Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1927
Page 2
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•SS'OW-ON -THE -MOrNTAIN When wfntpr snows have .fled "when winter winds anW. skies of irray • • , Have been forgotten- Jong ago; • AVhen summer breezes| blow, : WTien . heated skies are- all aglow - Then*"y6u cdnie running, - . Swert . snow-oh-fhe-riiountafn! i JAutun^ti finds you still on hand V liCoVerlhg'miles of.dusty land. Xcross thej ri''h plowed fields ; ' you go.: Through ej-ery deep-turned fur" ' . row.; Vxt and down each endless row, ll:^;Stiil you come running, j Bfight snow-on-the-ni'ountoln! i Soft OT,velvet is your raiment. One w^iild scarce hiive dreauii Thflt^h would wear sol well .'. 'As you wander ^>vi"r field, and-I over fell .i ; j Down the hlllHidPH. and in the dell. As you come runnliiK, , - JJear snlow-onr-the-nfniinlain! —Helen (Marrjirown In the Chrls•. - fkn Science Monitor. At tti^ Presbyterian riiiin:! Ih the morning worship ilio '•'loir jpancr 'n\t, Calls to Me" by "- the paslujr, ficv. II. c. Muihi . T^ehclfied OU , -rlK- |{|<:ii<;. of The text Wits, ".'llial I jpreacli unto llur uofjtllc",- tin- of Jfi -sv R-.L. Thot'nison. Jr .J was •mEJpLA DAILY REGISTER. MONLJAY EVENING, DECEMBER 12..1927. man'» Auiili- aifnounted. T^he Wo arv will meet Thursiay afternoon in" the home of Arj I A. JJorfglas fiordou: .^10 Soiith WishingtOi kv;e- nue. at which meetinW the el«ctl6n »r officers for jhe next fiscal year •will take place*. 'All meinber » are iirged to be. present at ttie fneel- •:• <• <\ .Vnxlc ("Jab )Protfriim I i Tomorrow afternoon the Iota Music club will boll its aiinifa .I Christmas party in the- hone of Mrs; P. K. Waugh, 706 East Jack- «oi| avc""*". ^'l'" ^""s soi) and .Mrs. Ray lyor as hos- tesBes. / Music, of the Far J last will coii- .•itltute The, program 1 s foilo !A 'i: Picture frim the. En it.-Schumanh IJondon-Bi^shi ..i. Barttett Miss Hobart liti a nrahminl fiarden ^—Tlogan Song of I Iiidja.. Rimsky-Korsnkoff • .MrV. I'nrkhurst • TiirkUh 'Rondo . .] M^oxarl Mrs. Burney >llller - ShngH of MnniiisiuiH . Wo. .My Christ miglit •n'ttSeai^habJe riclKs of Clirist.'',TIK rlthes |6f" Christ arc not tcin [ioi :il "but spiritual. The trust/ in Him thiat He bestows oil bis ciiililrcii is a part of His rirlie.s. The a.s.siir- ance that He giv^s o Jlis (Ii.«ciiries Is aiso a part ofth'' riches. The. grace that He bestows on His •believers is an importHiit part of the'riches. Such ridics ' arc un­ searchable 'itlicy liiive to |idf0rd -Fl l<ovcr Is a Flslifrmai) ^.!,,„„,i^„ C Sti ^lclflandiV.' Miss Cllnc Hiilns of Athens - . HcetboVen-Rubei^stein Mrs. Waugh |{cj(dliiK. .Miss Rsfjier Anderson VoC |iil Solo,. .MiS!). Ruth B Pit lure from the Kasj. Schumann Mrs. nnnforfli. Mrs. Wau^h . ' . •:• >:- FtrsI:Chri-ifl«n fhnrch Senfr*« N'ohviihstandliig the sllijpery walks and streets, the afteni: !it the Christiiin ,c|liurch itlible iovitt nden never foiindB; a •benevolent tlon: nel'ffier prepaVeai nor rlii^^ nUes * fnture. i ^ i > irOn thfe othe*' -haiid. 