Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1927
Page 5
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THil-ldLA DAILY REGISTER. »IC NDAY EVENING HOLD MEETS . Annual: Oorivention^ Are lleady to Take iJp Business NATIONAL TUESDAY American Meets! Wednes. I day With Joint Session 'Thursday New York, Dec. 12 \(AP)i^Bas.>e- bsll.ihagnates and managers gath- • ered here today for the annual con- venlions of the Major leagues which will consume a big portion of the week. Today's task for the steering committees of. the National and Amcj-ican,league was to decide on matters to be reported upon at the joint meeting of the leagues Thurs' day. ' Tomorrow, liic National league will hold its annual .session and on Wednesday, the American leaem: will havo Its antiual meeting. .".Many new fares ar.e visible-with Ihe wanagersl RoKPr '-Pecklnpaueh. the new pilot of the Crieveland Ini diatis. ,Jaok Slattery, manager of ..Ih*-^^ IJravi's. And Hurt .Shottou. at the hcim of the Phillies, niingli! with the select for the first time. While Bill .McKeehfnie of the ' IHratoB <-om ''s hero tii the vole ot i managfT of iho ('ardlnals. ]i£tirmi^ Has Possibly Hope Of Saving Life Decatur. IlL. Dec. 12. (AP)— Loren. Murcbison. 'sprint flash of two Olympic games •wlio -has been near death in a D«catnr hospital since Wednesday suffering l from cerebro-splnai meningitis,-^ was "holding his own, with slight im- proTCinent,". the I a. m. bulletin ou bis condition said. • . , The report, contradicting those which had come from* the sick room Sunday, was given out after physicians had completed labora- toi^ testa of spinal Quid. Tbe tests, they said, while not augury- ing recovery, indicated some im- provemeati Another 48 hours, the doctors belieye, should tell whether Mur- chisoa will re^-over. WEATHER and KOADS PICK OF COUNTR Y'S GRIDIRONS MR^YEpiNEASTWESt GAME PECEMBER 12, 1927. • i • PAGE FIVE Weather outlook for tbe. week: The northern and central great plains: ' Mo.stly fair in north portions until the middle pi tiie week and some precipitation with lattei- balf; one or two precipitation periods, in south portions; temperatures will lu'erago low until the middle of latter part, when warmer is likely. FOR KA.\.NAS; .Somenjut nn. •setlled tonight Hiid:Tuesday: niir- nier lonfeht In «»,sf portion; | tliehlly t^ltJT Tuesday- in uest and uortborentrai iMirlionH. For loiu und virlnlty: Ciisrttlrd weiitber tonliflit iinii TufMlay: war- nier tonight. McKechinie of theTemperalun--Highest yesterday 1, I., „i,. „f ;-i>. at 4 p. m.: lowest last night (j,^,!24 at 7 p. m.: normal for today ."iS; 270 djegrees';' iii.> II.: • .ui o.s; lowest 2:5. «f.ry. P.a.. .lohnson. the stormy pet--, '.-'on for .<... tv i,n,.rs rol of the American leacue. - will at ' m- today, OO; total condnvoR. are not new to him asi„. - . , , he formerly Ivelil a like job with j «'°ce January Ist tho Pirates. Then, for ifht* first time in his- illarnard. foniicr president of Iho Indians, will \w on hand as presi-i, 1 since .laiiuary 1st. 14.S1 ini-lies. Relative humidttv at 12 noon dent oT th,' junior oirc.iir. ;yesterday. !..S per cent: 7 a. m. to. .Garry H.rrmann. a.iother flKure ''">• cent: barometer re- lohp associated with ba.seijall.'will •-be missing. C. J. McDiarmid will HUMBOLDT TO BE HOST TO COLLEGE FIVE Game Is Billed tonight With City Team There Outstanding among tlie players niol»tIIzed liy Coarli Andy Kerrj (i^uvfr let 't) of tiie Kust and Coarli Orin IloIJingbenr (upper riglit) 01' tlie West for tlie {nterseirtiunal .aii-stpr footlmll game jit San Francisco, Dec. £«, are Brnre C'nrdweii (upper left). Yalf's ."gr«'at Ineligible' hali- back, and "Rjigs" .Matthews (linvpr right), Texas Christian I'nir easily, end.