Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 19, 1955 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1955
Page 16
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SIXTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBEULAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for » WANT AD ftkttj ORDINANCE No. 2003 or TIU?<, 'MAYOR -. . AND , CITY COUNCIL OF -CUMBER. ' MARYLAND. ENTITLED, "AN ' . »'" ORDINANCE TO 'PROVIDE FOR THE ^ISSUANCE -AND- SALE or SERIAL . ^.COUPON BONDS IN THE AMOUNT OF -V SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOU- ""flBAND DOLLARS- (1750.000.00), TO BEAK ""INTEREST TO BE KJXED BY THE f SUCCESSFUL . B 1 D D E Ri 1'AYADLU .> SEM1-ANNUALIA'. AND TO RE KNOWN * AS 'WATER IMPROVEMENT BONDS OF 1955'. ISSUED PURSUANT TO. THE ' AUTHORITY CONTAINED- IN SUBSEC- "^JTION (rt) OF SECTION 11 -OF THE 'i- 'CHARTER OF THE MAYOR AND CITY '* COUNCIL OF CUMBERLAND; AS 1'RO- •1-V1DED BY CHARTER AMENDMENT •^''RESOLUTION NO. 2 OF THE CHARTER * -OF THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL '—OF CUMBERLAND, MABYLAND, EF'-• 'FECTIVE AUGUST 31. 1955, AND PROVIDING HEREIN FOR THE FORM, 1 — TENOR.' DENOMINATION, MATURITY 'DATES AND OTHER PROVISIONS OF ''••-'SAID BONDS; PROVIDING FOR. THE * SALE OF SAID BONDS TO THE HIGH-1ST COMPETITIVE BIDDER AT PUB"TIC SALE ON THE BASIS OF THE ••"•MOWEST INTEREST COST TO SAID »*'*IAYOR AND. CITY COUNCIL OF CUM- ^•fcERLANDi PROVIDING FOR THE EX** TEND1TURE OF THE PROCEEDS OF ""SALE OF SAID BONDS; AND HEQUIK- **- >J ING THE MAYOR AND CITY' COUNCIL W * : T)F CUMBERLAND TO CHARGE AND COLLECT FOH THE WATER SUPPLIED TO THE RESIDENTS OF THE CITY OF CUMBERLAND AND VJCIN- -Y • A SUM SUFFICIENT TO PAY THE ~CPEXSES HERETOFORE AND HEREAFTER NECESSARY FOR THE OPEH- AT10N OF' THE WATER SYSTEM OF ^CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, AND •TO " PAY FOR THE REDEMPTION' OF THE !!I50NDS NOW OUTSTANDING AGAINST '•• THE CITY OF CUMBERLAND FOR '•'"'.WATER IMPROVEMENTS. AND THIS -•BOND ISSUE. AND THE INTEREST ON V ;XLL THE BONDED INDEBTEDNESS I ^OF THE CITY OF- CUMBERLAND. 1 "PERTAINING TO, THE • WATKR ST.S- '- ;M OF SAID CITY; PROVIDING _ Alt *.*tW **•*••» «Mlfc enor and efltct except M to r«tei, num tnn.'-milurtUei and Lnttreit. 'Said bondi rt numbered, coniecutlvely from No, M (D l» No, Seven Hundred and Kifty 750); both numbers Incluilve, • and ma- ura , In the order ot tfceir consecutive In varylns installment! over a crlod of nineteen (19) year*, bcfilnnlnc •Uti the year 1963 and Including the year 974, on October 1st ol each of <ucti cars, bonds numbered from one <1> to wrnty (30) Inclusive, maturing In 1062; 9onds numbered twenty-one (3D to ftfU 50) inclusive, maturing in 1S63; bondi umbered fifty-one (SI) to one'hundred 100) Inclusive, malurinK in 1964; bonds lumbered one hundred and one (101) to ne hundred and./Iffy (150) -inclusive, lahiring In 1965; bonds numbered one undrcd and fifty-one (ISO (o two hun- wd (200) Inclusive, jnaturinf in J9G6; jonds numbered two hundred and one 201) to two hundred and fifty (230) la- lusive, maturing, in 1967; bonds nuin- cred two hundred and fifty-one (231) to hrcc hundred (300) Inclusive, maturing n 1968; bonds numbered three hundred nd one (301) to three hundred and fifty 350) inclusive, maturing In 1969J bonds umbered thrci hundred and fifty-one 351) to four hundred (400) inclusive, ma- uring in J970; bonds'numbered four hun red and one (401) to iour hundred and fly (4SO) inclusive; maturing In 1971; onds numbered four