Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 15, 1965 · Page 23
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 23

Ironwood, Michigan
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Thursday, July 15, 1965
Page 23
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The World of Women THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1965. SEVEN Church Events Bethany Covenant. The Ladies Aid will sponsor a strawberry social Friday from 3 to 6:30 in the church parlors. The public is invited. Tickets may be purchased from members or at the door. Salvation Army. A rummage sale will be held Saturday beginning at 8 a.m. at 509 McLeod Ave. Bohne and Byrnes Nuptials Announced Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Bohne, 225 E. Arch St., announce the marriage of their daughter, Susan Carol of San Lenadro, Calif., to Michael Ralph Byrnes, also of San Leandro, son of Mrs. Cletus F. Byrnes, Ratting e r village, Pleasanton, Calif., and the late Mr..Byrnes. The ceremony took place Saturday, June ' Jo 1; n D. Bohne, Petlauma, Calif., escorted his sister to the altar for the double ring ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. Daniel Cosgrove at St. Leander's Catholic Church. The brine was attired in a pale green silk linen suit, with white accessories. Her h e a d- piece was a white pearl and rhinestone encrusted pillbox hat with a blusher veil of pure white Bilk Illusion. She wore an heirloom lavaliere belonging to her mother that had also been worn by her two older sisters for their weddings. The bridal bouquet consisted of a white, orchid surrounded with white roses and tied with stephanotis. Miss Rosalie Roderick, who attended the bride, wore a yellow silk linen suit with white ac- sessories and a pale yellow ma- tine rose in her hair. Mr Byrnes was attended by i close friend James S. Ball. The ceremony was follow e d by a small reception in the Party Room of the Bermuda Gardens Apartment for close friends and relatives. After a short trip to Reno, Nev., Mr. and Mrs. Byrnes are at home at 2011 Doolittle Drive, /Vpt. 0, San Leandro, Calif. A silver, stainless steel o r pottery water jug makes a delightful holder for flowers. ENGAGED — Mr. and Mrs. Tauno Jokipii, ironwood Township, announce the engagement of their daughter, Janet Marie, to Richard Niemi, son of Mrs Onnie Tervo, Ironwood Township. Both Janet and Richard are employed at the Hanson Glove Factory, Clintonville, Wis. Wedding plans are not definite. Two Families Have Reunion on Sunday The families of Mrs. A. W. Holmberg and Mrs. Regin a 1 d Trudgeon enjoyed a family reunion Sunday. Following a dinner at the Big Wheel Restaurant, Wakefield, there was an outing at the Holmberg summer home, Echo Lake Mercer. In attendance were Mr. and Mrs. William Eisele, David and Meg, Clearwater, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Reed, Steven and Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Garoutte, son, Greg o r y , and twin daughters, Cheryi and Karen, and R. James Trudgeon, Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. William o. Trudgeon, St. Francis, Wis. Mrs. Eisele, Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Garoutte are the former Helen, Ruth and Peggy Holmberg, respectively. 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RANGE PHOTO SERVICE Courteous Service — Expert Help — Free Parking SHOP PAUL'S WOMEN'S WEAR ,-for- Friday & Saturday •, '"• •"' ;• * " ' ' ''. -':" : ?y'' '; ;•.»;• HIAWATHA FESTIVAL DAYS Play Will Be Given July 25 The Bishop's Company o' Burbank, Calif., will present "An Enemy of the People," Sunday, July 25, at 8 p.m. at Wesley Methodist Church, under the sponsorship of interested citizens of the community. The proceeds will go to the Association for Retarded Children and the Child Guidance Clinic. Tickets may be purchas e d at Bennett Floors, Modern Portrait, Stern & Field, Eva Wurl's and at the Wesley Meth o d i s t Church. The Bishop's Company is the brainchild of Phyllis Beardsley Bokar, a striking redhead with large, staring eyes and a decep-' tively remote expression. In 1939, when she was a student at; the Pasadena Playhouse School of the Theater, Phyllis w a n - dered into a'n enormous Methodist church one restless noontime. A beam of sunlight slanting dramatically onto the altar reminded her that 550 years ago in England religious and moral plays had been performed in such sanctuaries. The theat e r then was the church; and the plays were deemed a potent force for good until they became tod secular and were discontinued. Why not revive