Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 5, 1933 · Page 6
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 6

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1933
Page 6
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AXlf DAttT TlXBTOl-Timf, Utti IOWA, f AtTODAT, AU0WT 6, UMffTB FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Freckles 1$ Very Interested DARKSHETLA jgny. halter. Phone 1730. B—AvtoaoGmt, Track* tar «*M Chevrolet Coach $7$ 1931 Ford — Roaditer 1929 Ford —...— _ Coacb 1929 Olds ,_,— .— Coupe ] 928. Olds Coupe tor Ml* Indian Motorcycle In excellent condition; many «t iO miles per gallon; 75 n>. p. h. Will lacrlfice for $100 cash (or gillck »fee. K. Morgan Phone 43f Produce CUCUMBERS, ALL SIZES ling onions, dill, tomatoes, pott- 1927 Oldi —.„--; 1 Coacl) 1928 Whippet .,..—... — Sedan toes, apples, cabbage, carrots, 1926 Chevrolet .i Coach beets, spinach, com, peppers. Jeh- 1925 Maxwell -, Co»«b sen's Gardens Phone 1770. OPEN EVENINGS TOMATOES AND CtJCUMBEES W. H. Nutty Garage ' at 9l ° Uncoln wiy: 939 - w - Plymouth—DwJg*r-Old§mobll» Phcne 35—Ames 414 Main it, 1926 Chrysler Coach j $50 FOR SALE: CIDER VINEGAR. Call 821. •Fnrit I SPRAYED, HAND PICKED DUOH- j «ss apples, $1.25 bicket. 1,4 mile 13oO Chevrolet Sedan wiln trunk, i south On'itLrlu 63F3. 1929 Chevrolet Coach I ma Hudson Sedan I 1930 Pontiac .—*.___;...., Coup* 2—1926 Chevrolet , Sedans 1981 International -. ;+,*.. Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers J- uj. ticket 'rom Cheap. 1173-W. Attes RAILROAD to Denver. DAVENPORT, GATELEG TABLE. 4 poster bed, Premier vacuum cleaner. 320 Ninth street WHITE GRANITE GAS RANGE, Phone 1413-J. I'hone 3S5 5th * Douglas LINCOLN SEDAN Very good, cheap '31 Bulck coupe, like new. '2S Uurant 75 sedan, reasonable. International pickup truck, new. TIVRI-V MH TRAHF bfg discount. \\. j ..\ih.u JO BLY OR TRADE MAY mrrrrw Atrrn «*fm for old t>ulld!n ss to wreck. Write MAX DUITCH AUTO EA.UH 25.-,2 Tribune Phone 1000 323 ith f- •--• -I-• Meet 60*6-MOW, SEE. IF WHXT fVt 6AIO ALL ALON6, M6HT/.' IXL 6CTCHA HE'S, 60ME ; IT WOUtDNT SURPRISE. ME. A BIT, CeO? THAT* JOfl»T » *OY?>, I WANT YOU TO NO" KJM6*TOM, THE CHIEF'S DAU6HTER —PAT.TMI& »•> REp KIM& >M ANO THE OTHEP LAO » FRSCKLEft—VOO'Vt HEARD ME TALK HO*/ 00 YOU AND RED KtiOW MOW THAI AMD THAT PAf 5 WCIL HAVE A YOOCWWJNCY DO WE CARE. ABOUT SCOM A WIFE? OKIE JOHN ID COMt OUT HCfi ROOM. UNOt JOHN KMOOC& V'lM'N POP Among the Missing MEAN tVCQM. WHO HE9SELF TO WITH u§ NICKED NOU POR SIXTY BUCKS'? T'TEU. \OJ THE TPUTH/I DON'T EVEN PEMCMBEP 9CEING HEP BEFO«C,»rT WHEN SVC SAID SHE'D MET HE OOt'S couuO V>*CU-,'SH£ SOME ROLLS, *ND THAT HANK COULD CTVEHlM GONG T'SCT THE COPS ON WHO »* SHE \N THE rtELCt, IM MV UM» A, SECOND, *HE WENT THROUGH POCVCETt UKt ME,9P1LUNG VOUB StXTY SUCK*;!! WANTED ABOUT JUtl ABOVE. PCTSON 0»—To Exchange, fc FUJI BXuHArtOE: CALIFORNIA property to exchange for Amei property. Phone 1&6. Little flros. 1933 Ford V-« De Luxe Coupe Complete with Radio,. Regular-price $723.00. Only 6000 miles. Special this we«k $525.00 •29 Ford Standard Coup.,-*1f5.00 '29 Ford Sport Coupe §145.00 Mathison Motor Co. PLYMOUTH Look at and drive all three. Get your money's worth. Cliff Roberson Garage Phone 34 412 Burnett T»—jfuajtry for FOULTkV—JUKESSEt, CHICKENS White Rue* tries. .20c per ib. Young fat hens ... 14c . * " Our poultry Is xallk fed. dressed and drawn in a sanitary manner. Woodland farms. Phone 436. WHITE ROCK FW5S. MILK FED 2% to f. pounds. No charge for and f1«*liv*>ry Pnonp 371-J 85—-ApartmenU, —^Auto Repair* CALL 436-J ! Apartm jaod bouses, close to i neat, convenient, priced right Ghas. Miller. 132 Haywood A?e. WE FIX THEM on They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage *23 Llnctlnway Phone 913 13—Beauty Service RINGLET CROQOIGNOLE PBR- manents 2.50. Alice's Beauty Shoppe, 323^4 Main. Phone 427. 