The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on March 1, 1924 · Page 3
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 3

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 1, 1924
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 1,1924. THE HAMILTON DAILY NEWS, HAMILTON, THREE SOCIETY Seidel-Slarr Wedding. . ' Richmond Palladium-- Flickering light from gleaming whita cathf- duil candles in stalely torchiers and chandelabra created an atmosphere of quiet beauty and solemnity for the wedding of Miss Eleanor Seidel, daughter of Air. and Mrs. George Seidel and Philip H. Starr, son of William IT. Starr, whicii took place at 7:30 o'clock, Thursday evening at the home of the bride's parents on South Eighteenth street. Chains of twisted southern smilux we-ro draped Dorm Club Dance at Y. M. C. A. The dorm boys at thel Y. M.- C. A. gave n most delightful dance in the main auditorium Thursday evening that was Attended by a large number of beaux and belles. The Ehorlie Sharp orchestra from Oxford played most engaging accom panimcnt to the dancing. * · + Shrove Tuesday Dinner at Trinity Parish House The Indies of Trinity parish will give their annual Shrove Tuesday at ' gracefully along the staircase, and dinner on March 4, beginning doorways while the chandeliers were b.30 at the parish house. liowcrs of smilax and roses, i.arge baskets of Columbia roses were used throughout ths. reception rooms. AYhilc the _ guests were assembling .1 trio, consisting of Miss Mildred Schalk, piano; Miss Kathryn Gates, cello; and W i f s Mary Jones, violin played the "Venetian Love Suite" by Nevin and modulated into the Lohengrin wedding march. Tho brid«, upon the arm of her father who gave her away, entered and met the groom before nn altar arranged before the triple windows in the east room, consisting of banked ferns and palms with two largo baskeU of Cok'jnbia roses at each end and in front -of which two tall torchiers each containing eight cathedral candles. The bride was lovely in a shimmering white satin gown fashioned bask effect with a Bertha collar about the dropped shoulders of the drets, and with a long sweeping court train. Her veil, of rose 1 point and Dutchess lace, fashioned coronet stylo and ciiught with orange blossoms, was very beautiful. She wore silver footwear und carried n shower bouquet of roses, orchids, and lillies-of-the- vulley. Dr. Ross attended the Ei-oom. Dr. J. J. liae. pastor of the First Presbyterian church, read the single ring service. Following the ceremony the instrumental trio played lho Mendelssohn wedding rr.urch. ' Mr. nnd Mrs. Rudolph G. Leed-i were host and hostess for a reception, dinner, and dance at tho Richmond Country club nftc-r the service at the home. Tin: club house was beautifully decorated with spring flowers, pink and Invondnr sweet peas, and Ophelia roses. A huge "wedding cake placed on a terrace of greenery formed the centerpiece for the bride"s table. Over 100 guests were present at the dinner. Later Mr. and Mrs. Starr left for New York City and will return in several weeks and be at home in the I'clham apartments. The bride wore * * Woman's City Club At the March meeting of the Worn an's City Club which will be held Monday, March 3rd nt 3;00 o'clock ii: the Y. M. C. A.' Auditorium, the annual election of officers will occur. Reports irom the various committees will precede the election, A large attendance of members is expected. - PERSONAL PER Herbert Harr left this morning for Los AnKoleh *nd Tacoma, Wash, on business for tho B. nn dO. railroad . The A. R. M. "Convention Club" will give a ene-hre party Monday afternoon and evening, March 3, at Walnut Aid Hc.ll. The public is Invited. Paul Applegate of Cleveland, visiting his parents, MY. nnj M Harry Applegate, of South Third street. Mr. Horace Campbell goes to Cincinnati Monday whore he assumes positian as Cincinnati district salesman for the Guthman Candy Company. Mrs. L. N. Forbes motored to Dayton yesterday, accompanied by James Diefenbach, John Burton Todd am' Ernest Weaver, where they attendee the Southwestern ournament. Ohio Basketbal a traveling dress of dark trimmed with Antique frold