The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1956
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL U, 1956 Israeli Looking to Nasser For War or Peace Answer By WILLIAM L. RYAN JERUSALEM, Israeli Sector (AP) — Throughout the Arab world leaders loudly vow that lirael will be destroyed. The impression is inescapable that such leaders mean to indicate to their people that the ultimate Arab aim is envelopment or extermination of the Israeli state. But Israelis feel today that the came from Joroau, but ha'.'e been More 'Polio Vaccine Released WASHINGTON '/TV- An additional 910.908 shots of Salk polio vaccine were released yesterday by the Public Health Service on the first anniversary of licensing of the product, In the year since the vaccine was Aprti 7, compered with W in tht comparative 1966 week. Thirty-seven of the case* reported last 'A'ePic were paralytic, 19 non- paralytic and 12 unspecified during the 1056 week. Thus far In 19S« there have been 1,1+0 polio cases reporied, 621 of them paralytic. In the similar 1965 period there were 1,124 cases, with 490 paralytic. 'Fastest' Jet Airliner Planned By U.S. Firm SAN DIEGO, Calif. UP) —Convalr has announced it will offer for delivery early in 1960 the "Skylark 600" jet transport—termed by the oompanr th* fastest commercial airplane in the world. The Jet. costing i3,300,000, Is designed as a onerstop transcontinental airplane but space in the wings for additional fuel tanlcfi can make H non -stop cross-country, Convalr said. Cruising speed will be 609 m.p.h for the four-engine craft whlc his designed to operate from 5,000-foot runways and carry Spaniards under Cortw Mot Indian slaves into the ytwnlnj crater of Mexico's Popocat«p«tt volcano to get sulphur for fua- powder. The U.S. census bureau classifies communities having 2,500 pto- pie or more as urban. 80 passengers. Coach version! carry 99. declared 60 10 90 cent effec- only Arab leader whose words and actions realJy couni is Premier Gam«l Abdel Nasser of Egypt. Israeli eyes turn toward the die- stopped there since early 195-* when the Arab Legion apparently found it could not adequately man the whole 360-mile border. The al- Utor-premier in Cairo for Uie an- ; tacks then began coming from the Bwer peace or ; whether there will bej Egyptians, a new war. | Daily attacks, killing one or two To the casual observer there is! or more people, seldom get much no tension visible in the streetsj attention in the world press at a of Tel Aviv or this sector of] tim ewhen the world is preoccu- divided Jerusalem, But there is; pied with such things as Korea tension underneath and the Israeli! and Indochina, But when the kill- man in the street is frightened at {ings began to accumulate, the Is- the prospects. i raeHs struck back in force and Israel has been hoping desper-j only this, the spokesman com aetly for two things from United Nations peace efforts— (I) a reply p2ip,zO made headlines and brought condemnations. from Nasser to Israeli Prime | These commando raids caused Minister David Ben-Gurion's De- i the latest Israeli shelling In the cember offer of a foolproof cease-! Gaza Strip, brought more Feda- fire and *2) an obligation upon j yen raids and caused rising ten- Egypt to stop hostile acts whichrsion. the Israelis say, led to big actions by the Israeli Army. Would End War Threat If Egypt and Israel could be brought to terms on these points, the chances of a full scale war rate. The Arab nations, rent by their own tensions and rivalries, and plagued with poverty and disease, have neither the means nor the will to act without Egypt. Lebanon, despite noises from Arab spokesmen, is half Christian and has little stomach for war. Syria is chronically unstable Iraqi leaders are unenthuslastlc about the idea of a new conflict, though Egyptian broadcasts fan Arab nationalist passions there. Jordan is on the Verge of internal troubles stemming from the powerful political force of half a million refugee* from Israeli territory. Except for sporadic outbursts or, the Syrian border, tension has! centered along the Gaza Strip' frontier in constant activity by Egyptian, Fedayeen, or commando forces. "If the attacks continue there Is danger war will break out one day," a government spokesman said, "If Nasser continues in his present path we must net In self defense; otherwise he will terrorize our countryside. We will not abandon our people to murder and terror." First From Jordon The commando attacks first The attacks culminated In February 1955 in the big Gaza Strip attack by the Israelis which so shook the Arab World, followed by others last year and last week's shelling. By now the at- dangcrous momentum. It has been advertised he has 200 Soviet MIG jet fighters, 40 Ilyushin bombers, tanks and even submarines from the Communists. Arabs are beginning to want to know why he doesnt 'use them to exterminate Israel. But Nasser is not ready to risk war and his answer to the latest Israeli reprisal was more Fednyeen Infiltration attacks. Supports Burns Israel is willing not only to agree to an ironclad cease-fire, say officials here, but .supports the United Nations truce chief, Gen, E.L.M. Burn« of Canada, in his proposal for a continuous, physical barrier — a mined path! _ between barbed wire — along the) border, Nasser objects to this. Nasser is offering to withdraw; his troops from the frontier if the! Israelis will do the same, but Is-j raelis contend this would only] make it easier for the Fedayeen j to do their jobs. j 1 There Is a speculation in the; Middle East that Nasser may have started a prairie fire he Is powerless to stop. Intense Arab nationalism for j tire against paralytic polio, a total of 46,423,740 doses have been relc-ai- The "disease year" for polio started last week. The Health Service said today the states reported 6& polio cases for the week ending; eight years has fed the violent hatred of Israel. It may be too late to put on the brakes. Imperialist Act Arabs consider the creation of Israel in their midst an imperialist act and brush aside Israeli claims to connection with this land for 40 centuries. Hatred also feeds on Arab fear of Israel's more dynamic and able European settlers, with their economic know how. Israelis say their economy in peace could be a true boon to the Arabs, Even Nasser might not be strong enough to say he'd like to live in] peace with Israel and get on w building the Egypt he wan through his ambitious econom program. His own radio has so 1 violent propaganda throughout t entire Arab world, from Moroc to Iraq, -which would milita against Egypt getting off the lim If a climate could be created f getting together at a table It possible, even likely, that Isra nnd the Arabs could reach so: formula at least to keep from stroying one another. But in the present climate, t Bulganin Claims British Visit to Be Peace Mission MOSCOW W— Premier Bulganin says the trio he and Communist party boss Khrtishchnv are making to Britain is not an attempt to drive a wedge bftiv/een Britain and the United States, Bulganin said in an interview that the chief aim, of thc-fr 10-day visit, which begins Wednesday, is to discuss increased trade and broader cooperation. The premier's comments were made in an interview with Irving R. Levinc, Moscow correspondent of the National Broadcasting Co. and the London Times. -PLANTING SEED- DELFOS 9169 (Pedigreed) Ton $180 DELFOS (1 Yr. from breeder) Ton $100 DP&L-15 (1 yr. from breeder) Ton $100 RED TOP GIN CO., Inc. N. Highway 61 Phone 3-3756 FITZPATRICK GIVES YOU BENRUS CHEAPER THAN AN OFF BRAND! WE $ GIVE YOU win pi trade it in tar a Brand New Nationally Advertised BENRUS WATERPROOF mm* OLD WATCH MCW(ji*II •( HI, Wl*« Bf CMdltlM -;ilE./J«A x% _ ^ - "Towed, 3,240 milet underwater ocroil (K* Atlantic, The Benrut Wo t • r p i o 6 f Watch itayed perfectly Watoi- proof, Vept per- l«t lime." Now for *22 50 you can wear the amazing new BENRUS waterproof BENRUS 17 JEWELS WATERPROOF* FOR 14 FULL DATS Wtw M« H dayi and tail. Woih with H. Swim wi* It. 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