Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1927
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Cdmmot^y CIRCVLATJON^isthe otdy Has to SeU lisAdveriisers Ifi Newspaper VOLUME XXXI. No. 42. rul :i . Ithe I 'ltii DBlly, Register. The R -.'oril and lola Mly Index. SENATE IS lOIJV, KAN.. MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 12, 1927. BY ItlGHTS Subpoena Presented Consul General to • Appear May Be Ignored to HEARST SUMMONED ~ to Committee Prepares Investigate Bribe Attempt by Mexico Wa.shihgton, Dec. 12. (AP) .Tunneling for fac<ts in it.s in-j vcKtigation of \ charges that! President Calles of Mexico,! ' .sougk to pay ?1,200.000 tO; four American .senatons, thej .•special, senate committee has' uneai'thed a problem that' Kresge Offer ToHelpDrys Brings Reply Wiishin?ton.-Dt<-. 12. (AIM — Tlie rtxent off«T of S. S. Kresge lo donate J50U.(K)i} ?o» thej dry cjimc brought out a statement hero today froin the assw-ia- tion against' the nrobib^tion amondmeut thai iliqiior drinking accessories were Kold in the : KreRge stores. , I • ,An elaborate display of Wine kegs, wine presses. whiBkey' i and cocktail glasses. cocKtail shakers, bottling and coijkiiiE jnathines and other articles necessary to form a home trew outfit, were displayed i i a larife department store heite li» ' which Mr. Kresge Was inte 'est- c ^l. the assoi -iation as .se -tcil. wll 'ile at his five and ,ten jcen* stores benr. wine and. whi ikey glasses, decanters, and cociitait shalveA could be seen. LEAGUE CLbSES SESS|ON|0 HERE, 1928 I ' • • 1 ^ |C. F. Klink of • lola aiid 1 B. H. Bacon Will [ Boost lola. 1 - . I Meeting • ilS BIG CONVENTION 1 . . ; Approximat ily 800 to Attend ] feeting at : Fre Ionia t Tcdaiy 1 I . Messrs. G. F. Klink of lola . and Benj. H. Bacon,; of Mor-, I an., left today for Fredonia i where they went as delegates ' from Allen county to l.^e state' .meeting of the. Patrons of Kansas to Be Warmer, Flora Tells Public Tcpeka,, iJec. 12. (.\P)—.Unsettle«l but warmer weather ; was predicted for Kansas ttKlay hy S. p. Flora, nieteorofoKist Cloudy skies prevailed over aH the state except the oofthiwest comer, .V south wind was blo%- Ing and the Weather bure^ 1 jiald indi.cation!) were tTjat tenii- \ I ieratjires tonight .would • not Irop much below freorlu?. The only precipitation reported in the last 24, hours' wiif* .lit of an inch at Kaii-^as <'iti-'^ :iud .tyd atlTopeka. and i»ui ;t- ' tipiis. Mr. FIo:a raifi. Inalcat«d but slight • chance of rain to- ilay. The low mark reported fiT la.>;t jiSght was 20 at f'ou-' ciirdia. To[«ka had a; low of 21. CANTON, CHINA IS CENTER OF TROUBLE TODAY The Weekly Resistor. Established 1SS7. The lola Dally Register. EsUblished IS9T. m IN SENATE Fiinds Committee Gets B^cognitibn for Work During Recesis, FI ail sections of Kansas. I > The Alien coiinty delegates ex-' With four pect t<^^ extend an invitation on: including bWialf ot lola for the 1928 meet-; ma>v require diplomatic set- International Problenis on or Friday, and will be attend-i tlement. ; Way Toward a ; ed by some 800'farmers from it lie.s in tin- coniinittcc,'s suli- i Settlement poena issued tor .Arturo .M. Kllas.' — ' -Mexican consul general in nvw ; . >'<'• ' York, half brother oi the .\iexican liinlernational problcni.s. pretijdent. aiid alltged to be the |fhe coulnivcrsy. inK and Sin'; assured the assistance j ceniral figure in the handling of ion the way to settlement asi a re- of adjoining counties. They carrv • ''simur ^bKs' demanding!