The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 6, 1933 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1933
Page 9
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Seemingly It It a heartless father who would attempt with a bow and arrow to •hoot an apple from the head of hit own daughter, but Clar•nee, Hickman Is shown .Just-about to perform the experiment with Mary Lee Hlckman at the science convention In Atlantic City and there wasn't a bit of danger. It appeared to the crowd that he made a perfect •hot but he explained It is-all a scientific Illusion. AUTHOR REPUDIATES BOOK ABOUT HOOVER . (Associated Press Leased Wire) N EW TORK, Jan. 6.—A repudiation by John Hamlll of his book entitled "Strange Career of Mr. Hoover— Under Two Flags," was In'supreme Court records today.. An affidavit, signed by Hamlll June 4 but "not made known generally until yesterday, said that while the material gathered TorHhe book contained statements that were true In themselves, they'were used In such a way as to lead to false conclusions concerning the, President. • • In addition, Hamlll took the witness stand In a suit yesterday and said he was sorry he wrote the volume. •flDo you repudiate the book?" askod his attorney, Charles P. Kramer. jJ'Tea," replied the witness. ,|1s It •entirely false?" ,-, ., i'l wpul'dn't; Bay .that, bupthe ;slant' °W 'M$ *alse.ian<j :my., Ingerjfretattona w.ere liferror In some'Instances, as I discovered .Invrechecklng the ; Joels.-*! am sorry I,wri>t^i It.,"" •' '" .'' " ' The suli/was -brought by James S. O.'Brien,- former policeman' who financed the book, against Hamlll and the publisher, William Faro, Inc. O'Brien seeks an accounting of the profits. Hamlll said he met O'Brien at Democratic national headquarters Just before the close of the 1928 campaign. O'Brien promised, the affidavit said, to get financial backing for a book that would "tear down" Mr. Hoover's political career. Hamlll declared that later, on a visit to London, he Inspected court records concerning corporations In which Mr. Hoover had been Interested, and that he copied sections which were derogatory to Mr. Hoover when used alone, but which were not damaging when read with the complete record. His affidavit said ho went to Bel- glum for additional "material , and when-he wrote the book, he let It be Inferred,' that Mr. Hoover-might: have saved;:EdithiCavelI, British war nurse, from the German firing squad, but had failed to. do sp. . , .-•<.•••"'" ' •• Hamill,'declared- he learned nothing In Belgium to -justify any Inferences that Mr. Hoover might have saved Miss Cavell's life. "^Alfalfa Bill" Has | Profanity Defined 't : (United Prett Leased Wire) ^OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 6.— Governor W. H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray j$*ys "damn" Is not profanity, but merely expressive language. » . % -f 'I'm, not profane," he told critics, explaining his use of "English' as she Is,' spoke In Oklahoma.' 1 •,"It's the relationship of the words that make them profane," said he. '"for instance: .'damn,' my favorite word, means condemn. When I say some highbinder Is a' 'damned liar," that means he Is a consummate liar. •Damn' Is.n't profanity. Those, fellows are Jusj; short on the meaning of the language. "' , TRAVEL DROPS A traffic survey. Itj .Minnesota shows n. "decrease of 10 per tent In travel on the state's highways this year. • Beware the Cough or Cold that Hangs On ^fersisterit coughs and cold* lead to serious trouble. You can stop them now with Creomulsion, an cmulsined creosote that is pleasant to take. Creomuliion i» a new medical discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes aad inhibits germ growth. ^Of - sH. known drugs, creosote is recog- nised by high medics! authorities u one of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other forms of throat troubles. Creomuliion contains. .» addition to creosote, other healing ele- menu which soothe and heel the infected membranes andetopthe Irritation and in- •flsnaistion, while the creosote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks "'the growth of the germs. • .Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory "*,4" treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma< bnmchitis and other; forms of respiratory diseases, and is eicellent for building up the syetem alter colds or flu. Money refunded if any coughqrco!d,nomatterofhowloiigetand. Ing, Is notwslJeyed after talcing according todjrections. Askyourdruggist. (AdvJ Cat arrhal Deaf ness May Be Overcome jjif you 'have catarrh, oatarrhal deaf- t ness', .or . head noises caused by. catarrh; or If phlegm drops in your throat And ha« caused catarrh of the Btfomaoh or bowels, you will Ije glad tb jjtnow that these distressing Symp- tonis may be overcome in many Inoy the following treatment . Secure Jroro your druggist • a oz. Parmlnt (Double Strength). Take this hffme and add % Pint fot water and a little sugar. One tablewwonful four times,, a day should qufckly relieve dlatreae Ing catarrhal