The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 27, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1894
Page 5
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&. 'MAY END IN BLOODSHED Great Northern Employes Read For a Fight to a Finish. COMPANY'S PROPOSAL REJECTED American Knllwny Union Sent Their tilt , matuin to President Hill—neptled Tin Be Would No Longer lUcogntce the Vt i Ion—Be Will at Once Proceed to Operal | the Road With Other Men. ST. PAUL, April 37.—All efforts for peaceful settlement of the Great Nortl em strike hftve been declared off nncl tl company and the American Rnilwa union have begun to test their streiigtl and it may yet end in bloodshed. Th fact the Great Northern system rtu through considerable new country.whei no other means of travel is to be had an where a somewhat tough element con trols affairs, is believed to have been th principal cause for the company's actio In not heretofore putting on new men The result in that section when the roa begins to run its trains with new me Will be that there will be war to the knif< and possibly bloodshed with it. Th company started the first freight train i two weeks Thursday and the battle ma be said to have begun. On the atrengt of the issuance by the United State court in this state and Dakota of ordei restraining the men from interfering i any way with the handling of the roai deputies will be sent on all trains. Proposal Unconditionally Bcjected. During the time the strikers have bee preventing the running of the road committee of 5*8 members of the Amer can Railway union employes of the roa assembled in this city in accordanc with a reply favorable to their reques for a conference with the officers of th road. Late Thursday afternoon th men sent a brief communication President Hill unconditionally rejectin his 'proposal for arbitration and renewin their demand for the old schedules, an giving him to understand that this i their ultimatum. Mr. Hill sent a repl to the men, in which he says that th: fiction of the men ends all conference and negotiations as far as he is con cerned. He will no longer recogniz the American Railway-union and will a once proceed to operate the Great North ern road without regard to that organization. The freight train that went ou Thursday afternoon was maned brotherhood men, all employes of th company. The "American Bailwa •union leaders claim they will have a the men on the line out and it remain to be seen whether the men will g with the nnion or stand by the brother hoods. Hook Inland Win*. CHICAGO, 111., April 27.—A verdict fo 986,481 was returned by a jury in Judg McConnell's court in favor of th Chicago, Bock Island and Pacific Rail way company in its suit against the Union Pacific Railway company. Cut Wairea » Third, t'TotKDO, April 23.—A SS}4 per cent cu Was made in the wages of the 1,500 .em ployee of the Wheeling and Lake Eri railway. This action is caused by th present big strike among the coal miners Great Northern Bridge* Burned. MINOT, N. D., April a7.—Two bridges west of Fort Buford on the Great North ern were burned. It is rumored tha two others hav.e gone, Chicago to ton Diego In Sixty-Two Hour*. SAN DIEOO, Cal., April 87.—The special train bearing Theodore Seligman and Henry Soligman, sons of the late Jesse Seligman, the New York bankei who died at Coronudo Monday, arrivot from Chicago, having made the run in 0!) hours, a day and a half faster than the regular time. The same train took the banker, his sons and widow ant daughter back to New York. A Juror Arr«*t«d For the Crime. SOOTH OMAHA, April 97.—The coro^ ner's Jury decided that the fire which burned the Lee hotel on the morning o the 21st, in which J. E. Swift lost hie life,'was of incendiary origin. J. W Blake and Nick Martin are charged with the crime, uud are under, arrest. Mar tin was a member of the jury. .bta ^ ) the 8i>anl*r. Pilgrim*. ,:, April 87.