Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 15, 1961 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1961
Page 2
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2 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, February 15. 1961 Frankville News MRS. ROY KNEESKERN Correspondent Community Church Robert Reynolds, Tastor 10:00 a. m.—Sunday School. 11:00 a. m.—Worship. Ruth Guild' meets with Mrs. Marie Kneeskern and Rachael Guild with Mrs. Marian Laterman on Thursday afternoon of this week. The Women of the Church are invited to the "World Day of Prayer" meeting at the Presbyterian Church in Posfville on Friday afternoon of this week. Other Frankville News. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steuri went to Platteville, Wisconsin Wednesday afternoon where they were supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gempler. Irving Crawford attended funeral services for Earl Birdsell in Waukon last week. 1 Martin Harris and Lyle Zieman made a business trip to La Crosse, February 2. 1 Mrs. Dean Kneeskern of Preston, Minnesota was a caller at the Roy Kneeskern home Thursday afternoon after visiting the Elmer Schultz and William Schmidt families in Castalia. Mrs. Daniel Russett of Calmar spent Tuesday afternoon, at the Roy Kneeskern home. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Robinson of Dubuque were Sunday din n e r guests at the home r.f Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kneeskern. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pilgrim attended funeral services in Decorah last week for Mrs. Maude Donald. Mrs. Donald had been a bridesmaid at the Pilgrim wedding 62 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Schultz entertained a few friends for a card party at their home Saturday evening. A lunch was served and the following attended: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Koenig. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Linderbaum. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Laterman. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Walby and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sampson. Mrs. Eldo Schutte. Mrs. Victor Meyer and Mrs. Will Willman were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Feickert. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kneeskern, Mrs. Lyle Miller, Barbara and Cathy of Preston, Minnesota were Sunday afternoon visitors and supper guests at the Roy Kneeskern home. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Brandt attended open house at the Luther­ an church in Decorah on Sunday afternoon from 2;00 to 5:00, honoring Mrs. Amanda Johnson on her 80th birthday anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fadness and Richard were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Emmons in Burr Oak. Mrs. Elmer Fadness and Richard visited Sunday evening with Mrs. Orvin Bergen, who is ill with pneumonia at Decorah Hospital. Mrs. Dwight De Witt visited her ! daughter, Mrs. Dean Gulsvig and I family at Mundelein several days last week arid also her sons, who are attending college in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompson of Castalia were Wednesday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hughes. Charles Van Wey of Minneapolis spent the past weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Van Wey. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Walby and family of Waukon were Sunday dinner guests at the Leland Walby home and Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Henning and family of Ludlow were afternoon visitors at the Walby home. Miss Karan Lenth and Bill Anderson of Cedar Rapids spent the past weekend at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Lenth. The group were Sunday dinner guests" at the home of Mrs. Lenth's mother, Mrs. Minnie Torkelson in Ossian. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Headington were supper guests Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Goltz in Waukon. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Snitker and son, Roland, of Postville were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Snitker. