The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on March 5, 1926 · Page 15
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 15

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1926
Page 15
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FRIDAY, MARCH 5, THE HLAMIIxTQN DAILY NEWS. HAMILTON, QHIQ. R A D I O FRIDAY'S PROGRAM · FRIDAY'S BEST FEATURES WJZ, WBZ, WGY--Baldwin hour. ft'G-Y--Georgia Mmslrel Boys. WSB--Miniature symphony. WEAF HOOK-UP--Vikings; Persians. ( KOA--Community program. WFAA--"ide»l radio program." KFUO, ST. LOUIS--515.1 8:00-- KPUO Bible Class. KSD, ST. LOUIS--545.1 7;00--Studio recital. 8:30--Program from WEAF''. KYW,- CHICAGO--535.1 6:00--linner music, 0:00--An Hour of Music. 10:00--Midnight revue. 1:00--Insomnia Club. WHO, DES MOINES--52C.O 7:30--Raleigh Quintet. 8:00--WHO Trio. 11:00--Danco Orchestra. WCX WJR, DETROIT--51S.B 6:00--Dinner programs. 7:00--Studio programs. 9:00--Goldkctte's Orchestra. WEAF, NEW YORK--191.5 4:00--Lopez Orchestra. 6:00--Waldorf Orchestra. 6:00--Scotti Orchestra. 0:30--Sir Hobgoblin; Recital. 7:00--Jones and Hare. 7:30--Trio; Chamber musicals. 8:30--Vikings; Anglo-Persians, 9:30--Program by quartets. r- 10:00--Ben Bemio's Orchestra. WOC, DAVENPORT--483.6 5:45--Chimes; · Reports. 7:30--Educational lecture. 7:45--Songs Of Many Lands, 8:30--Vikings; Anglo-Persians. 9:30--Around the World. WCAP, WASHHNGTON--46815 5:00--Mozart; String Quartet. 6:00--'Markets; .Music; Playlet. 8:30--Vikings; Anglo-Persians. 9:30--Dance program. WJX, NEW YORK--154.3 ' C:00-- Commodore Orchestra. C:45--'N.. Y. U: cours*. 7:00--Serenaders; Ladies. 8:00--U. S. Army Night 9:00--Baldwin hour. 10:00--Lorraine Orchestra. WMAQ, CHICAGO--417.5 fi:00--Orchestra; Clubs, . 6 i. 8:00--lecture; Whitney Trio. 9:00--Talks and muoic. WQJ, CHICAGO--147.5 7:00--Dinner prografri.; · iO:00--SJjylark. WIIAS, LOUISVILLE--393.8 7:30--Concert. WHT, CHICAGO--399.8 G:00--Classical program. 9:30--Popular program. -WEAR, CLEVELAND--389.1 6:00--Syncopators. 6:30--Stories; Talks. 7:15--Studio program. 9:00--Anglo-Persians. 9:30--Syncopators. WGY, SCHBNECTADY--379.5 .5:00--News and lesson. 0:00--Eastman Orchestra. 7:15--Georign Minstrel Hoys. 9:00--Latii program from WJZ. WJJD, MOOSEHEART--370.2 5:30--Dinner hour. 8:00--Children's hour. 10:00--Feature hour, 12:30--Burning- Candle Knights. WWJ, DETROIT--352.7 5:00--Dinner concert 7:00--Orchestra and soloists. 8:00--Program from W E A F . 8:30--Danc'o program. WLS, CHICAGO-31-1.B 6:00--Supperbell program. 6:40--Organ; Lullaby Time. · 7:20--WLS Trio; Song recital. 8:00--Special presentation, 9:00--Better Music Hour. 10:00--Metropolitan Choir. 10:45-i-Ford and Glenn, songs. KDKA, EAST PITTSBURGH--309. 5:30--Dinner concert. 7:00--News; Lecture. 7:15--U. Pittsburgh Ensemble. 8:00--Concert. 9:05--Entertainment. KFKX, HASTINGS, NEB.--288.3 6:30--KDKA dinner music. 9:00--Hastings artists. WSM, NASHVILLE--282.8 G:30-^Crchestra; Stories. 8:00--Murfreesboro artists. 10:00--Kiuranis Club program.' SATURDAY'S PROGRAM SATURDAY, MARCH 6 WSAT--CINCINNATfc-325.9 7:00 P. M.