Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1927
Page 2
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TH^ lOLA* DAILY REGISTER. SAi • I - V rate STRAXCJER. ' .Here's a tiailor come home ifoii J,-: j <lie Guineas; I : II J8 face is'as blacK. as a lebf; His eyes are like forests of dark; ncss; - \ liis hoa^t is a liotlied oC grief; ' Hijs •arms are like roots qf thb 1 -jungle; " : Ho has ladies tatoocd on liis skin, . And his clotUcs smell ot cinnamon Cardamom—tar. Oh, mother, may 1 let him iuV Nay, daiighter, go shut the door quickly , And como you straight hack to your tea, ,To the orderly cups in their sau- ccrs; . Your blue-eyed young brothers and me. , Lest a far-hidden creek tliiit none • knew of. ',' On a night of wfid h^ney und wine. Should lean down from tose dark eyes and waken The ghost that IICK sl('ci>ing Jn thine. —H. H. Bashtdrd in the and - ^ Atheneum (I-^ndon». ' ( •0. E. S. Club Chrfslmas I'liriy The Christmas spirit was sliown in many way.s at-the la.'il nu'ctiiig- of the y?ar of the Order of Eastern' Star club which was , hold in the home of Mrs. J. B. Kirk yester- <iiay;«fternoon. - ;Mrs. S. A. Ellis. i)re.sideiit. i>rt- Bided over the business meeting in yhich the club voted teu dollars for a Chfistmas treat of fruit for the children of the .Masonic liome k\ "Wichita; twenty-five dollars td' vard th6 endowment fund for tlie liome; and. five dollar-s; for the Big Brothers' fund of lola. 1 Eiicli member brought a gift lor the.children- •of the Masonic home.i ••.\merica"; " ."was sung.and Mts. Aiiii;i Herr. the newly electad ^worthy matron. Araerlfiin Lcpldn Au.vlllary i ' Holds Large 3IeetJng .4. reccjirt, atteu(|ance was at- the meeting cif the "American Legion .Auxiliary yesterday afternoon in Memorial hall'and enthusiasm for the new year's wor.k was tjie keynote. Officers (or the onsuing year were elected and will be installed at the next meeting which will bo held January 13. . Committees were appointed to looli after Christmas boxes for vet<;rans in the hospitals and for those whom the auxiliary has been looking after in lola. ' The new officers elected were: .Mrs. G. S. Lambetlii president; -Mrs. U L. -Northrup, vice-president; Miss Hazel Pierce, ot LaHarpe, -secretary; .Mrs. C. E. Newman, treasurer: -Mrs. Wnlter Maudlin, t'hui >Inrn; Mrs. .John Young, sergeant-at-arms, dnd '.Miss 'Elizabeth Apt. historian. •The outgoing officer:; are: Mrs. J. L. HairJ president; .Mrs. G. .S. Lambeth, vice-president: '.Mr.s. Harry Cook, secretary: Mrs; F. H. Ariiiold. treasurer: Mrs. C. E. .\'ew- mait. chn-plain: .Mrs. J. A. Morrison, sehgeant-at-arms; Mrs. O. L. Oari- inghouse.! Iiistorian, und .Mrs. .1. G. .Miftclbach. chairman of publicity. .Mrs. R. L. Tbomi'son, jr., and .Mrs. A. .v. I.^ird served refreshments. —S]>pclnl Sunday dinner, noon iiud eienhii.% .Mir. (.'>r. Kelley -Hotel. • • • HosfcKs <o Bridire Club .Mi.