Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 20, 1955 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 13
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ltl'pA-2-4600 for • WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD- THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1955 THIRTEEN Stuffed Pork Chop Recipe Offered rJ.. ;•• -.'.--.,• -••*•/ V -.'• • | Thick and-juicy pork chops, potato slices'and parsloycd carrots make a pladerful of good eating. Tne;-po;k chops, cut extra thick |nd filled with pockets, filled with savory bread dressing, are brown- pi thoroughly in hot fat, then Booked slowly witli' the. vegetables until well done.. . i: The combination' may be cooked (m top-of the. range or in a moderate oven.- .-.' ^ Stuffed Pork Chops With fj 'Vegetables ': 4 pork chop's, cut Hi inches ,. thick •' ';' 'A -cup chopped onion. '. 2 tablespoons finely chopped , green pepper •• '. 2 tablespoons/chopped celery .i 2 tablespoons butler or mar- . •:• garine ') Sail .' •' •'IK,cups bread crumbs •' H4 cups water 4 tablespoons fat 6 medium potatoes •|4 medium carrots' Have meat man 'slit' chops from fat side to bono to form a pocket. Saute onion, • green pepper, and celery in butter until lightly browned. Add one teaspoon salt and crumbs and moisten mixture with water. Fill pockets of chops and fasten with skewers or cocktail picks. ' • " Brown chops in hot fat in „ heavy skillet or other large utensil. Add thickly sliced pared pota- :oes ;and cleaned whole carrots, to chops, Sprinkle 1V4 teaspoons salt over meat and vegetables. Cover and bake in a 325-degree oven one hour, or until meat and vegetables; are tender. Remove skewers from meat before serving. ? our servings. - ^ ' Crab Apple Relish Add* To Meals It Is a popular notion, that the :erni "crab apple" should bo applied to any small sour : apple. Their harsh, acid taste renders hem almost inedible when raw, jiit-tliey-make delicious preserves,' jellies aria pickles.. You'll like this unusually good crab apple relish to make 8 pints: Core and put through a medium grinder 6 pints of crab .apples. Measure after cored.) Put 3 oranges through the grinder and mix n with the apples. Odd 6 pints of sugar to the above with'1 pound seedless raisins, 1 easpoon cloves, '1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 pint of vinegar and let land overnight. Then cook gently until consistency of marmalade. Seal while lot. (Cooking time 1V4 to 2 hours.) Carrots And Rice Good Team For The Best . . . Shop Carl Mclnlyre's Food Market Store Hours 8 A. M. til 6 P. M. SWIFT'PREMIUM or ARMOUR STAR ' Round Steak »«'/»'•*69c < HOME MADE ; Pure Ham Salad »>• 89c SWIFT-PREMIUM or ARMOUR STAR '.._.-. Lean Ground Beef » 39c HOME MADE ALL PORK, ; Sausage > M «?»™ ••• -...,. «•• 59c RIB END I Pork Loin ji " 1 '« «. 39c J MEATY Spare Ribs »49c < Leg-'O-Lamb »> 69c Weekend Specials j Cheese Whiz ......,...,,.,.„.............. u, 49c < .HAFT ! Velveeta Cheese ....,' 2'n> t=« 85c j CUI RITE . . . . j Wax Paper iu »: .on 25c ] N.'i. Ct>. — PHEMIOM I Flake Crackers ...... 1 it. »» 25c j Argo Peas' 2 «»» 29c j BAKER HEW TFNDER THIN FLAKES I Coconut „ Stokely's Finest Frozen Foods MIXED . ' Vegetables 2 <*» 39c Green Peas 2 »^< 45c Spinach 2»^39c Roseport Frozen Pies Beef — Chicken -^-Turkey .2pig*-51C- Fresh Fruits and Vegetables IDAHO . Potatoes 10 «• •."»« S5c CALIFORNIA Oranges «y. ss c CALIFORNIA Carrots .... 2 «n. i» 3 i 27c SNOWY WHITE Cauliflower ••• '«'• u. 29c PINK-SEEOIESS Grapefruit C Coffee 1£::'95c ( Ttiomni ENGLISH CINNAMON RAISIN i Muffins ..