The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1948
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16, 194g m-YTHRVIU.B (ARK.)' COURIER NRWS IF Y<XT«fc A TRUft BROTMtallfl'M WACMW' S6U AMOS: 1 POLL. OF *MMe.ouiT BACtfiMS -<gi vee iWR£t CHIKI'S BAC^ ••> 6OONDS OR I'LL P6RG6T A STUCCO AWAY, VOOCPAVeM OAF.' SIAND STILL At-St> I'LL Eight Are Injured When Santa Fe Train Is Derailed PHOENIX. Ariz.. j ( , n e is.—(i;pi —A Santa Fe passenger train was derailed yesterday Korth of Peoiia Am., slightly injuring eight pcr- Six other persons were In Hired seriously when an automobile Jailed 10 observe traffic blockades and i crashed into the large crowd which \ gathered quickly at the scene, 12 miles Northwest of here. •jgHghway patrolmen arrested the Wtvtr of the speeding car on a reckless driving charge. The train was bound from Ash- fork to Phoenix with transfer passengers from through East and West bound Santa Fe trains. All cars, four coaches and two baftgage. and the engine were derailed but remained upright. A free rail pierced the fourth car from the front, crashing through an empty seat and then went 30 feet out a window. Injured from both wrecks were sent to three hospitals. They were brought here by ambulance," from Phoenix and Glendals and private automobiles. i You Art Cordially A Invited to Visit | The i Accessory Shop | • Feminine Apparel ! ; Mab«l Hogan Jessie Srlte ', I Hotel Noblo BHg. I Blytheville, Ark. 1IIK STOKYi l.ofT k» !><•<-„,„, l^ll* her «h< Mark* lau hard, hm • a l[/v »f h*r o*rn. "Vou Hhoulri • rvrr •nrrr." »hr erio l»ill rr lr. ••I'll 1U« hrr*- with Aliifhrr until I'm prntlontd." l.iner. WBlULiijc °'" 1 -'* •""'*»'"£ "ta", ! , l |i,, l 'i!'| r £ Blytheville Glass Co. t* Atkbu Bld r . Hwj. « So. Auto Glass Instiled While You Wait f Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Desk Tops We Also Do Caulking.' Phone 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner l»«vM kuo I. XXIII TESSICA said slowlT, "I'm going •^ to marry David Gregory, Lucy." Lucy did not answer immediately. When she did, her tone was troubled. "I can't liclieve you'll hurt Torn. Jessica." "Someone must be hurt," "Tom's the kindest man. He's gone through so much." Jessica dropped Lucy's arm. "That's no argument," she said. "Thai's the argument everyone will use. In peacetime a woman and man who disagree and are unhappy together feel thai divorce is th« only sensible method of solving their differences. Why should a uniform make a saint of any man oc require his wife to lead an unhappy life because her husband was in danger? Tom will strip off that uniform and be the same man who went away." "I don't think anyone will be tile same when this war is over. I Ihinfc it has changed and warped the views of everyone who has lived through it. I believe it has intensified emotions." She stopped suddenly, and Jessica guessed Lucy was embarrassed at her own words. She laughed. "I never knew you to be so philosophical. Lucy, Maybe I misjudge you," she said teasmgly. "Maybe you hide behind that placid face plenty of thoughts which would alarm your mother." "Poor Mother." Jessica could not agr&e. Lucy was the person to pity. Lucy, who tonight showed the first indication of restlessness and rebellion against her lot Maybe she was hapnicj before I came. IhoUKljl Jcssicn uneasily. Possibly 1 should leave her as s!\e is and no! tell her constantly that she should u« different. • • • ^ BAY or two later, Lucy announced that she had a week's holiday and Mrs. Bloke promptly filled every day with (asks which she had postponed for just such an opportunity. Lucy wap up early, working doggedly outdoors and indoors, drugging the last dead plants out of the garden patch under her mother's direction, scrubbing down the kitchen walls. There was a peculiar obstinacy in her eyes as she worked The outdoor work made her cheek? color brilliantly. "You work like someone possessed," Jessica told her. "Not my idea of s holiday." Lucy stripped off her • work gloves. Her blond hair was a tangled mass about her thin cheeks. "I'm goine to have a change," she said abruptly. "I'm going for an all-day hike on Saturday. Mother knows I won't b« here to help then and she wnnls everything done before Tom returns." "He may not return for weeks." said Jessica indifferently. "No reason to work yourself to death." "Be good to Tom. won't you?" said Lucy unexpectedly. "You know perfectly well what I plan to do." Jessica sho< her a surprised glance. Lucy pushed back her hair. She said, "Don't do anything until I come back? Promise?" Jessica turned,to regard her curiously. She put down the dish she was polishing, "What's on your mind exactly?" she asked. "Planning to take my advice and leave town suddenly?" Her tone was leasing but Lucy's face clouded. "Don't say that." "I believe you have some secret plan,'' said Jessica. "Look, 1 talk too much. 1 don't want v> interfere ki yow life. Lucy.