Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 4, 1933 · Page 10
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 10

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1933
Page 10
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"BUT »WT» JIT AMI* DAILY TIIBUin.TJMM, AMU. IOWA. FREDAT, AUGU1T 4, 1923. FkfcUCLES AND HIS FRIENDS Freckles Is Very Interested PAOBIIVS mm^mmmm By Blower 8—P«r*on«l» •4—Bwlp WwrtwL Male AUCTION SALE SATURDAY, 2 j FOR A HUSTLER WHO KNOWS « m if/IA T i «__._!_ *w__--j_i-.i_-^ I 1*. _ , . . . .. w » *•» v ** p. m. 409 Lincoln wiy. Good piano, S piece dining suite, Ice boi. 3 burner Per/ectlon stove, gasoline stove, odd ch*ir$, otter furniture, tools, extension ladder, electric cooker, electric p,Ute and many other articles. These must be sold Snyder and Allen, auctioneers. SPECIAL NOTICE Orders for refinishing, repairing and upholstering of furniture to be finished before school commences must be turned in at once to Insure prompt delivery. Little Furniture Shop Phone 114-4!31*s M«ln ' livestock and is willing to worit, splendid opportunity. Pay weekly; home every night; need automobile. Write 2854, Ames Tribune- Times. t7—Work Wanted* FvftuU* MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE I been discharged froc positions in two weeks previous to August 1-Write to Tribune Box 2653. Important. WANTED: GENERAL HOUSE work of «]] kinds. Good, clean tfork guaranteed. Both uptown and 'fourth ward, 2Cc per hour. Call 2034. 5—AutomoMlM, Trades for Sal te Chevrolet Coach $75 ANTED: HOUSEWORK, PHONE 271-J. 41—Wanted uffiqrnm [WANTED TO BORROW: W.606. First mortgage o: Write 2656 Ames prop- ~—Mi*eeUaae<NU tor j Indian Motorcycle In excellent condition; many extras 60 miles per gallon; 75 in,' p. h. Will sacrifice. for ?19Q cash for quick sale. 1931 .1929 1929 ulde .-„_„ Coupe J928 Olds Coupe 1927 Olds i !.„__ Coach 3928 Whippet — ~-_^ Sedan 1926 Chevrolet ". _. Coach' 1925 Maxwell . Coach OPEN EVENINGS W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth—Dotffe—OltftmoblU Phope 35—Amet 414 Main St. 1926 Chrytler Coach $50 1930 Chevrolet Sedan with trunk, j ___ ??!« uCh f vro)et ?" pojcb CUCUMBERS/ALL SIZES~>ICK- 1929 Hudson . Sedan] llng onlon6 d!l , tuniatofeS( ^^ i 9 i«i? n /t! ac ", " «S U ^i toes ' apples, cabbage, cafrbts, wJ'KSB ^ZZjttS *"*• * M ' «"*• ™*™' ^ Allen Motor Cxi. K. Morgan Rhine 439 60 Ct&HT Otsj IN, ) MAKE FRECKLE5..VDU KMOW THE PLACE JI&T )THIKJ6 THROW VOUR THINGS OFF AN* I'll SEE • I CAN SCARE UP PAT FOR CLAM*.' IF I HAD A PLACE UHE THIS, I'D BE HERE ALL SUMMER BOYO»OY....THI& 16 THE PATtL GO SWIMMIN' WITH YOU...-SHE CAW SHOW YOU A THING OR TWO ABCOT fT, TOO—OH WHERE ARE. . .JUKE A PICTURE. nr- Be WITH IM Ik MIMUTE. SWIM .....WHAT 3 YOU THINK YOU WANT TO6O IKJ AKJD MEET PAt? BOY, I'M GLAD THKT GAO. CHECKED OUT,' MICK R6UR6S ME GOT A, THE 6(RL HAMK. INTTROCXXCD HIM TO UJfcCH, t*MS, AMD LIFT Among the Missing HAPPENED CVP? XT CHECK'S TABLE', ABOUT CHICK'S GIRL LEM?N TWWAU. NOT By Co wan : HANK\\NHO WAS TWAT nss cowtrv? SHE DOCKED OVTl AUD HON6>< IS (SOME* ' M—J*oi»ew tof Kent FOR SALE: GOOSE FEATHER pillows. Phone 1047-W, Produce 8efl . s Qardfns phone FOR SALE: CIDER VINEGAR. Chevrolet Dealers f'hon» 395 5fh 4 Douglas LINCOLN SEDAN Very go«d, cheap *% 31 Buick coupe, like new. '28 Durant 75 sedan, reasonable. International pickup truck, new. 