hundred and fifty- ne (451) to five hundred and fifty (550) nclusive, maturing in 1972; bonds nuni- trod five, hundred and fifty-one (551) to hundred and fifty (650) inclusive, ma- u .,ng in 1973; and bonds numbered six undred and fitly-one 'l6UVto seven hun- reri nnd fifty (750) inclusive, maturinc. i 197-1. ' • • ... . : . Said bonds are issued under authority J. ordinance No: ...,.:.of the Mayor and ity Council of Cumberland, Maryland, a municipal corporation, adopted Seplem- 1955; the authority of said i •»• ; "'THAT IP THE HSCEIPTS FROM THE •*;".WATER. DEPARTMENT SHALL BE *£ES5 THAN THE EXPENSES HER " r , FORK MENTIONED'IN ANY YEAR OB i YEARS. THE MAYOR AND CITY 1 \COUNCIT, OF CUMBERLAND -SHALL ' J^EVY FROM TIME TQ .TIME SUCH AMOUNT ON THE ASSESSABLE PROP; 'RTY OF THE CITY AS MAY BE ECESSARY TO PAY THE BONDS UED HEREUNDER, AND THE IN- REST THEREOF. PROVIDED HOWER, THAT IN CASE OF A PLMC1T THE WATER DEPARTMENT IN Y YEAR, THE ..WATER RATES BE INCREASED FOR THE SUCCEEDING .YEAR SUFFICIENT TO. PAY ^OFF SUCH-DEFICIT; AND PROVIDING !T FURTHER THAT SAID BONDS MAY d;*E^ ISSUED AT 'ANY TIME AFTER , (50) DAYS FROM THE PASSAGE OF . THIS ORDINANCE, BUT NOT LATER . THAN FOUR (4) YEARS FROM THE " DATE OF ITS PASSAGE, SUBJECT TO ' . SUBSECTION (d) OF SECTION 82 OF iTHE CHARTER OF THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF . - ; CUMBERLAND." ' : . WHEREAS, by virtue of Article 1I-E of • i the Constitution of the State of Maryland. • "approved by the voter- «E .this State at • . "the General.'Election held on November : 2, 1954 nnd by Implementing legislation : cnacle'd by Chapter 123 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, ol 1955, .V which said Act added Sections 9 to 43 to Article 23A of the Annotated Code -' Marvltnd, title "Municipal .Corporation bublitle "Home Rule." tht.v»riou 5 municipalities of the State ol Maryland, other than Baltimore City, were gi , the power and authority to amend their own city charters; and . WHEREAS, pursuant to_ thj Lbly aforesaid authority,' the '-Mayor .and City Council nf Cumberland, Maryland, by Charter Amendment Resolution No. 3, passed on the llth day ot July, 1955, and which raid-Charter Amendment became effective on the 31st day of August. l»a, tbe Mayor and City Council of Cumberland amended its City Charter by. enacting a new subsection (d) o£ Section 82 of said City Charter, Riving authortly for and providing the procedure to be followed in the Issuance of Water Department Bonds . and this Ordinance is being passed in - pursuance of said authority and In ac- eorrtnnco with U» procedure to cfitab- , : ijlshed. • '• - - '' , • >, NOW THEREFORE: ' >"•> 'SECTION 1. BE .IT-SO ORPAINED • BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL ' -OF CUMBERLAND, That pursuant to the authority conferrt'd upon it by subsection fd) ef Section 82 of the Charter of the : City ol Cumberland, Maryland, laid ' * Mayor and City Council shall issue, at any time after fifty (50) days from the """•passage of this Ordinance but not later than four (4) years from the dale 01 its "" "passage. Its ncE° liR ble coupon eerial ''bonds in the amount of Seven Hundred " .and Fifty Thousand Dollars (S750.000.00), rind sell the same, and use Ihc proceeds .'.^hereof (or the purpose of paying any expenses of any kind incurred by H in ''connection with the construction of i „ water pipe line and connrcilon* thereti yfrom the City of Cumberland lo Ihi .