them? In mounting excitement, she began to dream about plays of deep and contemporary significan c e that might be presented by a company of professionals. ft A ft But the war came and it was 13 years before the idea bore fruit. In 1952, when^Phyllis presented her plan to Bishop Gerald H. Kennedy of Los Angeles, he was immediately interested. "The Gospel itself is drama," he said. "Pure drama in the sanctuary could have a glory, even a divinity." Bishop Kennedy encouraged Phyllis to go ahead with her idea and authorized her to name her group the Bishop's Company. Of the 200 applicants who answered the first call for actors, all but a half dozen left when they learned there would be no salaries. Minna Caldwell, then 67 and looking like a Norman Rockwell grandmother, was one who stayed. Other early members were Merle Harbach, an ex-school principal; George Carlyle, a former pro-baseball player and vaudeville perfor m e r ; Jim Wheaton, son of a Negro minister; Liz Wolfe, a lissome blond actress who tore up a TV contract to join the troupe. "I always regretted not crossing the continent in a covered wagon," she explained. "This was the next best thing." A motion-picture actor, Hal Bokar, was attracted by the chance to do poetic drama. In time he was staging and directing company plays, as well as acting, and in 1962 he married Miss Beardsley. « ft ft The company gave its first performance at the Vermont Square Methodist Church, Los Angeles, in early 1953. For a year the group did "The Boy With a Cart" in California and Arizona towns, barely surviving on voluntary offerings and free bed-and-board supplied by parishioners. Phyllis, who usually did not act with her company, got a job as religion editor on the Los Angeles Mirror and contributed most of her salary to keep the show going. In January 1954, the play e r s, now eight, rented a retired school bus and embarked on their first national tour. They had performances lined up at the World Council of Churches Assembly at Evanston, 111., and some tentative dates along the way. After many cancelations along the way, the bedraggled group arrived, in Evanston. Phyllis was there to report the World Council meetings for her paper. There, too, were thousands of churchmen. If they were im- (Keiuiyi Studio Pbotoi MR. AND MRS. CHARLES WEHMAS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wehmas Observe Fiftieth Anniversary SAXON — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wehmas, Star Route, celebrated their 50th weddi n g anniversary July 4. with open house at the family home where they greeted 200 guests. Mr. Wehmas and the form e r Ida Huhtala were marred at Hancock and have resided here since 1921. They, have one son, Robert, of Saxon,, and one daughter, Mrs. Emil Koivisto of Mullan, Idaho. There, are six grandchildren and two great- grandchildren. For the occasion Mrs. Wehmas wore a three piece beige lace suit. Her corsage of yell o w roses was presented by her great grandchildren, Susan Manthey and David Peite of Mullan, Idaho. A buffet lunch was served from a table centered with a flor a 1 arrangement of mums and gladioli, a decorated anniver s a r y cake and gold candles in gold holders. Lorraine Manth e y , granddaughter, served the cake and Jean Wehmas. also a granddaughter, was in charge of the guest book. Mrs. Koivisto poured. The couple received many lovely gifts and a purse of money. A telegram of congratulati o n s was rceived from a granddaughter, Mrs. Tony Peite, her husband and son, Mull an, Idaho, and there was a telephone call from a niece, Mrs. Kalevi Jarvinen, her husband and family, Silverton, Idaho Out of town guests includ e d Mr. and Mrs. Emil Koivisto, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mant hey and daughter, Susan, Mull a n, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raivio, Osburn, Idaho; Raymond Koivisto, U. S. Navy. Rich m o n d, Va.; Emil Luoma, Manitowish pressed it could mean bookings and survival. ft ft ft At the first performance in St. Mark's Episcopal Church, the pews were squeezed full and the players felt they had at last crossed into the "prom i s e d land." They gave their best performance and at its end received an ovation. Before the three services were concluded, the company had dates in churches all the way to the East Coast. The Bishop's Company has gained repute as an actors' lab. Drama schools have given students academic credit for a year's tour; graduates of university theater-arts departments have signed on for a six-month period as their first job in the theater. By the end