The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on November 29, 1958 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1958
Page 12
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WILL UAN TO RIGHT French Vote for New Assembly PARIS (AP)— Frenchmen votejports reaching Algiers. Areas that Sunday for the National Assembly {voted included villages where the which will Ret the new Fifth Re-, constitutional referendum on the public on its course. Results of Fifth Republic last September IftRl Sunday's first-round voting brought out a 70 to 80 per cent indicated the new Assembly will vote. lean strongly to the right. Four more French African ter- In the runoff 42fi deputies for ritories decided Friday to accept European France will be chosen De Gaulle's September offer of to sit beside the 39 who won ma- ; limited self-rule within a new joi'ities in the preliminary round. [French community of nations. Many leading liberal and mod- Mauritania. Chad. Gabon and erate politicians were knocked out tlie Mit1c "e Congo joined Mada- lasl, Sunday, leaving the prospect; f? ascnr - Senegal and the French ' Slldn " in the community. Calm Captain Lands DC6 in Foam Blanket BOSTON (AP) - A calm United' of an Assembly dominated by the right wing. Premier de Gaulle apparently had hoped for an Assembly of moderates leaning to the left. Rightists From Algnin One of the largest blocs of rightist deputies will come from Algeria, where 66 seats are being filled in one-round elections which began Friday and end Sunday.;Air Lines captain landed a bi« Mobile polls are moving through JDC6 plane on a blanket of foam _ the Algerian countryside. Tlie i Friday night after circling Logan! cities will vote Sunday. i International Airport for an hourj'l KEPT MY PROMISE* De Gaulle sought Algerian rep-! while his flight engineer manhan- i resentation of the nationalists who'died the wheels into landing posi- 1 have fought for four years to wini tion independence for that North Afri-j The plane, en route from Chi- can territory. But the rebels boy-i ca so, skipped a scheduled landing cotted the elections and European! at Hartford, Conn., when the hy- Bettlers and Moslems who favor i draulic system operating the land- tight French control of Algeria I in S S ear failed to function. TRIBAL WELCOME — This was the scene at Pine Ridge, S. D., as Ogalala Sioux welcomed back to the tribe Loyd Grandsinger, 25, once convicted and sentenced to death for the slaying of a Nebraska state trooper and then freed of the charge in a second trial that ended Wednesday. Chief Charlie Red Cloud prepares to place a warrior's headdress on Grandsinger after which the chief told Loyd "Go now, my son, and be a good citizen. (AP Photofax) AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD •««*,. N». i,. i,M $11,091,597 Budget Boost Asked for U. ST. PAUL (AP) - The University of Minnesota is seeking $65,011.352 for the biennium starting next July l, a budget $11,091,597 greater than is being spent in the current two years. Largest item in the estimate submitted late Friday to Gov. Freeman and Arthur Naftalin, commissioner of administration, Reds Penetrate American Market as Dow Chemical Buys Benzene NEW YORK (AP) - The Dow Chemical Co. is buying about 54 million gallons of benzene from agreement Friday, said it made the deal partly because of its "economic advantages." The ref- the Soviet government at a price ence apparently was to the re- well below the U.S market aver-1 ported purchase price of 24 or 25 cents a gallon. The current price age. Success by Reds The company, announcing the'gallon. The contract, under which Dow will pay about 13V4 million dollars to the Soviet government, appeared to be a major success by Russia in its attempt to penetrate the American market with raw 8 Fort William and Port Arthur May Unite to Form One City ««.,„„ „„ , i THE LAKEHEAD, Ont. (AP)was $54,985.106 for maintenance. The twjn dtleg ot Fort wm , am and Port Arthur at the head of Lake Superior vote in the next !wo weeks on whether to end their long rivalry and unite to form Canada's 14th largest city. It is possibly a reflection of the once bitter but now friendly feud that the two cities which make up what is known as The Lake- dominate the electoral lists. By law two-thirds of the Algerian deputies must be non-Europeans. However, the Moslems on the 47 tickets mostly are those who benefit from continued French rule. Small Turnout Only 15 to 20 per cent of eligible voters went to the polls Friday, according to scattered re- Eagle Auxiliary BAZAAR and BAKE SALE . EAGLE HALL Tuesday, Dec. 2nd Bazaar 1 p.m. Family Party 2 p.m. There were 41 aboard, including the crew of four with Capt. Diedrich, 37, Winfield, 111., He brought the four-engined plane down