-'; of its deliberations, the jfor.^- a letter from, the lola Chamber of their t.stimony before the cbmmlt- /''6''«'> of tfje council of the Commerce and various merchants leu have been issued .for William; League of .Nations adjouriiejl this [are txpectiug to, send telegrams' liandolpir Hearst, of the moruius to meet in March. ' 1 during the week requesting the i newspaper printing the- cbjarges To the; v«ry rnd? it is f^li in meeting for our clt:C. ! It would be a fine thing for lola ; [Husbandry which will be in Indiscrifciinate Looting jis .sin^e it.screajtion. [session here until Thursday', against Calles. and Victor Wjitson. i^.,;.,,^ circles, a spirit of- uiutual HiJtiaging editor of the .New \ork ,.,„„,.^sion hv the gjoverumehis in Daily Mirror. Watson was .-iervwl „,^, j,,,,.,.^.;, „f securing accoids 6n in .New York yesteriLiy but "'ere „„. ^.^^j,,,,., problems! doir.ftialjed .lu- •was no confirmation of service up, oa tnc o^h ^T two. The commifiee '.s . riKlit to summon Kliai Is questioned by the "Mexican ambassador here. .Matjuel -'Ci Telle*, " who maintains that lin- di-r international law consular .Officers are iuiuiiine from..subi)o0uas. Kllas >«1 To Te>lhj! ' He doubts that Elias would i oii ^i! to Washington to testify, wltile the senate coniniittei'. led bj- chairman Heed. Repi|blitan. Penu- "sylvaniu. insists upon its right to snni'mbn Elias and! demand his .te.=(tim<)ny. All the boote and pa- .pers of bis office, throiigb wljlch nearly' all. of the correspondence ' from President Calles concerning . the million dollar fnnd Is said to ' • /(lave pa.ssed. likewise have been; .» sought, . . • • . - Whether the cOmmitlet-'s plan • of action definiiely'will lead the Elias problem to the state depart- in'eat tor discus«ion with the Mexican government\has not been revealed by coniuiitlee members. The. state departiiK 'nt has kypt . clortf .pf th»' Embryo controverjiy thus far. althousli a disposition wa.'; noticeable to agree with the Mexican 'ambassador 's viewpoiif,t. I The committees iuiblic ln-arlngs will, begin Thursday aud until the subject is clearly in the open, it ' is keepinc its plans under cover. if we could land next ypar's State, (irange. It would bring nearly a ] thousand of tfie foremost farmers j OI Kansas here and would make' to convene the .Mardi scs- ""r PWple acquainted with the been made, al- Kfeatest and .most beneficent farmers organization that has. ever Klittk anil .Mr. liacon dellbf.ratious of ths council. Officials sahl thai no iirraiig>»- ments sion at Rome have may' 'though Rome has bepn suggested "J^" orgi j in some quarters ^s Uffering -a^ way •of bringing -Jboiit |a meeting of' , Foreign Minister Br and of ^ranve V't' TrTo'i'^Ii^nrv rib­ and Premier Mussolini Witho.jtjn'a'"' Pledging the hospltdlity ot making i^ nocbssary for the I^rench ;i°>« "-^n' «he Orange does foreigu minister to make a lipecial journey to Rome to seek oppjjrtun- • ity to adjust Franco-Italian; relations. I The •i^isJt.UUiuuiilan dJfspi^te was^Iiquidated by an! agreemtiit of tlie-tvvo countries to enter intoi direct ncsotiatlons with each (other for th'e'.settlement of their differences and it is likely that a «oiifer- ence" soon will be held at iRiga. I/atvia. , V i i • The ceaseless 'Activities of twnj Latin American members of the' ~ council. Senor L'rruinfai. of Colom- ] Albert H. DcUtOU Named bia and Seiior Vilegas of Chile.; C!iir^<»«cnr in contribute to compromise settle-i»ui