Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX . V r In-. HOLD INNEWYORK Meeting Opens Tuesday With Americart to Meet Monday ' CLUB OWNERSHIP UP joiht Big League Meet to Get Under Way Next 'Hiursday Xew York, Dec. 10. (AP)—the matter.of players owning baseball ^tock will be among- the subjects to come before the 53rd annual na- tolnal league meetings next week. The league will be in^ session M ibe. Waldorf hotel Tuesday,, and Wednesday. The steering e:omrait- tees of the National and American league will confer on Monday and a Joint kessioh of both circuits wiil ho hold on Thursday. Regarding . players who own stock in a club, the National league will consider the adoption of the advisory, council recommendation. This provides that when a player 'signs his contract he shall certify lliju he has no stock in any other • club. Any player - manager owning •ptock in another club than the one he'is with will be declared fneligi- bio by rul)p ot the major leagnesj. an. well. Another clause stipulates that ho owner or official of any ^dub shall own .stock in any otJior lia.seball organization. The advisory.council proposes a rule by which'a sick or injured playei' can be taken off the active Jila.ver limit-list of a club. By this Iiroposed rule, a player seriouMy incapacitated by .«iikiu -sM or injury «Un be taki-n oft" tho active list h>it iinco pn the disabled list he must ' re rn a 111 there fcr at least si .Tty playing da.v.«. _ » . If a pla.vrr is jilaced on the disabled list tlic first of September he WouI<] have to st^y iiiuctive during the first tiiDHth of the "next, playing .sea.son.' A (hjctor 's cert|ficate would be requited befoi'c a player could 'bo assigned .to inactivity. - in propo.vii'ir a disabled list, the <-ouncil had the cases of the late Jloss Youtin. tU'orpe Kelly 'and .lohnny .\losfil in liiind. Thesi; jilayers wt -re civrricd hy their' re• spe;-tive clubs within the limit lisi despite the facf , that illness . pre- ^•j'nted them fron: taking attive •part; in b.'isebalU President .loliii A. HeydJer is iii favor of continuiiig the three- umpire system which • will come before the baseball men for another ciring. ! . •, ^ The Christy Mathewson meiiior- ial committee v.-ili moke its final report and set a date for f he ledi- • aiion of thcnieniprial at BiH-kuell - college some time in June. • Adoption of the 1H28; playing schedule also will be before I the inee{ing. • ' Cliicago—jack Delz^fv. BHdR'e- Loren Murdhison Nearer Death in DecaturMlf Now npcntur. III., Dec. 10. (API- Hope for the recovery of I^iren .Murcbison. serioisfjl.v ill .slnco Wednesday at 8C Marys hospital, grew faiiitcr today as the famous Olympic athlete fought against c.erebro-spinal nteiiingitis.ia disease iisuallv fatal to adi^iis. iiiK'niother was hurrying fr^ni her home in Texas to his bedside. Mfirchispn was in Decatur on a bu-islness trip with his wife, calling on curtoniers oV the merall factory which he, trith his father. Rod Murchtsbn oflSt. Louis, represents In the west, when he was taken suddenly ill "Wednesday. HARMTOBE NEWfcH.COACH Emporia Teacher Man Is Recommended to Regents Lawrence, Kans., Dec. 10. (AP)— H. W. (Bill) Hargiss.Uathlelle dij- rector of the Emporia State Teachers college this afternoon; was recommenoed, to the board of i ^er yents by the University of Kansas athletic board for. the position of football qoaOb to s^nccfeed Frinklin S. Cappon. who resigned recently. ^ • port, uiockot NeW Ydrk (61. Osk Till. Buffalo. <:onn.. scored a technical t Over Paul Bei'lenbach, *:on fr<) .on m "Bill" Hargiss Is Veteran Coach I • KniiK)ria. Kas.. Dec. 10. (AP)— Homei^ Woodson (Bill) ^ Harglss, atlileth' director of Emporia State TeSichers' College, appointed football