^vicinity of the Pittsburgh Plate Class 'Jtompany Plant, near North Branch In ,7J>felrIct No. 16. Alleitany County, Mnry- jand. and to use the remainder thereof (or expenses of any kind incurred by it |n the repair, rehabilitation and jion of Its water plant facilities jiear Lake Gordon. Bedford County, Tenn- A . vjylvanla, and for no other purpose or ,j .purposes. Said bonds shall be of Ihe de-'• nomination of One, Thousand Dollan en- (tl.OOO.DO) each and bearing the numbers •»«rfnd hiving the maturities as hereinafter act forth; said bonds shall be signed with , , barter Amendment was made pursuant Vlhe authority given to Uie- municipal!- es of the Stale of Maryland, with the xreption of Baltimore City, by Article 1-E of the. Constitution of the : State of larylsnd approved by the voters of the tale. of Maryland at the general election eld on November 2, 1954, and'by hnple- ienting'> Legislation enacted by Ghapler 23 of the Acts of the General Assei " £ Maryland of 1955. Said bonds sued for the purpose -of. first paying ny expenses of- any kind incurred by the layer and City Council of Cumberland lacyland. in connection- with the • con- ruction oi a water pipe line ^I\d con •ctions thereto from the City of Cum jrland to the 1 vicinity of the Pittsburgh late' Glass Company, near. North Branch n District 16 of Allegany County, Mary and and the uee of the remaining pro eeds from the sale of *aid bonds for ex enses of any kind Incurred by the Mayor nii City Council ot Cumberland. Mary and, in the-repair, rehabilitation and ex ansion. of its water plant facilities at or ear Lake Gordon, Bedford County, Penn ylvania,^ and "for no other purpose or urposfcs.' ' > • Said Ordinance Ni nd City Council of Cumberland author zei ' the 'Mayor' and City Council to harge and collect for the water supplied o the residents of the City of. Cumber and and vicinity, a sum-sufficient to pay ie" expenses heretofore and hereafte: ecessnry for th« operation of. the watci ystcm. of Cumberland, Maryland, and lo ay the principal ot and interest on the onds. of the Cily ol Cumberland, now utstjmdintf. pertaining to' the water «ys- em of aatd City and this bond issue,' as he same fall due; and the money so hargcd and collected shall be kept and lalntaincd in a fund separate; it being ie Intention of this Act to enable the layor and City Council of Cumberlam the facsimile signature of the Mayo the City of Cumberland and attested by the manual signature of the City Clerk, , . with a facsimile of the Corporate Seal i . ai the City, and shall be dated October , t 1, 1955, and bear Interest from said date , v »t a rate lo be fixed by the successful bidder, but not in excess of four per- BY, t ™—crnlum I4 f !) per annum, payable in i i ,equal semi-annual inslallmcnts on the 1st r- .day of April, and the 1st day of Oclobei i -tn thr year 1936 and In each and ever k ivear Ihcrcafter. as evidenced by coupons —. .thernfor attached to said bonds bearing . Llhp facsimile signature of the Mayor of • -^ . the' City. The issue of bonds hereby ;.