of 1964, the Bishop's Company had trave 1 e d more than a million miles and had given 5,568 performances. Lodge Anniversary Discussed at Meet The Lily of the Valley Rebekah Lodge at its recent meeting discussed the lodge's 140th anniversary which will be celebrated at the Sept. 21 meeting. A program is being planned and this will also be the District Visitation evening. , The District Association meeting will be held at Newbe r r y Sept. 11. Plans are beinf made to charter a bus. A Cana dian degree staff will confer the degree. While attending meetings in lower Michigan, Miss Ella Weimar visited the lodge's adopted sister at the home of Jackson. Miss Weimar was accompanying Mrs. Adelia Rowe, Assembly president, on some of her trips. Assembly sessions will be held at Grand Rapids. The district nnd the local lodge will each furnish a basket of flowers for the event. A letter was read concerning subscriptions to the Internation Rebekah. Miss Weimar gave a r e p o r t JACK'S FOOD SHOPS Inc. Wedding and Anniversary Cakes Our Specialty Every SATURDAY AT NOON! Ready-to-Eat Stuffed ROAST CHICKEN Hot, Ready-to-Serve HAM LOAVES CORNISH PASTIES Our Specialty Every THURSDAY Fresh Ho-Made POTATO SALAD * See 20th Century Food Market * Ad for Other SPECIALS Chocolate Covered Long Johns do..63c Italian BREAD loaf 19C Cornetti ROLLS 36c JACK'S FOOD SHOPS Inc. Formerly the Food Shops Inc. of Ironwood 428 McLeod Ave. . . , Dial 932-3400 Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Duquette, Antigo, Mr. and Mrs. Arne Salli, Wausau, Mrs. Toivo Lahti and daughter, Miss Vicky Berg, Mrs. Richard Baade, Mr,, and Mrs. William Sivula, Milwaukee, Mr. and Mrs. Arvo Crego, Ash land, Wis.; Mrs. Ida Moykky, Clarence Payette, Duluth, Mrs. Donald Cross, Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Orin Simon and son, International Falls. Mrs. Matt Linna, Cromwell, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mathews, Mrs. Mary Makinen, Mr. and Mrs. William Van Treeck, Waukegan, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Crego, Addison, 111.; Mrs Hilda Turpeinen, Lake Worth, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. John Turpeinen and daughter, Mass. Ann Landers . .Answers Your Problems Dear Ann Landers: It happened again tonight at the dinner table and I am ready to hit my husband over the head. Last week we had meat loaf for dinner. After one forkful my husband said, "You must have fixed fish in the meat loaf pan. I can taste it." I told him he was mistaken, that I have a special pan for fish and I never use It for anything else When I served the banana cake with whipped cream my husband said, "I can taste garlic in this whipped cream. I'll bet you used the beaters to fix salad dressing and didn't wash them properly." Tonight he said the custard tasted like ham hock? and then! added, "Everything I eat in this I house lately tastes like some-' thing else. If you'd scour the pots and pans properly It, wouldn't happen." There are six people in this family, plus his mother who lives with us. Nobody tastes fish in the meat loaf or garlic in the whipped cream but him. Is my husband mentally ill or what?— IRRITATED Dear irritated: Your husband probably has an overactive imagination—or he's a dedicated needier. Hand the doll a scouring pad and cleaner and invite him to clean the .pans "properly." I'll bet it will deaden his overactive taste buds—and fast. •to 6 ft Dear Ann Landers 1 Our daughter Joyce is 15 years old and has just started to date We allow her to go out one evening on the weekend. Yesterday a friend told me that she and her husband had been to the movies last night and they sat a few rows behind Joyce and her date. My friend is not a trouble-maker, Ann. She was trying hard to be helpful without getting Joyce in bad What she said was this: "Joyce and her boyfriend were necking a little. Perhaps she should be told not to do this in public." At breakfast I asked Joyce how she liked the movie. She said, "It was super.'' asked her what was on. She replied, "Gee, I forget the name of it.'' When I asked who played the leading roles she said, "Nobody well known." It was obvious that Joyce had seen very little of the movie and that my friend had understated the case. Should I tell her dad and ask him to speak to her?