'the thAis otitic liree of'IWffej.'ln Chrfai a/e love. j()y. peace, service." j ".N'o Room In the Inn". was the evening theme with tiie,fext found In Luke T. ".MuUltud .es had no' footn for Chrtai.' Herod' had no room for Him On ttcoodnt of Jealousy. Jaftas had no room for Him on %ccbitot of the loVe-'of irioiey. The priests had no rooni for Him pit account of politital prominence. _ "If you ntake no room In your heart for Christ, will Christ make room -tor yow In -heaven 7 There Is rrtom'for tJhrtst fn fbrnlfy. Social and buWinesa: life If fte Is taken Into your heart." The Christian -Endeavor societies held a consechitfoit Wetfng, which Vas weH (itteti4ed.' I The music: comnflttee of the church Is malclntr lirepVi«'ttbn»'for a pageant 'which *in lie T)fe«etfted Christmas eve'nfnl; unffer the direction of Mr. Fred Steele. * * • It'fltWen Wtk The rola[ bi^ndi' oflthe Asso- ciatlon of lUiJfversIty "jtrdineh melt Shturdfay affprnooh wlfh Mrs; T. E. KorllgreD. SifUs )Catfai?mi iPorsy- thc>nd,!«l«« TtoDet^a Waiter In the hcfil^ of the foriner at R19 South street. - . i A sHrirl iiiuslneifis meeHiig jlre- ceded an ai^dress on "Sthitent.Prob- leniK Ih Chfnh," given Hy Mrs. P. Secretary ts hildten Must flMfi <m AUbottgb he. Mven in one of Wshhlngtbta'* finest hblAes and IS regarded jfo'ft n llttbnalre. SecreUry of Labor James tf. Dayii» believea fa'teiclilhg.his children to watih dishes and *elp mth the honaework. The aecretjiry, aa frimlgrant boy. worked, for years' jhi the ateel tiUU of Pen ^isylvanla. •fl*e secretary. Mf*. pKTfjt Una their five children .are- pie^ tured labdT*^ Left to right, the chllBtai are ' Jafie, 'Je«*el, James, Joan and laiice do with Hie in jvith one thro^igh on,Into the Jifi leading though] The Sunday 0 Itlicv hie nil remain yeurs iiml to come, wpiv the :s.' . ichool nnd ific Y. TJ. S. C. E. were I so wcil jutciiiicti but had fine s«'s .«inn.';. T'uv •sj>irit «t • Christmas wus ^ . iil ;inifc.<;t -fhrotighoiiUlie'sC'rv!.\.-''of ihc ilay, .The church was prcliily dccoriitcd ito give tlic Chriijfmas atnio'-phere. scliool was 2fi4. Dr. Harold I. was in charge, and Miss .Vlar^qiret f;riffiHi played a piano svlectihh. • Mr: Fred Steele ij-d the i-holr and a niafe quartette compos<id of Ilichanl Wolf. Enrest 'Foster. JHar- old I^iviti «inij Vret\ iSteele. jKang "(ilorv to the Father." accointianiT cd I>y Mrs. C. A. Barber. ' | The Scripture le .es m was .laiiics -1 :i :!r27 froiii \v' " hich the tor. th<' Key. .1. I .ce r eleford. Thesi' niemln-ni werp present: Mrs. <;. .M. ^.nmer, Mrs. R. TI. Carpenter. Mrs. J... ' Tromlwld, Mrs.! M. And^rsoh. Mrs. A. M.iThoro-l marf. Mrs. C. I. Coldsmltht Mrs.! Florence K. Beldltfg. Jlrs. P. O. Hnofsmi, Mrs. Lee .Moore. Mrs. D.' r. Hurthett. .Mrs. Burhey Miller,) Mrs. .1 V. Edwards. Mrs.' Haiel r] Mnxsdh. Miss Mildred McKlnne.v.l' Miss Zenith 'Mullen.. Miss Carrie I Back and Miss. Rbbet-ta Warner.' .t(pr «1<*(>>i :Hl Bafiffftf Temiile Tlie ice J-ansed a falling off In attendance yesterday, but after all i the day was one of great profit. I The p;jsfor. Dr. .1. H. Sowerby, ! |irea<lied at botli_^scn;Ices and the i rajolr as usuil rendeml most es-, Oeffetit music. The unique service 1 ^ of tiie day was the Initttitlon of ai if,.