Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1927
Page 3
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Two .week's from tonight wIJI be ChriBlmaa Kvc. l»o y«tir ChrJst- iniiB fthoppiOK early! —Give, her a Permanent Wave tor CkriatmaB. Spccfal price. $5.00. North Side Bariier Shop. Pho. 637. Sovr fa not a day toJ ^apon to place lUie order for your New Year treetlng cards. The Register will bo glad to serve you.., —Bizaar and cooked food sale at Bai^tlst Temple, Tues.," Dec. 13. They are stiU icarrying on six-day cycling races under the name of "sport." The one now going on la-New York, called the International, Will end today.. Beitef Painting and Papering ; CLAUDE ROE. Mrs. Jl. R. Drake is. reported 111 at her home, 209 South Sycamore -Btreet> " | I>AfXTY GOW.VS Should be dry cleaned after each wearing to insure the delightful ajrpearahce you desire. Phone 103 " Ableson Cleaner* • 1* • * • « « « * • Mis.s Francis Kraus. who ha.s been vi.siting her aunt in Shenandoah, Iowa, retiirncii homo today. " — See the new SU'V^art Warntr Drum .Speaker, $17.."iO. j K. (' .Ki<-c- tric .•ind Plumbini; Co. j • — —Sperlal Sunday dhint^ at Port- lunii llciJel, «.«•• Hours 12:15 to i. -•i Prank lUxby.-of ihe IMxby Fruit House, went to Kansal City last ! night on a-short busine^ii trip. .Uo •will return home tonight! ' —Speelnl Snnday dinner, noon and eTenlnp. .V)c, 'oe. K^ley Hotel. CVIrs. H. K. Bell, of €12 North Chestnut street, who has been in Princeton, Kan.s., helping In the care of her father. C. H. Dixon during' hiii illness, rctiirueil home last night. • ) I — • . —Commencing .Monday morning Otteh's Mc Loaf will be mai |e with - milk. I , —Ten cent biindlt'.s of oldjpapers for five -rents at llie KcKisi^r from now until Christmas. ' ' i Noticing the item in yesterday's Rt^ister about the bandit m Kan- sais City wearing a derby |iat and suggesting that .«oniel)ody jirfge \V. ^'H. King (who lately appeared with • f iJiat sprt -of headgear) tht latter promptly calls up ihi.s office to h^bd'in an;alibi—which everybody who plays golf with liini knows he has plenty iof: He says he wasn't In Kahsas City the ilay the robbery was committed, that if he had been he would hot have done It. and that If- he had done it he would not have been wearing a derby hat. So the police will have to hit another tralU" Card of Ttiailks. —It is: indeed a gratifying pleasure to now reflect upon the sincere attitude of so many in and about 5ola. towards ^klrs. Florence Hartong during her long cinfinement - the St Johns hospital as result of an accident late in June. 1927. Both Mrs. Hartdiin aiHl myself <fcf<lre to exiciid (o all in. this manner our sincere;-! lliynksl for coutl- • e.sii»,s i<hown aiul. ci )nif<>rts brniight- Jibout, and especially lixprenn our appreciation of the ,n'fflcient pro- fPFSlonal service."! rendered by Dr. ~ r.eorge Lambeth, confroiited by a task of extreme severity. Mrs. Hartong is do'ing fine. Sinkssroly. Mr. an^ Mrs. .lobn C. llartong. Columbus. Ohio. Titrner Ward paid $8 nn« and costs late yesterday in'police court following hi» arrest ot» a warrant charging, him with failure to pay his poll tax. Other warrants are beln^ issiued. ' -.1t«glnnlnir topltrht ont Bodlo Jlepartment nlll be open each eve ning until 9:30. SIuiDnon's.' George Stafford,^ night patrolman, has been called to peoria/'lll.. by th<i death it his sister's small son. —Commencing Monclay morning Otten's 10c joat will be made with milk.