satin braid with hat and slippers of brown. Mrs. · G. C. Morcy, the bride's aunt, was a guest at the wedding festivities, ns were Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Wilson, of Wyoming. B. G. R. Unit Have Regular Party Howard Gallaher. invited the boys of his division of tho B. G. R., together with their leader, Karl Reister and instructors Miss Turner and Mr. Woolford, to an initiation party at bis home on West Main street, last evening. Those assisting the young host in dispensing hospitalities wore his mother. Mrs. J. P. Gnllaher, hia aunt Mrs. Howard Ellison nnd sister Miss Thelma. A f t e r the very impressive initiation exercises, three clever contests, "The Colonel", "Tho Foot Potato Race", nnd the "Teakettle Game" were introduced and. pretty prizes were awarded the fortunate players, Orland Hoockand Rodney Reed. A delicious lunch of sweets and cookies was attractively served to the following guests: Orland Hooek, Robert Woolford, Clarence Pettit, Louis Frechtling, Herbert Brogden, Robert Scott, Kine Gibson, Fred Pierson, Charles T. Martin, Rogers ISikonberry, Earl Wiggins, Arthur Boliger, Rodney Reed, Wilfred Brogden, Law Kelly, Fred Lewis and Mary Lou Ellison. Whist Club Enlcruiond. Mrs. Nelson Spoer enjoyably entertained her \vhist club yesterday afternoon nt her home! on Sherman avenue. The prize, :i beautiful hand paint' ed telephone accessory, was awarded to Mrs. W. H. Han-. The dainty lunch following was en joyed by the club and two gucots- Mra. W. C. Fuller find Mrs. George Cummins. Mrs .John Heiser will ho hostess at the next mectink in two weeks. ·:· * · To Organize Clsis A group of young people, met last evening at the Y. M .C. A. for the pnrposa of organizing, a*Junior Historical and Nature Study Society. This society is an active one in the state of Indiana, and these young people melt in rtder to start such an organization in Ohio. At the meeting last evening temporar; officers were elected and committee chosen to start thcv work in Hamilton. · * · In Honor nt Visiting Gurst. Mrs. Fred Morncr, of Dayton, is trie house guest of Mrs. Jerry Walker nnd Thursday n delightful dinner and theatre nm! dinner party was planned in her honor.' The pi-sup Include'! Mrs .Morncr, Mrs. Walke, Mrs. Felix Slrnuh, Mrs. Jacob Weiss and Mrs. Kmhrrine Frechtling. Tho ladies dined «l th" Slnton at noon, and enjoyed ono of the big L11I-. -* *^_ CW^^M ^ AA ^^^^HM ^TM** ^* *^^ «^^^B* IW W ^·^··^B EAST HAMILTON ess invited her guests into tho dinning room. The tablo was artistically arranged and the beautiful fragrant lowers were given to the honor suests at tho close- of tho happy af- 'air. The, guests included Mcsdamea fhco. Kelisor, Joo Pater, Carrie Calill, John Kramer, John Weiglc, Will ileifrcrs, Joo Kramer, Ben Lammert, Herman Ebbing! and daughter Kath- ·yn, Frank Becker, Henry Succictto and William Pohlabclm of Covington, Ky. Church of the Nazarene 13th. and irand Boulevard Sunday school at 9 o'clock. C. M. Coylc Supt. morning worship and baptism at 10:15. Young People's Society at 6.30. Evening: services at 7:30. Reverend C. C. Chatfield will preach at both servicos.The The Young People's Society enjoyed most enjoyable evening with Mr. and Mrs. Will preach at both services. The Young Peopel's Society enjoyed a most enjoyable evening with Mr. and Mrs. Will King Friday. After tho business affairs hud been talked over. A social time nnd refreshments wore enjoyed. Miss Caroline Havicus had for her dinner guests Thursday, Mrs. Mary iavicufi anud daughter Edith. Mrs. Conrad Brickner, Misses Marie nnd Amelia Brickner and Hilda Smith end Harry Drury motored to Harrison Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ranner were guests of Cincinnati.relatives Sunday. HUNTSVILLE COMPARE RATE OF INCOME TAX Longworth Compromise Provides For 2 Percent Levy. REQUIRE TANKS FOR NEXT WAR nati, talked for two hours on tanks in which ho hud taken a most active part in nearly all tho big engagements of the recent war. The speaker's familiarity with his subject, his enthusiasm for tank service and the place it is hound to play in any future war we might he forced into, coupled with his energetic