„„j I tiitmber of new-members Into "the i pa.";- g'a yc a di.«coiir.-;e {in the su iject. "Fiuits of .I'libciief." Ffc sail in part •'True religion liasj to do jwith the heart ,aiid not lliiiigs. There are oi" rc]iginuist.<!: tlios-e Jiollv wreaths. caM.II..r-3nd rhn^i.\form,my and crcnc j^s trees being placed. ;.!.tMit .,1,0 i I"-:""'." outward extremes •be rwi) who observe [•moiiy and ^hose tyaiid i«nse- pulpitand choir platform. i . , / / ' •lu Ihe evening wor.«hi|. tiic pa.';- ^'f'' .3"dpef-- our : .ts ^nd our <or preached the second of the scr- nfotives. ll.-lision is known W its Je's of sermons to. voang i>eopic. <'<i"-'- '"nim the tree o' be. The theme was "The Chunh Ser-; 'V'^ f''"'" ""' I'''''! "f "nli'lief. vice; Why?^Wfiat?" l.a.sed upon 1 "'•''•'"•>• '"•ovcs that xxthen a njitlon .i *he .answers of the young .!peopl<^ ith^m.s«lves to the question- "Hojv can we improve our worship so it iwHl help young'-pcople?" Tlie real purpose of (v .servicft is not eii'ter- ttaJnment.ibut worship .T-nrt com-: munion with God. Thrvre is plenty of entertainment In the worlil. TJie church ..alone Is commissioned io fiirnish worship, dnd a place of -communion with God. The speak- «r brought out what >fh«' young people ca^ put into such a scr- yicjB and what they can take out *f ft. . " • • • fit tlmofliy's lEpfsonpal Thnreli Owing to the Illness of the rer- <on- the Rev. Thomas Ceiz Hill, (there was' no preaching service- last Jilght at St;. Timoiliy's Kpisropal church. -However, the Church ischoot inet at the usual hour with tall teachers and most of tlie schol- flrs present^ and plans were made to -hold ai'service Christmas morn- 5ng to consecrat*' the baby rattles •whii-h are se^it annualli- ti^f the. Wind babies.*ih a home for" the blind in Virginia.; A postporiemeni '^f the Church iServIce, League to Weilnesday &ig!ht, December 21. in the home forgets (!<ld it loses bH-po.welr 'by which it can control its piJppIe. and that nation .decays. rnl|elief always i.s In* the negative, fornt It I.- ! World-Wide Guild. The parts were *ell thken and the senice ended wirli the 1ight4n'g of the candles and the slirglng "Follow the Gleani;" by the lentire group. The annual bsiraar unde.r the auspices of the 'Woman's -riiion to \u- held. tomorrow at the temple and a lueeling at "Port Scott for Wcdiiesda.v w««i-e announced. The ineeliijg is itnnounced as an asso- ciatiniml i-iiiifereuce. but it Is being < onductcd liy a -team wlilcn is sent out by the northern convention and is composed of Rev. Flov<l L. Carr. n. n.. Of .NYw York City; Rev. E. S. Bhrkett Of- China, («nd .Miss .'