coach at the Tniversity of KK 'nsftK. has I)»-en identified with football since 1 !I0 .5. - .Mr.'Jlarglss pla.vcd on the team four vears at the Teachers' College and w^s oiie ^ttt the best foolbiil^ players at fullback .ever £een at the colhege. lie taugfit school one year at the .Marlon high school and continued the study of. physical ediication at the I'niversity of Kansas an(l Harvard. . He returned lit Kansas In 1911 and wa's hired as bead coach of the. College of Kmporia. where he remained three years turning ont str'^i'.g 5 teanis and .winning iwi«'e from liis old Alma, Mater, ihe Tparhers' :College. >' ; ' In l!)H. .Mr. Hargiss took over the job of directing athletics <if the" Emporia Teachers for lour years, coaching team^ Nyhich defeated the College of E'niporia four years straiglit. Jn litis .Mr. Hargiss went'to the Oregon .Agricultural College at CorvalUs. "where he developed strong teams not only in football llbut in track, winning the Northwest,track meet" Jn the'spring of 1920. Twor years on the west coast was enough for the mentor and he returned again to "the Emporia Teachers' College. In his fifteen years .of football in the Kansas conference, his teani.s. "have played a total' of 109 games in the l\ansas loop and put of -this nunib«'r' his teams h4ve won 'S7 games, lost IS, and tied seven. OLD SCHOOLS i^verance of ^ Athletic Relations Looms as i Possibility J OTHER s PLANS |sobiN Non - Conference u limit On Games Mayj Be •Boosted Topeka; Det. 10. (AP)— Athletic relations between the ' ten remainInK member schools of the Kansaii intercolleglatd and athletic conference and the seven members - which bolted to form the new Central ^pter- : collegiate A^hle ic Conference -will not be com nued. the faculty representatives of the old Kan^s conference' decided at theirl annual meeting here today. Topeka. Dec. 10. (AP)"—Sever- aiu-e of athletic relations with the reveJi member schools which bolted JO form t"he new Centra] Intercollegiate 'attiletic conferenee I'o ^med as one of the possibilities as the faculty repnpsentatiyes gathered in Topeka today for the annual meeting of the Kansas Interr collegiate Athletic conference. Intimatioii was made that an uniendmeat vould be Introd.uced ut today's nieeting which would prohibit all utjiletic relations between the ten Nuho|>Is remaining in the old Kansas confcren^-e and the seven secedint members. I Other proposals expected to conie before the meeting include one to raisb the limit on non-conference basketball games from five to fen. , i Schools included in the conference are: leaker. Bethel, Bethany. Friends. McPberson. Ottawa, Sterl- •ng, St. Benedict's, St. .Mary's and Kiinsas Wesleyan; St. Johns' at Wlnfleld is an associate member. ^pAnr REGISTER. SATmtDATt .fiVgNlNG, DECEMBER 10,1927 JACK DELANEY:MAKE;S CHICAGO PEi JUT , -TECHNICAI. KNOCKOUT Chicaero, Dec. 10. (AP)— rjack )elan«y's Chicago debut last night before $40,000 wprfh of - kni^out, technical but thorough, back aspirations went winging aw ly in the sixth round when m Homer Robertson, Bos- CharUy Beilanger, Canida, knocked out .Mike .Mandell. St. \ ^aitl C ». Billy Light. St. Paul, i won from Hillv Showers, St. Paul (6). • • Boston—-Sainiiiy tMandell,. Chi::ago. defeated Jimmy Sacco, >^Jos- dn. (10. Jinimy Valentine. Boston, ^on from Harry Soo. California 6). • Buffalo—Young .Stribling. Atlanta^ defeated I^oti Scozza, Buffalo CO). .Savannaih,. Ca,—Joe Lucas, Detroit and I'inkey .May, New York, drew (10). .'Indiaiiapojis—Joe Dundee, world's weltenv<>ight champion, won from Meyer Orace. Chica.sio (10). Jimmy Tracy. Louisville, knocted out Jini- niy Parker. iYoungstown, O., (Ir. - Dayton, O.p^Happy Atherton, In- 'dlanapolls. oi^tpointed' Jimmy Sayor. Chicago (10). Milwaukee—^.Martin Burke. New Orleans, won from Joe Lohmaii, Toledo (101. Great Fall.s, Mont.