> : : . . , City Quintet Is to Battle ChanuteHere Velnja Wesl Held With No Bond for Murder ISd .^!:;^^c^^;ho;:;^;^tusi^^ "-f-i^' ^t"^ go .>d uutchin. nf the TieflK son. foggy, roads pood : Manhattan. Aside from a discussion of'the Pa«I>- eiouiiy; r/.ads j;ood: Arkan- Arstt situation which threatens to Z^^''\'t^f- t IH' caua? a split betw.een the Majors P".^- '•"";!-^ -and >^inort. the remainder of the Cofteyyille. cloudy, roads soft. •1-usiqe!jp apnears to he of routine interest. The beJUgent attitude ot the"Minor leagues in convention -at Tiallas last week, in-the matter of • seasoiiing players for the big time Is expected to precipitate a showdown. The Minors claim that! the Ma-: jors'tnoi^opolize the cream Of playing material under' the present dra n , arrangoment. ; At. the National leagues annual miecfinp . Emil Fuchs. WiUiam Veeck.' Biirney Oreyfuss.. and Charles Stoneham will he chosen as new directors. The American leaipiie' will install Mr."Rarnard as presUent. .At the Joint session commissioner K. .M. Landis will preside. duced to sea level. SO.OO inches. i Koad Conditions; ; Wednesday night the local city Salina, Topeka, Dodge Cit.v, With-j team will play its second game toy the Associated Prcs.s.) R(H"Hn---Frairt7. Dinner, German Ixea^Tweight, knocked out , Hans Brelteusiraeier. former champion. <5)- : Pains^villc, Ohio. Dec. 12. (AP) — Velma We«t, charged with killing her husband, T. E<Iward West. wifR a hammer last Tuesday night in a' quarrel pver " attending c a bridge party at; Clevelaiid. was held to tiie LakO; County feram! jury without bond today HIJ a first degree murder warrant following a pre- limjnar.v hearing before .Municpal Judge. .Marvin H. Helter. of the sea.son on a local court when it meets the ihya(ling Cha- iitite city team in the merchants building at the fairgrounds. The first g^me, of the season for lola was played in the merchants BY F. C. VOSBIRGH. '.As-'oclate*! Press Sports Writer.) •New York. (AP)—Two football teams that together arc iitorally '".Ml-Amcrican" with players, representing every section from the> southern tip of California to .New England are mobilizing for battle at San Francisco the day after Christmas. One of these hands ot erstwhile college stars will be defendlrig- the football prestige of the Eas^ and the otiier the West. As allies tbe East will, have the pjck of the Mls- Imildins agafnst the Hiimboldt j ."soul-i Valley andMiddlo Western team. G for last ence game.! The game against Chanutc is one of the Sekun lea- gtie games. ^ As a special inducement to'[students to attend. .Manager ".limmy" Pig has announced that a straight price of 15c will be given to all students attending the game, Wednesday night Number 1 (ContinUjtd from Page One) .lohn L. Foglc. for 2.". years Most Glorified Girl Is Seeking Divorce Chicago, Dec. 12. (API—Ayonne Taylor Gross, who is said to have been procialmcd 'hy Klorciiz Zirg- field as the most bountiful cirl he ever Iiad •'glorified.•' is asking a divorce in, Chivag"!! court from I.ewii*' Gr|?ss, imisical direxjtor. They w^re married July 24. 192."i, and sepa) afcd Iwo months later, she to enter the' movies,,her attorney, Benjaiiiin Khritih, said. William Bu<,i<jr Not To Be Senate Candidate M (i >r (iii ^O'-. -li' '.MM--Former .liiiii. M- I' chair- e U -'jiii )'iic .i.i national i:i a ji'tirr tu More; Trouble Is On ; in Rumanian Mixup 12. (AP)^di.s- News from S -M -itor V\' iimu <»f tl cj mmjlt Robert member of the Chicipd liar asso.