^ Mr. P6e, yiho bas been ill of the flu for the past^two weeks, is reported better. —Very heat Pe^anent Waves for 15.00 ufatil Christmas. North Side Barbell Shop. Phone 637. John McHenry, who has been in Topeka, came last night to vtsit his sipjer, Mitchell, 107 North Sycamore street —Bay your hoy a German police pup. Phone 1487W. G. .M. Stafford left, on the 4:28 Santa Fe last night for • Chonba Illinois, called there by the death of his brother-in-law. J. S. McNeil —Chri.stmas Ciirds at. Cotnt's. —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, lola.Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. The Missouri Pacific Woman's Club will sponsor a Iwoster's Chri.stmas- dinner and dance at the Broadview hotel in Wichita. December 1", Special trains will b« run from all points on the Wichita division and h is expected that sev- ••ral persons will go from lula. —Mineral Feed for hogs, cattle and chickens at I(. C. McKInney Feed Store; —Hemstitching and PIcotlng. 203 East street. .Mrs. Frank Russell. Mrs/G. H. Perslnger, of Colony who has b^en spending two weeks with-her mother, .Mrs. T. J. Grove of Gas. rer|urned home this afternoon. • I )^ { I XotTce. I —The annual stockholders meet-! ing of the Allen County Agriculture Society. (Fair Association) will "be held at the' Chamber of Commerce building on Tuesday. Dec. 13, at 2:30 p. ni. All stockholders are invited to attend. • Dr. F. S. Beat tie. Sec. L. D. Horville. Pres. —T.ike the family to Lewnian's Cafe for a chicken dinner !?unday. •I-ike homecooked." * Mrs. Ray Alexander and little son, Donald Ray, who have been visiting their parents and grandparents. .Mr. and .Mrs. C: F. Brouil- lahi. of Moran. retiirned to their home in Topeka this afternoon. They were called here by the illness of Mr. Brouillanl. -4-Christmas Cards at Cook's. " '—Dr. J. T. Rcld, Surgery and X-ray. Phone 3.iJ. ' Mrs. G. .1. Lonfifliine! nf Humboldt came this afternoon to be the guest of .Mrs. Vesta Reno, 'JU .Vnrth Sec- i >n<l street. <iver the week-end. r. Mr. Al>n at TopIC!*. • The speaker at Ciirrent Topics next Monday evening will be Hon. Jamei A. Allen, of Channte. .Mr. 4JIen is a member of the State Highway* Commission and daring the past j-ear has given a great deal of bis time to a study of the road,problem in Kansas. He will talk upon that subject, and doubtless yvhat he ijays will be of great I interest and importance. The Club j will meet at the Keiley Hotel at (I:l.'i. Call 'phone 286 and make •your reservations early: The county Commissioners are specially invited to thliJ meeting, and township' officials or anyone else interested in the road cjuestion, will be very; welcome. All.that is necessary is' to give notice of your coming— and have your 50 cents for your supper ticTiet ready! Funeral I of Mrs. IJ. Toelmeck. The bodjy ofi Mrs.. Elizabeth Vpel-, meek, whip passed away yesterday attemoonj at St John's .hospftal. will bo taken overland Mondayj morning to Olpe, Kansas where' funeral services will, be held at; 10 o'clock Monday morning. ( —Commenqing M.onday morning Otten's 10c Loaf will be made with milk. ^ Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Statler, of 619 North First street, and Mrs. Will Ensminger, of Morah. are planning to drive to Kansas City, this evening. • I •. • —Christmas Cards at Cook's. —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteipalh. .New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Mrs. Lee Noftzger and babv son Dick, have returned home i from several weeks visit with relatives in Detroit, Michigan. We know Bakery- Products ^ are good, , iBut ) ' Have You Tried Ours? VAN HOOZER'S. Slay Deer,With 13 "... •• ( - r • / .THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATUttDAY EA'KNTNC. DECEiVIBER 10. 