Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 19, 1955 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1955
Page 17
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Dial JPA-2-«00 for '» WANT AD .Tik«r EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND,; SID., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1955 SEVENTEEN- OUT OUR; WAY rv, Iv R. J; Willtomt OUR lOARDING HOUSE wKh MAJOR HOOPLI t 7THAr'«WaT1HINklN6»n"3NUT5> , i HEBORROWCPTHATACCORPIOI '• TO LEARN TO PUT PLGAT5 IN .-" , ' CXRPBOARD CARTONS SOTHEY ! ' ."CLOSE DOWN ASTH 1 STUFF IW : - ' *eM t& USED UP AND MAKE ' 'MOREROCMtNTH' :.'. FOLD AFTER' A DAV OF-.fOIL,' rtp FiNDihJs yoD.Heee COM- 6UA«NS.My i 'CI<SAR5 AS FAST AM ; INCINERATOR, ISMT EXACTLY trie ©PAL VOU'RS BB W WHAT OOlKJ Show Of Year Lays Egg Television Highlights Thtw television lUtloc* in compiled rram profnmi furnished by the statical By JACK O'BRIAN NEW .YORK':—(INS)— Several sluggish hand. Ann Sothern's. con- years ago when Phil Silvers starred in "Top Banana" on Broad-! way,'\ve mentioned it was a spoof ot Milton Berle's private and public nonsense. •'...'' We also noted its success stem. med from Phil Silvers' intelligent • impact as "a satirist, a level, ot artistic hisighi' we also learned from long' : observation Milton Berle doesn't possess.- : '•" Last night on his second show of the season he laid his second egg -of thVseason by attempting'a fuli .assault on satire, written by Gore Vidal, who has accomplished some successful and sensitive dramatic /items' for TV;-. .... . There - -was - a deadly .problem "right-at the. start, for'among the accomplishments, Uncle jMittie can ,_boast in' his history of" perform- ance from low comedy TV vul-. Earity in ladies' dresses, to high spirited burlesque, the delicate traces never quite have been, in his grip. Noisy,- compulsive, brash, smart—yes; but. capable of the delicate','arts—no. • His efforts last night we're wasted, his vehicle wasted on him, in something undoubtedly planned as a perceptive .spoof of- politics, set in a free-form—or, in .this case, slapdash — framework smacking redolently,of lots of previous programs, from'"Our Town," with passing-swipes at satirizing that— and to make no subtle puzzle of it, using, a. hint of Uie verbiage and fc . even a strain or two of the TV P "Our Town" score—to "Of Thee I Sing."- - - ' ••-.-' It was. not simply a 'near-miss; It was embarrassing.. • It was laid on with a' heavy, tribution escaped its aims constantly, the fault partly the play, partly Berle, partly herself. [Guard Red Crops PARIS—(INS)—Hungarian exile circles in.Paris report Hungary is suffering the worst food shortage in ten. years. Advices said army patrols are guarding -' crops throughout rural regions. Sew Thrifty SYLVANIA 'Factory Authorized. , . •" Service ENTERPRISE 170 N. Ctnlr. 51. Phon. PA 3-OOM CS222W Almost Everybody Listens To WKYR 5000 WATTS 1270 On Your Dial STATION KDKA h, CkMuti i TODAT. 5:00 News Reporter 5:45 Pitt Parade 5:53 Sport* Editor 6:00 Superman G:30 Time Out 6:45 Ranch Gala 7:00 Screen Playhouse 7:30 Douglas Fairbanks 8:00 Runyon Theatre 8:30 Studio 57 . 