—Pinky Er- quadi, Vatiui Indian, knocked out J'inkv Oeorge, Denver (10). i' ' Green Bav. Wis.—Al Van Kydn. «t. Pjiiil. defeated Bill Hall. Cbi- <-ago (lO). ; Davenpor.t lai—Wolcott Lai>g- ford. Chicago, shaded Red I'hlijn, California (I'D. ! ! ! ' Kansas City—.\eal| Clisby. Oak- I.-itid', Calif.. Negro, bbat Jake Kilgrain, Chicago. Negro, (lOt. I>id Stanl'e.v. Oklahoma City, outpbinted Kid Palmer. Taconiaj Wash., (10). Kid Kpgan and Jack iRoselle; both Kansas City. <lrcw ((51. Jack Camp- 1-en shaded Coitez Otis, 1)oth Kan- .cas City it).^ 1.1- ^ Effective Snnda^, Dec. llth Important; changes will be madelin •schedules of nearly ^11 trains.- " • Aide the T^ct Agent and avoid getting left Number! (Continued from Page One) \ ; r' • • • Dr. .Mennlnger, admitted there mignt ne sucn a tmng as "cun- veni.ent • ln.sanity," in answer ;to prosecution questions. • but he decided his otjservatlona showed Hart to have beeti absolutely lacking in judgment concerning requests made by Ills bride. -^Wanted to. Buy: Clean light colored rags at the Register. Minoi\ Leagues Are Stingy it^ Making Deals xChivago Dec. 10. ."(AP)-r-Minor league baseball players offered at the Dallas minor league conven- (tiour to the major league buyers jweri' atot a verj- select lot.-the Chl- cagf White Sox ivory btinters sai<j today on their return. \ The Sox did. I however, purchase! a young soutiipaw, Roy AVilson,. of the Ban .\ntpnio club, a native 'of Clarinda, Iowa. ; Twenty sprfng training; dates were ari'anged at the Dalla: meeting. Secretary Harry Grabinev said. Stories that Big Falk. star Sox outfielder. \yas consulted at I^allas about a possible trade to the New York Cankecs, were denie^ tonight by Grabiner. Arrest of Rebecca B. Rogers Ruled Legal La Grange. Texas. Dec. 10. (AP) The,arrest of Rebecca B. Rogers, 22-year-ojd former Texas University ^o-edpleadinjg insanity igilnst a charge of robbing thef BudA, Texas bank wa» legal, Disjtrict iJudge, M. C. Jeffery rul.ed here today after • lengthy jousting between' opposing attorneys over testimony of Sheriff George Allen of Hays county, in Iw^hich Buda is situated. Britain's telegraph system has never paid since it "was. taken over by the government |57 year's ago. 10 Cents 1 • ' KELLEY NIOQT ie<- and aoe TODAY ONLY TMUs! THRILLS! .^Man, What "^THRILLS! HIGH Smuggler-s who bring their loot across the border in hiigh-speed roaring planes] laughing at law, scoffing pursuit. How they were oullwitted and out-gamed by "Sky High", in a series of giddy 'wild-6yed; stunts miles in the air. Dizzy.- c^azzling, nerve-frazzling speed! Added—Comedy, News, Serial. . MOM)_IT AM) TIE.SDIY //*CHANG" The liest >how In town -liar lionel Thai's whjit fh«y all say almat this nfnr.sensation. ' ; ^ the referee stepped between the weight -champions; and stopped th Three times Delaney put Berly^ down, but Berly wouldn't stay piU.' When the fight was ended the Astoria assasiii, reeling and Ki'oggy, was still ready to go on. His garocness got him plenty of cheers but it could not bring • him victory. It was their fou^h meeting. Each held a decision oyer the other, bui Delaney feid a knockout yictopj added, to make his side of the ledger brighter. Berlenhacb's trouble last night j was bis ^ inability to get his chin out of :the way of Belaney's powei:- ftil rlfiht swings. The bell saved him at' the end of the fourth round. He had 'been' down once for the count of nine and bad gone down again when the bell halted the U'ount. Berlenbach seemed to recover Taptdly from these punched and for a briej time took the offensive but Delaney danc(!d ;ouf. of the way of his wild leads. The crowd