Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 8, 1961 · Page 4
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1961
Page 4
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4 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, February 8, 1961 School News- (Continued from Page Three) tures about the growing, harvesting and manufacturing of sugar cane into sugar. The reporters this week are Jean Winters and Barbara Duwe. Fourth Grade. (Miss Paulson) In reading class, two groups are preparing puppet shows. The third group made scenes inside shoe boxes. Art class this week was spent, making stencil designs. We used crayon to fill in the space made by the stencil. Timmy Hale has received a letter from the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce. This letter was full of information about the city. This city is the topic of our social studies now. We have learned how sugar cane grows, is harvested, milled and refined. Sugar cane has helped New Orleans become a large city. Kathy Babi'ielson brought some kumquats to show the class. We thought it was interesting to learn that you ate the peeling of this fruit, too. Electric Wiring Is Our Business ESTIMATES — POWER WIRING HOUSE WIRING . . . ELECTRIC HEATING . . . ELECTRIC REPAIRS . . . INSTALL NEW SERVICES D & J ELECTRIC 24 Hour Service Day Call 86 441725 Night Call 86 4-7688 or 86 4-3979 ' Seven-A. In home economics, we are giving reports on the important features of a person. Good manners is our topic for discussion in English. , . We are finishing our chapter on how one material is changed into another in science class. We wrestled the junior high from Jefferson School in Dubuque. Our geography class is finishing the chapter on Latin America. Our next chapter is on coal. AH of the seventh graders gave reports related to jazz in music. For mathematics, we are studying measures. Steven Rose. Seven-B. In home economics, we are study- ingabout manners. We had to give reports on the following topics: hair, teeth, hands, posture, cleanliness, care of clothing and choosing clothes. Unit five in science is about what happens to molecules during chemical changes. Counting and measuring numbers is what we are now studying in mathematics. English is much like home economics just now, as we are studying manners there, too. Last Friday, we handed in our booklets on Latin America for social studies, and on Monday, we had a test covering this material. Frankie Olson. Seven-C. In art class we are painting pic- I i I I I I I I i I I I i I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I i I I i I I I I I I I b I I I I I I I i NEW NEIGHBOR When Betty Marlowe moved into our neighborhood we invited her to join the garden club and the baby sitters' club and the civic association, but it never occurred to any of us to ask her if she'd like to go to church. Then, one Saturday, she phoned me. "My husband is often out of town on Sundays and I don't have the car when he's away," she explained. "Would you and Bill mind if I went to church with you?" Mind! We were delighted—but I was also a little ashamed. And I wondered how many others there were in our neighborhood who would like to go ;,. to our church, if they were given the § encouragement of an invitation. From now on, I'm not waiting to be asked. I'm asking first! ALLAMAKEE • CLAYTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. CASTEN OIL CO. Standard Oil Products COOK'S SHELL SERVICE Firestone Tires FALB MOTOR CO. Chevrolet — Buick - HALL ROBERTS' SON Feed and Seed Olds HOME OIL CO. A complete D-X Service HYGRADE FOOD PRODUCTS CORPORATION INTERSTATE POWER CO. Postville, Iowa KRAMER'S Mr. and Mrs. Harm Kramer LARSON SINCLAIR SERVICE Goodyear Tires LOUIS SCHUTTE & SONS Furniture — Funeral Service MARTINS DAIRY Carnation Dairy Products MEYER PLUMBING AND HEATING Plumbing — Heating — Wiring OVERLAND HATCHERY Hy-Line Chicks POSTVILLE EGG CO. Buyers of Eggs POSTVILLE FEED MILL Grinding and Mixing POSTVILLE IMPLEMENT Your I-H Dealer POSTVILLE LUMBER CO. Serving the Postville Community SCHUTTA SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family TURNER INSURANCE Insurance that Insures— Service that Endures V AND J CAFE and Dining Room WILLMAN REAL ESTATE Lorenz Willman, Broker tures, and pencil sketching pictures of our classmates. In arithmetic class we are studying all about increase, decrease, commission, discount and interest. We had a review