9:00 20th Century Show 10:00 World Tonight ,0:15 Feature Theatre : • 11:30 Sports Final 11:35 Swinf Shift Theatre TOMORROW 6:00 Today Garroway 8:00 Wayne Griffin Show S:00 Garry Moore Show . 9:30 Woman's Angle 9:45 Arthur Godlrey 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 News 1:15 Cartoons 1:30 Search for Tomorrow 1:45 CuldiflR U£"t 2:00 Lei's Visit' 12:15 Kay's Kitchen 1:00 All About Bsby 1:15 Valiant 1-ady 3:30 Meet Your Neighbor 2:00 House Party 2:30 Playhouse 330 ' 3:00 Brighter Day ' 3:15 Secret Storm 3:M On Your Account 4:00 Video Adventure* 4:30 Hoy Itogers DOLL CLOTHES EACH CUT FHOM ONEPIECS _ 4576 U"-27* Furi to make. Ibis complete doll wardrobe—wonderful gift lo give! Sew-easy—just ONE main pattern part for each garment! Picture her happy face when she sees the blouse, jerkin, suspender - skirt, beanie, sack-dress, elastic cinch- belt, nightgown, peignoir, petticoat, panties. Pattern 4576 for dolls 14, 16. 18, 20, 22 inches tall. Be thrifty —use scraps! This;pattern easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complete illustrated instructions. . Send Thirty-five cents in coins for this pattern — add 5 cents for each pattern for 1st-class mailing. Send to ANNE ADAMS, care The Evening Times, 42 Pattern Dept., ,243 West I7lh. St., :New York 11, N.. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. TtLE-TOCNS" PARAMOUNT The TtuiM U Dot rriponsiblt for late c TOMORROW SM7 Today On Firm . 6:00 Today Garroway 8:00 Little Rascals B:30 Homper floom •9;00 Ding Dong School 9:30 Search For Beauty 10:00 Home 11:00 Tennessee Ernie • 11:30 Feather Your Nest 12:00 Playhouse 1:00 Afternoon 2:00 Ted Mack 2:30 Payi To Be Minted - 3:00 Way of World 3:15 First Love 3:30 World of Sjvteney 3:45 Modern Romance ' 4:00 Pinky Lee Shaw 4:30 Howdy Doody • ' STATION WMAL <W»fhU|ta», Ch»n«l 1 (Cumbertfcud, C»fcto S) TODAY '-. • 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:30 News, Weather , • 6:15 Jim Gibbons Show 6:30 Disneyland 7:30 MGM Parade ' 8:00 Masquerade Party 8:30 Penny To Million ' 9:00 Fights 10:t)0 News, Weather' 10:15 Sports 10:35 Star Theatre , TOMORROW 12:30 Cartoon Concert 1:00 Ladies Home Theatre 2:30 Quiz Club 3:00 Studio 7. 3:30 Clown Corner 4:00 Town and Country . ITATtON WSTA EOftrritonkurc, Channel I) TODAY 5:00 Western Trail* 1:00 Documentary' Theilti 6:15 Newt, Sport* 6:1! MtrktU. Weather 6:30 Film Playhouse 7tOO Godfrey. Frirnds 7:30 Bums and Allen 8:00 Climax 9:00 Boxing 9i« The Playhouse ;0i45 Nrws, Weather ;0:55 Battbal! Scoreboard TOMOKROW 10:45 Film Theatre IHIS 1-ove of Life 1:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light i2:00 Film Plaj-bou« [2:30 Welcome Traveler! 1:00 Mode Matinee 2:00 I'layhouse 3 3;00 Brighter Dar .3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Pinky Lee Show 4:30 Howdy Doody •TATIO* WTTO tCDMbtrl.nrf Cmb], 5) TODAY. 1:00 Lane Seinon 6:00 Hoppity Skipplty .6:45 Looney Tunes 7:00 News, Weather . 7:15 Left Go FisbJnf 7:30 The Lone Woll 8:00 Million Dollar .Movit 9:30 The Story Teller ' 10:00 Mark Saber 10:30 The Hunter 11:00 Matthew Warren 11:10 Fcaturama TOMOKROW 9:05 Morning Hymn . 