Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1927
Page 6
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the Story Thns Par TOUY HARRISON; 13, in orphaned when JEPP HARRISON, his father; is shot in a poker ; xane Jn Caldwell, Kas. He is I'befriended by , GOPPON UUAK, a res- (aurnnf waiter* by ' . " -^JOK. CRAIG, foreman of the Bifr K ranc-h. who .takes Tony to ,tlie Bar K t6 live, and liy COLONEL. TITUS MtiORIC,; owner of the raueli, wliicli i.s':.iii.- tbe.Cberbkce Strip. L; ;Th'<(ire the shy little lioy nieels RITA, tomboy daughter of Tiiu.s " Moore. Theryear is 1S80, ;ind Cordon ' Lillie ia thitiKin^ jof joiuiuK- DAVID PAYNK. who!i.s aKitalii.K tor the opening of the Indiaii territory lands, when; he gets, an offer of a teactifh.i; post in the ~ Indian school in I'awnee. iThere'he let.s his liair grow, Ibttg; dnd b'eoome.s ku»u:n' as -PA^'HEE bill. After a <mar- •iretwith the school .-uiierlntend: «nti he hits the man and knockA him oaf. , .... CHAPTER XII. . Behind that blow had been every oniice of the young man's supple "_B<rehgth; It wa.s a ieal sleep- jroilucing punch. -The superlutend-1 •-etit dropped to the floot and in' falling, slrut'li his hea'diaBaiiist ilu", wlhdow sill. Blood t!riekle)l from the jcut and he lay likt-oue dead._ Pawnee Rill turned on his heel and'^^stalkcd out. Kuriou.«ly he walked,;'and meditated as he walked.- He .throw him.^elf down on the tonk of BIa<k Bear Creek and .vied tn determine on his iie.xi inovc. _ Finally he sJt up and made'j rival t^lio .vniins fuB'tlve had spied fitViaight for the Indian, aKent's office. 'Major-Bowman was waiting -forhinjf, with an expression of deep concern. "Bill, you're hukv joii didn't kill him. fie says you irled to. They've i Taken him fo'lhe lin.'-'pilal ai:d hej's chartAJuK you with aiicnipted murder,"- - /•awnee Bill uiiorod ;i sarcastic little latitHi. "Huh: ll.fs just full I "f «he way and swam the rest, of charges of all kin-ls.-' I ^'t had been lii.s intention lo ! Oklahoma behind him as last as he •Tn'RIH-rS TWENTY nOl .lARS. ICVE.V. TH.VT BII.I/ THROW .S MIM." A minute or two before thiir ar-|Bill supplemented with a wink at Tony. "Yoit'll have to' prove that right after supper," said Craig scornfully. 'I'll give you the .lenelit it a r^'st after heing all day in the saddle.'i Pawnee Bill nodded. "That's setr tied. then. . Speaking of growins." lie added, "look at Tony." ; -Vnd the hoy had) grown:.amazingly. He wa.s fully ak tail now a.s Pawnee Bill, and although he was .''lender he vyas far from frait- th«! ferry boat some distance upstream, stranded on the south bank. It was impos.-^lblo tor one man to maneuver, hut with three-it should be no very difficult matter. "We'll tit,ke Iliat'Verry." Pawnee Rill said, "aifd i )Ut your bn^gy and the horses on It. Then we <au lake our clothes off and push." This they did. They waded paiit jcoulil. ibul after parting With the "Bowman was pacing., up apd down uneasily. j , u , x.- x. •;Well." .said Lilii.'. 'Voure ap- '•*<• strangers he headed h.s horse ;-p4reji (lv-niorc wonied about i! west, paralleliu:.' the Salt ^ork up- • ^ stream. I'awiiei' Hill stiuk out o V happe 'Tni. going." out his, haiiil. The other i-laspcd i; \viih hi-; -own. "I'll, writii' to you wlit-n P hear from .you." . . With a eliaige.or :illeni;>te.l niur- <ier liiiu. lie <i<'eniiil il ix s! lo travel liplil and travel fast. ,\<'- cordingly. in with exces.