-iii-; M- Wiislibaiij. i>r('.>-i(li-iu of the tion. testificif tliat-Kenius's "stand-| Ifoo-evrli club, today saiil that he Ing and rtjintation as a [iiaiiicing' would »ot be a canilidate for the _ attorney." was ••;>a<l.' I Roimblican nomination fur Iniiedlby Rumanian students on WiUiam London. Dec. patch to the Daily Budapest. Hungary, gives additional details of anti-Semitic outrages In TrahssylVanla. Students riding in a, train are said to have Ja.s.soed tiifV J««:! and two liungarians at Kojozs. The victims Avere dragged M y;irds before the rope .5 broke. Five school ^trls arc rciiorteil if ll have been captureil and' assaulted at Ohidea .Marc (.Vagyvaradi by the stuilents. The girls were later thrown from the train. ' Other >atlon<* I'eeved. Iliicharcst. Rounianta. •Dec. 12 (.VP) The first secretary of thf Hritjsli l/Cgation has 0 )0011 sent to Transylvania ;to inquire iiiln the ,anfi-.Seinilic rllilurbancc.-J ibere William S. CulbjTlsoM. .\nicrlcan .Vtnis£er. bn.s announced that if he failcs to rec;<'lvc satisfaction- froir tile R.Hiiianian government lie will gi) to Oradeii Mare. There he will per.soniilly investigate the assault Arraigument iif ./obn S. Hcrger! / Sl-Ti'S .senator in 1!<2S. reputed milUoiiair-c' "xpo«ilion pro-.' — moter of Los" Angeles. Calif., '"'as' T> TT' TT "D A JI postponed today' tiniii tomorrow', JD Ol EjY&Ty JOOCL morning-when he presented a plea to (juash the itfijury indictment re- 1 turned against liini I;ist Saturday in j connection with his testimony in ;the trial. Check, a Wig Niimber2 000,''aTtd tbi;! flat. ll>j per cent as proposed b • the committee for all in<x)mos ab)ve $1.5.<V)0. These' r« ductipns would be ia addition t( the. committees proposal to increase from .?2.(Mlo .to $3 .1 )00 the ?.xem'ptions granted all ,^rporatiqnls. j fis Rogers On Stand In Defense of Wife . LaGrange. Tex..: \)ec. 12. lAP)— • Otis Rogers, youii^' attorney, told • the jurvy in his wife's trial here today on fhe <li-i<:— ,tf ro'ohing a baink^at .Buda. Tcx.ts. .-!«iuf a year ago. Jbat sh-' '.i.-i i ;••?.•'»><!" strangely many fime.-- 'iui- 'is' tii:- j)'i:!i ixiints in his tesiiiiioiiv v ,•!-*. i!iai Irliiiuh .they iwVre marriol <lic" sii;- i-tiin»»s": would not', speak to Iiiin'for ibreel or.foiir days at a time. ^ T|ie apparently]^ was ^n-; deavorin^- to establish by the hiis- I band -that thejoung former colle;:e ' girl'was insane when the Buda' bank iwas held up in daylight. Mother of President's Wife is Improving Now - , li. ' , ~ i~ Y NoiitUanipton,;, Dec. ; 12. (AP)-i—^'arkcd improvement over night jin the couditioii of Mrs.iEl-j; mlra Goodhue, mother of Mrs. Calvin fioolidge.. "was reported earlyj; OjjSay'at Dickinson hospital, where Vrs. (JUioahue is undergoing treatment for influenza. Her temperature, which was reported to be 103.2 last night, has decreased. Anxiety over her condition was felt •because of her ^e of 78 yeaits. She 'was taken to the hospital from her home in ^assaso ^t* street yesterda.v. eneva failed to show up | sections w^jile the Southwest, re- wl-ek's local no'n-confer-j glojf, where they grow their; football players hard as cactus,'joins hands with the Pacific CoastJ Proceeds go to charity. Frohi" his expansive Eastern footbkll realm. Coach Andy Kerr ot AVaahington & Jefferson, generalissimo of the sunrise troops, has gathered au array that looks like this: ISacks—Bruce Caldwell, Yale's great ineligible; Presnell and HoweH flf Nebraska; Lane of Dartmouth,'the East's high scorer; Bill Aijios of W. & J. and Jack Connor