18—Bnslnew Servje* Offered Furnaces Cleaned! Let us clean your furnace now »itb our new Super Suction System. Guaranteed satisfaction at • low cost- Pbone 662 A. G. Speers Furnace and Tin Shop 119 E. Seventh Upholstering Refinishing Repairing Little Furniture Shop Phone 114—231H Main Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy VERY BEAUTIFUL FOUR ROOM apt. Best location. Strictly private, furnished or unfurnished. 705 Clark, DES MOINBS, OLE)—Managers of livestock gales in South- Dakota were warned Friday by Dr. H. A Seidell ot the Iowa bureau of arii mal industry of stringent enforce meht of Iowa's new livestock shipment regulations'. Under the Iowa shipping laws livestock from sales in surround ing states .cannot enter without a health certificate issued Dy s licensed veterinarian. In the past South Dakota truck ers have treated our livestock laws lightly. "Dr. Seidell, .said "From now on violators will be dealt with severely 1 ." He said such steps were necee sary for, protection of lowa'a. Jive- stock industry. FURNISHED 3-ROOM APT, PR1- vate bath. Sleeping rooms wi*h board. 601 Sixth St Phone 955. APARTMENTS AND MU.UhiRN bungalow for rent. Little Broth ers. 322 .salt. Phone 196. FIVE ROOM MODERN APT. ALL in one floor. Separate fufnace and meters. Phone .,2129. FOR RENT: 3 _ ROOM FIRST floor apartment. 317 Ninth street. Phone 1366. Bright Spots Business By United Press S. S- Kresge company reports July sales of $9,406,816, ROOM AND KITCHENETTE, downstairs. Nice for girL 95S-W. ATTRACTIVE TWO ROOM APT. Reasonable. Phone 733-W. TWO APARTMENTS, FURNISH- ed and unfurni&h&i, freshly decorated, private entrance. Ideal for adults. Phone 24C3-J. $9,042,184 In July 1932, an increase of 4 per cent. Dome Mines reports July output of $3$9,520i against, $311,846 in July last year. Thompson Products Inc. earns June quarter net profit of -f 219,141, against net loss of |19,301 in corresponding 1932 period. : TWO FURNISHED APTS. WITH garages. 939-W. ••»••••• APARTMENT: Phone 953-J. CLOSE CAMPUS. FOR RENT: SMALL DUPLEX, 113 E. 7th. Phone 2349-W. NEW FURNACES len. furnace repair work. Furnaces racuum cleaned. Eve trougn work. F. A. Gould ?hone 527J 312 Main St. C. E. SUCHER Paints and Papers Contracting 9 hon« 1482-J 726 Carroll A.MES GARBAGE CO. LEW COLE. Phone 2061. 28—Help Wanted, Female WANTED: EXPERIENCED HELP for housework in farm home. Phone 19F12. 24— Hdp Wanted, Male FOR A HUSiUfiK WHO KNOWS livestock and is willing to work iplendid opportunity. Pay weeklv • need *utomo'. rimes ' A ROOM AND KITCHENETTE. 309 Seventh. FOR RENT: APARTMENT. Fifth. 716 ONE ROOM APARTMENTS. CALL 1929. 94—HOWM* for Beat Pullman company reports June net- income of $318,982 against $23,507 In June last year. CHICAGO <ttR)— Livestock: HOGS: 11,000, including 10,000 j I direct Dull peddling tr*de fully 10 ' cents lower, some 10 cents lower bids refused. Few sajee good to choice ISO to 300 Ibs., $4.25@J4.50, early top $4,50. Few loads held higher, occasional sale packing sows $3.506>{3.gO. Shippers 700, estimated holdovers 2,o6o. CATTLE: 1,000. Compared close last week. Strictly good and choice PRODUCE CHICAGO OJJW— Pfoduce: EGGS: Market. steady, unchanged; receipts 7,950. cases; extra firsts 12^@1314; firsts current receipts dirties BUTTER: Market easy, unchanged to Ic lower; tubs; specials receipts 14,628 extras 20; fed steers and yearlings strong eitra firsts 19@19%;'lirsts middle grade steady to 25 cents isi'. cc ^,r,^ inc*-,*-,, .• .