lu lola the htinor to choose it as the next place of hieetiiig. will ; bo scrupulously made good. There Is no town in Kansas where the welcome to the Grange woald be morej cordial and whole hearted. ^fiic.' \ Reported After Struggle Hong Kong. Dec. 12. i.VI'i ; Communists in Canton today took ciiutrol of the city iiiler eil»tusive fi :;hl 'Mg and il'-l!u- i.l*-ly aiiiiouiu'cil (•ii |M >sltiiiu to thy "pij'Sfui k'.idcis of ;lie K'loiii^.iiail^ or .Nalioiialist' po­ organiriition. who last Saturilay thi- rom- mun .st ! movenii-nt. The com- niiini-'l^< iosuoil handbills de-< during that the K^inmiutau:; wa'' the enemy of the ri 'Volu- tinn and that "the rod peasants and soldiers arc the <iuly ones, •who can protect the masses." ShaiiKl.ui. Hei-. 12. l.\P) Two Ciiitcd States gufvboals, . the Sacramento arid the P;un- jMinga.' wei'o at Canton today after the oiifbreak of disorder within the tity. The guntioai Ashevllle w^s enroute from Hf.uukong. Theie; were between :'.o ; iid 40 .American^i in the Canton district. The .suu- boats attcinpteil to loiiimiiui^ cut- \fi'.h all of rhi'ni. UK- ;HT HAS ENDED Missouri Senator Given Endprsement- After Long Struggle Over Acts (Vadhington. Dec. 12J-(AP) The Seniate todi^v continued i TheREQISTEKS Ctradk^ tion records opien to pifb^if: inspixtion at any-time^ EIGHT PAGE ^:r JOHNSTON CALLS life of* the Reed tjampaigp declared . committee had continued' tht f ui ds committee and the! fiiirforcti and operation" TJje action eiideil tlif long bat- I between Rej'd of Missouri and i over the i committees* actlvl- i jilet^l t^f P^'unsji-lvai^Ia legality of the !ties : Ilee<l fhe I till I.. I Vai I'li-si^lutiou wlii< !to 2 during the recess of-congress. of -Mis: ouri, chairman of committee and prosacutor " ol... inituiry which Vlisclosed the 1 is.niloria lexpeiiditures of Frank Bmith of Illinois, and Wm. S.! of Pennsylvania, offered the | was adopted. 5T 2. putting tlje Senate on record i in favor of the Iconimlttee. He in- \ slst d.thai the {Supreme Court de- j cifijin sustxiiiinp the .special com- ;nilti M investigating the depart-! • ment of Justice iiad established that; 'siifjial coiumit^es like the one of! iwllil lend b he was Jchairman, dlil not with the life of the congress luuilinr which it was appointed. BIG BROTHERS FUND Ali'cady, reported Ca/h t---i -- Ordjer Easl^ni Star Club $i2.S0 h.OO r..oo i ne«i W. Frver - ! rhas Klaumann ... lOu. .Mr.i H Klaumann - LOO; LEGISUTURE THEN MAK OTHER P Thwarted in Attempt jto' Meet in Capitol^ So ; TTiey Try Again . VOTES FOR~MEETING Charges Are Voted for Impeachment of Governor iCasJl 2.00 ! Ilouskoug. VU-c. 12. lAl'i ! viies from Canton- t'lday tolcl oft and luiiLscrimniaSe IToial .$85.50 Barrril by nutioiuil guardsmen from rontenlnsr in their cIiainVr!i^t the rapltol. 4 )k|ahom:iV inNiin ^ent legislators tod^y decided t)ief wottid meet In the streets tti recelTe impeafliineiit chanpces jamttosr <;4 >ieinur Henry S. Johnston. The ^Biig Four" of the anti-Johnstdn forces are pictured aiwre. At the top ,~Iek Is Representatlie Rait., ert V. (Jniliam: ri^ht, Si»eakeriE. <». Hill; below, left, Representa- tife Tom Johnson; right. Representative H. T. Kight. SHIPPING BOARD POST TO KANSAN meut of two other vexiug Iprob- !lenis„ were the. request |of; \ i Greece tolbe freed from obiigatlpn •to make full payment for the battle cruiser- Salamis contracted tot in a GeriTian shipyard before the! war aiid the -request- of the free city of Danzig to have a munitions depot thpre either removed alt< W. S. Hill then- after the attempt ol tieueral;; Kali-Wei to ilisiuiii certain of his iroo)-!. I .