'big discount, MAX DTJITCH AUTO BXOH- Pheot 1000 3*3 Ith 1933 Ford V-8 De Luxe Coupe Complete with Radio. Regular price J723.M. - Only 6000 mllw. Special this week $525.00 •29 Ferd Standard Coup-_$165.00 '29 Ferd Sport Coupe $145.08 Mathkon Motor Co. SPRAYED, HAND PICKED DUCH[ ess apples, ?1.25 bask«t. 11 BOUth Ontario. 63F3. I 94—Household Goods FOR SALE: DOUbLE BEL), VBR- N1S Martin finish, complete witj springs and mattress, all in good joondition, f 10—530 Welch Ave., i Ames. j TWO DOUBLE/ BEDS, $1.50 AND ' $3.50; springs $2.00; 9x12 rug, $1.60. S77-W. 75—j«or Sate, Miscellaneous FOR RENT: RESIDENCE. &U3 •Stanton are- Seven rooms and sunporch, breakfast room, sewing room* Downstairs bedroom. • and lavatory. Electric range. Dutch Colonial. Like new. Millard Peck. 220 ilelrose Court, Iowa City, Iowa. FOR REN f T: MOD'ERN a ROOM bungalow.. HeaUd garage. Near college. Free decorating. Rent $35 mo. Phone 1539-J. 70S NORTHWESTERN FI V E room jmodern home, newly decorated. Phone^ 719 W. FOUR" ROOM riousE -FOR RENT. With garage.-Modern. Call 565. FOR REN-T:-HOUSE, FURNISH- ed:^r uiftturnistted. MODERN 'SIX ROOM Eighth. strett g?bone. 610-W."ONE HOUSE AND TWO "FURN- isbed apartments. 1564-W. . 9»—Wanlert to Rent; RELIABLE COUPLto WANTS TO rent small house.'phjohe 1376-1. WANTED'TO RENT: MODERN bunjralo-r. Phone 2375-W." SEE THE NEW PLYMOUTH AT Cliff Roberson Garage Phon« S4 7——Auto Repairs WE FIX THEM 01; They Can't Be Fixed Morrison'* Garage 323 Ltncclnway.-'•' > friJit t>AL.t;: Kti'UKN JRAiLROAD ticket -"roni Ames "to 1 Denver.' Cheap. 1173-W. WHITE GRANITE GAS RANGE. Phone 1413-J. 76—Wanted, Misceljaneom TO BUY OR TRADE for old buildings to wreck. Write 2352 Tribune. »9—Poultry for Sale CHICKENS White Rock fries,. 20c per Ib. YoUng fat hens ...He " " Our poultry is milk fed. dressed . and drawn In a sanitary manner S1 oi Woodland farniLPbotit' 435. \ 18—Beauty Service WHITE ROCK FRi^S, MILK FED I 2% to 4 pounds. No- charge for 'dressing and delivery. Phone 371 J RINGLET CROQUIGNOLE PER- j munents 2.50 Allene's Beauty SPRING FRIES FOR SALE Sboppe. 322% !V5ain Phone 427. Dressed. Delivered. Phone .399. »8—Kanns A JLonds for gale ., SALE., QR , TRADE:.- TEN acrfc n fruit-and truck ^laiid .located in - Marion county,, Fla^ . dose to good town. Will sell reasonable or , will consider tradf.—Oliver F. KeUogg, ;913 -Duff, Ave., Airies.. FOR SALE: ONE OF THE"BE£3T 40 acre farms In Story county. Only $3,500. Lynch & Ash. Some More Funny Folks! CHICAGO : OLE)—Produce: HOGS: 20,000, including S.iOO directs. Market mostly steady • with Thursday's average 200 to 270 Ibs., $4.60@$4.70,_Top $4.70. 140 to 190 Ibg., $4.00@$4.70. Pigs $3.00 downward. Packing sows ?3.50@$4.00. Light light, 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice, $3.75@$4.50; light wt, 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice, $4.25@$4.70; medium weight, 200 to 250 Ibs., good and choice, $4.60 @-$4.70; heavy weight, 250 "to 350 Ibs,, good, and choice, $4.40<f?4.65; packing sows, 275 to 55u Ibs., medium and good $335@$4.10; slaughter pigs,' 100 to" 130 Ibs., good and choice, $3:00@?3.75. CATTLE: 1,000, calves 600. All steers and yearlings fully steady, rather active in light cleanup of market. Best ?6.S5. Light heifer and mixed yearlings steady, fairly good action at $5.00@$5.S5. Stow but generally steady on all cows. Grassy $3.00@f3.50. Cutters $1.50@$2700. Bulls and ve^lers scarce and steady. