Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1927
Page 3
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'I - ' ms lOLA DAILY REGISTER; MONDAY \trK.. Jen* Vincent p««««d away at !i o'plock lAHt nfKht st ber hon»« t 'ikht tind otfe'half miieh HOutheaM of LaHarp* .;J« B«liel - n«isbbor- lipod. The funeral service will be hWVI-at. the Leaona church Wwl- "neftday ' aXternoon ai 2 o'clock, nnrtal will probably, be in the Xaaana Cemetery. —Silk Hose for Christmas gifU. - SOc. $l.r.« iiiMl $1.75. Edwards .Mr. and Mrs. I .awreiH -e Kice and -children have returned from Cannon City. Colo., to make tlrelr liom«« here. Mr. lilce han .-icoejit- ,pd a pOHitioii with the J. ('. Por=ter (irooery. • ' Xoili-p.: — Sealed 'bUlu ivill be re<eived vtip lo and- -including necember 20 for -tlM' sale of the old Pndrie Dell SclKiol' house. Tl»e .<<an]e to' be re_ moye^i: from gronuds by March 1, - 1928. .Board no .Mcrves riRlit to re-. j<>cl .-iny or, all Uid.s. .^ . C. F .v Barlh. lolu. Di.slrict Clerk. - nobert Tronibold. a siiident at K. r.. .spent jthe week-end with 111.** wife. returiiinK to Lawrence, , last nlfilit. - Fire BlAckens eiumg«t 1B» mu4. After Ihwftest of H. P. A fC. SoiliJl Clih'b Card Haryy TlinrMrla.v.^ l)eiefol)«r I'l -— at Club Roomn. I'bone MrR. !•• K. l.vun. S»?.. or . .\frw. .1. D. MIttelhiirli. i :!«0. ;T. .A . Milne, rlrivcr of'iJie Le- lilub . fnirtlaud is reported fliiire ill ill IiiK hojiie in Wheeler ff<«l)fjit<i. THimi ANXOrXCEMKNT TIIK CITY KXCH.A.WKbusi- • nes.s has grown b.v leaps ••Iml bounds. It i.^ now nec- e.«snry to find a larger place.' -.Mrs. Luccofk ha.s rent«»d the building formerly occupied by Otten's Bakery, on" North .ieffer .'ion. and will oi*n for bU'siness in the new' place Thursday, Dec. .Every ni'aii, • woman or child en'ferr ins our. doors thai day will lie sivon a souvenir. I For the benefit of Tliose who are not already fatniliur with our way of doing bn.>;i- i\ps«i; Yon ))rin4 us yonr used arli<:le.s such as men 's. wAni- r;n's^ and i-hildrenV clotnes and'shoes; also syjiall article.s sncb as,watchei<. docks, that are in a .saleatMf condition. ' .We lipt them'.; Rive you re- Iv 'ipt for same, Uien sell theni 'or von. chargir.R you 2flc on be dollar. Come on now. folks, iind lelp us fill i»p oar new place. Yours for 'bu.ilness. j , MA -hriR l .rCCf)CK. D<JMii «f J. W. Mar J. W. May. father of Charley May, linotype operator at the R«Ki8ter office, passed away at KuDaaa City yesterdaiy afternoon at 4 o'clock. , The funeral service will be held at Kanaas City Tuesday afternoon:. Mr. ami Mrs. May drove to Kansas City yesterday, called there by hia father's briti- cai illness, bttt> arrived an hour too lat<» to .see hlin alive. ^ ,^S|lneral Fe^d for hogs.; cattle and' chickens at R. C. McKinney Feed Store. The City Bxchanfce, at present located OH West street. Just across, trom the poslofflce. will, occupy thejbiilldlng formerly o<(^upl«d by Ottan 'M 'bak*ry on .Vortb .lefferson after Oecember it iwns an- noiiticeri today! —; —1. —Dr. Lucy R. POIROD . Chiropractor.. Northrtrp Bldit. Phone.32€. . , ! ,„ Uton. If seeiUM that II l« so ooii- -Mjlve her » Pcnuanent wove i ,^over8lal as to cause mlsunder- for Christmas. Special prtee. »;..00.' „„^„^ o„r ^,„^,„. .North .Side Barb«;r.Sl^op. Pho. «37. „„j ^ ,,avt. decided not to . "jM . jbrlnH the matter before this body. i:yrs. (. 