ot"N. Y. r. , Ends—Fishwlck, Yale, and Cole, Dartmouth. * Guards—Baer, Michigan, and Pauly. W. & J. Tackles—Raudels, Nebraska, and Douds. W. & J. ; Center—^Grigsliy, Georgetown, or Reit^ch, Illinois. ' j Eleven men of about eaual cali- 're will, oppose them with their jacks up against the sunset- and lie Pacific Ocean. The prospec- ve t?am Is headed by the great "J)evil May" Kaer. AIl-Anierican back, last year at the Cniversity of Southern California. i\3 Far Western conference rules do tiot permit a niaii to pjay in an all-star gjime unless he graduates the next year, the icleven ("rom the West is iMJssibly' a bit older and more seasoned than its opponent. .Veither team ever has played as a unit before. ' Besides, Kaer the squad rounded up by Coach' Orin E. Holllngbery of "Washington State, the western commander-iD-cJiief,' includes: , Backs — Wilson. Washington: Kutsch, Iowa: Cassanova. Santa Clara; Hunt. Texas Aggies;] Gilmore. Army service team; .Meeker. Washington State; Mann, Southern .Methodist iTexas). Ends—Behrndt, Southern. Cali- fiirnia:- Matthews, Te.xas Chi^istian I'niversiiy; Siftes. Texas A. and M. Scarlet. St. Mary's College. TackU^^Hicks*. St.J Mary's: Brewster. I'niversity ot Texas. Guards—Diehl, Idaho; Wright. Washington. Cvnter—Carrothers. St'. Igna- tiiis's College. The only major section withoiit a favorite son in one or th6 otlnir of the.s^ lists is the #?outhern Cou- ference, which ina.v liave. a private battle with a I'aciric'Coast eleven at alwut ohe same time. Freddie P,ickhard. . Alabaiha tackle, and Billy Spears. All-Amerlcan Van-, derhilt quarterback, have been namjed as members if the proposed team of~Stnior8, Is formed for the invasion. < j COLLEGE SQUAD OUT Only Ten MeiTwiU Make Trip for Opening Cage Clash The 'lola junior college basketball team will swing, into action tonight for the first feame of the season. It is a non-conference game at Humboldt agaiijst the town team of that city.-^ The Humboldt team "has. pi^oved • to be a power-against nearby in- i dependent .teams but -will find a ihard game in the lola college squad. The Hunibpldt tealn recently defeated the Yates Center town (earn : by af margin of 20 points. The game, tonight \ylll i probably be played clean If Manager Hoover, of HumlMldt has his way with his team. The game is j going to be'playe<l in the HumT ilKJldt high school gym. st.arling >t jS- o'clock. i Coach Ira Stockebrand has had, j men out fOi^ the college {earn for •'about two weeks but it iwas not ; until lisl Friday that he reduce'l jhis sqiiad to 15 men. Of the fif- jfeon he wi!) pick from' eight to I ten for the'trips and about ten '; for 'l^ath home game. This ganie. iS^ the first of several', non-conference games to , be played this month in preparation 1 for the cotiference season which ^-starts in .lanuary. Yates Center's ; town team will probably be met inekt Friday night. In Yates Cen- plans go through, the Ottawa univcrsit.v • I game' to be plaved before Christ- Nexv York. Dec 12. rAP»—Tom-! n ,as. These games should* help rtiy Lougbran. of Philadelphia will ;.n„t only to give Coach Stockf- have aii eight pound advantage in ; |„r,nd an Wea on the abilitv .Of \^elghtiover Jimmy Slaitery. ot, |,is material biit also get the mpn. iOUghraivHas Eight Pounds >v rt I . . ' friday nij; Over Slattery v,--- iAlso there is thi Or. A. CLIFT A21en county lias one representative .oil the liiultetball squad of Kansas State Teach-' ers collie at Pittsburg. Vilih the squad cut from iM to 32 men, Henry Brock of Lallari'e, is still on the list. The opea- ing game for' the teachers is