smoothly in a three- inch thick blanket of foam spread by emergency crews for a slide in case the plane made a belly landing. Passengers agreed there was no panic or obvious fright in the passenger compartment. Spinster Lets Sister Kill Herself With Overdose of Sleeping Pills MEDIA, Pa. (AP)-"I kept my promise.'' With those words, spoken quietly and without emotion, white-haired spinster Anne Eldredge, 71, told a Delaware County coroner's jury why she allowed her 77-year-old sister, Irene, to take a lethal dose of sleeping pills last Oct. 16. The jury called Irene's death homicide. A judge dismissed the charge against her sister. Anne told how her sister, af- Airport crews covered 1,700 feet flicted by severe headaches at"""" "~~ '-'--'--• " tempted to take her life four years ago. On that occasion, Anne had her rushed to a hospital in time to save her. "She often rebuked me for doing of a runway with the blanket of foam as the plane circled before the landing. In the plane Flight Engineer Raymond H a c.k e 11, Chicago, moved a mountain of baggage and ripped up floor boards to get into the hydraulic pit where the wheel machinery is located. He said he found faulty wires caused the trouble, but didn't have the equipment to make repairs in the air. Glasgow's FALL SPECIAL EFFECTIVE NOW Dry Cleaning Men's Suits ... 95= Men's Trousers 50* Ladies'Skirts.. 50< Ladies' Dresses 95< (plain — 1 pe.) FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY On Orders from 95c and Up (city delivery only) Phone HE 3-5950 113 E. Bridge St. — North of Courthouse Square that and she made me promise not to do it again. I kept my promise." 'Cannot Endure Pain' The sisters, retired school teachers, lived together in nearby Middletown Township. Last month, Miss Eldredge testified, her sister said, "1 cannot endure this pain any longer. I am going to take my own life." "I told her it was her life if that was what she wanted to do." said Miss Eldredge. She told the jury how, it came about: Irene took a large quanity of sleeping pills. The sisters kissed. "Now 1 am going to my mother and a beautiful restful sleep," said Irene as she settled back on the bed. Tried to Read Anne went into the next room and tried to read. "1 was unable to," she said. "I thought of nothing but my sisters. About 8:30 I returned and held a mirror in front of my sister's nostrils. I found she was not living." The judge said he couldn't "see any homicide in this case. There might have been negligence. 1 don't think there was a wilful criminal act. "The defendants is discharged." 1:00 A.M. 1ST Nov. 29,m8 Oata -" r mm : UrrtH Svrvdoy Morning Low This is a jump of $95,51,756 over the legislative grant in 1957. President Morrill said the general increase was necessary to meet an expected enrollment 'of 30,050 by 1960-61 in comparison with the present 26,857. This will entail addition of 157 faculty members. The budget also includes provision for faculty salary raises, 10 per cent for the 1959-60 school year and another 5 per cent in 1960-81. The university asked $4,289,410 [or special extension and research projects and $8,894,838 for opera- Jon of the hospitals. In the latter figure, it was explained that $3,152,092 would be recoverable from counties for the care of indigent patients. In questioning Dr. Morrill, thq governor asked if there was not s(;me way pressure could be removed from the university by possibly holding classes in early evening hours in suburban high schools. Dr. Morrill said such a plan might be feasible"but that it would be too complicated to work out in time to affect the current budget requests. He told the officials that the only "discretionary" item in the budget was that for academic salary increases. "But in many respects that may be the most important money item of all," he said. "For, unless Mitt nesota pays its instructors top level salaries there is the risk they may move to other colleges." Hay Amberg, hospitals director, said the increase there was needed to meet an anticipated greater patient load growing out of expansion of the medical school. head will be voting on different j they unite, the joint total of 83,895 would leave them close in size to Reglna, now Canada's 13th city with. 88,797. There is little sign of any campaign to push for an affirmative vote. Neither mayor has pushed the idea since the first mention, days. Fort William, where the first white settlement dates back to 1678, goes to. the polls Monday, Port Arthur, where-the first house was built in 1856, gives its verdict a week later, on Dec. 8. Both votes are being held at city elections for mayor, council and other offices. The idea of amalgamation was suggested early in 1958 by the mayors of the adjoining cities- Hubert Badanai at Fort William and