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs., good and choice $5.50@$7.25; 900 to'1100 Ibs.. good and choice $5.50 @$7.40; 1100 to 1300 Ibs'., good and choice.,-$5.5C@f!?.40i, 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good and choice ?5.75(j CHICAGO €B—Grain Range: Open High Low Close WHEAT:- • ••..." -May 106% SepL 9S% Dec. 102% CORN: May 64% Sept. Dec. OATS: May Sept. Dec. 54% 59 RYE: May Sept. Dec. . 40Vi 43%- S4£- 73% 79 1P7% 99% 10.3% 65% 55^ 60 47% 41V* 43% 84% BARLEY: May Sept. Dec. 54 59 79% 54% 59 105 97% 100% 63% 54 58% - 45% 39%42% 82% T2 • 77 53% 5S% 105 97% 100". 63% 54 58% 39% 42% 82% 72 77 -Business Service Offered 83—Kootns Without Board Furnaces Cleaned! Let. us clean your furnace co» with ouT new Sapei Suction Sys tenx Guaranieed SHiisfactlon at a low cost Phone 66i2 A. G. Speers Furnace and Tin Shop 119 E. Seventh Have Your Furnace Cleaned Now! Guaranteed work with our Super Service Vacuum Cleaner. Call 1091 for prices. Palmer Plumbing Co. Phone 1091 Upholstering Refinishing Repairing Little Furniture Shop Phone 114— 231|£ Main Plumbing — Heating and Well Work I'HONE 226 E. A. Foy jFURMSHED ROOM, 1st FLOOR. 309 Seventh. Phon. 1239. 86—Apartment*, Flats CALL 486.J Apartments and houses, close to college, clean. neat, convenient, priced right Chas Miller, 132 Haywood Ave. FURNISHED -3-ROOM APT., PRI- vate bath. Sleeping rooms board. 601 Sixth St. Phone 955. APAKTMENTb AND MOUEKN I bungalow rot rent. Little Brotb j ere. 322 -4«aL Phone 196- i FIVE ROOM MODERN APT. ALL j in one floor. Separate furnace and meters. Phone 2129. ROOM AND KITCHENETTE downstairs. Nice for" girl. 958-W ATTRACTIVE TWO ROOM APT, Reasonable. Phone 733-W. JONE ROOM 1929. APARTMENTS. CALL TWO APARTMENTS, FURNISH- ed and unfurnished, frtshly decorated, private entrance. Ideal for adults. Phone 24C3-J NEW FURNACES" Gen. furnace repair work, Furnaces vacuum cleaned. Eve trough work F. A. Gould Phone 527J 312 Main St. Phone C. E. SUCHER Paints ami Papers ( detracting '26 Carroll VOUR CAR WASHED AND DUCO polished, $!.<«» Washed, polUhcd 'hen sipionlz^rt, $300 CR!! (617 \V DESIRABLE APARTMENT. Everything furnished. 310 Lincoln way. FOR RENT: DUPLEX. FURNISH- e<l or unfurnished. Fourth ward 1752-J. TWO FURNISHED APTS. WITH garages. 93 9- W. APARTMENT, Phono 1308. PRIVATE BATH. APARTMENT: CLOSE CAMPUS RtfNT: APARTMENT. 716 S OAUHAUB to. unv COLL |READ THE WANTS $7.40; 550 to 1300 Ibs., common and medium, .iS.QO.fg'Sp.oO. Heifers. 550 to, r 750 Ibs-^good- and caeice--S4.75 @ : $6.25; common-and medium $3.75 @$6.00. Cows,- good. $4.50@$4.75: common and medium, $2.65@$3 75: 'aw .cutter and -c-jtter $1.50@$2.65. Bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) $3.75@?4.CO; cutter, common and medium $2.50@-$3 75. Vealers, good an1 choice, $5.00(5) ?6.00; medium ?3.50@.?5.00; cull and common 54.5C@$5,75. Stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, 500 to '050 Ibs., good and choice, S3.00® 54.50. ' • ' ••"•• SHEEP: 6,000. Fat lambs unevenly strong 16 25 cehtJ Higher. Throw" oijts : 50 cents up,' lightly sorted $7.50@$7.75. Choice rangers : [held above-$8.00. Slaughter sheep -and lambs: Lambs. 