Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1933
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY JT. 19: THE PRESIDENT • • (November 's, 1832) Nofw is the tumult isUlled, gone are the crowds And he who spent himself on their hehaJf. ' * _ His tvrirlc derided ; and his pleas •jdenied, I^ests,' for a little space his wearied soul, , \ • As in fthe days, when blood of Inho' I , \ 'cents Was (mercilessly shed, and he to , =: them . . VlTas the Humanitarian of the War, So in the murlc of world despair 'today, , He sought a path. .He sowed with I care the I seed Whose ripening: another now will reap! J - Kecause, beyond the mists he knew the dawh Vlas imminent^ therefore In spite of * jibe, ; And tigly charge and vitriolic scbm, iTlie luckless scapegoat for a peo- • pic's woes) Pnflinching. to hlsicharted course, heLeld. The morning! comes, and: with it, 1 once again • =-;The heed to carry oil.. Calm and refreshed,-. ; He goes to his appointedwork, Kxtend a guiding hand, and then at last i ';. Ijiy down the; burden of a thankless task; -T -VenoTa iSoyd Diincao. .Surprise Party] for Mrs. McConn^ 111 honor of the birthday of Mis. ChCRley McConnell ef Chanute Sunday ievcning a group ;of relatives.and fricnd.s surprised her with a party ; in lier hqme,,taking covered dishes lor n dinner at six o'clock. The gubsts were:Miss Karyl V. ^ Dugan of Chanute;. Mr. and Mrs. Geoi-gp Dupani Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 'butmn. Mr. and Mrs: Ray Willhelm, Mr. and Mrs. C; P. Dugan, and Wal-' lace Williamson of lola; and Ches- IJey McConnell of Chanute. IVIis. McCoy Entertains at Dinner Mr.,and Mrs. B. E. McCoy entertained at a family dinner Sunday, the following relatives and friends: Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Whitson. Mrs. J. T. Whitson, Ruth Wliitson, Walter Whitson. and-Maynard Parrott, all of; Bartlesville, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. i J. W. Avery, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parker, and daughter. Mar- jorie.and Charles Wilson. »ms. J. fe. HERSHBERGER. Bessie Noble was bom on a farm ln| Geneva township, Kas., Jiily 12, 1867, and passed .away at her home in lola, January i4. 1933. at the age of Go years, 5 months and 29 days. She was thq daughter of William and Mary Noble who w-ere pioneers in| Kansas, having driven through fr^ra Ohio in a covered v>'agon 'in jBessie grew up to young womanhood on the farm, but in; 1888 she moved to Tola, where on TDecember 9 m that year she wa.s united in mkrriage with James Edward Hersh- borger. who preceded her in death in' 1926. pne daughter, now Mrs. Lillian Joy Elder was born to tliat union, arid who survives and deeply mourns the passing of her parents. One sis- tei-. Mrs. Daisy Parks of Los Angeles, survives her. * Mrs. Hershbergor was a member of i the Christian church. funeral services conducted by the Rev. J. H. Sowerby. were held at the Sleeper service rooms and were very infpressive. Music was furnished by members of the Moments Mi;sical cl ^ilj. of wliich Mrs. Elder was one of, the founders. HOW FLAME.L1CKED ATLANTIQUE APPEARED FROM AlR VI^W ^Kansas Clt.v—Frank Knight. 92. snjd to be the - oldest Harvard allumnus ih the middle-west, died here yesterday. While at Harvard hii was an {intimate friend of Robori Tbdd Lincoln, son of President Abraham Lincoln. He retired in 1903 fpllowinir many years of. service with the Santa Pc railroad. 15 YEARS FREE; RETURNS TO PEN Once the pride of .the Prench.-'merchs^nt marine, the flre-destroyed liner L Atlaniiqueis shown as she appeared jwhen pulled into Cherbourg after bting rcscuid from tVie English •qhanjiel. Newspapers hinted I the^ lire which destroyed her—with 20 members of her crew still imlssing—may liavc been incendiary, becaiLse what appeared to be empty gasoline drums v.cre found In tlie first class area. £W^ OF UHARPE and Kims Stolen from Elta Dennis's Car in Garagre Monday. • LAHA^IPE, Jan. 17.— Mr. andJMrs. O. B. liBdford and children, north- cast of Mr. Led with Mrs. town visited Sunday 'ord's grandmother, 3 wens. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. lied in the afternoon; $<7Riafiilrt Martin is Ul with ihflu- £%!4dr. and Mrs. James Paddock, ijejund, visited Mr. Paddock's ' 'Charles Paddock and Mrs. Sunday. -^%;i V. - Troxell and Joe Eastwood made a business trip to Kansas City ]^onday evening. 