-.1 wdikvis took courr(d: oi tin- -.ii.v. • Steatpship aud raiiioail >.rvici' to Hnngkoni; «as itm up.' Tilc- graph lines vvrc <i:t. T.'ie ieiMirt< slateil the S' urral bank of China had ilieen destro.ved. _ K|)llowim; the u'^ial i :ustom thej loortnur'tiS^joi''. "of the various .-hurrhes In Iht'lcify have l>eeu asked to apjk^iiit { soiiicone fioiii eac-h of their con-1- ki'ir;itioii.s. to assist the IJIg Kroth-; .islili making up the list of needy j fainili-.s. Iti addition to] piiltci'pal of eaili of the ward -cliiiols isaski'd to serve in a similar| capacity, .as is .Mis.-- Reinsbe.rg secijetary of fhe .Xssociat'ed Charities! The usual cards for the use FORMER lOLA BOY NOW DOING RESEARCH WORK FOR ARIZONA COLLEGE Oklahoma City. Dec.| 12. (AP)—Prevented from m ing in their chambers at State capitol by NatioiM guardsmen, a majority of tpe members . of the Housei .'Representatives "went to a leal hotel, convened, discussjd the situation and recesspd until tomorrow morning, P. Hill, speaker of the houfse announced. Charges voted against the g< ernor and Harry Cordell, preil- ! dent of tjie state board of agrlcnV I ture. b.v the bouse committee, were ! not discussed at the hotel assein- bly. , U was ^jeameii from an autbori- i tativ« saiirce, however, that the legal advisory committee ' was ! drawing up the charges in I t form- for presentation before house! An additional c growing out of the proclamation calling out the guards.ytprobabl] ! will be preferred, oiie of tbe in- i vestigating committee said. More, than half of the members . of tjie house were in hotel lobbied' and declared they were here to stap until the situation was settled. , . ^ V ' A ; large number- . of seirato.^ " came to the hotel during the mom-^ , ing. • VESPER SERVICE WILL BE GIVEN Ifrogram for Public Will Be Presented Twice This Season gether or placed iinder partial con- • adminlstratibn. trol of I>anzig. Franco-Italian dissention,-a] Ceneral Chang Fak-Wei. the pres-j„f workers will be supplied ont dictator of Canton, who >*as j „p,.^ g, it^gi.sfer oflice. It recentlv detiounce.I by the .N-ar .kinKij.; i^„,„.,, ^,,3, „... ,.„nimitjee thus 1 nationalists as* a traitor an^! su|>-; ,„y,|jp ^.^^ p,., uuxy right away De«' 12 (AP) Al- M """'*^ "'' commuiiisls. si:.~;ieited s„ , some newly lemiifv-d iroop^ -'t' iic- ing supporter.' of Ceuerjl l.i Chsii- j „g Sum. the former Canton diitati.r. He ordered them disanu-^iL auii -Ls- Washington. bert H. Denton. ,of, was nominated by' President Coolldge today to l>e a, member'of (.'nited States shipping board lii pliice of W. S. Hill,.of South Dakota: who had incurred the displeasure of the lif list may he j^omplete by one rom tonight when a lueet- will lie held to make liAal ar- rar .gMiienls. ' . • . -Mi -auwhilc the- siibs <"riptii ):i list Mr. Denton Is a Iianker of Ar- Ippur- j kansas City. Kansas, ai*l for the last several years has served with the comptroller of the currency ently one of the gravest Eur ipean problemjs toda.v, and which [it is hoped a meeting betwesen Prefnlers • as' a .receiver for some bank.s. He ...ill —U;a Republican'iand-was endorsed by Senators Cu/rtls and Cappfer.! Mussolini and Briand will icase. seems to have grown out of efforts of- Mussolini to finil an ecotioralc outlet to Italy's growing population! , i I MUssolinis desii-e that Italians I • the Tlic , c<ijiiJ|iiii-(! ( Iioiis of Kir;i' .Methoi!i-t Kpiscopal and .Kfi.