Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 17, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY 'SIOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN MONDAY, MAY 17, 1965. Some Blue Chips Show Weakness;!^ Market Declines Obituaries Citizens Urged To Take Interest Taxes Continued from Page One Jan. 1, 1967. There would be an intermediate reduction to 6 per Two Drivers Face Charges Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. A d m i t t Saturday: Mrs. John W. Hakala.' Hurley, Mrs. Milton Gustafsdn. 113 W. Pewabic St., Mrs. Mary Mrs. Jacob A. Stenman. 60 at tne age of 97 in 1951. Montreal, died Saturday night • Also surviving are five at Divine Infant Hospital, Wake-: brothers, Carl Gustafson, of. field, following a length illness.; Proctor, Minn.. Fritz Gustafson The former Fannie Emeila | of ironwood, William of Evans- Aug. 30. 1904 ! vine to re-: | tain a 5 per cent tax on passen-; i ger cars permanently as an im-i?. ..!Career Day for llQ • Students Auror& ^^^^ smsety ' ad Sunday: Bruce D. Ny E. Florence NEW YORK i API—Weakness Mattson was born Aug. 30. 1904! ville Ind and Harrv and Her Todav 1S Our Government ^nc^.vc ocu.. i. in a few blue chips put an ir- at Marengo . wis ., and atten cled: ™£ Gust'afson of Besseme, ' W' I" 1 *™' ™ichi g ain Johnson proposed. i nuc. * 1,1 u i n n »o iviiuuna, luou Hi. riuicuuc a\,., i — nt' Effective Jan. 1. of next year,, SE H^U'^ntT-S'nS! Debra J .-. A . m ' " B N ew ?2? J£* "Career Day." sponsored W . ., man ustason o essemer ---• ~- —- ........ ~ - , A^™,-..,.!,,., *„„» /-. ,~.,i * auuuu iu.o« a.m. iviuu*.,.*. « o «. . regular stock market lower on school tn * re . she was married Time. al services wfllbeheld Week observance and Ironwood Admission taxe - Complete , , h d wlth failure average early this afternoon. lApri i 28, 1926 at Bessemer to : Tuesday at 2 E m a the Pres Ma >' or Alfrecl Wriglnt ' m taking, lepeal including the tax on ad-| t h his * der contro , - about lu.du a.m. Moazeiew s K. i . Trading was fairly active,; Jacob A. Stenman. They resided slacking from a brisk early ; on the range and made their A decline of about 6 points by Mrs. Stenman was a mem-tery. The remains are at the , note of the occasion, has issued n iission i to certain movies the-j said Qfficers Tne accident hap . Lomas' oSciaUnl ^u' ' abatement urging all citizens to; fters, concerts. Lomas ° mcIatni 8-_ °u-; takp an interest in eovernment. l letic *- — dues. tion of US-2 and M-28, it was St., Mrs. Walter A. Revers, 301 held loday at the Luther L. W. Ash St.. medical; Gust Pen- vvright High School, with th« nala. Ontonagon, accident: Rob- i ron wood Rotary Club and other ert A. Sejbl, Hurley. Mrs. Pearl | community leaders volunteering "" their services to make this worthwhile project a success. Sophomore, juniors and seniors and ; Jacqueline Paulson, 217 E. Oak Following is Mayor Wrig ht's , uuu u» uo-* anu wi-so, n, v»ao, g.. surgery DuPont depressed the averages. b er of Trinity Lutheran Church.! Frick-Zielinski Funeral H o m e statement: ^ • es on^IbricauS^aS^electrfc re P° rted - . J Discharged Saturday Mrs. Ju- The issue had a big rise last Surviving, besides her h u s -! which opened today at 2 p.m. "Michigan Week was started es on ^micating O ii and «ectnc. investigating officers report , ja Pena f ovlch Hur f ey . Hjal _; week, partly in anticipation of band, are one daughter. M r s .j They will be transferred T u e s- in 1954 by a group of leading"| '" l " u ^r „'" Il l l ±, " p "' that Zeckovich, traveling on mer Saari ups'oir Uno Rundell : a directors' meeting today. Charles Behrendt of Ironwood, i day at 11 a.m. to the church to citizens interested in promoting 'f x on *™° ^ ri rfrimarilv tor Cnaney Lake Road ' st ?PP ed at , Bessemer; Paul Gustafson, Mrs' c- ,tr^n cfvootnvc hntiPri fnr th,-or, cidpvc n/Trc npvt Roimpr „_";_ „._.