The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 6, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1933
Page 8
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BEBE DANIELS mmi Supports Robinson in Nile ' Presentation of Old Mining Romance Bebe Daniels plays the leading feminine role of the beautiful second wife of Edward O. Robinson In "Silver Dollar," now showing at tho Nile. She has tho role of Ijlly Owens, a woman who loved to flaunt her diamonds and jewels in tho face of her social rivals and who caused Robinson to cast off Aline MacMahon, his first wife, of hardpan days. "Silver Dollar" tells the story of "Haw" Tabor, who struggled through days of starvation tt"s a prospector to rise to fame as the richest of the millionaires after he struck "pay <llrt." Robinson plays the part of fhls Silver King who slapped a dry President <di the back and asked him to have a drink, ruled a state Legislature In a barroom to the popping of champagnu oorks. embarrassed General Grant by making such n disturbance In his own opera house that tho prlmn donna quit In a huff, and scandalized' a nation with his dlvorco and remarriage. The supporting cast Is exceptional, Including such players as Jobyna Howland as Poker Annie,, DeWItt Jennings, Robert Warwick, Russell Simpson, Harry Holman and thousands of extras. JANBT OAYNOR IN HAWAII HONOLULU. Jan. 0. (A. P.)—Janet 'jaynor, screen st»ir, arrived here today for a vacation. She was full of conversation about pictures but far from loquacious about her husband, Lydell Peck, from 'whom she was sepa'rqted recently. STARRING AT NILE !. CHAPLIN SAYS (Vnltcd rrcit Leased Wire) KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 6,—James A. Bausch, Olympic decathlon champion, and Mildred Harris Chaplin, divorced wife of Charles Chaplin, today 1 termed their reported engagement "all a mistake." The engagement of the athlete, who now Is a singer with a dance band, and the former, wife of the famous motion picture comedian, was announced here by Mrs. Chaplin's manager, D. P., Robinson. JL I', BARMLMESS DRAMA OPENS TODAY AT HEX Does tho old home town remember the girls It sends off to Hollywood to win fame and fortune? .Tho testimony of four beautiful young, women in Richard Barthelmess' latest First National production, "The Cabin In the Cotton," wttlch Is at the Rex .theater tbday, might be briefly 'summarized into! "I'll say it «6es!" . The four young 'women are Dbrothy Jordan, .who comes from Clhrkesvllle, Tennessee; Bctte .Davis, who halls from staid Boston; Dorothy Peterson, Who comes from Zlon 'City,- 'Illinois; and Florlno McKlnney, 'born .and reared .In, Fort Worth, 'Texas; •> Miss Jordan,'recalls, not without a gleam of humor In her eye, how the local ; home town theater billed her in her very first picture, which happened to be "Devil May Care. 1 ' The entire marquee bora her name in .enormous letters, and below tt tho name of tho picture, and In letters still smaller, below that—the name of tho picture's star. Dorothy says she hasn't had a thrill before or since, that equaled that one! "..'.' Zane Grey's "Heritage of the Desert" la also on the big double feature program. . Week-Day OR. Matinee*. ..£tO\ FOX THKATItt: Evening* . Balcony.. CONTINUOUS, 2:30 TO 11:00 TODAY and TOMORROW LOTS OF ROMANCE .... PLENTY OF UAUGHTER IT'S JUST RIGHT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! KIDS! TOMORROW MATINEE AND NIGH1 IN PERSON CHUBBY CHANEY of "OUR GANG" COMEDIES SUNDAY "STRANGE INTERLUDE" NORMA SHEARER riNEE IE* 6 P. M. |Jt MATINEE TO AIIIOL'XIA EVENINGS. BALCONY •CONTINUOUS, 1:30 TO 11:00- 15c TODAY AND TOMORROW—TWO BIG FEATURES!! SNORTING . . . SNARLING ..PHANTOMS OF SPEED TEARING UP THE OCEAN SPEEDWAYS—THE THRILL RIDE OF YOUR LIFEII The All-American Scream Foottaftll "RACKETY RAX" fVntted Pre»» f,eated Wire) PATUS, Jan. \ 6.