seemed to feel that Delaney was Endeavoring to sparjp Berlenbach further punidhuiehti tind began' to boo. With Berlenbach still boring In, this drove Delaney to the attack again in the sixth when he dropped Berlenbach again. As "Punch Em" Paul staggered to his feet Iwfore the count could "be started Delaney came at him faSt. With the former terror of the 175 pounders reeling to the ropes, Referee Jimmy Gard­ ner'stepped between them and ended the contest, awarding Delaney h technical knockout, just before the round would have ended. Delaney already had <onie to an understanding with Promoter" Jim Mullen that M would -be given a chance at Tunney here next summer, tht» proviso being that be wade through a sufficiently impressive group of contenders. B!er- lenbach was the flrai and the wading was Impressive. Colis^uni customers was- a Paul Berletibach's ieome- wo former b fight. light heavy- From Baker uiriversity comes the I Infdrmiaioii that Harold Reade, tackle there and fonner Moran high school player, has.played his lasd game >'ith the BaJdwin insti- tutibn. Iti addition to football, Realde is a- track man. He was cap- taiiJ of the Baker squad in his junior ff^^ar. Second and ^taird all-con- ferunce leixm' positions Iiave been aw4rded him. Berlenbach Gives Up Fighting Chicago. Dec. Ht. (API—Punch 'Em Paul Berlenbach. who once ruled the light heavies, is through. In his dressing room last night. afK'r he had been technically knocked out by Jack Delaney. Berlenbach was approached by an attendant who asked him for his gloves. ' "No." said Paul .-Vril keep these. "I've made my last appearance* in the ring." So passed Berlenbach, out of the ring racket; beaten, groggy, wobbly, but still pn his feet, staggering gamely forward, wide open. Into the rapier thrusts of Jacjk Delaney. Berger Is Indicted for Perjury in Murder Case Cincinnati. O.. Dl'c. 10. (AP»— John S. Berger. reputed rich expo- dlctmentl charging he perjured himself jwhen he .testified a few days ago ns a defense witness in the Oeorge Remus murder trial. A sealed indictment was returned today and the fact It was agaliist Berger became public only with his arrest, i Your tuberculosis neighbor costs you moniey. Christmas Seals will help hid get well. ; About the only thfng that comes to him who waits is whiskers. AM Seen Br C. A. CLIFT Joe )r« .Johnson - of Saron- bjuv. do^xn't Uke the way the E^glster- treated Savohbnrg la r#portln^ a game between lola and Saronborg December & AbcordJng to the Register the s^ore «as 23 to SO in favor of iQla, bot Johnson said It should hire been St In favor of .Savonbnnr.. :E HAS TWOBAniES Humboldt City Team to Play Local Cagers Next Monday BATTLE HSTTAWA U. Play Wst String Group, Of Kansas Conference December 17 Fir Mr. Johnson's, information, ihe Register was informed that a Savinburg; man went out of'^be gan e on personals. The infornia- tlon given:the Register was to the effect that he was permitted to con inue la the game with the under: landing that points scored by hinj woij4d not count. | Reports ffivon Ihe Register wereto-the effect! that this man counteil Jwo field goaU. but that according to the agreeihent, neither was counted n the final score.. loltt Jqnlur colIeKe will furi> a real lusketball test when It meets Ottawa nnlvenitri at Ot- U wn December 17. -Ottawa al- wafs has a firs^lass eourt ag- gTPgatloji and a victorr for the lora.'sn^ht Indicate a ehkmp- , lo ^Khip ;i9KregatIon here. A:e Hudkins to MixiWithZivic In Detroit Now L<j)s Angples, Dec. 10. (AP)r-Ace Hudikins will meet Jack Zivic of Pittiburgh; in a ten iound_.bout at Dettjoit, January 6. Clyde Hudkiiis, •brother .anid manager of the' Nebraska welterweight title contender, has annouh(!cd. The announcement