„ the general welfare of our great i J ies except tnose piimaiuy :oi the above designated point to pull OCBOCI11C1 ' rau ' "<««»«"'. ™>* state. This program has b e e ni truck use. the vehicle owned and driven by continued and has grown each Repeal of the documentary j Modzelewski out of the road- succeeding year. j> tam P taxes °" A. E. Verdi. 9511 Shore Road, "Today is designated as 'Our; 130 " 05 anc ! QcteQs Some Wall Streeters hoped for three sisters. Mrs. Bert Reimer He" in state. a stock split but directors de- of Marengo, Mrs. Leonard Lai- clared the usual dividend and tinen of Ironwood and Mrs. ,A p Verdi took no other action. Harvey Lahti of Iron River.;"- »•• *«•"• succeeding year. , ?»»"*' anu " A « „"" stocks and side Sears Roebuck and Eastman wis.: six brothers. Erland and A. E. Verdi. 9511 Shore Road, "Today is designated as 'Our| ou ' 1Ub d ' R | "*•« , wen. — ~ „ .„.._. Kodak fell more than a point Matt Mattson of Marengo. Wil- Brooklyn. N. Y., died Sunday Government Day' and the role A cul m locai ana. long-ais- highway, said luthorities. each, further dragging at the Ham and Waino of Ironw o o d, morning following a lingering ill- '•• of government in the lives of; ^ ance teiepnone•taxes nom iu to, Raymond j. Ludack, Ir o n- , and more occupati on» i were represented by more than All students reported to a gen- ditch The two vehicles cnar S ed Sunday: John Kansas blocking both lanes of the ijr '' Mrs " Anna Marlo «'- Mrs - era! assembly held at the Luther DiocKing ooin lanes 01 me w ayne Treder, Ironwood. - — Reynold of Babbitt, Minn., and : ness. Mr. and Mrs. John Luoto,' Michigan citizens receives spe-| 3 P e . r Steels worked a little higher Arnold of Fontana, Calif., and' East Fine Street, were informed. • cial attention, on balance. Motors, rubbers and two grandchildren. Mr. Verdi visited here during "In Michigan we enjoy . eiCe " the : . . tobaccos also edged higher. The Funeral services will be h e 1 d the past several years with his benefits of a democratic form of jJ'^ ar eac n Jan - | U1 . trend was lower among chemi- ' Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at Tri- wife, the former Helia Setula I government, elected by and for ! wiped ^ out entirely _by -------- f olof trnoiirTMror ^w^j <«<w>iv* « • .uuvcv* •_>*», *» w •» leieiypewmer wood wno was traveling on i^r^t-l tne highway, collided with the i per ceni_a. rear rignt f ender O f the Zecko- cals. rails, drugs, airlines and ;n ity Lutheran Church with the daughter of the late Mr mail order-retails. ; Rev. R. W. Heikkinen official- ' Mrs. John Setula. The Associated Press average |j n g. Interment will be at River- . of 60 stocks at noon was off .7; side Cemetery. Mrs Fred W Basket at 342.8. with industrials off 1.4,; The Ketola Funeral Home will rails off .3 and utilities off .l.|be open for visitation beginning _ 1S vich truck. Both vehicles were damaged but there was no and the people. It is necessary that' In keeping with his proposal' persona i injuries, according to ;all of our citizens take an in-, to expand taxes on those who tne off i ce rs report. ilerest in government. Since de- use roads, waterways and avia- ! mocracy is freedom and respon- i tion facilities financed in part. sibility it is vital to our well, by the federal government, W. Basket of 155 'being that we care about the-Johnson proposed that the DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. Admitted Saturday: Albert Brunk, Watersmeet, accid e nt; JL. Wright gymnasium at 1:0* p.m., where E. E. Zimmerman, unit personnel director of Northern Natural Gas Company, Om- Mrs. James Starkweather, Mar-'aha. Neb., gave the keynote ad- enisco, Mrs.'Frank Jaakk o 1 a , dress. Zimmerman is a gradu- Ewen; Edward Olson, Ironwood,; ate of Iowa State University and The Dow Jones industrial av-; at 4 p. m . Tuesday and Wednes- IE - Coolidge Avenue, died unex- kind of government we have. , present tax of 5 per cent on air; • |l/_ _|_ _ _J_ m . erage at noon was off 4.10 at j day at 10 a.m. the remains will i P ectedlv at her llome earl >' t0 ' "Each citizen has a specific i Passenger service be made per-j/5 W 60/7850 OV 935.52. I be taken to the church wh'e r e ^^ , . .job and duty to perform and if.manent. ... ; Mavnr Alfrpf1 wrio-ht hn/nrn n..