Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1933
Page 4
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• • • i THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENtNG, JANUARY 14> 1933. lOLA, KANSAS Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Fry went to on business. • Mrs. Bernice Davis and Ciiarles 'Nelson Jr. went to Sedan today for a visit with friends. —Mwed\ Our office is now located at rear of lola State Bank.—lola Land Co. The Howard Harmony Boys, an Isla ijuartettc will broadcast between six and seven this evening over KMBC, Kansas City. The quartette is composed of Paul Howard. Earl Stork, Irwin Christy, and James ChrlstjI. 'Mrs. C. S.^lshop went to Wichita this morning jfor a short visit with her daughter.' Mrs.: Otto Brlckler and her family. She will return tonight. . I . :! : i MAYTAG Eleciilc Washers as low as SS9.50—$79.50—$139.00 ' \ Terms. Wc Trade for and.kepatr all iriakes. Maytagr repairs in stock. ' K. C. ELEC. & PLUMBmC CO. Phone 6 5 C. J. Peterison. who: has ' been quite ill with the-flu the. past few weeks, Is much improved, Mrs. Peterson .said today., ^ R. L. Andierson left; Wednesday for his home;in Burdick after a few daj-s- visit- with his brother. E. V. Anderson and Mrs. Ahdereon. His. parents; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Anderson, who have been spending the holidays in lola and Elsraore, accompanied him to their home. —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist. Office over Brown's Drug Store. X-rny equipped. Phone 149. ^ Mr. and.Mrs. C. F. .Dugan went to Chanute today to be week-end guesU of their daughter, Mrs. Chesley McConneU jind Mr.'- McConnell. Miss Evadean Harclerode. principal of the McKinley school, will spend Sunday J with her brother ^Tilylcr Harclerode, and his family, who live near Bronson. ' Mr. and Mrs. jL. G. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Smith will spend' Sunday at .Yates Center as guests of;Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.- John Smith is a son of Mr. and Mi-s. L. O. Smith. CLEANING and PRES.SING -—SALEh- ; Mrs. Roy Swanson went tq Wch- ita. today for a week-end,^ visit with friends. ' Miss Mildred Nelson left today for a week's visit with friends in'Wich­ ita. —New and used Radios, $13.50 up. Hennlnger's Furniture Store. Mrs. Emma Shepley, =,mother of C. E. Shepley, who lives east lot town, is critically ill at her home In Ramona, Calif. Mrs. Shepley formerly resided In Idla. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Thompson had as their guest Friday afternoon Miss Mildred Peck of Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Taylor and their daughter Joan were, in Chanute last evening on. business. Turkey Dinner—Complete. Every generous helping from 'A No. 1 fresh fowl. Supreme quaUty food, flavored and cooked to suit your taste perfectly—35 cents at Meek's POLLY ANN CAFE GeOrge 'V. Young, proprietor of the Self Service grocery, who has been ill with sciatic rheumatism the past week, is reported better today. , Mr. and Mrs. J. Merle Bollinger of Nevada. Mo., •will be guests Sim- day of Mr. Bollinger's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hubbard. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. McGirmIs went to Wichita today on business. They win return tonight. CSiarles Fleeter, proprietor of the Ida Bakety, is m vrltb the flu. E. V. Baebler of Hiawatha is visiting his daughter, Mrs.. T. O. Waugh and her family. —Studio Couches, Day Beds, Mattresses of. standard makes, at new low pHces. Curtis Furniture, 10 N. Washington. Loraihe Brown, who attends,the Pittsburg teachers college; arrived last night to spend the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Cooper and their children, and Mrs. William Fawcett and her son Billle arrived yesterday from Neodesha for a week end visit with Mrs. W. E. Lester and Mr. and Mrs. Wad White. Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Fawcett are daughters of Mrs. Lester, and as sisters of Mrs. White. Talk About Gifts! 26-pc. Tudor Community Silverware and 6 Tudor Salad Plates to match —$15.75— SHANNON & SHANNON Hardware—Paints—China Phone 29 One Week .lanuary 14th Pnly! to 21st Any Garment Cleaned and 'Pre.sscd -50c- All Work Stri<|tly Cash .SPOTLESS CLI;ANERS 111 West Midlson Phone 797 Sgt. and Mrs. H. M. Baker of Moran, will be guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Spcegle, who .reside south .of town. The Southside E|ible class met Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Ua Watson with Mrs. I Watson in charge of the liesson. Twelve members .were present. The next meeting will be held next | Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. N. WIIlett.:424 South Buckeye. Regular Meeting Monday Night at 7:30 o'Clock." • EARL HtJNTER, P. C. '• H. C. Samett of Nevada. Mo., visited Fiiday with his father W. T. Barnett. and his sister Mrs. Paul McKinney and her family. Miss Lucile Wagner, a student at the University of Kansas, came home, last night for n week-end visit with her uncle and aunt, the Rev. and Mrs., J. H. Sowerby. Evelyn Breckcnrldgc will arrive this evening from Wichita for a week-end visit with her mother, Mrs. T. S. Breckenrldge and her tnmily. NOW ONLY S39.95!! SPC the New 1933 Faultless Electric Washer: 2 Roll-a-Tubs FREE for the month of January. They arc selling fast—get yours today! Easy Terms—Free | Delivery W. 11. WOOD FINE FURNITURE 202 S. Jeff.—Phone 190 Mrs. Cora Burns arrived last night from Humboldt to be the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Ole Olson and her family. Fred Ellis of Neosho Falls underwent an .operation for the removal of his appendix this morning at St. John's hospital. Mr. Ellis is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellis of lola. Mrs. Kenneth Abell returned last night from. Chanute where she has spent, the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Dale Newland. OUT OUR WAY By Williams Premier Question JIOKIZONT.\L ' .IWliat premier was ousted recently over war debt policy?.; 7 Misconduct. -13 Stranger. H To arouse. _a (i South America (abbr.). 17 Pairt of plant; below ground. IS Dark rod color; 19'Sun.' 20 Ready. 21 Holy. 22 SlnKlecdgCd knife. 23 Southeast. 2-1 Razor straps. • 25 Cominoii ganriet. 26 To a!ccent. 27 Units of ' weight. 2.S Indolent. • 29 So%-ereign's r residence. 30 Reproves. 31 To give. 33 Silk net; 3-1 Remodeled. .Answer to Previous Puzzle flsa aiaaia BaaEa^s!| sBa[»i @aii(^QanoQ 35 Mas,eiillne pronoun. 36 Beers. 37 Braided quirts. 3S Quoits target. 39 Baking dish. 40 Mirth-provoking portion of a newspaper. 41 Young salmon. 42 You and me. 43 To'change., 44 Lost to view. 45 To| become steep. 46 Toj make spruce. \I:KTK.U> 1 To plague. 2 To run away and marry. 3 Tumultuous d'sturbance. 4 To soak fla .K. .•-.V.Mthin. 0 Pertaining to . tale. 7 Challenges. 5 Pieced out. 9 Eni-ountered. 10 Half an em. H To separate from others. 12 Claws o£ eagles. 15 Opposed to woof (pi.). IS To fondle. 19 Comfort. 21 Stepped over. 22 Salt of borliC acid. 24 Quiets. 25 Prepared let- _tirce dishes. 26 Embezzled." 27 Artincial streams. 2S One skilled in treating the eyes. 29 .Masses of plashed apples. 30iPoslllon'o£ iiffalrs. 31'To abdicate. 32 President of France. , 34 Pei-taining to Rome. 35 Swarm. 37 Memorized role. 3SStag. 40 Mug. 41 By. 43 Myself. 44 Father. Mrs. Leroy Johnson atid her daughter Joan of. Elsmore, were guests today of Mrs. Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Bacon and thpir son Richard, and: .Mr. and Mrs. Roy Griffltts and thfelr daughter Vh^nia will spend this evening with Mr. and Mrs: Fred Stanley, who live near Elsmore. —Dr. i b. D. DeNeen, Surgery. Gynecology and T. B. Phones: Office 429; Residence 956F12. Office over Ramsays. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Waggoner and their daughter Doris arrived today from Arkansas City to be week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Connie Krause Jr. Roy Drake will leave this evening for Yates Center where he. will spend the week-end with his family. ^ • —Special Menu served as usual Sunday at Krause's Cafe. Wayne Buehler left this morning for his home in Stamford, Texas, after a few days' visit with his sister Mrs. T. 6. Waugh and her family; ^ O. W. Beach arrived last evening from, Abilene for a week-end visit with his family. : Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Klein and their children will spend Sunday with relatives in Ottawa. CAR NEEDS ~ FOE-WINTER New Skid-Safe Tires. Battery Recharged. New Battery. Radiator Cleaned and Repah-ed. Brakes Adjusted. Motor Tuned. Remove Carbon and Grind Valves. Generator and Starter Checked. Adjust Carburetor, Install a' Heater, etc. SHELLY MOTOR CO. :214 N. Jeff.-^hone 80 Will Duroy of Ponca City,' Okla., was a guest last night of his niece Mrs. A; B. Lytle and family. Mrs. Robert McGrew and her son Robert Jr., arrived last evening from Humboldt to be with Mrs. McGrew's mother, Mrs. Harlan Taylor, who Is ill. , Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Shelly will go to Kansfis City tomorrow to witness the play, "The Laugh Partde," at the Shiibert theatre. FAIRMONT'S Pasteurised Milk "Health In Every Bottle" The flavor Is particnlariy delicious. tDhOdren prefer it. Ask your grocer or phone 91 Oskaloosa Independent: . Editor Scott _ in his Daily Register commends an article by Prof. Francis Lemon suggesting relief for land tax burdens. That kind of Lemon aid would be more popular than the circus kind if it'll work. Mr. and Mrs. David LItwin will have as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Litwin and their children of Emporia; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Litwin and children, Chanute; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Litwin, Fred Litwin, and Mr. and Mrs. Barney Phil- Hps arid daughter Stella, Independence; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Phillips of Coffeyvllle. HUMBOLDT i «EWS John Hart Opens "Hart's (pafe" in 3 Building Recently Occupied By the BalMys. NSWERS P KOiaLlO ROCK Is in NEW H .V M P i'. H 1 R E- The three laiKCst litief. on the Great Lilkes are CMICAOO, DP:TR 0 IT and (;Ll':VKI ..\i \'D, in that order. The (IRiC .VT WAU. OF CIU.NA I? over, 100 MILKS LONG. 3 3 (a 6 9 II i 14 . 9 • i1 lb vS- e .fi 22 i 5? Zb w 5? 5? i S" i j • 35" P .1 3© 33- 41 4e \\ 44- 15- I- '\-- Mr. and Mi-s. Walter U. Wise will have as their guest for the weekend Roy King of Wichita, who will arrive tonight. Mr. King Is a brother of Mrs. Wise. T3&n M. Braum, county farm agent; Walter Strong, president of the Allen county farm bureau; and G. P. Kllnk. of the Allen county grange, special delegates, returned last night from Topeka where they have been attending the annual meeting of the state board of agriculture. —A Lady assistant that is truly competent. Sleeper Mortuary. The condition of C. E. Lehman is slowly improving since his operation last Monday at St. John's hospital . according to his son, Watson Lelmian. The managers of the Litwin stores of Emporia, Independence, Chanute, and lola. will hold a iheetlng at the local store Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. H. W. DUle aijrived last evening from Emporia for a visit with Mr. DlUe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. DlUe, and Mr and Mrs. Bernard Wedekend. Mrs. Dille Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wedekend. , —Moderation In every necessary charge. Waugh Funeral Home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slayback