* middle grade steady to 25 cents lower, common grassy, kinds 25 to 40 cents down. General market closed, active. Fed helfef* steady, grassy kind along with grassy cows weak to 25 cents lower. Cutter 10 to 15 cents lower, .bulls steady. Vealers 50 to 75 cents higher. Shipper demand narrow, narrow dressed beef trade sluggish, relative more grassy • and warmed up steers and she stock in nin. Extreme top. 17.50 paid for medium weight and long yearlings, jest heavy steers $7.40, yearling heifers $5-15^ bulk fat steers ?5.50 3D $6,75, average priced - steers eround $6.00, most stockers $3.50 ^$4.50, common and medium grade and comprising Bulk price medium ffering iip to $5.75. SHEEP: 6,000 for week ending Yiday. 82 doubles from feeding tatlon, 11,000 direct /Today's market nominal compared close last week. Fat lambs weak to 25 cents and more loweh Natire throwouts egained mid-week losses. Closing westerns. Late bulk natives $7.50 j>$7.75, nicely sorted plain" spring westerns down to $7.00 with size- ble feeder sort native 4.00@$5.flO yearlings $5.25«S$5.BO. heep strong to 25 cents higher, to -choice ewes $1.30@ 3.00", feeding lambs strong to igher. bulk $6.25 ig?6.60 late sales _____ ___ oward outside. j State Cordell Hull, 1300 Pennies Paid Water Bill 'mistic over the results seconds 17@17%;'standards POULTRY:: Market steady; receipts. 9 trucks; fowls 9^@11; springers 10%; leghorns 8; ducka 7@10; geese 7@9; turkeys 10@11; roosters 7; leghorn broilers 11@15. CHEESE; Twins, Longhorns, 13 % @ 14. POTATOES: On track 122; arrivals 55; shipments 413; market uneven, firm to w«ak. Today's Markets ] Prices bid by lecal tfeater* No. 2 corn 40c Ear corn Oats Hogs Oreajm, sweet 1 7.230" Cream, sour ... ... .. " aic Eggs, No. 1 .. i..".-'.V:V l~llc Eggs, No. 2 Heavy hens Leghorn springs . Leghorn hens ........ .. ....5c Heavy springs .... .... .'.".".V-iic All roosters .... ........ ____ 4 t . • . - -• ~~ --- . _ iS; ___ ^ _ Hull Home, Denies Any Intention To * Resign Position NEW YORK (CE)— Secretary cf of the , Ty Cobb Turns Angler EUGENE, Ore (HE)— Ty.Cobb famed old-time baseball player and Clarence W. Kolb, noted vaudeville actor, are spending their vacation this year trout fish Ing at the Mekenzle river. They are guests of Col. Bill Hayward University of Oregon track coach Asks Million In Corn Deal FOR RENT: RESJDEiNCE, 503 Stanton ave. Seven rooms and sunporcb, breakfast room, sewing room. Downstairs bedroom and lavatory. Electric range. Dutch Colonial. Like new. Millard Peck, 220 Melrose-Court, Iowa City, Iowa. FIVE ROOM MODERN BUNGA- lOw. Newly decorated. 2 porches. Large yard. Nicely shaded. 122 N. Maple. Phone 1408. * FOR RENT: MODERN 5 ROOM bungalow. Heated garage. Near college. Redecorated. Rent 535. Phone 1539-J. 70S NORTHWESTERN FIVE room modern home, newly decorated. Phone 7l9 W. FOR RENT: HOUSE, FURNISH- ed or unfurnished- Call 4S6-J. . ' Am * 8 Tribune- 37—Work Wanted, Femal« WANTED: GENERAL HOUSLE work of all kinds. Good, clean ivork guaianteed. Both uptown and 'ourth ward, 2Ec per nour. Call 2034. 41—Wanted to Borrow A'ANTED TO BORROW: $2,600. First mortgage on Ames prop- •rty. Wrlto 265(i Tribune. READ THE WANTS MODERN SIX ROOM HOUSE. 627 Eighth street. Phone 610-W. ONfc HOUSE AND TWO FURN- ished apartments. 1564-W. 95—-Wanted to Bent, House RELIABLE COUPLfc WANTS TO rent small house. Phone 1376-J. A Lands for Sate FOtt SALE OR TRADE: TEN acr» fruit and truck land located In Marlon coanty. Fla., closo t9 Rood town. Will sell reasonable or will consider trade.