«•• .F<l8c" ( Thomoi ENCIISH RAISIN ! Bread '»<27c GllJclNIYRE 436 Cumberland St. Phone PA 4-3480 FREE OHIV£«Y FOOD MARKET FIRST STEP—Grate carrots, onion for 'Golden West Rice. or margarine, sail, pepper and minced parsley to taste. Build-Up Suggestion Any of your small fry need build ing up?. Then serve the youngster an orange cggnog for a midmorning i or midafternoon snack. To make It,'beat,together an egg, a cup'each of orange juice and.milk, a tablespoon or two of honey and a dash of salt. This makes enough for Mother to have a tasle, loo. Serve Baked Egg In Toast Cups Baked eggs in toast cups is a novclty-lype luncheon dish,- perfect lo serve when entertaining friends. It is light and pretty, delicious and inexpensive. So il has all the desired attributes. Complete the menu with a green salad, and serve ice cream jnd cookies with tea for dessert. • Baked Eggs In Toast Cup 6 slices soft bread. 2 tablespoons butter or margarine. 6 eggs. Salt and pepper. 1 cup oven-toasted rice cereal. 1 tablespoon melted butler or margarine. 2 tablespoons grated cheese. Remove crust from bread; spread lighlly wilh buller. Press into buttered custard cups. Break an egg into each bread cup. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Crush cereal into fine crumbs; mix wilh melted butter. Sprinkle over eggs. Top with grated cheese. Bake in moderately hot oven (400 degrees F.) about 20 minutes or until are set. Yield: Six servings. FRESH OYSTERS 42 North Centre MARKET CO. Phone PA 2-7080 FRI. and SAT. BEST BUYS CHUCK ROAST... Ib.29c ROUND STEAK 55c SIRLOIN STEAK :, b 43c CLUB STEAK lb 39c BEEF BOIL 5 , l.OO SKINLESS WIENERS «,. 39* RICE AND CARROT combination looks pretty, tastes good. fine), 2 cups medium-fine grated carrots. (lightly- packed), Vi tea- Ever team carrots and rice? It's spoon salt, 2 tablespoons butter or By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Fond Editor a combination we've been serving atcly with great success. A litlle onion, butter or margarine, salt and pepper and a sprinkling of minced parsley season the dish just right. We use precooked rice and Ihe carrols are grated medium-fine or coarse; our own choice for shredding is medium- ne. We' are particularly fond of this carrot-and-rice dish served with a spicy chili con carne. H's good, .00, with broiled lamb chops and 3ro'ccoli : -with ; a hollandaise-type nol. absorbed all.'the wate iaucc. Golden West Rice Ingredients: Hi cups _'.* cups' (one. 5-ounce package) irecooked rice, '.i teaspoon salt, small onion (grated medium- NECK BONES b 19c Pudding '... it. 29c Scrapple 10 u,,. l.OO margarine, white pepper, 2 tablespoons minced parsley. Method: Put water in a saucepan; bring to a boil. ^Add rice, Vi\ teaspoon salt and gfaled onion; stir lo moislen all the rice Bring, to a full boil over high heat; turnj off heat. Put carrots in a layer] over the rice; sprfiiklc carrots] wilh '.-i teaspoon salt and dot with! butter; cover tightly and do not mix. Allow to stand without lifting cover for 20 minute; if rice lias Nourishing Foods stand a few minutes longer. Wilh a.;'large spoon or fork, carefully- water, mix carrots and rice, adding more salt if desired and pepper to taste. Serve sprinkled with parsley. Makes 6 servings. Note: In measuring.the carrots.]' put the fluffy grated pile lightly il into the cup: do not pack down at jail. For two or three:. Use '.'4 cupij water, ^j cup precooked rice. 2 ' teaspoons ..grated onion, 1 cup grated carrot, 1 tablespoon butter PORK CHOPS Ib 39c Pork and Beans 10 cans Kraut • • 10 cans /hi Mixed Vegetables • • • • 10 cans JSJ Tomato Soup ' Turnip Greens 10 cans 10 cans BEEF TONGUES 2 S, bs lb 39c A1ASK* CHUM Pink Salmon 45c Savt* Iflr SCO^T- "H^N! pa P e r Towels 2 '»,;;•• 39c PREMIES Spanish Rice 2 >•»>. 39c r 88c Non-Stuff — Long Lolling — Bliss Vac-Pac COFFEE *.«»92c "A" GRADE FRESH EGGS Medium Siie KRAFI VEtVEETA CHEESE 2 ib. b MRS. FUBERI'S ' N.B.C. PREMIUM .. . _ - „ „ ,? Wlf !', S . . . . 