=s -Mary Crouch was hostess to tile menibors of her bridge club yestfjniay afternoon at a one o'clock lunc|ieon in tlie Kelley Hotel grill rooM). Poinscttias were the table decorations.. • Mrs. Frank .Mi-Carthy and Mrs. W. F. Seiieker were guests, and Mrs. Frank .McCarthy received the guest favor. .. The members attending were: r. B. K|>eciBl 89cW M«f«nic' Jhe U. B. Special diss of the United Brethren ichurcfa held^ its monthly social meeting in the home ,of SJfi'S. Frank Todd, of Wheeler HeS'^hts, .vesterday afteV- noon with Mrs'; Cecil Oliver as assisting hostess. • . The rooms were \ decorated in Christmas colors and £ CJIiriBtmBS tree. The usual, C)iTi*tina8 ,,t>px with. gifU- tor aJl. j^reaent vas. itu attraction. Ten members and seren guestfi were present, u ^ > .i .. FIdells Cltuisi Uurliiitnuiii Party Members of the Fiileiis class of the First Baptist church held a Christmas party yesterday afternoon in the, Baptist ttemple social room. ' The room was -decorated in streamers of red and green and a lighted Christmas tree from which there was an exchange of gifts. .Mrs. Fannie DeFore and Mrs. A. .Tackson were the hostesses. . '.Mrs. D. W. Robinson led­ votional period and the class members sang "Silent .Night." Flans were made to send; a Christmas sunshine baslfet to a sick -rrieud. The mcmiie^'s attending the party were: .Mrs. .1. H. Souerby, Mr.s. .\atlian Lcffie.-. .Mrs. U. C. Kidney, Mr?. C. ^I. Iloliinson. .Mrs. Jatnes MaKarnin. .Mr.s'. Flore Biggs. Mrs. F. Scott, .Mrs. E. Anderson, Mrs. Ira, .Morgan, .Mrs. J. C. Edwards, Mrs. T. E. Shanal:au. sind Mrs. Floyd ..McCratc. Eight children tWre guests. <• • • i'hilathlun C'IDNS Piiiy u SurrrxK The play. "Twelve Comical Country Cousiiis," given last night by the members of the Philathian class of tlie Uhtted Brethren thurch and coached by their teacher. Mrs. S. E. Dale..was a .social nud financial success. All parts were carried well and tlie proceeds "; will go toward a pledge to tlie buildijig fund of the cHiurch. with, a nitie margin left for other us'eful purposes. ! -^'Jss Grace Gillespie was buried • The girls in the piav were: Miss !'» '"^ cemetery here Tuesday. Her Jessie Class. Miss i Ruth O'-Neai. |''"'"^ ""^^ «f Ba>ar«l. but she .Mi«s .\lta (Jioat. Miiis Thelina Rob- AY BONING. DECEMBER 10.1927. \ I Wwlicn the seTentl<ilh congress ppeued: the otltcr' day these four women took their seats n the liouse (if reprcsntatives. liiey arc, left to right, top: .Mary T. N< rton, .New Jersey; jyirs. Edith .Noiii-sc; llogcrs, .Massachusetts; below, J is. John W. llaugiejc. new appointee from Ken- <ticky. and .Mrs. Florence P. ,Kahn. California. NEWS NOTES OFMILDRED Two Funerals Held In -^ViUred During Last Week; KelM>kahM Urv» ^nnirise Birthday Party for'T'wo .Hembers. vfcrought a thought of ChrLsimas in i Mrs, W. L. Cox. Mrs. Lloyd Carter, the reading, "Wheu fhnVimas is, ^ 15. Chevalier,-:^lrs. T. O. Only, a Few Days Aivay.'- i Cauatsev. .Mrs f. .\. .Swiugett anil ! MiBs Viola 'Dalgarno bud ( hars". | jj^ p .fo„eji «f-the 'program as ipUows: in-:'" ' .;. ^Ij,. etriiinental trios. '•.MiiiiK 't in B! r-. • u il.- IM „ „ i/-i .: . •CT... " "o^^ T i-^i™.. ' ^-Chu'kcii Pie Dinner and Christ&a ;i? jc^^.^Lr'^s.^i""- -'^ -.»ap^- audson Rumsey -.nd Frederick I ;J;'>:; '^''"^•J Green, with-LMiss (VIeste Griffith ^ ''jll.'-;:-'';.. at the piano: a musical leading.;,. .„*•,..... -Ifm Hm" and an encore bv Missi<"""*'^ "'^'•'K*' Adelaine Reid accompanied bv .Miss j ^'rs. Louis Sfhlanger. chairman: . iiicile Wagner: ami a iijano selec- I M >-8- C. A. Swiggett. Mrs. Mel .tion,v"The Flatterfc'r,- bv Johii I.v-|Proi«k and i \lis. W. S. Fees, com- jnari Sleeper. i POsed the hostess conimiliee for Mrs.