-i I'icsbytciiau < imnlic's. aug- uu'itit-d b.v tin- ;ittl>' symphony or- <i<csira. utidor tin- It-arit-rsbip of J V; Uohcrt.-. will givi- a community j ii.'kper ,«ervi(.' program of Christ-! .iiiiis music .:t .•> o'clo »-.k Christnias' S.i'fcrnoou til the .Methbdist, church French colonies, such as Ttinik and .-Mgeria, was Sndicated also involved in the question. Is Denton Is From Arkansas City •banded. is open. Thanks to the generous The attempt to disarm Ih.-f oops;;, tft^r of Mr. Kundall; of the lola led to fighting in the eastern .su -Jcre ^niery, to supply butter for all 'bur!h. The seamen's union theye- ti,e |baskets. the Fiind got qiaite a upa|n instituted a strike ^hich tied jMjoat Saturda.v. But there npjsteamer and rail service to ,,tlll| will be requii-ed something HoiigkoDg. • I over, a couple of hundreit dollars to The only arrival at Hongkong |:i,anale the thing right. > fhlfj morning was the Chinese 1 I —I : —, Steamer; Salon. . The Saion was UTyirst Rail Tie-IJo in hiaiined by British .sailors ami had ! "^."1 ^i^ .. 200 Chinese passengers aboard | HlStOry at Kan$aS City ! fleeing from Cantoii. j 1 i I. The disorderly elements in Can-' Kansas City. Dec. 12.' (.\P) — (ton took advantago of the confu- ibc given the^ privilege of pr^serv-| — . „. , , • . . iing their nationality Vhiefli- in Topeka. Dec. 12. (API Albert iston to start, fires and for indis- nomlnated today by !'criminate loojing. H. Denton. o be j President Cooiidge to be a member i of tiie Cnited States - shipping 'board, is jia .Arkansas City. Kan. banker and: republican leader. He has been active in political affairs , in Kansas for a number of years i BuSUieSS Woitien Will and has held' numerous positions In 1920 V. F. Grove Case i Dropped by A chirge.of obtaining money uiv -Jof trust and prominence. State Mor^- thsn lO'i trains were delayed fron one to four hours here yes- tcrdiy In one of the worst tie-ups "le history of the Kansas City A proclamation from Canton an-iin t nounced thiiL the combined work-, tcm^inal yards when fire in a sic- ors and pe,asants forces had taken i nal lower damapi'd cables controll- over c-:infrol. ling the tnterlockine svstem of train jsisiiiils. l i TrainloadP of nu>r<>onJ!d passen- Greenja,,,) .,1,;. fjrsi patit •1- I All aVe '<ivil cases. tjii> program. Miss Enola Jwll be organist and .Mrs. Cornish, pianist. ' llohearsals steadily' have been •iir |,__x fin*1nrAr going-on once a wtck but from now; ""^^t UUUOOK UaO until the pif.s.'otation of the pro-! ' For Kansas, ReDort grams thferV will be two rehears-j ' al.s i wefk. I To.«.ka, , De<-. 12. .-Heretofore all of tlic churches in:^,n.j,,i |,y ((,p j-jp,,, ; lola have participau-d in a Christma^ pageant but the custom has be"n disconiiijuod this year and the maisical" programs will be given in- :T1ie public is cordially invited; to .attend the two concerts No admission! will be charged. weather, a rathor look for the Kansas fhcat, crop was' refle<-ted iln :the wjeekly ct'op rejHut issiied st ;site iKiai^l of agricull dis- and will repeat the program at false pretenses ugaiiist \ 7 :;"0 p. ui'.Vtw N.ars day in the! crove'wast dropped jtoday iii !riesbyteriau chinch. , - jtrict court on agrer-m !.Mis.-E._\V. Haglund of th.- Meih-. ,.„n^.^„eri_ Tweijty-eight odist choir pnd .