9:10 Serial Theater 9:30 Looney Tuues 10:00 Academy Theater 11:45 Era Wesbnorc 12:00 Two In a Row 1:00 Adventure 2:00 ladles Be Sented 3:30 1U rime To Eat 3:40 Serial Theatre 4:00 Gene Autry STATION WJAO (Johnilowu, Cbtnavl f) TOOAT 3:00 Sports Page 5:15 World News 3:30 Ozzlc and Harriet 6:00 Four Star Playhouse 6:30 Eddie Fisher , 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Screen Playhouse 7:30 Playhouse of Stan 8:W TV Theatre 9:00 This Is Your Life 9:30 Midwest-Hayride ' 10:00 Sport* Time 10:15 I'ltl Theatre STATION WTO*, (Wftiblagtaa, CkMH^I I • ' (Cumberland c.b)» t) tODAT 5:00 Ranie Rld«r 5:30 SpoUlght • . 5:45 Edwards Newi 6:00 Kamar Of Jungle - fi:30 Brave Eacle 7:00 Arthur Godfrey 8:00 The Millionaire 8:30 I've Got A Secret 9:00 20th Century'Show- 10:00 Mr. and Mrs. Xorth lg?»3 Stories-Oi- Centun- 31:00 The 11 Hcport 11:15 Patti Paj?e 11:30 The Late Show , TOMORBOW 6:55 Morning Meditations 7:00 Billy Johnson Show 8:00 Donna invitation 8:30 Mark Evans . 9:00 Garry Moore Show 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Valiant Lady 11:15 Love Of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding IJjrht 12:00 Jack Paar Show 12:30 Welcome Traveler! 1:00 Robert Q. Lewis 1:30 House Party 3:00 Bis Payoll 2:30 Bob Crosby 3:00 Brighter I>HJ 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On. Your Account 4:00 Pick Temple Ranch STATION irrmo T0110RBOW 6:00 Today GBiroway 8-.30 Carry Moor* Show D:00 Dins Done School 9:30 Search For Beauty , 10:00 Brighter Day ' Cbiue! <l 10:30 Strike It Rich (CnraierlaBd C«bl« 4> H:00 Trnneisee Ernie 11:30 Feather Your Nest 12;OQ Jack Parr Show 12:30 Welcome Traveler* 1:00 Lucky Calendar 1:15 Fan To Reduce 1:30 House Party 1:45 .Movie Quick Quiz . 2:00 Ted Mack 2:30 Bob Crosby 3:00 Date With Life 3:1S Melodies 3:30 Sweeney's World 3:45 Modern Romances 4:00 Wild Bill Hickok 4:30 Howdj" Doody STATION WRO TODAT 5:00 Fooillght Then'tr* 5:4S Weather, Neu-i 5:55 Sports 6:00 Uttlc Hascali 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 Newj Caravan 7:00 Screen Playhouse 7:30 Father Knowi Best 8:00 TV Theatre 9;W This V* Your Uta 9;30 .\Hdweit Hayride 10:00 Newi 10:15 WeaUier, SporU 5:00 News 5:15 Kddie Fisher 5:30 Western Marshal 6:00 Sports Xewi , 6:15 John Daly News '6-30 D'oneyland • '• 7:30 MGM Parade 8:00 The Millionaire 8:30 Penny To Million 9:00 Fights . " 10:00 News, Weather 10:20 The Lat* Show TO310RHOW 8:00 Western Theatri 9:00 Harmony Tim* 9:15 Serial Theatre 10:00 Flynn's Inn H:00 Tennessee Ernl« 11:30 News . . 11:45 Farm Program 12:00 Jack Paar Show 12:30 Movie Matinee 2:00 Ted Mack Show 2:30 Pays To Be Married 3:00 Stars On Parade 3:30 Serial Theatre 4:00 Mickey Mouse Club Places and People Answer to Praviout Putil» ACROSS t -The Folks at Home" 4.—, Nex-ada 8 Stalk 12 Falsehood 13 Always 14 Parasites 15 Permit DOWN 1 Spanish jar 2 Falsified 3 Decide 4 Pay 5 Level 6 Sea nymph 7 Mineral rock 8 Slip 9 Small monkey 10 Resound RADIO SALEScCSERVICE ~f«.'£ VISION-KADlOS- APPLIANCES' , : SA(.tS".$tRVICE"£ATlSfACTION 1OI VIRGIN i A a* ..CUMBLRLAHD MD George and Owen 18 Purine base 20 Spanish farewell 21 Decay 22 Arrow poison 24 Brazilian gentleman 26 He lived in Ihe Garden of Eden 27 Plant 30 Each, 32 Dedicated 3* Critic 35 Beast 36 Compass point 37 Small stream 39 Bovine male 40 Bewildered 41 Babylonian god . - • ' 42 Ocean swell . 