test. In music class we arc making booklets on composers and Jazz. In P. E. we are still on basketball. We are studying manners in English class. In science class we are still studying "How one material can change into another." We are studying all about Latin America. Booklets on Latin America will have to be turned in at the end of the chapter for social studies,, class. Sandra Reinhardt, reporter. Homemaking III. The Homemaking III. class was host to a group of preschoolers on Wednesday, January 25. The class spent several days discussing foods children can eat and would enjoy as a part of a meal management unit. Each group planned and prepared their meals, and entertained their -guests. Guests were James Koenig, Ricky Hughes, Lane Radloff. Patti Snitker, Joel Schutta, Aaron Cook, Stephen Lange, Joy Coats, Connie Duvel and Chuck Duvel. Business Education: Bookkeeping. Our classi has followed with interest, the $2,000,000 embezzlement from the Sheldon National Bank. It was especially interesting to read the news the day Mrs. Geiger's bookkeeping system was outlined. This system seemed like an awful lot of work! We decided that we would have enough trouble just balancing our books, without trying anything too fancy. Exploratory Typing. The electric typewriter is still our biggest thrill. Several members of the class have it, now. It seems a though we are always cleaning up after the sophomores, as they don't always remember to blow the eraser crumbs out of their machines or to move the carriage before erasing. A little brushing fixes this. We have put up a "Wanted" sign on the bulletin board, in hopes that we will be able to catch whoever leaves candy wrappers in the drawer of the typewriter table near the back door. We call him "The Milk Dud Kid", since he or she seems to prefer this type of candy to all others. New Library Books. The Cora B. Darling Elementary School library has received the second shipment of books from the traveling elementary school science library. Following is a list of books now in circulation: Gamow, The moon; Fenton, Prehistoric world; Barr, Research ideas for young scientists; Schwartz. It's fun to know why; Irving, Energy and power; Yost, American women of science; Fox, Milestones of medicine; Lavine, Steinmetz; maker of lightning; Schneider, Everyday weather and how it works; Adler. Dust; Zim, Dinosaurs; Zim, Lightning and thunder; Underhill, First, came the family; Boyd, Races and people; Adler, Magic house of numbers; Zim, Shooting stars; PearlJ The tenth wonder; atomic energy; Lewellen, The mighty atom; Epstein, The first book of electricity; Reed, Patterns in the sky; Swezey,! Science magic; Von Hagen. The sun kingdom of the Aztecs; Bw: Igloos.' yurts, and totem poles: Irwin. The romance of chemistry; Dugan, Undersea explorer; Fenton, Life long ago; the story of Fossils; Seaborg, Elements of the universe; Bell. Snow; Wyler, The first book of science experiments; Schloat, Andy's wonderful telescope; Ruchlis, The story of mathematics; Freeman, Fun with figures; Freeman, Fun with chemistry; Ipcar, The wonderful egg; Carson, The sea around us; Watson, The world of INFECTIOUS HEPATITIS INCREASES IN IOWA Infectious hapatitis cases are on the increase, reports the Iowa State Department of Health. The disease, commonly called yeiiovv jaundice, has been increasing nationally and in Iowa since 1P5S. Hepatitis is a highly contagious virus disease which attacks the liver. It's a baffling disease that's miserable for tho victim. The first symptoms include fever and chills, headache, fatigue, aching muscles, loss of appetite, nausea and abdominal pain. After about a week of illness the skin and whites of the eyes may turn yellow with jaundice. Convalescence is slow. It's not unusual for a victim of infectious hepatitis to be ill for three or four months. The disease can be fatal. Iowa has recorded six to 18 deaths per year for the past ten years. Infection usually enters the body by way of the digestive or respiratory tract. While the incubation period can be longer, it's usually three weeks to a month. The best protection against the disease is an effective community sanitation program, including sanitary protction of water and milk supplies, and the careful personal hygiene practices by every individual. It's important to have clean hands, and to cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Although anyone can get the disease, outbreaks are