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Larson and family and Mrs. Evelyn Thomas of Decorah and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ruen were Sunday afternoon visitors and supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pilgrim. The occasion was in honor of Mrs. Pilgrim's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schneider and family of Madison. Wisconsin were Sunday visitors and dinne: guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steuri. Darrel Russett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Russett of Ulysses, Kan sas, paid a surprise visit to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Kamin and Mr. and Mr. Lloyd Blumhagen on Sunday. He came to Waterloo Saturday with his employer on a business trip for the Ansel Manufacturing Company. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Klepper were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Schnuelle and Cindy. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Berg, Clinton and Cletus were Sunday evening supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Thompson. George Allen passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ruben Monroe, near Castalia, at 10:00 p.. m., Monday night. "Mr. Allen has been ill about a year, suffering from cancer. His wife and two children preceded him in death. He is survived by five daughters and one son, and two sisters. Funeral arrangements are not completed. Obituary next week. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Berg entertained a group of friends for a card party on Saturday evening at their home in Frankville. Progressive Euchre was played with Mrs. Gary Snitker winning ladies high score and Mis. Lloyd Snitker, the low score. Ray Teslow won the high for men and-SyIvan Lenth was low. A lunch was served and the following attended: Mr. and Mrs. Gary Snitker, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Winters, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Evert, Mr. and Mrs'. Sylvan Lenth, Mr. and Mrs. Vernpn Grinna, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Teslow, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Snitker, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Snitker and Mr. and Mrs. Harley Thompson. nntl the removn] of aaU\ property niul secure the Hen of the tnx due or to hecomc due. It ia further resolved thot other further statutes not contiitned nnd set forth in this Resolution shall be employed in so far na they may he applicable. BY THE HOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF ALLAM/VKEK COUNTY. IOWA /«/ M. I.. Yohe Chairman /»/ John Baumnarlner Member /s/ Alton Butman Member SI.II 72.75 insur- niobile 314.2S .or, 2. HI 1.8G 3.81 (',.07 Published in one issue, the Postville Herald, February IB, 1061 Public Legal Notifications Iowa laws require that the residents of this area be notified of certain legal proceedings. Certain individuals, as well as groups, may have a personal interest in these notifications. Often the publication is the only public notice. To keep well informed, readers should check carefully the notices which appear in this section. RESOLUTION I Authorized BEAR 1 ALIGNMENT SERVICE I We have purchased new Bear Wheel 1 Alignment and On-the-Wheel Balancer. | We are equipped to 1 Align, Convert and | Balance all passenger cars. ( STEERING PROBLEM? I If you have a Steering problem with I your car, let us help correct it. | FREE WHEEL BALANCE CHECK. I SCHRADER'S "66" SERVICE | GREASING — TIRE REPAIRING — WASHING | Phone 86 4-3130 Postville, Iowa • I Pre-Cut Letters 1 AVAILABLE NOW! • 3 | We have received a large assortment of Black g and Red pre-cut gummed paper Letters, Numbers g and Characters for all types of Posters and Display jj Signs. 