Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 15, 1965 · Page 16
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 16

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1965
Page 16
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SIXTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1965. Your Horoscope Sydney Omarr Friday, .luly 16 "The wise man controls his destiny. . .Astrology points the way." ARIES i Mar. 21 -- Apr. 191: Accept facts concerning p r o posed changes, romantic interests. Realize one phase of activity has ended. Look to future. Refuse to worry about past. Expand areas of interest. TAURUS (Apr 20 — May 20: Seek indirect means of achieving goal. Means you ca n n ot force issues now. Gain indicated if you exercise tact, understanding. A new start today pays dividends. Go to it! GEMINI (May 21 — June 2CM: Best to avoid unnecessary travel. You could receive w o r d having to do with PROFESSIONAL HONOR. Be ready to speak, appear, express gratitude. Get needed rest later. CANCER (June 21 —July 22v. Concentrate on expansion. Don't be satisfied with status quo. There may be financial questions which must be settled, face them with PRACTICAL answers. Then you are happy. LEO (July 23 —Aug. 22 >: Howj you react to pressure? is ob-j served. Know this -- Respond accordingly. Draw upon inner' strength. Obtain cooperation. Prank discussion of problems with mate or partner could help. i VIRGO (Aug. '.'3 Sept.' 22): May be necessary to consult expert in special field. Be sure of facts. Then move ahead. \ Exude air of confidence Don't,: attempt short cuts, get-rich-j quick methods. BE T H O R- ! OUGH. j LIBRA (Sept. "3 —Oct. 22:' Gain indicated fro m unique j methods. Means npply imagination and humor. Your inna t e! sense of beauty snines. Manyj now understand your motives, j goals. Know this and bask i n' glow of attention. ' j SCORPIO (Oct. 22 — Nov.] 21 >: If you depend upon pro-j mises. . . .you are apt to bej disappointed. Rely upon friends) of proven loyalty Not good t o go too far afield. STAY ON FAMILIAR GROUND SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21): Journey could help solve" financial dilemma. Change ! is favored. Visit with one who i has helped you in past in-! dicated. GET FACTS FIRST-1 HAND. Key is being PRACTICAL. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 —Jan. 19): Best course now sees you building BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP, TRUST. Means avoid arrogance. Stress patience. Golden Rule. Wait ind observe. Good evening for social affair. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 —Feb.) BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 15 4k A64 V K 108 3 • AK 107 *72 WEST EAST * 108 7 5 3 4> J 9 * Q 9 * 3 V A 7 5 »63 * Q J9 54 + A3 *KJ 9 SOUTH (D) 4 KQ2 V J6 * 8 2 + Q 10 8 6 5 4 East and West vulnerable vSouth West North East Pass Pass 1 * Pass 1 N.T. Pass Pass Opening lead—6 5. fully dropped his nine of d i a - monds. South won the spade and threw Harry in with a club. Harry led his queen of diamonds to dummy's king. Back came a diamond. Harry took his jack and threw dummy back in with the small diamond that he had conserved for that very purpose. Mcanw h i 1 e, West had j e t- tison one low heart. Dummy had to lead a heart which Harry allowed to ride to hi si partner's queen. West took his | last spade and the ace of hearts ! became the seventh trick for the; defense. BEN CASEY By Ned AdUM JO-CLOT WE COOLED YOUR. BRAIN ANP CUT OFF THE BLOOD FtOW ANP IN THIS WAV OPERATED WITH A MINIMUM OF BLEEPING WITH NO STRAIN ON yOUR. HEART. /=«== BUT EVEN" WITH COOUNG, WE HAP TO FINISH WITHIN A CERTAIN TIME J BEATING AROUNP LI/AIT SO THERE WOULP BE NO BRAIN DETERIORATION. TWO YEARS: WITH MEW- CATION ANP CARE POSSIWy SEVERAL XEARS /Y\ORE. BUT, PRODUCTIVE TIME, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill BlosseT 2930-H PRETTY POTHOLDERS! Perk-up the kitchen with a set of these prettily embroidered potholders! The motifs are the popular wheat and corn designs in easy-stitching! Pattern No. 2930-H has hot- iron transfer for 6 motifs of each design: directions for making potholder; color suggestions. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, i Ironwood Daily Globe, | 407 S. VVacker Drive j Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. ; and size. i Send 50c now for your new '65 ! Spring-Summer album! Regular \ features: custom collection; i items to crochet, knit, stitch! 18): Numerous communications! due to be received. You may be called upon to give opinions. Do so in REASONABLE manner. Means THINK before making assertions. Then day proves constructive. PISCES (Feb. i9 — Mar. 20): Cycle moves up. Circumstances can now turn in your favor. You make fruitful contacts. Display independence, originality. High-j light appearance. Good time for! adding to wardrobe, home furn- ! ishings. | IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTH- iDAY. . .you tend to be introspective. You do not make friends easily. . .but are loyal to those close to you GEN ERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for PISCES, ARIES. Special word to LIBRA: Fine day for bettering relations with those who perform special services for you. By JACOBY & SON Harry Weis of Dallas is too busy teaching bridge and running duplicate games at the Valley View studio to play much bridge but the other night he got into the game and produced one amazing result. At most tables North and South played in no-trump and made three odd which had usually been bid. Against H a r r y they stopped at one no-trump and went down one trick. West opened his fourth best spade and declarer rose with c'ummy's ace. Then he led a club and Harry, playing East, rose with his king right away. He returned a spade to his partner and South was in with the queen. He entered dummy with the ace of diamonds and led a second club. Harry played his nine and South went into a long huddle. Harry had played the king from ace-king so South played his queen. West won with the ace and played a third spade on which Harry care- Q—The bidding has been: Quick Quiz Q—In what state did Herbert Hoover live when he was elected to the presidency? A—California. Q—What is the oldest known tree food used by man? A—Walnuts. Shells of walnuts were found in the Swiss Lake dwellings of Neolithic man, dating from about 7000 B.C. Q—-What is the estimated number of U.S. golf courses? A—Nearly 3,300. Q—How early do rattlesnakes acquire venom? A—The young possess venom from birth. SHE JUST MARKED Mf TTRE WTTH LIPSTICK/ THE SHADYSIDE POLICE MOW NAVE A WOMAN on THEIR TRAFFIC DETAIL/ PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeeff Russians Say Western Newsmen Beating Reds MOSCOW (AP) — The Soviet Communist party complains that Western news media are beating Soviet organs to the punch on world developments and scoring propaganda advantages here. The party's chief theoretical I organ Kommunist said it was I vital for Soviet propaganda out-1 lets to provide speedy andj comprehensive "elucidation" of news events from the Soviet viewpoint. SAY'S ONE DAY MAN WILL BLOW OUR EAR- OH,TWAT'S f NOT REALLY SO SERIOUS t> IMl l r NU. Iv. TM. t« U.I to Oil'. >'S MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Cav»ni East 1 » Pass Pass South Dbie. Pass Pass West Pass 2 » Pass North 1 N.T. Dble. BUGS BUNNY fl'LL. GET VA A \ GLASS O'WATER r) C'MON, TAKE YEP MEDICINE/ CICERO! ARE VA FINISHED KIO? THA'S A GOOD LI'L CLUCK! LL TAKE AWAY TM BU0 TASTE.' CARNIVAL— By Dick Turner You, South, hold: 4AQ76VKJ76 +3 +K942 What do you lead? A—The three of diamonds. Vou want to start getting the opponents' trumps out right away. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of responding one no-trump to the double, your partner jumps to two spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Arthur Petersons Open Store at Watersmeet ' WATERSMEET — "Holid a y House" opened for business here July 2. The store is owned and operated by Arthur H. and Donna N. Peterson. It carries a variety of grocer! ies and package goods. The I Petersons plan to feature a va- | riety of handmade articles in j the near future made by local residents. This store was formerly owned by Mary Kelly. VKX. I HADTH£ ON MY BACK BLEAO4EP OUT. IJU6TWANTH5TO IF BLONDB3 REALLY DO Smallest and rarest bear in i North America is the blue, or j glazier, bear, which stands only 2 feet high at the shoulder. SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox "We only took in $4.25 at the rummage sale, but the swapping was the best ever!" Canine World Answer to Previom Puztf* " 'Can I have the car keys? Can I have the car keys?' Who would have thought we'd still be wondering if he'd ever learn to " ACROSS 1 Short-haired canine 6 persons use specially trained dogs JJ Mountain crests 13 Mortgagee 14 Lurch 15Expunges IB Carat (ab.) 17 Lashed ID Redactors (ab.) 20 Turf 22 Petty quarrel 23 Shield bearing 24 Steal 26 Pair fab.) 27 Poker slake 2fl Woody plant 30 Poetic contraction 31 Too 32 Paradise 34 Damsel .'16 Troop (ab.\ 37 Male cat 39 Tie 40 Pastry 42 Seine 44 Worm 45 Weird 46 Mariner's direction 17 Moorish tabor 49 Makes into law 52 BrisUy 53 Reiterate 54 Handle 55 Taxations DOWN 1 Supports 2 Lecturer 3 Dry (comb, form) 4 Summer (Fr.) 5 Staggers 8 dog 7 Meadow R Introduce 9 Sewing implement 10 Desk (obs.) 12 Broke short 13 Nominate iScot.) 18 Wheeled vehicle 21 Period 23 Commencement 25 Interlace 27 Help 29 Finale 30Sealyhant, tor instance 33 Negative prefix 34 Masculine courtesy title 3f> Handled 41 Doctrine 3« Paving material 43 Field (pi.) 38 Pertaining to -45 Direction the mind 39 Animal 40 Far off (comb, form) 48 Feathered scarf 50 from (prefix) 51 Celebrated (abj £N'mU'KKSE ASSN CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Toner EXCUSE ME INTRUSION. GENTS'. TM EUROY POTV,,. HEAP OF A ART MUSEUW IN HOOPUP! 1'P LIKE TO APMIRE THIS, CHAP'S KEMBKAMPT! HOLP IT. McKEEl YOU'RE GLARING TOO HARP WITH THAT EVE! AS A EXPERT. Y WHO.. fP 9W AT WOTTA "»l) FKSSBR1 LEAST *835! THEY'RE PIS REMBRANPT / GSTTIW SCARCE I* WORTH? J ftWCC WOl* WV5 VOU APPIE-BKAINEP HUMBUG ..GET OUT! THE BORN LOSER By Ait QUICIC.'~ CAW iCU PLAY THE MATlCMM, ~ ^ ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hunlia I PONT SUPPOSE NOU 20TH CENTURY EARTH- PEOPLE EVERTRIEP AN EXPLORATORY PROBE OF MARS? MATTER OF FACT, WE'VE ONE ENROUTE THERE RIGHT NOW... 7-IS ...AN UNMANNED ROBOT BUT WE SHOULP HAVE A REPORT FROM IT WITHIN A FEW PAYS HOW MANY ( I HESITATE MILLIONS OF I TO SAY...BUT. YEARS IN \ IT'S A GOOD THE FUTURE? J MANY GAP! WHAT WOULDN'T I GIVE TO KNOW WHAT CHANGES HAVE TAKEN PLACE ON MY PLANET.' THINK IT COULD BE ARRANGED OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams BEFORE YOU JUMP \f AMC> I'M WOT SO SURE THAT ISM'T \ TO CONCLUSIONS. I A COMTRIVEP BITOFTKICKERVOM ] COMSIPER7HEEVI- I YOUR PART, EITHER.'VOUR SISTER / PEMCE.'WOULP IT / .JUST LEFT THE HOUSE, £>O &O UP \ MAKE SENSE FOR. d TO YOUK. ROOM ANP PREPARE YOUR 1 ME TO IMCKIMIMATE MYSELF BYLEAVIM' MARBLES, A JACK- KKJIFE.AWPA HAR- MOMICAATTHE t SCEMEOFTHE \t~. CRIME? lAIM'T BRIEF FOR THE HEARING WHIkE ' / WE AWAIT THE RETURN (OF THE OTHER PRINCIPAL IM THIS CASE OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople T30VOLJ KNOW WHERE DRYEP? 'WHAT WAS THAT. MARTHA^ . HAK.'-~ NOW THAT VOU MEMTtON IT.I'OO HAVE IT/ i WAS*fEfr,AH— SIMPLY TKVfNSTD RESTORE THE •SHINE ON THE iEATHE(?. /J t Noriceo rr WAS BECOMING DRY/ Hl<5 NIBS HAS TO BE "We } I WORLDS GREATEST i->. TALKER/ REMEMBER -WE) TIME HE SOT THE WIND -C, KNOCKED OUT op HIM AT THE OWLS CLU8 P(CN\C AND FINISHED Hl« •STOR.V USIN4& Sle LANGUAGE? <&• r/f" 1?HE MARK tfiF A

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