5COTIIES; NEW STRONGEJ, SOFTER Mayonnaise Crackers chicken Facial Tissues ..2 ^swe pii " 10/> it. <>c- 2 - lb - 2 -°'Jar McCORMICK'S- Pure Black Pepper ••• • 37c Stokely's Honor Brand "Country Fair Sale" POTATOES, Fr. Flitd or Dieed 2 P l »'' SMNACH, Leo( or Chopped ' 37C M'«d -. O „! BUTTER BEANS SUCCOTASH GREEN PEAS 2 pkg CAUllFtOWEB BBOCCOll SPEAKS ........ . . BABY UMAS . . ' . SWANSON READY TO BAKE Apple or Ch«fry ' PIES .................... pkg. Chttktn, Tuikcj Of Btcl PIES ........... «oth TV DIMNESS— Botf. Tutk.y TO/01 fritd Chicken ........ «ocli • •**• Prune Juice b °; 34c Swill'i PEANUT Butter 1J p 35c Schmidl'i N»w BoVi 'n S»?rvt Rolls »t,. of 12 28c Coporole'i Reacfy-to-terv.1 Pizza Pies e«h sg c Pillibury BUTTtRMILK Biscuits .. 2 "" 29c Old Vir B inia ST«AW8ER8T Preserves '*•£;"• 49c Herih.y Plain or Almond CANOV Bars G; °™' s<™ •.••• •"• 19c Aliorled Trick or Treat Candies ££ SLICED BREAKFAST BACON — Tht Buy of lh« Wi«k — Unn, Mild Cured — Sirvo il Mony Woyi — it »«y P~I 55c •'.... "> «=y P«I 49c FRESH SMAU IEAN Pork Loin Roast Swift's Premium Wilson's Corn King SWIFT'S PREMIUM - ARMOUR STAR BRANDED STEER 'BONELESS ROLLED Round Steak Roast "> 77c —All Meal, No Waste— —So Nice lo Carve— OUR OWN MAKE. Pure Pork Sausage c°>'«« .—Leon, Mildly Seoloned—You'll like il— AHMOUII STA« BRANDED - ' : ' . Young Tender Beef Liver • ...">.. 47c —Ifl Ihe Fineil— • ' .'. , FRESH KILLED—Oven ieody ' •- "' ''• Small.Turkeys '~ : > » ' »•• V». ^ 59c 7 RIB 8LAOE CUT .. I —Avg. Weight 2 lo 3 Pounds— —Value Pritndl— - >>yi* ••-••• ">• 59c FRESH SOIID HOME GROWN Turnips FANCY GREEN CALIFORNIA . Broccoli'..------...-- CSISP, GJtEN CALIfORNIA Pascal Celery » ... 2'I"". 19t •large bunch 35C *lorge bunch 27C SWIFT'S PREMIUM HUE LABEL TENDERED HAMS "• 51c —12 to 14 Ib. Leon Siie— -Whole or full ihonk holf- FRESH PLUMP YEAR OLD . ROASTING OR STEWING HENS 4 lo « Ib. Siie -—Clion < LARGE SOLID RED-RIPE HOME GROWN Tomatoes ........r.'-.., ....... ......... :....- ........ 2 n»- 3Sc . 3 (« 33c JUICV- FLORIDA' MARSH SEEDLESS ' '• • ' Grapefruit HI* «'whiie, 70 >i» ........... EXTRA' FANCY RED STARK'S DELICIOUS Eating Apples ........................ 3 »>. pt«i.i< b», 33 C U.S. NO. I GRADE A IDAHO RUSSET Baking Potatoes ........ ......... 10 'it- 'pi«n« U 6Sc Phone _^™j^i»w__ f^^^^^^^^^^Kl OHH.t<«HIOHf /GARLITZ BROS./ PREMIUM CRACKERS KING NUT, OLEO 5 „ 1.00 PURE LARD 6 lb , l.OO GROUND BEEF 4 lbs 1.00 SAUSAGE 4 Ib l.OO BACON ENDS 6 lb l.OO MINCED HAM 3 bs l.OO WHITING FISH 6 , 1.00 ARMOUR'S MILK 9 cons l.OO TOMATO JUICE END SKIMPY PIE CRUSTS Only PLAKO'gives you 10 PULL OUNCES AT NO EXTRA COST! LET US GIV£ YOU 2 PACKAGES FREE! TO PROVE FL1KO GIVES YOU DOUGH TO SPARE- Yes,' we'll-give''you two packages free so you ' can prove to yourself how the exclusive '. :FLAKO' PIE' CRUST MIX 10' ; oz. pack, 'eliminates ' , tiresome.stretching and patching...makes baking a pie.a breeze! ~ • Discover'how 'Flake's extra measure makes . ' possible the biggest, best-tasting, easiest pie 'you ever baked. And the TREAT'S ON US. • • . Here's all you have to do: Simply buy two packages of famous Flako Pii Crust Mix. Mail the tops; from-'both packages, along: with'this.handy'coupon, to Flako. We will refund your complete purchase price. It's as easy as that, but hurry. This offer is Halted. Flako Product! Diviiion, Tht Quaker Oali Co. <l-P-3 iis.1 3!C, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. OENTLEUEN: • !•»« enoloslns th« tops from two psck- njos of FLAKO PIE CRUST MIX. . .-. ' : Plaasa return iy puretiaa* prio* to: (Plaasa print) ADDRESS- cm -ZONE .STATE- Thli offer expired November 4, T953. ont refund per family. . (!wd only for FLAKO PIE CntlST, MIX. ' Offer void If lo l( d, prohibited or «tr)«»rM reitlttW .7 MO* «... munition! Jowl. Good only In U. $. A. .. '. . .

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