«*•_•«( hnriicri shall con.sif-l of:. **•**«» Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand n*.w Dollars ($750,000.00) Water Improve- •ww* ment Bonds of 1955. numbered con<*/*• (ecutively from No. 1 lo No. 750, bolh )i«awi numbers Inclusive, and maluring In . ^-f, the order of their consecutive num- <?. hers in varying ""rial installments — v befiinnins with the year 19G2 anil in- iu> eluding Ihc year 1974, on October 1st HV of each o( such years, twenty (20) of N* laid bonds maturing in the year 1962; "ivi thirty (30) of said bonds maturing In •iv the year 1963; fifty (50) of said bonds *-s maturing in each of the years lS« lo OS 1971, inclusive; one hundred (100) of • "i-* aafd bonds maturing in the year 1972, •;•• 1973 and 197-1. inclusive, all issued as *f aforesaid pursuant to the authority of *« *ubKrction (d) of Section 82 of the ' -<i Charter ol the City of Cumberland, " •*"• Maryland. " '-' SECTION 2. AND BE IT FURTHER • *QRBA!NED, That the form of said Bonds —''--Md the coupons thereto attached snair •' * 'b« substantially x* follows: * (Back of R™.d) UNITED STATES OK AMERICA STATE OF MABY1,AXD : CITY OF CUMBERLAND •''" WATER IMPROVEMENT BONDS OF 1055 * DATED OCTOBER I, 19S5 ' ' NO . .'•' Principal Due 13 Interest Payable ' •• and Principal and Interest Payable at the Office of Ihe ' "- • Treasarer of the City of Cumberland -*'.'-• Cumberland, Maryland UNITED STATES OF AMERICA • '' " STATE OK MARYLAND CITY OF CUMBERLAND WATER IMPHOVE;MENT BONDS 1 . OF 195.") DATED OCTOBER 1. 1955 NO. . tI.OOQ.fl ' KNOW A1J. MKN BV THKSE PRES : KN'IS; -That t!-,e Mayor'and City Counc nf C\i nb?rlaiid. a municipal corporalio ' -. ofg.rii/rd nnd c.\>tinE under the laws o "'• th- State (if Mai.vliind, hereby acknowl fdifi. Itself Indebted, for value received ! and n'romliTH to pay to the bearer hcreo on thr day.of . . ......... . 19 • ' tlift Mm nf One Thousand hollars ($1 OfiO.OOl will) interest ihercon at tlic )at * of pCTcrntum * . . , ^) por.anmur r-payable ncmi-annually on the .... day o and the . day ftf .... ... <•. •'• Jn e:ich *nd eveiysfafiiniil ihe-mMin-U -•- "."hereof, upon presentation and turrenrie • .. of the respective coupons hereto Mfnche • '' •--•-« they severally tUc^op^p ,tln^ and pfj .- I'-'ublr. Both principal and Interest 01 Ihi *< ' bond arc payable In lawful money of th '•• ''"' Unltrd Stntci of America at'the office o '•'••*' the Treasurer of- Uio City, of Cumberland •'"' ; -'in Ihe Cumberland, AIIo ' >«ny County, Maryland. — • ' '• i one of. «n IHIIII v U«n<lre,rt and Kitty hniwls, each of the pa i el fcktd hondt tn accordance wit Interest coupon! attached l,ook In the section in . which your rthdny comes and find what your out- ook Is, according to Hie stars, Kor Thuridar, October M- 1W5 MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 '(Aries) — Plan a»d 'study your dny'j schedule be- ore acting. You can Achieve jnorc in a isht -hearted manner than 'you tan by trades, Induilry, art strongly favored. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)— Auspicious influences for sound business, work and money interests -but do not be careless in legal matters. Seek sound advice if ' necessary. He progressive, creative. Have fattli in YOU. MAY 21 to JUNK -21 (Gemini)— I ficnious Ideas, promotions, skilled manual labor favored now. A good period or trying out new inventions, machinery, JUNE 22 lo JULY 23 (Cancer)-Build- nj, General merchandising, construction^ tandlinc machinery, tools, mining, work- ng with lumber and paper pmonc • the na'ny matters highly favored now. Be up and doing. ' ' . . • •JULY 24 W AUGUST 22 (Leo)—An mpressivc outlook. You may nol ac* quire ALL thai you seek but you will net-real gaini if you put forth your best efforts. Labor and artistic interests .