The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 27, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1894
Page 7
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$mts\\ J&ntttt* b AItt AN ft WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. i the only newspaper In Cat- toll count* that Is printed all at home and It con• alns ihore local and count; news tlmn any other two papers in this county. I PoTiVBBS & COLCLO, ITOPB. FBIDAY, APRIL 27, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Slippers fit Moore's, Jlne shoes repaired at Moore's. litest Shoe blacking at Mooru's. •the best fl.OO work shoes nt Moore's. Store room to rent. Inquire of Wm. Trbwbridge. V. Hinrichs loft this afternoon for a ttip up the road. Two rooms to rent. Inquire of Mrs. M. B. Wethenll. " Stoves stored for the season. Call at Martin ifcClovis'. Some good baled hay for sale. Inquire at this office. until Do not buy Oxfords this spring you see Moore's line, Lh. Herb Csmpbell, of Manning, is Waiting friend in Ibis city. -Neither elm nor ash but SOLID OAK refrigerators at Woodring's. '~ ( Some good laying hens, choice stock, for sale cheap. J. vY. English. An almost new baby cab for sale Cheap. Inquire at this office. * Transplanted plants, cabbages, tomatoes etc., at the Carroll Green House. Strawberry plants for sale in any quantity, of the best varieties. J. W. English "A Bon. call of State Superintendent Babin. The meeting was a successful one and Mr. McMahon says he enjoyed It very much. In publishing the proceedings of the boaid of supervisors last week we made an error in saying that 0. Hauimann received $52.92 for commlttte work when it should have been |28.92. We are sorry the error occurred and make this explanation in "justice to M. Hausmann. It will be an agreeable surprise to persons subject to attacks of bilious colic to learn that prompt relief may be had by taking Chamberlain's colic, choleia and diarrhoea remedy. In many instances the attack may be prevented by taking this remedy as soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear. 26 and BO cent bottles for sale by J. W. Jlatton, druggist. Yeu must see the best to buy it. It is a wrong plan to buy first and look afterwards and kick vourself when you find that you could hive done better if vou had seen L. T. Anderson's sewing machines, harness, saddles, trunks and other goods. 1 "* t Frank Florencourt informed us this morning that it was all foolishness to taU about Die Gertnania becomine a Take a "Trip Round the World" via Republican paper for it would be im- possibl* for it to work in harmony with the Herald as it played the part of a traitor to the party every year and that was something he could never do. John Kniest says, "If a reader of » newspaper thinks that every time an editor speaks in praise of some individual through the columns of his paper and means it, he is off. Many and many a time he would rather cuss the life out of the friend who is welcomed back to town by a host of friends. "Aint" that a fact, Deacon? Kind words constitutes the best paddle in many instances." That's our policy, but its fearful hard to do at all times/ but then its "pizness." WHY HE FALTERED. " Hate," said the farmer, " just split np some of thot railroad timber and I'll ° walking on such as i cnot'" said the tramp j " the greater part of my life has been passed those. It is too much like breaking up home ties."— Pack. •the new coupon route furnished by this paper. Messrs. Woodring and Coburn arc fixing things about their dwelings in first class shape. West Virginia Splint is the best coal Trv it and you will use no other, keep it in stock. D. Joyce. The petition asking for consent to sell liquor will be filed with the county auditor next Monday. Hood's Banaparllla IB absolutely unequalled as a blood purifier and itrengthenlng medicine. It U the Ideal spring medicine. Try it. Elegant line of wall paper at the Palace drug store. C. H. WBSTBBOOK, Manager. Do not spoil your shoes with inferior dressings, but if vou would like something good and nice, you will find it at Moore's. J B. Whitney. C. L. Wattles and J. Chose who never read the advertisements in their newspapers miss more than they presume. Jonathan Kenlson, of Bolan, JPorth county, Iowa, who had been troubled with rheumatism in his back, arms and shoulders read sn item in his — paper about how a prominent German we [ citizen of Ft. Madison had been cured. HiTprocured the same