1927. - p - ^ i PAGE THREE. •w and Arrow GLEE CLUBS ARE GOOD INSCHOOL OPEREHA HEkE 'Prince Tobbytum*' Given Last Night Before Good Crowd lylvii I'opj- Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fred|^-kson and daughter, Virginia, arrived home from Arnett, Okla., to visit over the holidays With their jiar- entu and grandparents, Mr. and .Mr.1. Jim Frederickson and -Mrs Cora.BogW? and family. —6. L. Cox. M. D. Specialist,' Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. j Mr. and Mrs. Walter Trout, of' 318 South Elm' street, are the par- j •nts of a boy, born Thurs<lay. Aug-1 NEWSNOTES OF GAS CITY Gas. City SchoM Report. Rehearsals on I'lirNtnias Faffeant, -l.iitht Ktenial" i'ropres- ^in(r Mrel}'. Locals. ust S, whbn: namci l^wr they have, given the ite Everett. PRAIRIE nOSE " (Vara E. Rogers) Dec. 6.—£dgar Rogqrs left Saturday night for northern Kansas and southern Nebraska to pick corn. : I Mrs. A. F. Holten.) Chiir<h service at the M. E, iliurch Sunday. Preaching at '.fi^".; Sundr.y school at II a. m.: Ep- w^rth League at 7 p. ni. Prince: Tobbytum wa.i satisfactorily oiitguessed by Lady , Sylv tind B'efty. in the high school ercita "Prince Tobbytuni" given in the senior high auditorium last niglit. and things wiere . brought about for a happy ending to the entire rfiixup. Atienilance was good. The trouble all started when Sylvia, Vinlta Lorance. who was tired of her tlance, wandered to the Village green where the young people frtim the arms Jiad been celebrating the first of 3Iay. Here she I heard Betty, the farmer's daughter. \elta Smith, lamenting her fate at being engaged to a ^farmer i and.wi.shing that .she might become engaged • to a nobleman. So the- girls decide to chapge lovers as well as costumes. The "Cupid's eye," a flower, blinds the lovers, de I«icey a court poet and Sylvia's I lover (.\mos Round) • and. William i ii farmer {Henry Hubbard) and engaged to Betty, fo the change.' Two Ia(fies of the couH in which I Sylvia was maid of honor to the Mliieen. .sec the changed lovers and i report it ' to Priiice Tobbytuni • Keith Ureckenridge. Lady Arr bella was played by Laura Benson while the part* of Lady Aramiiita I wa.s c-arried by Munetla Peterson i After the girls had tired of the j change and changed costumes tVEH FOiKi Wl <H mSQMNfA OFtfeN HAVE UIEIRTOT Co eCECP Free 3Ietho4Ist Church. : The Rev. C. B: Archerj district ijelder and evangelist, whose picture appeared in last night's Register, is conducting a revival 'pt the Free Methodist church and is doing; excellent preaching. Sunday morning he will give an-illustrated talk to the children beforp the preaching hour and his h]orni6g ITS CITIZENS j Seniors Give Play Friday and Sat. ^ j nrday .