The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 6, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1933
Page 10
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THE Hi^^ ^T • W • • • » , EXCISE TAX 'age Onfl; :he rich as well—arc those of war- Mo days, but they ompliiulised that ft IS a.situation akin to war. Speaker John N. Gnrn6r, who IB now sngngod In putting (ho ilomoatlc al• dtjnent farm relief bill through the Htojjse, got tho nnsuranco of the , 'resident-elect that he Is entirety sat- siled with this now notation of the tiirin problem. Ttoonevelt lold the Readers that farmers Imd been trying to get together since 1607 and now that they have agreed In the year 1(833 ho will stand by their program, darner Displeased • Repeal of the ]3lght<>en(h nmond^ "blent iiroso to plague Kofftmvell. and his party chieftains In. the conference. Some pf those present, notably Onrner, trltlclzed the Elaine repeal resolution, Juit approved by a Senate judiciary Subcommittee, ns not conforming to the Democratic platform, particularly 111 Its provision for submission to state legislatures. Tho platform culled for •submission to stuto conventions. Gar- fter loat by six votes In his attempt on lite opening day of Congress to put through a "naked repeal" resolution. "; Conference Prolonged . Senate .l«eader Hoblnson stayed heru for another conference today with the president-elect, as did several others, iatUidlng Senators Harrison, Mississippi; Byrnes, South Carolina; Chnlr- inan Byrnes of the House appropriations committee; Senator Hull, Ten- lessee. • Others who attended the conference *vere Senator Pltlinan, Nevada, and MOURO Floor Lender Ralney, Chairman Collier of the TlouAe ways and means Committee, Representative McDuffle. Alabama, House party whip, and Chairman Rayburn of tne House Interstate commerce committee. Find Calif ornians Guilty_of Battery i United Preit Leaned Wire) OAKLAND, .Ian. 6.—Two natives cf California and a native of England wet for tea, stayed to argue over war debts, and ended In police court, where the two Callfornlans wore found guilty of battery. Henry Sklpworth, a' naturalized Englishman, suffered, the major casu- filty In the "war over war debts." He Buffered a broken nose and a fractured shoulder. It seems he argued that Britain should pay; tho Cnllfor- .Blans were for cancelatlon. • « * SPAIN'S PLANS FOR AIR MADRID, Jan. 6.—In outlining a program of aviation expansion for Spain, Premier Manuel Anana recently Oimde the following suggestions: Creation or an air armada and the Improvement of civil aviation, and tho formation- of a bureau of air knowledge, under supervision of tho premier, to distribute Information on general aeronautics to civilians who coutem- plate Joining aviation In any'way. LINKED IN SENSAf lONAt SLAYINGS Correctly ground for injr method of nuking coffee, this choice blend is growing in popularity. Featured In Safeway and Plggly Wlggly stores DEPENDABLE COFFEE < . ROAfTID AND PACKBD »Y PWIGHT EDWARDS COMPANY 5AN FRANCISCO . . PORTLAND ANGELES . . . . . , DENVER WORLD WAR ALL (United Preit Leased Vfire) AVASHINOTON, Jam 6.—The disordered mountain of documents compiled during the hectic days of the World War Is being converted Into an Intelligible record of the men who served In America's army, Major General Charles H. Bridges, adjutant general, revealed In his annual report. War department clerks last year sorted through 3,870,000 musty documents—personal records of soldiers— to put together the scattered records of each Individual. Congress appropriated 1250,000 for the work, which It not yet finished. Bridges, who Is a sort of secretary- general for tho army, also revealed In his report that: During the last fiscal year the war department received 103,969 applications from soldiers for compensation. Only 145,422 were certified to the vet- j erans 1 bureau. ' } The army awarded 16 distinguished ervlce crosses, six distinguished sor- ice medals, 33 soldiers' medals, two stlngulshed flying crosses, ]3 silver i nr citations and 6949 purple heart | ecoratlons for merit. The strength of the United States j rmy Is now 12,314 commissioned of- cers, 973 warrant officers and 119,913 nllsted men. * » » — Sot Lunches to Be Served to Children (United Prett Leased Wire) COLUMBUS, Neb., Jan. 6.