Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 20, 1955 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1955
Page 6
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.SIX EVENING- TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1955 ,D!al PA.2-4600' for T ktr jtftnitiiell, Ike Might "Air Political Picture Flies To Denver Tomorrow WASHINGTON Wl—Ally. Gen. Browncll is flying out to Denver tomorrow and the trip raises speculation that President Eisenhower rrfiy'now want to discuss the political situation with his top adviser in] that field. ,Jt is generally recognized that the 51-year-old attorney general is "the': wizard" in political matters for Ihis administration, and that Uie ^President frequently turns to "him (or advice in such matters. "liTannouncing the other day that Brownell had been invited to the President's bedside, White House Press Secretary Jamei C. hag- : erty said that Justice Department •business 'would be discussed. This might well concern (wo presides •tial nominations — from Justice . Department ranks — to two judge•ships, both of which were side- .tracked in the last Congress Sobeloff Involved The men involved are Solicitor General Simon E. Sobeloff of Bal' timore, nominated for the 4th Cir- 'c'uit Court of Appeals at Richmond, •\'a., and Asst. Ally. Gen. Warren iE. Burger of Minneapolis, proposed for a place on. the U.S.- Court .of Appeals here. i Both nominations evoked -opposition and never out of committee before the session ended. The •question of- resubmission -in the January session "now has to be Settled. '. ..: ;;• : ; • [:'.' Other Discussion ;.. Discussion of this business course would not preclude some further talk about politics, perha; •including the President's.-.; heart 'attack and its implications for 1956. The meeting .of the . two will be ''the; first since 1 Eisenhower stricken.; - '.'• ..'• .;- ||-:.-;. j. ' Brownell's reputation for: skill-fully masterminding, diffcult v ppl- tical stualons stems- from 1 -hs ; close 25-year association .w th '.Thomas E. Dewey, two years of service as chairman of the Repub- 'lication National 'Committee, the management of two Dewey bids fotSthe presidency,' and finally his major role in the successful Eisenhower campaign of 1952. Four Held As Bookies 'HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. wi — Four men have been arrested and 'held under $1,000 bond on bookmaking charges resulting from raids carried out last night by the Harford County sheriff's office and Aberdeen and Havre de Grace police. Actor Must Pay $1,750 Monthly For Wife, Tols SAN FERNANDO, Calif, l/n — Actor John Derek must pay temporary support of §1,750 a month .0 his wife. French actress J'ati Behrs, pending trial of his divorce suit. The figure, set by Superior Court yesterday, includes alimony and support payments for their two children, Russell, 5, and Scan, 2. The Dereks wed in 1548. scpar-_ ated last'Aug: 27. He charged she interfered with his career. Urged Russ (Continued from Page.I) ment officers of conversations they said they .-had with ,Mac : Arthur when they reported to him in February 1945 the. decisions reached at the 'Yalta'-conference which arranged for Russian entry into the war. .:, - ' ••••••• .-. Brig.'Gen; George A.' Lincoln said. MacArthur. told him Russia probably would be getting some territory ;anyhow and "it was only right- that they (Ihe Russians) should share Ihe cosl in blood in defeating Japan." - Col. Paul L. Freeman wrote Ihal MacArthur "emphatically stated lat we must nol invade Japan proper unless the Russian army previously committed to action in Manchuria." « The report said that: On Dec. 10, 1941 (three the altack on Pearl Harbor) M : a c -Arthur .messaged Gen. George-C.. Marshall, then Army chief of 'staff, that information available lo .him "shows lhat en- ry of Russia is enemy greatest r ear," and lhat "golden opportun- ty exists for a master stroke vhile enemy is engaged in over- blended initial-air. efforts." .The next direct comment from UacArlhur,. as reported by the Pentagon, was in June 1945, again sent to Marshall. In that message, discussing the proposal for an nvasion of the Japanese home islands, MacArthur said, "Sooner or later a decisive ground attack must be made,", and added that 'the hazard and loss will he great:y lessened it an attack is launched from Siberia sufficiently ahead our targel date .to commit' the enemy to major, combat." of th. ips is --.was after days porti CREDIT UNION DAY October 20, 1956 To-day the 4000 members of Ihe Cumberland area credit unions are celebrating International Credit Union Day.along with the 10,t)00,pOO.members across the nation. The first credit union was organized in Germany, October 20, 1848 and the first credit union in the United States was organized in Massachusetts in 1909. Credit unions.are organized to promote thrift by providing a means for members to save regularly in small or large amounts, and .hiake loons to members at a reasonable rate-of interest. .All of the area credit unions provide life savings and borrowers insurance gt no cost'to the members. The nine area credit unions have aver $920,000.00 In total aiiett and sayings of $853,000.00 at of Stptem-. ber30, 1955. ' If you art eligible to belong to any of th* lilted credit union*, see the credit union firit about tavingt and loam. • B & 0 Employees. F.C.U.—Employees of the B i 0 i and Westein Maryland R.R. . " . .-.,..-.• • Allegany County School Teachers F.C.U.—Em- .;';; ployees of the Allegany County Board of Education. ;;'• Local No. 676 United Paper Workers—Employees '.