— With world depression and thinner purnes has come a now vogue In diamonds; moflorato size stones and even those tinted yellow have come tqto popular favor and along with tliem the arrow, crescent,. star and other designs of the '90s. Tt Is 40 years since stars set in diamonds have been worn by the smartest society,' but there .Is a run on stars and crescents now, which Is making the French diamond 'Industry happy. They are put to many uses, but principally as brooches, hat ornaments, or a«serles of stars to hold the evening capo at the throat. Mile Gabrlellc Chanel, famed Paris dressmaker, Is responsible for the new vogue In tinted diamonds and In stars and crescents. She organized an exposition of diamonds In the salons occupying the historic Rohan-Montbazon mansions standing just between the new United States and the British embassies. Aiming to give employment to French diamond setters, who have suffered through three years. of depression, Mme. Chanel turned from gowns to jewels and applied a new art to preparing for the market the stones which represent tho greatest value In the smallest volume. Splendid Casts of Players Seen in Double Program T WO big features arc tho current attractions at tho California theater today and tomorrow, * ' "Speed Demon,',' tho Columbia, motor boat racing story which IB now play- Ing/ 'should' more''than satisfy tho present 'day mania for-spccd-and still more speed. William collier, Jr., and Joan Marsh are featured In tho principal roles of tho production. r Hollywood lias glyon Jude'd 'picture audiences films dealing' with aviation, automobile racing and every other, formvpf sport, but "Speed Demori" shows ono of the most sensational.-, ovonta In the world—a race between' the frail speedboats and their daredevil drivers, This thrilling sport has captured so many devotees In .recent years that more than 506,000 persons are said'to own those boats. ; < "Speed Demon" has a cast Including In addition to Collier and Miss Marsh, Robert Bills, -Wheeler OaUman, that talented child actor, Oeorgle inmost, Wade Boteler and Fuzzy Knight. It was directed by D. Ross Lederman, wjip oqcuples front rank, among the 1 directors of dangerous, swift moving pictures. • ' Tho football teams of Cannrsle Col- legd, Brooklyn, and Lake Shore Collego, Illinois,, battle-H ; out with gas bombs, brass .knuckles, mills bombs, toeholds, upperoutB and ear-bites in "Rackety Rnx," the. other current attraction at the California theater. From start to finish '"Rackety Rax" is said to' be ' an uproariously funny comedy-satire of'what might happen If the big city ropketeers were successful In an attempt to commercialize American college football. ., Victor McLngleh, Greta Nlssori and Ne1K O'Dny have the principal roles In "Rackety Rax.' 1 , ' . FIND STUDY METHOD IS OPEN 12.11 P. M. REX Mitlnin It 5 *. m. 15c , 300 SeaU Any Time, 15c Today and Tomorrow Two Big Features RANDOLPH KOTT snooting tttr ZANE GREY) gr«attitW«ft«rn Ihrllkr HERITAGE tf.DEfERT HITM uur.tuMt JL MMIU. MMMNAIO d&omounttfictwt BARTHELMESS CABIN.mkeCCfTTON RIALTO 5 (• 6 |. m.. I5c; Attir I. I3i, 2Sc Today and Saturday Ctntlnuoui Saturdiy, Sundty, I to 11 CONRAD NAGEL In "The Man Called Back" With Doris Kenyon, John Halllday, J* Juliette Compton No. 7. "Vanishing Frontier" Comedy, News and Fable SUNDAY—NORMA SHEARER In "8MILIN- THROUGH" VIRGINIA Continuous 12 M. to 11 p. m. 300 SEATS— Any Time. 15c Today and Saturday JACK HOXIE. Dorothy Gulllvpr and Donald Keith in a Western Thriller "OUTLAW JUSTICE" Fighting; 'Whirlwind Action! . t ,«Oojm«|ly.,.Ca( > toprii Npveltl»« FREE Haircut Tomorrow Saturday, Jan. 7 ONE DAY ONLY Celebrating the completion of the first yeur In our new location, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! With every udtllt haircut at our regular price of 3Bc we will give one haircut free. Bring another member of the family, or a friend. 