The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1948
Page 11
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WKDNKSTUY, JUNK 16, New Model Ford To Be Displayed D.ol.r To Have Two Sedans Ready for Inspection th are* Model A The 1949 with "" llps ' dea1cr '" , »'on * ° W T models ta Ule embodies new en- TU.YTHKV'iU.E 1949 Fords to Be Displayed Friday |™ e - licials in Philadelphia Business Men Buy Small Tennessee Town d Motor Company of„„, , l ' oi t' report an expenditure of J37.000.000 in designing me new car and Rearing (he cam- pany plants to production of HIP new models. Comfort as well as appearance "as been given emphasis in planning the new cars. Hydra-coll w!^ hi- add lo com <™t «<«i Ihe Holchkiss drlve fcrvcs to min!|njile the transmission of road noises in- lo the car. The drlvcshaft tunnel has been reduced in size to provide more leg room in ihe car MY or Eight Cylinder Motors either '"T, moci( -' ls arc powered with . - -_.- ei,,nt O r six-cylinder engines j the Philadelphia bueine*s men , ls *!,..... eng " lwlns futures also give | he topped thai. Finally, the cltiiens liad to Ston bidding at $2,OQO.OO:> following nearly Ircccloin. Hut.suM, accompanied by Utlvin Phillips. 36, ol Pueblo, Colo., uwed their wny mil ol (he Baxter Jail on April 28. lUK.ion wa* captured bill iH-ur ]ii s home but. Phillip* irmuint'cl at lame, Slterift Krnie Gentry Imidril (he iwsse »nd «»[il llut.siiiv ntfrrcil im resist a iwe, Couple Carries Damage Suit to Supreme Court M'ITU-: ROOK. Alk.. June 16 lUPI—A Phillips County coumc to- i!i»y Vik«l the Arkiiu.Mi.s Sum-erne Conn !o review ji ciiciill court Jury's ivliisiil l« M niiu [timings | 01 . (n . Junes nlli<iiLMlly received in a rain-lick crash ni'iir \Vi-.u Helens last JTIII-. Mr. and Mrs. ciiiit'lcs Soluibarh, iliui-y humcis of WML Aero*, iieur buy their town yesterday, but cheered the SMCcessrul bidder when lie promised they could keep their The citizens bid which started al $1,900,000 was greeted by cliccis Horn the tense residents. They booed David Henry Epstein, agent to.- be c » ,or , ££* s ' '' ' j iratioi) and" FJIA." . aso more miles per gallon of fuel. The over-all height of the car has been lowered by four inches arm the placing of the seats be• cUnf" G RxlCS !ln<l Blves R low " yfivnT grnvit y' a f '«»or In site The windshield Is wider and longer to provide picture window visibility for both the driver and passengers. Doors hinge from the front and the door handles lift to open instead of the usual downward push to prevent accidental opcnniK of doors while the car Is in motion. Mr. Phillips said that the cars are offered In two lines, the Ford and the Ford custom. Body styles In both lines include the four and . , to stop bidding at .. and Epstein got the town lor »2,- 10T.5CO from the Tennessee Valley Authority. The boos changed to ' cheers as •'The future ol (he town depends on what the residents \vurn," Sche-htman said. "Undoubtedly Norris will be .set up as an iiuosi-al part of Ander.son County and the state of Tciinessce. The' K r,ni f ; intends lo have the town remain a eoiKf! ca-'iccrn." SC'licchtman said he wa.s not al liberty to disclose tht- names of the successful bidders, but said it w»s " ^uc^ s^sfr^r- ^^rfrrF'•-•'-- ** ' ctl U1 niaKir.g a sound investment, U. S. Engineers Plan for Work At Caruthersvide Phnis for (lie |)l,'i<;ln e or about ->80,COO fit|iiai-c [m of riprap b'\nk enfotraiu'iK, on the Mississippi ui- vcr five milc.s South of Carilllicrs- ville, Mo., were dl.sfln.vd today |, v Co). Lows u pooto, rtiiifnrcr ii\ 1 i rhurKi! of the Memphis District U. K. Engineers. , Colonel poolc s.