\Ight»T-Name-<Inllt i Finixhed and For Sale. (.Mr;* Opal .MltchelD LAHARPE. Dec.. 10. — The play ; "What Happene<l' to Jones." will I be given by the senior class of the 'high school Friday and Saturday i nights of next week. It is a farce jin three acts and;is a jolly first- class play. A sketch of the characters will be riven later. • I..everette Green who has had poor health for some time. Is feel- jlng better. . > , —Pie supper and program at Fairview School House. December' 13. Everybody invited. • Have you seen the '.'Xaine Quilt" at Garveys Dry .Goods Store? It ha-s over four hundred names <Soai sist'ng • principally of LaHarpe citizens and will be a real treas- «re as a Christmas gift for some one who has formerly lived 1 ere." .Anyone would appreciate : It . b^ cause of its-tmiquendss and b>au- ty. Ijeing enibleraatic of bur 3wk Suntlower State of Kansas. it would also make a useful and practical gift because of fadeless and easily latindered material it you wish to bid en this quilt yon will have opportunity to do so un- subject, will be "Holiness as Taught j til Decemlier 18. bv leaving yodr j by John Wesley." ^,,Seryices Willi bid in a sealed envelope at Gar-^ l)e held every'evening-next weekjvey's store, or mailing it beginning .at 7:30 o'clock, Tjie j \v. u. AVood. president of public is invited to attend. Hki. the early Indiana. Lucius Patchin (left) and his son Lucius-,Jr.. [again and found their real lovers or Detroit went Inlb the northern woods on a d$cr hunt, armed only ! they ar.^ found by the Prince whc with six-foot bows and 2S-lnch arrows. Tht^ killed a buck upuce 'n.« ; .,.ie.slious then. : Patchlns gel lots'ot practice on the range ot the :Sletpy llollu%v Arch: i pruve the change. ; ery Hub near D'-tr lit I.KIl'KKS Til S^nta Glaus he and uttempti; lo Iteinarks of the lovers who did not know of ^he :<:hang<' foil the Prince's plans^nd . evi'rytliiiig turns' nut well. Tho parts of Hire.- of IJotty's irionds. Polly. .Moliy and. Dolly • wer." all well acted by -\Iina Lieu- rani-e. Avis .Mullenix ani# .Miram (lark. ,The characters ..Mary and I'atly. villaKe girls were carried by Kv. lyn jSlack and Maxine Fleming who, wfth their sweethearts George (CmiUtA Elliott and Edward. (Carl .Menziei added a little different type rifi interlude to the^ regular action iiiiil story of the play with their hhe .song. Robin, village character. Ralford Severns and thing our sJft free at the Pres- ''"*;"''<''' "°""!'^ Gish. both b.vter:Hn Slinciay school and you f^nnc^arts when .the Prince cair c<iine do^vn.-tairs and get our gifts U, give to some little boys '<•""""• DEAR SA.NTA CLAIS: 1 wautfor .Chri.'-tinas a teleiilKine. a Duich miil, a town panic, ;i.-pop : jruii and a fir^e truck. , I ai I J> years old and am help-' ing in ijher as nr.ich as shT^ wants : me to . I Vm Koing to buy siiine- —"Vans Bread." good as ever. —Dr. Lucy E. Kjisqn. Chiropractor. .N'orthrug Bldg. i>hone 326. The Eastern I'nit of the AVom- eii'-s Farm Bureau met last Saturday with .Mrs. T. S. Ewing. Color and design as applied td idress accessories was the les.son study. The discussion was led by Mr. Syverud. A\ the close of the meeting re- freshments were served by the . hostess, assisted by .Mr.s. Carson. The menfljcrs iircsent were; Mrs. x^elton. .Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Smith. ^%rs. Ewing and Miss Sommer. Cuesfs were: Mrs. Carson and daughters, Catherine and Geneva. ^- Miss Fyinces Sihith. Miss Alma I Olson and Mrs. Barnum. The next meeting will be w(th Miss Lena Sommer.—Club. Reporter. 