—Tho last suction ol the Spanish pilgrims who came to this dty In honor of the beatification of Juan d'Avlla Diego, of Cadiz, numbering ft, 000 jfersons, assembled in St. Peter's Tbejjpope celebrated mass aud thei bleswd ttie pilgrimes previous to their return to Spain. ST. JtoWU'H, April W7,—The sale of flue itoclr, at,the King Hill stock farm wa« •ttei%d l>y 4,(HK) pontons, but price* were toot.»» Ugh as expected. . WilUm Russet (8tl7), the noted trotter, wiw suit. to William Nole 011 of South Dakota fui |8,800. About 50 head of blooded liorm were sold, ' ^_^ • Hew Iowa Uulvuralty llulldliig*. Jgw^ Orry, AprM OT.~T|u> bourd of Fdgehutof.the »t»to university otlowu dscMftf to erect, from appropriation* m«4a ity the Uwt legblature, two now building*.. One will U) a dental build, ing. to oust $30,000, and Uie otuor a boweopathlo mudloul building to coal , NKUBASKA CITV, April 47,— It iq under flood President and Mre. Cleveland; will •pen'd a : jiortiou of tho suumioi' hove, gueite of Soorotary Mortojj. B*tiN)«iy« fujprovowoutd are being wade , (be fegratttry'* country pj ' C«U>*K KM'tm, April a7.—TUeiowelr> •tore >M A" Q« StouoltfukW at BJioll Hook wat Jrakeu luto by burglars aud robbud Of |8$ Wftrfo" o| joyelry. 'W«M ItHVWu Author I0M, April l#7.~WiHtwn MoCuJ log b Torreus tlio well known author an<l WflW* i« (fcpd. UNtON PACIFIC REORGANIZATION BUI Prepared by the Department of Jtt tlce Sent to Congress. WASHINGTON, April 2?.— Attorne General Olney today sent to congress th draft of a bill prepared by the depar ment of justice as the representative o the government for the reorganization the Union Pacific Railroad compan and the readjustment of the claims the United States against that compan] The bill authorizes the secretary of th treasury, with the approval of the pres dent, to receive in exchange for and i ultimate discharge of the presen claims of the United States against th Union Pacific Railway company and th liens of the United States upon the rai road's property of said company, th bonds of said Union Pacific Railwa company, to an amount equal to tho gregate of the indebtedness of said com pany to the United States as of the Is day of July, 1894, for the principal am interest of the bonds of the United State issued in aid of the construction of th Union Pacific and Kansas Pacific rail roads, which bonds, so to bo received b the United States, shall bear interest a the rate of <J per cent per annum, shall be secured by mortgage. The board of directors is to consist o five government directors and 15 othe directors, seven of whom may be chose' by preferred stockholders and eight b common stockholders. Provision is mad for the court's ascertaining and provid ing for debts of the company for othe incidents of the foreclosure. Will Defend His Homo by Force. PROVIDENCE, R. I., April 87.—Mortgages on the palatial residence of Wa Gov. William Sprague at Cononche will probably be foreclosed by Col. G S. Wheaton. If this is done Gov Sprague .will do as before, defend hi property by force of arms. When th last mortgage was foreclosed the Gov ernor had a company of armed men t guard his mansion and any one who hat attempted to take tho place would hav been killed. Although it is a magnifi cent residence it is rapidly becoming ruin. The mortgage is for $00,000. Carbott Hold For Contempt. NEBRASKA CITY, April »7.—Pathe Corbett, the Palmyra priest, who ha been having trouble with Bishop Bona cum and who held services Sunday con trary to the order of the court, was heli in Plattemouth for contempt of court A continuance was secured until nex Monday and until then sentence was suspended. It is thought an appeal wil be taken to the supreme court. Large Turnout of Wtacdndn Veteran*. JANESVFLLE, Wis., April 87.