1^ Cnmnflniw. of .Moran.!„„,. „,,^„ ,.i„.,ng j, before the Na- entere<l St .lohns hospital Saturday t,o„„| Bxecullve committee. Un- iin obHorvatioa and treatment, , ordered by that National Ex-f ecutive committee a jwll will 'not be taken. T ^mEF' HANDS esfiFJ WiH Uav«'^W W National 6soup« He Deebsiires Toilay 'i. Indianapolis, Ind.,. Dte. \%. (AP>—The Americaii Legion IJoIl on tiie "we^ ai)d dFx" lis-, suewijinot be-taken, Edward E. Spaltord, National cotQmander,v totltf State adjutants and comniandersv meet-' ing in a national confeFence here today. . Spafford said the poll would hove to he ordered by the Nat-lon- al H^ecutive committee and ihat he will not briny the matter before tJie aommittee which nMets here in January. | Commander Spaffqrd said;: "In a speech in Newi York City the other eveniuK. I propdsed that a poll of the American Lefclon' be taken( on ll)e wet and dry. Issue." This pror poHal,'was made on the highest plane, for I; um one who tries to! uphold and defend the constitution of the I'nitcd .States. Not PoUUcs.' "The poll, if taken, will not be IndulklnK Mo iwrtisan i»olitlcs. However, after careful consldera- This remarkabla ptefiir^. taikev" '3 9 three-mile- front ablaze oiy rWge of •outhern CttUfbrai^. vkere iftk recently destroyit^d niore than lOO lM>^es and ttenuded thousands of acres Cwt^y-jw«aranc» ot the moeB.'-caused by| REMUS' MANAGER ' ^ —Your shopplnR "fV^'not complete until you visit the Palace Barber Shop on Kelley strfet. William V. Bim»s. former pa.stor of ihp First .Methodist church here I poll of some orftanization. like lours would be 6t tremendous akals- tance. to our nation, for it woAtd undoubtedly canso our great poiiti- biiUipw i -nperintendem of the Kan-' parties to write into their plat- sas Methodiet Home for children, was •! visitor iu lolu today OJB his way back to Newton from Hlatt- ville where he iiad ht»en to see his brother-in-law. Richard HartMtt, who is ill. He- was accompanied hy bis niec<«; .Mrs. Frank Brennan forms in ctlear and unmistakable lanKuase Jnsr where they stood on ^the fitreat moral .((uestlon of the aK.\ • '•. " : " I I^esfer .McCoy, fiardien-City. Kan- i i^as. commander of the Kansas De- { r>artment of the .\raeAican Ljeglon.; . tb4 ;moratnK. showk a the VertliiKo mountains lii of (qrestj land, .Notice th«t tbejerei^t clouds of smoke. ^RAI^IE HALL (Miis. *jrank Myers.> 7.-4.