The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 27, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles. PRETTY OUTING COSTUMES. Duck Stilts V.1I lie Much Worn Hie Corning Sonsrm. Duck suits ni'c bring much \vorn, Lust year plnin \vliire, nnd black niul white, nnd toluo mul -white stripes wi-ro almost tho only varieties fro l>o found, but this season there nro many uioro kinds. Tiieso costumes m-o usually nmile up with a plnin ekirfc and n clusu fitting Eton jacket or DUCK JACKET, ihort blazer nnd arc trimmed with braid cf various sorts or rows of stitching. They are very useful, as the goods have substance enough not to become limp after 0110 wearing, and yet mny bo washed as frequently us is necessary nnd couio forth from tho qrdenl as good as now. A white- duck suit Is very pretty worn over -a blouse of delicately tinted wnsh silk. White nainsook Mouses 1 arc also worn, having frlllings embroidered with scarlet, lavender, blue or yellow. These waists nro belted In, nnd tho lower part docs not show below tho girdle. They are made with nnd without yokes, but usually have n rufilo down tho front. Standing collars nro more used than they were last year, when turn back collars and cuffs prevailed. Shirt waists nro also soon finished exactly liko men's ehlrts nnd stiffly starched. Wide belts are worn this season nnd have neat openwork clasps in sterling silver and silver and gold plate. These clasps may also be obtained separately nnd como in sots consisting of a buckle, hook and . dido. Sometimes n small buckle for tho neck Is included. Woven silk and canvas celts como in numerous shades, and when it is desired to have tho belt match tho gown tho firm bodied belting may bo covered with a piece of tho goods. This is a better plan than that of making a belt over lining material, as tho latter is apt to lose its stiffness and wilt down into an untidy string. A sketch Is given of a duck jacket intended to form part of a costume. It fits closely behind, but is straight in front, where it is ornamented with two rows of large buttons. Tho glgot sleeves have pointed cuffs, and tho standing collar is flaring. Tho jacket Is conspicuous through tho absence of rovers, which are usually a prominent feature. It is finished with rows cf stitching. JUDIC CHOLLET. NEW SHAPES IN STRAW HATS. Tboce With the Corners Turned Back LI lie Wine a Are Fopular. Among tho many shapes in which straw hats appear this season a few are shown •with tho fantastically small crowns prevalent a year or two ago. Crowns having n lengthwise crease along tho top similar to those of soft felt hats arc also seen and «ro appropriate enough to the coarse braided straw in which they aro made up. A hey Are Not Dtaplcaolng, However, For They Aro of Lace aud Ribbon. Changeable silks nnd velvets have liy no means retired from public fovor. Some of lio now velveteens aro shown with a hangeablo effect, and even twilled worst>d dross materials of this.season often how the warp and woof of different colors Imllar to tho stylo of goods prevalent last •ear. Tho fashion of making up black net r laco over changeable silk was a short Ived one, although there seems to be no eason why it should not last as long as ho separate materials aro etlll popular. Vet, however, is not so much used as it was, and the kind most favored is heavy and has a coarse mesh. A great many yokes aro worn, not only separate ones of lace and ribbon used as accessories of plain toilets, but yokes form- ng a part of tho bodice. They may bo round, square or pointed in shape and are often covered plainly with guipure, the edge ULOCK HAT. favurlto ilovlcawllh small bonnets is to cut straight Into tho flaring brim in front, turning tho two corners buc t k like wings. Bonnet shapun aro displayed mado of guipure stretcliucl ovor a light wire foumlu tlon, uuil thu Kiimo process 5s omployiul with bended nml BjiuiiKlud net. Tlieso shapes require very litllo (rimming, but most of tlio othuv hood coverings noun tiro overloaded with /lowers, feathers, lace and ribbons, A very beautiful hut, 'suitable for carriage or fsimlim party wow, was composed of coarse rowo colored straw. It had tt wide brim that was bent becomingly mul wus trimmed with largo pink roses and their loaves. Another picturesque hat wag of fine Mark straw and was loaded with owliin; black ostrich plumes, while two long ends of wldi) black Hattn ribbon depended from I lie bank, ftomoof tho pret tlost huts are those miido of wldo