-honored. - ' AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Vieto)—Animation and a spirited interest n jour day's duties • will quicken • re- urns, give you'more time'for rest or layor and City Council of Cumberland, in the amount Check on i responsible banking institution laryland, to pass said 1 Ordinance No. being given to said Mayor and City ouncil of Cumberland, Maryland, .by ubsection (d) of Section 82 of. the Char- cr of the City of Cumberland, Maryland b provided by Charter Amendment Keso- ution No. 2 of the Mayor and City Coun- Seven Hundred 750.00). payable to the Mayor and City Council-of Cumberland, SECTION 4. AND'BE IT-FURTHER ORDAINED, That upon the receipt of the noceeds from the bale 'of Commissioner. of ' Finani ;aid bonds, the ........ ,. _ ..... ____ „-- . _________________ - and Revenue, 1 of Cumberland, Maryland, which «aid in his capacity as City Treasurer, shall J ------- "-- ----- •- "-- "•— " ---- ' ..... ater supply at salt e ilierefrom shall be sed to defray the heretofore or hereafter so operate (he lity that the re xpenses connected therewith, provided 1 rcceipti from the Water Dcpartmcn ill be less -than the expenses in an> r or years, the Mayor and City Coun il shall levy from tirf '- ------ iunt on the assessable property of the "Ity as may be neces! onds issued hcrcunder. ary to pay tho u ., u , - and the intercs lereon. provided, thowevir, that the •ater rates shall be Increased for thf ucceeding year sufficient to pay off such These bonds are .exempt from Stale ounly and Municipal taxation In the tale ol Maryland, and the full faith ant r umbcrland is hereby Irrevocably pledged ir the me and of the payment of the tercel to accnic thi ach and every act. condition and thing cnutred lo exist, to be done, appencd and to bc'pcrfonncd, precedcn o'and In the Issuance of this bond, does xlst, has been done, has happened Your lloro»r«pe bdns Mechanical and for Investigating latest enls; also for aeronautics.- ot Eighteen Thousand and Fifty Dollars (Sir repair., re- if Us water deposit the same In the .City Depository or Depositories of Cumberland, and said proceeds shall be used for the purpose of mying any expenses of any kind incur•ed by said City in the issuance of said bonds 'and in connection 'with the construction of 'a water pipe line and connections thereto from the City 61. Cumberland to the. vicinity of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Plant, near North Branch in^ District 16, Alleuany County, Maryland, and the remainder 'shall be used for paying the'expenses of any. kind incurred by said City in tin labllRation and expansion . plant facffities'-at. or near Lake Gordon Bedford County* Pennsylvania, and for no other purpose..or purposes. SECTION 5. AND" BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, That the Mayor and City Council shall charge and collect for the wnter supplied to the residents of- the City of Cumberland and vicinity, a sur Bufticient to pay the expenses herctafur and hereafter necessary for the operatic of the water "system of Cumberland, Maryland, and to pay the principal of and interest on the -bonds of the City of Cumberland, now outstanding, pertaining to the water system of taid C i( J'' and this bond issue, as the same fall due; and the money so charRed and collector kept and maintained in a fund separate. It being the intention- ol this Ordinance to enable the Mayor and Citj Council of Cumberland to so operate the Water Department of said City that the ivenue therefrom shall be used to de- ay tho heretofore or hereafter expenses connected therewith, including Interest and princlpal'on Water Department bonds provided, if the receipts from the W Depnrtment shall be leas than the ' dlvcnion. Study, teaching, wrltini favor- d. - - * .