—Hot oondoy lunches will be served to chool children of Columbus' families ependent upon Platte county for sup- ort, under plans recently completed ere. Children of needy families, In chool, will receive tho hot lunches ich-day during tho school year. The unches will bo financed out of the 16- al share of funds raised through J. J. (Happy Jack) Hatleran, wealthy Phoenix lumberman, who wag Indicted on a charge of concealing evidence and protecting Ruth Judd, right, slayer of her former frlendi, Agnei Ann Lerol and Htdvlg Samuelson. Mrs, Judd was smiling 'happily as she left the grand Jury room after telling the story which caused Halloran's arrest. She hopes the new development* will .result In the board of pardons and paroles commuting her death lenUnoe to life Imprisonment. C tf CMI( ale of eals. antltuberculosls Christmas -*PORTERVILLE MAN KILLED POnTEUVH,t,E ( Jan. 6. (A. P.)— Hal Stonebrook, 22, son of Mrs. May tonebrook 6f Portervllle, was killed oday by the accidental discharge of rifle after a coyoto hunting trip In he Terra Bella district. ONTARIO ROADS Ontario, Canada, hns under way a oad construction program which will ntnll the expenditure of about $1,65,000. . v WOMAN SHERIFF H A TTA kldl" shouted Bobby's dad uproariously. "Did you see the baby go after Hal and get that lollypop, Grace? He's going to be a go- getter, that youngster is." "Too much of a go T getter, I am afraid," answered Grace. "He; 'takes everything of Hal's. Ho takes/everything from everybody else,- too. I could break him of, tho habit If ydu would only let mo alone." "Let you alone! What am I doing?" "Don't you suppose he knows you are tickled to death every time he gets his own way?" "Well, I hope he does. And I want htm to keep on doing It. It's the only way I know to get along In this hard nut of a world. Let Hal take his own part and fight back." "If ho does, Bobby goes Into a tantrum. Besides, he can't hit and scratch and tyto back tho way Bobby does. He's 3 years older and besides he's too manly to bo mean." "I know. Tho country's chuck full of fellows too manly to be mean, and where has It got them? Look! MRS. BERNA CORLEY AMILTON, Mont., Jan. 6.—Out in this rugged section of the western part of Montana—the old West—there In a woman sheriff wno holds her office by a unique lust moment election. Sho Is Mrs. Bcrna Corley and was elected alter only a one-day campaign. On Uiu Sunday before election her husband, the Incumbent sheriff who sought re-election, died suddenly whllo attending church service. The Democratic county committee met suddenly. At i a. in. the next morning, they named the widow as the candidate. She campaigned one day, because In Montana,It Is not possible to campaign on election day.- Despite the late start she WPS elected on Tuesday by 100 votes, defeating Jody Stokes, a former sheriff who three years ugo was acquitted of a murder charge after being tried for killing a school teacher while search- Ing for a stolen automobile. Mrs. Corley, however, already was serving ua sheriff, as uno had been uppolnted to fill hor husband's unex- plred term. But aha had no radical changes In the procedure of office. There he goes after Tag's bone. Gosh, he's taking it right out of his mouth! Now. wait and see what he does." BoT>by held tho bone behind htm while Tag good-naturedly stood and wagged his tall, his head cocked sideways to see If the bone would reappear. Ho took It us a, Joke. Tag to the Rescue But tho baby, after deciding that .hero was Kolng to be no unpleasant opposition. tuddleU over to tho open cellar iloor mid threw tho bone down .he cellar steps whence Tag hurtled himself Instantly to recover his dinner. "Ho can't let anybody have