-iW Unit l>ld s for -tins anil other similar project W ||l ' 'lie received in his office mini u '• a.m. on July H. The oilier projects call lor work near KUIn<:lv. Tenn., ;iiul at .several locations i South ol Memphis. NOW!" ar FOUNTAINS Everywhere! Tin story of the inuiikter tiuUIn was Invented >nd written »jr • »l-yeir-old girl, (lie second wif« of Die poet Percy Bysshn Shelley, »ccordlii|i to ll!e Encyclopedia Reid Courier New* Waul Adi. We»l Helen*, siilrt !n inclr nppeal !/>»( tliey wore Injured when their truck was lilt June 5, 1017 by a cur driven by T. T. Tratcolf. Sclmbach soiWIit «,500 for Ills Injuries ard »15,000 H.S L-'OIIIJK'IISH- llon for Injuries to his 52-yi'iii-old wife. MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 NOW! ! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! PAGE ELEVEN THE TOT SHOP Everything lor ChiMrea Dp (o 6 110 S. Second I*hone 2308 Closed Wednesday afternoon States. I can't emphasize how veiy interested we are in maintainin Norris as a showplace oi mode community efficiency." He said TVA iolks could conti lo live in their homes, and assu them their (cars it would be turned i into a mushroom industrial town were groundless. The townspeople stood in anxious little groups scanning bulletin board maps of the 1250 acres of «jWorld's Toliesf ^! Building Moy Be rnerl 1 D._*la_ * j 1 _ m Houston . station wagon ar e available only in the custom line, nnd the three- passenger coupe only in the Ford line. HOUSTON, Tex.. June 16. -iljl'i —The world's tallest building 101 feet higher than the Empire State Buil[J h!K may start to rise in two-door sedans and the club - - —- coupe. The converliblr- n.,ri u,.l me «•*'» '« "ie final minutes [•/- :—••••«"« "i»j sum to rise m Hnns- C aim the fore aucUoncer Robcrt j Cokcr ton sometime next yeur H was re cried the sale. ....<-j . Coker, assistant chief of the TVA Land Grant Division, had refused ol to be sentimental about his task. | Company, Auctioneer Kefuiec Sentiment "An auctioneer never gets sentimental," he said. "All I am interested in Is the high dollar." Norris was built as a. "model community" by the TVA to house work Soviet War Bride British Living Conditions MOSCOW, June 16. — (UP)— A Russian-born British bride who recently returned from London said in a letter to Pravda yesterday that five other Soviet wives intended to return to Russia in protest against living conditions in Britain. The woman, Mrs. John Brand arrived here a month ago and immediately filed suit tor divorce She •aid she had lived in the "dreadful slum" of Hackney, a London suburb, where her flat was lighted by gas Mid there was no water "or other communal conveniences." Mrs. Brand gave the Russian names of othe.- Soviet wives who intended to return from Britain as Sholokhovn, Orlova, Siniukhlnn, Kolin and Toschevn. The British embassy identified them by the married name.-; of Liddell, Smith Holland, Bunn and Lamb but further identification was not available These wives, Mrs. Brand wrote in a two and one-half column letter to Pravda. were suffering "great material privation" and proverty in Britain.