Becember 21 against Xorth- western Oklahoma. Teachers college of Talile<|nah. Hollis Flint of Hurp^IwIdt attended the Emporia Teachers college annua) football banauet, eveft if he didn't make a letter. Flint played his,first j-ear with the Yellowjackets. but wasn't . in enough grames to ,win^ his letter. Tbe Register l»evHs liaie. Ijeen promised plenty of prac • tice this--week In preparation for a game f rlday night at Geneva. The printing squad Is scheduled to .scrimmage this M ;eek with lola junior college's Frew. do|ied to high in tbe Kansas junior college coii. fereneo. • ' FORP«GDOH Loughran and Slatt^ry To Battle in • New York BOTH HOLD TITLES In selecting. W. IJ. -Bill". Hargiss as football codch. Kansas uni­ vcrsit.v has taken a wise -sjep. Hargis.s without "doubt is a first- clas-s coaiih. Iii -addition; Ilargiss is a friend oE "Phog" Allen, athletic director of the I>awre.nco scOiool. There will .be no lack of harmony between'these two. One Loughran Is Favorite to: Win Over Opponent, In 15 Rounds .New York. Dec. 12. (AP)— Two world's champions .in the llght-^ heavyweight ..division., TommyT^ l..ou?;hran of "Philadelphia and Jim- ' mj- Slattery of Buffalo, will striig- gle against each oihee in a. 15- round title bout at .Madison Square Garden tonight. This condition is the result .of rival boxing authorities. Loughran was recognized by the New; York State .-Athletic Commission as champion when bo whipped Mike .McTigiie. The .National- Boxing Association, witli a membership In 21 states, acknowledses Slattery as the title-holder. 1 Lo»«hran's follow'ers have made him a '2 to -1 favorite. About, 1.- 20M fans" from Philadelphia plan to be fii. ringside while reserva- lion.s^ have been made to care fbr of the big troubles at K. has alioiii COO from Buffalo. Slattery 's beon lack of harmony between Al- home. len and the football couch. tore thp state athletic commission ictet to take all the trips. The n IloughrUn scaled 173»-1. poutius and ; making the trip tonight are: I Slattery IG. T V S . Both jwcre pro-i Rurger. Hubbard, Lee.'Isaac. Wo bounced in jierfcct condition by 1 ery. Clopine, Iba; Kemn. Philli apunced in gierfcct condition the l)oard's examiners. Ruddy Is Examined Buffiilff.;^ for their 15 rouild niatch 1 jn condition for later games, tonight: at .Madison Squire Garden i Coach Stockebrand is able to fbr the world's light Heavyweight Jake only ten men tonight, but championship. | • : ti,cre .is no a.ssurance that Uiese I Weighing in thi.> afternoon be-:hien will remain tbe first ten or men Leo rger. Hubbard, Lee.'Isaac. \VV)ol- ery. Ciopine, Iba;-Kemj). Phillips, i I.OU : Burger. Of these men both ' Burgers. I.saac. .n'nd .Clopine have iilayed on the local junior college T T» 'J • rf 'squad previously. Lej) Burger and ;in Ull linage Case |lsaac have been regular "starters" •: i in previous years while Louis Bur- Wasliiiigtoui Dec. 12. '(.-M')—The i ger and Clopine have been good re-, ^ovcrn'ment today conWudeft its . s.-rves. .MI the other men have examination of Charles (I. Huddy. i pbiyed_jui high school teams at I urns 'official who had charge of j some tinie and-so .should go good the shadowing .of the Fall-Sin-'toniRht. cjair Oil conspiracy jury. - i -Litst year when the Hnmboldt iluddV. a . willing witness, identi-! and lola junior college met. the ed alk rl'ports made by his oper- college- after trailin:? at the end of Ives,'told in detail of his instrijc-i th- first JH'arter opened up a tions to Burns agents and said powerful drive that w,on .51 to 20 tjiat he had been employed liy ; —; lijenry !Mason Da.v. who with Sin-j CoIorcd EvaUgelist iu cjlair and four others, faces crimi-i j»^A Ovpr Hi«-rhari*v i^al contempt charges growing out -OaU .UVer nib V^ndFliy 0 |f the shadowing. j The Kansas Aggies seem lo latiir Wynne of Irerghloii as football coach 1o succeed Cliar.'es Bnchiuun. The Aggies wflold make nn nii .stJtke in enr- ploying Harold .