- •niviuiitinlliis. horse a!;(l turned its i voj'i dropj\rd heading for. the Kausas line without delaying to pay party trails." Craig s.-ratclied lii.s head and .ariniied. •'That would seem'a ri.!;hl -mart thiim to do. Bill. I'm rCal regret fill that you eau't make your first." He sat calmly- doVn tiesid^ Lafe Whitney. "U a mail permit^ toil to bet on the ontcome of thl little encbunterr he^' inquirei I amnscdiv of Joe Crair. Craig Krimied sheepishly. "Bii! and I." he explained. "ha :d a Httl i difference of opinion arid &U jna: naturally inRti^ed.on finding on: which one wafcirteht." "CralR's; tj If nr. Colonel," salit Pawnee Bill, sntllin};. "I'm sfmiil:' saving him a two-yjea"r'walt." 7Y011 spoke a'bom 'betting, Cbl • ontf." Rpoke "irp Heck Sherman, "Th^odrts arc two to one. tha Craig will throw him." TJtiiJt .Affiore looked casiiaily a; Pawiieo Bill as ae stood/ nakei I d<iwn^ro thl? 'i>e!l line. Wuijing fo ' the word to go. The Inng-hatretf .youth was hiUK like a, wed|«, .Witn tirosif. and powerful siraniderB and slcmfer -w'arst His depth of oHfei; was: remarkable, and the colonel noted, with Hdddenly nitfeiyff^ lyyen .T;itl purseijf Hps. the sfroiig necl: and the smoofh floWof raioffClVfi hf fho npper arm. The yoniitg nraii I^re.sented a strikihg picture: front the .hips up he tooke^, #i(h Bti r flowing mane and spUndid torso, like a mail from the primitive. Even so, Craig nndon'Medly wai the Ktrdnger df, the t\i'o:.'besides, his strength *a8 of the wlrj' tensile kind that Isjnor'e endu'rina Iff wa:< tali and lean and hard as ag.nt If Pawnee Rill hoped to win, fh • colonel was-,thiuking. it would havfe to be (luickly; he would have tj» gamble on throwing everything into a sudden hnrst of power, for Crrfiii! was built for a long race., j Tltns .Moore fintiny spoke, 'lit wouldn 't be polite^", ho murmured, "to bet against a guest of the Ba|K—not at those odds anyway.. Mere's S20. oven, tha: Bill throws him." There was a iiuh-k scrambi].' among the men to i-Over his m?!^. "I'm constrained," reniarl^etl I.,afc Whitne.v. "to let my ratnial conii tesy take a ^ack seat j while I rakj; In some easy uioney. i |,f anyone in this crowd can touch Craig'ft shonlL ders to the ground 1 •on'f know a jaek rabbit' from a branded steer." The colonel smiled. "Thi're's i trick or, two abopt t^iis game you don 't kiiow, Lafel" omljafantB came !o.:;itheK. reached o '.it iiis long ar)ai|> .nee Riflj knocked thejji Iipj,),], I.^gain, th^y came loi^ethe i'awnee Bill professed' ^T''''"- " nu.vemen change" j-*^"' ^is atmr around the rrther looking, and be an easy -gracn moved about with tbiat is unusual iii growing boys hSs age. oarwiTl 'v-mo 're won 'i.Vr a 'lV.iit '"i! Paralleliu:-,' the Salt Fork up- J was as. biown as .loe Craig',.s, for ,riek or. ^SLi^Vha sl^al f 'r ••^"•oam. ' !.e was a tlecide.M.rn.iet type apd .,„,,, ^ti, "Vou liV;e n. advU-e^ light i That evening he rode up ,0. the '•inn |,d^eas .l .v. Ills J.a.r fel about , but of here. Bill. n. til il blows bunk house of the Bar K ranch. l>cad :|. a eonfusion ol hlacR ^1.1 don 't want to see .ny.bitig To .loe Craig he «M.lai..ed. his ri^gle^ atiil us „o^^ happen to vo .i.-" [plight. "I don 't aim to linger. Im M<al>t> ;:i",l Mdend.