3n evien dmn Aoppinj d »yi . TiiiaifiAina «,Mlo (petk. I* Hie wueitllingyoa cm 3o, '. It doit aD next week. H. W. Cprr drove to Wichita yes- i terday to attend a board of directors meeting of the Kansas Warehouse and Transfer Men's Asso- rtatlon, which will be held there tills evening. , Attention Rebekahn. . -yBe at I. O. O. F. Hall at 1:30 Sunday afternoon fo attend funeral of Sl.ster Cole. Etta Warner, N. G. Mefta Swinford, Sec. Doris Kent, of Colony, was here for a few hours, today to take her lesson in expression. ^ —Chicken Pie Dinner at Baptist Temple" Tuesday. December 13, .3I:.30 to 1. Price :t.5c. ' —Ten cent bandies of old papers for five cents at the Register from now until Christmas. Miss Florence Wagner, ^a student liurse at St John's Hospital, went to Garnctt ibis afternoon for a short visit with homctolks. F. L. D. LEATELL, M. D. • ' i • Special attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Physiotherapy Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—117 end 70.^ , — 1 —^^1e pay 6'' on Full Paid and j I Installment Stock., The best Invest- • meat, the best method to save. .Sernrity RIdtr. & Loan Assoriatian. I inin, Kansas .Members of the' ; Geneva i4-H| Club spent the afternoon at thr j Keiley Theatre and In going-thru the fleglsler pluw. »» gu"»itj* of E Von Hyning, mhimger of the Keiley Theatre, i.'e-v 1,. .X^j'llllBniK circulation manager of the lula Daily Register. Tlie moihbi^s included: Miss iJouise Smith. .Misf Marie Irwin, Miss Nannie Tippin .Miss. Ella Mae Hejtlop. .Miss Ermj» Cal). Miss Zella Pippin, Miss Lucille Baker. at I':4.t; preaching at 11 a. ni. preaching again at 7:.10 p. m. ! Not much news this week as i „^^*°Sf»l^ »o\mes ahd ^^.^ j^^n staying homel Jlrs. Will ^oung of Moran were!. . •'. • . , . ' callers Friday'afternoon at the E. |'i"J°>'i»»'' f""^* »''<^s^ '-'"''I 'lays. E. Minor home. ' Mr. and .Airs. Sherman Dickerson Glady? Rogers spent the week -h'"' -^''"s- Cljezeni attended! cid wiUi home folks: Ruth and ; ^''^ ROCK Creek ciub dinner at the to giv< .,, Sunday school at Church of (Jod : and ggs ^,h;^^j^M,^ .!o^^ have any ^.^.;>';^P'y;^«^. „,e„,i„„ed was not armind to attract the at- s wer/ all well played DKL NEV.\L\.\'. ^. .\orth Cottonwood, lola, Kansa.". F.unlcd Re'ade led her. of lola accompan . i home of -Mr. and .Mrs. Glen Di<ker- ; son north ot Gas Wednesday. Mrs.; • Parent- Teachers' association Mrs. Jennie Burrell and R'ogersvwere' helping with the ba- 1 n<'xt. Friday nigiit Allen Center zaar and diijner Saturday. Grant Grange will hold its annual o.vster 'supper in the basement of the Methodist church in Moran, Saturday eveniUB, • Dec.em- J/Cr 10. ; Eiich fainily is to bring milk enough for their own family Dishes and fepoons will be provided. , | Robert Rogers and family, Ruth and Eunice Reade, of lola, we:'u dinner guests at J. W. McFar- laiid's Sunday. sbhool will put on the program. Everylfody conio out. Practice for the pageant, "Light Eternal," began Thursday night at tho M. K. I hnrch. Ne.\t Monday night wMll bo practice again and ali those who will take part are urged to be jiresent. The pageant will be given Thursday: night. December 22. at the M. E. church. lola, Kansas.' December S. 1927. DEAR; .SANTA. Xor:h Pole: .lust a line to let v()u know what I want and the I'rince standing out past the rest by a s|nall margin. The • staging vv»s very well handled for !such a large production and alsoj for the type of setting required. ; 7 This is only the first of several operetta's to l)e given by the- mu- ' sic department of the senior high school this year. The