1 These Letters are easily mounted by moistening. We, the undersigned members of the AHamnkee County Board of Supervisors, by resolution passed on the 4th day of February 1961 hereby resolve that henceforth our policy in rejrsrd to the collection of taxes on personal property shall adhere strictly to the following provisions of the Code of Iowa of 1958, to-wit: Sec. 445.42 Assessment of migratory property of non-residents. All personal property,' the owner of which is a non-resident of the state, and which property is by the owner thereof intended for sale or consumption at a place, or shipment to a place other than where said property is located, shall be assessed in the owner's name, if the owner is known, and if the owner is unknown or uncertain, the same shall be assessed, to "unknown owner", and shall be by the assessor sufficiently described so that said property may be identified. Sec. 445.43 Lien on migratory personal property—maturity of tax. A lien for the tax upon said property as herein provided shall relate back to and exist from the first day of January of the year fey which it is assessed, and if anyone seeks to remove the said property from the county before the tax for said year shall be paid, the tax shall immediVe- ly become due and collectable. Sec. 445.44 Enforcement of lien. It shall be the duty of the assessor to notify the county auditor if said property is beins, or is about to be removed from the county. In such event, or if the knowledge of the removal or of intent to remove said property shall come to him in any other authentic manner, the said auditor shall certify such fact to the county treasurer, with a full description of the property as the Bamo appears on the assessor's books. Riving assessment district, where located, and the amount of said assessment, and the county treasurer shall thereupon proceed by distress to restrain Proceedings of the Postville Town Council This notice contains information concerning the business of Postville town government. It appears in the public interest, for the public good. TOWN COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS pump- Company, street IS.SO •llii 457.03 repair.*, repairs • • repairs .. Laboratory, WH- The regular monthly meetinK of Town Council of Postville was held in the Council Room, Memorial Hall, at 7 :30 P. M. on February 3, 1061, with Mayor B. A. Davis presiding. On call of the roll, the following councilmen were present: A. Burr Cook, K. Ted Green, Stanley W. Schroedcr, E. W. Kozclka and R. C. Huebncr. Absent: None. The minutes of the repulnr meetinc of January 6, 1961, and the special meeting of January 9, 1961, were read and approved. The monthly reports of the Clerk. Treasurer, Superintendent of Departments and Marshal were read and approved. Claims Paid. The following claims in the sum of $5,395.66, havinjr been audited by the Finance Committee, were approved and ordered paid as follows: General Fund. The Postville Herald, publications 5 170.2.1 Postville Farmers Cooperative, coal for hall 191.64 Schroeder Insurance, insurance on hall 7 t.fi4 Interstate Power Company, hall liRhts 22.93 Schroeder Insurance, workmen's compensation insurance ...... 265.37 Schroeder Insurance, insurance, contents of hall 1.6*3 Joseph B. Steele, salary and expenses 113.70 Sanitation Fund. Interstate Power Company, sewer pump S 7.85 Interstate Power Company, sewer pump 3.00 Arwell, Inc., rat control at dump 10.00 Richard McNally, salary at dump 53.20 Street Construction Fund. Hoth Motors, repairs $ , r ).75 Alvin Kahle, labor S.49 Elmer BJumhacen, labor 20.32 Ed Nelson, labor 10.IS E. J. Lammert, labor 18.19 Harvey Jarms, truck hire and sand 02.01 Marvin Fosanen, salary 260.90 Turner Insurance Agency, insurance on truck SS.02 Sewer Plant Revenue Fund. Dale L. Fichtel, fuel oil $ 1S4.11 Western Auto, supplies 2.15 Interstate Power Company, power and liRht 107 Pac f fie Flush Ta nk Co m i >;t n y, repairs ... 20. Meyer Plumbing & Heatinc. repairs . ?>o Public Safety Fund. Hooker Supply Company, n> Pairs $ 5,08 Homelite Company, repairs _ 12.13 Home Oil Compurv. -.•implies .... fi.l C. R. William.-..;-, - 379.95 Interstate Power Company, lire house Jijrhts 17.46 Schroeder Insurance, fire depart­ ment equipment Kenneth K. Elite, police duty Turner Insurance Agency nnee, lire department units Street Fund. Fall) Motor, repairs * Postville Implement, repairs Swirney Oil * Equipment Company, repair;* Hfrmilion Fund. J,.