medicine, and to use his own words: "It cured me right np." He also says: "A neighbor and his wife were both slok in bed with rheuma tlsin. Their boy was over to my house W. Hatton left this forenoon for Omaha to attend » meeting of the Mystic Shrine at that place. '. Be sure and supply your toilet with a bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor. It keeps the hair soft and glossy, and the scalp cool and clean. The boys are welcome to carry away one of our fine illustrsted glory books, with every euit bought of Moses Simon of tbe famous. Miss N. M. Camp is now prepand to do all kinds of sewing at her home, two blocks south of the college. Children's ' clothes a specialty. The O. A. R. post will meet this even- Ing at their hall for the purpose of transacting important business and a full attendance is desirable. Thousands and thousands of rolls of wall paper at the Palace drug store, iron 5 cents to 60 cents per roll. U. U. WBSTBBOOK. Manager. May baskets artistically arranged in all the latest styles and fashions. Also bulk flowers at the lowest price. Call at tbe Carroll Green Hpuso. 5-3 The school board meets this evening to hire teachers for the schools. As all the members arc in the city it is thought that there will be no more delay. • The schools observed Arbor dsy this afternoon with appropriate exercises. No general demonstration wss made bnt •aob room hail a splendid program for the occasion. Frank Meis and family arrived in the city Wednesday from Dyersville and Mr. Meis will work lu Todd &' McAllister's •ating room, whore he wss a former em- ploye several yours sgo. The man who runs an Independent paper tklndi tb«t it is the province of a psper of that kind to (lud fault with public officials no matter whether they are doing thulr duty or not. It Is only of late years that rheumatism nas been treated as a blood dlseasu. Uut that this Is » correct theory Is proved by the extraordinary success attendlng|tho use of Ayer's Barseparllla, iu tUls painful and very prevalent malady. U seldom fallsof radical cure. Ben Browu.son of Uaruny Drown, west Qftuiseity, had his arm broken Ust tmning while training a broncho ponjr to lead. The animal reared up and struck bis arm with one of its feet breaking tho ' bone between tho shoulder aud elbow. The evolution of ui«dlolu»l agents Is gradually relegating tho old-lime herbs, , Sills, draughts »ud vegetable extracts to " 4h« rear aud briuglug Into general use (he nleaunt and effective liquid laxative, ™. T-'""•" _ 1K1 _^ *•!„ ,•„*. sVl.,, tl*UA . and said they were so bad he had to do the coo*lng. 1 told him of Chamberlain's pain balm and how it had cured me, he got a bottle and it cured them up in a week. 50 cent bottles for sale by J. W Hatton, druggist. John Kniest is working himself into a white heat for fear that oui Republican friend on Main street will rob the county. We, too, know he is an oily cuss and would enjoy taking in a Democratic board of supervisors, but he can't do it. It will be ilme enough to worry about the April proceedings when the board has acted on them. In the meantime it would be a good thing if you would figure up, for the board, tbe exact amount the proceedings have been padded and fiirnieh an itinpized statement for them of just BOW much be it trying to rob the county and we will lend our assistance in trying to prevent tbe robbery. How's) ThUI W« oBsronebonaM dollars reward for anr eat* of catarrh that cannot be eared bi HaU't eatarrh core. Jf. J. CHKNXY * Co., Propi., Toledo, 0. We, th» undersigned, have known V. J. Chsaer for the past 16 jresrs, and believe bun perfect!? honorable n all builness trsnsaeUons snd Hnan- elallf able o oarrr out anr obligation made by thelrnrm. West * Truss, wboleule druggists, Toledo, O. Wald!nf,Ilnnsn * Marvin, wholesale drug- gUU, Toledo, O. Ball's oaUrru cure it taken Internally, Mllni dlreetly upon the blood and uiuooui surfaces of the iiiteni. Price 753. pei bottle. Bold bi all druggUU. Testimonial! fiee. • he abused her, and now she isthrough with him. She is now stopping with Ohas. Beal and family ia the first ward. The Yankee OlrT. "How brilliant and mirthful tbe light of her Like a star glancing out from the blue of the An d nglit'ly and freely her dark tresses play , O'er a brow and a bosom as lovely as they.' The Yankee girl IB not always blest with abundant health. There are unfortunately hundreds of Yankee girls and matrons who are dragging out an existence.' They suffer from aliments peculiar to their sex. Life Is a burden Where an they ebtaln relief? The question Is not hard to answer. Dr. Plerce's Favorite 1 P»«'rt? 1tto !