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. Come Early! SANIFOAM BARBERSHOP 1106 Nineteenth Street Hotel .Koiel Building Mother Explaining Boardman Divorce f United Press Lcated Wire) WOODBUftT, N. J. Jan. 6.— The wreck of the marriage , of Eleanor Boardman, film actress, and' King VI- dor, movie director, is nftt all Miss Bonrdman's fault. ' . \ This 'was tho explanation givetv-by tho actress' mother, Mrs. George "Vv". Boardman, who lives here. , "I know that Eleanor and her husband were happy," ' she said, "until two years ago when the first marital trouble appeared. However, the fact that King Vidor's first wifo left him proves that . the present situation is not altogether Eleanor's fault." f United'Prcim Leaned Wire? -' EUGENE, Ore., Jan. 8.—Failure of many university students is not to be blamed upon ''dumbness," lack of Interest, or application, the University of Oregon contends, but Is to be laid "to ignorance of tho students of the fundamentals of study. Professor of Education . Dr. B. W. DeBusk, who Inaugurated a new course this term designed to teach the students "methods of study," announced so many students had been successful with their courses after enrolling In the new class that plans were being made to perfect the "system" enough that more students would avail themselves of It. Ho found that the students fell naturally into two groups, those who found it hard to understand words and phrases, and those who failed to comprehend sentences and . para 1 -; graphs.; -.Basing the Isystem on the alleviation of these two Impairments,' Dr. DeBusk accordingly classed the students. Those who had difficulty .with one phaso were matched with those of tho other, thus helping .the other student and themselves. ' Although the classes have been in session but a few weeks, almost pho- nomonnl-'improvements have been reported. ..' •*DIVORCE BY CONSENT Among the MOors, if a wife doos not become a mother of a boy, she may be divorced with the consent of the tribe'and can marry again. This continues until she does give girth to a male child. LASTTWODAYS! Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT of thou* •anda includ* ing Bebe Dan- ieh, Aline Mac- lobyna Howland-AFint National triumph rated 4 «tara [*•**] by U0. erty Mag* Con- ^^ M ine tinuous Saturday TRY OUR DELICIOUS ffl T-BONE STEAK DINNER 91 BREAKFASTS 25C to 50C Noon Luncheon . , . SOc Evening Dinner SOc, 75c ALSO A LA CARTE G RANAD 618 Kentucky Streat Tilklni riiturti Ewy OH A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 16o Children vAlway» 10c Today and Saturday OMlliutui, SMurtay, 8uM«y. I tt II Two Big Feature* RICHARD ARLEN •n* AII-AmrUwi FMlktll Sttri I) "THE ALL-AMERICAN". and an Eplo of the Froitcn North "KLONDYKE" News and Comfdy PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC REDUCED PRICES • .' • • on • ; ' ".•'." PLATES Quick Service Office Over Klmball A Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR, GOODHIGHT Radio Service TUBES TESTED FREE. Wltham& Booth »Q1»'JH - '' AT CALIFORNIA A. cast of famous screen players has !beeh' nssen'ibled by .Tiffany'Pro- ductions for tho inany roles Iti "The Han Called Back," which comes to he Rtalto .theatpr 'today, Heading,ho roster Js Conrad; Nagol, popular tar who has been absent from the creen. for almost a yeac, during Which time ho has boon malting a na- lonal personal nppearanco tour. Conrad NhRel plays,.the .stellar role of the English surgeoji 'who flgKts'his way back to success in A^drexv Sou-/ ar's' stlrrlnpr story, originally known as "Silent Thunder," .Opposite him, n the character of the" Jovely woman who aids him; in his battle'for regen-. oration, Is Doris Kenyon'. the striking ilonde star,of many screen hits, In eadlng roles are seen 'John HaHlda'y, Juliette , Compton, • Jtonn Mdrjs, Reginald Owen and Mae Busch. VICTOR.MoLAQLEN 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. 0-fCBS programs to «:30. 