3. ;W. IBecannon and Hez Ward tattSjd.. 6n John Kohler Sunday aft- SISTER /GARY'S .Although Glenn Sm_eeman. above, had spent the: 15 years of his life building up a successful bttiiiness in Cleveland under the name of Harry Stanley, lie i.<; ijow back in Colorado state penitentiary. He escaped from the prison in 1918. .Governor Johnson of Colorado refused a jJlea for pardon. Smeemun's w?fe. shown with him above, is the mother of a ihree- months -'Old b iby. aiid liecamc .seriously ill after jshe accompanied Sniee- rnan on his v )luntaTy return to Denver. He had refused to pay " money" to a i ^oman who knew of his past, and she turned him' in. 0»' MOKlZO.N'ltAL iWodiKts iwiiicli nil jlrf fimiius 5 VouncUiWl- lo'Eporlid. H 111 what c'linti neni Is Cliina 15 Ignoniin .V. 16 Fluid roik. i 17 To apportion i oanls. 1 , IS Tlieretore. 19 Consumed. 20 Calves' moat. l'2To stufl". IM Insurgent. . i'7 Organ of j , hearing. 2S Furtive move. I :i3 Constcflation. ' 34 What river is 1 called the •'Father of I Waters"? I 37 Ciir., ' • I 3S Sun .god. 39 Southeast, i 40,Headgear. 41; Affects with I giangrene. ' 46 Native metal. I 47 Tissue. I Prophet. T3f .\nswor to Previous Pu/zle v49EpilepRy syniptoni. 51 Wayside hotels. ; 53 Til in sheet of metal. • .".5 Tlilck slice. i 58 Natural power. .. 59 Ore launders. - 63 Nether world. ; 64 Conscious. i 6" Garden tool. - 6S Famous col- ] lege In U. S. A. 69 Words. 70 Last word of a prayer. I? 21,Tree, miius Ulniii.'s. 22 Having a crest. 2P, Onager. 24 Batteriii':; lua- chincH. 25 To bur.ft forth. 26 To lave. 2.S Like. 30 Overseer. 31 Armadillo. 32 Sky toy. I INI 35 Wrath. 36 To observe. 42 Nourishing. 43 Food con- lainpr. 44 D .ve. 45 Monkey. 50 Extreme. 52 Tidy. 54 Poems. 55 Bashful. • BY SISTER MARY NK.\ Service Wi-itor i wrlTH the "cold" season upori " us, mauy mothers ^re won-- dering if it really matter.4 what the small cold-sufferer eats. As soon as a cold .appears in a child, his temperature should be| determined. This, definitely in-, forms tlie mother just how "Ii'ard"| his cold,lis and she can choose his; diet with the necessary care. Keepi in mindl tliat' when the tempera-| ture is above'; • normal, the di.?ti should he liquid. A linliid .diet includes- broths and clear .-^oupir of- various kUids,; cereal ga-uels, ftulR, :.ra '\yri ^^S;."l«j combinalfpn" w:itH-s-;inil:l€, ",,if ^ii .itjj ]~iuices, r*«tH('«nd cream 'sfttip.'? rifl various kinds. If thcjre is no K^mperature, a light, easily digostcd diet is advisable. CliiUiren of school age require nburishing food, liul no meat should lie eateivand very| lis- ile sugar allowed..' Vfgetalilei^, fruits, esgs and nitlk will p.-ovide a varied and ade'iualc diet 'for :i day or two. When ll '.er.' is :i <-oii^;h, dry foiids shoiiUl ijo livoidod. .^11 the. sc-nii -KOlid foods Cliat "slip down" easily an; suiialile and have iio ten(!":icy to irritate the throat and fame cougliitig. ••'ir.aliy, wiic -n the cold is broken, a diet of liiglier-tlian-ordiuary valui.' t ,lioiild be supplied to aid llir- body in i -epah- and growtli. iCasliy (li -rrc 'stcd fal.s arc especially (ie .sirabls at liiis time. ^Butter, ci-cuin., bacon m-.d olive oil wltli tli 'e Coiitinucd ijciierou.s .use of '<vfy.. mill: and fniit seem tin; Iceai liul lood:;. ''iliis iiUildinR-uii diet should continue until all itrace.s of the cold are gone. It will ido much to insure complete and quick recovery and prevent serious after-effects. The following light menu tor <i day may help you in planning others. , • Breakfast: Orange juice, well Tomorrow's Menu \ BRiiAKFAST: Cliilied tomato juice, cereal, cream, shirre^l fcggs, toast, 'milk, coffee. : LUX C II E O K: Baked minced liain and celery with :-:'(-heeKe, lettuce sandwiclies;' h'nion ,«naps, milk, tea. DINN'EIl:, Hungarian gou- lasli, boiled potatoes, cliif- fonadft salad, dried apricot coliblcr, nilllt. COITPC. eriidan who is a patient in the St. Jtte?s hospital. —Lost: 5 keys in leather case. Finder leave at Waters & Danforth and receive reward. Mr. and Mrs. Harley McVey and family, Mr. and Mrs. WUl Moss- and faniily, and Mr. and Mrs, Tommie Moss and family were guests Sunday of 'Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bartlett