Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1927
Page 5
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Court Itolinir oii Rails^ Brings Drtip in . i . 1^ ,. r New York., Dec. 10. (AP)—The rtlly in stock prices w;a3 checked today by tiio^ boaiy seUiog ol tbe railroad shares, follon-iiig Uie adj- vcTse decision a^inst the St. 'Louis wid p^Ilon raihvad'in prooeed- lAgfi ui)<ier tlic "recapture dtausc," ot the transportation' act. • tEarly gains of-1 to & points in a wide Tarlety of stocks were sabstjaiitial- ly cut down or coiu-ertcd into'.lasses by llie late ItquidaUng tnoive- • menr, some of the rails sifikiair 1 to points 'below yesterday's Tfn- a1; quotations. The closing was bf»^->-. Tola] balUii approxiuiatcd 1.3Q0.OOO shares. poitiid Gbrist^Is^yoafUassr )18: l.&3> pound heavy st«en. $17^ cloa- ins veal .top $12; bulk itkrlcea:. Fed lBt8ert.J |U«»4.S5: T-eiw j Beavies. $15(^16: Texas grass stebrs, $9@ 10.25: 8tockfrr4..«9#11.50. ! Sheep: None;! for wiric: Lambs 15@26c biehsi^ sbe^-steady: top red ilamim. IU75: bidk ^13.tte 13.60; shorn yoarling vetbers. $10 mo.U: top ewes. |6.S0: bulk ted arrivals. $6.2566.50. ! irnea^ «llrWIr UJgbrr. Chicago. Dec. Iti. (API—Bvldente of« UcUer foreign dcmanil for vbeal-acted a* an, Innuciyw oT higher prlccD toiiay. ^jKfapo-.was reportetl a« taking Canadian wQeat by.wa>- of Pacific Coast.'and thi? Uading baala at th» Atiaatic was rirnt.'>'ith imjicatioiia that UBeral export dealings wcwf. imminent. . Corn and oats dcvcioped independent, .strength, with Illioot9 - poiols adrlRlng that (eeiJiprH ana. taking . rorn 88 fast as it is offerod. J Whpat cIoM-d uiu»c4ll(>d.-->iic lo%c y not higher, corn at %^% to Ic »d- vanrfr. oatB sJiuwiug % to l\4c Rail), and provitiiuu4 unchanged to M^ilc down. li;. l*. Hay By I'. H. iiradrs. KanBSR City. I>ec. 10. (Af*)—(l^ Dept. of AgHfultiirp)—U. S. No. . J (jplawi prairie. no ..''.0 «i '12.ri0: .\'o. T. fS.not^loJJO: .No., 3. $6fti8. other, liay: unchanged. ^ , , ' ' KaiiMis Wfy ricijdoce. ICaiiAas City. Dec. 10. (API— ISuitpr: .creamery., 32c.' Other prb- duco unchanged. ' • • Kaniws Cttr 4inlik Kansas City. Dec 10. lAP)— •Wheat: Receipta 124 cars. »A to 3c higheir; No. 2 dark hard, nominally >U0!!iCil.<2^: No. 3. iMmiaally. $1'J0&1.5S: Xo. 2 hard. $1 .^91.31: No. -3. tl.2S%^.4i:~ No. 2 red. nominally, ll.4p%@i:44: No. 3, nomijtaaUy $U3 *Vi<»i:41. Close: December |I.23%. Mayf JL28%; • I , Corn:. Keccipts 181 cars: >^ ito IcNiigtwr: No. r'whn«..82%: No. 3. 7Sf%<?«80c: No. 2 yellow. SlVi** iiG '.4r No. 3, Slfij'iUe: .N'o. 2 niUc<l. S2Q()S3c; No. 3. 7!»0>8Oc. Okisc: December 81T&: .May 88%,.| JulySOfcc. Uatit: Rcctfipta 8 cars. Ic higher: No. 2 white, nominally, 54^' 56 V&: .No. 3. .'•4«^iiSc. ! ' .Milo nialBc: 9r .3ni ^l..^.. 1 r. Kafir:. $1.28e'1.3«. I^: 99C«4I. Barley: 79©'80c. Kansax i'itj Uay. . KaivSaa City. Dec. 10. (AP^-^^Hayj UOjchairgcd. Receipts CS cars. kaw^ao lit; Livestock. ivansas Cjity. pec- 10, (API—iT. S.Dcpti iof AgrlcMlture)—Hogs: 1.000: EIOW , mostly 10c lower than ye8{erd8y*.s packer market or 10^ l5c lower Uian Friday's average: i>o B)titH>p-rs in: top %»S6 on 225@. pounds: bulk of 190 pounds. $8.3538.1^5: few 1506>180 pounds, $7.7508.2.';: packing aow.s. . fj^ r.M. . ; Cattle: SOU: calves. 100: c<im- l>ared with a week ago: Beef Steers Hteady to' 25c lower: gowl offerings eligible to .sell above j;i3.50 showing decline; slaughter heifers wfak to 25c lowe?; other she slock SILVER I^EAFi <.Mrs.Trcd Duffey-T i il)ec. «^We are- having' some winter weather at present Those lipcuding Sunday at the Ben Grieve; home w«re: .Mr. and Mro. I!. \V. liackclt and Kon«. iif Cluwute: Mr. and Mrs. Odie Skiti- n<*r of IValMidy, ICans.; and Mr. land Mrs. I Bill Uricvr and family. Mr;- and Mrs. ,CliaH. Wray and. boya spent i^uiiday with Mrs. Wiay\« moUier. ' — Mr. ami Mrn; Harry .Maii.