of Pittsburg will spend Sunday with their grandsons, Thomas and John Johnson. EAST lOLA ANT) OTHER NEWS ITEMS •fBy J.,P. BELL) Mr. and Mrs. F. W. ; Hamilton, and son, .425 South Third, have gone to yinita, Okla., where they will visit" Mr. Hamilton's mother. Mrs. Lily Hamilton, and family. The Rev, 'Williams, 429 South Third, has returned home from Vinlta, where he took Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Slack, 220 South Second, made a business trip to Kansas City the first of the week. Miss Ruth O'Neal, granddaughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Holeman, 306 South Fourth, has returned home from the St. John's hospital where she has been 111. Mr. and Mrs. John Selvidge and daughter. Miss Frankie Letsinger. have moved from 405 South Second to 28 South Ohio. • Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lear, and chllr dren, ' Charles and Thomas, have returned to their home, 429 South Second,' from Indejwndence where they were called by the serious Illness of Mr. Lear's brother, who paissed away Wednesday, January 4. Miss Edith Kunkleman spent Thtu^day afternoon with Mrs. Earl Moore, 620 South Third. Mrs. Moore who broke her ankle sometime ago. Is Improving nicely. Friends of Mr. J. W. Lamb, operator of the skating rink, corner of Vine and Kentucky, which was here the summer of 1931, will be Interested In the. following Item: "M5ss Eula Ruth'' Jackson, only daughter of Mr. Wayne Jackson and granddaughter of Mrs; Ruth Murphy, Paola, and Mr. John Wesley Lamb, youngest son of ' Mrs. Miss La Vera Wood arrived yesterday afternoon from Humboldt to visit her sister. Miss Mildred Wood, over the week-end. j Grant Miller, young son o^ Mr. and Mrs. Burney Miller, underwent an operation for the removal of his tonsils this morning at St. John's hospital. William Ratz, who underwent an operation about ten daj-s ago at St. John'^ hospital, returned today to his home In Westphalia. Mrs. Venice Taylor and her infant daughter returned home today from St. John's hosjiltal. I ressmg One Week Ojily—Jan. 14 to Jan. ?1 Any Garment Cleaned & Pressed (All Work Strictly Cash) 111 W.Madison Phone 797 Frank Lamb, Manhattan, were united In" marriage January 4, at 8:30 p. m. in Westmoreland, Kas. Mrs. Lamb Is a graduate of the Paola high .school with the class of '32 and since that time has . been. at her home in Paola. Mr. Lamb Is a graduate of the St. George high school and for several seasons operated a skating rink at the foot of Uio big -K' hill, Manhattan. He is widely knowTi throughout Kansas and Missouri. After two months vacation Mr. and Mrs. l.a;mb will open their next rink at Paola on March 1.* At present they'are at home at the Hotel GUlett, Manhattan." Mrs. Earl Chilco.te who is ill at her home, 315 South Fourth, is slowly improving. Mrs. J. A. MoiTison and Mrs. McKennen called on Mrs. B. E. Heldebrant,. 431 South Fourth, Thursday. . Mi.«s Leona Baker, Chanute, spent Tuesday evening In town with friends, . ; • i Miss Evelyn Clillcote spent Wednesday afternoon with Miss Gladys Cuppy, 712 North Second. Mr. and Mrs. C. L.^Howey, 435 South Fourth, are able tovbe out again after having the flu. Kenneth Baker was an all night Thursday of Ren East. 514 South street. Miss Evelyn Chllcote spent Tuesday afternoon with her. aunt and imcle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chll­ cote. 311 North street. Ronald Gene West little son of Mr. and, Mrs. Harold West, 43S South Fourth, who has been ill Is Improving. Amos W. Barnes,. 