\ot U\ Suiiday ;l|ioun't o wmm iltaMir Vlsir .Hpt ^h«i^ ato«>ks Df«r Cn4k k\KWjlam WMh Mass I mi* CWWtl^ IWWMU 3fan. . (Mrs. B. Sn. Peyton.) ' COLONY. Kans.., Dec, friends Iiarer rec^tveU ttie pleasing l^ews tbtrsday the ^irth «f a dfKuarbter at tke;borne of- Mr. and ilra. Pro* KapepRel- la ; Ottawa. IHw Kw»«I»P «)'a )HM<K recently moved i«tQ a saw boinv wkich they had iw«rt B^cene ^irla 'went to (jamett Kriday morotng: where he Joine<f hift «nct», ^rry Farris atad drove With hini to. I^leaaaaton to attend a oonTevifoD' fit ffmerat directors. bohM^ hicb «chO(t> will slve a nu >9to feativai iHf.xt fnesday evc- nt«g in >litelr11fe' lUtterent orchestra. tb« school • hand and glee c (Hb« '«Ur taKe .iiart. . "hfdse fond of r ttte ^t 'ehtful sport of fishins WlU be gt ^d to know that tea cans of bass and l ^crappie from rho. »(«t» fish hatch- 1 erj- have tees plaeeii in Deer) Creek. aboT» tti* ^ara. Mn^ laia Qoo4«n tMw BM >Ted to ^ th* .yH^fiVkVf reaWance and .Mr. | ISiclsll^. '?bo Is hrskem -dn on "jtr- ky," with hits family is living' iu- the rooms she vacated at the Jolm Cox home. ' \ > The receat cold .snap caused iriiicli grief from broken water pipes. Coming so rai !y in the weas-on' people seeineil unable to realize that they should tako any 'precaution to keep them from : freezing, with the result of many ' more or less flooded homes. TIte Amerteaa Legioii- Auxiliary! held its regular monthly meeting j aud- an«aal election of offUers. at' the aoTwf of Mr" Tltttr«d&y. 1 The f(i were ele< MW : Pre: R. HettJtls;i vkf -pi A. Rober »: secon({ Kent:..M,-a. Uoyd urer, 311; s : Madge geant-sit- irms. Mr and hMttriaa, Mra. Allen-McDowell. Th^ retlriiii; president. .Mrs. RObeVCs. diers PAGE THBBE; LToyd- Nickels |Ilf >wiB )c officers iden't. >lriR..Lee •esideHtj jjrwj.. & vice. .Mrs. Lew Nickels: treas- Hofzap'fel; ser- i. i. Culler; •hemming ir»y clolhea wWeb they-g will send to the soldiers tnberldB()»";, sanitorium at Ft. Iiogan, GeAlktf. Mrs. .Vicbelii served a dell«IOni^| light lancii durtiig the short social ^^J hour. ^ .' J\ As a monument to the wbhO 'Piaa industry which play .id sncM as in has served vpry capably portarit part in the c.irly history qf the last >ear. Other biisines-s'con^ sisted in arranjfing for the iisnal 10.— I GhrlstBta. presem.* to dii«abled.sol- W 'i.'coDsiu. the city of Eau Claire has enshrined a ni<>uiir .oth ^white pine log in a covered enclosure la- worked at one of the city parki*. and son Frank. Jr.. of Seattle. "i*' 'l** Kansas | Wash, .who also had been to Hiatt- I'''K">n would not hold: a poll on viile to see' their f.ithcr and ^ran-l-""- prohibition question. .McCoy fafj„.r^ ! '.said he 'considered this a contrb-' ^ ' ;versial political issue and that his. state department would not par- titiiwle in it; 'riie .Si^flflower itnit of the Wo- Jnen's Farm Ilureaii is meoling this iifternoon at (hi-'home of Mrs. Will Muitih nfnr llumb^ldf. Notice. —The aniiual stockholders meeting of the Allen Count.r Agriculture Society (Fair Association) will be held at the Chamter of Commerce iniilding on Tuesday^ Oec. 13. at 2 :30 |i. m. K\\ stockholders are invited! to attend. nr. F. S. Beattie. Sec. i L. D. Horville. Pres. —"Vaii's Bread." good as ever. Mrs. C. A. Tonkin, of Colony, was n 4)usinef)s ^visitor in fo' tween trains toilay. We know Bakery Proditcts are BIKHI, Itut llnv<> •)urs? VAN IlobZKIlS. Mrs. K. IJoHS, of .Vorili Ohio a be- >'trpc(, wild underwent a major op- eralirin at .'^1. .lolius hospital 8al- itrdsy. was reported as dning nicety (i)'l(i.>..'