-fon Fuont .Suiulay lit Katisas Cltj' with tha foi-mer's sister. Miss Mabel Manson. <;"eo. Lawry and family spent Munday in Bron.Hott.'at the W. C. Moore home. Mr. and Mrs", i. F. H^stwbal vf .sited Simday at the Oirard Kasjfwood home in Bourbon county. i R. K. Hembrough of Clianute called at thi>' R. D Smith homo last Sunday. Mies Opal Heath .<spent ihejweek- end with her .Mlnckley <if Fred Diiffe; Sunday wil Quite .-I , friend. -Miss jlbny. and Catiiily iatlves at Mapleton. jwd attended the Grace speiit Farmers* Unidn meeting at the school^ttse Friday ni^t. If you tiilnk you cau run your car with i<M\ oil just ask R. O. Smith. ! . ; 5 Mrs. M. A. Fencfer held the luck^ tivmber in the treasure hunt at the B. & B. cigar store in lola. .Martha and Richard Mankle have been ab.sent from school, on account of alckness this week. The H. & X. club met with "Slra steady: bulls sitrong to 2gc high-1'^^"•y ^'anso" las* Thursday aftcref: vealers and calves* $101.50 lower; Atockers and faaders steady to siroug; week's top: Choice 103S' , Dohwtt Prodoice C«. f tang l^st Streeti loU F3ioa« 70t Caik jfor FMltrf aai lirei / Wa irWeaa* after wmKry. CaU •• any lima. - ' i • , • GBENNAN'S MARKET Comer E^t Monroe and Kim 8tii. j^OIiA, KANSAS Wc Walk Your PoiiltrrrEns j and Hid^. A.>ll OUR PHONeM:.VBKK IS S7t ^oii'p PMdte«'Ho«M> .Sfaen iMl. C 0. LOGlllLL. Maaaffer. noon.'After devotionaM thei afternoon *fiii spent in pledug quilt blocks. Those present were: Mrs. .1. F. (iaStwood. .Mrs. Clia-s. Wray. Mra. Oco, Lawr}-. Mrs. Ben Orlore. Mri. Clyde Cook and Mrs. J. Lott and daughter. Julia, and Mrs. Fred Duffcy. The next, meeting will, lie wlihi Mrs. EvcreU .Mankle. December is: . Report of Silver Xeaf school for the third moiitli endiag November 25. .Number of boys enrolled. 14, giriN, %, total 19; average daily attendance, bo>-s. l.T.7f>. girl* 4.93, total, 18.69. Those neither, abseitt nor tardy are aa fotlowa:'Gerald .lones, Ivan Grlew, .Maurice Wray. We}-ne Jones, Ralph Lawry. Clifford Goodwin. Roy Smith. Betty Jones. Richard I^awry, -Vclma Grieve. Uovari C;oodwln, William Kaatwood. Ray °: Goodwin, Toiuny Ii «wry. Bcwriy Jones -and MaVtba Manklc.—G^i- IfDath. teacher. As i am Icailng the farm aiid sanii^ in to be i«old. I will sfU aiy rntlfe eqahiment and slock, at farm kn >wn tut ih*>- Fiy farm. laeatM e iitiM ea<«( ajid I niUe satfUi of IVeosfio FaUs, aad IM wiiea west aid m plies strath of GmpTa. Kansas, on iVednefday, Dee. 14th (.jnmmenc'us^ at li>:3U a. m^: the tvUtfwtaiC propertyi ' IBp The itMeciaK«;PrfM] Pria«ramailn Central tHandard time. AU tiU* is-P. fS. linlm.oUittwWF tn- dteatad. Wave lenatint on left of call ]ettet«/:kUoci>clc« on'iri^rti Z72 .S -WPa Atlantic City—1100 (•.OS-^DSancT Mpale; S :aO—StniSlo PrOarain S:30-4I>ance Ordieatra X ^s->W«i!kU Saltrmare—IQiO E:.-:n—Diener Orcheatra a:7D^Xos3r Prosrem •. ; 3fS.a-..WBEI Bo»ton-r9t0 Trsd—AV » P. Onwicii Xt.'iiv—Genem! Motors Pacty 10:0S-,KpJth RiSuo. Review 4«1.S—WNAC SoMDn—<50 6: M—Orcheitm* i::.-|<>-,£lhc|ihiird Mix RrOA-^Winlcal Album ; - 9:t«—Capti\-atoi« i 30iB—WOR' Buiral«.-NO 7:0(1—.I^rinr Wren Hour S:M—Hawaiian KnaemMe 8:S0—General Mptora Family S4S.1—WMAK Buirali>-«M 7:»a—VjijIlnRertUl SiOB^-CapUvaun . ' •»:on^Mu«lciiI Album t«:9t—V. «. B. Leviathan OrchMtra Mli.f -,WTIC Hartford—6M Ii:)o—Hdtel Bond Trio • 7:W»—K*i»nepartur« BanA iSrSnr-nmaral Motor* Party !>:SDH-Moop Maaic "21 1*:P0—liopes O^chrMra. 4tf ,S-WOR' NaWarIt—710 T:;«—kfaeger'!! I..leder» 11:00—Musical Album ' . I»:(m~capttvalnn< Orrhetira to :00—Dance Orrhealra- 4*1,5—WKAF.Nayv York—910 i;:on—WKldprf-ARtorin Orch*atra 7:30—A. * P. n))l*lo> cm-^lrnoral Molvra Partr; , !