\iina Hagqulst of Africa. It is hoped several car loads of the church people will attend. v^ 4 • Ydnnr-CleaVer 7 The marriage of Miss (Jlad.vs Yhuhg of Skvonbuf; arid Mr. Rock- wald W. Clever. tOqk jHace" Saturday ii,lcht -In the lirime of the Rev. X. L. Vetle. ^who was the officiating clergyman. They were accompaWed by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cleavip-r. Th«i lilde has been the^ teacher n{ the Pleasant Valley school and BiEAUTIES' BEAUTY! Epwnrtli li^as^e Siclety HoKt-to leapies of Allei County—. rarrti* - Tracjhi rs ASSQ. elation Oh-eii] 'rogram- (Mrs. A. F: Batten"!; GXS dfTY. ;De« 10:— The Ep, worth l<eagtfe of Gas City M. E. ibitch played hSst one night last week to representatives from-.all leagues, of Al^h cc unty. Though the night walj cold, a ve^- good number ca "me put. The guests were enteriaihed by a ^Ibrt radio program broadcast Uy the home leaguers over statjion ^-A;S. A short business me ting followed wli ich Was preside I oyer ~: by 'the county president. 1 rfl. EaH MO'ore, of Tola, .^t this, tn le .an .invitation from Humboldt wa; given "and was accepted fOr the n«'eetirig. .-At the, close of the b isttaess meeting My Mo keil through the ght live:- hody when I was iiveary: bun down nnd snng to me iwalk:-- ,^|ie carried ine nude:' hiT Ilea l>oveil me before 1 v.ii.-; born: Took <Jod's hand lii herx and wa Valley of Sbailows that I ni Bathed me when liwas helpless: Clothed me when I was uaked:- Gave iiie warm milk from her ow hungry: Hockey to sleep when- I was I'illowed inc cm pillows softer in the voice of an angel:-Held my hand wlieu 1 learned to .N'lirseili lite when 1 was sick: - - SulTerecl .with iny sorrow:-- I^aiigheil'with my joy: Glowed witli my triiiiiipli; and whfle I knelt at her side . she tjusiht my lips to pray.| , Through all the days of iny youth .V|je_grive strengUi for • niy weaki>ess. courage for 1! " " " ' ' lill my hoDcles.^ heart :~ Was loyal: when Othns failed:- Wiis 'rup when tried by lire: — Was niy trieiid wlieii other friendv were gone:-!- I'r'iyed for iiie fliroiigh all the days her su'ishine or sa.dileiicd ^>y shadows:^— ly despair, and hope to when flooded wiih and led me Into mail 's l.oved me •.vheii I wa .s unlovely, estate to walk triiimpliant .on the King's Highway and play a manly part. Though we may lay ilown our lives for her we can never pay the debt we owe to a-Cjiristian iilother. —Atitbor Unknown. (he guests were ::i ing room., ;.vhi -h made a ^-^••iid d games, whicli fdllcj j 11 Ing closed w'ith I sandwiches. plcklei| .'ing served to on I eight young p*opl« The program Fri fioiaH fighie 'ajpdaat n C6n- a. d(III IS cer- we all iffd to the ilin- wjaS i-i'-.n/ed. siiid .•::I.v- loi- the wed 'fhe eve- refretjhmfents. of and pUnch be-1 hundreil iay night by;th» Santa CMus p. T. A. was enj yed quttfe a i large audience. ! (e.f "ral jnuiirtiers from Gas were j Iven. The last LaAarpc. Kansas December Ift, 1927. '• Dear Sahia Claus: I am ivritinte to tell y.iii What w^t for Christmas. \ I waiit a doll and a doll bu^y 'tfnd a table and a litde pianoiatd a little embroidery ^set and candy and nuts and oranges. Well that Is ay. Prdniiyonr little friend. Ruth Arline Robinson LaHarpe. Kansas December lo .i 1927. De'ar Santa Claus-. 7 alh *rritlng to tell yon what I want for Cl\rlsimas. 