90 Ibs. down, good and choice S6.50@$S.OO; common and medium S3.75@$6.75. Ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and choice $1.25@S3.00: all wts.. common and medium $1.00@$2.00. I FARMERS OKI AID TO PAT MORTGAGES (Continued from Pag? One) amount, according to a 'recent statement from Washington. The maximum loan is for $5,000. The interest rate is 4 1-2 per cent for the first • five years on first mortgages identified as' federal land bank Jpans; and 5 per cent on second mortgages, identified as land bank commissioner loans. Loans can be maHe for periods up to 13 years, or If on land only for 36 years. Crtditor* Must Aid "The extent of the benefit from federal loan refinancing depends on the attitude of creditor- of encumbered lands toward a reduction in the principal amounts owing them," Mr. Schleiter'said. "The goYernmjent is-not buying farm lands, but is ready and willing to refinance those "farmers who desire to'carry on, and to assist creditors by giving them cash for their mortgages. "Within 60 days, money will begin to flow thru the middle west as loanc are completed. With the combit ed loans of the federal land bank and the land bank commissioner, many farmers will again be on a sound basis. "This refinancing program backed by the federal government will "go a long way • toward loosening depositor funds in many small closed banks in Iowa where farm mortgages comprise the principal assets." Assn. Farmed in 1918 The Union National Farm Loan association- was organized in Ames in 1918 under provision of the fed- DuP °nt 6,914 , eral farm relief. aot passed at that General Electric .... ..22%-jtime. There were 10 members, General Motors » 29 I (he minimum number required un- International Harvester 33^4 ! der the act. The members were Montgomery Ward ...... ..20% farm borrowers. 53% 58% f New York Stocks ]• /^i -" • i* ' t ••'. •• ii , Close Toqay :| NEW YORK (TIB — Following are Friday's closing -bids on the New York stock exchange: American Can V. .... American T. and T. .. .*, .. American Tobacco B. .... Anaconda ..;...,.....'". .85 .56 Atchison. T. & S. F. ..'.. . Bethlehem Steel...'. .'.'.. .'.3S.% C; & N. W. Com. .... .;.. .'.10% Chrysler .... '.'.... . Corn Products .... .. .80 The Grand Wiser Watch Out for Ooola < You will find some of the funniest people in the hew comic strip which starts in this paper nexl Monday. - they are all frbm prehistoric times. • Hie gentleman at (lie top. apparently was heart- of the ceuozolc •Drain truat"; when It cam* to vampini? cave men no one couiti cxerl "Ooola". \ "Alley Cop" PRODUCE .CHICAGO <ILE>— Produce: EGGS: Market steady unchanged; receipts 9,331 cases; extra firsts 12%@l3i4: firsts 12(gii2%: current receipts 10%@11%; dirties 9V4. BUTTER: Market weak, unchanged to lc lower: receipts 17,405 tubs; specials 21^6 @22; extras 21; extra firsts . "l9%^j)20: firsts 1S@1S%; seconds 17@17i4; standards 13%. PO'ULTRY: Market easy: re- ceipjs ' 31. trucks ; fowls 9 V4 @11 : springers 10% : ieghorns 8; ducks 7 @l,(>;.«eese 7^)9; turkeys 10@11: roosters 7: leghorn broilers 11 New York Central ........... 22 Pennsylvania R. R. .. .. •-.... 