(irant, at |»res. ent coach at College of Em* INiria. (irant lias displayed.bis ubility as u coach and the Agales can use a new system of coaching. An enterprising grocer l)alt-. Ont.. ha.s built his store around tbe shaft house of an old mine and, utilizes X\ui blasts of cold air coming up the shaft a.s a cold storage for the preservation of epKsj. bu\ter and other iieriAli- able foods. Fight fans will be giveil a bar- icain attraction at - the Garden on Friday evening with tw :o cham- pio 'nship fjouts over, the " 15-round: distance.Hn one brackeP. Tod Mortian of jieatt .Ic will guard his ii -rown against Joe fJlick. Challen-. • ijer for "junior lightweight honors, j While there has been no possess|or of tlie flyweight championship made vacant when Fiilel La Barba quit the ring to enter college, the N' ,'W York authorities liave assign<;d Izi^y Schwartz of this city rto Co-, 'MIX Newsboy Brown of Iowa for the title. An electrically-operated razor with a lilatie which osi-illates sitle- i ways- while the uspr draws' the)' razor clown his face has been in- •• vonte.d. Marion Talley Plans .V. Keeler. .\merican-born citizen of Linden HaM. ,Pa., during the rioting. , ) Senator Walsh Moves To Bother Everhart Washington. Dec. 12. (AVJ^A I move to clear the way for the government to obtain the testimony of. .AI. T. Bverhart. who refused to answer questions in the Fall-Sin­ clair.oil case, was begun today by ^ehator Walsh. Democrat. Montana, who aske<l the senate to i*ass a bill which would make it possible for tbe son-in-law of Albert B. Fall tp testify. I Parsons. Kan.. Dec. 12. (AP) — The Kev Fred .\. Mullins, 50. ilin- !er:int negro evangelist, is held in To'Buy Farm for Self ["'e cit.v^Jail here for investigation by postal aulhoriries on a charge Harttiird Conn., Dc-.-. 12. (APi-!"'' "sing the mail to defraud. list as soon as .Marion Talley.J .Mullins. it is alleged, sent postal to negro pastors promising yiung istar of tiie .Metropolitan,'negro pastors promis ng dpcra company, can find a lUtio'llbem a barre of;clothing irom the firm in Ohio that pleases her she •"^".'"•'••^""3,'; i'"'"'*' r"'*' " ?" ii tends to buy it. and then .some "-'l" .^l-^'^' ^" 'T'^, expenses sent from, here fir distant, she will Veave 'the'Vool-; ••^i"' a Kunsa? (Mty genei-al deliv-- li^phts fo plav the role of farmer- "O' address Hecentl .v be a^j^'I .1 thtit replies he forwarded here. He 'l was arrested Saturday. No cloth": iiH^ has been obtained to fill the orders, it is -alleged. dby, wiiich-.JliV hopes will niit I)o T'.",' ••'-"•d-'' *••''•< ette. She thinks this is the piostj ilitcresting of all r jles.j Former U. M. W. A; Head Dies- in Massillon, Oh|io .Massillon. O.. Dec. .\lichae^ I). Uat.-bfor.l. president of the I'liilvd vMine AV« I|'K- 12. «7. forn er Coolidge Not; to Ask Hill's Confirmation ( • . Wasilington. Dec. 12. (AP) — President Coolidge has decided not ch of America, and father of t^ie;io ask senate confirmation for his SJhour ilav in the mining industry, j recess appointment of W. S. Hill died' at' his home here la.te last; of South Dakota, as a member of night. I the shipping board. An Innovation In 'flapper banditry -iras eTOIved b> 1 !