45 Allot proportionally 49 Abundant 51 Sailor 52 Arrow poison 53 Bare 54 High priest I'55 Small children SdM>U drinks 57Oriental coin. 17 Guardian spirit . . 19 Smelling organs 23 Marine 24 Freshwater fish 25 Unclosed 26 Eagle's nest 27 Feigns 28 Egg-shaped 29 Healthy 3t Girdle 33 Roman river 38 Several babies SO Woman's 40 Girl's name name 41 Tree'trunks 42 Expectorate 43 Arm bone 44 Jointed grass 46 Impolite 47.Story ' 48 "Emerald Isle' -I 31- 10 NTH 1 CMOVOM BELOW TH' TWJL. ABOUT FIFTY BEMUP smtef. *(SHN. ACJ5065 THECWVOiTWT BLAZES, KOVC6 ANP • HI* SISTER CMTTKVERy. MUCH FAftTHK &LM> ON ROY OS'* CLOTHS* NEW HE PUW465TDTX' BOTTOM i MtOUMDHTLRW, AtCTHEWCTlMS PKKTWKUW. '-ANDNOW FOR THE 64-MILLION DCUA* ; QUESTION/'.''- WHAT UNOBWIA* ISfiCN wuMoose ANSWERED THEKX> -MO NQH, ff/OF£SSOK CC/£^Crty W.&WW.1 QUKSPOH9OR.T- TO WfM 6+ HILUOH AH, HELLO, SI? tEASAMT IS IT NOT BUWT MAVGETSTOEMX EASY, LANKY. PONT PANIC sonny, BUDDY. MoBooy THEY MUST HAVE FOUND OUT HE WAS NOT ME.NJUNZIO B^CCI (ALLCWEP BftCK&Tf&E. \ i COMS VC. MOT ASffii&lS. CUBT(»IN CW.L, AMP IT VVA5 5tPEBB-.,, , 5TIUL,HE P65EBVEP Pi CURTAINl THERE& BE6W A MUR-J TO TELL HB.ftWS BEAUTIFULLY/ 1 Wt& YEfETOXH& 1Q TAE f\«t VeeLftVt>?>' WAVOAXOM WTO WUi TttKV, 0V CJOUV.SE! BMT 1 OXOViT VE.NM TVE. JO.L EXPLAIN YOUR PACT IN THIS .AFFAIR DUEiNQ OUR JOURNEY, LADS SWITCH TO CIVILIAN CLOTHES, V* CAW TRY— ITS TWE TYPE OF'APVEUTUUE: TIM TYL-EE AND HIS BUDCTY SPUD LIKE / _.JF WE PLANTED A COUPLE Or VOUE MSM IN MILL JOBS, THEV MIGHT LEAJJU WHO THE CULPRITS T WE HAD ORTHY CREWS, LOSSES ARE STAGGEEINS / WITH SCOTT AT ONCE -: •>Ol! SUSPECT SOUS OF YOUR 3WNMENMAV BE SES33NSIBLE FC«THE LOSS OF THE VALUABLE TIMBEB5 Z NOT ENTIRELY, MY DEAR. IT'S PARTLY UP TO YOU. I WOULDN'T HAVE THE HEA2T TO P20SKUTE I'VE TOLD Y3U WHAT \ IT'S B==M A 6KSA- SKOCH TO ME TOO, JOAN. PERHAF5 ~ . AT THE ,^^Q^^SMT ITS ALL I KNOW *K)UT .THIS CAS5 , . YOU'D BcTTEa 6~ TH= STOKY FZOVl AW WRBY THE PETECTIVE... 50ICXLY AS I COULD, 6ISSLES. I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU AS FAR AS I CAN SEE THERE'S ONLY ONE THIN<3 WtoNS- BEST SCHOOL IM THE" STATE— BEST ORGANIZED—BEST FACULTY SiT DOWI4.LARD. NOW I Y*KT YOU TO BE BEAL. FEAMK WITH ME—WHAT ISWEONO HERE AT SCHOOL? METHODS — BEST EQUIPAAEMT" 10-11 Ceft. 19SI fcy KEA Stnlef. Infl. I. M. R«. V.I. Pit Off. SAMPSOU: WEOMcv AUO SRIN6MWII WELL, LET'S £EE,YEAH..V SO SEE MUST BE S WHAT HE SOMEONE OF\ WANTS. IMPORTANCE.' NOBODY I B/ER SAW.. BUT'HE WHO'S OT Y OBOVE UP IN THE DOOR? 1.:"A.PRETTY SNAZZY WAGON! HAVE r THE HONOR OF. ADDRESSING DR. ELBERT WOMMUG? IVH6N WE WENT TO CHINA IN 1949 TO BOUT THE REW W£ HAP NO .YMUTAIW STATUS! HE B A CIVILIAN - Nor ENTTTLEP 1C V.A BENE stir CCULPNT m C-O TO A VETECAN .HOSPITAL;.? BUT V\HEN THIS AWN WAS RELEASED BV THE CHINESE RSO5.AND PCOVED TO BE OLSON, YE«,T«ecoUICT4CALLE LEyroN OLSON L&3ALLY PEAJ5 FROM THE TESTWONY OF «rrNE5«E5 ^NIIO SAW A PILOT EE5EMBL.INS K BoINO BUZIEI7 BtHINPTOt ' NOT WANT HIV..TO en UP IN A OIAKITY ' " MOSPITAU...

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