•• of the West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company! '_• Kel-Co Federal Credit Union^—Employees of;the Kelly Springfield Tire Company, . • AI-Gar Federal Credit Union—Postal employees of .- Allegany & Garrelt Counties. .'•'•'. •:..'- ••;:'.'' .» City-County-State Employees F;C.U.—Employees of .city, county & state .in Allegany.County. '- • Potomac Farms F.C.U.—Employees of Potomac Farms Dairy. -.'•'••• • St..Mary's. Federal Credit.Union,, Keyser, W. Va. • Romney Federal Credit Union—Cilizens of Romney, West Virginia and Hampshire County, Any group inltreited in organizing a credit unioh, writ* P. O. Box 1067 Cumberland, Maryland. ' Information fret. Nobel Winner ' Dr. Hugo Theorel, a Swedish biochemist, was awarded the 1955 Nobel Prize in medicine, today in Stockholm for "his discoveries concerning the .nature "and mode of action- of oxidation enzymes." - (AP Photofai) Wallace (Continued from Page 1) record made day by day in my own notes 'or in the press in September-of 1946." .Three days after he made Ihe speech, Wallace said, a news story in the Washington Post said a;re- .er asked Truman if he had approved only a section' of the speech or the.whole speech.-.. "Air. Truman said-he approved the. whole speech," Wallace said the Sept. 15 story said.' He also. cited the Washington News for Sept. 14, 1946, as, saying that Truman "said he had read the* whole speech and approved it all" and that "it did not conflict with our foreign policy.!' Wallace said he made Ihe following notation' the evening of Sept. 10, 1946, two days before the speech: '. "At the meeting with the President, 1 went over page by page, with him, my Madison Square Garden speech, to be given Sept. 12. Again and again, he said, "That's right,' and 'Yes, that is what I of believe.'"He (Truman) didn't have single change to suggest. He twice said how deeply he appreciated my courtesy in showing him my speech" before I gave it." At the lime, Wallace said, the President. was .-'very emphatic in lis 'approval when T read. to. him hese words from the speech: 'I am neither anti-British, nor pro- Srilish, neither anti-Russian nor )ro-Russian.' " Wallace said that when he gave he speech he added after the words "nor pro-Russian" — "and lust two days ago, when President Truman read these words, he said they represented the policy of his administration." - Bricker Hits Father Draft For Military Cain Save Money li>; Itcihg Huiiiaiic; Urges Young Men Go First WASHINGTON .- (INS) - .Sen. John W. Bricker'(It-Ohio) declared today that the armed forces 'are callous in holding and drafting married men with children for duty. lie said the Defense Department also "can save money by being humane." Bricker, in a strongly-worded reply to assistant defense secretary for manpower and personnel Carter L. Burgess, renewed his call for drafting of young men ! ahead of fathers and older men land the release of hardship cases ifrom active duly. ' Cilos Letter Excerpts The Ohio senator cited 24 excerpts from letters he has recently received from his slate—several of them from men who were rejected for military duly when they were younger and unmarried and suj>- sequenlly drafted after,, physical standards were lowered. . Bricker also made public 'a let' ter he had received from Burgess. The communication, dated Oct. 8. said "No changes in deferment policy affecting .older persons and fathers .are contemplated." Burgess added that a study -is underway to determine if it would be possible to induct younger persons ahead of fathers and older men. He told Ihe senator:' "It is expected that this study will require considerable time, possibly several months to 'Complete." Bricker hit back with the statement thai "it is not reassuring" to learn only that a long-range study has been started. Must Subordinate Digits He called on the,Defense Department to look at the 'problem "in terms of people and 1 to subordinate the digits." . An unmarried private -receives 578 a month. One letter to Bricker told of a soldier drawing ,$155.10 in pay and allowance for his family but complained that the sum "hardly covers the cost of rent, clothes and food for my wife and child." . . . • ... Others told of formerly-deferred men, now in service, leaving their elderly and sometimes .invalided parents to run-large farms. Bricker said: 1 am sure that any senator or congressman can draw similar examples from his own files, and that the files of the armed forces contain other examples." Trad Rezoncd UPPER MARLBORO. Md. W— The Prince Georges; County Commissioners have rezoned from residential to commercial a .tract of land near, the University of Maryand campus on which a million dollar motel may be built. Understatement MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (INS—When the llth city official resigned after City Manager Kobert Heitsch took office, he commented: ' "Apparently there is some feeling I'm hard to get along with." Tno Perish In Skid Ho tr fire Dixie Firemen fan out along fire escapes to search for victims ; as they fight aiblaze in:the Adams Holel last (light in the Chicago Skid Row vicinity. Two nien died and eight were injured. Fire Chief Marshal-Albert. H. Peterson, who said cause of "the fire has not been determined, estimated damage at ?20;oOO. (AP' Photofux) Martin-Lewis Deal: Comics Lose AtBlackjack LAS VEGAS, Nev. — (INS) — Comedian's Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin turned blackjack dealers at the Sands Hotel last night and, according to the management, dropped $74,895 of the hotel's