—J. A Watrous has been elected departmon commander of the Wisconsin Grand Ar my of the Republic, Delegates to th national encampment were instructed t vote for St. Paul as the place of the 189 encampment. The parade brought on 1,BOO veterans, the largest turnout th state has seen in years. Great Billiard Match Arranged. CHICAGO, April 27.—The most sensa tional event recorded in the tiilliarc world at Paris this season is a cushioi carrom contest which has been arrangec between Ivos and Schnffor on one side and Vignaux and Carter on other. The match will be played either during the last week in May or the first week in June. :....:. Kanuu DentUto In Beulon. TOPEKA, Ron., April 27.—The Kansas Dental Association is, in . session bore about,100 dentists being present.. Tho association will ask the next legislature to ebact a law exempting dentists from jury service the same as physicians. Dr. Meyer*' Trial Begun. NEW YORK, April 27,—Dr. Henry C Meyers' trial upon the charge of poison Ing Ludwig ilraudt has begun. The first witness called was the man known as Carl Mulier, who has also been callot August Wimmorg. •HAPPENINGS OF A DAY. R. L, Goodwin wiu> arroeted at DCS MoineB ohnrgud with passing a forgec chuck. , Aotiug Governor GUI, with the govern or's Htiiff, will witness the opcuiug of the bridge (it Alton, Ills., May 1. Hnns NulHou of Lyons, In., a Rsbortuati 55 yean of age, fell from his boat and was drowned, The decrease of earnings of the Untoi Pucltlu aysU'in for the year was over W,600,000. Convict* in the South Carolina state prison Nttt fire to tho Hhupa, causing $25,000 IOM. No escapes. Kaunas minors did not hccil tho cull ol .l\v national oftiom for a convention at Pittsburg and a dtflku U not probable. Sliut'p nUeurlug has been buguu in Utah kiul tho Indications art) that tho oll|> will be very heavy and of superior quality. It is thought the wool crop of Texas will HI (ram DQ to 40 pur cent short of lu»t yttnr'u clip. Chnrlei Rollins Kuyes of Iowa Ian hocu olocUnl »tato gcologibt of Miu«ou rl to suucuutl Vrofwtttor Arthur \Viti»low. William Johnson, m years old, was son- 4>ncml at l'» I'ortu, luJ., to four year* lit prison for burglary. TUls will ueulstUlrtl eiiltuntlury U>ru>., Caul Mine I|i»|M)otor Hooil of Colorado has rooolved information that all tho miners lu tho statti will go out hi a few days. TUB strike situation lu nirmlugliam, Ala., is uiiuuutig«d. Governor Jouou' iresuncu Ims put a stop to all tliruuU'uluu Idiuonstratious. Tim govuruor of Massachusetts uiw «»wl tlio bill UQubling U>o rtH|UlretuHiiU or the starting of mutual lire Insurant inpuuluH In that state. Jtiipruauiitutivus of th» Order of Halt- iiy Couiluvturs and tho llrotliorhoml o( Railway Trluuuieii for the Wuuash sys- oiii aru bujdlug a couforwuou with ollluiaU n St. Ijoul* to cuiitiUlor IhK 10 pur cout cu- luutlun suhtftliile. A jury was stwurud «t Shoboyguu^VU., u tliu trial at ex-liankur Bhovo. Hook' ' KuuclUou was un tho stuuii all lay. Thomas M- lilaukstuuk, u pusslble uuUiiluto for governor, in ouo of tbu urors. Tho state couvoutloii of United Mliic Workers at Springfield, Ills., cU'oldwi to lolil the uuuutkl »tatu uunveutluu tho Ui'«t iw PROTEST BY WOLCOTT Vigorously Opposed Senator Al ten's Coxey Resolution, ASHAMED OF GOVERNOR WAITE *oyn III? Antics ttnva Brought Dtacred and Dishonor to Colorado — Orenliam Wl Submit Snmonn Corrc^lionilcnce (o th Senate — Holinttn Reducing Indian A\ proprlatlong— Lost Vear't Silver Product WASHINGTON, April 27.