-V , T I III I ^ 'i'\T\, - rt^tiiarine Shauglmess.v.) Dec. lO^Thw pebp'le of, tlfi^ Coniinninitjf- are Sufferfhs (fcm thd siiddeh chan^ of weather.- 5 Miss Opal Litteer spent Tliesdai.v' night with .Velle SliangT»n«s*y. Mr. an* Mrs. l.arRon and'girls took Sunday dinner witSv W. K. Smart and- family; Gene Kurtz atteiMleiV . the pie Snpp'er at (Jolden Valrev Fridiiv night. , ; Mr. and' .Mrs. Lar.^on visited tjif latter'.'*' sisfer, Mrs. Elraer Lar.srjn. Ifonday. Oiive and .Ramlail r>ay: gavet a freshrhan class party Friday niglit. iirsi A^ B.. Shaiighi*ssy apd Catha>tiie called on Mr. and Mfs- G..- E. Barrow and Edna. Tuepffey evening. Miss Bernice Xelsosi spen* the week-end al' home. » ''• The I. N. S. club wHI meet with .Mr.s-. A. E. Nicholas Tljur^day. De§ ' pniher l-">. A grab-bag cill .be eld for the women. ; Fraiik and Lota Cuminirig.'S - of f'airview, Olilahoma. .spent, from Tuesday, till Thursday with their con.-iin. Mrs. K; R; " .Stewart • and family. K. U. Stewart and family are the proud owi» 01 a new liodge' .se- iliin" which tiK -y piirchasjed la .st Wednesday. • Mr. and Mrs. E..R. Stewaft iiml.! (hildren took 'Thursday diniier'l with .ffr.". WfSfdKirg. Eisie and' Louise W9od s'peul ! Sunday afte'rnoon at .Nel.sou's. =- ' FaOio^. S*aa Fe tnint'emr ^iiiT. itfrbUft «&try wmittt to itAdt' I—tfie laimr plaw ' srouAdof lii«nictfic— whtxt vottni enjoy as endlw vxtittt of pteature in a c!!iiutethct>> perfect. Lifetalie on new -Cucination ia Out (liarlllin ceeaay at cbcCoatc! orfdl dcMRs and fertUe valleva — onnfe groves, cflivea and Ac*. Aft Ofien ' coonli'y ideal for ridinir r.r aioti .'<«mB -^he soft air is a tonic—th« •lUuUne lure* vou out of dooT5. To HawaU aiur eaW anOa- ^ Coral beaches— esoiic ' flowering trcci- -SmiUi — Sea tpleft^al N*v/ apotta and n<ii tapc- riencea await i ou ui '•chcliOandip' TIm Skmtx Ffr Wiff tak^ > you. swiftly. !uxurtoCS|- VHih KkliilsMr and brldesmaid,\Mr. and ftfrs.- iohn Pearce of Port.smouth. O, tere married 68O6 feet above the new Raven Rock Airport during tt« opwinf ceremonies for tl^e new field. This photo shows the bride j and g^om Jusi after .their'planft Vinded. . Coiiiiie more years and denied if you wiin't 4ie able to p'lit iny shoulders' riirht on the ground."' Pawniee Bill laughed, have i\y wait a couple of face toward the noriliwe:-t. Half a ilay's iidiiif; btdiiglit hint to the ;Sall KJirk of tli'^ .Vrkaiisas. not far from its coiilliiraie witli -the,.\rkaiisas itself. .•>.ii<l .iImhii rtiile.s; away from Pawiiei>. The 'river was"s\vi(«uiiijg" ai the usual ford aiid -the ifUrrent. looked dan- gerotisly swiflj. lie saw a "buggy", aiiproaching him, with two men in .toe. T c-a:r Ihiow .von • right tiow.'' it arid for a imomeui he was ap- ''<a!g looked at him in ainaze- pTRhensive, thinkiiiK they minlit lie ment. "What.'' Doggoned if I don't aft |r iiim. : take pome of that sot kiness. right - 'iStlll." he Concluded, "it would; out of you. . Tony," he called, las be 'linpo .ssible for two men in a vigjhe < aught sight of the yonngster lo travel as fast as i ilid," and he 1 coming from the lorral, "come htire alotfdihis ground. | and meet an old friend. Yoii 'd Thti Ipair dimljgd out and hailed 1 hardly know, him now. but it 's Bill him in a friendly manner. One of , 1-ilIie. and he's got ,nerve enough ilu-in .scratched .his head. "How are , fo say he can |uit m.v shoulders on •we going to get acrost?" he won -.tlii- ground." menH. "I never saw sueh a enaiiKe. - . . ...... i-i. l, he declared. "Mow old are vou ^'"'''^ ''T'^k.