>:30-MoOn Macic ! I »:00—Vincent LopwjOrcheiltra , ' 4M.S—Wjr NeU Yer*|-6«0 f'nn^llolel Mangur OrcH»(it.ra Sjnii—s;(>r^af|jn;r ,Sli(<rnia,kerr C:JO—Roxv and Illn OaBX S:ftO—VarlKlylluur •9 :'ia -^Mae3r anit- nyan 40SJ— WPI-WLIT Phlladelphi?—7*0 • :;0—.\delphia Ulii.'ipci-iti;; Orriirttra 34a.(^WOO Philadelphia-«ao '[ J:W»—Trio i 3:W—MaTe Quartet SIS.e—KOKA Pittajburgh—650 r.:ii»--J.Ui:t'Sytunkoi>f S;3D—Roxy and HlaiUaiig 4«3,S—WJAR Providanee^-^ 7:.-|0—.\. A P. tjypjiM ! f:aA—4»;nPral Motors Party zrr.t^WHAM Reelta«cr—10M «:30— .nxy and Ilia Gang ],:00—Concert Hoar 333.1—WBZ Springtltld—9a3 C:.-;a—lloxy and Hia Gaiia S';on—Alcpuo Drum Corpa s:5ti—llnwcal r»roer»m t:ZZ' —Orc'ieirtra , 379.S—way Schanactady—7M «:S«—Chainlicr Music 7:S0—.\. A P. OypiriM »:-*.0—General Motors Family • ::0—Moon Maeic 3M.9— CKCI- Toronto—aw :30—Ensemble S7«.»-;-WHAZ Troy—710 :00—Pcerl*** 7:t>04<»)d-nahWDed Almatiak '. 7:30—P/gjrpSleB< (:304-O«n>t<Al-|fotare:Part1^ ' llU>0-l-U^d>uiii« s44i—WLS eweaafr-«70 <:0e—Suppe»i>^l) Program • 7:0•—^l^J^Sp<tk^ fecial producUon «i7.S-rW>»A«TWM <»lcaoo-WO <;-.M—Topsy iSirvy. Time «:30—^>reh<^raa with 'Dance Mosie 7:00—Musical Prograni: Musical t:0O—Co>HiiDbfa Chain t; hrii.) 4a .S -fwLW Cincinnati—TOO ltrOO-^5ianta,CIaus ' • '. l5:o5— HB 3 T ^ffiela'orchcTtra . SSia—VlnAI Ctneinaatl -no • :M—MdsUal Featura -: 00—Talk: Afr nmlles ; 7:1W— A ;-* P.Wypalea • ^ • «:I0—««iwal. Motor* PaHr . 3WA-r ^WTAM. Clavaland—7M •ioZo^Mrai S^nra Party $:30—Moaleal ,pft«ram - StZ^T'WAlU Celumbut—low :00—Historical Addnwa Tl^strumental Trio >:I5 Jj30[--Head of .Livestock—130 M; . conalstlnij of , ^ , I U,head el ilK* grade HoUieln MriHwd itmin boii^ >»«d nvToc gil(< and one fat hog. . I btnil horsffi, team ftilra good ^'i72.head Kheem 70 bred ewes and . ^ tStflmle** ab'ilta luift 100 bn«hel Xanotn oaf.s« 4«W bnshdx earn. 1 Ford.son tractor aiid plows: I wide tire 3>4 John Deere wagon aiKlxraitt tight box; 1 narrow tire, R14 wagou; hay rack; Kentucky opeoers: 2 heavy U-bair harrows; 1 ;4-shoveI and 1 6-shoveI CTiltlva- tpi-; 5-ft. Deering mower: 1 John beere riding Ust^r; 1 J. I. Cdse t- rjow li.Mter cultivator: biick rake: liay rake; i2-]iich walking plow; 7 liillk ' caas: grindstone; - John Deere mannre spreader.; BfcCor- m.ick Deering m horse yower engine, good a» new; double-geared pump jack: 1 VHt feed mill: 76- gallou. watarlng. fountain* with heater: L cast iron unk heater: l,McCormIck Dpering cream ;8et>- arator. S50 lbs. capacity: \ 2. sets KralnidrlU wltfi fertilizer and feed-j heavy work harneas and'l\ Dfeering ^r attachmeijts: MoCormlck Deering tK>rn planter with bean attacH- meot, same as iiew: siit furrow Idader, 7-ft.:, l, extra good ^stock saddle, about 225 feet 1 ^inch hay rope, and numeroU.<! othej- articles. -TERMH CA.SM. EVERYTHl.NO MUOT BE SOLI) SMITH, Own^ liunrh h} I'hav S.,BI<«hop. Aartloneer w Farmers UBUB LaAiew Fnnuf ca Mate Bank, Neeaha Falls, Clk. Farm Real Estate Ai Public Auction 28;j« ACRES ALI.EX COrXTY F-UIM LA >n 1 This is tbe Fry farm referred tir in above H. B. Smith Disposal taUv This far mwiU be soU a^ 2 o'clock p. JB.. WBDN'SBDAY . PKG. 14, 1927. on the premises as ahove-given, lying in Sec. 2, Twp. 24. Kgc. 17. This Is In tbe oil and gas distrlijt. paying wells within a mile, one ot ' the new good oil sections. • IMPROV^MBNTB— Well improved, large bam, two atory bense. li^Jouble'granary jand crib, aheda and other buildings: woven wire fenced. TERMS— Ten per cent at time of sale:'balance of anlouBtto aaaal ~S4.000.00'Oi: more if desired, to be paid at time posk^sSiota is given— which: will be in a fe^* days. Balance on reasonable terms that anyone who la able to buy a'farm.home can meet. \ This farm will, be sold subject' to lease of T'heat sown on the faria :this last fall. Clear of all iacumbraaca otherariae. ' 'f:Of —Orchestra 4M.S^VyRe Waihlijoton—640 S: AO-Waldorf-Astoria 'Orchaaljra G::»—noxy aad HJs Gang 7 :.