— Immediatel. after the reading of the journal in th senate Thursday, Mr. Jarvis, recently ap pointed from North Carolina to succeei the late Senator Vance, was sworn in, Senator Allen's Coxey resolution cam up. Mr. Woloott (Colo.) entered a vig orotts protest against passing the resolu tion. He said It was to be regrettei the governors of certain states had beei so unwise as to urge these men to mak a descent on the capital of the Unite States. His own state of Colorado hac the misfortune to have one of these gov ernors, whose antics had brought dis credit and dishonor to the common wealt and aullied her fair name. He believec most of the men in Coxey's army migh be honest, but they were led by men wh were cranks, insane or vicious. Socialism, Vopullsm and Paternalism. "I am tired of this talk of nuturn demonstration," he said. "In Colorad today, crushed and humiliated as she i by the action of congress, I venture t< say no man is suffering because he cai find no work, or no willing hands tc assist in supporting him until work ca be found for him. I believe the tim has come when those of us who are h public ought to begin to cultivate mor regard for the perpetuity of republic,-!: institutions and to pander less to tha miscalled portion of the labor vote whose labor is with their throats am never with their hands. It is time w> stood up for American manhood, for th right of every man to?work if he want to, if it takes the whole army of th United States to enable him to do so. I is time we had the courage to stand to gether against this socialism, populism and paternalism, which is running rio in this country and which must end (i not crushed) in the destruction of liber ties which the laws give us, libertie which should be dearer to us than lif itself." A number of senators took the pain to go to Senator Wolcott after ho had concluded his remarks and express thei appreciation of what he had said, Mr. Dolph said his objection to the resolution lay in tho fact that it was ac companied by a lying preamble, which was in effect a censure of the authorities of the District of Columbia. Mr. Gray (Del.) also condemned On resolution, even while he said he woulc vote for it if the preamble was omitted He admitted he had a kindly sympathy for the vagabondage which made on roods so picturesque in summer. Alleu Defended Ul» Action. Mr. Allen defended his action in intro duciug the resolution and spoke for sorni time. In the course of his speecli he called the Coxey movement "the sponta neons uprising of American citizens against wrong and oppression." It was he said, a peaceable gathering of met engaged in a peaceable project. "Does the, senator apply that to the army' of the commonweal which stole a train at Butte, killed .-two 'deputy marshals and whom the troops of the United States are now trying to capture?" asked Mr. Wblcott. Mr. Allen refused to be drawn on to this ground. He declared he was a warm advocate of peace and lawfulness. He criticized the action ol tho commissioners of the District of Columbia in issuing a proclamation warning Coxey's army against entering the District. At 1 :-15 o'clock, before any action had been taken on the resolution, Mr. Harris moved to take up a resolution providing that ''tomorrow and until otherwise ordered the senate shall meet at 11 o'clock m." Senators Petfer and Allen objected to the ponding resolution being displaced and demanded a yea and nay vote. The vote (which also showed tho attitude of the senate on Mr. Allen's resolution) was as follows: Yeas, 54; nays, 0. AplM*r»uu« or Ohohtra at Utbun. WASHINGTON, April 87.