*' now Tonv •" ' f '"^vnee Bill s doubled flstjs ' ' • '. , ,j we're braced against Crulg".s clieHt , , ?":'>•:,•''''..''''V;- a«ched against ih'e vi..its.v-iu.t(li a nule longer. Seeuw •;Tiiaf. sau«-Joe ( lajg l^'-'idly..' strength of those loni, every lim<' I see you you're in a "is what the Bar K did.for iiim . . .!,,oworiUl arnis. T Suddenly Pawnee Bill seemed Ijo where they were met by the other •"'•"I'';'', t"'^'-'"?' l"-' opponent aijl Bar K ri.lers. .stragglitii; :n f...n. '^"[^ Yt , ^ ; snltant lessening of the pressui* his back. But as he fell liHI-l ltl.--l. l.^'^'J . ..^^ vw.. ........ ... ^ was iiii.TT.iiii.iieiied I bun y I'o Kit some place. Let's see: I Come on now. Hill: gfirb's ready. li.-m^a.i;e wiii-ii 'llei!t'^j goinp; on two years ago that j He led the way to the iiiok house.' - ' . ..... in to your re- I-^pi^cts oil your way south, 'irow voi'.'ve fillt*!! <iiii:" He Man, 'ap- i the range. praised the otht'i admiringly. -And: •i've .got a grub-liner here." p. ,_ ..^ twisted his bodv all I hat ioiiK hair aii .r ever.vthiiig! Craig exfp?aine.l to the < 00k. a ! '.yl'l raig frow'sy -Joolcin.s iiow>v jiifiikiii^ iiii!ivii!ual with . 1-1 , .:,xi.i. . sour expression and a huge muV.- "'•"'"^ ^'LrC^.^r^ jwith a (luick exertion of strength. I In the same instant his "I won'lihaiiils that'he'>- got to t)f years. JKiwm as his meal's settli ands went laitp^d Then he bent forward aijd downward with all hi.s tadie. "He's got a contiact on liij; , ,—,, „,^, fulfill .,sh"'"""'l rate's neck ami r •tiled." ' !"'•"">; Half an hour after supper Col- ;'".",,!* onel ,.\loore eame sauntering down >^..';„ .... ^„„„ toward the bunk house and fonml ! ^''''K f. ' .loe Craig and Pawnee. Bill < almly i anlly on. The colonel of his curiosit.. nan iir»«-i limit; ,, . j • • tt_ _ levldent .1 He nodded politelV to the '"i"* «l'?«'nward pnH fhar. , . - isitor and gave, liim lordial l'''^'' ^^"^^^'^''e cr. dis- Diambn^ Chnich Notes - (Mrs. Fern Irwin) ' D^c. 9. —"The friendis of Mrs. 0*en Beal will be glad to hear thatishe Is' now able to be upssome after havlngj been hi dfasi for; sev,- cnili Weeks, i .Mr. -M«dford was laken to Bethany . hoRpllaj. for featment. Hjs friends are all hop ng his condition-will be improved and; that he ma>'^ regainrhis ^tr^ngth agaitr. .MJiny'from here uere shopping in Tola la.<t .Saturdat-. ''^If. and .Mr.>i. Janie; Irwin, James Jflii^n; and' Wayne Fergu.-i drove to .Geneva Thnrsda) ereplng to heai; the play gir^li by. the junior rclasf of the Genevi high sei'.oo;. 'The; play was well rendered. .Mrs. Bant I. .Mrs. iand Mrs. HarVison i-p'nt'the afternoon with -Mrs., Vicker ; last T lur.vday.* .Mrs. Tlpiiie is now abio to be abo^t and di her ow"]! housework. -Miss -Mini ie .loner is working al the;Arthur Spraguej Lont» Elm. . .Mr. and .Mrs. Elvi thre* grand .'hiidren. andM.*sIie Junior spent Thanksr girliig at tlie B. O. Bjinra home. M3ss .Mabel Joiies: Is spending a fewj days at the'home of her sister,..Mrs. Eva ZorHiis anil family. A committee for jc'hrialmas was appbliited a.q follows: .Mrs.