})» I.. Grew: & Son, paint $ Utilities Fund. Dale L. Fichtel, fuel nit i Western Auto, supplfc* . City Laundering Company, .*lt*nn- inp Robert Martimliile, expense Lattintt-Schultz Company. iierw- i-ope flashlicht Interstate Power Company inir Interstate Power liKhts Interstate Power Company, pump- in K GS4.90 Badger Meter Company, Thorpe Well Company Thorpe Well Company State Hyjjienie tor tests Meyer Plumbing and Healing, repairs Robert Mnrtindale. salary Enos Muchow, sa la ry Turner Insurance Apeney. insurance on truck On motion, application of haus for membership in th Volunteer Fire Department proved. Bert R. Hanson, enpineer. West Un•„n, Iowa, presented preliminary plans for proposed street improvement project for concrete pavement and curb and putter to be undertaken in 1961. Chance orders for new hospital project were approved as follows: Installing Mankato corner stone..; Patntiinr overhaul* on outside of building Removing two trees near service entrance 122.25 Sand finish deduct 800.00 Plasti-tile for toilet rooms 573,50 Omit Kalistron and install plas- ti-tile in areas designed SOO.OO Extra grading and seeding (.113.21 Claims on new hospital project were Jack 31.81 5.2-* 27.50 S.00 j 127.79 | 29S.95 30.60 Bftck- Postville was ap- 100.00 225.00 paid follow; 38.52 190.00 43.20 6.33 .30,977.29 approved and ordered from hospital funds: Kittleson-Petersen. paint for store room * R. C. Huebner, labor U. S. Bronze Sign Company plaque for lobby Jaeger Company, plastic sign* W a d d e 1 Engraving Compiiny brass plates Nets Johnson Construction Com pany, contract payment Freeman Electric Company tract payment I.S77.16 Davidson's contract payment . . . 1.241.19 The Clerk reported the following cash receipts for January. 1961: Grneral Fund. Rent —Stockman house 5 Hall rent Dog license .. Building permit Fines Damages to light pole 108.19 Sanitation Fund. Sewer cleaner sold S Tools sold Sewer Plant Revenue Fund. Sewer collections $ Utilities Fund. Water connections S Liquor profit from State of Iowa Water collections 3.822.23 Street Construction Fund. State of Iowa, gas tax refund .,$ 352.61 An extended discussion of various town problems was had. Adjournment at 12:15 A. M.. February 4. 1961. JOSEPH B. STEELE, Town Clerk 40.00 25.00 2.00 2.50 57.00 Gunder News MRS. CORNELIUS RJEIERSON Correspondent Marion Lutheran Church Rev. Henry 3. Mathre, Pastor Wednesday. February 15, 7:30 p. m _ Ash Wednesday. Mid-week Lenten services begin. Friday, February 17 — Brotherhood Institute at Wartburg College, Waverly. The Conference is open to all men of. the Church. Inspiration. Information, Education and s basketball game between Wartburg and Parsons. See Pastor Mathre or Robert MeNally about details. Saturday, February 18 — Dorcas Society closing business meeting. Sunday, February 19, 11:00 a. m.- Worship. 10:45 a. m.—Sunday School. Other Gunder ( News. Mrs. Albert Christenscn and Clara Helium visited in the Emory Landsgard home and with Mrs, Mollie Mork. Sunday afternoon Meillen and Otto Mork visited there. Mrs. Emory Landsgard and Tom my were Mondav afternoon visitors in the home of Clara Helium. Mrs. Kenneth Anderson visited Thursday evening in the L. T. Loftsgard home. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Reierson were Sunday dinner guests in the L. T. Loftsgard home. Mrs. Raymond Loftsgard and children of Clermont and Mrs, Bernard Loftsgard and Bernard, Jr., were Wednesday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Helen Hanson and children of Monona. Mrs. Cornelius Reierson Spent Wednesday in the Lloyd Reierson home. Brenda Bilden was an over night guest of Betty Tuesday evening. Marlys Houg was an overnight guest of Jane Ann Loftsgard Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Guyer and Mr. and Mrs. Knut Evenson, all of West Union visited Thursday after noon in the Orvin Loftsgard home, Mrs. Orvin Loftsgard and children visited in the Joseph Reierson home Friday evening. Mrs. Olvin Olson and Mrs. Will Bergen accompanied Mrs. Orlando Loftsgard to the Mrs. Loren Frio den home Thursday evening. Mrs. Orlando Loftsgard visited Tuesday afternoon in the Lewis