-;o—A. A ^. njrpaiear t: 30—aeneral Motors Family I Sltls-^WTAO Worc«it«ir-«aO ' «:30—ConcertjDrchcstra'" : (;:ao—Uttle S^pliony X::0—tieneral Motors Party SOUTHERN I 2M.J-^WWNC Ashavillt—1010 <;:nO—Sprnccr Trio 7:4J—Old Time Music " t::0—Happiness Girl* 47S.»— W8B Atlanta—eiO S::tO-Roxr and MIR Gang • S:M>-ttM> Head-Club •:1»—GtiMrsi Motors Party 3iM.»—WJAX Jack«envlll<-«93 7 :ao -Metody Makers , 1:30—Oeaaral Motors Party 10:«0-Oi;saa BMttal SS,4-WHAa .loolavllla-HO , ; »:00— Orcheatra for DaMlag I 1:30—Oeneral afotom Partr I st »»-wMe M ««aiiia -sae f :3s-0«n*ral Motors Party f :30—Muaieal Program I ' ssa^-rwaM NMhwui»-aoo—Boar and ttlaOang , a :nn —Dinner Coneert S:30.<-a«n<>ral Motors Party 9 ;ie—Frolic ' 74«.S—:WCOA PantabaU—18)0 9.-09—Kopular Fianologu* . »:.10—"Breety Boy from GalT* ]0:QO—Organ 322.4— W ^MB N«w Orl«*n»-«30 S :30— WS.MB Special (3 hra.> ' 254.1—WRVA Rlebmana—11M 7:00—f)raa« s:40—Orclieatra and SoIolaU. 10:00— Daae* Musle A 'CBNTRAL ' , »ia—licVW Cl>ica«»r.«r« : t: ft*—Boxy and Bis Oaag < 14:30—CongraM Oamlrval ' S:M—Orchestra f:«0—Organ r : 1:00—Oaplivil tors 9 :«0—Musical. Album ^9:1— WFAA Oallaa—U9 7 :00— Paiica Mutle 9:00—Mat*; Quarm . 37<.»->WOC OavMpert—MO 7:00— llu »l <:al .l^xvimm! t-.tO-MtMrrl imoTn Parly »:;o-.\V»e Vagabonds 'OMA-WHO Bca. «iain**-«OB (:40—RgxT and His Cans 7;?0-A. A p. a.vRals» «:30—<Jeiler*l Mplorji Fariy 9:J0—Moon Maaic 440.9—WCA-WJR Detroit— «09 (:»0—Mlnitr ^'A (:3n— Royy ai !ij Hi* 'Tan* K -nti— 5isxopbonr .S'xtct *:3«.:-0>(tnn Pldcem HJ:SO —Good Win Trin. 35S.7—WVyj Detroit—«S0 r,:00—Jilnner <:;oBccrt .7 :(n—rSludiu Prograui- 7:50—A. A P. 6s-psle» r:30—neperal Mntors l^irlr 8:30—Mond Magic 498.7—WRAP Pert Worth—MO S:?n—Sunllon-rr Girl (3 br.^.) S;:o—General Mntora Party tf4.4—KTHS Hot Sprinaa—780 7:30—Daii'-eTimpj' 3:<)0—Musical Review: B.lhil • 370.2—WDAPKanaai City—010 «:0«—School of'the Air 7:30— LA. A If. G.vpsitK l>::3flr-«en«ral Moiurs Party ' •su.p-'WTm (MiiwatikM -^toaa fi :SO —Ofvliesira • 7:30—A. fc P; Gypsir!. ; )i :30i-GanMal Motors Party D-:30»-Fn>nc 405.2—WCCO Minpaapoua-st. Paul—740 ' i(:00-^Boy.Scouts f :30—Vnaabonds" Orcheatra S: SO-^antrat Motors ^^arty i0«.2—WOW Omaha—640 . li::0—Rq'xy-and His Gam; :R:3a—flenpral Motor.'* l^rty 10:00—Taot>es Orchestra : 54S.1—KSO St. Ijouia—SM 7:30—A. A P. Gypsies S:.'!0—General Motors Parly !<:.'!a—Moon Magic 10:00—Vincent Lopez Orchaatra S4«.»—KVOO Tulta-l-MO 3:00—Mate Quartot $:30—Oaneral Motors Party 10:00—'.Tenor: Baritone . 32S .0— KOA Oanvar— «ae 7::xi)—Dinner c;oncert «:se—Apareciatlon Program 9:15—Colorado Women 'a tJiub 4WA -KFI Los ABf laa 140 «:10^Mala Q<urt«t »:5t-Mu»lo^W: : 10:1*—Pnilharmonie': Orchestra 3 S».IUKNK ics AngaWs—»90 ; !>:00— Wature Program 9:30—One Act Play IO:AO—Feature .Program C bra) 13:00-Dance Orcheatra 314.4—Kao Oakland'TM 10:00-^8potllght Hour (OfJ-KLX eaklan*~a}0 ft:ia^l»lnnf r Ori3i«Btra Il:0»-^JL4ike MarHit DurKs ftlA-^KaW PortUnd—«10 «: OC—Orchestra 1'):0<)—Spotlight Hour 11:00—Italtan Music 11:00—Daaec Mustfs 4S«,>-KPRC aan Fraael.aeo—400 ?:fo—Sport Talk t0:00—Blue Monda.r .J«mbor»# 12:<W—Ooodrich Oi^taestra (S bra) 422.S—KPO San Praneiaco—710 10 :90— Abas String Quarttt 11 :ft(>—.Studio Program _£ I ::00—Variety Hour •% 4«r.^KFOA SaalMa-gro 9 :.'!0—Vocal Trto 10:00—Spotl^bt Hour «48J »T-KJR Saattte-asa )l:.