Mrs. Eunice Wishart of Port Arthur—in inaugural addresses to their councils. There was enthusiasm at the of domestic benzene is 31 cents a!materials at reduced prices. The company also said another reason favoring the agreement was that the contract assured * dependable supply of benzene in the near future. In the past, Dow said, domestic supplies have 1 been erratic and sometimes seriously inadequate. Ovcrsupply Industry sources agreed that this was sometimes true, but sai<J that at present there is an oversupply of domestic benzene. Dow said the agreement with Russia was made by the firm's Dutch subsidiary, Nederlandsche Dow Maatschappij N.V. Payment will be made in Dutch guilders, and the benzene will be brought to America in a tanker leased by Dutch subsidiary The agreement calls for the shipment of 27 million gallons of benzene annually during 1959 and 1960. outset but then interest appeared to wane. However, Fort Wijliam brought the matter to a head in August by deciding to put the question to the voters. Latest population counts show the two cities almost equal in numbers. Port Arthur, incoporated as a city in 1906, has 41,685 persons. Fort William, which became a city in 1907, has 42,210. Should WEATHER FORECAST — Snow or snow flurries are expected tonight in higher areas of the north and middle Atlantic states, in the Great Lakes, upper Mississippi valley, the Dakotas and eastern Washington with showers in western Washington and Oregon. It will be generally fair with clear to partly, cloudy skies elsewhere. It will be colder in most of the middle Atlantic states and warmer in Missouri, Kansas and from the Dakotas westward to the Pacific. (AP Wirephoto Map) Radioactive Material Escapes by Accident IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) The discharge of some radioactive material at the national reactor testing station near here has caused a brief shutdown of one reactor being used in the program to design a nuclear aircraft engine. The Atomic Energy Commission said the accidental release of the radioactive material Nov. 18 was confined to about 1,500 acres of Policeman, Father of 5, Killed in Gun Battle With 2 Robbers RAHWAY, N.J (AP) — A 29-j'Are you going to stop?"' year-old policeman surprised two; Then there was a burst of gunmen breaking into an auto agency i fire. Friday night and was killed in the gun battle that followed. The men escaped. Patrolman Charles Bernoskie, a father of five, was shot four times, but he emptied his six-shot It was the Rupino apartment that the policeman stumbled into. His Long Life Formula: Keep From Dying GREENFIELD, 111. (AP)—Syl vester Melvin is 107 years old today. "Want to live as long as I have? Just keep from dying, he grinned from behind his desk at the Greene County Mutual Fire Insurance Co., where he has been secretary for 59 years. Melvin was born on a Greene County farm in 1851, and although he never wandered far, saw much of history sweep past his door. He recalls covered wagons head- ng for St. Louis, Independence, Mo., and points west, Civil War carpet-baggers, and border raiders seeking to elude Missouri law. As a young man, he did venture to Philadelphia for the Centennial i Exposition of 1876. There he witnessed the first public demonstration of Alexander Graham Bell's new device, the telephone. An e very-Sunday Methodist, he eschews tobacco and strong drink as plain nuisances. His wife died at 96 and two sons Simple Rites for Kettering DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — Famed inventor and millionaire philanthropist Charles F. Ketteriog was buried in a simple ceremony Friday. The season's first snowstorm swirled around a hundred of his : closest friends as the body of the automotive genius was laid to rest beside that of his wife Olive, who died in 1946. Kettering, whose achievements j include devising a practical auto self-starter, the electric cash reg-! ister and antiknock gasoline, died; Tuesday of a cerebral hemor-i hrage. He was. 82. ; The snowstorm kept many out-' of-towners from attending the funeral of the former General Motors research chief. Wisconsin Girl, 2, Drowned in Creek SUPERIOR, wis. (AP) — A i rural Superior girl was found drowned in Tamarack Creek near her home late Friday after falling through a hole her father had chopped in the ice to get water for his cattle. She was 2'.i-year-old Vicki Lynn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Dietmeier, farming about 30 miles southeast of here. When he missed the child, her father followed footsteps in the snow to the hole in the ice, 300 feet from the house. Neighbors helped him chop the ice to recover the body, 75 feet downstream. Cliburn Honored by Texas Club,Rayburn DALLAS, Tex. of the House (AP) — Speaker Sam Rayburn He