Butikofer home. Mr. and Mrs. Harlen Henkes. Mr, and Mrs. Larry Henkes, all of Cedar Rapids and Mr. and Mrs. John Olson and family of i Saturday di nncr ', Mary Olson and Sel ^J Mr. and Mrs. and Waldo were ^ guests in the Mary rajl ma Groth home. Mrs. Tlelga Bilden, visited Thursday site, Mary Olson and Setoi^ Rev. Mathre was i Lloyd Loftsgard homj\ Elisabeth Bildon «. days in the Lloyd ]2 last week. 1 Mr. and Mrs. MonvJ and Mr. and Mrs. Gotfa gard and families wertL ernoon visitors in the ol son home in Clermont. I Mr. and Mrs. Thontil were Sunday afternoojl the Kenneth Kjosa hom| Mrs. Kenneth Kjo»a day with the JoseoH§ Mrs. Kenneth Kjomj Harold Opsand Fridajj Mr. and Mrs. Louie % and Mrs. Cornelius and Mrs. Ole Loftsjj and Mrs. E. K. Mwki evening guests ot Harold Opsand. The gL spent visiting and s«q| and slides of their lrii»« and Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Postville were Tburjjql supper guests in the 8 home an Tuesday «j. Freitag of Luana callejj| Albert Ericksoa o( t nesota was a supper i Henry Olson home m -Mr. and Mrs. Gcrh^f were Monday eventa| j the Henry Olson homed Helgerson was a calldl day. Mr. and Mrs. Heorfl and Mrs. Marion Olsonl Olson and families aniil Lloyd Schutte and fa talia were Sunday m guests in the Gerald C Elkader. Mr. and Mrs. Will) Mrs. Olvin and VicWert afternoon visitors andsi of the Floyd Thompwj Your social sewitjj number is the key to^ social security benefit^ ber identities your' count. Be sure to give' to your employer, your social security local social security duplicate card with tin: ber. 0.50 1S.95 171.: 00.00 STS.17 INJURED Eldon Oberhelman of LuVerne recently suffered a painful injury to his right hand when two fingers were mangled in gears of a feed grinder. Five stitches in each finger were required. Inquire at your social security office about the documents you will need to file for social security benefits. An inquiry first may save you an extra trip to the office I 74 THERE ARE 5 SIZES iy 4 " w 41/4" When you come to this office for Poster Board ask about these beautifully colored letters. You may buy just what is needed for one, two or a dozen signs. POSTVILLE HERALD PRINTERS — PUBLISHERS Postville, Iowa or Easter ANDERSON'S COMPLETE SELECTION WILL AMAZE YOU — Whether You Want Matched Suits or Sport Coats with Odd Trousers, We Have It In The Latest Spring Collection. llllimllll ,,i inn iiiiiiiiinimniiiiiiiiiiiiii miiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini ALL SIZES FROM 4 THROUGH 20 u„inirmnnHiiinniiitiiiMiininiiiiiiu tMiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiuiiiiiMitiiiiiuiiimuimiimimw New Olive Tones In Checks And Plaids — Wonderful Golds In Fancy Patterns. Let Us Fit Your Boy Correctly. PRICES START AT $9.95 , , • NEW THIS SEASON — Boy's Short Sleeve WHITE DRESS SHIRTS $2.98 ,„*„.„, ' OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS Anderson's Clothing "On The Corner" PUBLIC AUCTII Having rented out my land, I will sell at| Auction on my farm 2 miles West of Monona a" miles Southeast of Luana, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY Beginning at 12:00 Noon the following 25 HEAD OF CATTLE 15 Brown Swiss Heifers, to start freshening by| 9 Brown Swiss Heifers, bred to start fresh. M Heifer Calf, 5 months old DIAL 86 4-3313 POSTVILLE, IOWA Corn — Straw — Corn Silage - HayJ FARM MACHINERY '48 WC Allis Chalmers Tractor; AC Tractor Crfl AC 2-14" Plow; Gehl Chopper with corn andhafl Wood Bros. Corn Picker; PTO Gehl Blower will of Pipe; John Deere 290 Corn Planter with f(i attachment; 8' Van Brunt Seeder; Many other f ELMER SCHRADER E. L. "Diz" Dean and Mayhew Eaton, Auctioneers Luana Savings WMBfflllBMiMIIMIIIlWMMniBIMl^ AUTO SERVICE STATIOtf i Give me three gallons of Gas, I'm running away from Hofll I We definitely do not approve of thisJjjl I fellow's intentions, put must say he BJI I exactly where to come for the best pjjM 1 service. Right now we'll give him enJH | gas to get him home in time for dinner! m I 11 remember us when he grows up 1 I come back then! I „ CASTEN OIL COMPANY 1 PHONE 86 4-3414

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