followed word fronl Topeka, Kas., yesterday that Hudklns had been reinsfated by the I athleftic coinmission' of that state. As ithe Kansas commission sition promoter of I>os Angeles^ is a member of the national boxing Calif., was arrested ti)day.on an int isso^latlon. It was understood Hud- k^nsj was automatically returned to goocl standing in all states operating junder ^association rules. Hudkins' was 'suspended several months ago following art alleged "fixdd" bout with Sid Socklyn, one of the Acer's .sparring partners, at Kanias City, Kas. Hildkins . is now enroute to his hom|> at Lincoln, Neb., where his mother is ill. i In the' last Olympic Games there were 1430 athletes who took part, repr^seiitinfe 15^ nations. ELITE Admission 10c and 2Qc Tex Ma3aia:rd in "GUN HAND GARRISON" i A eowhand who had a quick ^ye arid a quick trigger feared po man and aimed for lav| and order. Comedy—"Black and Biiie Eves" r 8th Episode of 'The Kin^ pf tKe Jungle" Krazy Kat Kartoon Komedy MONt)AY, TUESDAY ANb WEDNESDAY Matinee 10c-20c;lNi8Jhi Iflsc-SSc An amazing story of ships that! passiin the night, and the drama that stalks their decks. Bum runners, hijackers, fighting, love-raiSditii^liry to imagine a film romance better suifed to the dashing John Gilbert. Comedy->Four Faies wUt" Aesop*s Fables and Topifes ofithe Day " ( XOTEp-We have Just Insitalled a ncjiv heatlatr nnit, which In- .snres fon warmth and comfort at the ;EiIte at all times. AVith the first game fo be played Monday night at Humboldt'against the town team of that city. Coach Ira Stockc<brand - has reduced his squad of twenty men to fifteen. Even this squad is a little large to work with for the amount of equipment. I Of the first fifteen, four are nbt in school at present but wni enter at the beginning oftlie second semester and are now practicing with the squad. Fronk has- not reported for baskctbaU practice, not being'in town, but a place has been reserved for him when he starts December 17. Iba though riot in school at present reports for e.vo- nlng practice regularly. Phillips, former I. H. S. player, and Pennington of LaHarpe are the other two m^n not already in school. Leo Burger, Froiik, and Isaac, all lettermen, are in; the group now left, w'hile Louifi Burger, w'ho was on last .vear'.s squad, though not making a letter, ris also on thi.s season. j Only two non-conference games have been schedultd to be played 'jcfore the conference season. Humboldt is to lie invaded next .\l(Hiday night. The Humboldt team recently defeated the lola <-ity iteani. bu: the college Is hoplns to tlupUcatc the lola junior coIlege-Humboldt game of last seauon when lola ran up a large score in the final half. December 20 the local .1uiiiorjc-oi- lege team, will invade Ottawa;;,for a game against the teatn of Ottawa university. Usually the junior college teams, take on the re-serves of these colleges. Coach Stockebrand will try to take nipst of his squad to Humboldt to see what the men caii do in action against another team, buj, will reduce the gifoup to about ten min for tiie Ottawa trip. The fittcen men now left for col- leae practice and play are Leo Bnrgpr." Hubbard. I.«e. Isaac. AVool^^ ery. Clopiiie. Iba. Fronk. Bai:ber. Phillips. Bell, Penningtoh,^ Louis Burger, Kemp and Schlick. Buffalo Five Wins Game pff Crippled Iota With'bail luck bounding it and a star center on the opposition team the lola city team fell l)efore the Bulfaio quiutet at Buffalo last night aS to 13. ; . Because of the loss of se.Veral of lolas best men due either to injuries or \-not being able tii make the trip the lola team was badly weakened. 