— Surgeon General Wyman of the Marine Hospital sor* vice received a cable from London utat- ng cholera had made its appearance at Lisbon and iu the Austrian province of llU'la, Dr. Wyman at once cabled the United States consul at Lisbon and received a return cable statiug the epidemic was quarantined, that no deaths tad occurred mid that vessels uluaring hut port wore receiving ulwm bills of loultli. Dr. Wymuu also ordarud Surgeon Irwiu, now at Paris, to pruuued tit mcu to Giilliula and report to him us to ho cbolura conditions. Kllvur I'rudiuitluu Ijut Ve»r, WASHINGTON, April 87. —Tho estimates jy tho iliivctur of the mint of tho silver product of the United States for lt*U3 giro a total of ftiO.OiAOOO, as against 174,1105,000 for 1803. Increases uru kuwn iu Alaska, Arizona, California, 2plorado, Georgia, Idaho, North Oui-o- lu«, Boutli Carolina, Boutli Dakota, a* iiml Washington, while la all tho otlter status and territories the ngureg how a decruiwu af production. CUItuaut MuU»rr»uuu'» Vunuritl, WASHINGTON, April U7.— William Mo- Jlurrahau, tho duiuiunt who iliw) in hu Providence hospital Monday, was niriixl at Mount Olivet cuiuetory. Fifty rleucU followed the t'luimuut to tho rruvo, Tho pull bouror* were Senators ImUcm uiul Tollur, Keprasentatlves lont-y (Miss.), O'Nuill (M«s».), Judge J. . Nouli, Culonol JoUu UiuiU, & M. Ayoi'D iiud Luku Uuvliu. Will fiubiult Uttuioau Vorru»i>uua»u«v. WAUIINQTON, Aiu-i| 87.— Up to this ate there has bouu uo prupotjitioti sub- uUtad foru>uUy tw tliu aluto duptu'tuiout >>' the rauj-asoututlveii of Grout lv)Ulnqf to the annexation of Samoai Islands to Great Britain or Germany. I the course of a few days Secretary Grea ham will submit to tho senate the voluui inous correspondence which has passe< between tho three treaty powers concern ing the administration of affairs i Samoa. ttolinnn Reducing ^Vpnroprlntlonf. WASHINGTON, April a7.—The Indian appropriation bill to be reported t Chairman Holmnn of the Indian affair committee will not contain any provis ions for the payment of the five Indioi commissioners expenses. Among the re duction in estimates made and not here tofore noted are: Support of Apaches Kiowas, Comanches and Wichitas fvon $125,000 to $90,000; support of Apache and other Indians in Arizona from $200, 000 to $185,000; pay of Indian polio from $lfiO,000 to fl 25,000 and survey am subdivision of Indian reservations, from $25,000 to $15,003. Uenburn Interposed Ills Objection. WASHINGTON, April 27. — Hepburn (Ia.) interposed his daily objection to th approval of the journal in the hous Thursday and compelled a roll call which resulted in its approval—23V to 0 Debate proceeded in a desultory manne on small, unimportant amendments to th appropriation bill, none of which wer adopted. When the bill was completed the committee rose. The bill, as passed carried $1,513,329, a decrease of $46,70 compared with tho appropriations for. th current year. Senate Confirmations. ; WASHINGTON, April 27.—The sonat confirmed the following nominations Clifford Smith of New York, to be con sul at Carthegina, Colombia; Albert S Story, postmaster at Pawnee City, Neb Frank Hntton Decidedly Better. WASHINGTON, April 27.—There is marked improvement in tho condition o Mr. Frank Hntton and his symptons ar favorable for an early recovery. Morgan's Nicaragua Canal Bill. WASHINGTON, April 27.—Representative Doolittle introduced iu the house copy of Senator Morgan's Nicaragu canal bill. STATE CLOSED IN THE RAMSAY CASE Testimony That Be Assisted In Rendering Telegraph Wires Useless. CEDAR RAPIDS, April 27.—In the Ram say case Operators Smith and Henry tes tified to Ramsay repeatedly declarin; that the wires mnst bo stopped, and t< receiving money from him with the un derstfinding that.they wore to "fix" th wires. Smith also detailed at conaidera ble length how he wrapped the wires just south of this city, rendering them useless. Both men got slightly mixed on cross-examination. Frank Washburn, lino operator, tolc how he had located the wrapped wires and Superintendent Spafford and Dis patchers Hoag and Watters testified as to the time when the wires were wrap ped. Conductor Washburn testified to tho delay of trains on account of the wires being wrapped and with this thi state rested its cose. WllaonStolou '•..