-Oliver F 813 Duff Ave,. Awes. — - — — - . . — • ~«- i»u.u AcauiLa Ui, LJJic LOGAN, Utah (HE)—Chalk up world economic conference, re- anothtr victory for President [turned from London Saturday T, ,„. . ,__ -—— and promptly departed by motor Roosevelt's campaign against hoarding. Leland Hailstone, em- ploye-at the city office, reported accepting 1,300 Indian pennies in payment of a water account FAULTY EVE REIMS Other Than That There's Nothing To Do, Says Oscar Hatch Hawley Iowa State College Band Director; Vacations a la Chowder, Mackerel, Blue Berried Editor's riot«: following i« a icnrnf ifbm Oscar Hatch Hawley, director of the low« State collage band and orchestra,. now< Vacationing. With Mrs. Hft^ley and Oscar, jr., at thilr summer camp in Massachusetts. Camp 0' Pines, Rockport. Mass. July, 31, 1983 Dear Tom:.. Just before commencement last June I was hurrying down Main street when .a farmerish-looking man stepped out of a cigar store and hailed me saying: "Well, professor, l hope you -will report on your summer actlYities thru -.the Times-tribune as usual because I kind o' Jike to keep track of what my Help IB doing in their off time." So this Is a. report to one of my employers whose name I did not g«t but richo, t .am -sure, will be gratified to learri my whereabouts, etc. . . Well, we arrived here on this desert island the 17tb of June after an uneventful, trip of five days at a cost of $83.50 for gas. oil, food and shelter.' Pmtjf good, f think. Uneventful," "aid* "i"say? T Well", al mdst- -Nbtftfitf Tiap-pened worth mentioning excepting a. very pleas, ant Collision .with ansther automobile in Ohio. It was pleasant because i didn't lose my temper, the other fellow didn't lose Ms temper, the Insurance agent for his car didn't lose his temper and agreed that his customer was to blame; it cost only 1.75 for repairs, and we were on our way in a couple of hours. The Insurance agent figured, pur loss at $13.27 and we found a check for that amount from the company awaiting us on our ariv- al. Good company— Camp in Bad Shape Arriving here we found tho Camp in rather bad shape owing to the lact that some pirates (or something) had been using it as a hide- the winter arid had. nol been too careful of the furniture and dishes. They had cut down a couple of pines' in the front ySad for fire-wood afld ha" split up the dinning room table for kindling. The whole place was a mess with you hook a fine mackeral for supper. If you aren't lucky you row dewn to the wart and buy one for a nickel. And I learned a new way to get fish the other day. I was down on the wharf and saw a man coming towards me carrying a fine big two-or-three-potind fish by the "Ah, "I commented, "that's a handsome fish. Just catch It?" tie was and old rrian — seventy- five or eighty, I should say— and he drawled ""his answer. "No," slowly, "it don't pay to fish any more; you can git 'em so cheap." "Yes, they are pretty cheap," I anfiwered. "I can always get a bne-pound mackeral for a nickel." "Mofe'n I pay," he answered. "What!" I exciaimtd greatly astonished. "Do you mean to say you paid less .than a nickel for that tish." ;.."That's right." . "How much?" "Nothing." "What! Not a cent?" "Not a cent. You jest get up early and be down on the: wharf when the trapp boat ; (the boat that .goes but" ' to" : ''empty- the fish traps) comes in -and they'll gvv; you one —that, is," he' continued after" a short pause, "if you look kind o' hungry Hke." "Oh." I felt quite let down "And is that a pretty good fish*" "Well,-it hungry it's -depends. If you are awful good. If you (Continued from Pags ing over the warehouse district. The gondola bumped on the rails, rose several feet into the air and settled again between two sets of rails. The bag, although nearly deflated, remained upright. Settle leaned from the hatch atop the gondola and called tc witnesses: Notify Soldier "I'm all right. Field at once." Me then released the remainder Jf the hydrogen and the bag came to rest 70 feet ^ *• * ^.VJ.M.i *l*M UJ iliVUJA I for Hyde Park to report to Pr»s- out ideiit Roosevelt. • The secretary met newspaper reporters in the writing room of the liner President Harding as tt came up the bay and denied reports he contemplated resigning because of asserted differences