- mi xi««» Tr,h,,c^v. o= PV. «.v._ _.. w_ ..; , ..„*:, *.:...- Funeral arrancemeiits are in- i, 0 ^ aa ,^t rin it it win hp rinnp. * * * Mayoi Alfred Wright has pro- 935. President Johnson, as ex-1 they may be viewed until time pected. formally submitted to' O f services. Congress his bid to cut excise taxes by nearly S4 billion. There' j flco u j Wallenius seemed no apparent response! JacoD J - wanemus from the market which analysts; Jacob J. Wallenius, 74, of 424 believed was in another consoli- i Van Buskirk Rd., died of a fln- dation phase following the climb: gering illness Sunday morning to record highs last week. , , . Funeral arrangements^ arejn-. he does not do it, it will begone.; Kim Hebert, Ramsay. Lisa Lanala, Bessemer, Richard Valesano, Wakefield, medical; admitted Sunday: Louis Leoni, the University of Minnesota. He is a former professional sco u t executive and has had extensive experience in the training of in- Gile, Mrs. Ann Riekki, B r u c e j dustrial personnel. Prior to his Crossing, John Bonovetz Sr., j present position, he was a place- Ramsay, medical. | ment specialist in industry. John Discharged Saturday: Dav i distranahan of GO-INC introduced and Louis Paulman, Carol West-! Zimmerman. ern, Bergland; Mrs. Russell _„_._,„- -, D . . — • JJCUUCO iJ»Jli UU 1L, 1L Will. W«—V*V»*i*-*- " » i _j TST J *3 -»» t r\ - -• t —.-j^-^--.—-, .. _ - complete, according to the Me-' Yo u are a very important per-' He also recommended that : claimed Wednesday. May 19, Wilson, Mrs. Clarence Hendrick- Kevitt-Kersnner Funeral Home son. We nuist stress this thought Congress approve a highe —- ABC-Paramount attracted attention through the report of an j May 6. everv American Th e r e' estimate for the interstate, high-1 recognition of the importance of ! are"countless examples of how'way system, an estimate now ! having an active and vital Cham- Ithe whole world of science, reli- up by $5.6 billion, and that it ber of Commerce in Ironwood. gion, and government has been i authorize the necessary ap-'J" making the proclamation, B deter- '• propriations to complete this | the mayor expressed the desire 1 system. j that all business firms that are We must reassert a funda-j The President said existing! called on that day will become driven Al Skyraider fighter-' . . Dh i losoDhv of our gov .| user taxes will provide nearly $2 'members of the organization, bombers, one was a U.S. Navy. ovniT , Dnf ^ Name jy that our gov .|billion of the.extra costs, leav- 1 "The Ironwood Chamber of| Continued from Page One v»1E3ur*£: ««.";•. ™ «';*'„-«= been a patient sin c son, Bessemer; Mrs. Martha Pikka, Kauko Lehtinen, Lesl i e Stevens, Gust E. Maki, Wakefield. Fishing Proves offer to buy some 125,000 shares He was born in Vaasan Laani, ^ ni " r ,±. du ". ,r a . ncd uu ,, 0 7 e 4 i eminent. Namely, that our gov-j billion of the^extra costs, leav- *"* " na , « n env ahle rer at 64 a share. The stock ad- Finland, March 30, 1891 and ml-- 1 ™ Clusadei & . and ° e , ernment exists for the indlvldu-,mg about S3 billion to be raised i Commerce has an enviable lec- at $64 a share. The stock ad- Finland, March 30, 1891 and mi- r .° ^ ua " uc ' J« «"» ™» ^*, eminent exists for the individu-, ing about S3 billion to be raised; ^ " i ' „„„„nth« «t- « *i, vanSed more than a point. grated to the United States at an! single-engine Vietnamese «Pot-| al citizen and not tnat the indl j b y extending some user ^xes\^ot^oi^\^men^tort^ _ . • . . _.., , :.. _-«.:.._ ° ..,.. ... .,„ ^ ^,... ter olanes. _. : .,.._i ...i_ t _ t n,« „*„»„ r\*,\,, : hoimnri tnoii- nvpoont pvr\irat-inn i betterment of our community vanced more than a point. Prices were mixed in active trading on the American Stock Exchange. Corporate and U.S. govern- I grated to the United States at an early age directly to this area. m <-in^n. <.<>^» v..«v ...