•••LT, Sioux Cm', April 2?.— By represent ing himself to be J. W. Wilson, the holdei of a mortgage on Billy F, a trot ting horse, with' a mark of 8:12^ ant valued at $11,000, B. Kneisley got posses sion of the hone, which was being kept here, and • drove overland to Lnverne Minn., with it before lie was captured. To Secure Pugilist McCoy. CBESTON, la., April 27,— Sheriff Eldridge of Adams county passed through this city on his way to Davenport, where tho officers have Harry McCoy, the pugilist, wanted by the state of Iowa for violating tho priae fighting law Ryan, who participated in tho fight with McCoy, is in jail at Corning. Reduced Salnrle* Ouuerwlly. OH AND ISLAUD, Neb., April 87.— The city council, at a lively meeting, made a reduction in salaries amounting to$i,24l per your. Counuilmon's salaries were reduced $100 each. The salaries of the police judge, chief engineer and city clerk wore each reduced $100. Mailed OlMcvno Literature. CHESTON, la., April 87. — Deputy United States Marshal Ulchurtls of Council Bluffs arrested Fred Qrube of this city for sending obscene literature through tho mails. O-rube confessed whou placed under arrest. Dr. Jeiikln'a Nouilnntlon lit ALIIANY, April 97.—Gov. Flower's re- nomination of Dr. Jenkins to bu health ofllcor of tho port of New York was re- ected by tho senate by u party vote. Wavorly Ikrugglat In Troublo. WAVKRI.Y, Nob., April ar.—Drujt«ist Vinniug wan clwrgitd with sullius,' iuiuor without a liuunsu. Hia cnsi< wiw con- imied one wiwk. Mew Hliigu Uliu 4l|it<iiuil, CABi'iiii, Wy., April U7. -St-irk & Co.'a iow btagu linu bi'twueti (Jiwiur mul LHH- ior will Duml out its Ilittt 4-h mxt Tuwday. lliui'lmll U«m«s. Jlnuhmitlt ........... 9 0 0 U U I U 0 0- i CKivi'luui) ........... tt 4 a U t U U U U— U unit '/.Immor; Uwyur, C'ruu and iuiiiru, Kmntlo. VuHhluutoll ......... 4 OU01UOOO— A t'uw Vurk ........... I U 1 1 0 0 i 0 •- 7 ; Mat>klu«iul Pkrrvl. ... ..... U OUOOUUIUO— 1 ......... 0 U U U 8 0 U U t •— t KHrux Mia Urlui; iKlllen unit Maclc. Urn- IruSwtirUvouil, lr»i>kl>ii ............ u U 1 U U 1 U I U- it ........ y i u a i i a j a-i3 ul l.uetwuve; Ournuy, Wvvbliitf, 'uylur 4uii CUiiuuuln. Umiilrv «m^u, lullliiniro ........ ,,.) U105UOOO— I ualiin..., ........... U U i (I 0 H I U *-|g Inks. U«kur, llrmvii uml HuOltnon; Murrllt, tlvtituund Stftlo). l'ui|ilrii, lluml. t. l.nulx ............ (( 0 0 0 4 1 U U S— ]U ....... tt U U U I 1 U U 0-1 (lluuion; AUUoy ami bulirlvur. UAUKtU lii<llani)t>u|U, 8; (Jrituit tttipUl«, IB. ml Wi'-nlt^kul 1' uiid Wiili'». Ihiiulro l. , SO; Dot roll, 4. KUolltfor ami MuFur- i ml; Uuriiunuul Krvltf. Umtiirw tsUurlUuu. N City, It; MlauDiniolU, 10. Duimlmc am uml KruUB*; Duryoa uiul WIUuu. Uw- Iru Uukur. COAL MINERS MARCHING TO TOLUCA. tt In Their Intention tn Pcr.initde the Mln- ern at Tlml IMaco to Quit Work. TOLUCA, Ills., April 27.—An army of neatly 5,000 coal miners from Spring Valley, Laceyville, Lacld, Lentonville, La Salle, Peru and Oglesby have gone into camp at what is khowrt as the Big Sanely, four and a half miles north of this place. The army was accompanied by seven brass bands, a fife and drum corps and seven commissary wagons, th contributions of tho business men o Spring Valley and vicinity. Food was distributed to the army at this place am a riot almost ensued among the men The army is commanded by F Knowles. The program when they arrive her is to call a mass meeting immediately and try to use moral suasion upon th' Toluca miners to qnit work and help th cause. Many of the miners ore old men and there are some women among them Some are very hotheaded, but it la bo lieved the leaders can hold them in. Commander Knowles iminedatel; upon the arrival of his men will inter view Mayor Twist and attempt to gc him to issue an order closing the sa loons, and it is feared if some of the men will get much liquor, serious damng will result. The situation is regarded in a serious light, and, anticipating trouble, the Dev lin company ordered the mines shu down, but it is thought that after thi miners leave and the local men are read; to go to work they will go to wprk again Sovereign Scmla Greetings. COLUMBUS, O., April 27.