-0—DIJBnW Music r 10:30-^SeattlB Pactllc Collega 13:00—Dance Music (3 Jwa.) •: 370.2-KHQ .gpokana-tto ; S:00—Orvlieatra • • : »:S0—Oramn Concert ft:30a^o.»ntea O.H bra.) As I am Jeaving the farm I jvill sell at Public Auction on the J. Burrell farm 1^ miles south and 1 mile east of Moran, on— Comaenci^ promptly atilO a. m.. the folloai'lng property: 7 H0KHE8 bay mare 12 AXD years MULES-One .old. ^-elght IJiOO Iba.; 1 bay mart;.;? years old. wt. i,500 Iba.':. IT ; black mare 7 years old. wt. -1,360.'lbs.; 1 brown horse 3 years;old;-;.wt. 1,000 lbs.; 1 bay hcirse mu|c 10 ydfira old, wt. l .Siio lbs.; 1 span black mare mules 8 yeara odl. wt. 2,400 Ibjs. 18 CATTLE ^nti- red ' cow ' E yeiirs old,-freah;, I briiidle cow 6 years old, fresh; 1 red cow 6 years old, fresM Ixi January; 1 red cow 5 years old. fresh in January; 1 red coa* ^ yeara old, fresh iit February;, 6 Sryear-old steers; I 1- ycar-oid steer;. 1 1-year-old heifer: 1' 1-year-old roan Durham bull; G last spring calves, .3 heifers and 2 steers. 2 HOGS—One Polaad China boar wt. 250 lbs.; 1 Poland China gilt, wt.: 200 lbs. 9AR5E8S—Two sets good 1%- ipeb breeching hameaa: 1 set l^Inch harneaa; 1 set buggy barnesa; \Jk' leatlier collars. 21-ineh. POUIiTftt—About .5 docen, pure bred Barred^Rock chibltens. BOIJSEHOLD GODOS, ETf^ One'-8xl0 ft. w6ol. tore mg; l » . J. C. BVBRBTTi Qmier. .:For any .intbrmation owner can he interviewed Ic^.Kana., ttefnro sate day. at Keiley llnte|. Ay.' By Tj^I^B •HCliO! Mb. CHICK 'VSMT "HERE rVmo,lSfHlS? l!M.dMt6QC~HCil6 ON A iSie'-eqr.SLOND iJAiR-Bu)eEV£s ANT BAUVMeE!lK'S(»MJES^AT i90> Vir . ><DU EVBRV^PMT A HEAWV DP«TE \ i AM iT~\5l^Jttil;I.?-DSARME! - OlOW'T CWCK -^UlVOO ABOOT ^£ UTTLE Rpnronp*a>NSHiHE TMAY, ViELL.tHiVS m- BlU- QERRICK cAiii MBopsowfeTJA^e WHEN YOli 'HW&'eoMEVHiMQ GOOD tbtfrr AH' SLV SHIME AROONP, UK£ A eboreiiAQC] VlWlrtW VCR An\c> « SAY.YODNfi PELLOW- •nwrS VOHAT 1 CAtL GE-THNS Too TRCSH — YEAH-it SHE HADTTieMERVE>r.oir.>Bt»tfar CfiLcaso Papers Praise toBeatKeUey Ch^ng" ilj^ something entirely ANNOUNCEMENTS Stoayei. Lost. Pwuia 10 4 CALVES—Stiiayed Troni Chas. Rush farm. 3 miles w^est, 1 north, lola. Chas. Dietriqh.- new in mot . wonder how; pictures.^ You will 'Chang" was made. There are shots of wild animals tbat will Save ' you squealing In fear. How' iie intrepid youths who made fhis picture kept from being dainty morsels for tigers and lions 8 9 mgrstery hard t» solve. H6we\er "Chang" was worth the time,' risk apd effort it took. 1 think ibut Cooper anil Schoedsack bare made the most unusual and amazidg twia ever thrown ^ on a screeuL .and when you see if you 'll agree!with ^e.—Chicago Herald and Eucamia^. j Slnde James 'Cruze completed that good mpyie. "The • Covered Wtigod," the .word "epic" has been bandfdd about in the tftudioa quite as ofUen as the words "flllutii." "supeif" and '/wow." At the Roosevelt Theatre; however, there is a movi< that comes as uear to being eptca I us any ever made; 'Chang' as tho piece is called. Is like nothing cljic ever, put on the scrL'cn; a MimpliS, heroic und magnificently excitiiig account of u primitive CamllyfH fight to go on living in.{ tbe jungle. ^(;iiaag" is a singular movie and of itk kind, the finest tbat ever occupied a film Hhcet;— Chicaeo Daily Journal. ' AUCTIONS Asctloas li »A PUBLIC AUCTION-Public auction every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at Bishop's Sales Pavilion; ^ AUTOMOTIVE AfitoDoblle Agencies BDD WHITE >K)TOR CO.—Hudson- Essex dealers.^ Everything in high : used cars. You will' find what you want here. All priced worth the money, i We trade or give liberal terms. 219 S. Wash- Ington. Phone 1.S0.- . AntomobOta For Sale II OAKLAND — Dealers —PONTIAC '28. Oakland coach. like new; '21 Oakland sport .tout ing, like new;' '26 Pontiaci'coaih: 23 Buick light six touriiig, fine sliap:: -'25 Ford coupe; Ford fordo; s<!da'n. exi-d- lent Shape, cheap; Ford roadstep. box on rear; *23 Clevrolet coupe: '25 Chevrolet tourl igr '24 Dodge touriiig, good. Several dther cheaper used cars.' Cash, terms or trade. Hobart^otor Co. r dresser; I bedstead; 2' pair Of springs; 2 mattresses; 1 library table; .2 rockhig chairs;' 1 round table and six- chairs; wash stand audT inirrol':. 