--Children's story by WSAI Story Lady, Mrs. Ethel Knapp Bowman, "Ths Three What Happened Next," V:15 to 9:45 P. M._Special program from New York, 12 Midnight^-WSAt Sextet. · 12;15 A. M':--Fredn Banker's Orchestra from Hotel Sinton. WKRC--CINCINNATI--325.9 - 10:00 P. M \ee Brigade's Four-teen Virginians from Swiss Gardens. 10:30 P. song fea- tuios, Morrell Schwarz, Abe Farb, Kern Ay .ward, Bert Lindsay.., , . 10:45 P. U--Ace Brigode's Vir- feinian. 11:00 P. M.--Piano solos, Eddm Shoelimcr. Song features. -. 11:15 P. M.--Ac= Brigade's Virginians. WLW--CINCINNATI--422.3 7:00 P. M. --Johanna Grecse, or- frunist. 7:-10 P. M.--Meeting of the Secka- tnr.v Hawkins Radio Club. 8:00 P. M.--01.1. Time Fiddicrs. E:za Stone and His Happy Hd:|ow En- tcttaincra from Owingsville, Ken- tuc-ky. 0:00 J'. JI Elxa Stone's Hiippy i Hollow E n t ? r t i i i n o r s . ! 9:IS P. J t . -- Ben Pollack's Ton C n i i f o r n i a n s from C:ist!c.. Farm. KSD, ST. LOUIS--515.1 7:00--Program. 7:15--Intercjjlegiate Glee. Clubs. KYW, CHICAGO--535.4 C:00--Dinner music. 7:30--Musical programs. 1:00--Insomnia Club.. WNYC, NEW YORK--,526.0 6:00--St. George Orchestra. 7:00--Musical program. 9:10--Readings; Police alarms. WOAW, OMAHA--526.0 6:00--Dinner program. 9:00--DeLuxc program. 11:00--Organ juWIee. WEAF, .NEW YORK--491.5 5:00--Waldorf Orchestra. 5:45--Musical-Comedy Troupe. 6:15--Shakespcrean hour. 7:15--Contest, Intercollegiate Glee Clubs. 1(1:00--Lopez Orchestra, WOC, DAVENPORT--183.G 9:00--Dubuque U. Glee Club. 11:00--LeClaire Orchestra. WRC, WASHINGTON--168.5 6:00--Hotel Orchestra. 7:00--Bible talk; Concert. 9:30--LeParadis Band. WOR, NEWARK--105.2 5:15--Sports; Dinner music. 7:00--Evening musical program. 8:15--LaForgc-Berumen artists. 9:00--United Press bulletins. 9:30--Drama House. Players. of dahc4 WFI, PHILADELPHIA--394.5 5:30--DinnW "program. ''tl5--Intercollegiate Glee Clubs. WTAM...CLEVEI I'.NO--389.5 5:00--Dinner music. ' . ,,,, 7:00--4 hours of entertainment. WGY, SCHENECTADY--379.5 5:30--Onondaga Orchestra. 7:15--Edison, Club Hall. KDKA, EAST PITTSBURGH--309.1 - 5:30--KDKA Little Symphony. · 7:30i^Polyphonie Ohoir. WGN WLIB, CHICAGO--302.8 G:30--Dinner program. 7:15--Intercollegiate Gleo Clubs. SUNDAY'S PROGRAM \ WLW, CINCINNATI--122.3 9:30 A. M.--Sunday School conducted by the Editorial Staff of Sunday School Publications of the Methodist Book Concern. I 11:00 A. M . -- Morning Worship ' f r o m tlio .Seventh Presbyterian j Church, \Jadiscm and Clemview Aves. ;Jcs.sp Haisey, .Minnistcr. Dan BcddoD, Soloist; Adqlph H. Stadermann, Or- jjfanist. I 4:00 P. M.--Organ recital by Cyril jBuschlc, St. Martin's Church, Cheviot, Ohio. 7:30 P. M.--Services of the First 'resbyterian Church of Walnut Hills; Dr. Frederick MacMillin, Minister. 8:30 P. M.--Concert furnished by The II. S. Pogue Company; Orchestra directed by Walter Esberger. WKRC, CINCINNATI--325.9 6:45 P. M.--Church service, Walnut Hills Christian Church; sermon Rev. . J. Castleberry, Sacred music, nstni mental and vocal. 10:00 P. M.--Kodel clasical program, vocal . instrumental numbers. Civil Service Examinations Examinations for all positions in the Classified Service of the City of Hamilton, and the Hamilton City School Distinct, will be held at the Junior High School at 1:30 P. M., March 13, 1926. Applications must be filed with the Secretary at his office, 522 Rentschler Building, not later than hoon Wednesday, March 10th..... CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION, 'H. R. REIGART, Secretary and Chief Examiner. 