^ ; —heauliful .Metallic, Hats alive : ivi'ii Jbe brcifl! -o^ l(Knorrow. on fjile. nt $.'!.ii.S. Kdwards .Milliiiery. _ - Very best Permanent Waves li.r $.">.00 until .Christmas. North ijidc Harber.Shop. Phone. 637. JM5 Mrs. Caroline Lowe. ofLaHarpe. ^ ivlio has been at St. Jobn.s hoi^pital -kt'veral days for treatment, returned 4t'ome today. ' —Special this week: new five tithe Radio <iomplete with th-um • _ Speaker |9S.."»ji. K. C. fllectric. and -Pluml)ing Co.ij• - -ItMtlnnlnir (onlithf oar JRodlo Departnienf will be OfHtn ear|i eie Mii^ unin Nlmnnon**. —Tit. A. B. Twadell, Ostebpatb. .\ew Olobfc nidg. Phone .MfK. K. V Slack rnlurneil litat night from Kansas City where she hud been wiilt her sister, .Miss Alia Heatty, who is In Meseurcb hokpi- tnl. '. —0. L. Cox, M. D.' Specialist, Rye, Kar^.S'ose 4nd Throat. — Ten.cent bundles of old yapars for five cj;ms at.the Hegisler from now utitl! Christmas, .MliS Wiima .Veal went to Cherryvale. Kans.,-today .to attend the funeral of her, Rrandfalher. Charles M. .Veal. BRONSON Dec. 8.—The Home .Missionary society of the .M. E. church enjoyed a ver.v interesting meeting at the home of Mrs. L. B. Kayser wUh .Mis.<i Blanche Wat.son of Covington. Ky..: is manager of the business affairs of tlie former bootleg king. (5eorge Remus, of Cincinnati, who is being tried for tlie slaying of his w'ife. She has held power of i^ttorney In Remus' financial affairs since he started serving bis .second sentence at Troy. Ohio. She has been paying the bills. Klcmorii wi; hail no preach- ca iitan ^(•ek;- inliing Irkea po^.^ ivirs verv .all g! ing. .Mrs [)(!( out On ing Ing. Ten this the CI .Mr. compii Sevi-ral ifroi country aitei m*('tii g \\i lo) Hajdetif iick .Mom d slje It a very large, cro^wd school last SuM^ay. the revival nteet- Heahh's Sake —toj a demoB-stFation of the famous-Battle Cre^K^ni- tariUm Health F<)ods.= Mi.s,<i Jodith EstiU, food e^^rt fron I'Battle Creek, wiil be at the M. &,M. grocery dur-^ ing jthe week 6t' December 12—-six days. She will pye-^: pan a new di§h evei-y d«y. and will have sample-s, recipes and literature for you. Bring your itiitestions abent. foot a aiftVfood value.s. Her services are free to you. Be one of thO '<e"present, December 12;. 13, 14, 15, 16, ami * • r • • • . • Call .33.3 fo/ any Further Information. BKKM GROCERY CASH 120 E. Madison CASH Smart ed th l)a\-S for .\l .Mr. ma .M .Myeisl m cook ey is out of'scl^xiil her turn with and:Mr.4. Smart ^enlertalaed I iiy ffoml fJas City Sunday! | 1 this part: of the lied turm bureau i Tuesday. ['was takeik suddenly! a.v. Her friends are \ l)etter at this wfit-• spent Monday wfith Mrs. jioeken abd .Maude and help-! for threshers, d Wa.vdjn is shucking corn i Stanley. ! Smart aid Helen and Grand-, rer .s Avent to lola with Frank i Satarda^r to do their Christ-; mas riliopping. Dr. • to .Mr doctoi Tlie i>ighf jRoach oi LaHarpe was called I Maj-der's Tuesday night to I a sick 1 lorse. .severe storm of Tnestlay and'Wf tlnesitay is hard on the <•< rn ^huccers. iiumlser 'rom here attended' "rea.surp Huiif" in lola Sat-' —We pay Q 'T, on Full Paid and ^H0PPI^3Q- X^tH^ Till —Dr. Montgomery, Cbiropraetor. lola Laundry Bldg. PHone 138. T. -M,' SUk-k. of T08 Kast Madison avenue, wbo has been in ill health for the past six months, now Jias the flu and was obliged to go to bed Saturday. He is reporte<l bettor this morning. T . * • , . ' • * F. I« B. I^EATKLL, v. P. Iifn Cli '»tnM5 M«M >n M»I (« aiminii. TWr fJiouM bri hrn lot'JI Wli> Jon'l yoii rair f ni Mimr ;>ci«( hdtnr WlmrSjiilalauLluijU.'' - I . —Dr. J. T. Jtcld. Surgery and .K-ray. Phone ^^ly .Mrs. Klla Milchem and daogliter. -Mrs. A. Z. fSrffVes. were business i a tree in the renter of the ^onor visitors in Chamite'this afUrnoon.! suesi's tabTei lighted wlUi candles for each, A delicious lunch was enjo.ved by all. it was voted to continue these entertaiuments for another year. Ross Leek and family 6f Richards. .Mo., spent Sunday with Dan West and family. .Mr. Martin of'Blue Mound, and Emit* Pool, are painting the. .M. H. church thla week. Tlie Royaa Net^l]|^r» and .M. W. A.'s enjoyed a nice social fvening at the lodge hall last Monday evening. A large crowd was present * I and enjoyed a fine program, then all were invited to the dining room where .sandwiches, ^le and coffee were lierved. The community was shoc|(ed Friday. December 2. by tite sudden death of Mrs. Wm. Arnett. She bad been in failing health for some time, but wa^ able to be up and out every day. About noon she lay down to rest an^ passed quietly away about one o'clock. The funeral was held Snndsyat two o'clock at the M. E. church. Services were conducts by tbe R«v. Mr. r ^eeman of the M. E. church.. South, and the body was laid to rest in the Bronsou , cemetery. IblMiy frienda extjend ayai^liy [p the a^ed bnsband. non aa^ other relatlves. -Mrs. T. P. Cady l». staying at the l|ome of her daughter. .Mis. Deer, helping to take care, or the near jirl. • i .Mrs. Liuelnirges and .Mrs. Mafy; Installment Stock. The best invest- Rogers as assisting hostesses. A; menl. the best methml to save, goodly number were present and|HfrnrHy BIdr. k Loan Association, Ithererwas a fine study of ili^ lea-! lola, Khnsas. son. =.Mrs. Holllcke of Wichita, was j — . a guest. - ' The Roumanians are descend- Several from here attended the i ants of the Romans, who conqnred baiaar and dinner at North Pair-j and occupie<l a portion of the ter- vtew last Safnrrta.v. It was «. sue- r\tpTy now called noumania. cess. .Si • Mrs. Maggie Pool of tTniont'own j la vliHtIng her (laughter, Mrs. Cland Crowder. ' '.Mrj4. '.Marion Johnson was operated on at the Ft. Scott hospital, last Tnesflay and Is getting along nicely: . . Mrs. Qerky Morris and .Mrs. .Mary Davis received word of the death of their borlih«r, Dan Rnrke. of Wichita, /ast Fridoy. .Mrs. KoMlcke ~and| daughter. MltAi BesH, .Mrs. Starllper.; .MIsit Widner and Mlw Florence Quist were fola vlWiors Saturdiiy. ,*v Mrs. L. 8. Kayser and daughter, .Vettle Lee. went to Osliorne Thurwlay to visit their daughter and sister. .MIw Lucile. ;. .Miss Florence QuL-rt was In.Par- lipns last week. A fiire meeting was cnjnycfl by t^e R(>bekah's last Tnesday .evening. After the business Mrs. Ford and her| helpers entertained all, with the jla .sf birthday jiarty of tlie year. The tables were beautifnliy [ decorated In Christmas colors, with A file nrd^y! ^ A jliusin«^s nlpeting of the chui^<:b i bo^rd was:held at -I. C. Anderson's last, Friday evening. U. A. .