1 kitchen caUaet; Perfection oil atove and oven; 2 Aladdin lamps; 1 Belgium Mellotte cream seiiarator.igood as new FEED—Four stacVa prairie hay: 2',b tons timothy hay In bam; about 200 idiockB kaflr fodder: IMPLEXENTS-One Stoughton wagon, wide ttr^ with box; 1 low wheel wagon and rack; 1 Ballot two-row-"ic;ultlyator. i2-8ho\^l; 1 MeCpnnIck tiiower, . S-foot ciit; I MoCbriuick 12-foot self-duiiip bay rake; 1 Interaatioaal: idlac harrow with - trucks: 1 Liberty Jr..^sulky plow, 16-inch: L McConnick'reap­ er; 1 Emerson mower, standard 6- foot cut; 1 ^perior drill witb grasa seeder and fertilizer-attachment; I a-alkittg cultivator, 4 shoy-..^ , el; 1 th^ec-secUpn hairow;.' l^*^-,. Jaoe'ivillg com planter; I pair Un- inch .side boards and endgates; pitch forks, shovels, grass: seeder °ahd other articles too numerous tc iheatlqn. . - ' ^^Ive m*» Out" Is Bjiled at the Elite CobvertlBg:a perfectly ionoccnt yacht Into a Kiiilster adventurer of the diep—a ;piodern ruin-runnvr's i^loop, wax I lip interesting task of Mudio terbBlcians at work^ in San Pedro iiarlmr in preparation for 'Twelve Mllas Out." John Gilbert's now a ;etro-(jbldwyn^ayer vehicle which domcsi.Monday tio the Elite Thcatie for three'days. The boat, constructed for the sensat onal rpcc. with the revenue cutter I. .'one of the. excittag: details of the Mg production, was' equipped w til Hpe<ial hatches and "grab hooka' for fatindllng liquor car'gocs and unloiAding these Into the sea qatckl^ in case of the boat being en by: pursuers. Many de|- «ie«s4^dd to pic layman are incluit ed IB this strange equipment;. tlic boat: being an exact replica: of one captnicd in Kew York. The new play is a spectacular expos > of the secrets of rum runners. Gilbert plays the role of a motor :ycle dare-devil, who. cheated of his sweetheart by the com- raaiidi r of a ram-ranning. band, bcc'ones the'Nemesis of: the gangsters in a strange tale of plot and reven ;r, : f ;. r The. cast is a notable one. Joan Craw<ord plgys the leadinlg feminine role, an«t Erpest Torr^cc, Eileen Percy."-Bert Roach, Edward Karlej Tom-O'Brien. Paulirtte Duval. Dorothy: Sebastian, Gwen Lee and other well known players are^ cast. ' • - CLAf^FIEO RATESL "=•: J OI.A«SIFlED BATES v-Dali y rata .per line ^or conaeculivo Charge Cash ^ HIJ days : 7c «c Th :ee days 9c 'c 'On. day T...... Minimum i9i«rge. 3«c on any ad. V, Minimum ckslt. ,<;Coiht dve words to a bnc V,' CLAB9IF1HD DIBPUAT « An Ad Taker will gladly asalKt you ff dc« red.' so Xhat the copy for your ad is pf< pared la .-tuch a oianner as to hrlnglthe grtateyt results for you. TERMS far* sale. ARE CASH—Aarose.iiil8UBg VredH see roar baaker be^ i'OK \Utt.Hlitm;Awi*i>tmf^ V.;;iPE6n.B* STATE BANK. Clerfc FURj-Brown Martin. lost In Tola Friday, valued as keepsake. Re- war 1. Mrs', W. A. Thomas. Moran, Kaaias. ,. ANNOUNCEMENTS IKtaA E^nTERr-Female bird dog. aas rfers to name "Peggy." Re- rarl If returned to 808 North atr^t or j^wpa 1«M. KEldS^In leather key pontainer.' FIni ler i please leave at KfiftiSter otfl !e. O. K. IfSKD CARS—1984 Ford roatlstcr: '1»24 Ford touring: 1023 Ford roadster: ir«22 Fdrd coupe; 192j I Dodge touring: |921 Dodge road;sler: 1925 Chevrolet touring; 1924 Chevrolet touring; 1924 .Chevrolet ton lru:*k with grain body; 1921 Overland touring: nearly new International grain. bo<ly for trnrk. «helly Motor Co., 118 W.«. Phone 60. FINANCIAL Miiaejr to Loan^Mortgages . W FARM AND CITY LOANS-iBasc rate on farms, S ^i, city 6?f. Ixing or short time.. R. M. Cunningliani. FARM LOANS—Quick servicet and reasonable rates. A, D. Hawthorne. 