braid In which colored or white chip in woven in with tlio straw, either natural or tinted, Tho blundlngH nro ilono with runmrkablj good taBtu, and when (lowers uvo usvil us trimming tho elTeut, IH charming. I^cghon lints, which Kcum ID never go entirely oui of fashion, tti'u fulrly well repreKunlcd this BCOKon, although they aro eclipsed by tho now Htriwtf ulmidy mentioned. Tho brln Id always mow or less buut and profuso trimming employed. Double faced bat In ribbon is the mill! net's fuvorllo ufc present and is much Boft IT and Holier In appearance than moire although the latter Is likewise used A W'cuvohu! ul»o boon brought out uuml.'ln Jug a satin face nnd inolro back. lloiiiiiit strings aro usually over at) ln<' wide and uro muuo of velvet ribbon as n rule. Binall hlnok bonnets composed of i jut urown, with a Mil of black laco for NEW GOWNS FOB PEETTY GIRLS. The gown at the left is of mat •white chetiey silk with pnlo blue dots. Next to it is a rich black moire antique, cut princess, for the last stage of mourning, 'At the right is » magenta taffeta gown with a myrtle green panel in the skirt. Next to it is a whits moHsseliue de soi with a wreath of pink crush roses around tho shoulders. irini, and trimmed with n spangled ornn- ncnt nnd a tiny twist of cherry velvet are nuch worn. These little knots of brilliant civet are an effective way of enlivening , black hat, but ribbon cannot bo success- ully utilized in tho same way, ns it at nco assumes a flat and shabby look when t is twisted. A sketch is given of a hat made of black ice straw. It is trimmed with spangled ullo and black ostrich plumes and has trings of black velvet ribbon. A spray f flowers is placed at tho back of tho brim, esting on the hair. JDDIC CnoLLET. MANY YOKES FOR /VOMEN. EVENING C9IFFUKE. for sale, although it is not as much worn is formerly, which is rather a pity, as it s a graceful and picturesque article of dornmcnt. Its place has been partly fill- d by the largo moiro cravats and pierrot uffs. Tho latter appear separately as well is attached to outer garments and aro node of double faced satin ribbon very hiokly box plaited. The new gloves are mainly in, four hut- on length, and suede, which once monopolized fashionable favorites, is now very iroperly considered more suitable for dress occasions than for everyday wear. For the itrcot glace kid is preferred and is shown n tans, browns, grays and brick red, and also in various pronounced shades of purple and green. Long sucdo and silk evening gloves appear in delicate tints, with largo mtterflics of black or white real laco ap- >licd on tho arms. Parasols covered with fluffy frills and draplngs of crape and silk muslin aro as fashionable this year as they were last. Velvet bands and ribbons continue to be worn in tho hair. A sketch Is given of a prettily arranged evening coiffure. A bow of ribbon having two erect ends is fastened above the carelessly waved front hair, hndat tho middle of the ribbon knot a dragon fly is poised. JUDIC CHOLLET. GOWN OF CHANGEABLE VELVET. being outlined by a bertha or some other sort of trimming. Sometimes tho bodice lias jacket fronts opening ovor a vest made with a yoke. Tho present fashion of trimming the corsage with'a bertha of laco or other material glvostho yoke effect to oven in otherwise plain bodicp nnd is a stylo to bo avoided by short, stout women, as it broadens tho shoulders and decreases tho apparent height. Tho same effect of shortness Is produced by tho double skirts now Insidiously creeping Into favor. They are clumsy and heavy, moreover, but are destined to ultimately supplant plnin skirts, although tho latter hold tholr own ns yet. Sometimes tho ovorsklrt is only simulated by a lino of trimming, but moro often it is real. It mny bo draped, or it may fall straight, allowing only a small portion of thu lower skirt to bo Been. A separate skirt or pepluin is sometimes worn over n plain skirt, giving tho ovorskirt effect, which may bo dispensed with at pleasure. A sketch Ss given of a costume composed of old rosu and blue changeable velvet and old roso punu do sole. Thu front of thu peuu do sole skirt is cut In an irregular point, thawing uu underskirt of velvet. Tho odgo of tho Bilk skirt In embroidered with gold Iieiuls, while tlio bottom of tlio gown is bordered with u velvet nich- ing. The round velvet budlco linn a plain back, but in front it la gathered in at thu waist and hun u doup Bilk yoke outlined with a velvet niching. Tho