- S. A. EUis was re-elected HI"* Country Club bridge party last Dresident: Mrs: C. C. Thomas, sec- i night. _ retary; Mrs. J. A. Milham, treas- tirer, aufl Mrs. H. H. >6hernian. Vice-president. Annual reports of ,. the; treasurer ^nd secretary were Bi^-tn. The hosttisses. Mrs. J. -B. Kirlf. JHrs.'A. R. Sleepe:r, Mrs. E. L. Cook. Mrs. F. J. Horton. Mi-s. J.T. Held. Mrs. .L.- G., Mrs. S3. A. Ellis. Stfrs. T; • Gj Watterson and Viola Dalgarno,- served refresh- Snents. Mrs. c; E. Russell, Mrs. Stanley Kirk, >lrs. P.O. Hanson. Mrs. J. M. lJlavlB^»nd. Mrs. Fred .Moore. guc-Sts, ])ecanie members at this meeting. The members present were: M«'.s- iriameH' Walter Arndt, C. C. AushiV- inan, Anna.Beard. Otho -Alexander., W. Bartels, Samuel Brown. Joe Bnrger. Dj U. Bur4nett. Clyde Can• ntsey.P. C. Class, O: L. Cox. J. F. JDcIapp. E. C. Cannon. S. A. Ellis, •il. W. Funkhouser. L. E. I'"V )ster, ^ert Fr.ver. G. M. Grover. Chas. jKlct^man. "C. A. Hubbard., Txjgan Hunsaker, Laura Hough. Wm. Hav- 'irkolte. J. H. Herr, W. R. Heylmun. 1C. M. Jewctt, W. H. Kins. G. M. Kerr, W; E. Lyons. W. O. Lenhart. J.. A. Milham. A. A. Moslier. .\. .\. l^aird, O. D. Larson. D. G. Mine- .Singer, G. J.'iMarr, Joe McKitiley. B. W. Myler, O; Q: Marsli. (.i. T. jPcterson, C. E. Pennington, (1. B. iRussell.; Wm. Porter. H. H. SheV- 3(»ian. E ; B. Smitli. W. E. Stirks. . H.^H. Stewart. Clias. V. ScOtt.' W. T. -.Thayer. C. C. Thomas. C. L. Whita- •jjer. George Vo.sse. F. .^. A\a(jner, Hurry ' Wagnor. O. W; I.,iwr<;nce, N: ,lkV; l^ffler.' W. L. Cox. R. L. . Thompson, jr.. A. .M. Duulap. K. D. Urununond. Aliss Lillian Cowley, and Miss Nellie AValters. Favors at bridge were received by .Ml*. C. L. Hoyi and -Mr. G. Ji .Marr. ' t The- club nu-mbers attending were: Dr. and .Mrs. X. T. Reid, Dr. F. L. B. Leavell, .Miss Ina Lcaveil, Misti Hazel Bowlus, iMesprs. and .Mesdames C. L. Hoyt. E. B. Cook. V. L. Kirk. Stanley Kirk, Frank .McCarthv. S. I. Sifers, C. H. Shields. H. Tholen, jr.. S. A. Bixby. A. R. Eiiliold. .1. G. Staiiler. H. .M. Palmer, Lloyd Carter. W. H. King. D. G. Mincsinger, G. J. Marr. D. C. Dullea and Charles' Gordon. _ ' ^4HE QUEST erts. Miss Aiiene FiihW, Mies Dor-. , bihy Fisher, Miss Edna IklonXgoni--!' er.v. -Aliss Josephine Black.l Miss ' Dorothy Black, Miss Lelus Brunell, .Mi^sj Ruth Masden and Miss Lavon Fishci'. • • I .iidie's' Aid Society Meett* Th.' l.jidies' Aid ..society of the United Brethren chiirch met Frida .v afternoon in the vcial room of the church. Quilting was done and plans for a bazaar and chicken dinner were discussed. The business meeting was presided over by tlie piesiiTent. Mrs. C. H. Wilson. Devotionals were Iwd'rby Mrs. Jane Boliii. (Miss Ella kirkpatrick was appointed .secretar.v pro tern. It was decided'to hold th(S bazaar and dinner at the church December 1."). and the following committees were appointed to presfdc: Mrs. .1. W. Knock and .Mrs. Mary Bishop. haziMir; Mr.«. Ruby Dale. Mrs. Maude O'.Neal. Mrs. Irene Fulton, Mrs. .Mary Fulton, Mrs. Avis Coblentz and Mrs. .Mattie ElUs, kitchen : Mrs. Lee Veteto; Mrs. Mary Smith. .Mrs. Etta Tweedy, Mr.s, Carrie niiver. Mrs. Vera Oliver and .Mrs. Opal Knfeck. dining room. • • Ynnng .Munied People's Cla'iv .Meets The members of thoYouifg Mar- rierl People's class of Trinity .Meth- oflist Episcopal church met last night in the home of .Mr. and Mrs. ICiiil Moore .