\. E. Garrifcon ot;,o i,e decided withoilt servicifs of Presbyterian choir will direcli., j„rv,are docketed' Mr Denton was a delegate from the third district to the Republi- |?nt of all par- ; can convention . ^which nominated President Harding. Several .vears ago Mr. Denton |for this jweek was urged by the Kansas delega- f next week, tion in Washington for appoint- I ment as comptroller of currency j In recent months he had been Hold Session Friday igersi .«at in! the yards as an emer- •genijv cre^v of switchmen endeav- mentioned as a ,possible candidate for congress from the third district. . (AP)-[nfiu -|Ray Ander^n Waives / p4ssl'mi...ti^ om -i : Prdiminaiy Hearing Kay Anderson; arrested recently itoday hi- the | on a forgery charge, today waived urc and other ! preliminary hearing and was agencies. Woman Is Held Here For Return to Home !:»Mr8. Jane .1 : bimnd over ^o district court.: Ftneiids of Lowden Now Have His iHi.\on. who'Satufday told meinber.4 of the sherift~s force | ?a w-^rd tale' of .her husband dis- ajjpeariiig from herhdme in Arkansas, is being held at the county ,l)oor farm.'pending: aw-lxal of her daughter from Oklahoma to take her Back. Lee Dunfee. undersberiff. sai<I tMrs.; Hlifon is suftering from mental aflmeht jin bis ^pinion, ^er son and 'daughter-in-law. who _ brought bei; through loin on their • -way to CtaaJEe coonty. are remaining here with her until the daughter arrWi*. . They- said she . ran " jiway froni Ithem. Thpy are making the trip; in |a «nered: wagon. Consent to Be Candidate Washington, Dei-. 12. tip)— Those friends iof former go^iemor -I.x)wderi of Illiiiois. xtho are voom- Dlfr him as a Republ tial . i-atididate : have constant -to carry on. . ; Although he.refu .=e4 definitj^ly to announce himself as and* declares bimsellr concerning his i exact lation to the homin; last night assured his suppbrters that 'whateyer that jltatus is is little likelihood changed." - A\"hatever his doul can preslden- his inliplled a candidate, in; mj-stery status In Titian. Lowden f hts Ithere Ibeing )t coucernine himself may be. the former governor is emphajtically positive &bbut two things^tiat .President X^Oo]id(te is out oJT the race, and that agriculture will <be the big Issue in the 192S pre|sidential contest. He is equally positivie that what agriculture needs lo put it on an equal footiiig with iiidnstrr and labor In, enactment of a!-relief bill incbrpor-, atlng an eq,ualization' fee assessed Upon crops to pay the cost of controlling surpluses. . \ A reduttion the itaxiff as aa j ^aid to agriculture has ho appeal for Mr. Lowden. . - The business and women of lola will hold a dinner Friday evening at 6::i0 o'clock at the Hotel Kclley for the purpose of becoming belter acquainted. .Ml! women and girls who arc employes : or emi)loyers are invfted to the dinner and are asked to callMiss Luella Varner, telephone 1405,, before Friday for re.-'ervations. It is hoped a Business and Professional Women's club will insult Irom the meeting. ;ored[to untai'gle the snarl, protessio/al i " * Coal Conference Is To Be Held in Washington wUhington .'