\n- dru.':s. .Mr. i»nd Mrs. Elmer Duggan. .Mr. and Mrs.j Frank BacoiK and Ridiard ahd Mr. and Mrsi/Kraak Mj-eKs ami <;lbd.vs attended the meeling. ^ i Fknk Myers called on Mr. W. CV [ Wallier last Sunday afternoon. .Mr., i Walker is'not very well. ' Lncy Stanley is home from high, sch(fol thia week on account of chi(-|ken pox in jthe family. i Tfjthe wliole itky were filled with fnll moonii. the light wonld be no; brighter fhap ordinary daylight." THE PERSOlUi, GIFT There are probably hundreds jf thiiig.'* that you coijld give foi' Chfi.stmas tiint would mak« acceptable gifts. Bui there ij» nothing in the >vo'ld tl^it makes-quite H<y . pei'rtoiial an appeal a« a I'hotogr iph. fn very many cases it is the idea! Christmas siigget ^ion.]' Uniform ResuKs Regardless 4if Weather. VINNEMEIER DAY AND NIGHT STUDlb OVER'BRIGHAM'S Special attentipa gives Dis- ea8«(8 of Colon and Rectnm. Electro-Physiotherapy Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 705 II. W, Perkins. Leslie Baker. Mr. .tnd Mrik. Aaron Dean, .Mrf bnd Mrs. F.d .Tones. Mr. and Mrs. Clai^de Roe. Mr. and Mr^. Archie :MontgOBiory. H. C. Burtiss and H .lF. -Hitohcock nUeiHled the Chanute conacil, Be- curliv*. Benefit aisociation meatlng and tiance Krtday Dlfi;Ht of ;)Mt ^wtitdc. Tlu> Mlldriad count iL 1908, *ls now havfiix regular meetings. Mr. and .Mrs. Claude Roe. [Mr. and .MIS. Archie Montgomery. |Mr. aAd Mrs. Franic Kelle.v. H. F. Hltchciv-k and U. Burtlaa'-of lola attefaj^ed (belr moetlng last Monday ;Qigbt' i A Big Reduction^On - STEJNITE KAmOlSETS TaUe Model without Speaker, \-as $120.00 pow $100.00 Table Sfodii'l. built-in S|^aker, v as $155.00, now $I35.Q0 Console Modd, built-in Speaker was^$185, now $165.00 , ^ These are taish p ices pnly. Time payment plan.^IO.OO^ higf^er. . ACCESSORIES 100 feet 7-22 Copper Aerial WiU — Gfoand rods, (non-rust) Sdldei}less Complete Master Aerial Outfit Lead'jn Window Strips Glass Insolators -— Porcelain Nailit Knobs, .3 for . Uaifer VoH Meter, 0 to 550 BAtTEJW JX)0-Ajnptre Hour American A Storage Bat. ff .OO 4.5-VDlt Dry Cell B Batteries (ifpright) f2.75 (upright)*. .llJi 22'/,.VoIt Dry Cell B Batteries S. MALC a ^ • ES j Storage Bat. _. -66c ...$31,28 -•—-lOc -,-:.10e ...i__10c .$1 ,25 219 South St. DM: Phone 204^ You, too, will find that LUCKY STRIKES give the greatest pleasure — Mild and Mellow, the finest cigarettes yavi ever smoked* Made of the choicest tobaccos^properly aged and blended with great skill, and there is an extra process —'TFS TOASTED^'—no harshness, not a bit of bite. Edmund Breese, NpCi^ Star 6f the Stage, "W^ who act ow^ our audU ences perfect voices—we mifst keep our throats in 'Cfmdition^ ijJke others, I ^f/e foiv^ the prohlem of^ ^prikt$h^weth0 protect t^ thrclaf and give com' pUt^ enjoyment" No Gdugh.

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