—Mr. Me Bride received from th« Grand Maste Workman of the Knights of Labo fraternal greetings and guaranteed full est possible aid in the struggle for jnstic and equity. West Virginia minors n Behrwood telegraphed President Me Bride that 21 mines employing 9,500 men are idle. Colored Minors For Strikers' Places. PITTSBURQ, April 27.—One hundred and twenty-five colored minors anil thei families passed through this city via th Memphis route on their way to Birming ham, Ala., where they will be distributed among the various coal mines in Alabama,'to take the places of striking miners in that section. Goes Forty I>»ys Without Slcop. WARSAW, April 'J7.— Forty days have passed since Frank Woodruff, a wealth} farmer of this county, has slept. Hi was afflicted with the same str.-tuge malady two years ngo, when ho \\un 80 days without sleep. He is to all ap pearanco healthy and works every day His physicians have failed to produce even a stupor with drugs. Smallpox Among Colored People. LITTLE ROCK, April 27.— It was learned from a reliable source here tha 15 deaths from smallpox had occurred in Tesarkana, and the total number o cases up to Thursday night was 100 The situation is more alarming, than has been reported. Tho epidemic is still con fined to the colored people and they ari making frantic efforts to get out o town. Couldn't Endure the lllanket. CHANDLER, O. T., April 27.— Walter Battico, secretary of the Sac and Fox tribes and his wife, tho daughter o. Makoshatoo, chief of the tribe, were divorced! Battico is a civilized Indian and a graduate of a Virginia military college and could not endure the "blanket" customs of his uncivilized spouse. _ ' i Arlioiin llorsvthlnvos Caught. SOLOMO.NVILLE, A. T., April 27.— Two horsethioves have boon caught near Dim can, A. T., with 25 bond of stolen horses in their possession. Tho stock was taken from a ranch near White Oaks, Lincoli county, N. M. MARKETS REPORTED BY WIRE. Chicago Grain and Provision*. CHICAGO, April Si!.— Wliuiit ut tho ulonool the iluy'a murkot allowed very little cliango from lu prlcu at tho correspomttnff Umu yea turday. Suoh oliHiigo lus thcru was U lu tho way of Improvement. Tho fluu weallitir which la brlntrlmf favorable oro|i bulletins from the country caused weakness at the start. Lnttir It became a mutter only ol bow wheat could bo traimfurnxl from May to July for tho flnul arbitrament of tho 1SU3-1H Corn wan woak aud closed lower. Kvon otiU, which aru tied up for May, did not KOI Into un uotlvo atute of uorv- oiumutn. Tito vrowil watched anxiously, uut lid lUtl» luininuss. In pruvlskms tho niiurta bouiiht enough nil a dull umrket to mill Ilk) to July pork, Su to May limliuul rlba £}£o lowor. fl.O.SINC) IMIlUKd. WHEAT-Steady. Cwtn, &8K<!M<9fie; May, &WJic; July, WHO; Saptumbor, CUUN-Knaler. Ciutli, 8896c; May, July, i&iHo; Sniptumber, 40%o. OATS-Knay. May, SW>; July, S9%«; September, i!5V£e. IHJHK-Hlgher. May, fla.M; July. |1S,SO. UARD-lilghor. Slay. 1MB; July, J7.DU. JUHS-HltfluT. May, W.70; July. JO.flO. CUIcagu l.lvu Htiiolc. * CHICAGO, April Xu.