• - ' SEPTEMBER 24 lo OCTOBER 23 (Libra)—Similar Indications to. 1 Taurus'now. He. as .mindful of imall but essential details as of bigger item*. Bolh'iirc necessary lo Ihc completion of n ject. Help keep it a OCT011BH 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio)—Be well.. Informed If making investments, entering new buslnes, partnerships. Extra 'study beforehand .can save money, headaches later. You should make good headway now, NOVEMBER 23 ti) DECEMBER 22 (Sagittarius) — Neither a sluggish attitude nor too much force wise. Steady, smart application all day Mill net good remits, perhaps, unexpected gains. A good day on the whole.' ' • ' ' DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—Friendly Sun, Jupiter and Moon days should encourage your best efforts, intelligent management. Financial. and jccupatlonal matters favored. Try new ideas of value. • ., • JANUARY . 22 (o FEBRUARY 20 (Aquarius)—Excellent cspc-cts for home, family affairs; for adding artistic skill : to whatever you arc doing. Added stimulus for financial gain in business, real cslatc, merchandising, • ' ' ' \i FEBRUARY 21 lo MARCH 20 (Pisces) II —Your elicits may cjciond profitably be-jl yond your own .particular field today. I It often pays to branch out—wisely. ' II YOU BORN TODAY arc suited to the I Intellectual' professions, can gather I no\vledge quickly, know how lo use it I dvahlagcously. You may have lo curb I tendency toward harshness, wanting f our way too often. Cultivate your I alcnls, have tolerance for Ihose less I right "and Spirilcd. You can atlaln un- j| sual success in any field you parUcii- rly like and for whiyh you arc trained, ut you must practice consistency of ef- I rl. Pray for guidance, inner content- [ nont. Birlhdale:-Sir Christopher Wren.j iienUsl-architeCl: 'John Dewey, Are illoiopher. /_' tights To Be Used Ihlersection 'A warning light will be used at he inlersectioR of • Frederick and Dccatur Streets, according'.to."Lt Raymond R.: Johpsoh of .the, police traffic department^'"' . -, The -light, used .by the East Side firemen .. when they reported, tc tires inlhe section, will be used as a safety' measure at the busy intersection. ' • . v Lt: Johnson; said the flashing light will be in use 24'hours a day in an effort to cut down oh traffic mishaps.' lie pointed out "thai signs,have been placed in the immediate area as well as the blinker light.' India produced 70 to 80 per.cent of the world's .supply of mica— about 54i888,000 "pounds a year. ar or years., the Mayor shall levy from time to on the assessable prop- ay be necessary to pcnses In any yc and 'City Council time such.amouni erty nf the City! say the bonds issued hei interest thereon, provided, however, that in any year In which : Water Department, the. water rales hall bu Increased for the next succeed ing year sufficient (o pay off such deficit, iiiyumu Nothing in thii Ordinanet shall he time such taken as limiting or diminishing in any manner the security to which said bonds or coupons are- for- my reason cntlt under said subsection (d) of Section of the Charter of the Mayor Council of Cumberland, 'and thi ance shall constitute a contract upon the part of the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland f with the holders of said bond* for the payment of the same in Ti iccordancc and when the same shall be payable. SECTION fi. , AND'BE. IT FURTHER recited that ORDAINED, That this Ordinance shall be published once a week for at