\fter the. business meeting, games were played and refreshments were served. The members attending wcfre: Mr and 'Mrs. Hunry .Porter. Mr. and Mrs. WiJIard .\ustin and Mr. and Mrs. Lisle Hamilton.' • • • Others I on Program stayed in town for sonic time and was 'well known here. Tlie relatives have the sympathy of all. irtss Myrtle Listoii spent the "week-end with heir parents at .\Ita- mout. .Miss Mabie.Ford will, have a recital for her music pupils at Moran Saturday afternoon. Betty Barley and ArFene Sinclair, who take music lessons ot her. plan to go down. , Mrs. CiJarlolte Steiilbrook. who died at the home of.hei\ daughter in Oklahoma, was burled in tlie cemetery here Thursday. Rev. J. C. Lane conducted the funeral service. She was one of the early settlers here, having lived east of Bayard for many years, so was well known, and the t'elativcs have tho sympatlty of all. The Rebekahs took dinner and surprised Mrs. Ttom_Jvewis; and .Mrs. Floyd Wilson at the Lewis home, in honor of their birthdays, Wednesday. 3olh .Mr.s. Wilson and .Mrs. lycwis were glyen a hand- Iterchief shower, a delightful time was enjoyed. Sunday was Columbus : Wilcox's birthday and Lois Winnifrcd Warren was a guest at the. bfrthday dinner. Mrs. R. R. .Nevitt, ir.. and Delia Ann took dinner at John Sunday. .Miss Bmnw Long and Lois Winifred Warren stayed at Eugene Sinclair's while Mr. and .Mrs. Russell Warren were away. .Mrs. Busley, Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Harold Remsberg and son, Edwin, of LaHarpe. spent Friday with'.Mr. and .Mrs. Gill Ruxtou'.s. '.Mr. and .Mrs. Virgil, Daniels who have been living on a farm west of town have moved to town. Davy Patterson and Dean Keelon Barley's Several items of interest of the pr igrapi given Tuesday night ot thf: Current Evehts banquet for the members of the junior" club were not reported to the Register untji to<iay. Five-minute reports vere given by Miss Catherine Card on "The Master Degree." !>>' Mar- jigaret Hill McCarter: Mias Beatrice .McMurray on "The Glass Window,' by Lucy Furman; Ethelyn Leavltt on "The Giants of the Earth." by Rolbaag. .Miss Marvelle Clark Became a member of the Junior cltib, Thjr? next meeting of the jnnior cliib;^ will ibe a Christmas party December 20 in the home of Miss Evaiyn Breckenrldge. • On^le eusaXy moA of^ the Paramount Picture «CJ«UTg' jniocluced bjr Epne«tB.fic!hoodaa«*, axA went to K'Hhsas City the first of the week. Mrs. John .Barley,and .>Jrs. R. R. '.Nevitt.. jr., wenf. to lola .Monday. Miss Opal Hbath visited Miss Meribetb Ater Sunday afternoon. Buster Vutibirtb has been ill at Manhattan where he works and Jlr. and Mrs. Russel Warren went'up and brought him home with, them. Mr. Casteel and family have moved into one of Inez Wilson's houses. Ernest Davis, America's famous tenor singer, bf New York City and his parenU, .Mr. and .Mrs. Davis of LeRoy and' .Mr. and Mrs. George Ruxton visited at Gill Ruxton's Thursday. Mrs. R. R, Nevitt. jr.. and Mrs. John Barley «nd Betty attended the picture show at Moran. Saturday night. ,'^lr. and .Mrs. Jerry Hackett. who have been in lola at the home of bier sister. Mrs. Grant Shoc)cey while he took medical treatments, returned home Saturday. He is better but not yet able to be up. jThe neighbors went in Thursday and Ijusked corn for Link Dorsey, who.accidently ^hot himkelf a few weekis ago. He is able to be around^ but Uie doctor does not allow him to work much yet. Wanda Reynolds accompanied Miss Tholen >to Humboldt Friday and visited until Monday morning. .Mrs. Ira Norton had dinner with Preston Pitterson Sunday.. ' Cris Ronsick and daughter. Emma, took dinner at Will Feeney's in Humboldt Sunday. "The young, folks have organized an Epworth I.