-OATTL,K-'riioro wuaa trin loiio to iho cattle market, but very llltlu lmiiuu tn v«l«e». HutoherH 1 Hiul caiiuera' itock werv Ktroiu! anil no were ttilr tu prhuu Itfht ami mvtllum wi-lttlit H(><em, « lillo aver- of ovur 1.4UU pounda woro not eaally unviul « t \Vi«liif*luy'n iiuututlontt. Mont ol wlay'a Mliw WITU at ^1.75 10 Jl.» for ateeru am) al I3.UO to |U.!» for cowa, holfera and bulls. HOOH— Thu market opounl Metier. Tlioro waa nulie a brink tra«l« for little while alilp- wra uiul apuvulatora buyluu frvvty ami pnylm; tn advunvo uf &u to Itlc. After they liml llllol up Ihu altuatloit wail cllirurtul. l'«ckor» dlj Mut witnl the li<nf«<it ittiy tulvaiii'w and iH'foru u'uluuk tUo inuirkvl wan Uui-k lu WwUuwlay'a MiiKu. Tlio lu'Mi uf tliu ulTerlniM brought S'SiH, to >5 IIS, but aiilua ut llioso Henri's won< •CtttlvrhiK, from | to |.v:» buyhitf llio bulk f Ihu \ws». (.'omiuou roviuh inlxud tola told M luw ut I&.UJ in f D.uSViul inilla woro quoluU ,t fU.UU to f t.&tl. The vuMa wita wry lauir. BHBK1'— Tlio kliuop truilo wua lew dull than n Ihu pu»l tliriHi iUy«, anil Imyvra iwld a nmll udviiiicu for auoli-lata an tiilUsl Ihvni. 'Ue lamb uiarktit waa aollvo anil fair, itiul owl ifrado* aold l&c to JCXi hltflior. Tlio runtiu fijUutatloiinroraUwp wu»|l.Wu II. W «ud or Inmbii, fil.M to V>M ,iW) uixul; citlvit*. *W; , T.OJil. TAKB THI •KST Soulli Oujahu Llvu Hloek. KiiUTH UUAIM, April ai.-UA'ri % I<K-H«- JUl to IMA) IU., |J,IWiU,a4: «,, >a.&U33.T6; «UU tu 11U) IU., i>tua uuwa, |i.T4aa.4Ui oomiuoti o\va. II.V^M.tH; uoint uuimuu te«ler».»i,ai^a. W. Market Wo h ViUI Uuad; light. .1»H; mUod, |A.U»^i.lU; Uvavy, M.UiiBJ Uurkul XUc lilvlivr. s. 4l»lhu»d; inuHi'o*. ; luiulu, »J. 75 (II. 74. CURE ^v THAT COUGH f~ WITH vSHILOHS CURE . ^ \9100 Bottle. ne cent a dose. _ OHBAT CoroH CURB promptly cure* all others fail. Cough*, Croup, fare iiroat, Hotrienew, Whooping Cough atxf Aithmi, For Coniuraptlon it C93 DO rival: has cured thousand!, end will CURB TOO* If taken la time. Sold by Druggie ' aotee. For a Lame Back o:. _____ SHILOH'8 BELLADONNA PLASTG ILOHVlCATArTRH war- ^___ _a»«. r°u C'atarrli ? This remedy IB guaranteed tt> cure you. Price, 60 ota. Injectorfree. Sold by O. H. Wcstbrook. CITY WHAT MARKET NIC BKITKR, Proprietor. Che ohoioent Meats, such as Beef Fork* and Veal Steaks, Roasts Stews' »to., nnn he hud. fnultry Game an-H T'-r: Sonth aide FiftU-nt, Gurroll, towa DR, DOWNING This woll known and sacccesfnl sDoclallst In Ohronlc and Nervous discuses nnd Ulsoaees of the Kye and Ear, by request of'many friend) tad patients, will visit CABKOLL, IOWA, Saturday, Ray 5 Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Consultation free. DR. DOWNING Author of "Nervous Debility." "UoneratlT* Exaunlon, lla Ouuae and Cure," etc. Ttila Skillful aud Rollntile SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughout 'the Doitltwoet for tto many woudurful ' ouroa of lot forma of CHRONIC MO NERVOUS DISEASES hloli he Itaa efttotril that bad baffled tb» akU ut ether jitiyalvlaua nnd »l ucl»U»U. lie Cure* When Others Full. IMieaact of Kyea aud Kurt, Granulated Lid* Cataract, Oro«a Kyva itrnlghtouoil without ualu ot danger, l>iM.'ti«rgliiK Kara, IH-Htneii. jto., l>lae«ae* of No»t> ami throat, Outarrb UroiirhUin, Aillmia. etc. Ulaoaieaot Momacif and Wver, l>y»p«u«U, Imllgeatlou, lluanuurn, Ililllouaneii, Jaundice, eto. Kldu«y«ud Iliad' Jor Trouble*, II ood and Sklo DUKHIOO, SeroJ ?.'•• ."»??!». M^W 1 "' »!«•!»•, Uleei., etc. H.WI »n*v*B w * ••«*•••*, •uwun'ui', NUTYOUttDfMM. ikomuatUnt, Nourai»ia, «to. l>laom«i of Women. Deforinltlof. Surgical ojicralloM of all klnUa iiiocvatf ully jmrlormtxl. iff mul Mlthilo Ag««l Men luHerlug from Ixnl Manhood, Norvoua or J'liy< iluaj nobility, Homliml Wvakuoia, 1/oat Vigor, Uuollno ot alauly I'uwon, Ur«lua, ItlaoliaJMM or I#M«I,i Varlopoole, Km) nil tbo trato of eflti ' 'torn Kx<j«»au«, Krratt lu Youth. ««o" iOIUO of Iho following uHncl*. M if Wlifi'owefrCodtuiioii'of JUuaa,. ' Vt id Inotuaiiua who liuvu ilvoii up in .!!«*•«*.«•»!*«•«'»• OwuttluUoM jijuuijtuiiim would do well (o cal lal auil lu UuUodtilM<n lage. pH. |> i tTaaUu^ Strwi, 1

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