to use Iu all ctieoa of mien utubboin mill dut'p uomod digenao. Do not delay; USD Sulphur Dltlurs anil drive tho munorfrom your blood, 4 D/{, DOWIliKO, T1IK MOST StCOKBSPUI. Sl'KClALIST ANf> HUUUKON IN THIS NOIU'UWKST, Wlt.l. VISIT CAHliUU., BATUMI)AY, MAV 5'fH. tit. Downing U undoubtedly tho most fiticoessful epcchtllNt In the treatment of chronic and turvous diseases Iu this country. He dcvotob hla entire time to the treatment of all forms of chronic or wasting blood and nervous diseases and thu cuiuplieatlonti which result from these dlni'iisi'.s. Dr. Downing hub treated many thousands of oases of thlsehnractor, and hla snoot's* has been a suhject of remark, both in thu medical profession and by the non-professional public, lie has luadectwesln cases of long standing diseases which hud boon regarded as Incur- aulti by local pbyalcaus. He lias also cured thousands of oases of diseases of A delicate nature which other specialists have failed to cure. Dr. Downing will not undertake to treat u cnso vt hloh lie Is not confident of relieving. Neither does hetrliluwlth thu unfortunate victims of disease month after mouth as do soiuepra- tenders. Dr. Downliijf's system brings him Iu conttict with hlw patients regularly, enabling him to watch the progress of cases and to pri'scrlbu Intelligently uud treat suuccssfully. He ourou all forms of wasting dlseitbcii, kidney and liver trouble catnn h, dyspepsia, diseases of men, young or middle.-aged, drulua uuou the system, lusucti of vitality, uud the rc'sullu of wcuk- onod and dubiliutcd nervous conditions. Dr. Downlng'ti rupldly growing practice aud thu hourly i'omuieiuUvtiona of all his patients in tlib vicinity j,ro evidence of his rumarltublu success, lie bus earned tlie distinction of curing ut'tur otliors 1'utl. U our iortdoi'6 rmulre tho services ut a Children Ory for specialist, we enII their attention to the doctor's visit to Carroll, Saturday, May 6. .Reinetnr»-r the date. Call and see him early; his office Is often crowded. FARMERS' HAIL INSURANCE. [From tho Iowa llomestoad.] The Fur tilers' 3/iutml Hail Insurance Atisuuiutiou of luwu, which we recommended tu the f iirmers ouuyear aso,ha j j ust completed us year's business, uiul the results .ire a surprise to uveu Its trieuds. Xo iiiuiuul association ever sprang into favor among tho fanners with such sur- prldiugirapldity as hits tills young orgauiza Hon. if'aimers have time anil again organized .for some si>scilic purpose, and, without exception, good has grown out ot their efforts, lint in no way Imvu they saved themselves more money ur uuuoy- luico than by tliu organization of tlie various mutoals over tho state to msuru themselves against loss by lire, lightning, tornado, cyclone or hull. Almost every county in the state lias its homo mutual, and the cyclone association has Insurance in all portions, hut until one year ago there wus no tit tempt made by the (ui mois thcm- solves to protect their crops against the most destructive of all storms—tho hail. On the 4th day of last March some ot the lending farmers and mutual insurance men met in Dos Moines and organized " Mutual Hail Insurance association and issued their llrst policy on May 17th. On July the tUu they Imd over 81,000,000 HI risk and buttered loss to tho amount of over 86,000. During the year 81,300,000 was written in risk, and £7,000 wus paid in losses. The assessment made was loss thiui liot'uts per acre,and WHS paid promptly and gladly by the members. The association expects to write £6,000.000 In risks this season amiI to do business in nearly every county in Iowa. The annual meet- in)! ot the members was held in tho parlors of the Aborn house, this city, on the 10th lust., and the same nlllcora were reelected, lima endorsing the past season's work. OvoriJ.&UO fanners last year protected themselves in this way and letters of praise and commendation have, (lowed In upon the secretary, giving him mtioli encouragement and satisfaction. Over twenty destructive hall storms vUlted Iowa the past beasun, and some of them In places whom the people said there had notbeennny liallln thirty years. Like the tornado, the hall storms are no respecters of persons, and there Is no part of Iowa butmajr bo visited any year by them. In one county In central Iowa a single hull storm last year destroyed over 8<!0,UOO worth of crops, and In Lee county, In (ho very south east corner of tho stale, there was heavy loss, while ut tho same time In Lyou comity, the most northwest county, another storm, just as destructive, mowed down the ripening grain. Deoatur county, an tho south, hud a heavy hall storm, as did also Kmmot county, on tho north. 80 thus It may ho easily understood that there Is danger of hall In any part. Judging from the record of thu past year wo should say no farmer could. lUTunl to bo without a policy In tho Farmers' Mutual Hall Association of Iowa. Our xpace forbids us t»ulve all th«details of IU nianauemiMit, hut nnyono wishing to more thoroughly In- vrstlgnte Its merit* mil write tho county Higoiit, whose address Is J. 0. SCHWAM Kit, llalbur, lowa : NoTll'K. All parties owinu mo must otill and sel- tle either by cush or note. WM, TiiowiiuimiK. Foil BAI.IC. A well impnml (arm adjoiuiuK thu city limits of Hroilu. A good barn &Ux!!(l, a two story house SOxiiO, ijood granaries 20xtfO mut other good out buildings. THOMAS UtiiiNs, Hrudu. la. Pltoher'«Castorla» A Gentleman Who formerly resided In Connecticut, but who now resides In Honolulu, writes: "For 20 years past, my wifo and 1 have used Ayer'» UiUr Vigor, and wo attribute to it tlio dark hnir which she and 1 now have, while hundreds of our acquaintances, toil or a dozen years younger than we, are cither gray-headed, white, or bald. When asked liow our hair baa retained its color and fullness, we reply,' By the use ut Aycv's Hair Vigor—nothing else. 1 " "In 1668, my affianced was uearly bald, ami tho hair kept falling out every day. I Induced hertouaa Ayer'a Hair Vigor, and very soon, it not only checked any further loss of hnlr, but produced an entirely no 1 .: growth, which has rcmalticd luxuriant and glossy to this day. 1 can recommend this preparation to all ID need of a genuine hair-restorer. It Is all that It Is claimed to be,"—Auttmto Alarruo, BasUop, Tex. AVER'S HAIR VIGOR PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM n««* tmt W»inin« iho h luiim*ui Mover >aiU to lUntoro Gr«v li»Ir to id Youthful CulorT Curv< tcttlp UIMTKIV* it ba'.r U»ir to in You " < K*lp diw«iv« jOc,nul|Uuu lltutti.'-i NSUMPTIVE 1 cunx ik< w«"l <-\.u<b, Rootoeer makcMha homo circle comidoio, Ttili Itrem Ti<ni|Hiruucu Drink KIVV<I idau*. u,id li .... ....»...».,.. louvury uunuVivr of tui> fiiuilly. A 'HM. luiuktiuo muki'* S uul- loun. llu guru uiul Kvithu uuuulnu.. Bold vvurywbvro. Mudo only by » TbejCb^B^ej^J Pbliaaa.

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