The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on November 29, 1958 · Page 6
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 6

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1958
Page 6
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6 AUIHN (Minn.) HtPAtD Volunteers Help Save Community BSAVKR, Altlkl (Af») - TbU Wtit Afen« emit tOtt|« Is more tool end hippy than it hu been for yean beeaote friendly church warhiri from an parti of the United State* •niwered iti appeal for help. A work eamp ef the American Frlendi Benrioe Committee made • summer job of rehublUUUng the p community, mainly through building log cabins. Bearer, founded in 1010 by • JftpineM trader, was orlfinany a point of aupply on the Yukon River for the Chandalar gold mlnee, Oold mining declined. The com- munlty turned to trapping, fur price* dropped. Tuberculous sapped the people's etrength. In recent years the village has been largely on relief. Without Manpower Moses Crtiikshank, a resident, appealed for help. He said poverty and poor health had left the Village without manpower, which made it difficult to Improve living conditions. Their homes were drafly, overcrowded and in danger of being undermined by the Yukon River. A group of young church volunteers — men and women — flew north. They worked 48-hour weeks, without pay, sawing lumber, building houses and driving tractor* in the work camp. in a large log cabin loaned by a trader the group cooked, ate and gathered in the evenings. They slept in three oanvaa hut*. t>r, John Ferger, Dryden, N.Y., was the camp leader. When he .wasn't doing carpentry he maintained a clinic where hU main job was pulling teeth. Very Few fkUled Only a couple of the camper* \\had more than the most rudimentary skill hi handling tools..Three ...well-trained men from the Village Baught the group how to build Cabins. j; No one grumbled or shirked ^Mflheiv the work proved to wJ>e harder than practically any* Sjfepdy expected, Some of the girls, ££$8clnding the youngest, 17-year- old Anore Bucknell of Seattle, learned to drive tractors. By the end of summer the crew completed 11 cabins and had begun two others. They left a supply of materials for the villagers to finish the remaining pair. Sromponoro Estate) Comes to $274.10 LOS ANGELES (AP)-The estate of John Stompanato, who was stabbed to death April 4 by Lana Turner's daughter, consists of $50.10 in cash and personal effects valued at $224. Superior Court directed Friday that these assets be given to Stompanato's son John, 10, who lives with hi* mother in Hammond, Ind. Awaiting trial it a $500,<MO-suit filed in the boy's name against Miss Turner; ber daughter, Cheryl ^Crane; and Cheryl's father, rest- ~«urant owner Steve Crane, 5 South Koreans Claim ,'Strict!! Red Plot' ?• SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Metropolitan police Friday banned outdoor gatherings and demonstrations of all kinds. Police chief Lee Kanghak said police have uncovered and are investigating "a seri- oqs North Korean Communls subversion plot against the Republic ol Korea." 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