more likely to occur in institutions, in rural areas, and among children and young adults. When a case occurs parents should be alert for any breakdown in sanitary facilities or practices, and watch the daily personal, hygiene of themselves and their children. Protection against hepatitis is possible with an injection of gam­ ma globulin. A physician should be consulted immediately if symp­ toms of the disease, i hasten cxpS ^i ^iiiniiiu miitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniMiii HiiiMiiiiiiHliiililllMiiiinimii """"mmni ^J PROTECT YOUR VALUABLE every minute of the day or night, with a safe deposit box in our fire and theft proof vault. science; Shuttlesworth^e"story of ^TeffiTe rocks; Jessup. The wonderful world of archaeology, Hogben, The wonderful world of mathematics; Wyler, The golden book of astronomy; Hogner, Spiders; Selsam, Play with seeds; Jewett, Plant hunters; Mc- Clung.Bufo; story of a toad; Dudley, Sea shells: Lewellen. Helicopters; how they work; Fabre. Insect adventures; Poole, Ballooning in the space age: Newcomb. Miracle fabrics; Schneider. Lifeline; the story of your circulatory system: Becker, Mechanical man: Zim, Our senses and how they work: Schatz, The story of microbes; Zim, Owls; Ra- vielli, Wonders of the human body; Bartlett, Insect engineers; Cruickshank. 1001 questions answered about birds; Sutherland, Magic bullets: Selsam, See through the forest: Goetz, Deserts; Morgan, The boys' second book of radio and electronics; Nephew, Moon trip: Williamson, The first book of birds; Williamson. The first book of mammals; Paschel, The first book of color: Bendrick. The first book of space travel: Dickinson, The first book of plants; Smith, The first book of conservation: Branley, A book of satellites for you; Dudley, Our American trees: Lavine, Wonders of the hive: Ley, Engineers' dream: Sterling, The story of mosses, ferns, and mushrooms: Piatt. The green world; Bendick, Television works like this; Rcinfeld, Miracle drugs and the new age of medicine; Johnson, The story of animals; Barnett, The world we live in: Ley, The conquest of space and Calder, The wonderful world of medicine. It was interesting to note that of the above titles our own library contains twenty-eight of these same books. Of those books in the first shipment only three were never out in circulation. Sixth graders checked out the most of the books with fifth grade a close second. There appeared to be an almost equal circulation of the books in the fourth and third grades. Check-outs by children below third grade was a!- 2 I I I I NOTICE # THE POSTVILLE FARMERS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY WILL HOLD ITS Annual Meeting at Memorial Hall — Postville, Iowa Tuesday, Feb. 14 DINNER at 11:30 — BUSINESS MEETING 1:00 P. M. SPEAKER — Mr. "Bud" Trafford, Public Relations and Advertising Manager, of the Farmers Elevator Service Co. (Felco), Fort Dodge, Iowa. HAM DINNER SERVING STARTS AT 11:30 A. M. REGISTER FOR DOOR PRIZES CASH DIVIDEND CHECKS WILL BE ISSUED FOR $15,058.28 Postville Farmers Coop. Society EWALD BRANDT, Secretary. Boxes start at $3 .00 a year. Get one! Postville State Bank 1872 — 1961 WE OFFER A COMPLETE BANKING SERVKJ f Member of F. D. I. C. ^VlllMllllllllllltlltlHIMIIIHIIIItMMIItlllinilllllllllllllMIIMtlMlllllllllllllllltMIMIIIHIIllllllllinuili HIGH TEST AGRICULTURAL LIME ROCK FOR CONCRETE CHIP AND CRUSHED ROCK AVAILABLE NOW CHECK OUR PRICES—the most reasonable in Postville Vicinity. Leave Orders With .... FRANK TEHEL, Postville Or Call Your Orders To ... . Dial 56 8-3515, 56 8-3532, 56 8- Or Stop at the Quarry on Highway 51 R. J. Cooney Construction Co. WAUKON, IOWA SAVE MONEY TWO WAYS \N\TH Philgas, the modem tractor fuel, g»v« !* added power while cutting your operating «** -actually saves you dollars and cents two*'!* Philgas costs less than other t"^ fuels. It gives you added power a" cost per gallon.. Maintenance costs are less when J* use Philgas. You need fc*« r changes. There arc no unburnca', I 4 M! ( deposits to damage rings* ph'B 8 valves. With Philgas your tractor 1 A for years before overhaul is need'* 1 Thousands of farmers are saving money by «« Philgas as a tractor fuel. We would apP' the opportunity of showing you the convin ^l tacts of how Philgas can save you money. MARIANNA PROPANE Cfl Phone 86 4-7451 PorfWgJ Two-War lUdlo on tmctajj* n ^ J more efficient perrX*

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