least four (4) successive weeks in one or more dally newspapers'in the Cily it CumbftV- land, pursuant to subsection (d) of Sec- lion 82 of the Charter of the Mayoi as been performed in full, and stric ompliance with thf Constitution and of the State of Maryland, ?nd the rders and ordinances of the Mayor ant ity Council of Cumberland, and that the sjue of bonds, of which this Is one, to ether with all other Indebtedness nf the layor and City Council of Cumberland s within every debt and other limit pre cribed by Ihe Constitution and Laws o his State. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, The Mayor nd • City Council of Cumberland has lused this b,ond to be tinned with the cslmlle slRnaturc of th« Mayor of said City and lo be attested by the manual Ignature of the Cily Clerk, with a lac- imile of Us corporate seal, and the oupons attached hereto lo be signed with he facsimile signature of the Mayor, all s ot the., .day of 19 MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF CUMBERLAND: City Council of Cumberland, Ma SECTION 7. take .effect from the dale of its passage. Passed this 19th day of September, 1955. /B/ ROY W. EVES, Mayor Allest: Itl WALLACE G. ULLERY, City Clerk —Adv. Sept T-28 Oct 5-12-19 MAYOR ATTEST: CITY'CLE'iik" (Form of Coupon) 40 * The Mayor and City Council nf Cum- ibrland, a municipal corporalion of the Hate of Maryland, will pay to the bran n the day of •- »•-. DoYlarHrat'ihe'b'ffice'oMne Treasurer of he City of Cumberland. Maryland, upon presentation and surrender ol this coupon, nrinjf Ihe semi-annual-interest then ^du« n its Water Improvement Bonds of 1955, Jn. , dated.. - 19,--9*. MAYOR . SECTION 3. AND BE IT FURTHER ORUAiNED, Thai, in Ihe event no refer- rnrlum It requested by the requisite imm- icr of pclltloners wilhin forty (40) day* rom the date of the passage of this Ordinance, the Commissioner of Finance md Revenue he. and he is hereby directed lo prepare and offer for sale bonds in amount of Seven Hundred and-TFifty Thousand Dollars (JTSO.OOO.M) to be Issued under this Ordinance and Vcrmwn as •Water Improvement Bonds of 1955," and he said Commissioner of Finance and Revenue shall cause advcrtlsemenl to be made and inscrlcd in two dally newspapers printed and circulated in the City if Cumberland, nol less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the sale thereof, and such further advertisement as he may deem proper. Riving nolicc thai ie will offer said bonds for sale on the I5th day of November. 1955, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. Scaled bids for the entire U&ue of said bonds will be rrrrived by Ihe Cily Clerk II the lime aforesaid and at said time shall bt opened by him upon sald'day at ten o'clock A. M., In the City Hall, Cumberland, Maryland, in Ihc pre-sence of Ihc Mayor nnd Cily Council of Cumber- and, in public meeting. No blrl for less [han par and accrued interest to dale of delivery, and no conditional bid shall .be entertained. A bid conditioned upon ap- the bidder oc of his counsel, named or unnamed, shall be deemed a conditional bid. Unless all bids are rejected, the bonds shall be awarded to the responsible bidder offering lo purchase hands at the lowest Interest cost to the Cily, Mich cosl tn be determined' by| deducting the total amount" of the. premium bid, If any, from the aggregate mount ol Interest upon all of 1he bonds ;nli| ihclr.respective malurltlcs.' If two ..r more responsible bidders have made bids, each of wiiich 'represents the lowrst