'Though the loja team fought for all that it "was worth, it could not overconie the advantage of "size of the Buffalo coiirt. The Buffalo center was 6 feet, 6 inches tall and powerfully built. He could not l)er guarded at all satis^ctorily by any of, the lola men wKo ware small though fast compared with their opponents. Baker, Ciitworth and tiee each scored one field goal for lola while the remaining ? points Were' made on .free tpsscs.. At the half the score stood 20 to 9 but Buffalo opetied up » tnore powerful attack in the secopd half than the lola men could, stop. The Buffalo center led In scoring, making almost all of his team'si points from immediately under tf )i- basket, i J Tunney Banquet To Attract Big Delegation Soon STACKED m BY EI^MORE Chanute Team Trimpied 46to34iiiSekan _j Struggle . MANY FOULS MADE Fort Scott and Elsinore Are Billed to Meet December 16 Elsmore, Dec. 10. (Special),-: Elsmore took the niiasure of j Chanute '16 to 34 for its .second Sekan \ league victory of the season fThurs- • day night at Elsmore. Todd,,Chanute center, piled up 20 ppijits for the losers. E. Johnson. E3smore .forward, counting IS points for second., scoring honors. JCach team counted ten free toss- , es. Elsmore didn't miss a cliarity toss. Despite the number of foiils. the .game was not rough. It wa^ close until the last few minutes xti V-lay- Elsmore's next gamff" is ' Decern-, oer 16 with Fort Scott. - ; ' . j The box score: , . ' liNniore E... .lohns'on, f -- f ^ H- .Joimson. f C. Daniels, c-f \V. Daniels, c — (^P)_.Tihree iLudliim, S -R. Cox. K " Higiiibotham. g Swansou, g . FG FT . 7 4 Chicago, Dec. 10. months a?o ('hicygo Ijoxtng fans rushod forward in large niimbers .$10 a seat to see (;en6 Tunney box.i .\ow they are apparently i almo.-t as willing to pay Slo a .seal I Totals to 'lear Inm tell abojit that Imxin;: i (Imniile affair and see \\\m eat a batiqiict.i Lockvear. f next Tuesday night. This time ilfi-jr.illispi^,. f customers can not pnssibly hi.- rScidel. f'-g _ placed farther away than were the ' i,ii„|scy.-f _ first few ringside rows in Solilit-r • TO ;!(1, C fiel.I. due to the limitations of Ihej \i;,rtin, ir 41 I* II I) I) F .T A 0 4 -0 4 i 0 0 TP l.S 12 n 1 0 ii 18 10 FO FT 0 r city'.s largest banciuet hall. .V'baiid. an American l^egion delegation, and -a Committee of city officials were -orjianizcd today to welcome the lie:i,vy\vei '^ht champion trelxt Tuesday myrning. After the banquet, which, is both a celebration of Tunnc.v's victory over Jack Dempsey in the "long count" battle, and a Christmas charity affair, Tunney: is expected to talk business. with • Pronioter Jim . Mullen' about another defense of 'his heavyweight titb- in Chicago next siiiiinu-r. I N'eptuiie. L' . .. Totals - Itoferee—Junkeli. 17 . 40 F TP 1 8 I) 1 12 10 10 Humtooldt. 20 % ii .14 »ew Locations lUK E. Madison. FIrsJ Door East of Phone 17i The metric system of measurements will be used exclustvel'y in the Olympic.Gome^ at Anisterdam. HARDWARE & IMPLEM ^nS fOLA-k^J'AJT Paramount's Jungle Melodrama! KELLEY Monday and Tuesday iVIatinee 10c and 25c . Night 10c and 3 .5c ft TO OUR PATRONS "Chanj?" is a motion picture so its^lyle, SQ IhriHing in its telling, so entrancing in its depiction of life, so enormously entertaining that in 'all the 5 years of the keJJey Theatre's policy of presenting the outstanding pictures there is no one with which it can be compared. | X\ With this in mind, and. knowing how inidequate mere words arei to expriess the full ineasure of the picture's greatness. I am malting this unqualified statement, "Your money back ff you do not think thit 'Chqng' is ihe most unusual and enter-. taining picture ever made." (Signed) • « " : —E. VAN HYNING. Come early to get just the seat, you want. The Maiinee's the time!. T 1 I -

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