em P tv anfl broken bottles On every with, the administration. ' 3ide and tne kitchen stove loolrfn? "I hare no Intention of resigning now or hereafter nor am I in a speculative state of mind," he declared. ROOSEVELT, JOHNSON SECURE STEIKE TRUCE (Continued from Page One) ferring to the tireless and construe- uve labors of the intermediaries Gov. Pinchot, Gerard Swope, Edward McGrady and Walter Teagle, as well as the operators and to John Lewis and other represents of the miners." Immediately after announcing the end of the coal strike the presl way. d « n t signed the code of the elee- Flares were posted along the trlc *l and the cloak and suit indus- tracks to halt trains. Orders were j tries. riven to re-route main passenger | The administration planned to trains. j enforce vigorously its determina- Thousands rushed to the scene. : tioi > to drive unfair practices out Many of the 20.000 who gatherer! i of the clothing .trades. Johnson n Solctier Field to see the takeoff j announced that goods manufactur saw the ship start tc descend and i 6d by adherents to the code would followed it | Dea r the blue eagle label and thai Police and fire squads added foj a campaign of education would in- he confession. j struct the people in differentiate- Settle's wife, one of the last to ing between those coming from the say goodbye to him before he sweatshop and from •»ealed himself in the gondola at plants, he takeoff, was among the first Gen. Johnson's side and the kitchen stove looking as if it had been used for c-ooking ash—or whatever it is they make moonshine out df. So I began putting in some pretty hefty licks getting the place livable again and it is for that reason I have delayed reporting before—hard work and lots of it. You see although we have been here seven weeks we have had but .only a couple of days when you could go without an overcoat and no night when you could sleep under less than four heavy woolen blankets and keep warm. Night and morning, and frequently all day long, we have been obliged to keep "piling the four-foot logs into the fireplace to keep the living room comfortable and it takes a lot of backbreaking toil to keep that, much wood on hand—and that, too, in the middle of a forest so thick you can not see ore than 200 feet from the cabin unless you look straight ur. And, looking straight up 200 feet the other day at noon we were surprised to see a lot of enormous airplanes flying with a tremendous roar straight out towards the ocean. It was General sea- ain't hungry it ain't worth cleaning." "What kind of a iisb is it?" I asked 'Curiously. "We calls it an English rummy. h& replied looking far away in. the direction of the right-a little, tight-little island. "But up to the hotel where you pay fifty-cents a portion they call it 'silver-hake' an' dope it up with sauce an' spice until you think it's something fancy from Spain or Chlny. Well, must ,bp gettin' along 'r the ol' woman. 11 think someone, 's hijacked onr breakfast. ?' long." And so I paid five cents for my mackeral. Blue Serry Cobb'cr And then the/s the blue berries. They're about the size of buckshot and if you pick enough of them you can taste them—but it takes a long time unless you get the whole family at it. Even then it take* more time than it ought because Oscar, jr. can not learn to put the berries in his pail but sticks them in his mouth (and around his mouth) so that he looks I and nulled their heads to trees as any and all who might be inclined to Interfere with the pirate's way. Well, we go over to the Inn where thers is a splendid trio of young and gobd-loojdng , girts. Shortly after we' came itl the first night I noticed during an intermission that 1 ".they Were hurriedly rummaging thru their stack of music anfl then the next number on the program was the Brahms trio in B major.' That was a pretty stiff dose but they'haiid!