1V:15'P. M.--Litte''dance program) Marion McKay and his orchestra from Swiss Gardens. :., : - W S A I , CINCINNATI--320 , - , 3:00\to -4:30--Men's Conference, Bedford Branch Y. M. C. A.', Brook-" lyn, N. Y. Address by Dr. S. Parkes rCadman, Pastor of the Central Con| gregational Ctiurch. Music, Gloria Trumpeters. George- Betts, chimor. 7:45 P. M.--WSAI Radio Chime Concert, Robert Badgley. " '·': 8:OO^P. M.--SerAonete, Press- Radio Bible.Seryice l Inc\"··'-.· ' : ;8:15 P., JI.--Alwater : 'K'cr,t R«rfio. 'Hour featuring^ Jo9c£^v.:Hibffman, ! Pianist, -and Elizabeth--'P.ay,* ^oprano. · KSD; sf. Louisi^s45,;i G:15--KSD Concert Orchestra. 8:15--'pspph iHofifman,, piariist. KYW, CHICAGO--63S14 11:00--Morning services.- 1 -:v 2:30--Studio-chapel service:; 4:30--Apollo : -Maje 'Quartet '' 7:00--Sunday Evenini: Club. WHO, DES MpINES^52fi.(l 11:00--University church. -. · - · 7:30--WHO.Trio. ; ; i 11:00--Little' Symphony. ~'- : : WEAF, N K W YORK--101.5 4 1:00--Sunday radio services. · 2:00--Young Folks' Conference..,. ^3:00--Dv. S. Parkes Cadmnn. ' .' 4:30--Carolina Sjngers. 5:00--Barrere Little Symphony. G:20--Capitol Theatre program. 8:15--Josef Hoffman, p i a n i s t ; Elizabeth Day, soprano, WOC, DAVENPORT--183.6 1:00--WOC Little Symphony. 6:30-^Church service. 8:15--Josef Hoffman, pianist. 9:46--WOC Littte Symphony. WCAP, WASHINGTON--1G8.5 10:00--Morning services. 3:00--Vespers. - · - · 5:20--Vesper String Ensemble. 0:20--Program from WEAF. WJZ, NEW YORK--151.3 » 8:00--Children's hour. 10:00--WcsVEhd ChurctiiierviceV- 1:30--Sunday Radio Porum. 3:00--St. George's vespers.^ .,\j 6:00--Waldorf Orchestra. ._, A "^ 7:00-4Ba)(elito hour. ' -i ~% -. 8:00-iCommodoro OrclKwitra/ 9:00--Godfrey Ludlow, violin. KPO, SAN FRANCISCO--428.3 ' 7:00--Organ recital. ,; """ - · " ' ' 8:00--Orchestra. 10:3^--Seiger Orchestra. - ' WEAR,: CLEVELAND--3S9.1 ' 2:30viWKAR."Concert Orchestra." G:00--Theatre Orchestra. 8:15--Jp.sef Hoffman, p i a n i s t . . . W\^J, DETROIT--352.7 t ; 10:00--Morning services. 1:00--News Orchestra. 3:00--Organ recital. 0;20--PvajtJam from WEAF. WCISP. 21Q.N, TLL.--S-1-I.G - 1:30--Sb'vvfeiA'. 8:00--Concert. WLS. - ; 7:00-^1.51110 Brown Ch.wrch. H : " Q - - M i i r n i n ^ services'!.. 4:00--Illit)' V v Bnys 1 · Rand. .. -S:Sb--KVOUMIS si-'rvicw.;- · · . , K D K A . BAST 1'1,'IJfSlUniCH--.'tOft.,1, jlO:00 ·'- -Mojrning torviceji.'; ·"'· .1:00-- Oi'gan recital; Vespers . .,. 5:34 -- Dinner concert. 0:15--Cliinies; Service. - - . : WO?J- WLIli. CHICAGO--302.8 , 10:45^Uncle Walt's i-eadings. ll:45i£ciiicago Theatre program. 2:00--E.dwjn Seder, Organist. '3:00--Chicago P h i l h a r m o n i c . 4:00--Tiiv? e hours of music, 7:00---.VI\lsical features. 8:l. r Josef H o f f m a n , pianist. 8:15--I.nUs. musical program. 'NO COURT SIGN . - · - , - - FOR CITY HAI.L A sign liuaring "No Court" ha.^ been painted anti placed in a neat y A ^? BoU^ft, b« layed in municipal court on ings when no court is to be h*W. 'This prcv4Bts",'^'congestioh- at tfi* doors whunJCpetgws are avfaitinK court on.dayJtNWjjSi no courlils to bo held. ·f-.