> will bring the brilliant and mirthful light {wok to their eyes and the blush of health to their cheeks. It cures all Irregularities, weaknesses, nervous and general debility, spasms, tit. Vltus Dance, and kindred ailments, There is a three cornered political situation in Great Britain that is interesting. The Irish, the Liberals and the Tories stand facing one another. The Irish hold the balance of power. If the Liberals are slow about coming forward with home rule, it may even be that the Irish can toy with the Tories and gain their point. The Tories are naturally so anxious to get back into power that they might promise home rule to Ireland for the sake of returning. thieves are disposed of It tufty be In order to go for the hen roost robbers. Last fall hundreds of turkeys and chickens were stolen in this vicinity. While there may not at present be evidence enough to convict there is enough to warrant a sharp watching of the suspected. April 24. JIM. PLtBASANT HILL. John Gollwirtzer was in Carroll last Monday on legal business. Last week while on the road to Qlldden, we noted that several men were running washing machines. "Dad" Clark went to Atlantic last week to visit awhile with his relatives there, T.M. Gable had a horse badly cut in barbed wire last week. Mr. G. Jones went to Pocahontas county this week to make out the papers on a land sale and will then visit a short time at Des Moines. S. A. Davis accldently fell and sprained his ankle while at work on H. L. Sqnlre's new house and last report is that he Is unable to be out much. , The Quarterly meeting at Carrollton was well attended. Klder Porter was present andpresided and quite large number was present from a distance. Mr. J. W illlams was in Carroll last week and purchased a very fine monument for UIB little child buried lately by him. We learn that the Sargent land has been bought by Mr. B. Net/per for S80 per acre. Mr.Nepper is one of this township's heavy men. Mrs. L. Johnson, of California, is visiting here with her parents, Afr. and Mrs. Chas. Corbin sr. Her husband, Mr. O. Johnson, was a resident of Carroll a few years and is now a prominent fruit grower in California. Thedistrict meeting of the Odd Fellows to be held at Vail was for some reason given up. The lodges on the M .& St. P. R. R. were Invited by Coon Rapids lodge to an enteitainment in tbe new opera house there and a big jamboree is expected. Married at Wllley, April 24tb, Rev. Father Geblingofflciating,M. H. Feat and Miss Theresa Flise. After the ceremony the Vllley coronet band accompanied tbe happy couple and a host of fi lends to the residence of the bride's parents where a] BoutitlouB feast was spread and In the evening rr—'- —'"• "• »»'•"-* •swell and i s.oaav TV wo ogsiwrnu ciou iu VIAO music arose with its voluptuous d we all danced a "little.". J The Missouri, Kansas and Texas has abolished the office of superintendent of bridges, and in future the duties of that office will be looked after by Chief Engineer C. A. Wilson. The Big Pour has been trying to per , feet arrangements with the Chicago and i Eastern Illinois for the use of its tracks) j between Danville and Chicago for a through service from St. Louis and Chicago. It has succeeded at last, j The citizens of Fargo are endeavoring to have the extension of the Dnluth and Winnipeg, which will probably be built this year, pass through that city and connect with the "Soo" road about 20 miles northwest of Valley City, N. D. CURES OTHERS 1C n. J. H. LAKSINCJ, of South O'en's Falls, Saratoga, County, N. Y, writes: " After my third child was born, I barely (rained strength enough In two year's time, so as to be able to crawl about to accomplish the little house work tbat I had to do. and that only by lylnf down to rest many times . each day; had sick headache very often, many rains and aches all the time. After I had taken ono bottle of your 'Favorite Prescription* I could see a great change • *—~?-AI- jna jgfg Contin- in my strength and less sick headaches. Continued taking tho medicine until I had taken seven bottles of the' Favorite' and ono of tbe ' Golden Medical Discovery.' I am now able to do housework for myself and » .