^Dec. 12. (API—The cotifjerence -of operators and mine nnWn officials called by Secretary of 't [ab <>r Davis to meeL here to di.scp.HH the coal suspension in the northern fields wili be heldtomor- rowj despite refusal of many leading pperators to "attend. A former lola boy left today to resume his worki diggirjg into the past. ; '• Harry Welker. brother, of Mrs. Hattie Ritten 620 EaBt 6roadwiay. i.s employed by the University of Arizona, to do research work in the ^tate. He left today forfPhoenix, Ariz., where he will prepare for his next trip. j his previous work ; for the^. .Mr. Welker assembled Politicaf Fight Is Long V In university, a large and unique collection of art work and skeleton remains of prehistoric people of the southwest. The university purchased his collection for its museum aiid then employed him to continue His explorations .as a ) representative of its museum- Amoqg the rare specimens in his collection are two strand.s of hand made stbne beads, found In the graves of., ancient dwellers in ruins near Roosevelt. Art. The beads are estimated to be at Ijeast 800 years old antl are said'to be among the most perfect specimens ever gathered in that section. j I.' .ilr. "Welker is a former jstudent of loia high school and is a veteran of the world war. He served overseas with a Texas regiment. REPUTATION OF Chicago Attorney Says Bootlegger Has Bad Standing < ColuirtbUs, O., Dec. 10. j.^)— . Chief Justice Marshall and Justices Mathlas ahd Day of the state supreme court today denied the prayer • of George Remus that the court compel Prosecutor Charles P. Taft and his assistants to perform their lawful duties and to restrain them, froth further hnlawful and unethical intimidation and coercion of witn-.-sses. FIRST TAX CUT Changes Are Made As It ••' Comes Up for ' Action ! ..Oklahoma City; Dec. 12, (-VP)-^ .\ political light, long brewing j preceded action of Governor Heiiiy S. Johnston, of Oklahoma. In io- day calling'out state militia to com* pel the legislature not to meet iln self convened session. - Several months of political: war. fare, in which a number of former supporters of the- Governor deserted him to take a. prominent part in an attack on tiie admlnistratltHi have focused attention on iOklabo- iria politics.. Bis'satislaction has been voicetf rwith Mrs. O. C. Hammbnds, the governqr's confidential secretary; with faculty appointments vto lie Oklahoma mllltar}' histltute tA Claremore, and state road cbai- ti-acts. The present session of the legislature, if it may be called' that, has been declared illegal lA ail opinion of the Oklahoma supreme courv ^ Member^ of the legislature, in calling the session, contended they; had. that power. .Aa investigatlbn of alleged irregularities and ineffi- cieat admih&tration was the reason for the session, the govemcfr's ppponents asserted. . —' Can Not Impeach Him? Washington. Dec. 12. <AP)—The • Oklahoina City. Dec. 1'2. (AP,)—: new tax reduction- bill failed to A temi»6rary restrainiing order de- weather the first mateirtal attack signed- to prevent the Oklahoma made against it today in ithe house. House of Representatives from rie- when an amendment wils adopted turning ipipeachments charges, to provide for a'slash iri the rates against Governor f Henry: S.> JtAn^ on corporations' ;taxablb net In- j ston or any other state official was (Come under $15,000. ! I- The amendment spoiisored by UP OVER HART TRIAL Mbtidn For New .Trial to JBd Heard Saturday in [)i9trict Court Before Fudge A. M. Ayres at Eureka Eur^a. K.ans.,^ Dec. 12. (AP)— A spirited legal battle is expected Saturday wbea attorneys, for Iran .M. Hart, argue a motion for a new trial here before Judge A. M. Ayres following bis conviction of slaying his bride of three weeks. Mabel Marmont Hart Public opinion has been divided for and against Hart since the day when Hart, exhausted and bleeding irom self-inflicted wounds was fouiid lying in a bramble bush by the • rhrer after