34% Sears-Roebuck ____ ....... -.35% Standard Oil of N. J. Studebaker 35 The association has continued active since, and now is finding its membership increased many times under terms of the *n€W _ i federal farm mortgage relief me'as.. U. S.,Jlubber : ...... .-17^4 j ures. Members of the local asso- D. S- S,teel ..,,, .... ..... ..51% ciation own farm lands in 10 town- Westinghouse Electric ..-.-.. 40% ] ships lying in the southeast corner of Story county, the west side of Boone county and the north side ofc Polk county. Jay Allen is president - of the association, with Mr. Schleiter as Secretary-treasurer, the office to Vhich he was elected in January, 1932. A hoard of five directors in eludes" Mr. Allen, J. L. Harper, Ernest Shepard. Frank Bentley and C. L. Fincham. Standard .Oil of Ind. - ....2.. .„ Cities Service . .. .. ...3% —. e^—-— A decided decrease in the number of girl bathers who have to be rescued hat been noticed "nt n A'ew Jers'ey beach since icemen lifeguards replaced the handsome males who formerly icorked there. THIS CURIOUS WORLD - CHEESE: Twins. 13»i@13%: Longhorns. 13%®14. POTATOES: On track 99; arrivals 40: shipments 261; market steady. Today's Markets Price* bid by local >«"o, 2 corn ............ '. ...39c Ear corn ........ ... 3"c Oats ..... , ........ ; ......2Sc Hogs ................... $4.0(1 Cream, sweet .............. L'Sc Cream, souc .............. 21c Eggs, No. 1 ........... lie Eggs. No. 2 ...... '.".'.. '.'... ..7c Heavy hens ........ '. ....... "r Leghorn springs ........... 7c Leghorn, liens' .............. 5c Heavy springs ............ !M2n All roosters . . .. ......... ..... 4c State Cut Ral Assessments Mont., (lUyrho assess, r «1 valuation of rnllroarts in Mon- tann roomily xv^ts nil ?2S.fi25.ftS.*> below Ilio 1932 fiRurt 1 , follinylng, be«rlnR« by u,,- ftcic bo.ird' of »<,'iin.liKMinn. OHAAAOLAN'5 MEMORIAL SHAFT IS A L/6H7HOUSE, ERECTED AT CROWN POINT,MY,TO SAVE fHE LIVES OF THOSE WHO SAIL THE .\MATERS OF THE LAKE • DISCOVERED 6Y CHAMPLAIN/ 6-1 ...IN AUSTRALIA... THERE is AN AL&ATROSS TRAP OF NATUPAL FORMATION / THE 6IRDS DIP 6BTWEEN THE VWALLS OP A STEEP-SIDED VALLEY AND, BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF WIND, LOSE AtTITUOB SO RAPIDLY THAT THEY CftASH AGAINST A CUFF AT THE END OP THE ENCLOSURE/ CATGUT, USED IN TENNIS RACKETS AND AS STRINGS FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, tSMADE FROM «HEEP INTESTINES and rpfi'-Mfon for the or p'p"i values an THE ALBATROSS require! a running start preparatory to tak- ln« flt«ht, «nd even after getijng Into the air. it cannot ast«nd rapidly For this reason, th« bird* that full Into the Australian "Donth Valley," oven Ihough n,ey m«y not bo, klUod by impact tin clffi' wills, are tumbl* t c , gel out of t he enc»,o»UM, tbft too st*ep tor tben, t w climb.