had been shot twice in the are dead. He lives with a daugh-i called Pianist Van Cliburn "one head and twice in the chest. Theiter. of America's greatest ambassa- Friday night and said he patrolman died on the way to the hospital. revolver. He staggered to the! Police said the auto a g finc y the 431,000-acre testing station. An, AFP annkfsmnn «aiH no pmnlnvec nearest house, stumbled into the, A&U spokesman saia no employes ' know how much was faton kitchen and collapsed. He died 15 K ow now mucn was «ken. GRILL were exposed and the short-lived radioactive particles posed no danger to the public. He said the • been robbed, but they didn't minutes later. Louis Rupino, 32, reactor's instrumentation deviated!some upholstering in at low power and caused the mis- nearby. was doing his garage Bernoskie had been on the force three years. I hap. 1011 W. OAKLAND Open Sunday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Week Days 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dining room open Sunday serving regular dinner*. BREAKFAST Juice, one golden brown waffle, bacon and coffee. 80c DINNER SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN With baking powder biscuits and honey, whipped potatoes and gravy, corn or green beans, tossed or jello salad and roll. Pie, ice cream or sherbet and coffee. "I heard some voices in back of Miller's (the auto agency)" he Mother of Actress Greer G arson, Dies ..•»*>>> Jv. "»"••> '»«'/. 2 f. , 4-1 « .' *. '*»•:*>? - '• SWEDISH MEAT BALLS With potatoes and gravy, vegetable *elod, roll and beverage. PAPERS, MAGAZINES, POCKETBOOK NOVELS Read The Classified Ads. 'said, "and I heard someone say! SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP)I Actress Greer Carson's mother is Day dors was representative of American youth. Cliburn, 24, reacted more like a wide-eyed spectator than as a guest of honor as Rayburn and Tonight at 7:00-9:00 Are Your Last Chances to See •TUNNEL OF LOVE" 100 Loughs with Every Blush Starts Sunday For 3 Days of Fun! 'Danny Kayo's 'M* and Hie Colonel' may win him an Academy Award. This is one of Hit tenderest and most amusing love stories ever told." -fdSwWvon Plus-"Rock Hound Mogoo" • Cartoon Shows Sunday at 1-3-5-7-9 p.m. DANNV rCAYE • CURTJUR/3ENS NlColf MAURFV. dead of a Thanksgiving heart attack. Mrs. Nina Sophia Garson, 73, succumbed Thursday night in St. John's Hospital. Funeral services will be con ducted Monday. 10 Deputies' Cars Robbed; Man Caught NORWALK, Calif. (AP) - Au!S eSt S fn d FeliCian ° , EUribe P™mWnt"Da"lias" „„«,„ loasiea broke mto 10 cars ma parking lot him at the swank Cipango Club and took everything he found of here, value. Then Dep. Sheriff Thomas Vetter arrested him and Euribe found out exactly where he was. Vetter had just come off duty Friday and the parking lot was behind the sheriff's Norwalk substation. All of the cars belonged io sheriff's officers. 2 Planes Searched for Possible Bombs DALLAS, Tex. (AP)—About 150 passengers were delayed here Friday night while four aircraft were searched for possible bombs. None was found. Swede Carlson's Hamburger Heaven SERVING . . . BREAKFAST SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS OPEN Week Days 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. Sundays & Holidays 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Tonighr 7 tr 9 P. M. Also Sun. - Men. - Tues. - Wed. •J Shows Sunday 1-3-5-7-9 P.M. it's Mew Orleans' favorite festival of-fun.' Monday Is Range Wholesale Day at "Axe" Johnson Hardware Monarch Electric 36-Inch Range • Large Oven and Separate Broiler with Electric Patisserie. • Deep-well Cooker with Pop-up Unit. • Thermostatically Controlled Giant Surface Unit. • 100-Heat Surface Units — Red Hof In less than 60 Seconds. • Completely Automatic Controls, plus Electric Minute Minder. • Sold at "Axe" Johnson's at Less than Wholesale. • Demonstration 9 A.M. - 9 P.M. Monday, $289°° " AXE" JOHNSON HDWE. HIE. Mill "Our Own" HE 3-3250 7R&S 3 io 16 FOOT ai 405 E. COLLEGE h^tf^^^tf^—^^^^^^-^^k^^^^^^ I^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^*^^^^^ •fr Western Shedless Balsam if Norway Pine, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Jack Pine and Spruce * Birch Logs * Wreaths •k Cones ~k Roping * Boughs Open Sundays and Evenings LARGEST SELECTION IN AUSTIN ELI SHUTT • Dial HE 3-8464 • GEO. CECKA 20c - 45c - 60c Tonite - Last Chance to See AT-7:00 and 9:30-Both Features Shown Twice IN COLOR WON'T iElltVE YOUR EYES! PUPPET PEOPLE STARTS SUN.J-FOR 7 RIOTOUS DAYS! ITS TIME FOR MlBlffi IB Slat rine m IT* itoy rol« rhal rocketed him io lorn* I Ji£R THAI.' THE HA,'! HAPPiER THAN THE BOOKl JOHN LEE MAHIN ifVYNUKOf FROM mm em. MATINEE 1:00 - 3:00 — EVINING 7:00 - 9:00

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