— PERPLEXED MOTHER Dear Mother: Tell your daughter (without naming names) what you heard. Let her know you are not informing her father because he would be terribly disappointed in her. Make it clear that this cneap behavior is extremely damaging ;o her, and that she must put a stop to it at once, ft ft * Dear Ann: My husband and [ have been married four years. We have two adorable sons. Our marriage is a very happy one. We have only one major problem and for the life of me I can't do anything abou<- it. My husband enjoys a big breakfast. I simply can't drag myself out of bed at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. Don't tell me to go to bed earlier. I've tried but I just toss and turn. My husband is not handy in ;he kitchen the way some men are. I feel guilty when I get up at about 8:00 am. and see ;he scorched frying pans and half-cooked cereal. Please help me.—MORNING WRECK Dear Wreck: First go to your physician for a check-up. If he says you are O.K. make yourself get up. Set two alarm ilocks, five minutes apart. You lan always go back to sleep after your husband leaves for about the robes the lodge is planning to purchase. This will be further discussed at the Sept. 1 meeting. The Rebekahs were extended an invitation to the wedding anniversary open house of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Smith to be held July 17 at tHe Odd Fellows Temple. The next meeting of the lodge will be held Sept. 7, opening with a potluck supper. Mrs. William Trudgeon gave the report of the auditing committee. Personal Items Mrs. P. H. Hansen, Detroit, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Sue Laberdie, 322 Arch St. Mrs. Hansen is the former Olive Laberdie. Mrs. George Lindblad, 119 W. Lime Street, spent five weeks visiting with relatives in the midwestern states. At Great Falls, Mont., she visited her brother, Michael Justinak, and family, and several cousins, and at Osburn, Ida., she visited her son, Leonard, and family. Sliced radishes marinated in vinegar seasoned with salt and sugar make an excellent relish. And Floral Bridal Arrangements Custom designed and artistically arranged to your requirements. Careful attention given to all details at the church, home and reception. Lutey S Greenhouses \ Ironwood at the Royal Bakery for Hiawatha Days Friday & Saturday, July loth & 17th French DONUTS 65° Lemon-Meringue PIE DO/. 65° Raspberry Filled BISMARKS Each 60° Irish BREAD 2 loaves 49° •We're famoiu for OUT European Putties* BISHOP TO SPEAK—Sunday, July 18, at 2:45 p.m. Upper Peninsula Methodist will gainer at the Michigamme Methodist campgrounds to hear Bishop Dwight E. Loder. Bishop Loder was elected last year to head Michigan Methodism. Prior to his election he was president of Garrett Theological Seminary, Evanston, 111., for 10 years and served as pastor in several Methodist churhces. Bishop Loder will bring strong leadership to Michigan Methodists. His preaching is noted for directness and relevancy to modern problems. Upper Peninsula Methodists total 13,170 members belonging to 65 churches and are served by 33 pastors. Last summer 500 young people attended the Marquette District camping program at Michigamme. Under the leadership of the Rev. James R. Balfour, district superintendent, an even more effective camping program at Michigamme is anticipated. work. It.may be difficult for a few weeks but you'll adjust to the new routine i.f you keep at it. 6 ir .it Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright, 1965, Field Enterprises, Inc. HIAWATHA DAYS *Mum Plants 359 Cash'n Carry SPECIALS Geraniums 981 Choice Large COMPLETE GARDEN CENTER at the GREENHOUSE Flower Shop Dial end 932-0420 Greenhouses 01 932-0522 Viiil Ray's Friendly Flown Shop in tiurley Flowers by Wire F.TJXA. Ironwood Co-Op The Best Friend a Budget Ever Had Is the WAKEFIELD CO-OP SUPERMARKET Fresh fruits are at their best, and we would like you to come in and see in person how the very popular, decorative fruit boats are made . . . These are the same fruit boats you have seen so often at wedding receptions, parties, etc. Yes, the boats will be for sale after the demonstration . plan to get one! ' . . • ' '••'•••'/ i. • Now once again .. .enjoy your favorite meat: Center Cut PORK CHOPS.. Lean, Full Rib Half PORK ROAST.. Fresh from the garden!. RADISHES , . Green ONIONS .... Green PEPPERS Baked Fresh Daily CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE SANTA ROSA PLUMS !±, r Your Choice This Week—the 6 Inch BREAD & BUTTER DISH Only 9c The 60 pc. Table Service Set to which this item belongs would only cost $5.40 complete (service for 12) FLEISCHMANN'S OLEO ,o 41* SAVE TWICE . . . ONCE AT YOUR CO-OP ONCE AT YOUR CO-OP CREDIT UNION fflk WAKEFIELD COOP. SUPER MARKET , Phone 229-9491 East U.S. 2 Wakefield, Michigan I.

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