1 want a doll and doll buggy. I want a little .stove. And a littlie \yeil and a set of dishes and a set or paihts. And crindy and nuts and • or-, ange.s. From - . I .N'udine Robinson "Wliat a Whale of u Difference, a Few (.'ents- .Make" was well applied to the treasurer's troubles with getting the additional money needed at different titiies. by David Shannon. "Eventually: Why .Vol Now?" was given by Hazel Troutwine and told of folks getting to Chrl.stian Endeavoi late, or not wanting to lead meetings, et cetera!: btit'all must be done eveutiial- ly, so why not now? .Margaret Shannon, prfisldent of thfc senior, society Wi's th(' leader. During .the busine .xs session if . ,, ,, - . , „ was announced that a soc.Ial period the bridegroom lives eight miles j^.^^ ,„ ,„.,,, ....^j s „n,,ay eve- sAuthwest oMola. They are *^PlIij,i„g. beginning at r, o'elock-witif known >-;oung i )e6p |e In the southern part' of the county. . <• <• • Tnwnseiid-Klelds Mi ,«s Clara, Mvrile Townsend and' Mr. "Edwardj Chester "Fields Were married after tiib morning ohhrch service >-esterday In the pnlted Brethren chiirc^i. The pastor, the Rev. E. .V. MoTjtgomery. Officiated with the ring cieremony. The bride is the daushte^ of Mr. and Mrs". Steve Townsend. Mr; and .Mrs. Fields, will make their home in Blaiilcwell. OklaYioma. * • • Trinity .Vet.hndlst Episcopal Clmrrli because bf tlfe Ice ci [)vere&|pa 'vje- menfs and, walks, the / Sunday .school at Trinity suffered a lobs in atteHdante tj'f -ibont "thifty aiid there Was^ tilso a little ^lidrta^e in attendaihce at the . nibi'n'rng services, but In the ewnlhg considering, the weather, th*re was a remarkably ^ood attendance. In the morhlng the 'phrftor, the Rev. J. C. WHsOh. ^seil as liis theme, "The, Power of ThouJBht." In the ipeeting at the usual time. •:• <' •:• .Snnd*y nl First .Hetfaodist ( hnrrli an spite of the weather. Sunday I was a good day In the FiKst Jletho- I (jistl church.' -A splendid Sunday .school startetl: the day in a fine ihahner and the services Ihrough- oiit the day were helpful and Inspiring. At the morning service the holy communion was observed and the pastor spoke briefly of the a'cjiompllshment of Paul l)ecause of i liis cohfimunlon with God. The Bpworth League servlces- wpre well attended and all three presented helpful pfogram.=!. I At the evening hour the attend- a'nce was somewhat limited, but ever>-one enjoyed an informal ser- Vlci?; together. The pastor spoke 'on the s.iibject. "The First Christian MartjT." pointing out the •dualities of ISfe that made Stephen inore than a mere distributor of alms. At the morning service the choir strhg. "Xew Every Morn is the Love" by Bullard. Mia. Hagluhd HODEKX ETIQUETTE -B^. Roberta Lee I Q. Wiat fs tho polite thing for a girl to doW say to dispose.of an uiuleiirablo partner aN a dance? A. Slie should ask him frankly to take ller 10 her friends. A. Q. how A. used Does a woman use her professional title on her visiting card? •No. , What Is a demi-tasse,- and is It used? It is a small cop, generallyf for the nfter-rtinner coffee. T>EAR SAN'TA CLAUS: Wease send me the