anything," said Grace, "even If It doesn't do him any good." "Oh, don't take It to heart too much, fciomo day when he's worth a million, you'll bu as proud as punch of having a son like that." "No. I won't. And I think you are mistaken about the -millionaire. The mvanest people I know haven't got a cent. But Bobby Is it darling If only we could break him of his selfishness." "Well, I shan't bo the one. I think It Is a good quality Jn a man." The argument went on. It is not particularly Important in Itself except that It Illustrates what wo call "conditioning." The baby, old enough now to understand, know that his father encouraged tils xelflshnesH and ho prized In hln baby way one word of his male parent's more than a thousand of his leather's. • i Another four years of such conditioning: and thcrci would bo no uso trying to toll him about the Golden Rule. Bublus undm-Htand much but. sense more. Kvcrythlng wo say affects their future Uohuvlor. Bobby was not only selfish. His was a • dog-ln-tho-manger attitude This vory thing Is ruining the worU today.- Parents can Influence futup b'tiiumttloiib against It. . Thcro are now 616 members of th BritlBh House of Commons. Th chamber In which the body sits pro vldes seats for only ^8. KILL COLDS IN A DAY This 4-way remedy keep* million* wel Take two HILL'S CASCARA QUININE tablets right away—follow directions. HILLS r- ,'* iV iL^" -I 1 SEti THE JANUARY :' J i 1 ' ' ' ^ , t * * V^4l 1 ^ *^ 1 ' MORNING blPBNING. NOW.OPBN AT Vo'CLbCK "8.AH." GREEK : PROVIDE 'THE WAY To • ADDiBp'sXvtKOS v ,- , 'V, 4 /< ? X? •^ -t^'Vjrj " A -\A |T A New Itdfns for Choppers in the'AiMUal i " x, r,r / •- ,»;-», Special Notice to Red lick Corset Customers! . Annual Sale WONDERLIFT" CORSETS Each January this noteworthy event comes by special'arrange- ment with the makers of this famous "Wonderllft" line. Th«y are especially unique, designed (or fitted clothes,,and especially foe-the large woman. The 1933 "Wonderllft" has all these excellent fitting and supporting qualities that have made It famous for years, plus the new features: A beautiful stripe batiste . . .with snugly tailored top of "Swaml," molded to the heavy woman's needs. Full length back- boned and elastic shoulder straps with six garters. A model for the tall and average figure and also models for short figures. * They Go on Sale Saturday , Morning. —SECOND FLOOR— Special jfc Sale ^ Price Is. . t * * * * A Spectacular Selling—Saturday—on the SeedndtFlpqr V. •. . "' < " *--L - '" - , -,*' ,. ' \< ' v ' i '"'-•' V'.'i '•• r I, TO GO AT ONE LOW PRICE — Ovef 300 in the Grpup- SILK DRESSES WOOL DRESSES WOOL SUITS WRJTT* ( 7Yj&J7CC'I7C J\l VIJ UI\F*JL* i> Hi Q , —they Show Price Tags Marked:— $8.00, $12.00, $15.00 and $19.75 Take a Look HedUCed $^| 95 atthePrice! \7/vii) ir\ H^k^^^c • • 2 V \J\JU L{J ^^^^^P^^^^^K Then Look at —............................ • • ^^^ ThpfiA Mnrrolniia The greatest CLEARANCE VALUES>ever < .offered at any J.IICBC luarvviuua t time j n i u - s t O ry. Dresses of the winter season, of every •""*• • • description, style, color and material in this exceptional -« offer. SIZES UP TO 48. ' p" Values! \ A Clearance Winter Coats Fur-Trimmed and Untrimmed Styles Dre§s Coats! tt^LP^ O C Sports Coats! ?PB •TT9 _ j_ ^-» _i * r*t < .1 * • • ^^^^ i ^^H^^ ^^^^^^ . Plain .Colors and Tweeds, $11.85 and $15.00 Values . . . . . . SECOND FLOOR Absolute Clearance Millinery —2 Groups of Charming Fall Hats— VALUES TO $2.95 , , VALUES TO ?4.95 C and MAIN FLOOR •Saturday- We Clear Away All Mill Ends! Remnants! and Short Lengths 2000 Yards! Cotton Fabrics ON SALE AT 9^ O'CLOCK AND AS LONG AS ANY REMAIN THE PRICE WILL BE January Clearance in Shoe Department —with values such as only January can bring—Be Here Saturday—Fill All Your Shoe Requirements! Yard No Phone/Orders! None Laid Away I No Exchanges! AT 65 c REGULAR f 1.00 Men's Felts Famous Blum line. Hi-low or Everett patterns . . . brown or gray. Padded soles. AT 65 c REGULAR |1.00 Women's Felts Brown or gray, with ribbon trim, padded soles and heels. Also with 'leather soles. AT REGULAR 12.45, |2.95 Boys' Oxfords Black or brown, with calf uppers, leather or composition soles. Sizes 1 to C. AT $2.45 REGULAR $3.95 Men's Oxfords A group of both black or. brown, square or rounding toes. All sizes In th'e lot. AT Regular ?6 and $6 Vitality Footgear Discontinued 'lines ,"of women's Vitality shoes. jjHere is the 'big opportunity|f«tf^933. AT $2.95 ALL BIG VALUES Another Special Any women's black or brown suede pump or oxford, in'our stock, regardless of former price. , ' •. 