429 North Elm, motored to LaHarpe Thur-sday, on business. Miss Jaunlta Starks who has been \-isIting her aunt, Mrs. Aflie Looney "THEATRE OF THE STARS" TODAY! Admission lOC to All! ''CAVALIER OF THE WEST'' With HARRY CAREY-— TOM TYLER "JUNGLE MYSTERY' SCRAPPY CARTOON M-G-M SPORT CHAMPS 3 OATS Startidgi SUNDAY! -(OWL SHOW TONIGHT—11:30) A pictlire as beautiful as "Smilin' Through"—A story colorful as "Pagan Love Song"—Two of the Screen's Great Stars! LEWIS STONE WARNER OLAND Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Presents DAlKHtER From the Famous Belasco ' Stage Success LAUREL ; In Hal Roach^ Newest Classic of Nonsense!. "THEIR FIRST MISTAKE" ORGAN NOVELXY^LATEST NEWS PERFOBMANGES SUNDAY At 2 :0a -4 :00 ^:00r -10:00 HUMBOLDT, Kas...Jan. 13.—Mrs. Martin Igel, Humboldt, went to' Chanute Wednesday ! to ^transact some business. \ ,| Mrs. John Friesburg. west of Humboldt, was in Chanute Wednesday afternoon on a shopping trip. • I Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jay, Humboldt, were guests Tu«ay evening of Mr: and Mrs. Jesse Chase of lola. John Hart, veteran restaurant: operator in this section, opened' "Hart's Cafe" in the building recently occupied by the Baileys, Tuesday'for business. Mr. Hart Is veil known here, having operated the East Side cafe in Humboldt some five years ago. i Mr. and Mrs. Bert Finney of South Ninth, left Wednesday ever ning for a ten days' vacation trip to Topeka, where they will be guests of Mr.: Finney's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al V. Kelley and other rela-? tives. C. L. Baum is taking Mr. Finney's place as chemist at the Monarch cement plant during his absence. The high school gu-ls basketball teams have started their inner-class games. Those who made the dif* ferent teams, are: Seniors, Marie' Helsey- captain; .Vivian Burtiss, Helj-. en Galbrith, Thelma Phebus. Grace Ladd, Irene Slater, Marjorie cSsper, Juanita Bryan, Alice Norrls, Margaret Crook,, Nina Lea Zimmerman and Emma Starkey; juniors, Marjorie Wllkerson, captain; Marcella Wllkerson. Lorraine Barrlcklow, Polly Redding, Malda pamett, Maxine Breshears, Frances Doty, Pauline Breshears, Pauline Foster. Dorothy Adams, Frances Boggs; sophomores, Dorothy Barrlcklow, captain; Jean WhlghtsIH, Beth Webb, Clara Hlxon, Louise, Doty, Harriet Stanz, Georgia Pllnghpaugh, Georgia Carpenter, Pern Starkey, Ladine Zimmerman, Evelyn Zinunerman and WUma Barrett; freshmen, Maxine Rhodes, captain; Velda BaiTlcklow, Julia Hamm, Jean Shepard, Maxine McCullough, Margaret Strieby, Margaret Hlxon, Ruth Mueller, Loretta Daniel, Ruby Lamb, Geraldean. Atcherson and Joyce Works. Tryouts ^or high i school boy^s quartette v^eve finished Tuesday evening. "Those selected for the quartette: ijlrst tenor, Louis Gerken; second tenor, LaVergne Lehman; baritone. B^rt Webb; bdss, Lawrence Hess, This quartette will figure In the coming school programs. Pictures of each of the basketball players were taken last week 'by Coach Harclerode, and have been developed. . • The Center Grove Ladles' Aid, northwest of Humboldt, held lUs January meeting Tuesday, January 10, at the home of Mrs. Wesley Jewell. The time was spent In quilt work for the hostess: Election of officers resulted In the old-officers being reelected. Anl attendance,.of 'iO members aiod two visitors,.Mrs. Ben Malloryland "Mrs. Cieo Baggett Js reported. "The next meettag .will, be held "tuesday, Januajrjr 24.. Miss' Laluretta Dhhond-. received the mfembers of the Five; Hundred * club at her homie Thiu^day afternoon for their bi-weekly; meeiting. two tables of cards being formed. 'Those; present were: Mrf.. Walter Hess, Mi-s. J. A. Campbell, Mrs. Alt is' ElUs, Mrs. L, Holtschneider, Mrs. Amelia Works, Mrs.R. T.:OvewraitI and Mrs. Wm. Hess. ,j The Ace High Bridge club met at the home of Mrs. J. WIU Adams Thursday afternoon with a faif attendance •; ; Mrs Frank Pussman cjjtertained the Sunflower Bridge club at' her home on North Eighth, Fridayji^ft- ernoon. Mrs. W, R. Kent. Humboldt,; left Thursday for Sterling, 111., called there by the serious lllne.'is of^ her father, Mr, O. M. Scott. . i Mrs. O. A. Redfield of Mullierrj- street, is entertaining as ^er ^est this week, her father, Bert Ernst of Ada, Okla. i Margaret Redfleld, daughtel- of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Redfield,: who has been quite ill for more than a week is out again. ; ' .f Mrs. H. D. Archer of Osdge sjreet. left on the early morning train, Friday for.Chicago, to attend a music school there. She expect.