-.fackson: music and Fern Irwin. .Miss Kate;' Smith and- .Mrs. Jones to train the i-hildren. I .Material was. oi-il^red and the cliildren are al- 1 really leartilng th^r parts. The | proj^am aird tree yiMII bo held at - blissfully nii- set for him jy lent. When he lOlliert Inexorably slfonlders and el's i .lminble ionirol' ''"^ ground, It.was too lat|': "S, he eonld no more Vave i.-sistkl 1. r*i-. .."^.^^ that downward pnll than he cotSd I over those broad slfonlders dored. ".\nv day in the week," Pawned greetluf^i "Right glad to see you. Bill. • ilardly recogniz«;d you al Wtl^HE G. O. P. WILL NAME ITS MAN conrseil on the nebular Kypothesjs. Dowi) he went In a flying heap, a »d as hi- touched the gronni^ a spKv young man, a little short of breach but still capable of applying tlw i necessary power where il' was j needed, pinned hot') his .^hoclders ' lo th" gronnd and then sjiraii? lightly to 'lisfeet. I lT() BE CO.VTlNrEm III Uie M\( oHapter ChUi Ityn soni'e planx In Calawell and unki* TltWi .Moore for fhut leaVe of nbsenrp. i —If you want to luy or bnlid, city or suburban properi.v, The'Iola : Building it Loan Association ^vjUI I make you a loiin, low Interest r^o. ; no ciomraI.ssion. See f!. ii. Pejes. ' Secretary, at oid Register bnilding. 'southwest corner of square. —Ten cent bundles of old fftipers i for five cents at the Register fr6ni now nntil Christmas. home near Sprague and fJrace. V'elma —For Real F:st*ite I,.oans See the' Secnrity Bid?. * Loan .\ss«i;cIatfo«, lolii, Ks. Office, in First Natl. Ba^k. i ly to these land*,of def' irKhcthiswinten. on yoor wsyo W. 1-. Ralsfon,! .<B<4 lida. Kan. I'hone^aji wrfjfefwy the Wait the church Ghri.stmas Eve. It is hoped this event will be an occas-- ioh long remembered at Diamond. The Ladies' .Aid met with Fern Irwin and tied a comfArl Thnr.s- da.v afternoon. . Those" present were: Ida Babcock. .Mfai. Jones. .Mrs Banta. Effie Jones and Naomi. Mrs. f)l,ie Hiird and .Mrs. Vickers. Friends of .Mrs. .Arthur Sivrague ^ 'are hoping she'll sofin he about 1 again.... , . ' .Mr. and .\^rs. Thomris are doing 1 .some reihodeling on their hou.i^e. Gold Xetiering. | -HThe RegL't'er does all kinds ofi gold lettering at moderate prii-es. 1 In 'buying leather goods for .Christ- nia.s' gift-s, keep us in 'mind. >fash Garage 214 Ntirth Jefferson OPEN ALL NIGHT NIGHT MECHANIC—SERVICE ANY CAR PLENTY OF STORAGE PHONB: 720 NASH MOTOR SALES CO. Piles Nirw Cored Surgery -^Dr, O. A. John.iion, well, know-n recfai iislngwlth remarkable a new, inild, and noi}-sii.rglcai method for treating piles., Without using the knife! catitery, atjlds, efecrrlctty, burning, tying Off, ligatures or other pafpfnl, driistic means,. he curc!= pil^s completely and permanently- , : 1 Every sufferer from bleeding, protrnding piles and other rof^tal trtMililes sbbnld get Dr. Johnson's M-'pag^ book which fully explains his' method.! Simply send name and address to Dr. O. A. Johnson, suite 112, 1.124 Main St., Kansas City, Mo., and • it will be mailed free aad | postiiald. He wants ereryone to know how they can he rid of piles easiiy, quickly . and peirmanently, and also rid.tif-other diseases cabsed by rectal troubles, snch as nerv«usness. backaches, stomach troubles, rheumatism, sci- atfca, etc.