~7T~r~. n husband and two child- Hits. LANSING. Ka B ged nine and flvo. t also tako dressmaking, and enjoy walking a tnllo at a time, when I can have the time to do so. Ana I am sure It Is all due to Dr. Plerce's Favorite Prescription as I know I was Calling fast before I commenced to take It." Sold by medicine dealers everywhere. WHV NOT YOU? / 1ARRQLL DRY GOODS SPAM TUB LAWN. Tbe county author! tie* have been at ooneiderable expense in terracing and planting shade trees in the pnblio square and in getting tbe grass etarted there, with tbe intention of making, it ae attractive as possible. Now tbat thia baa been done tbe city authorities oliould see tbat it ie properly protected from tbe crowds of people tbat gather there completely killing ont the grass which baa beeu very difficult to start. Espeoislly U this true on the south eide ot tbe square aud tbe oiowde that have been allowed lo gather there of nights bae completely killed all tbe great tbat bad been started. Thin is a question tbat should be attended to aud Ibe square should be protected, at least until it ie covered with a good award of graee. A Bint to Young Men. Alas, how jiwtsleutaw those dread dlMMei as, wlilou make roting wen prmiiaturu The rule passed by the house of representatives to enable it to proceed with business by counting in a quorum is different from that adopted by Speaker Reed. Mr. Reed himself counted in a quorum when members were present, but abstained from voting. Under the new rule a quorum may be counted the same as Speaker Reed did it, but the counting is to be done by tellers, one from each of the leading political parties. It gave the outside world deep pain to observe that even the army of the commonweal had discord within its own ranks. People who are going to teach tbe world a lesson ought not to quarrel among themselves. OHALLEMOK. The Carroll Stan hereby obal'enge any nine in tbe city to play • geme ot ball tor a pane ot 1100. Tbe game to be played any time within two weeks from date. OHAB BSUDFOBD. FBKDLAMOB. ICB. Rich & Todd are now ready to deliver ice. They desire the patronaice of their old customers and .all others who are in need of first class ice and prompt delivery. We guarantee satisfaction. Leave orders at Todd & McAllister's luncUroom ; n. c .,&To P i>. IOB, Ice season has now begun and the wagon IB now out. Leave your orders it the office of A. U. Quint or M.Blmon's store. For Bale or Exchange. We have town lote in thriving towns in northeastern Nebraska; also, cboii* improved or unimproved farms for enlw, or exchange for stocks of merchandise or good oattle and horse*. 1-21 OBBWUTON LANB & Lot Uo., Knoi0o..0relgnton, Neb. * Losv. On the afternoon of Thursdsy, April 14th. on the road between the farm of Goo. W. Psine and Carroll, a lady's leather hand bag. The fluder will please return U to the office of Goo. W. Peiuo and receive reward. 1-1 KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of, physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. . Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fever* and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drag- 4sta in WKs and »1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the narae, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed.jrou will not accept any substitute If offered. CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to Insure the publication of their letters In tbe weekly, must mall them so they will men our offlos Wednesday.! COHP&NY Diy tods, Notions, Millinery mi Cloaks UNION TOWNSHIP. Miss J.Schrlber Is boarding with Mr. Elba Ueald. Mr. Churchill Is fencing the school house ft t No. 2. Afr. Geo. Morris has returned from his trip to California. Miss Erne Fox worthy U ataylng with Mrs. VTnlt«nalls at present. Mr. and Mrs. Lovell were visiting trlends In these parts last week. Mr. and Mrs. Heald cleaned the school house at No. 2 before the school began. Billy Dennett and other* gave a show at the Star Saturday evening; had a good house. Opt. Clark, traveling evangelist for the U. B. church, visited with Mr. Uuth- rauff last week. Uev. Sam Brown, former pastor at the Star, has been compelled to give up his charge on account of poor health. D. P. Buck, of Dedham. was In the nolRhborhood last week. Betting out trees on hU place east of Oarrollton. Wo womUr If that scribe In tlio other iper that says "we clip our Items," don't now brass and gold apart when on harness. Born, April 10th, to Mr. and Mrs Dan Koxworthy, twin babies. They lived but a few hours and were burled at Oak Hill tho eleventh. ^____^__ BAST U11B11TV