*ague to meet at the church each Sunday eren:ng at 6:30. The following officers have been- rtlected: Laurice Haberbosch, president: Viola Curley secretary: Kenneth Tremble, treasurer. Mrs. Charley Phillips and Miss Mclba Dean . went tp "Pleasanton Mpnday. Miss Emma Ronsick spent Thursday with .Mrs. Fred Schnable of KIncald, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Miller of Cilony. Mr. and Mrs. Ern MHlei' of Bronson. spent Sunday at Mont Miller's. . The senior class of Mildred high school gave a play entitled "Home Ties" in the high school auditorium Wedne «4ay evening. It was a good, play well given and a large crawd WM present The cast of rbaraclers "tollow: -Martin Wian.' Olen Bnrrls; -Leonard' "ETerett. 'Floyd- Heath:- Harold Vincent, Harold Dozer; Josiah Tinard.. Amor Jefferis;'Rntb Winn,. .Rath Brown; Alma Wayne. Robert Gafluup: Aunt MalliiAi. Wlmia.Brown; SJirs. Pi^lin. Viola Cuney; Linda Jitne. .Mary Hunsakej-. • ; Rev.; J. C. L:ine jireachcd ii pow- ei(-ful sermon Sunday on "The Unpardonable Sin," There were' several conversions at close- of the services^ He will preach next Sunday nigHt. JThe liadies' .A,id will have its bazaar Saturday' afternoon . and eVening. ' : The Sunday sclioOI will have a program^ and Christmas tree C iristmas eve. and there will'be .a tjjeat foi: the children. Mrs. U. D. .Nevitt bus charge of the program wi h ..Mrs. Ruxton, Mrs. McCor- niack. Coral and Laurice Haberbosch as assistants. JMr. and ..Mrs. Art Burris took their little daughter, Betty Jean. tO| Kansas City last week to cbn- siilt' the doctors at .Mercy hospital. She was in this hospital last stim- niler. ' : iTlie rock road wa.s nearing completion ^hen the storm came on. They were pouring cement near iite high school. , .StbobI Nole.s. " JAII of the grade roams are beautifully decorated in things suitable to the Christmas season. iMiss pollie V. Adams. ,county superinte^ndent, was a caller Monday. tholen's pupils gave a splendid program at cJiiapel Friday afterjioon. The following visitors were present: Mrs. Charley Merritieid, .Mrs. Robt. .Muir. "Mrs. fc-'i E. Harris. Airs. Frank Isaac, S s. Ru?sell Re>-uolds and Mrs. ury. Mrs. .Nola Hall visited, the school Friday. ^ • . -Mrs. .Mont Miller visited the sciool Monibiy aftefboon, and Mrs. Prfiston Patterson Tuesday. The gr,ade school will give an operetta.entitled "When Santa LIs- tciied In," December 23 in the high school auditorium, followed by a halt hour program by the high school. The entertainment will be gl\^en free as the school's Christmas gift to the community. 