he had killed his bridje of three weelcs. The verdict of murder in the second degree, brot ght luiby the jfury last Saturday was a- dfsappbintment to both sides. The^state had fonght for, "and expected a verdict of murder in the fir^ degree. The defense,, equally confident, expected a ver-j diet of manslaughter or "not gull-! ty." • I' . Ji dge Ayres's specific* instrucr, tion 1 to th|i Jury were to the effe^' that If they found Hart wa« In 'sane at :,<he tinje he struck 'the fatal bIo\:, he iihoald be acquitted. Cincinnati. O.,; Dec, 12. (APi George Remus's reputation as ia practicing lawyer in Chicago, Representative Garner } of Texas, senior Democrat on the; wajra and means committee, was i approyied, 1S6 to 132. It wUl be 'suWect to another vote before pas>sage ofthe bill. The proposal w:ould issued today to the Governor by District judge T. G. Chambern. Hearing oni the application to make the order permanent was set fpr tomorrow morning. The injunction petition was Oled In the name of Henry; S. Johnston as Governor, and also as a tax pay- provide a'er. In his petition. Governor John- Was attarfceil. todav as his murder ' A five per cent Ux on [net in- i «.ton ,aireged that the "cement rrfal forSng his wife. Imogene. come up to $7,000: 7 per tent jupUrusf of the state Is ^spending a swun ?[nto Its fifth week. to $12,000: 9 per cent *^p to $^5,- large sum of money and « back of i (CoBtlnned op Paire :L No. 1)] ^ach^ ' ^He also claimed that a'll state officials are being harrassed by a bunch Of ."snoopers" as members ! of the legislature. profession deserted for bootlegging, I 3-blanket schedule as fblWws: (Continnedon Paae >o. t> More Than 100 Rebels Killed in • Week in Mexican Federal Battle Mexico City. dec. 12. (.\P)— 'More than IQO rebels have been killed in a, coinbined federal drive against them during the past week in the states of Jalisco, Aguascalientes. ahd Michoacan. special dispatches from (Guadalajara state. The military authorities expect to be able f.o announce within' a short time that the district /has been pacified. - Twenty-three rebels were killed wheti a band of what the govern- m^nt terms fanatics commanded b* Felix Barajaa. Dionisiin Hermandez and 'pamasco PellxWas' dispersed -3, -week ago 4t"CuquId, State lasted eight hours.. Damas^o Felix i and his father were captured with; several rebels All wer^ exccutied. "i About one hundred rebels wfcre killed in a *attle betwejen fedei^l forces commanded : by General Guards Are Called to Act Avila Comacho and six hundred ot^Jalisco, In the combat, which 1 were also seiied. re1>els led by the chieftain Goros- tleta Thursday at Rancho Xuevo. The Catholic priest J«se Cabrales, was identified as one^ of those killed- " • - . [fhe federal forces capjured latge qtiantities'of amihunitioii. dynamite b <|mh8, material intende^ to wrtetk railroads ai^d articles for use in -te- ligious servfcea. Ninetyj-six hoi^ses Oklahoma City. Dec. 12. rAP>— Oklahoma national guardsinen to-' day were summoned'for the second time in four years to prevent a self-convened legislature from assembling in the state capitol bnild- iiig fo/ the annoiiticed purpose 'ot instituting- impeachment proceedings. • •^irst intimation that Governor Henry S. ffohnson. on whom the . legislative investigation ceiiterM. planned to mobilize the guard came shortly before dawn when soldiers began to assenftle at the axmiOj-^ ^ _^ here, ': , '' --.^

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