-/'*.i : GLADTOSPBEAD .--: ' .. ·: -A**. -fv--*···" " ; GOOD NEWS LldiaTE. Vegetable Compound.' Cleveland, Ohio.-- Too frfends of Mrs, Helen M. Kowalczyk of 6819 Hop» Avenuo were glad to hear that she has rattatnedsher health. F.or'n.nite.soisie time M-rs/KQwnlf^k wa juutcjj|(ao^ u was Impo^tblft for her ·fo *9rfc.'*3tie toolc T;cl!a'E.'Ptifkham's V o g o t a b t Compound to.lnilld her up. A f t e r she had starlcd taking -it, _. stiff "Ttfrolo to tha Plnkhom -Oompany 1 as follows »?"! cer- tainlj-hoost-kydia/JS. IHaltfjam/* Vegetable Compound. ^ I -{epl -singer al- .read; and b).eep,,, ,J ajn very glad to spieii'd' the 'good. ncwsTbt h° w ! It has holp-ea T triS."* - ' · · ' " *' - Detroit.' MicftTgari;^-- ^IV Tieard of rnent In the 'Detroit News' and wrote to Mrs. Grace Glllem, whose letter was published.' Then I sth'rtcd taking the Vegetable Compound anil got the best results,. ..I .used ..the gnnattyo Waah. .too.'.rcall.v;Ti:ippy t if I can advise women IB' take, yoijr me'diclnes." '~.Mns. SI: E. Wtmi-iiY, ISIM'Washburn Ave.,' Detroit. Mlftfr. · ' ; : -.---« Lydi; Sf Hifi-khani's Vngbtatto Compound has been in use by women for over f i f t y .years. It (s a vegetable iriarle from rbot'an'd Herbs and is sold- at all druggists. I3»yi^~*H^ 106 High Near Front Hamilton Special Feature-Saturday 250 Newly -Arrived Smart--Yo uthful SPRING COATS and SUITS from the East $ $15 Remarkable Styles, Values and Quality at Others $12.75 $10.50 $18.50 $27.50'up to $59 This K n o r m o u s Selection of M r . i u t i f u l Coats and Suits include Plaids. ISvills, Checks and .' Slripos. Coals ctnhroidered or adorned wilh F u r ; a f f o r d i i i K mi alrtiosl endless \ariely of Stj-le-i nnd Colors. These garments were personally selected h- our own buyer in New York this week. Saturday -- A Special Grouping of · 150 Spring Dresses A Most Wonderful Selection of Higher 1 Priced Models to Choose From Flat Crep«s I'rlnled Crepes (ieortfeltcN For every occflnioh. $ 15 S(rni«lit l.iiws Finred Lines Two-piece l-Vocris Rnlero KlYecIs Applitjue.s nnrl · Pleats $15 E LKl* MARGARINE The finest Spread^f^^^, "' f^Ss^^tliyi TN food preparation the calls for shortening are many. ', ·*· Cake recipes need three and four teaspoonfuls. Pastry- calls for plenty of shortening. Roasted fowl needs a cup and one-half for basting and dressing. And so on. With every call the quantity mounts up, until shortening is, a ; . really important item in the kitchen; and the problem is : to have good things to eat and yet keep the cost down. Freshly made Jelke GOOD LUCK Margarine right from V the factory, as housewives can have it through'retail * food stores, solves this problem perfectly. GOOD LUCK Margarine is splendidly useful as a shortening. Cakes, dressing, biscuits and doughnuts, when made with GOOD LUCK, are excellent -- pastry is simply wonderful. And the cost of Jelke GOOD LUCK is low--so very reasonable in fact as to make a decided saving possible., You live extremely well with GOOD LUCK--yet cut baking expense. Made by John F. Jelke Company, Chicago · For Sale Everywhere,. Wholesale Distributor-- --Hamilton Packing: Co.

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