AND HOOK ItDN, Everybody busy. , Mr. lirucu U out again on orutobes. George Calvin la slok with the measles. Oeorgo Kill* has repainted his house. MUsAlicuSlwarer In touching- lu tho Uobbs district. John U'holeuburg began school In the Uoilor ilUti lot the mil. Ail agent ot Dr. Baker, of Keokuk, was '-•••; pauacuu as hure last week. BTJTTERICB: We are showing an exceptionally nice line of Ladies Spring Capes. Also, a large assortment of Ladies Skirt Waists. -«i|=p*A Big Stock of Fine Laces and Embriodery.i i jn An Excellent Stock of Dress Trimmings \ In the Latest Styles. \ * . j ' i Extraordinary Preparations • Have been made to meet the requirements of the 5 Spring Trade in Millinery. We have what twill suit I you, and judging by the amount of work we are . turning out, the prices are also suitable. WE WANT YOUR TRADE. You make no mistake iu making! your purchases hew. Everything is sold with the complete understanding that per feet satisfaction is guaranteed. <Q^ We are the Low Price Makers on our line of goods. / SD Yours truly, CARROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY. W, L. DOUGLAS ^e^^aw ^B ^B ^^^^V_, _•••• ^•waiawywiM 'jfrjj ^^^^B ^^^^^1 ^^^^^^^ ^^L^^r vUaJR U AJS MM SqucuklMS, It ollom Waterproof. Hat Shoe «old atthe price. •2.5O, •nd 92 •hoe», Unequalled at the price. weuts, P.H- V.VW.1W M.. ••• ••• ^". assooUtlou of •*dtu«l t eiurlenoe In tholr treat; success In their cure, will be an vast •M« that It Is manufactured by the California Vlg Byrup Uo. ouly. For sale by all (fading AruggUU. guneilntendcut Mollabon returned from Council BluBi yesterday where he beau In attendance at the district eBtiou ot county superintendents of •the WMteru part of the state under the sixmru from ten u«nU, -It notice, to Association, 849 lire. Daley Zavitt, • young and handsome wife of a farmer living near Beaver, left her boeband, Oeoar Zavlll, on the Doth. She left a totter telling Mat it would be naalew lor bint lo try to find her, DontMllo trouble wu »he osuee. She oame to lota oily yeeUrdatsuid today her husband pat in an .ppeswanoe Thu {undersigned will tako in town cattle to pasture by * e »<">»». Oo ° a running water in pa.ture. I will not be responsible for accidents should any occur. _ Carroll Marteot Report WUKA'i'-^Boto 47o OOHN-ajc OATB-850 11OQS-|4.M UUTTKH-IBo QATTllUa.Kto8.00 NotloeU Notice. •11 tiMsoni Interest**;. Bi» aBorte to Induce her to return'were un»vailiog w»d be WM oompelled to return to hi> home alone, She olaiuu (bat iwnKKUisii utaauux aiiwM 4VM** l*v>w*** »«J»IW"»«PW»^j thMou^he^aarofAptlU^theuuasMtawed vailauuolutwltoytUs afitriut wurt of Carroll igSSsSifeS"' i, auiTllos* baj S»iT Thorn wiia a muotluu of the East Liberty school butud ou tliulJaa, alsoodheMouut ilopti Uuiuutery a»suulallou. Bast Liberty school bouse has beeu to- bhliiKluJ. JUIss Uoblusou, whotaviKlttthe fall lurui last year, U tbe present toaouor. The purple martins aro back again. As they had beeu away more than six mouths a i>alr of blue bUUs had Jumped "lie of Uieir claims. But tho origins owuor» after an exciting contest "«»»>«J posbusvUmandareuow busy with their UHual siirlug work. No offouoe. dear brother, we do feel Indolent sometimes ami then occasionally our Hem microscope gets out of order. Tim" wss tbe reason we did not discover at the pruiier time tbat Aruhlo Shutos had bought a splendid orgau. Aud now tbat tho awine and sugar *»o t<> mtuu luvvsUU wllb th» Aaiorloau Sindlost* inures»«s with iuarv«loiwrai>ldiy by IU»tr plan ot SYNDICATE SPCCUUATION ™ ,," S.,7i mi«.il_ra»if f-n^tiiui JS. Tbe Rest Shoes for the Lemt Money $3, $ff.W?2, $1.75 ^ lloitUunk-ola.Htirllsh.lHiirfMe •L fitting and tk'rvlu'uble.iual *• In tE« world. All 8t»lM. k liuUt ui>oii having W. I» , ;Sl|«.. ^•]^iMMf|>ri«» •UMUIMM! of ^^ ^ THEI ^^ lmuou " tel DCALERt who push the bale of W. L. .UotiBlaii Shoes gain cubtomers For Sale by O. M. MOORE. lIGtiT '"^WlTwMMlf ssU^urtior all KstabltsSsd litfrfttjie uraats sash mr. Sank; wftrsuoss. TSuJlor luforiuatiou. ATaiUMJLTON«Co.,Maiuw«rs. K(H 8 & W Taollto *v«. i Culoego, IU. fr* Northwestern Bulling and Loau Association Deuoeite ieoeive4 iu antouute of 56 oeuta and upwards. Interest paid on tin* deposits. Oertluoatee of depoaitiasued: For three months, at 6 per cent For six months, at 6 per cent For twelve months, at 7 per cent full paidoapllal .took now M.,eo»<«•-'^g WU, *» *,#**. 'CALL 42' TUB OFflCK AUD MB OUK

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