<-yetti --old Nona I^esher laborel according to police ot Alhambra, Oallt Ther clurge ber vith mass prodacUon •ot twd cheeks and eaid she used sssortaient of wigs to -escape det«ctloB ..s. She la Dovyander ar* 1 1^69t. Denver Girl and Bov From Philadelphia Win .New York. Dec. 1'2. (AP)~A girl from Denver ami a yiiuiig man frOm Philadelphia toiiav were* looking forward -to two' years study of music and the spending of $5,001) each, first prizes in a national radio[. audition. ^ Miss Agnes Davis. 2-1, lyric soprano, of Denver. Colo., and Wil- nur W. Kvan."!. 22. bass-baritone of i Wcstj Philadelphi:«. ;Pa.. last night weres declared winners of thei national contest as they sang into the microphone of WKAF and 32 aaso- 1 iated stations to an estimated ri- Idio audience of .'50.000.000 persotiK ij Lindbergh To Be Ready For Mexican Hop Soon ; Washington. Doc 1. (AP)—Col- ionel Charles A. Lindbergh probn- ibly will not be able to take off for ! Mexico City for another ten days 'Ihe said, after consultation today i with Weather Burtau-officials and officers of the naval bydrographlc office. , - ! Informed that a low, pressure urea existed over the Rio Ornnde the trans -Atlantic flier sa 'id It probably,would be ten days or even two weeks before he could start the journey from Boling field b'ere Four Army Prisoners To Be Paroled Soon —Wanted to Buy: rags at the Register. Clean white I.rf-avenworth, Kas.. Dec. 12. (AP). Freedom will /be the war department's Christinas present to four army prisoners serving sentences in tbe United States disciplinary barracks at Fort Leavenworth. Incomer, IOLA-KANJ-AX i Jince/asf- \ • Decenibei- 12, 8:30 tq 9:30 p. m;, Tola time, for— i L FIUGIDAIIIE MINSTRiBL . RADIO PROGRAM ; Bi'oadcasi: froiti.N6w_'York thru • Station WDAF during- General' I Motors Hour: 9:30 to 10:30— r Eastern Standai'd Time; 8:30 to . ^ 9:30 Tola time./ V TbDAY AND TUESDAY : Paramount's Melodramitic Jungrle Picture If you think yoir have troubles, go to see "Chang" and you will . coinc away feeling that these are pigmy matters compa/ed to the fribulations of tbe jungl<> pioneer trying,to establish a home for his loved ones. Ifyou haven't any troubles and just'want some thrills, go to -see "ciiang" and you'll ge^ them plentyr-^xhibitoF -s Herald. • - . . ' .Jfc*rk this one down on your ca/endar. Itfjfbne of the motion , pictures you must see—you and your wife.', and your children. "Chang" holds more thrills than any big top ever erected. There i-s no cioubt of its security ainOn^ the best films of the year. It is the finest adi'enture picture ever made—bar none.—.Vew York'- Telegraph. ' ' "Chang" i .s well wprth bi'aving slippery streets to see! News Keel Shows Flaslics .From the .>Ii>isoiiri-Kn^^is (inmc. • Added—Comedy and News. HARDWARE & FRIGJIDAIRE Admission iMat. 10c-20c Night 10c-35c Today, Tuesday, and Wednesda.y .MO K K THRfLLI.W THA.V PfiUTE DAYSt Fights fo the fin- - ish are-tomraon between the riim-runhers and hi-jackers^rem -_7 :i:j inl-scent of the days when- plrat« forcgd their victims to walk the plank-. UTealthy sfjciety girl detained on rum-runner beyond the twclve-jnile Iftnih See what hajipens. • Comedy—Four Faces West Aesop's Fables—^Topics of the Day ' ('^>.>II.\t;:-,fackleJ *oiiKan lit "I&tfon.s"—"The (;orillu Hunt"— Tonntry Beyond"—'Tien IInr--i«3ry Besit Girl," with Jfary Ptck- ford—"Sevcntli Heaven"—"Better «le^-:~"flTiat Price Glory"— -.Magic tiame"—**C ;oirege "-.«TSr> irabian Nfehts" and "Xiglit oi Lo¥e.^ Watch,-oqr adfertisemejifs for tlie bUgCKt and best pictures of the Coming year* ': , \_ :1

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