'i'he girls basketball team has or^jered new suits Miss Viola Cur- Ic.M is captain of the team. The high school deeply appreciates the iibfral contribution of the business men for the suits. On account of the inclement weather the parent-teachers meeting was postponed. "The, junior class pfesented an interesting chapel program' Thursday. Numbers of especial interest weici-a reading by Kdna Hntlon and a dialogue by Glenn Hulton, Joiiuthan .Hoslcy and Merlin Trlni- blel After the program Miss Grover. i who has been teaching during .Miss Eliott's abscnc^ gave an Interesting -report of scenes which, she enjoyed on her European trlpl or THE DAY Ctiff LsHirbUB Par^ues and Re- ^ or Eastern Ster Elects - OtfiMn. (Mrs. 0. H. Ford) i MORAN. Dec. 8,-fWhat an old- time blizzard -we did have, . and while the temperature was not muM^. below ^ero at any time, it waa I almost impossible .to keep, coukortably warm in the stove- heated borne because of bitter cold winds that blew all day. We were mighty glad and fully' risady for the marked change that came on Thursday/JmerpoonL ' Moranffriends extend their sincere sympatliy to Mrs. A. M. Smith and!,Mr. "Hank" Smith, in the death of their sister, Mrs, Charles Cole, ot Ibia, who passed away Thursday mprhing, aiter a long illness. 'I fcllff Liaughlin, who recently purchased thSsM, L. Slictlar property, is enlarging the iresidencc by completing the second story and when finished will add three ncw sleeplng; roo^s and «rith the mod- era conveniences to be installed this will be one of the very best homes of our little city.t The-Rev. and Mrs, Matliaei and Rev, and Mrs. Peck were! special guests at the missionary meeting Thursday afternoon at , LaHarpe, when the Missionary Society of the M. E. Church of LaHarpe entertained the M. E. Missionary society of Moran and the Presl)yterian Missionary society of LaHarpe. Mrs. M. LJ Sims whp has been here the pait week visiting her- cousjn, Mrs. W. E. North, and wiilij other relatives, expects to go to' Kansas. City Sunday morning and will leave there that evening for her home in California. Mrs. Sims had beeh ma dug an extended visit In Pennsylvania before coming here. ' Mrs. Fred Swisher entertained, the. San .Sou :i cliib at her hoiine Wednesday t fternoon and while the '^ery unpleasant weather prevented seven 1 members from attending, those who. braved the storm enjbyel a .fine afternoon together. The following ladies, made up the guest hist: Mesdames Wanda Shively. il aude Prettyman, .Min- 1 nle Kyger. i:iva Mendell, Edith Henley, Ina jWeast. EstheV McAdam. Yvonne Umphrey. Mrs. Elmer Efllh and Mr i. Claude Taylor. This club, will enj)y a ChrLstmas party at the home of Mrs. Claude Taylor at the mectiil; In two weeks. At the regilar meeting of the O. E. S. Tuesday evening occurred the annual e ectioni of lofncers as follows: Mi-s. Wanda • Shively, worthy matroi; Mrs. Nellie Bacon, associate, ma ron: Earl Knight, worthy patroi: Mrs. Olive Paul, secretary: Urs. yera 'Rogeris. treasurer; M '8. Pearl Wood, conductress ; and Mrs. Lllllap Brouillard, associate conductress. .Jqhn Rapp'jwho has been ill for the last two months, was ta^cn to the Fort Scott hospItaL-.Monday where he underwent a serious surgical op^ratiin and while he is very weak His physician reports bis oopdition. quite satisfactory and thinks he will soon be improving. Mr. Rapp has'undergone three.op- eratons; In the last Tfew years and it Is greatly to be hoped,he will in time be folly recovered.' Old fiends and relatives here enjoyed a* visit from Mrs. £^orace Paske. and the two yopnger 'children, lwh6 ca^te over from .Tflronto for a short visit the last^^ tjie week.. Mrs. H. R, Carr who has \ lieen quite seriously ill is now injprov- ing.' which is good news to her maby friends. 