~ ----- , -„ ------------ „ ------ ----- ------- , v> _ f( ._^, v ,__ f vidual exists for the state. Only! beyond their present expiration i " erl " e " .. . • . . anri 94 viotnam . r .. n m n a ri He had been logging and farm- ' A helicopter and 24 Vietnam- , le n date by incre asing some of , Their efforts m promoting and iiv, jic»v» uv.wii luggiiig cauu touii Rlrvrolrtorc \vprp ricnTUKTpri ""**" "- "•• v f ____ _____ ,._.. -jrivorfiainor Trnn«rnnH nnt rnilv QC ment bonds were mostly unchanged in light trading. Stock Market NOON QUOTATION! ing in Erwin Township. On Nov. 22, 1915 he was married to Hilda Pesola at Ironwood. B57s stationed at Bien Hoa were not damaged. d ! ma lff •, about the kind of government we, these taxes, or both. | advertising Ironwood, not only as She died in 1940 Surviving are three sons, Arvo pif'pV ! of San Leandro. Calif., Harold eiie " I and Eugene of Ironwood: two . daughters, Mrs. William Krajew- i ski of Rothschild, Wis., and I Mrs. Harlan Kamke of Sc h o- field, Wis.; two brothers, Emil Mo0re said , the loss of ^ ai ' c ™ f Wl11 ave a ne . ll B lbe .have on a local state or na-i For one thing, he asked thati an outstanding shopping center, tional level will we continue to | the date for reducing taxes ear- bl 't m the field of tourism and ibe a free people. i marked for the highway trust: recreation, and as a good loca- "Todav in Ironwood we are ; fund be extended from Sept. 30,! tlon for new industry, hasi :t on military operations in havi ^ ne sturtents of L. L 1972, to Feb. 28, 1973. For anoth-! marked us as a progressive and near future." Replacements j Wright Hlgll School and st . Am - er, he proposed imposing more j forward looking city," Wright 1 DC 111 V1CL .W Hill 111 3 IIlciL'"! t TT:™!,. rirtl^^.^1 «!««*- r><t imi^ ito*»»* t-o^^oc* rtv* l^tiotrir 4"*»i ii*»lre? 4-rt • SulO > "The business and professional men who give so generously This wouid'be'done by raising ° f their time in serving on the Nine fishermen were fined in Iron County Court at Hurley on charges of taking game fish in excess of the daily bag limit. Judge Arne H. Wicklund ordered the following bail bonds forfeited: Frank Lamar, Milwaukee, r of hours," he said. He said the blasts left the air _ High brose High School elect seven j user taxes on heavy trucks, to city commissioners. They will i bring in about $200 million an- •s^ffig-^^iTb^;^^^''"^ serve as mayor, mayor pro-tern, su-ip umihctuic d it commissioners. They operating from ... ni * Qnnniritrnpn tc nf n t,hPr sactions on the New York Stock The funeral will be heir" Tues- at 1:30 p.m. at the St. Paul air an make appointments of other '< students to various city offices. By actually working at city gov- ; ernment and by conducting a nually until 1973. the tax on diesel fuel to 7 cents board of drectors and on various from 4 cents a gallon. Increas- committees are to be commending the weight tax to $5 from $3j ed -" he concluded. a thousand pounds on trucksi Allied Ch Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Bait & Oh Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cent Can Copper Rng Det Edison Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Oerber Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Hamm Pap Inland Stl Inter Chem Int Bus Mch Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mont Ward NY Central , Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Brand Std Oil Ind Std Oil N Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up. D—Down. 'launched a f of raids ^•3* "* ment will be at Riverside Cem- V ; pt rr . ncr tm-ppt^ inside south •"""• ^-H—•— 46 ! 7 * .. t/ etery. .y 1 ^ ^°^ taigets inside boutn insignt into cily 69V4 ' 8 K The K( ; t0la . F . uneral Home wil1 U.S. Officials in Saigon again 5L 0pe ".l°i:.! Slt 5 10 " at . 