m a n n e r of , , , . . , , . . . . . . . . . presenting h i s details n n d facts a s Pretty tables with fruit cocktails illustrated by a large number of War and, a fine dinner greeted the forty Department slides, held his audience men who attended tho Hamilton Reto t n c p o j n t o f serve Officers Forum at the Y. M. C. r^^^Trrrr~T A. last night. Peace through Pro- ~--_^^_^_ remaining for two man reels of tank movies after t Uudy Abrecht handled the slid*; and reeln with his usual ability. , x The next meeting of the forum will be held in Room 205 on Friday Mareh 14, when Lieutenant Lex of tho Ordnance Department of tho regular' | army will tell of what is being done? with the mobilization of industry of the United States, a job now considered to he of greater prominence and, necessity than the mobilization of · Washington, March 1--A compnri-[P !lrC( inoss was the theme on whicii son of income rate) schedules .ipvol-' short talks were made beforo the ·red in tha tax fight in the House' tables were left for the address of follows; · the evening. 'The L-ingworth compromise, which! N i c k Bennett represented the Ham- was adopted on final passage of thc' i l t o n b °y* wtl ° navc attended the C. (bill, provides: Normal rates of 2 percent on net T. C. at Camp Knox and are enthusiastic over that form of training. $-1,000 a n d ' n o t in excess of $8,1100, and G percent on nil more than (lHat amount. Surtaxes: 25 percent less ' than those in the existing- law same brackets starling at on 1M the per HUNTSVILLE, Feb. 29,-- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rosenbaum of Kyles wero callers at Mrs. Kate Berries' and family on Tuesday. We are informed that on last Saturday while George Williams, who was moving from north of Princeton whore ho has resided' with his family for tho past year, to near Stockton, where he and bis son, Gus will farm some three hundred acres this coming year. While he and his son's wife were burning some rubbish nt their now home some dynamite caps that were in the burning trash 'exploded-burning and cutting him in the face and also affecting incomes not in excess of $4,000; 5 lieutenant John M. Crocker of the percent on net incomes more than j S i g n a l Rpsprv c "'! «f the activities of the Military Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. Captain J. Wesley Morris, Jr., of the 147th Infantry told of the success he is having with his company here. Senior Lieutenant Jack Confer of the Naval Reserve spoke of the present naval policy and of the extremely low cost to the government of the training being given the reserves of both tho army and navy and urged all present to let our senators and Congressman know just what wo think of that form of preparedness. Major George H. Gardiner of the regular army, executive of the 329th Infantry, went into some detail regarding the coming mobilization of the regular army, the national guard and the reserves on September llith! next. Major William J. Connolly of the regular army, executive of the 308th Engineers, urged all reserve of-! ficers not now taking the army correspondence courses to get in and see for themselves how real and how profitable and enjoyable they are. Colonel Joseph W. Viner, until recently a lifelong regular army officer! now n business man of Cincin- excess of $10,000 up to $12,000. The maximum rate would be 87% percent or. the amount of income in excess of $200,000. Personal exemptions: The same ns in existing law, $1,000 for singln persons, $2,500 for heads of families whose net income is not more than $5,000 and $2,000 for .heads of families whose income exceeds that arrount. The exiPtinjr law provides: Normal rate);: Four per cent on and than his son's wife in a from her feet up also face. similar manner her body nnd EAST HAMILTON, March 1.