orchestra to Mrs.? the Phi! lathea Sunday school class of the j-Methodist church, j . Clarence Godsey who has not j been feeling well-for some lime, I was' in town today and is feeling ; better. •JL visitor in Church of the I'nltpd Brethren; in Christ, (E. N. .Montgomery, Pastor) ; -Sunday School 9:4a a. m. t At the morning service theje i Isaac Evans was wfll be a special duet rendered Jo'i: nron.son today, two ladies of rare ability; | jjrs. C. W. Sanders wen' to Erio At the evening service the choir ; tod.-iy to ait(tnd the funeral of her will sing. VfJIorious Conqueror." • t ;isier. Mrs. Henrv Smith. ,who by Chas. H. Cabriel. passed away at lur home Tuesday. Preaching at 11 a. lii. Junior Christian Endeavor at 11 .1. m. Senior, and inferniediale Christian Endeavor at (j:.':0 |>. m. • i'reaching 7::!0 \>. m. • • Vou are welcome to the church ere ymi are a. slraii?>>r only once. • ' —Extrn larce bundles of- clean' newspapers. 10c, at Register office. * ." 1^1 >. Xnias. i ani a little boy r, .,j b^f,,^^ ^^^^^^^i.^ ;,„,^! T'-v,^'' ' '^t"".' T":-^" the lirst act and showed the ability much for Xmu.. , Just an electric ; ,.„',„j train. ,oat, truck marbles, banan- ! instn.inental « nsic. ' T' • ""'^1 °'-'*ne<^f' >^-?S<'"- A great deal of credit for the little iWid -gun. thafs all. ^o,,,,,,^^^; „f operetta ' i should gi> to Mrs.^ Marie Henderson, instructor of, music in the ' high school!, who directed the work ; of the opercttiu JIM-MIB ArDR,\DE. Ii:: South Street, '.'lola. Kansas. DEAR The Christmas pageant "Coodi^vhai Tidings of (Jreat Joy," will be giv-i j wiini .Moran. Kansas. December S. i;t27.- .SANTA CLAUS: ' 1 ani writing to you to tell you dress, and a ball loo Santa, and a ^little table and a pencil.; Do not fornei you'n- truly. .MARY RAE BARGE. want lor Xnias S.nnia. en by the school in the auditorium., doll, i lebsejiHd aiso a pretty ni.„„, It- December 23. at 8 o'cIock./yEvery- :^.!'^-,.?.V.'^ "':i"'f.':A'!' _".".^J l^dy I.. invited to attend.^ Report Mrs. Will Young, of Moran, wore visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Georgr Hart in lola Sunday, j • it«»b"rt Eastwood tuu jfamily, Mr. .a|:d Mrs :«;nerrltr attended tc? Fellowship supper at the Presbyterian church Thursday • evening. ,Mr. and -Mrs, D. JM.J Alderman entertained a number nf relatives Funday in honor of the laiter's brother, Harry L'mpbrey and family, who had just returned from a (wo years stay in France. i\nion« t^ose present were: .Mrs. Sarah of Gas sdiool for the' month ending November 23: First! an'd second grades: enrollment, boys 16, girls 19, total' 3.".; neither] alwent nor lard.v, 2.r-i-.Mis8 Pearl Johnson, teacher, third and fourth grades: enrollment, boys 16. girls. 14.1 total .30; neither absent nor tardy IS.—Miss .Mary Faust, teacher; fifth and sixth grades: enrollment. \U>yn 17. girl.s :i, total 26; ;/ielther absent nor tardy.—Mrs. Castator. i leadier.; seventh and j a Tittg and a light liaired .Men get pearls from oysters, but 'Women get diamonds from nuts. The Kuptist Teinide. The .services on Su'nil.iy will be. held at' the usual time. and. tiie; pastor will preach both marniiig, and evening.