-She said they were forced to live the the slavish life of Bri- yjvh housewives. ~Mrs. Brand said she was writing her letter as g warning lo Soviet women still trying to join their husbands hi Britain and us a guide to all Soviet girls »nd women. Communistic Czech Cabinet /$ Sworn In PRAGUE, June la. (Iff)—A new Czechoslovak cabinet headed by Zapotocky. Communist stiong man, was sworn in yesterday, completing the government upheaval brought on by the resignation of President Eduard Bene,s Bene.s 'successor, President kle- mera Gottwald, administered Hie oath to Zapolocky, M. chief of 2 - OW.OOO Czech trade unionist*, and the other cabinet members Thirteen of the 22 cabinet posts were filled by communists Tli- Communists held complete sway" Other members were three Social Democrats, whose party merges with the Communists this month t\vo Czech Bocialists, two members of the. People's Party and one each ot the two non-Communist Siovak Parties. ers building the giant Norris Dam. The dam was finished some years ago and TVA is .selling out. All the 300 homes, stores and schoolbuildir,g s were included in the sale. To Be "{Joint Concern" PHILADELPHIA, June IS. (UP;— The town of "Norris, Tenn.. "will i remain a going concern," its now owners promised j-eslerday. i A spokesman for the group of I Philadelphia business men vealed yesterday. Mure! Ooodell, general manager of the United nultdiuB supply . .. said his firm hud plan's under construction and thai a definite atnnrt would be made known early in Js-19. The proposed structure would | JC 1366 feet high, one fool taller than the unfinished palace, of the Soviets ' Fugitive Is Recaptured After Escape from Jail MOUNTAIN HOME. Ark.. June' '6. i UP) Claude O. llut.son. 32- year-old Advance. Ark., ninu,' «-a.5 liuck in Baxter County jail today ihc mailer in the hoi:se (of Com- • mons>." , oes in Moscow. New York CltvV<fe'mn!r(. State Building spirals to~!2S5 feet The Houston concrete and steel masterpiece would have no stories contain 1.500,000 square foot ot floor space and cost in the neighborhood of $25.000,000 Goortell said. Architects and engineers didn't share Ooodell's enthusiasm. They said the hurricane factor in this part of the country would prevent construction of any such building. " Just ask... we like to gay YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURI • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, Prlvot.S.rvlt. . P.r.on.lli.d Att.ntlon Com« in XB2S 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE CENEBAL CONTRACT PURCHASE' OOIII>OBATIOMl v. r «, A Philadelphia business men who /.. ,.,. bought the town at auction said ^-tturchlll Accepts v " ' "~ '*' ' Morrison's Apology they have made no definite plans. However. Attorney Leon Schecht.- Two Nary Pilots Killed, I Hurt in Plane Crashes SUFFOLK, Va.. June 1«. (UP) — Two Navy Reserve fliers were killed and a Navy pilot seriously injured yesterday in two plane crashes in Southeast Virginia. The two reservists died when their plane crashed in a heavily wooded secord three miles south of here. Witnesses said the plane plowed through trees and burned. The reserve fliers were not identified. Earlier today a Navy pilot parachuted over the Atlantic JO miles Southeast of Virginia beach when his plane caught fire. Despite two broken legs and oth- *r injuries, he hauled himself into a rubber lile raft and stayed afloat until picked up by the Coast Guard. The Navy did not identify the injured pilot, who was taken to the Naval Hospital at Portsmouth, Va. LONDON. June 16. (UP)—Winston Churchill accepted Herbert Morrison's apology yesterday for accusing liim falsely of taking {3 - . 000 a year in salary ns leader of (lie ' opposition while giving little tim»' to 'lie a.s.sicnjnciiL j The incident was settled when' Churchill sent Morrison a letter ' which said: -I thank you for your letter cf June 14 withdrawing and regret- i ting your statement, at Cardiff about my salary as leader ot trie opposition. , "I am content with this, and in I consequence have no ne«l to rni s c mean thai fine Glen wore Whiskies a , f blended wilh choices! grain neutral ipirils but tnjleod of being bollled immediately. "Thompson" i, pu| back into barrels lo make il smoother, tastier. Blonil,,! ll-LKhrr s« ,,r,,nr. -Fh^Tt ro „ 1,1 >,kl,s II, |,r,:,!