-Evangelical church of the Redeemer Pnrrish Avenue. Reverend Askan Slueler. German services at 8 o'clock Sunday school classes for all ages pt X English services at 10:15. Monday night important meeting of officers ind teachers of Sunday school at the church. Tuesday night regular prayer services and choir rehearsal Friday night meeting of church board. Saturday morning confirmation class at ;) o'clock. The church is surely growing in attendance nnd grace, ** yood fellowship. The indoor carnival for the boys Wednesday night was great 1 many mere will be given was Iccided by the committee. The mother and daughter banquet was won- lerful. The tables were beautifully ni-ranged and the menu consisting of roust pork, apple snuce, mashed potatoes, cream peas, macaroni, pickles, cream slaw, hot rolls, jelly, ice cream, cake and coffee was delicious. Reverend Askan Stuelcr offered STaco and the time spent about the festive board was merry. A splendid program followed and was greatly enjoyed. It was decided these banquets would be good for all each year and the committee in charge deserve great ccrdit. The members of the G. E. M. Club aUicre ( i at the pretty homo of Mrs. Frank Schuttti Thursday afternoon and enjoyed a most delightful time. At four thirty the hostess served u most tempting luncheon to her guests who included Mrs. John Albcrs, Mrs. Will Smith, Mrs. Henry Koehler, Mrs. Henry Lcouhardt.Mrs. Henry Mouse, Mrs. Charles Wopperer, Mrs. Spicdel, Mrs. Ricfcr, Mrs. John Hester and Miss Gertrude Mcuse. Mrs. HomM' Hungorford and son Dick, spent Thursday afternoon with her aunt, Mrs. Pearl Scuddcr. Mrs. Wcislogcl and daughter Pauline, loft Thursday morning for I»s Angeles, California, owing to the serious illness of her daughter who reside there. Mi's. Thomas Nelson who has been quite i l l , is getting along very nicely. Her friends wish her a speedy recovery. Among tho pleasant events in our midst this week none was more so than that on Wednesday afternoon when a jolly crowd gave Mrs. Philip Kramer a surprise at lho pretty homo of Mrs..Charles Duersock. Tha hours were merrily spent in music nnd chat and at four t h i r t y the h o s - ' Schlofnev. Charley Little was a caller in town on Monday. ' The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wciscnberger were visiting her father, Ed_ Joseph nud family of the Hughes farm west of here, while suffering from Pneumonia was taken one day last week to their home in Franklin by he parents in an auto, since which she has been reported as improving. Frank Ratz of the Hamilton Daily News was a caller at several of our townspeople's homes one evening the latter part of last week, soliciting for the News which he represents. Mr. and Mrs. George Williams of north of Princeton und son, Gus and wife of near Stockton were the guests of his mother, Mrs. Sarah Williams of this place on Sunday. Miss Hazel Barot of Monroe spent Thursday and Sunday with her homo folks at -this place 1 . Ralph Ring and Harry Barot of this place nnd Jack Rish of Near Kyles, were Middletown visitors on Sunday evening. Alec Ringciscn of east of Bethany was a caller at Mrs. S"arah William's here on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Mary Ring and daughter Edna were Sunday afternoon callers at the home of Mrs. Mary O'Neal and family. Carl Cheesman of Mason paid his grandmother Little and son Scott a visit on Sunday. Harry Little was unfortunate in losing n horse recently at the Hughes farm south of here. Harry Barot and Ralph Ring were Monroe Visitors, Saturday night. Mrs. Mulford of south of town was a caller on her grandmother Williams bore on Saturday afternoon. Wiss Rish, wife and sister, or ncar Kyles Station . were callers at Joe Rings' and family on Sunday evening. Reese brothers with their wives and families were callers at Mrs. Barots' on Sunday afternoon. ncomes not exceeding $4,000 8 per cent on incomes more hat. Surtax rates, a graduated scale starting at 1 per cent on t h n amount of incomes in excess of $6,000 and xcctfdinp; 510,000 up to 50 p er cent f the amount of income in excess )f $200,000. The Democratic schedule which was rejected provided: Normal rates: Two per cent on ncome-i up to $5,000j 4 pur cc'nt on Incomes! between $5,000 and fS.OOO md G percent on incomes more than that. Surtax rates: Graduated scale starting at -1 per cent at $12,000 and up to 44 per cent on the samei income in excess of $02,000. Personal exemptions: $2,000 for single persons and $3,000 for heads cf familios. The