1500 Yards New Spring Prints! ^ at a New 1933 Price Ushering in the first spring merchandise with this new line of. beautiful prints. Yard wide, 25 new patterns and .colors., ON THE MAIN FLOOR M. 1 £t -JLiAI.-lt,O» '- ' 15 $1.65 AT ?2,'?2.50 VALUES Velvet-Suede Mules Smart styles for the young modern. Velvet ribbpn or os- "trich trim. Not all sizes. $1.45 AT REGULAR 11.75, »2 High Lace Shoes Children's and misses' black or brown calf, patent, smoke elk, or.tan shoes up to size 2, misses. ~ ' AT $1.45 VALUES TO $3;00 Girh' v Oxfords A large group for growing girls, black or brown. Some sizes missing, 3 to 8. ' Embroidered Marquisette Panels A January Clearance Exquisitely embroidered corners' on line tuped-cdge marquisette . . the size is 2% yards long and 38 inches wide.-. . ON. THE MAIN FLOOR AT 'REGULAR . Women's House Slippers Daniel Green" satin, Incomplete size range. Black, blue, orchid and rose. AT $1*95 REGULAR f2.95 Men's Work Shoes Soft elksktn tippers, plain toe, composition Holes and rubber heels, In all sizes: AT $2*95 REGULAR 13.60,-|4 Extra Special Select any style sport oxfp,™, pump or eyelet tie, selling regularly at $3.50 to $4.00. ' Mori's Dfepartinent Clearance—f or Saturday Pullover Sweaters Coat Sweaters Chalmer's Union Suits All-wool, with crew or V neck. Plain and fancy patterns. A REGULAR |3.50 VALUE at..... $1.95 Men's Pajamas A line of the famous Faultless, brand, middy or coat style. A REGULAR n.60 ~ VALUE at M Men's Tweeds Full English out ... fine gray tweed, with 22-inch bottoms. EXTRA VALUE at A special purchase group.. All- wool. REG. 17.50 VALUES.. Boys' Pajamas Made 4 of genuine Amoskeag • cloth, middy or. qpeu front. A REGULAR $1,50 AC *»' ' VALUE for. 399C , Men's $hirts A line, of both Shirtcratt and Malbpfp brands. REGU^lA,R , |1.95 .VA^yffi ' ^— '"" $•'•»{••"-'••;<• TT-T f.' Men's heavy weight garments, long sleeves, ankle length. A REGULAR $1.60 VALUE at Men's Flannel Shirts Some all-wool, some part-wool. •VALUES UP . •» 4 AB •TO '$3.95 at....'. 9 Ji *«f d >.!'».• ; .Men's Work Shirts A choice of either "blue or gray chambray or gaberdine. REGULAR 85o'VALUE BA^ at , 9UC FHAUNFELTER KRUST KOOKIN CHINA Prices for a Decisive Clearance 8-inch Baking Dishes. ...... ....... ..... ........ ,39c 9-inch Baking Dishes. . . . . .......... ............ ,59c Oval ShiFred Egg Dishes ...... .....;. . . .... ... . . .89c Round Shirred Egg Dishes. ..... . .... ...... ..... .49c 81/2x13% Steak Broilers ..... . . . . . . . p .......... .$l;l9 9x15 Steak Broilers. ...... ....... . .\ . ......... ,.|1.98 ALUMINUM RANGE SETS '" Hand decorate^; .;t^e set contains two small shakers and one /»Q large shaker. Jlegular price $1. Clearance price, Bet. ... ..... De7C H||]|pOOD FRUIT BOARDS Hand decorated; '^ithj'Jcnife tb match. Regular 11.00. /jA Clearance price, set. . , . .', . ...... .... .'. ..... . .... . ........ D«/C BRIDGE TRAY .SETS A set of four trays which just fit the card, table; triangle in shape- colored in green and ivory. The set of ' four trays for ....................................... 1 in the Basement— rRedlick's \ ^ * »^ . s r * t» s/* */* ^* ^. j L ^ ^v-H ** '* si ^ v - *" ? 'Xif" ^**7 l * -.'- - "-• *^ i "--" i v *• ' V ^< ^ «^ : ^'' *' '*£** *** ! * v *-^-- y '* >'-<••'• ^ ^4^y^l^^i^^^j^ "• ,4. , E ^ft- ^ ^ *i%,\- t i» «S.&^ * 4. **j J.tA^ i. ) ~KI««*MJV?iJ^iH!s ! 3K»'' 1 !jJt^iS^. ' -*£• ; .w A^II

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