The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on November 29, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1958
Page 9
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ANNII YEAH H/^ A U3HTCOLONEL' WBC& cAfivSi putrwe IN wmi fWB WHILfi.McftArTMB AZINKJTCMSHS/KAY ETMEW WRIDN TW WIDOW H1WVN! '-» MARY WORTH 6-BUT.'... I SKIPPED CIAWE6TOCOME HERE AND TALKTO HAVE I GOTTA DRAW ADIA6RAM71---YOU BORE ME,KID! BEATtTl BUDDY.'...I'VE THOUGHT rrovERi- • WA* MEAN TO YOU! A&NCft PRUCIILA'S POF-By Al V.rme.r , ...AND MONEY FOR POP CORN SODA AND ICE CREAM BAR! POP CAN I 25 CENTS FOR TME MATINEE? PRI55CILLA! DON'T TELL ME YOU'VE GONE l JUST LIKE TO SPEND IT FOOLISHLY ^ - OLK3H ALL YOUR ALLOWANCE? OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wlth Major Hoople _ BwafejtfMHttdlhtttitfM^ ONCfc_KNieW A WATER ACK-ACK/tJASH IT ALL.' WHV Dip MOMT^ MORENCV FLIS^ HAM&TO PANIC AND ^^UeHT'lM' ON THE VER6& OF (?EMOVlN<3 THIS ^1 I^T^Sr^.V^7 ACCURSED VASS FROM AW FlNSSR? W $$£& vfi^unS' A POX ON -THOSE POLICEMEN AMY- Jfu^^l mrAo9• •weofe HOVl/AMI T300M&OTOWANDER ®^S^^PHI^?,!^ OKLD FOREVER VliTHTHlS JI A ^^^AO^ ^ AFH.ICnON,MOCI<6t>,-^HBh «I^nru L <nV^ . < ^ RV run •nociKl «r^rr<'^^«s5sHl ENOUGH 60 XOD'LL ^.NDi SCORS1I >^®S^»«. <3EOUT - P1 F E 5 UN'-' ^(.L/fX.1 >41* t/ ^**^^^^i' ^CI ^h7 CiiTCcAVvwXVk.^^ Ah.VT% All / AND ALL/. CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams NO, IT'S WO MORE THAlO 1 EVER SAT- ONLY FOUH THIN OWBS" TH' BUTTER AWTMELTEP YET, IS ALL/ VOU'P BETTER GET A BLOWTORCH IF YOU'RE 6OIN6TO MELT A POUWP AMP A HALF OF BUTTER BEFORE BEPTI.ME. WHV MOTHERS CbET TIZZY-By Kate Osann "It SHOULD purr like a kitten. It's been fed the cream of our recreation money!" THESE WOMEN-By d'Aletsie 'They go to Rome—we go to 591 S. Eleventh Street!' FAMILIAR WORDS |Raymond Alley, found in Vir"Doesn't it smell marvelous? I put some of your pipe t , SU ,^ OL ^' V f" * ~ " I1 f inia ' s Denial Swamp after being i/ucsii 9 tobacco in it!" thought I could make it back to ; lost 24 hours on a deer hunt. He ,—, '. the road by myself but I missed is oae among many who have IT DAVC TSt DCAIN TUB /••» ACCICICf* A P%C the track and got lost '" {found the swamp baffling and re- IT PAT5 TQ READ TH6 CLA55IPItD ADS The words were those of S. Sgt.[quired ' THERE'S MO REASON WWAMANUKEME IMAVE MILLIONS? BETWEEN US, WE kvrur TT»IM»-»T W^f TTB*^ TOU AMY GIRL, IN YORK CrtYJ? UUSt LOOK ARQUND,<30QCH ' THf TOODtES THAtfe RIDICULOUS/ HE'S AN OLD MAN.., OB.' ifS'ANVOFTS AtftlX ASKIN'U* WHOJVM HIM AN' ALL ABOUT BROPTURNEtt/ AffCWIB, WHAT (YOU BffING DOING OUT THERE WITH MV GOOD PLY ROD? AUSTIN (Minn.) HfJfAlD A , Nov. 29, 1958 9 MPB W»f — iStBeSr JT" MAKE IT WORK THE FIKST / A«in TIAA/CI AD/I i«i JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brendfitld —*~- 1 - - . —— .. * THOU6H, IP IT WEREN'T FOR YOU AND JULIA CANNARD. YOU MAPE AU.TMIS POSSIBLE FORMS- . , IT'5 TOO UTE HE'P HAVE THROWN X' MAY6E I'M A FOOL NT.. SO SHc'S A\ARRy)N& Awya««yr///w<s, JTOR POIN&IT.WELL,VH«THISSTOIN^ TMOII/£LJ ic iru/eBE*kii<p vfei^K. i*/^ *AX« i *<w> ' jKM ii..^^.....^ " MR.HUTCHIN5. I UNDERSTAND . SON, HAD YOUR r ' TICKET, THEN MISSEP THE BOAT. THERE'LL BE ^WWWM...E(CIT IP BETTER ASSIGN SOMETHING THAT'LL TAKE YOUR MINP OFF IT FOR AWHILE.' BUT,MR6. THE DOCTOR > / CXIDLEy.' SAVeVOUfRETO) 1 iVEGCirA 6TAY IN YOUR yV^Sfe DATE/ MORTY MEEKUE LUCKILY rrfeousr A SHORT DROP TO THE GROUND THAT SEEMS LIKE AHECXOFAWAY TOCUREACOLD ALLEY OOP ' I'M SURE YOU'RE fT JUOT HMT\RISHT, BUT WHOx 4 -^ s. I MUST FUOWNI R?UL PL/>Y...