Hlocves have u full puff of velvet from shoulder to elbow, but thu lower part is close fitting and covered with a wrinkled arrangement of peau do Bolo. The bodleo hooks juvltslbly ou the left tfhoulder and under the arm. JUDIOClIOLLET. FOR WOMAN, LOVELY WOMAN. New run*, Ninv Glove* uud u Now (,'ulflTUru \Vltli it Ui-uu»u i'ly. A number of beautiful folding fans aru shown tlilH Kcuisoii. Them in u return to tho wntteuu fashion of delicately palntoi mcdullloiiH depleting rural or country scenes, and thu body of thu fan upon whirl theso medallions aru set la of gauze or lau decorated with orimmontul putturnu in udurned with small spangles of gold 01 bllvor. These and fans, different In style but similar lu ilututy elaboration, BOOIU to bo obtaining thu ascendancy ovor the largo onosmadoof uurllngostrich plumes,which were not long ago tho reigning favorites. Among tliu pretty things shown for tin neck are adjustable yokes or wldo collars oomnottod of ulicruuto lougthwiso bands o laco Insertion and satin ribbon. They art I'.ilntod back aud front uud are trimmed with frills of luce around tho odgo. Th feather Ityu U still Imported and offered A MOMENT OF SWEET RELEASE. !t Come* Wlien • Woman Doffn Street I>r<5ss For Brewing Gown. A woman may declare as much as she Ikes that her ordinary costume docs not cause her any discomfort and may thrust rath fists up under her bodice to prove hut in spite of its wrlnkloless fit It is too arge for her, and tho skeptical observer mny bo staggered by this feat. But Dr, Charles Beado exposed tho fallacy of that lemonstration long ago, and tho woman 'ocls, although she doesn't admit it, that ihe moment when she exchanges her pub- rondo of joso colored flannel. It ftaVK fitter! wattcnu back and a loose frou*wlth a gathered yoke outlined above the bust by a band of black and gold galloon. Gathered epaulets bordered with galloon fall over tho tops of tho bishop sleeves. At tho wrist tho sleeve is gathered into nn open cuff, from which falls n flounce of tho flannel. A belt of galloon, beginning nt tho tinder arm seams, confines the fullness of tho front of tho gown. Junto CHOLLET. STRIPES FOR SUMMER. French Cluunl>rny of All Colors Will Be Popular This Year. Awimbcr of pretty cotton fabrics are shown this season in a variety of dainty colorings nnd dell onto designs, nnd embroidery mny usually bo found In tho general stock to go with them when they aro not specially accompanied by such trimming. A great many stripes nro seen, n pleasing example being n yellow nnd whlto thin French chambray, Those charn- LINEN BATISTE COSTUME. brays como in pink, blue, green, heliotrope' nnd buff, embroidered with block as well as plain, and aro much used for tea gowns. For tho sheerer fabrics a great deal of vn- lenciennes lace is employed as trimming. Dotted nainsook, mull, figured organdie and linen lawn aro made up into extremely pretty gowns thus decorated, although for linen goods flue torchon laco always seems preferable. Linen makes an ideal summer gown, and although it Is more expensive than cotton fabrics it wears remarkably well and looks now as long as it lasts. It is also much used for morning Jackets, which are elaborately frilled and luffed. Tho . flowered organdies already mentioned, which como in all delicate shades, ore often made up in as costly a fashion as higher priced goods and in such a way as to preclude laundering. Dotted muslins, formerly to bo found only in white, como this season in various colors, scarlet included. A muslin gown 3f this color may bo prettily trimmed with knots of black velvet ribbon, while for paler colors black or white lace is employed. An illustration is given of a gown of figured linen batiste. It is made with a long draped overskirt and a round bodice which has a sort of vest in front composed of accordion plaited surah. Tho lower part of tho vest extends in long sash cuds bo- low tho waist. There is a yoke shaped trimming around tho shoulders, consisting of a double frill of laco headed by a flat band of the same, nnd brctelles of satin ribbon are carried down on each sido to tho ribbon bolt. Tho sleeves have a balloon puff from shoulder to elbow, while below tho elbow they aro tight and ore covered flat with lace. A wrinkled collar of batiste finishes tho nook. JUDIO CHOLLET. ATTEMPTED KIDNAPING. DOSE COLOKEI) UHKBHIKCI COWS. lie attlro for her dressing gown in a mo munt of sweet release. It has been confl dently Btuttid for »iany yeara pust