money in half an hour. the comics sat- down at a table and began a game of Iheir own lo kill time -while waiting for a delayed airliner back to Hollywood. .... Others moved over to the table lo join in and with that, Jack Enlratter,; owner of .the Sands, made it a regular game with Martin and Lewis as the dealers. The .comedians playfully pecked at their face down cards and advised players whether to draw or stand, screamed at women players who wouldn't listen to the advice, and paid winners from two lo four times the amounts they actually won. Entratler shrugged off the loss as- "nothing compared lo the 52,000,000 in 'goodwill the boys just made for the Sands with the public." He added: "Of course, -we were awfully lucky the plane finally arrived. Six- hours of this could be almost financially embarrassing." NEW YORK - (INS) - Four Brooklyn teenagers were charged early today with stabbing to death with a"penknife and screwdriver a 16-year-old boy, who reportedly, quit a rival gang and became a Boy Scout. Four other youths—three 14 and one ' 13—who asscrtedly helped trap the victim, Warren Beck, outside his home, were charged with juvenile delinquency.. • . Beck was stabbed twice in the lo\yer abdomen, .after he had a quarrel with' the gang members over whether he had "told stories" that one'of them had sold; a shotgun to a rival gang, police Four Accused In Scout Death Two Americans Can Leave China HONG KONG-(lNS)-Thc Communist New China news agency said today that two. Americans, Mr. and Airs. Louis A. Henkel. lave been given permission to eave Shanghai for the U. S. whenever they wish.-: The news agency said that the couple recently appHed for permission lo leave China and the request was granted 'On . Oct. 12. (In Washington, Hie -State Department said that the only infor- nation available on the Hcnkcls ndicates they are about 60 years old and have spent most of their ife in Shanghai. Missing 15 Years: Diver Finds Car, Remains Of Man, Wife SAULT STE. Marie, Mich? WV-P J Discovery of a car in Ihe SI. Mary's.River has solved the disappearance of a Canadian oil company official and- his wife 15 years ago. A diver searching the river yesterday for a Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., man who had threatened suicide found the car mired in four feel of sill off the government dock al the Canadian Soo. Inside were the •emains of two bodies, .later identified as Mr; and Mrs. Earl Kirk of North Bay, Ont. Kirk, who was district manager for the British-American Oil Co.. was traveling with his wife to visit her- parents in Emerson. Man., when they vanished Oct. 4, 1940. Officers theorized that the Kirks had been traveling at night and became lost. Jealous Husband CHICAGO-UNSt-Mrs. Odclle Kelly Kemp won a divorce yesterday when she testified that her husband became angry when they LookToivard Devel"" : ^'* ? Sciciilif ic, Jiidnsiriai £, Plans Forwarded By ; ?' Governors At Parley'-1; POINT CLEAR,/Ala. \ti— Southern governors • were ready, today i lo make the first move'toward, a cooperative Southwide- program designed lo promote a vast new scientific and industrial' development in Dixie. ' •. . .. .,'.• Southern hopesV.are.-for ,30 p'er cent of the nation's manufacturing facilities, in anolher io years-^-and a program aimed in that direction is being pushed by : the-Southern Governors Conference, under.;,; the direction of the Southern As'sn.'.iof Science and Industry,- Inc.-' ' Gov. Orval E,., Faubus of Arkan- . s'as urged his colleagues near-the close of 'the conference :lo make the first unificd^effort toward'reg- . ionai cooperation by initiating: . 1. Uniform reports on new 1 plant locations. • ,*',', ',.-.;•'•';1;.. 2. A study of'industries which :iave 'grown rapidly rihl thie '-South ' since World. War II. : .... 3. A regional conference on market research. ^ , •' . "It is believed that the successful attainment of these: limited objectives during the coming year will serve as. a starting point for a more extensive cooperative program in the years ahead," Faubus said. • Dr. Frank J. Soday, president of the Southern Assn. of Science and Industry. Inc., told the governors at their windup session that he South's industrial output sines 19.19 has increased from 31 billions to nearly 60 billion dollars.' "To illustrate the rapidity with which the South is building its manufacturing potential,". h« said, 'the Gulf South area, which includes Texas, lx>uisiana, Mississippi* Alabama and northwest Florida, has accounted for one sixth of all the industrial construc- ion in the United States during the last 10 years." "It will be necessary to build approximately three plants per day during this period, or a tola! of 10,000 plants in 10 years. Each slate on an average will add 700 plants to its industrial potential bj 965." French Jazz Lovers Riot PARIS-dNSl-A free helping of "le jazz hot" ignited a riot in Paris last night. The rioters, some 5.000 of them, , were distributed in and around Ihe Olympic Music Hall which has a capacity of 3,000. Inside, Sidney Bcchct. one of the all-lime great New Orleans ciar- nclists, was giving a free concert sponsored by the "Hot Club De r rance." Tlie 2.000 young men and women outside apparently were convinced he Olympic capacity could be expanded and charged the entrance. \ store window was shattered and liree policemen and four demons- returned from their honeymoon trators were injured. because she spoke to her -para- keel. . Two of the fans were cooled off in jail. Presenting the Continental

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