- ed it bekutlfnlly and afterwards I went up to congratulate them. But, I had hardly started my speech when they burst out, altogether: "Oh, thank you. Professor, we thought you would Hke that," "Professor!" I exclaimed, trying to register extreme astonishment, "Aren't you romateing a .little?" "Oh no," answered the p'ianist. "Mr. Nolte, the manager of the hotel, came down, and told us when you came in," (We had .visited some fiends at the* hottl that afternoon,"and probably that is how Mr. NOlte came to know us.) "And so continued the Vidlin- isty, "you see we know all about you because we take and read the Musical Courier. Ha, ha! ha. Sat iall three joined in. (they refered. undoubtedly, to the series of artfeles'rwMcli hate been running in the Musical Courier since early in May and will continue until latt- in September, and of which I ani the author. Every now and the4 the editor little notes of his own accompanying the articles.. Prof. Hawley thinks, Prof. Hawley ^i.ys, Prof.; Hawlpy formerly, etc.,"*te., giving the impression that only music most ertremelr high-brow, in character could be tolerated by me). ; "Btat, really, young ladles, this is vacation time, you- Ivnow. aad one looks for a little diversion in the shape of St. Louie Blngg, or Twelfth St. t?ap, when one in* on a summer jaant," T try to tefl them. But they sive me a sort-of "Ob, yeah!" look and pay no attention at all to my protest. So it has come about that whenever we Come in most of the oth^r listeners leave for quietly do'ze in their chairs until we leave) and we have to sit there and .wake believe that those young ladies' are plersing us more than if we : ^ere at the Stadium concerts of--the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. O*- well, that conies Of having gottenmyself more or-less in the public eye lately and so I must not complain. One can not hare 'all the pleasures of annonymity and all the glow of publication air the same time, can ons. And so, dear Tom, we come to the epd of our report. It is getting late in the afternoon arid I must go downjo the beacvh to get Oscar, jr. and Elvina who spend so American Indians. And. besides, we haven't anything for supper unless I go out and get a lobster. And that reinds me: The whold coast is strung with lobster pots and yon see toeit red, white and green floats just a little way off shore every time you look out on the oceai.. Well, you get to thlnk- at his side. She rushed from the stadium cene. visit to Hyde was dramatic from the. time accepted! Balb- and his twrnty-four ! Soing airplanes heading for SALE: ONR OF THK BEST 40 «cr«» farms in Stor.fcotinty. Oni;/ $3,iiOO. Lyuch & Ash, E W. Bnckus. above. Minneapolis lumberman, fm Jllod a ?1.000.000 Chicago gainM three men ho aociuios of ttum inflating a "corner" in corn in 19;'S. Backus claims he was forced to pay an extortion.iic price f<>r grain lie had comr.iei.oci to deliver Dei'milani* are (! V Swift, .h Allen K .M<H.«ri'. «mJ Herbert J B.'UIH in ;,n ambulance to the bis big tri-motored plaue was sight- j ed over the government. airfleM un- The takeoff of the balloon; the!til he dragged himself, weary aucj argest ever constructed, was one rubbing his eye's, to his room in )f the world's fair's most spectacular events. The ship was built ndsr supervision of Dr. Arthur 'ompton. of the University of Chi-ago, and Prof. Jean Piccarrl. The Latter's brother. A-tguste, two years ago conducted the first flight into the stratosphere in quest of scientific data on the cos- i mlc raj. Sponsors of thf ill fulfil flight, the Nelson hotel in Poughkeepsie. Three times the piano circled the field, dropping a parachute flare on one ot its rounds, before