following things for Ghristmas: Tinkerloys. Sandy Andyi-'scooter. Majestic .fish pdiid; lion and tiger shooting game, auto race track, football, basket-: ball, trombone. Tooner\'ille trol- le.v. ? Yours truly. MIKE Ft-NK. I —Wanted to Buy: Clean light colored , rags at the Register. X Cans of aluminum are now prb- poseil to Kupp^an the fainlliar tin can lised as a container for frultsl and I 'egetables. ' i Ithe evening! the subject .was from; gjing aj,- ,,,e offertory solo. "He the PsaHns.. ."What Wait TT ^or? i shall GIA The pastor pointed oiit that pfo- crasfin'atioh has been the primary cause of more failiire than anything In human Jife. •:• •:• t> . IhVrstliui >:hae1iVor "Sleels ive His Aiigels Cliarge." by!. Scott. In the evening the choir: sang. "God is llove." hy. Shelley. " Lithuania; which 'has become 'In- volvbd Ifa .a qiiaiTel with Poland over the lattcr's forcible arinexa- Twenl.v-live Ne>V York chbhis girls. themSehes all beaiitie.s, .picked - Helen lit Soir ^^s their prettic • Here's Helen-^and ho^ 11 ( t chorine now on the Gotham stage. I KC Baking j=jfor best results ^ in yoiir baking ,The. s -en 'idr Christian Endeavor ;tjon of Vilna. ts a republic of 6.-f members, of the.FlrSt Presbyterian ioOOlftoO Inhabitants; and geogiaphi- cluiK -h tj'iscussed taking a motto jcaily !«rger thaii Switzerland and jor their society ih the eoirilhg year , Denmark comblped. In the HflTl at a meeting last night and cho.ieiand 'l.'Jth V centuries it was the •With Goii all Things are Possi-; mj -gest state In Europe, ble," from Matthew 19:^6. y'-liiTiy u,mu.jat.Mi^^^^ The ineetlug wai sufiposed to hti\\- be^n .ujmn mottoes lii CHirls-| tian living, but was carried but 1 liriiicljially from the Christian Eh- \ iloavor- standiMint. Short talks; neie given using varioub coinraoh adveittslKg rtottoos Or sloga'ns in BUt'li a way that they applied to the Chrislian Endeavor., "It Pays {o AdverflHe" by 6wen PiiUl dealt with living u Christian life so that Others HvOiiin be sttractYfl to Chrls- ififtilfy. and It wifs mehtloned- as' ndvertlMlng always palil for Itself, •iO such a "Depeud- abilll.v," glvejt by GladyN Conner d <>ait with (lie members being ^le- peniiuble to their work In lindeavor and «i»iM)rlunfiles for service In the r^hurch. "Keep Iha^ ^•ho<^ Oil I Complexion." was| the title of Uie talk made by Walttjr Tronibold. H^ said "Just as one trial, of olive soap cannot always keep such a,j complexion, so Just coming' to a Christian Endieavor oncje, can 'do no great good.- Tb -get the^best results It must be a reguliar;:pro­ cess. ''Keep that Peb'sodent Smile" when if elcomiiig new iiiem-' l>era or when jn' the^Ch 'rl ^Hh "Endeavor meetingas wdi as In every-! day lift and tblngslviirbe b'rTglit- er all around., was the essence of CbrlBtine Troutwine's veecta^ .A • - ^- For Cold Weatlfer ; Wien the mercilrjr hoVfers near zero we Iniititiitly tiitiik of a ^hrmfng food. T( be sure of healthy itte'at ytu shoiild buy o'hTy X'. S gqvemment trfspected. Few SnKftevflnnR: .afge; Wrihei's, lb. Pork Chops, lb. 25c ¥>f<?kWa Pigs ¥m : t; forest; M.