„,, :,„. , ),..,,s or Jiiorr old. 79-:; C r,Tln iiciKrul !,]>irlis. r'Kv ',! "» lllOMl'SflX £ Gafewood Grocery r> . . > • __ ™ State Line Phone 975 GAS GAS Reg., Gal. Efhyl, Gal. 20k 22k Whiskies 1-2 Pt. Pt. 5th Segram'7" 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Bonds 2.25 4.35 6.90 Cagarers Ctn.—1.55 JNOW! Sales-Service-Parts Goodwill Used Cars •at FOUNTAINS! ' Everywhere! From where I sit... fy Joe MarsK' When In Doubt, Don't Sell My favorite beer dealer, Joe Swanson, made nom* new friend! the other night by refu»- toK to sell a bottle of beer to a couple ot yming men who visited his c<ae. They got pretty hot under the collar al Joe when he turned Ultra *>Ym, but youn*- folks are an understanding bunch — once they know the facts •Joe expWned that ke cwiWnt »H them beer becaiuw b« be,^ lhe * were nnder *!• H« Raid that when h« K ot hi* llccnw to sell • flne America, product * "SE^! 4 " *>**> ^ "" *• nf*M*o*»— otM »t them Wirier «*]»• t. Bi.on! The fc.ym ta «n«M Mil them while he heraime hl« indimtry taMoB affaiMt It l«*. In his business. Jo* (aid. MM '.Ktr industry and the public depended on him to operate accord~ InR to the laws In booka and the J«w« at eommo« aetw* and decency. He went on to »ay that people who break regulation* in busiuese or In game* #el penal- lied and that he thought too much of his bu.i!nc.t» and the trust of his friends to break any laws or regulations. And when he'» j. doubt, h. >Mt do*«B't. mil. SMITH PONTIAC CO. * PHONF ,'--\ Bl YilU VII I i; Joe MM ke oaldn't ISKW, UMTO STATES IMWBS FOUNMTIOM mr rwMMi MM. utm tot*. MB. 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Main St. Phones: Day 918 Night 2986 STUDEB AKERS T T I»-I7 CMC I Ton Slake IlUli Konl P/, Tin, Slake Jjj-jS Slndelmker •/, Ton I'it'kup ll'li Chevrolet 2 Dmtr And Al;tn3' Alorc. Complete Service Dep't Point & Body Parts & Accessories U D E B A K Chamblin Sales Co. F. "Vour Ki-jcndiy Slmlcbakcr Dealer" R ''"'*"" " l " mcm ST UDEBAKE U D E B A K E R RS SPECIAL Beer Per Case Hal T ( i|, Ale j^.oo (irli'SCillrrk $3.\S I'lilisl lIHic million s;<.7S ItuilHclsrr . flYr, ?••• '•» Russell Marr Liquor Store in so. 2,1,1 si. 807 j Good for Life "j ! All-Aluminum I jwindowScreens! > Builders > ; Supply Inc ; J Mione S15 ' i S. Hijrhwiiv Bl f** *e*i HOKUM sewcc tuvtn fff you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer "KventiiHtly We Will He Recommended t« Ton" - BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH •* * Phone 3151 Attention!! Cotton Graham Service Station Ark-Mo State Line Is Now Open for Business Cities Service Products Gasoline — Oil — Greases We Invite You to Trade with Us Garrctt L. Abbott & H. E. (Cotton) Graham Jr. ! Radio Service • * ot its Btst! i All New FM 5 Test Equipment • All SerTic* Gaannteed j Blytheville Salts Co. j Ftlix Carney •1SRE. M»in Phone iifiifi Our Cars Are Tops EASflND AUTO SALES For That,Car 503 E. Main Phone 4191 YOt/ll f£ HAPPY Of "Neuritis Has Kept Me In Torturing Pain" T!ie teller sayj . . . "Seems like (he pain' Just wont" let go." For more than 50 years doctors h*ve prescribed this natural mineral water that tends to neutralize pain-causing acids. Phone or wiit« for tree booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Miln «nd DMstoi Blytheville, Ark.

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