thttt lit orury ladles wear their dressing gowua (ill day, nnd although this is not known positively to bo ik fact it la sufu UHaUu it for granted that if a woman it) thu author of u particularly meritorious article, poem or novel she wrote It under the fostering Influence of tlio UrwwiliiH gown. Thin wrapper flannel Is tho most suitable goods for this garment. It IMIIHW In plain UiitB, Btrlpen, plaids nnd figures, through tho entire gamut of colors. Dull- cute tones aro usually preferred, both for dressing gowns uud for thu ixiiiil'orUiblo littlo breakfast jackets HO much worn. The latter aro made with u filled buck and loose front, and when they uru trimmed with u fluff of lac-e around thu fchouldei* and a knot of ribbon hero and thoru they uro as pretty (is unybody need desire. Pongou Is u good material for a summer dressing gown, although it la bettor to httvo a flunuel 0110 at hand till I ho your round. Tho protty Wuo und whitu Japanese cottons uro also utilized for this pur- i>o8o, inudo up in tho fouhlou of kliuonoa. Thoeo huvo tho additional merit of being washable, uud they aro certainly piotur- SEB ROME f\ND DIEi SO SAYS THE OLD PROVERB We don't do it that way SEE ROME AND WE SAY GREECE TOO AND LIVE* HOW? Wliy buy Part Two, now ready, of our superb art collection raphic Tour ol the World SEE WHAT IT CONTAINS. . . fiypiy Women A'"">»t Succeed In Stealing • Little New York 007. A bold attempt was made in broad daylight recently by two gypsy women to kidnap Harold Deano, the bright little curly haired 3-year-old son of Edward G. Deano, a wealthy boot and shoe dealer at Matteawan, N. Y. The Deano family live in a handsome residence on Clii? street in that village. For several days a band of gypsies have been encamped a few miles fro'u Matteawan. It was the custom of ti:o women of the party to roam around tl:<> village every day. On Tuesday afternoon littlo Harold Deano was .allowed by his colored nurse to go out iu the front yard aud play. The child bad been there wily a short time when two gypsy vroinen caino along who were ostensibly soiling fancy colon-,, baskets. They boldly entered tho ynv-l of the Deiino residence, arid ouo of them asked little Harold if ho wanted a pretty basket. Tho child replied that ho did, when one of tho wouion handed tho boy a littlo basket, which ho gleefully accepted. Then tho women each took hold of DUO of the child's hands and lud him gently out into and up Cliff street. Tim boy went quietly and willingly. Tlio mu'BO missed him Boon afterward and went out in the street to look for IluroUl, but ho was nowhere to bo seeu. She ecroauied and llion ran two or three blocks, whim uho wan fluully told that a little boy had boon Been walking alon^ with two wild looking women. She continued on and eventually coiuo across tho trio on tho outskirts of tho village, over half a uiilo from tho child's homo, JTho gypsy women wore still leading tlie child by tho luiuds. The nursograb> bed thu littlo boy and attempted to wrost him from his cuptors. Tho gypsies hold on firmly to tho child, however, uot being at all disposed to lot him go, But tho nurso Boremnod and fought them, and when tho otUi'r women uaw that people were coming to her roscuo they let go of tlio child and ran awiiy. \Vbilu tho nurmi was taking him homo little Harold uuid that tlio gypsy womou had promised to take him on tho cars over BO far away. When officers from Muttouwiui viniied tho gypsy camp a fow hours lutor in uu ulVort to arrust thu would bo kidnapers, thoy found it do- eorled, us the mumbors of tho baud hud ull hurriedly pulled upstakos and driven off. Tho iucidmit oiTiitt-d considerable excitement in tlio village,—Now York Huruld, llurriotta, 8:UUJ, won moro money iu races lust year than any othor trotter ou tho turf, Her winnings amounted to PART II — ITALY AND GREECE ROME—APPIAN WAY ARCH OF CONSTANTINE BEATRICE CENCI CASTLE OF ST. ANGELO THE FORUM PANTHEON POMPEII-HOUSE OF OLCONIUS SORRENTO-TASSO'S HOUSE ATHENS-ACROPOLIS ERECTHION MODERN ATHENS CHORAGIC MONUMENT ROME-COLISEUM,' EXTERIOR COLISEUM, INTERIOR CRYPT OF CAPUCHIN CHURCH DYING GAUL Be sure you get PART ONE also on Italy. Back Numbers can always be had at our office. Send or write for them. YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS OUR GRAND OFFER OF A . . Free Trip Around the World IT HAS COST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to enable us to make this offer. 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