15 West Madison. FARM AND CITY LOANS^At. current rat^. Liberal terms. Prompt service. Your buainess appreciat-, eti." Cill on The AUen County Investment Co., Kelley Hotel $Idg.,. 'lola, Kansas. PAGE-. ^1 SPECIALS—On axes, axe handlies. ciosa. cat saKS. cir^.nlar ssjWs: Allen County Implciinent Co. ' ; . -Bait^: aii: ExclRB«a,; SHOTGUN—R^ngtdn autoi M gauge, good' as -hew. to:;. fat iriheha«dr pappi Ph^, after e;30. Business ^.OMee EMIL-'X^."*. 'TYPEWRITERS— For, sale. . trade. WiliUms tsvviejAi^^ in West 3i (Adiaou. 1 Fiiel, Feet, FerlBifiiin BRIGBT KAfIR KODIMat -lc >im- dl«i free from burrs. Boy C.-.Bali wards. 2 pitcs cast LalRicQerdn cetnent road. .1 r - KAFIR FODDER—IF per ^. ^ free from buirrsL W;,L. Hoaeiit «; hcrger.-3 mllea west-and S'sottI of lola. Phone $98-21 BARGAINS—In New aftd-Hw Biture:-2-slightly used Cbti blast.- heaters, size lO-Ineb,' each: used diioioids In qf - oak, wax flBish, imltatfos^ coyeVIng in good cqnditloB^' i used three-piece' fHwO ropm suite, loose spring _i:u all in good coaditioa,' priced'I pl^le. 128.00; 2 Idr^ ^v^rstdtfett rnckcrs used, tapestry ctfttti^ei^ anid spring eonsti^ni'tlon; In ^fibd wmdIUon, $12.^0 isafch:' iieW; Gi )|a Seal congclcHmr rugs. diecoQtliifiieiil patterns, uire »xlO-6, !U.45. alse 7-^x9. •t6.30. size <x9. *4.9S: 9j^S- rt. printed linoleum [ remnaats. good patterns. $9.00: 1 In.scd sftic-' trie sweeper with motor-drifcn ' brush. $12.50: splendid vataesjin oak library table.«. priced -frmn »5,0« to f 10.00. A. R. Sleeper V^t- nitJire-CA PITRMTURE — New and second; band. 118 East Jackson, ^hone .3». Mel V. Fuller. j ; GAS RANGES—New., ones. Ip^- pricfes. £iiaraateed stoves. Jftn'- ninger's Furniture Store. 118 ;;"VWe3t Madison. _ ^ ^' MONEY TO LOAN—On farms -or city property. Lowest rate. Stewart & Fnnkl \ . : •MONEY TO LOANi-We have. $50(i to $1,000 to loan on good City -ir Farm prbiierty. Call at once, The Allen Cbubty Investment Co.* Kel-. ley Hoi^el | Bldg.. lola. Kans;; MONEY ^TO LOAN—On real estate, repayable in email monthly; pa:» menta. [These loana never roinedtie —better because cheaper and Imore convenient. Security Buildijig Jk Loan Assn., lst>'atl. Bank Bldg. PRIVATE MONEY —To loati on real estate. Se? Mrs. Fred Pfiddy. LaHarpe. kans.- . j i LIVESTOCK Dogs, Cats, (Hber'i'efs i 47 (fBRMAN POLICE r PUPS-^i-cdl- preert. 6 weeks old/: priced tji selL C. E. Kcltzman. Wheeler Heights. n «Ts«s, CajltKi. Tehieles 48 CALF FOR SALE-Shorthorn, and Jersey heifer <;alfj two weeks bttl, E. V. Dor-selt. Phone 975-31; 1P2«. FORD' ROADSTER—In AI shape. (Son.UO. Will uell on tin^p or trade for atiythlng. Boyer Mo- tcir Co.. Hi S. Jeff/I'hone 23. 1926 FORD ROADSTBRr-Prked for quick sale, only-$195.00. AVu ' buy, sell or "trade. Alexander Auto Sales & Supply Co.. 203 S. Washington. Phoue 388.' 1926 • STUDKBAKEIl- SEDAN— Chrvslcr "60'' coupe; Fronty Ford tiidor sedan; Chrysler "eO" sedan: 1D26 Ford roudstcri 192S Ford sedan. All arc in good shape. Wc. trade. Ross Arkickle'a Garage Chrysler dealers. :PhoDe 56. HOijSTEfN COWS — Good ones, fresh now: several good heifers; also fine shoats. Balzcr. MILK COW—Mixed Jersey-Shorthorn, giving milk; can be sepnia town.. Shelly Motor;Co.. 118 West Jackson. Phone 60. YOU.VG .TE.\M—Eter sale 011 time or trade for tractor for belt work only. Alsor^span 4-ycar>old .inules for sale, F. W. Sberwotid. PhO. 32T. MERCHANDISE Ante Accessories,. Tires. Parts IS FORD STARTERS—And gpneratrtrs and some batteries. . lola Auto Wrecking Co. Ph^;782^, I BUSINESS SERVICE Bnslness SerrlcM WhttA IS lOLA PLANiNG MILL—"If made of wood we; tiuke freiich-door.s (now. It." Get yoar Quick scrvic-o. WANTED—Trees phone 1133W. to trim.' Call MoTing, TiycklBje, Staiaga 8 M ^CALL'DEAN TRANSFER — Phone 885. will move you jby hour or contract, with experienced men. WHEN YOU MOVE—Or store yt>ar goods call Corr's Transfer. Gffl-7e 140. residence 140. . - : EMPLOlTMENT . Help wanted-Female WA.VTED AT ONCE-Ladlcs of refinement ito give ill; or part time to a pleasant outrjibbr occupation in this city and vicinity, paying $1.00 an h<jur. Address "C. P. C.' care Register, . - ' Help iraated—Male [W.