0:30—Pasadena Community. Players. " • . • -••;•'' 0:46—William Hall and orchestra. 7—To bo announced. * . 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:46—"Myrt and Marge." 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—CBS program. SiSO^Btanley'': Smith's' orchestra. 8:46^-Guy Uombardo's orchestra. 9—"The Voice of Romance." 9:30—CBS programs to 10. 9:16—To be announced. 10—World-wide news. 10:10—Blsqutck band. 10:16—Ted Flo-Rlto's orchestra; lO^O^-Stanley Smith's orchestra. 11:20—Dancing with the Stars. 12 to 1 a. nv.—Marshall Grant, organist. KERN—1200 K. 6—Tom Howard and George Shelton, Chesterfield. 0:15—"Tarzan of tho Apes." 6:30—Bakersfleld Ministerial Union. 6:45—San Francisco Examiner. 7—Morton Downey. 7:15- 1 -To bo announced. 7:30—Columbia Revue. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Nino Martini and Columbia Symphony orchestra. 8:30—Abe Lyman's orchestra. 9—Ben Pollack's orchestra. 9:30—Bernle Cummins' orchestra. 9:45*—Hal Kemp's orchestra. 10—All-request hour. • 30:40—Ted Florlta's orchestra. 11—Dancing with the Stars. 2S5.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 0—News. 5:15—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Elmer. 6,:45—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank Watanabe and the Hon. Archie. 7:15—"Pieces of Eight." 7:30—Kate Smith. 7:45—Anson Weeks for Southern Pacific. ; - : 8—"Order of Optimistic Do-Nuts." 9—NOWB; " - 1 ' - . , . ••••••• 9:15-H3pl.Hoopl,and HJs HawaU. " lans; • . '. •.•."•' . •>•• .'"-." 9:45"—Fights from Hollywood Sta• d I urn.'- V! • • . . .. . ;..-;•• 10:4i)-^-Orijan and Marlon. Mansfield. , 11 to 12 midnight-—Now Purls Inn. 466.5 M.—KFI— 840 K. 6—The First Nlghter. 6:30—The Armour Hour. , 7—Al Jolson and orchestra. 7:45—Mule quartet. 8—NBC-KGO programs to 9:30. 9:30—String orchestra.' 10—NBQ-KGO program. ' \ 10:15—Phil Harris' orchestra. • 10:45—Jay Whldden's orchestra. 11-i-Phll Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 mldnlght-rJay Whld- den's orchestra.. ^^__ 'MAN CALLED FEATUREDAT RALTO '"Outlaw Justice," the second of a florles of six thrill-packed Majestic westerns, .starring Jack Hoxlo, opens at-' the .Virginia theater today. This 'actlonful story, the work of Scott'Darling,, offers HOxle the most colorful rple of his brilliant .career— tha.t of a dashing young "outlaw" with' a ;price .on his head, -who, • it transpires, has gone In for this outlaw business for reasons astonishingly remote Trom the usual motives attributed to "wanted" men.'A"Outlaw Justice" contains an unusual amount .of hair-raising thrills, hard riding, two-fisted action and gunplay and'a surprise ending. ; Hoxle Is aided by a strong supporting cast,' Including the beautiful brunette Dorothy Gulliver, who plays the eadlng feminine role nnd ' the handsome-and popular Donald Keith. *-*•» . •• SPOILS'OF VICTORY ATLANTA, Ga., Jan. 6.—Brecken- rldge Long and Admiral Cary T. Grayson were Jn a P.ullrrian on their way, to see Governor Roosevelt about inauguration ceremonies March 4. Long, in his berth, was awakened by a negro porter who offered him a silver tray with coffee and orange juice. Long asked If Admiral Grayson' had seen served likewise. When told that Grayson had already received his second helping, he asked "And how do we rate sll this service?" "Boss," replied the waiter, grinning, "we's In power now."' 'ft. Jj *». Boot* Mallory introduces n«w young J'flnd" In "Handle -With Care" now showing'** the Fox. TO COLLECT HIS WAKR *•# . (V "Handle ,Witli Care" Fine«Opportunity K -eU.^fJu Aqtor ho. Is co T featured ! ;wltn-SooU,MftUoi-^ .an.l fimno- l-i...»*.'' 'Tt'.T.le.'o'lV^ J'frl.A • And, Janies'p'unh'.'; It .that Brendel led A jaze band'on-.'(W >tafce long before ho deserted' Broad- v < ' "wuy'to.pluy roloH In motion 'pictures.