inlercM cosl lo the Cily, then »uch bonds may be awarded In a ratable proportion among such bidder*. The time and plac* Cor settlement sliMl be mutually agreed upon between Ihe Cily and the «ucce«ful Kaeh" of" said bid* elial! slate Ihe amount nf money per One Hundred Dol- I«rs"6lo0.00>. whloh'th* bidder "111 pay for said bonds. Bidders shall be requested to name the Intcrfsl rule or rates, nol exceeding four percentum (4ci) P*r numj In mlilttpleY ef one-rtghlh of ROUTE 51, OlDTOWN ROAD TONIGHT ./•- HUE IIIK Triicko.r '-r ?ined For Overload,...,.'. V A Mcycrsdale, Pal, trucker yes erday v was fined $^2.75 in Tria Magistrate Court after being fount ;uiHy, of,\driving'.an .overloads :ruck, '•'••' .•Trial Magistrate J..Milton,Did jined Neville"; Shrock'after he wa arrested ' by . Richard M. • : ?oylc State Roads Commission weighih teanv.official, on'-Route 220. 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Charities lhta-y«w h IW.OWi-whlcli will bo raised In the current'Com4' muhily Chest drlv^ ' • \,-.\;.v^>M LOOK. Home Sfyje : ' • -'Cooking/'; /&''. : 'i as you'like, if/:-./' /.HOMi MADi ' '•'•• ' GET UP TO $1000 plus ... LIFE INSURANCE-NO IXTRA COST ON LOANS *30O or USS * Phone for l-tripI6art.Upon > «pprbval.' : v pick up cash. Loan custam-tailor»d to"/your heedi. Plus, your HO iniurid .it'•:• no extra cost on loani 5300 or Itii!f PhonPi come in today! Loam up, to $1000' ~ '"•: • • ' ••••'.-' '••- •'( Cumberland "' .' ' • ..•"••':•••"• -^ NTRANCE SO. CENTRE ST. (Tiki illvator to 2nd FJ.) CUMBERLAND 2nd Fl., Rooms 202-2«4 • LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDfi. PKone: PA-2-0721 \AskfortheYESMANager OPEN iVENINOS BY APPOINTMENT—PHONE ;FOR EVENINO MlSUM '. ' lootii. mod* *o «tid«n(i of «U tuirQunding townt . .-:..'•": CRYSTAL ID R I V E " I M CUMSRuANP.MO 'life jftt frieindly ...stranger/ 1 JANE RUSSELL pcrcentum (Ifc ol *nrt , must specify In hi* hid tlie r*tc for the bandi of.och.ninturlly, Bidders mny nmno n dllfcrent rule of Interest (or each' maturity.- but' ill bonds of'imy'one maturity mukl heir Intcreil *l the wme rntc. t The Maynr und City Council Prlunrt ihall nnd- (loci htr«b the rlthl to reject iny «nd nil In ttit *vtnt of ouch reaction It'tlutt re- Advertise for fuHher htrii by Rlvlnx ten (13) <l«y*' "Mice thereof x* nforcinlri, [roni time to lima; until iM<t bondt *rc t Cum- tcinrvc All bid, thill In ctrllflerf, Trciiurcr'i iccompanlrd by Caihlor'i RANDOLPH SCOn Irving Millenson ;•?*?*•.*?**• *r*r** HAVING A PARTY? ' ^Private Rooms LAST 2 DAYS for any lize PARTY Banquets of any lize, Wedding Receptions, Cocktail Partiei, etc. Inquire at ... itk SCOTT BRADY • fORRSSi TUCKER • ANPt Plu* OF THE BIGGEST; MOST SPECTACULAR HITS EVER SHOWN ON ONE PROGRAM! JOHN WAYNE SAIL RUSSELL ROSALIND RUSSELL FERNANDO LAMAS Ft. Cumberland Hotel Dining Room-Coftee Shop PARK YOUR CAR FREE • AT THE CENTRAL PARKING LOT, WHEN YOU GO TO THE MARYLAND THEATRE _, MTECHNICOLO* EDDIE AltEII! 01081* D.HAVEN G/RL-ME5FS-BOYFUL ANTHONY QUINN-TECHNICOLOR ROLLER SKATING "For Health For Fun" Tiies. - Thor. . Sat. - Sun. Sot. - Sun. Afternoon OF YOUR FAVORITE ^ BIG COMEDIES PLUS A LIVE "TWEETY-BIRD" CANARY "Scandal At Scourie" HAPPIEST AND MANY OTHER PRIZES Wilh Greer Gorson ond Waller Pidgeon TOMORROW—ALL SEATS 35e COLOR .vTECHN (COLOR 3 GREAT HITS For 2 Days Only ROBERT FOSSE • KURT KASZNAR • RICHARD YOtyf • LUCY MALLOW To«l«y f » - 1 5» - 3 58 M^%w^^mffl^^fite?^m2^«iritW£;ijsa'!i»iffi 7Sc

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