\ OR WHAT / A HUMPBAClA REMEMBER, OU <3UZ NEVER ) COULWK I PTERODACTYL, ) OOP, WE SHOT W3ULPA PUT OUR \ MAYBE? f\ HIM POWN MONARCH ON . TH 1 SPOT? II-MJ WE SHOT ONE DOWN.' MAYBE THERE'S MORE/ I'LL SET OUR WEAPON, TH 1 BOW.I.AN' THEN( RK3HT/ A-HUNTING WE TWO WASH TUBBS WU'VIE BEEN 5XYINO THAT , IF iOil KB EVER GONNA SE AIAOTHEK r T6U. ELLEN \JO_HeR, ITS GOT TO 8B HOWS OUT WHERE SHE 15 TILL I G6T BREAK AMP CANAFRKDT9 ' TAJ<P HBR- VOU KEEP PUTTING hpR OFF BKAU5B" SHE'S A STKAMfiER, TO YOU^WJO AWAY' VOU DON'T EVEN KNOWx-— HER! IP YOU PIP.YOUt) FINP / MOW? 50W^E WAY TO KEEP f/^^a ' Ji-A HEK1 Ki iBY. YOU sra OONT KBAUZB HOW Y QUIT? BUT DESPBRWe HEK.5ITUATIOM 15.) IT* THE OMLY IAK6. HAKWONI W& MU*T HWP / LIFE I KNOW! A WAY TO HELP HBR NOWt /ANy OAYIUAV^ IF YOU flUIT THB 5TAflB-Vj.^O A KOLe THAT WLL PUT IABONTOPI' vw BUGS BUNNY THIS SIPEWALK'S SURE SLIPPERY AFTER TH 1 RAIN! VOU CLUMSY WASCAL! YOU 60T AW PISPLAY , PUMMY ALL THt^c'S NOTHIN 7 ! I C'N DO ABOUT IT, EXCEPT SAY I'M SOBRY. ELAAERi PONTFOBSET TO fW FOe THEM.' FRECKLES ABOUT HAP ir WITH 7H6 CHA- I SHouu>Ve KNOWN —WWEN HE& PRESS6P LIWE THAT/ I" SHORT RIBS 1 ^""•""•"f****-*"*!!!'-- - i. n n ...-——- . f DIDYCU6ETA Kit* Off OF IT? JACOBY'S BRIDGE Bj- OSWALD JACOBY < Written for NBA Service '.AS ' Here Is another defensive hand played by Marshall .Miles, sitting West. He writes, "I opened the deuce of heart* agalnit the five - diamond contract. Declarer won, with dummy's aoe, led the jack of diamonds end covered with his own king. » "I took my ace and led the three of hearts. My partner, Bill Hanna of Los Angeles, won the trick and went into one of his trances. "He was certain that I held the ace of spades and that a spade Icflt Would beat the hand one trick rlgh> away. He also noted that four spades would have been a normal duplicate contract and that most other pairs would be playing the hand there. Four spades would go down one since the defenze would take a heart tricky the spade and diamond aces and a diamond ruff. Therefore, BUI wantfltt to set five diamonds two tricks aurt finally came up with a play worthy' of your Generous George character. "BUI led a third heart. South saw NOBTH «» 4KQJ8054 VA5 *J1087 4k None WEST EAST *A3 4972 V9732 VKQ804 • A532 »4 41075 *Q964 , SOUTH (D) 410 -' VJ10 4KQ98 *AKJ832 East and West vulnerable South W«U Notili Ea»t • 1* Pass 1* PUB 2* Pass 34 Pass 4* Pass &• Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V 2 - what he thought was a chanct to make the hand. He discarded hto ten of spades and ruffed in dummy, Mow he led the king of spades and discarded a club. I won my ace and led a fourth heart. At this point W did not matter which hand ruffed. South had no way to avoid going down that extra trick and Bill'» generosity had paid off," . Week's Sew-Thrifty^i 8; ANNE ADAMS Daytime succeed Sure to to tk* busiest dreM la your wardrobe — lor office or home, work, or pl»y. Not» flattery ol nipped-waUt, rlpplini 8,; gore «kin. HUtsy to sew. Tomorrow'^ pattern: A half-size stjle. " Printed Pattern «50; 13. U. 1«. 18. M: «. take* «y 4 ji»t<j. M-lmih Printed cLUecUooj QC tern part. Easier. accur»u«. S«ua Tbirty - Uve ce*U l lor tni« pattern — add 10 o« eacb putt*r» lor i»t - cias* 6«nd to Anue Adam*, cars or tfi» Austin Dally Herald, Pattwn J43 Wect nth St., New York n, frlnt plainly "" ZOKC,

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