5 Instead of rebuilding their'^home a°s first planned. Mr. and Mrs. Seber have bought a seven rooiji two story residence in LaHarpe and if the weather permits . It win : be moved, here within the next few days and will occupy the -samV lo- catton of their cottage^ which is to be moved back from its folinda- tion as soon as th|e new bouse reaches here.; j Walter Cline] of [the local -Ford agency announces that the ' new Ford car will be on display in the show rooms of his garage Mosday, and the community will wait interestedly for the privilege of seeing it. ; WHO WROTE THIK.' A reader "f (he Register greatly admires the fi>:iow'n!j-vrr.ios, and would likf to tnow w-in Write them, if ;»iiy».nc recognizes them and can identify, the author- the Register would be glad to hear from him. Here is the poem: How iild Are Yoa.' ^ Age' is a quality of mind: 5 If you have 10ft your drcanm I)c- ihlnd, If! hope is cold. ^ If j-bu no longer look ahead..If your iiinbitious fires are dead. Then you are old. ' ; But if from life you take the best. And life you keep Ilio.lest— If love you hold— , -No matter how the years go *y, .No liiattar if Jhe blrthdiiys fly. ' Voii are not old. y 3^ Kobntik Lefl ? Q. What diiy of the weelc may a hostess select for her "day at home"? . A. Any dayof the week:Q. When should a"* man himself at .the Ubl«? A. After the ladies are seated.' Q. AVhat kind of clbtii is liot a mourning' material ? A- Satin. scat —Vanted to Buy: Clean 4hite rags at the Register. , Eat Meat For Health And to guai-iintce "purity bu.v only U, S. goVern- m-nt in.siicctcd meata—; as all of ours ai-e.. Pork Liver, lb. 5c Arnimir's Nuto]a, lb. 20c > Beef llounfis lb. ^20c M.&M. MARKET Meat That You Can E (k HAND MADE In family size boxes. 3'POnd box i-ilJ^H .5-Pound box . ^.rL _$2.5e CEDAR CHESTS Packed with Sifer'.s select hand made Chocolates $2.75 to f 6.50 GANDLES We have them at prices you will like. Don't forget (hat father, hrother tit sweetheart like to smoke and we have a fihe assoHment of cigars auid cig' aretics. v A few Vanity Chests anja Bridge Sets left. Get Yours Now—They wttn't last long. —If yon want to buy or bulldl city or suburban propert.v. The lola Building 4t Loan Association will make youSa loan, low interest rate, no commission. See G. E. Pees. Sccretary.-at old Register DUlldlng'^ southwest; corner of stiuare; 1 Gold Lettering. ; . The Piegister docs all kinds p goli lettering at nfoderate prices! In 'buying leather goo^s for Christ' mas gifts,^ keep us in mind. ' .» • I -For Real Estate Loai^se^ the Serurltf Bldtr. Sc Loan Asboc 'l^tfonL lold. Kit. Office in First Natl. Bankf MERRY fbi* ENTIRE MOTHER SISTER and BROTHER ORTHO-THERMAL GLADDENS the Hearts of AiiL —- To Mother it meahs relief in the work shop-^where she can prepare better Menu Layouts without daily Jiatieht watching and coaxing of an old, fashioned gas range. . T<!) the kiddies it means Health and Happiness * [for Wliat is CHRISTMAS withput that BIG DINNER, deliciously cooked to a turn. ' it's Cl^ristmas the Vear RlbiiJrid When Y6ta Gottk the NEW 1 GAR L A M H'' if Am Coibe in!. rp^ect our 'GREAT LINE ^d seeill^ Aii Whfte isna^eLJ Xma^Special .]_. %m

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