Boiling pilot, Lt. Stanley Umstead ot brot it to earth, out the Chicago Century of Dally News anr) a stepped Johnson, Edward McUrady. laboc advisor to the NRA, and Johnson's secretary. Miss France* Koblnson, who carried a bundle ot documents. They were met by Mclntyre said miorher a wnlte house automobile and drlv would he matle. n was possible. »>n «,t a flfty-mllr an hour clip to th?y said, that the next attempt (thu homo ol the president would be In connection with the [ JoluiKon in-u uo tin>« !u ;iett balloon r«ce« In n u . h . (U llu foundland. They nad missed Boston on the flifiht from New York but they found us and waved banners gloriously and happily at Oscar jr. and his mother who were getting thfir first, view of a momentous event. Don't think lime hangs heavy on your hands In these #oo«ls. No sir. not vith all that fire-\tood to get, repairs to make and food to find. Why WP ffel more like Swiss Family Hawley than like a civlli- led group our for a vacation. You See I am up with the aim and over to Anlsquan flats Clamming «or the days chowder and you can have them frltd, slewed, broiled or tn chowder and so hRv« a new mess «vf>ry day. Rank In time for ready for a blackface evening of entertainment. Then his mother has to stop and wipe his.face, and kicks over Elvlna's pail In his frantic effort not to have his face wiped, and I laugh so much that 1 do not get many berries picked, and so alang about five o'clock we find if we hurry we will have almost enough for blue-berry dum- i plingr (cobbler, most people call it i ^5. ,, al , {] t out west, but up here it is dumpl- j "™ h the Ju cv and ing). However, in the course of j ecean , so theyother d& these seven weeks we have man- j was dow . n at the rf aged to get enough berries to , raackeral , , said to th< ; stave starvation and alsr hare . <Lotg of ]obgter put up su pints which we hopp may last us until next pay day when we get home along about the middle of September. when I l>r»n><fn(«< «'th ahmi! . Af>" b: :•."><:;','! to I 'lorry iind row cut ID Island whi-rc (U you a peok of i;;.'i{) ID tlip TIi;:'i'lur's are lucky) V Evenings some of the gentry come over for a round of "cot- tract" or we go down to Gloucester (pronounced Glahster) to the talkie where the price of admission is only a quarter am' where | you see two feature films, a news ! reel, and a comedy, all in the space ot three hours—and you've got to be a good, tough movie-fan to sit through the whole of the show. In White Flannels Other evenings we put on our white flannel trousers and take the wife over to T.irk's Head Inn for the music. This Inn gets Its name from the fatf (so 'tis affirmed) that some pirates of th« seventeenth century put ashore here nnrt executed three Turks whom they had taken some years before and who n.)ver got quite bloodthlr- «ty enough for the ronnter pirate. So lie executed ihc-m on thin h#ad- Iftrul (»'ber»- ahnrtly hrfor* Sa:mu< c! de chaniplaln I^r 1 laixU'ri «i"l n«ul« parley with the Indians) No reply. "How far do you suppose go?" "Fur's th' coast line norrards." (which I understood to be nortjf). "How many lobsters do they catcji to a pot?" "well." slowly, and as If wanting to get rid of a pest who was talking to much, "if they git half a lobster to the pot they're doiii' damn well." "But l said sJowly and In tn« best imitation of amazement f was able tii muster, "how can they catch half a lobster In a pot?" He squinted his *yts a little, glanced at me out of thp corner, picked up his mace and brought it down with a resounding whark on a freshly boiled !ob«ter, and gav* no more sign that ', was still on th« n'narf A funny kind-of people, these New England fisher folk*. Sincerely yours. Hatch Haw)*). READ THE WANTS

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