- FARM NEWS Explains Way Allotment of Farmer Fixed How the wheat allotment figure for each farmer and each county is computed is .a question which has been puzzling many people, according to Murl McDonald, assistant director of the extension service at : Iowa State college and in charge of the field forces working on the wheat adjustment program. :Tbe allotment, which is the amount on which the benefit payments, will be made, is the part of the average crop of 1928 to 1932 which is used for domestic human consumption. This amount' has been determined by federal economists as 54 per cent of the total wheat production. For-example, Mr. McDonald explained, if a county has been producing 100,000 bushels of wheat per year during the past five yeai-s, its allotment on which farmers can receive the benefit payment will be 54.000 bushels. Gets Large Benefit If a farmer has been producing 1,000 bushels of wheat, he will receive &, benefit payment on 540 bushels, if he begins the acreage adjustment agreement. The . word "allotment" has been a rather- confusing word, explained Mr. McDonald. It has been used to refer to both the amount on which ( .the benefit payn.ent will be made and thes acreage which the farmer will-,'be allowed to grow. The allotment, directly speaking, refers to the amount on which the benefit payment will be made. The acreage quota for each farmer will be determined as soon as Secretary Wallace decides how much the next year's, wheat acreage should be reduced. This re- duction will not be more than 20- per cent and may be less. Assuming that the 20 per cent reduc- v tion is asked, a farmer growing; 50 acres of wheat would be requir-:t. ed to reduce his acreage to 40 if"' he came- in under the wheat ad-». justment program. The reduction, in wheat acreage is asked In order to bring the total wheat production of the Tjnit-if ed States more nearly in line with ^ its domestic needs and the small- foreign outlet. By making the" : j benefit payment the next thres- years, the federal government is making available to fanners immediately-the benefit of a balanc-' .ed production program. In otter words. Mr. McDonald explained,'adjusting production to demand will ultimately bring-, prices to a higher level. Until the price level is raised as a result of a decrease in production, the federal government, from funds raised by the processing tax, proposes to make a benefit payment to give farmers immediately a reward for adjustment of wheat production. Farmers who sign contracts Will; receive this fall a benefit payment" of 20 cents per bushel. Next spring,' after the local. Inspectors report 5 that he-has lived up to his acreage" agreement, the farmer" wfti 'j^l celve another 8 or 10,cents a'bu-i shel, bringing the total •' benefit- payment to -28 or 30 cents per .bushel. Similar payments will' be made the following two years, giv-* ing the wheat farmer three adjust/ ment payments in return for two^ years' reduction of. acreage, explained Mr, McDonald :—^_ . ' ;" Auto Beer Drinking Okeyed » CAMAS, Wash., fllE)—To drink> one's beer—and have it, too—inj. one's automobile is no worse than! procuring it ; n soft drink parlors;? the city council ruled here in : I striking from the proposed liquor • ordinance a statute • prohibiting imbibing of the brew in vehicles. ^ 41 Interest Rate Reduced to on First Farm Mortgages until July 12, 1938 Also privileges of paying interest only until that date, if taxes, insurance, drainage, or other assessments against the farm are paid promptly. Long term amortized first mortgage loans made promptly at low initial costs. Waste No Time Refinance Union National Farm Loan Ass'n P. H. SCHLEITER, Sec'yTreas. AMES, IA. PRONE 76

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