Mellon plan, also rejected, JOHN RIDGWAY ESTATE Ktlen M. Ridgway, administratrix of the "slate of John Ridgwny was authorized iti probate court Friday to sell a Dodge touring car at its appraised value, §400. WITT CORNICE CO. SUES The Witt Cornice Co. brought suit in common picas court Friday againsl the C. C. Fonts Co. for $470.90, said to be duo on account. A L I M O N Y IS CHANTED Marie Schlofncr, Hamilton, allowed Si a week temporary alimony- mul S25 a t t o r n e y fees pending lier suit for divorco from Don Have you investigated the CASH VALUE AUTOMOBILE POLICY Covering Fire, Lightning, Transportation, Theft and Tornado. with Property Damage and Collision. '_ IK NOT LF,T US CALL A N D E X P L A I N THE HAiWLto^"HOME TGENCY co. OFFICERS: . CIIAS. H, BROWER, President F. IX SIJELKY. Vice Prcs. C. W. SIMPSON, Secretary M A R K C. THOMAS, Treas. S. C. WHEKLKR, Manager INSURANCE^j-^- SURETY BONDS 5-6 SUily Block '210 HIGHEST. Telephone 480 Normal rates: Three per cent on incomes not in excess of $4,000,. 6 por cent on incomes more than that amount. Surtax rates: Start at 1 por cent at $10,000 to a miximum of 25 per cent on the amount of income) in excess of $100,000. No chancre in exemptions from present law. Tor Better Results' Use Daily News Want Ads. If Our Cash Could Only Talk- I T WOULD certainly put up a loud and long wail when we take it out of a good safe place--such as the Dollar Savings and Loan--and hand it os-er to some smooth tongued salesman of "get-rich-quick" stocks. Stick To 5% and Safety THE DOLLAR Saving and Loan Co. Corner 3rd and High Ground Floor Hamilton, O. ii'.'.'.lii'.iiJV.'.'.SSSS May We Offer Our Facilities to You? Our Plant, the best in your city, equipped with modern machinery and experienced employees, devoting their time entirely to one idea, The Dry Cleaning And Dyeing of Garments Why Not Take Advantage Of Our Special Prices. SUITS OR OVERCOATS DRY CLEANED and PRESSED Ladies' Work AJso Reduced The Hilz Bros. Co. Dry Cleaners --:-- Dyers --:-- Carpet Cleaners We Have But One Location--First Step Over The Bridge All loose dirt and dust positively will be taken out of 9x12 Rugs, during our special SI.00 FOR--SERVICE--PHONE--4 $1.00 "Say, Jim what do you know about t h i s ? We've got to put up a nickel for « m i l k bottle from now on! "Well, I don't SCR- why they didn't start that lonfr ngo. You know every vncant lot alongside of a new house is full of espty milk bottles, where \vc throwed J em. "The trouble is, nobody thought they had any value. But I seo where the milkmen have been losing a lot of money right along. "Well, I believe in a fair dcnl because we get our nickel back anyway, and at our house we try not to waste anythinK so we've no kick on tho 'Store Bottle 1 for milk-" "Guess You're Right, Old Top" Hamilton Milk Dealers Association At the Stroke of Nine Our Big Furniture Sale £Vic/s Tonight at nine o'clock the big sale of the season ends. If you are in any way considering purchasing Furniture, Rugs, Linoleum, etc., by all means, do it NOW. See Window Display---K-R-E-B-S Turns Houses Into Homes \mwmm HARD water is entirely unsatisfactory for your. home. Duro SOFTENED water is not only as CLEAN and, PURE as your city water, but also IDEAL for WASHING, BATHING, LAUNDERING' and COOKING. Water Softener Rapid-rate -- Upward Flow i Install the Duro Softener in ; your basement, connecting it t to your city water pipes -- it .' eliminates entirely the expense ^ of cistern and double plumb- " ing. The Duro upward-flow principle gives these advantage!! ' (1) Mineral ii held in suspension -- in downward flow types i t tends to pack. (2) Packing of mineral reduce) pressure -- Duro operates iuc- cesstullf where others fail. ; (3) Packing of mineral cauiei "channeling" which prevents efficient softening a c t i o n Duro softener is most efficient. (4) Rapid-rate mineral permits' regenerating in from IS (o 30 minutes -- other types tale much longer. Consult Duro dealer t forfrictt · and Jtntotulratitm or write ; THE DURO PUMP, MFG. CO. Dayton, Ohio Largest manufactures of Residence Water System* and Water Softeners.

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