and family, All four tires and rims were stolen from Miss Elta Dennis's Chevrolet coach Monday night. Thp car was in the garage at her honje. —Bread, pound loaf 4 cents; 4 loaves, 15c. City Bakery. | Work is progressing rapidly in rocking the streets with three shifts a day working on the rock crusher. Mr. Dougherty who has a severe cold is about the same. ' | Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Maxwell and sons, Charles and Harold, sou^h of BAoran, spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. I. E. Hoke and family. Mrs. G. W. Glazebrook fell and broke her arm the last of the week. Mr. Glazebrook who has been ill for several days has improved sufficiently to be up. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Perkins,' Tola, spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Greene and family. A large poinsetta in bloom! may be seen in the window of the Roach k Elliott store. The flower was a gift to Mrs, Roach sometime ago., ' Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hurlock. Yates Center, called on the Misses Fannie and Mamie Ward and other friends here Sunday aiftemoon. 1 I^rs. Ace Duzan is quiet ill at her Borne in jthe north part of town. .* Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McDonald were ill day guests in lola ofMn and Mrs. C. E. Pennhigton. i i {Jfrs.C. F. Maxwell and Mrsi I. E. HOke called on Mrs. Harve Limes adnday afternoon. 1 i • Miss Caroline Thormann who has tteten seriously ill for several days waa reported somewhat improved Ijionday. 'i Mr. and Mrs. Waymon Carroll and ffemily left last week toi^ Wichita Q) make their home. Mrs. Roach visited Sundry aftter- I noon with Mr. and Mrs. L*o Asliley • apd family. I 2; The town basketball team went to Wniontown to play a gamelin which they were defeated 31 to 18. i Miss Tfaelma Litteer, lolii, was an all night guest Monday of liliss Bev- •'WtERE ARE THESE RUINS [aeofmwontt/sxmnNoeK) ^ InspBationand r Its™' •^1*'^"'' STATEMENT ? ^ ^ PRES1DB<T5 HAVE BECOME PPESIOENT? (Answers will be found on Page 5) erly Mallory after attendhig the basketball game In Uniontown. The state scholarship tests were given to the LaHarpe high school students last week. Miss Juanita Stevenson, Tola, spent Monday night as a guest of Miss Walnda Green. Both played in the basketball game at Uniontown. LIBERTY ! (Plorent J. Heiman)' Jan. 16—Mr. and Mrs. Art Townsend and daughter, LeRoy, ^nt Sunday at the parental George Wilson home, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haen of Ottawa arrived last Monday for a few days visit at. the Frank Sicka'home. Prarikle Sicte accompanied them home Thursday for a short visit. George Wilson went to Kansas City with a load of stock Wednesday, returning home Thursday evening. \ \ Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Wilson drove to Pulton Saturday for a visit With their daughter and husband. Mi-, and Mrs. Douglas Ballah. They retunled home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Heath called on Mrs. Ray Wilson Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Ray Wilson is still staying at the parental A. L.lTownsend home while reciiperathig from flu. Wm, Heiman and Gene Fisk drove to Altoona Tuesday, to have some flour milled. The water-driven mill at Altoona does excellent work, they report. The pubUc is invited to attend the song services at Liberty church beginning Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ed .Heiman and family of south of Piqua visited Thursday evening at the Wrri. Heiman home. Mr. and Mrs. John Hlllbrant and The Kearsatjre. The Keairsarge was Ijnllt American navy at Portsmbuth H., in 1861. She had-:two rifles, besides smaller gtuis, commanded by CaptUn Winslbw. She was sent to and ?ink the Confederate! Alabama, and performed off the coast of France ifune for the N. llihjjch and v ^as JTohb discover cruiper serv­ ice 19,'1864. son iDonald, Mr. and Mrs. P. \S. Heath were aniong thejcallers at tlie W. G. Johnson home Sund4y afternoon; . Nate Wilson went to, Kansas;City Wednesday with.a load of hoga. returning home "Thursday evening. Callers at the W. C. Johnson fiomc Sunday afternoon were ;Mr. and'Mre Russell Barnhaiit and children^ Mr. and ;Mrs. Clayton HickS and daughter Gertrude, Mi-, and Mrs. Elpicr Long and daughters of West; of Plqfta. Mrs. H. if. Benton. ' , cooked" cpieal, cronm. crisp toast,| 'mill:. • . : Dinner: Clear soup, baked poi laio, liuttered spinach, poached jes«, croaiiind celery, orange and '.skinned grape .