-|-all without the .pain, dapger and in convenience of a surgical operation. ThcReptiblicans ha'^e chosen Kansas City, .Mo., as the t-cene of the next n;itionaI convention when a candidate^ for. the .presidency, will be nohiinated. .This'piCi'iiT^ shows the exterior of City's Con\'ention .1 - --of «l ^ Tlw jbferfor of Kansas city's conTCnllon hall,: \*here the republican will jdold their taattqnal cdnvcntloirf iii, litis, is piclur^a above. There ar^ Beats for 14,000 although as manr as 20,000 h'ave been packed into tbU bbUding. I ' • ! ' 7 Persistent coughs and colds lead \o ,'saious trouble. Yon can stop them nc|ir with Ct«bmttkion, an emulsified creosote thH It {feasant to taie. Creomol- sion is X new medical discovery wiib .liro-feld KtsM; il soothes and he^ls iBe inSsiiMd menbrsins and inhibiu germ groirii.. Of*aO known drags, creosote is rec- {i ^gikised by Ugh niedieal authonUcsi MM of iJm greatest healing agencies ff persisteat coughs sad colds and Jonas of thmt troubles. Creomi contain^ ia addition to creosote, oil JiealiBgde^iieats which soothe and I the* infected mtaibrtnes aAd stop iriritatlon and inflsmmatioa. while tl creosote goes on to the stomach, is a| siarbed inlo'the blood, attacks the of tJtfr troohle and ^eeks the of the gerate. Citonrabion:!* gnaranteed sal .(cry in the treafiiient of i coughs aad colds hronchial bronchitis, aad otlM htm of •.Off .diseases, add is excelfntt fc iag up the system after boMS or Money refunded ;if any cough or cold U pot telleved after taking ai ' ttinatic pains ToBi much uric acid. Take i dioTOtie for rheumatic rjointai.aad aweUing& i guaranteed. Ask for 1 Foley PUIS liaratle'itiinutant for tiM kidtwya BROWiJ'.S DhUG STORE . Foley pa paina; sti Satiafactio directiont. Ask jronr ito^gptL (< Wields Mwn the idr passaW^o' fbraat' apd Nooe are u^asaed from a CoU. thci fadamiBation J wfflrnMui until tbe Cold ia gone. nn> woilE olF tiieObld aad to fortify 'tiw ayatem agunat ^Gi9 •ad \UxaKf9 tOktt It ia eujy to got zid of a Cold if | yoadotftnndadttttiw&ng. Get iboxofB^aQUINDS: 30c. nalmtMsia VbiawitPMiatf Aoueii Mem atnce 1889r^ If you make your Christmstst Gift a subscri ption to the lola Daily 'Register. Anyone wjio has ever been away from home for u considerable tirhe and has had thie "Old Home Pai er" come to him ev^i ery day, will testify that the happiest part of his day was the' hour he spent in reading the pajier, It w is like a letter exceipt that it had more neWs in.which he was in1 erested than arty let- M ter ever did. ' ^» ' TDoubtless inany of the home readers of the Register 'have relatives or friends who formerly.lived-here but are now away. Why not send thesfe friends or relatives itcopy of the Register for three months or six -m0MhSc^:;^a -y^Tas a Christmas Gift? Could you send any other gift thaf wouldibe enjoyed for a solid hour every day, as the 'Reg ^Ster will be? • ' ^ For that matter, what Would make a better gift for/ those who live in Allen county? ; . ^ For any who Wish to act upon this suggestion the Register has a nicely printed card to be sent to the recipient of the gift which reads as.follows: _ i THIS CERTIFIES, that a subscription to the lOI.A DAILY PvEGISTER has been paid fori in the name of for the period of months by who joins in wishing you a Merr\: Chrlstrtijls ahdla Happy NeW Year. . • :i, • ,. '' 1 ~•:>•vl•5•.'^J^-liLlfei^jK..•iJ•i-Mrfi^ial2^ r-;--.. 1 '-^^^A'-,

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