•• . • ' ' Next Tuesilay the Women's Un- ioTt; will hold their annual bazaar. ; anti will serve a chicken (linner • at noon. | On Wednesday there will beja' great conference at Fort Scott to ; which onr people are especially ; invited. Dr. Floyd L. Carr of N^w ; York City: Rev. E. S. Burkett from! China: and a representative of ojir i Woman's - Jli.ssionary work will | conduct the conference, of which ! there will be morning, afternoon i and evening sessions. It is expect- • ?d that our people will avail thein- ; selves, of this opportunity lo hear | thest splendid speakers. Our Christmas exercises w-jU take the form of a unified .service on Christmas mornhg. most of t'jie program being given bv children. The AV. W.'G. will conduct initiation service tomorrow ing. . pn eve^- What to Buy for ^ His Christmas^ Muftlers f.iimiier jacks Arto Kol>e>> Ties- / Giot^s House Slippers Traveling Bags Shirts Wmd Hose J'ajamus Sweater Coats, Etc. THE HUB Umphrey, "Chuck" Broulllaid and ;.B^'h Krades: . nrotlmwit. lK>ys family. Mr. and Mr.s. Alfred Lam-1 S"-'* neither absent beih and daughter. Dorothy, of: /^^'J' l';---'Mr.s Myrtle Pope. Eareka, Frank Bacon and family, •h«ir'. tota enroUmeiit, Iwys 6.-., .Mr. and .Mrs. Russell Ludlum and j*^' HO; number perfect • - ..... ' attendance SO. the honor guests, Harr>'. Umphrey and family. Roy William.<i and family wcrn dinner guests at the parental Williams home in Elsmore Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. D. .M, Alderman were dinner p.ue.>ts at J. W. Ald.r- man's Mondap'. Tuberculo.sis rohs ji man of his job. Buy Christmas Seal.s. A lot of w'omen are so thin that there's no yc^pder they snap. Those on the honor roll this month are. se\-cnth and cjghth grades: l.«raine Townsend, Roy Perkins, ^.lanies Haml , Robert, Thoipp.son, Marion ^ertsiar .l Del-; .nioiif Adams, Lena Rose.augh, lono Potter, Virgil ArselJ. Ruby Osborne. Lois Peres, Cecil .Matney. Crcrald MiGrew. Vada Bepton. Bertha Burcham.—Mrs. M.-uide Giffin. superintendent. John an<l H. B. Hokum ent-olled in thi) firs! and fourth grade this weekj rresn Save With Our CHRISTMAS GLUBS Thpv have solved manv problems other than providinR ' an EASY WAY to BUY GIFTS. . >.'o method of acriimiilating-money ha.s ever been so l)Oi)ular a* the rhri.<tmas Club: It so and simple th;.t mafiy people are using this;plari to get together a ceitain .amount foi' any definite purpose. Some join to ertate aifiind for a Home, for Inve.strtient.s, to Pay Off a Mortgage, to Pay Taxe.-;, lo Pay InHurance, and for • varioii.>< cither j I The.'t'liristnuis Club will help you meet any of the enu-hrencio listed alMiie. . Ktenrp ont how much mon- e< }oii nill need to ]irrompli<lt your pnr]>o^e, then liMik; at the cliibs listed below-pick out the one that pnj"! you lhat nniouni .-«<) weeks from now. Candies j ^ i-.p t LIB Start with 2 .'ic and deposit 2.'>c leach week. Receive-'i #li50:1'lus Interest illc (LiVi Start wltli! .=>0c and" deposit avc each week. Receive Plus Interest ^jJH) k'Lrtf Stan with $1.00 and deposit Jl.OO each wedk- Receive— 4aOJ)0:Flo|s Interest WW CLIB .Start with 12.00 and depo.sit •$2.00 each' week. Receive —' *l(» IMus Interest !?W»0 C'LIB ' Start with f^.O't and 'deposit 't<l each week. Receive— . ffiMi I'Ut* InteH«.t ^ 0 «IO.Ofl d'l.rB Stan with ilOM and jdeposit $10.00 each week. Releeive ««00 riuv IntereHt lOL A STATE BANK j:i)..Mrf:.jiilii*> "What could you give tfiat would be more appreciated th;hi delicious Martha Washington Candies in appetiz-- ing assortment? | We will deliver or mail them for you. - Packed in all .^ize.s from one-half to 5-pound.s.,: TQctjiepoun^ 1

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