- Uut Lucy was none, and tier mother stood storing lioslilel.v at Jessica ircm Ihe door into Die'din- ing room. "What were you saying to Lucy?" she demanded. • • • JKSSICA sel down a glass, picked up another anil polished it carefully. "Nothing." Mrs. HJakc advanced a step into the kitchen. "You don'rfool me. You'd like to persuade Lucy lo be a bad girl_yes, yo« would. I'm not blind." Jessica carried the glasses across the kitchen and placed them on the shelf before she answered. Then she said quietly, "1 teel sorry for Lucy." "Why should you?" "Because sde never has any young life—or fun." "I suppose you think that's all there is in life—fun!" "1 believe life is something more than dismal routine of duly and work, if you mean that. As for Lucy being a bad girl, no one could make her that. She's (lie best girl I've ever known—sweet and thoughtful. If U hadn't been for Lucy, t couldn't have stayed here," she ended, losing all control. She whirled and faced the woman who stood staring at "her with no softening in her pule eyes. "I'm not going to stay here much lonpcr," announced Jessica. Six- whipped off her apron and hung it behind the kitchen door. "I'm going back lo Kentucky to my father. I'm going back to where people are happy and don't interfere with the lives of others. . . ." "We'll see about that," said Mrs. Blake harshly. "We'll see what Tom has lo say about dragging his child away from here and letting her grow up without a shred ot discipline. If you want to go, 1 say good riddance to bad rubbish. You think you are better than Tom's family. Well, you aren't!" Jessica slammed the door as she left the room. There. She had done what she had vowed not to do. Antagonized her mother-in- law still further. Made more difficult the task of persuading Tom to let her go and lake Bclsy, But nolhinR would keep her here. Nothing. (To Be Continued) Oiiean Takes Over I ^ second lighthouse was built A Th« first lighthouse lower cm . milc '"'and from Ihe original tower. Cape Hatteas was erected in 1198. Tlle -Atlantic required 66 years to Aftfr 12 years of pounding, the Ai- ! lantic reached Hie lighthouse, base. .""""••"--—•---------•.. leach this point, which has been abandon?;! lor R third llgluhouse, another mile inland, built of steel. Dr. W. F, BREWER •! DENTIST «[ I OFFICE 2C9'i W. MAIN ST. I! * nU(™lVlC*Oirr« • Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Political Announcements Ne " has »** to «nnounce the follow° COUNTY 'TREASURER ™.. or COtMT COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT TOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippcn •IIATE REPRESENTATIVE JImmie Edwards I. H Alltry H. E "Bud" Fisher N. "Dukie" Speck tor Co.ntj J,4g, 1 °ol£nd Green vFiereer p«ry C«r Circuit C«nrt Clerk Harvey Morris , CONSTABtE <Chlslusaw»ba Township) /. Robert Crosskno Arch Llndsey Clinic 51* Main, BljthevUli, Ark K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake SI. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You Wait! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS • Complete Lins of , •* Auto Parts Ji-'s Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Strati Phone 4474-4475 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phont 973 ^ 4i> ' Cora IM « If m «tll»ICt. UK, T. * «1C. U. I. HT. Off. 6-16 "Your father thinks they're somo kind of exotic wild flower he accidentally developed in his gnr< ( "" —don't tell him they're weeds!" . _^AgB^THIHTgpf FRECKLES * H|g » RJKNDS B, MERKILL BLOMU Now for It Cowe CLEAN. T LARO pio'yo"- ' - * s REALLY . _ . THE CUM. ; etUr-KB ELCCTIOMV yHI>A!VOU |> a—-r-^ see, ir J ( WASNT I'RISC'll.LA'S I'OP No (ivndi-iuiin By AL VERMEER VIC FLINT [ // nas his fault- He ducked^ Tmi Shots '^•T,^"' ' ? ff " lfM ^;i fVou rtlfrtN "\HMPOWRi.Y.1 f RU1 L"S? S? s & ! ^"""^JI ™^-- fr'"-" 'J11^ V.BHIIMD.'^L, A LIIILt. ^1 MICHUS.SUtOm, USorf.' " OKAY. 5AMDBA, BE "1 W PU1.1 RMDVTOSICPOdir.' J • OV-IU*H...I *"}{' ;«*•• R HCHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANS WASH_ TU_BKS Nb¥.'MR7^GEMTTfMElC:wTHMT^«M7o^BS ran^L* .;.',. \"'- lvI "-"'"'-'"'c ""It OHLY 10 OBSERUE (CROOME WILL \ MAN'S BEHAVIOR TO SEf THAT HIS MOST jtXPLAIN HI* \RARfLV USEp 0RSAW 15 WS iRWUl tKEPT n«Kra"*£5?* f R »fEW fEEBLVfimcTIONI|0& CELLS, DO mi l£r ' T WIIHCRS f ROM D 'SUSE..,1AKm(i OW THE OOUBLIW& /^£HA*RCimoFAfSTRIFIEP STONGE... AAN S M&NT^L " — CAPACirv! $ T 1 35? r ^KR^ 4/:M f| M F .-.^amnv. iws VE'UI'CE HURLS SUPERSONIC SOUMP WAVES IN , ONE EAR AMD OUT TOE OnitR- I SflRRWG UP IKE euAIM, JURMi LOOSE THE ftCVill*ULMet> ''UHliUS. RND IfWUNa THE k CELLS Ul " '*&? Bv LKSL1E TURNEB / AFTER SEVERAL IREAflAINrs " v / WITH If, THE TOT OF TOMORROW I I WILL BE SHOSHIN6 MO«S WITH ^~ -'T ITO« riliTriAs'l RED RYDER '' /' MWICt. HC. TJC Cnpnhie Gal i-/6 KINDAro^rAVl/FLO TtSCOtrs By FRED HARMAN SH£ rUrtDLEa TriVsiAGE ^ 80SIP*E.SS GOOD .•>& \ n*t*t DOf4T WORRT ABOUT FLO-V SHE. CAi^ TAKE CARE O' ^.^^LRSE.LF .' ALLEY OOP There Ync AIT Bv V. T. HAMLIN HOO're AND HKU IJDDDIKS &> By EDGAR MARTIN

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