& MJ MARKET lie^t That Yoii Cp.n Eat M Don't Forget the P^Uce to Save IWSmey Utis tV^eelt on Ytitk Groceries wis AH?E trNLOAt >'lNG 'Cafr iiSephyr "FloUr Cat Earh' 'Ohr6 Potatftes Car Ajiptes At Money- Sayini; Prices 10-H>.Sk. C^ne Snjrar 65c No. 16 Dark SVmp Vail gOc Best Peaberry Gcfff*. lb. a.'Jc; 3 lbs. $1.00 2;lb. Box Krispy Crack- ers, 25c , . .3 Pkgs. Jello 25c , Oft. Jar Mustard 26c i lbs. XmaJs Can^v 25c "^e i>lrfiver . Phone 4.3 The Store Where Vour $$ Go iFarthest Ttbrn 'oer was i;iven li.v.the .Mlip ter school fn the foi-m of •by seven little girls. -Jt wiis certainly {?reatly enjoyed and j wish to thank the teadier alid-girls for their kindnes.s- in. coming <iver and f^nfertalnlng u:i. | .\lr. and Mrs. .\. F. liaiten drove over to Marm.itrn Friday on biisi ne -xs nnd .WHs calling on old ttiend^f and i-elghbors. | .Mr. and .Mrs. i-:. !C. Wright nioveii 'audi in with Mr .M. Isabel. Wright la>t week for the ,\viiil<r. f). W. <rr r ;-!(;'.'ion. Kans., is here vi.iitinv- 'rjli Ills ; brother and fanillv. .\!::. :t :id .Mrs. L. C <?nrry. , FOR M0i ONLY While men the advantagt secrecy. Mer make their .se For ChriStm^— —of course! 'VT^I? tnitkes J-mir OhffiWnas shqwsyou j^vethoiigKr ro the ! election of your giffs. Johnston's Chocolates a-rc •«'clcO/ne -anywheft, f6r 'thty •tK thfe -brtt that's knOivn ifi dtn <)y<nKlnrlg. RhtRtlirilV f>icla^1A sp«. are. engaged at theii'. work, women have of cornpleting their Chri.stma« buying, in . are liow to have their opportunity to lection.s of gift good.s in .secrecy. Thle 3. C. Penhev Company Store Will "Be Open to .Men Only THtJKSDAY E3\^NlNO, DECEMBER 15, •7 toSP.M. Our 5 ale.spgi )p]e will be'pre.sent to help.Fiither.s, Broth- er.s.Urcles, Cau.sins. NepheW.s, a.s well a.s those with .swe'eth( ;ai'ls, (to select gift.s. We nill taJ Chri.stnas. ing a .s'n.nll for the -n. e care oT your piH ' for you, until, Tlhey mjfiy be laid awaj%-<;ired. by mak- d< pOKit, Until the cii.'stomef is ready to cial.l ?fien. It's Your Night— Do Not Bring the I^adfes! HI ft Usef ul and Dainty as a Boxed .Stationery gift, i.s both ii.sefui and rtainty. We have a [large selection to permit Satisfying individual pfeiFer- eVice when choosing gifts. your STATIONEItY ^natui-ally siggests.a Shea; Fer's F )uhtain " '^^i.^^i^or Pencil. ; We £i'e tiiin Jh all. mddelrs to ffi h^dJ Shea Bros^ Phone Ii.« and" we'll deliver for ydi*. ^Or \Ct us knov/ howmany you want and we'll sctjd dicm 16 you to dcliVcr wifJi your 0'tlfcr!|<fc«^'rs. Nbbtxiy ever had too much ;,'2M^ candy at Chris||nas! . %"^t^Htnd, tith-l^und, itHnpitinJ UaU^tt-poiiaJ paiiarn at il 00, 4t.2idu<i$l.i0 lf>ypaauit: B S. "ifJwWrttirtrti Phonp 4"i8' L AUTHOEIZED AGENCy FOR J^NSTON'S CHOCCJCATES J eH'^ery er Lrfis Time P^ $8.>75 t) her Mcdebi ii2.75iip SCiirt»o^iigii The fast wbrd in Fountain Pens A. W. f EGK, Vic JPtHtlMi Y.. D. hX^Tt, Asgf. i-inlUff! WE PAY store i. 1 We Deliver ^^^^ mtATEBANK INTERES'? ON WME DEPOSITS Capiltal St<[ck ..; .... ,$50,000^0(1

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