--ialad, milk. • Supper: l^aml) brotli with barley, .tilredded lettuce with French dressing, wliolc' wlieat bread and butter Kaiidnli-lies. baked apple with cream, milk. (The Frendi dressing for the let- tpve salad should lie made with- mon juice and olive oil. Fruit sherbets. U-a crcHtii, cus- irdF, gelatin and whips can he lii(hidi'd III melius plannwd for the •jhKht, easily (liKft.-.tcd diet." in VEKTlfiVl, 1 Fashion, | 2 Custom, i 3 Inlet.40intment: 5 Bones. 6 Sell goods - quantities. 7 Minor note'. S Standard! type 56 Meadow,' measure, i 57 Every. 9 To lacerate. GO Sweet potato. 10 College gradu- 61 To piece out. ates. 62Measure. 11 Aeriform fuel: 65 You and I. 12 Night beifore. • 66 Measure of 13 Sorrowful! r area. iEXTRA! CXTHA! Coat Sale 75 Choice Late Winter Coats, bought at manufacturer's clean-up sale at sacrifice prices. HE LOST—YOU GAIN $39.75 Valnes $14.98 $25.00 Valnes $10.98 ^15.(^ Yaloes $6.98 i ! All good fabrics—all are luxuriously fur trimmed ,—ail good styles. SEE THEM! RIGHAftPSON'S SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Have You a Hbase. For Rent? Anything? Use the Classified Or For Sale? Want tQ Buy Colnmns. One Billion 90 Million E VERY YEAR, the common cold . costs America over a billion doUarsI Every year, colds imprison people at home—away from work— for more than 90 million days I These figures ore based on estimates of the United States Public Health Service. i Nor does this terrific penalty imposed by colds include and annoyance—their jtheir misery trouble and worry—their actual danger to health. iVotp Conn^ RELIEF! Happily—now—a wajr has been found to lift much of Jiis burden.. It comes with the new Vicks Plan for better Control of C olds. In clinical tests amor g thousands last winter, Vicks Plan reduced the number and duration of colds by half!—cut the dangers md costs of colds more than half! "To millions of American homes. For FEW : R Colds-LESS SEVERE Colds-LESS EXPENSE Follovr VICKS PLAN for Better CONTROL of Colds the Plan has already brought new freedom fromcolds. Better Control of Colds This unique and remarkable Plan was made possible by development of the new aid in preventing colds-^ Vicks Nose &: Throat Drops. This new formula is the ideal companion to Vicks V^apoRub, the modern way. of. treating colds. Together-with certain simple rules of health, they form Vicks Plan for better Control of .Colds—fully cxplflin <a in each Vfcks packnce. Very briefly, it is thiS! •7b Prevent Many-ColdM W(hen Colds f/irt-.i/er^—at thiit firiil feeling of stuffiness or nasal irri- taiion, sniffle Or snceze^-Ndturc's usual WEming that a cold is cinmitig on- - use Vicks Nose Drops atftnci! TJiey sontlic irritation and aid Nature's functions in throwmg off the inifectionitliat threatens. They pfe- . vtnt development, of; many colds.: To Eild a Cold Sooner a cold has developed or strikes vvilliout wamihg, vigorous'measures aie necessary. At fcedr^e, i apply Vicks VapoRub over throat and chest. Its direct doubtB-action continues throug '.i the hight. By niprni ,ng the worSt of.!a rbld\is Us)ja !Iy over. During fho d4y, tiisd the convenient Vicka Nose jDrc^S fpr added comfort and relief. | ' or In A Sale That Establishes Ne\b Records for Style, Quality \ " and Value Anrl everyone of them, is a genuine, guaranteed: WIRTHMOE which means you can take their quality for granteid vight; down to the last seani. The nationally -known Wirthmors. .famous fi*bm coast to coast are offered for the fifjjt time at this amazingly low price, All fresh, new 1933 merchandise .... .1 j|ist' unpa<;ked. , We placed the order for this spectacular event moni' ago working right with the manufacturer to be able to'n offer you these fine, new, smart, wash dresses^at this phencFm^n-; ally low price! ' : FOR THE FIRST tIME SIZES 14 to 20 36 to 52 if if :f f f: GUARANTEED FAST VAT DYES Cheery Prints Immaculate Lihenes Colorful Ginghams Sport Piqued Pepperell Broadcloths - Hi Thin in Business and Professibi^al Women's Tlirift Week '

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