-^ , In "Handle AVIth Cnfa," Bretiderapv pears, as tin innocent S\v6de ,^:li'o < makoa his •living; i by teaching anuBick * His band of- young jaze Hounds {ate v .seen briefly, but their souri-no.terf^fc heard more titan once. The baiid -was recruited from various school bands , df HollywooA^ . i ,- *' • "Handle With Care" is a romahtlc; drama ip which Dunn' and-.MIsa.Mdl- lory furnish tho love InterestJrdniB v Brendel carries the comedy. - ," ^ <., •Between 500 and 1000 boys and'girls furnish atmosphere ,for the -picture fit ' some of the scenes, but only two of ' them, Buster Phelps .and . George Ernest, both prominent In recent productions, .have, speaking roles. . The story was written ; by David Butler-who directed-the'picture. It was adapted for the screen by'Prahli Craven, well-known, playwright.,,, ahd tic.tor, and Sam Mlntz,-scenarist. DE MlisillM•'.' (United Pre»» Leaied Wire) SUNPORT, Pa., Jan. 6.—Mervln Rhouds, Sanbury, Is still waiting to pay tho '.election bet he lost. to Qua Hummel, Sellnsgrove, a bet which Htimtnel can't ^ colject. ' Rhoads favored 'President Hoover 'for re-election. Hummel supported President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. The loser was to push the winner 'in a wheelbarrow from Sunbury to Northumberland, : a distance of seveal miles, according to the terms of their wager. The Sunbury man lost and announced his readiness to fulfill his part of the wager. But Hummel Informed him he couldn't collect, for he had Injured his back s6 badly he feared it wouldn't stand the-strain of riding In a wheelbarrow. (Auoctatcit Prets Leaied VHre) CHICAGO, Jan. 8.—Cocllo'B. De ; Mllle, film producer, says the 'closing of many Hollywood restaurants has been a boon to the Tno.vle studios. Their closing, he explained as b.« arrived in the city from New. York, has been the means of keeping .numerous movl.e struck girls from coming to Hollywood for now they have no place to apply for employment whe,n turned out of the studios. ' ' He'also said motion picture people were about ready to take over the in-- dnslry and make It the paying business it was before they relinquished control to. outsiders. V R.& CUT-RATE NO SALES TO DEALERS SATURDAY ONLY 1415 Nineteenth Street We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities PALMOLIVE SOAP ie-oz. WITCH HAZEL 21c 10o .JEROEN'S OLYCKRINE . o . Soap . . 60CTYREE ANTISEPTIC. • Powder . . . . . 36o TONIGHT BEECH-NUT'S sensational new drama of the SOUTH SEAS, • A gripping story • BROADWAY ALL-STAR CAST . ADVENTURE • ROMANCE • TRAVEL • A THRILL A'MINUTE • DONT MISS IT! KHJ 9:15 to 9:30 Tonight IVapT TUIttAT ANO $1.50 CIGARETTE HUI\yDOR 69c $2.50 RUM,'TOBACCO OR Gig. Humidor.. 79c 25c ELECTRIC Globes . . 3 for 23c BOX OF 100 POKER CHIPS Mo BEE Playing Cards , 36c 1 Ib. PRINCE ALBERT Tobacco . . . . 83c /GRANGER / / TOBACCO / ./..••:...• 63^ / &i Tobacco . 83c •1.85. BOX OF 25 LAS PALMA8 5c Cigars . , . 50c GLYCERINE' AND Rose Water ,. 26e 11.00 LUCKY TIGER , Hair Tonic ... 54c 50c WOODBURY ."\ Shampoo .. . . 26c 75c Z-L ANTISEPTIC , Solution .... 33c 60c PEPSODENT , • Antiseptic ... 28c »1.00 18-OZ. PURE ,NORWEQIAN Cod Liver Oil . 49c 350 DR. SCHOLL Pads , . . 2lc HESTERFIELD LUCKY STRIKES SOc Epsom Bathing Salts 17c $1.50 ANUSOL HEMORRHOIDAL Suppositories . 89c 7Sc TARCOMP Cough Syrup .. 34c 76o DOANE . Kidney Pills , . 53e s - . , . • i 500 YEAST FOAM Tablets .,,. 29c LI8TERINE Toothpaste , .. I6c 60e-f».BP8pDENT . ' ' Paste . . 28c MAGNESIA - - aste . . 23c , '-?• • '' • -*•"•*•'* "" ' J M'^V" * a;A.!^,A"\l: •1.2$ GENUINE THERMOS COLGATE SHAVING LOTION $1.00 QTS. MILK OF MAGNESIA 33c Pints, 59c ; SOo , Burma Shave.. 29c •1.00 HIND'S . 850 PALMOLIVE TALCUM 14c 260 J. «. J." Baby Powder. . I4c 25c J. A•J. ' toilettes . 3fer25e 35c PALMOLIVE SHAVING CREAM 19c 60o INGRAM MILKWEED.. Cream 29* 50o UNQUENTINE Skin Cream . . 28e WOO'DBURY COLD CREAM 58c 60o PEPTANS ANTACID Powder . . . . 34e 26c K-OZ, Epsom Salts , . I4o

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