head nolwsi nostrils, difficult breathlnB Atom Broken With Immense Machine fVnitct Press Leased "Wire) BJ3RKBLET, Jon. • 6,— He's little, but plehty tough, Is this fellow, Lithium Atom. So tough, In fact, that Dr. M. Stanley Livingston, of the University of California, had to design machinery weighing tons to smash him. Shooting, atomic bullets from Doctor Livingston's machine with an energy of more than 7dt>,000 electron volts three University of California scientists, -Doctor Livingston, Doctor B. O Lawrence and Milton G. White, recently succeeded In breaking the atom Into two' alpha particles pr Ionized atoms of helium gas. This confirmed work done by British physicists, who used low energy protons as the bombarding projectiles and found that protons shot nt lithium atoms combined with them and released energy, Not satisfied with handing the atom such- a Jolt, Doctor Livingston announced he had a larger machine containing one of the world's largest magnets, which Is now producing hy- " Hunt for Criminal RenewecTby Weapon (United Preit Leased Wire) KNOXVILLB, Iowa, Jan 6 — A rusty revolver found In the home of Shirley Jeffers has sent local hls- torlanii scurrying Into old records for traces of a long-lcfet criminal. Four small squares of paper were th ° *"" handle Shot In buck, 1020, Mike Blake. " Shot and killed Jlmmle Hayes, agent, 1917." Tho other two were Illegible except p° r M'° words, "gang, black and No., there were no notches on the gun. Chaos Created With Automatic Sprinkler (United Press-Leased Wire) CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, Jan. 6 __ An automatic sprinkler may do more than put out a fire, as Troy laundry employes leurnud when their sprinkler system , suddenly started 'operating without warning. The resujt: Bmil Pazdra tore ligaments In his left ankle Jumping out of the way, A . fire alarm was automatically sounded, and the 1 wires became 9rosBJedJ 80 tlmt tll «> *>ur B !ar alarm sounded in the Peoples Savings bank. Detective Qeorge Powers was hurt rushing to the bank. . 8TUNQ BY SPIDER FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 6— —Milas Jones' spider, while Inanimate, stung him to the tune of five yearB In prison. Jones was found guilty of stealing on automobile by means of a ''spider,- an electrical de- vce for starting cars without the Ignition key. He confessed to six other cases of auto theft and received B. three-year sentence for each cose .but the sentences will run concurrently. 1933 r • > * The BIG Event of the Year! Hafrg Coffee's Spectacular SHIRTS Clearance! Entire stock of Burgen Lane, Grayoo and Riviera shirts new reduced: $1.35 Shirts, Now . . . . . $(.00 $1.65 Shirts, Now ..... $1.49 $1.95 and $2.50 Shirt* , . $1.89 Others Similarly Reduced Special Group >/ 2 Off! NECKWEAR All imported and domestic silk-lined neckwear now: $1.00 Ties, Now . . T . . . . 79c $1.50 Ties, Now ...... $1.15 $2.00 Ties, Now $1.45 $2.50 Ties, Now ...... $1.95 Others Similarly Slashed HOSIERY Imported wools, (isles, rayons and mixture hose, deeply reduced 1 Special Group Hose ,: . . . 21c Special Group Hose . . . . 26c 6 for $1.45 UNDERWEAR Shirts and shorts by Wilson Bros, and other makers: 25c Garments .... 6 for $1.40 35c Garments,. ... 6 for $1.90 Allen-A Union Suite ...... 95c Odds and Ends >/z Off FLANNEL PAJAMAS Amoskeag and other fine outing flannel pajamas: • $1.39 Pajamas ...... $1.29 $1.65 Pajamas ....... $1.49 $1.95 Pajamas ...... $1.79 PAJAMAS Fine broadcloths, and other fabrics now deeply reduced I $1.00 Pajamas gg c $1.65 Pajamas ..... . $1.39 $1.95 Pajamas . ..... $1.65 f 2-50 Pajamas $1.95 $3.50 Pajamas $2.85 Others Reduced Likewise FLANNEL SHIRTS Heavy alUwool flannel shirts In new designs: $2.50 Shirts . . .\ . . .I. $1.95 $3.45 Shirts . ....;. .$2.95 $3.95 Shirts ........ $3.15 $5.00 Shirts ........ $3.85 Others Reduced Similarly WOMEN'S SHOP Fuli-Fashioned Silk Hosiery 55c Including service weights and sheer chiffons; all shsdes. 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Double service fabric that men like becauss they give real service! GROUPS—SUITS The justly famous Roy Drape suits and regular models appear In this spectacular division! Fine fabrics, exclusive tailoring at rreal saving I GROUP 4—SUITS Braeburn, Society Brand and Dunsmoor are a few of the famous names you'll find on these suits! Silk-lined models In handsome designs and colors. s s 9 22 95 95 GROUP 1—O'COATS An Immense selection of new Grid- der overcoats . . . offering every smart style, every wanted color and every type of fabric of the current yearl GROUP 2—O'COATS Sporty all-around and half belted overcoats . . . single and double breaated ... In soft camel's hair, fleeces «nd many other desirable, smart fabrics. GROUP. 3—O'COATS Many of Braeburn'a finest coats are to be found In this group along with Dunsmoors In rleh, long-wearing fabrics . . .many of which were Introduced this Fall! GROUP 4—O'COATS Famous Imported overcoats ... offered to you at this all-time low! 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