^ to' » be gone about seven months., Mrs. A. J, Kuhlman and jMrs. Kenneth Jackson, both of Emporia. Kas„ spent the" week-end here'-with friends. Mrs. Jackson, i fofiaerly Miss Thelka Sloan, and one4tlme Humboldt school teacher,; retimiod . home Monday evening; • Mrs. JPtuhl- / man remaining to spend -the Week v ithiiMrs. Amelia Works'and and Mr. Looney, 405 South Second, has returned to her home in Neosho Falls. , ' . ' • Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker called on Mrs. Mabel Manning and daughters, Dorothy, Thelma and Helen Roberts, 301 South Chestnut. man here friends'. . . Miss Ida Kirschner left Wednesday nlghtMor Tulsa. Okla.; ttj resume her studies at the Tiilsa i)usi- ness college. V^ile spending,: her holidays here \rtth her pa'rentSi^ Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kerschner, she; became 111 with the flu, and has been unable to return to her work earlier. Mrr. Earl Kirschner of Chanute. whose two small sons have pen staying hero with their grandpa:5?nts Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Klrscjmer, during ed to Wal Mrs. moved blr mother 's Illne .ss;' is repprt- pe much improved.: •' -er PurlQw and bis mother. Elizabeth Purlow,' have ''re- to 'chanute, wher(! Walter Is employed at the Drake iiakery.':- Mrs[ . Laura Milton , of Sand Sprlncs, Okla., Is a house' guest this Nannie F. McCart^ of Osage^ street. ' • :•; •Mrs. G. A.-Fisher of Jeffergmi Clt.v, Mo., who was thC; guest for two davs this week; of: her aiyit, Mrs. L. • Holtschneider,; Humbofdt, has returned to her home. Rev.', G. W, Horn, local Presbyterian pastor, who has been sick Jor. the past several days Is' much improved at this time. ' Mr.anji Mrs, W. A. I'/mg of the Self-service ' grocery here, w^re guests Monday evening [of Mr. and Mrjs. H. C. Graham of: Chanute. l^rs. Justice Fugate, Wichita, w^o , spent the week wlUi her pareitt.^ •> Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Braiicher, Humboldt, returned home Sunday night accompanied by her husband, wrho motored over to get her. Mrs'., Walter Smith, who has been visiting her uncle an^ aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Fred.H. Rhoaes, for several weeks, left for Kansas Cjty Tuesday evening. .- ^ MATINEE ANY SEA-T 10c-15c KELLEY Showing the Greater Pictures! NIGHT, ANY SEAT lOc-lSc' ENDS TONIGHT- Disti-ibntors rcillinot permit high clans pictnrcit to be shoicn at less than the above admission, j CHARLES FARRELL JOAN BENNETT RALPH BELLAMY In a story based on Paul Armstrong's dramatization of Bret Hart's famous story "Salomy Jane's Kiss." PLUS—ROSCOE ATES. HUGH HERBERT In "SHAM POO THE j MAGICIAN"—TOM AND JERRY CARTOON "JOLLY FISH"— j "HURRICANE EXPRESS'': and NEWS. SUNDAY AND MONDAY— MATINEES 10c an^ 15c—NIGHTS 10c and 25c Not' a picture for • children i but what a whale ot a. * piece of entertainment for adults — especially adults C who like sophisticated drama in big doses. ANN HARDING Leslie HOWARD in PHnjP BARRYrs 0reof stage tuccm ThebinteluKmit Thebeesknowit IV* fifc* <4 pratoatf ttot tM| tfM;t iUM^ iC Rich or poor. Wis* or foolish, nolura tokiss Its covrsa in PLUS^TALKAR -rOON "SCREEN. $6 NG" AND NEWS Willi MT1 »A LOT WIUIAK dAIGJiiR TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAYS— ; ' Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Dorothy Mackaill in | ''NO llfAN ClF HER OWN" SOON—"A F/pXEWELL TO ARMS"

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