\NTED—A Farmer or Farmer's Son over 21. Opportunity to coati<!ct with million dollar institution and earn. good money 'right from the start vailing w our cus- tcmers In your county. Honesty and ambition necessary. Capital or experience not necessary. Write OepL' 1211. John; Sexton &. Co.. Box HH. Chicago SKaations Waitted—Male S7 FA^MER-aiarriedi- large! «(P«ri- ettce farming aiid stock,: wants jKdrkr'by mojnth or l»-&0 .-basts. Box 4»4, Altoona, or I»-&0 •Kans.-J I Articles For Sale »1 BOY'S. BICYCLE—In good shape. Phone 1000. ' GOOD USED J :0 RDS 0 N —Size 20x33 Racine separator; small alze.'NIc]^- ols/ii Shepherd separator', iu': .good .shape: two other sep;^ratoi-s in' Al Shape. McCarthy Motor Co. USED CO.AJL HEATER§—iaffO aize. $17.50; mediuia, site,. | »0: good condition. Henninger'a E^r- nitnre- Store. West Madlaoil ": Wasted—Tt) Ba][ WA.\'TED ' TO BUY—AH kii^aj oC cattle and hog-i- J- C. Butriier.'; ROOMS AND BOARD. Soaw iWitlioiit Bwurd em; 214 X. Btickeye. Phon^REAL ESTATE FOR VSJSHS ApattflMats aai F)ats RENT, CHEAP-iNMy larnlfl^c^ five room idodern home, conycn- ient, close in. Pbone e&4. : SUfTB—Of warm rooms for rent. meats. Phono 308 housekeeiilnfi; Fuller Apart>- HaaMt For Real 17 HOUSE—9 rooms, partly mod^rp, furnished. Inquire 811 N. w4ali- Infton. ; HOUSE—^ven room modern, ^wr- age' f9r two ears,.close In. John' Beuther. HEAL ESTATE FOR SAI^ Farms aa4 Land For iM» ! 8S ^PKCIAL FA.RMi. BARiGAIN9.^35 aCres improved. 1 mile to Ijlgb school and town; 240 acres sto^ fam,' UpproYcd. price . $17-50 * li>or acre: Sn acres improved, all ^i|e land. ^500 cash win h^adla: acre stock farm, iinprtn'^ { At $27.50 per acre; 80 acres.! -tiit- proved. 41^ miles couaty: aioi^' town, at J40 per acre: tWaci^. improred. fine land, obljr tST.Sff per ac^c. These are baxj^fa^. Liberal terms can be arfiii^^. \Vfay rent? Other good Snaps. .Cut on The Allen touuty InVestfflwt Co., Kelley Hotel Bldg, lola. Kas- WELL IMPROVED 80 ACBBS-r Ahd well established filling ita- tioii on main trail north and aiMttp. Price fO.SOO for. l>oth. M. A. SfrhHclc. INVALID CHAIRS wheel,' for sale.: Phone 842. SO ACRES—Close to Cokiuy, limestone soil. Want a citj. subnrbaa. Lige Lla^ck. >to| Kansas. 1 ^PEOAI. 9AiiE- Dependable Used Cars ; A Used Car lis as. Dependable ot ike ' — ' DealSr Who Sells It! m: UOIMJE .•4EI>AXi iiifce new. 1927 DUD6F SI^RT ROAHSTERi. I 1936 DObtiK TOl'RIJG, whiter top, ISM FORV ROADSTElt like new. \ I9S7 HI'raOBILE MIX SEDAX, same as lev^ 19S6 UUDS9>' BHOUCJIIAX. like new. 19S; ESSEX (^>ACII. same as new. .19Si STUDEBAKEK ROADSTER ; a real iwy. . Ift» DODiBE AOiVRIXC, a rsalvalne. ' ~ 19SS DODGE TOVRlIffij exceptlOHil value. 19St BUiCK TOURIKli. 1925 9bBD TRUCK. Uie new. ^ . Recohditianed i?a-ToD-firakam Brothers-Track, traaraateed. We don't have so many used cars. There's a reason. ^ Some good, serviceable used' cars cheap. I 'We trader or sell on easy fdtaia. ' i Dodge Brothers cairs—Graham Brotberf Tmc^ EU^IiSMOWR Cm^PANY (Open Eyenlii^a. and-Bnndajra) tl4.II. WasbtagtoB ^•3 RURXLTTELKPHONM —' Oofct i iratclMs. guitars, ukaleli^lij^iiibs^ ' ' aecardlons, sinoki^gjstaiwts^ ailveK , sure.' ySctro'Jls and ra(iiaB.'..lrdBi *3> to (100. All make nice Ctixm- oias pre.^ents. Chimney Htohe 903. '

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