5 J 0d ^i refused to say why the raids on Activities able experience and gaining an 35V4 D 34 °" u luca ""* aL 1U a - U) - ine ! North Viet Nam had been 37'. D 's ^" ia ^ s w , be taken to the stopped. Reports have said 24 D ?i|3i u JS W1 .f ef , theyf may - be Washington halted them. 68'/i> U Vi i V1CWed untl1 time of servlces - The New York 54>/a 79Vg U Vs 59% 54 U Vs 423/4 U »/4 36% D Vs 76% U Vi 259Vi D 1% 166V4 D *-a 59Vs U Vs Warning Given About Dogs ubling the tax on tread rubber $30; Don Herber, Milwauk e e , $30; Clary Engle, Wauwat o s a, $30; Hurbert Schultz, Menominee Falls, $30; James David, Milwaukee. $30; and Victor Schoenike, Merton, Wis., $30. Roy Foryan and Eugene Schi- School Supt. R. Ernest Dear and Jack Jacobs, representing the Kiwanis Club as vocational chairmen worked with John Ostrom, guidance and stud e n t personnel director at the high school, in making arrangements for the program. From 2 to 3 p.m. studen 1 1 with last names from A through K attended the career of their first choice during this session. Students with last names from L through. Z attended the career of their second choice during this session. From 3 to 4 students with last names from A through K attended the career of th e i r second choice during this session and students with last names from L through Z attended the career of their first choice. Resource persons who aided in Career Day were George M. Kahara, accountants and bookeep- ers; James Rowe, acetylene avo, both of Hurley, also forfeit-j welders; Ernest Niskala, aired bonds of $15 each on the lines and stewardesses; Jack same charge and Philip DeFrancisco of Stickney, 111., paid a fine of $25 plus costs of $5 on the same charge. Jacobs and William Cloon Jr., attorneys, lawyers; Charles E. Gotta, automobile repair m e n, mechanics and salesmen; Rob- Oinas Infant twn mnnth niri «on month old son »* H »» Mr. and Mrs John Omas, Bruce • B°« Ia ™ ifrom Washington that the Unit-i Gogebic County sheriff Axel user charges are enacted. 'ed States had temporarily sus- E - Tenlen today urged residents. ,.?*,„ f ' the air strikes as a sign > of the various townships to On users of the inland water-; The Newport Home S t u d y j A11 of t he arrests were made ert Kovacevich and Mrs. Mayme to 10 cents from 5 cents a j Group will meet Wednesday at ^y Wisconsin Conservation Offi- Laabs, beauticians; Steve Pop- pound. 11:30 p.m. at the Newport School. cers ovich, bookkeeping and machine The President said he will; Mrs. Dominic L o n ghini will , operators. recommend that the size and! give a handicraft demonstration I n , f . '_. . . -| Don Rhinehart. builders, cab- weight limits on trucks plying and will display articles she nffpf/V I O//I | inet m a k e r s and carpenters; Ithe interstate system be raised has made. Election of offic e r si **' fv> ' ' 7 ' VIM i Robert Johnson and George as soon as just and appropriate will be held and plans for the! The Kimball Men's Club will ;Lee> ban kers, tellers and cash- group's picnic will be m a d e. Hostesses are Mrs. Longh i n i, William Jobe Jr. and Mrs. 1 "' i » L " keSSalaa , f ening: with the rth Vetnam spring and summer months. k-1 -j v^i vii\- mitAttv* ** L«UV»L ' A , TTlt jlikeep their dogs tied or on a ways, Johnson recommended j Aluon * ln co. leash at all times during the imposing a 2 cents a gallon tax The Knights and Ladies of Ka- on fuel. He noted that no user, leva will meet Tuesday night at; have a work bee Tuesday eve-1 iers '. Bern ard Krause and Rob- nmg, starting at 7, at the Eagle ! ert Lynili civil service< state and Bluff ski area. federal; the Rev. Ralph Dirksen and the Rev. Kenneth L. A meeting of the Iliawat ha , NerenZi clergy and rel a t e d Association will be held cnurch work; Mrs . Rudo j p h fV\ie- Airomtinr of ftto Qr*r*vr _ *^ evenli e a the '"' B The Times said Secretary of He said .urmerous ^complaints charge of any ^^^^K^HM^^wmi^ here. All i.Uerested ?h^ e fn?nn!? a H.« be Si fvo^S State Dean Rusk was believed have been received about d o g s now on those who travel these, meet at 7:30 and the women at y ' " SS - Burvl him besides his par- toave cited this in proposi running loose and damagi n g waterways and the proposed tax ; 7. Lunch will be served. ' further discussions on Viet Nam gardens, particularly in the Sun- would recover only small sons to attend. per- .,„,„ — .- uui viviiiK iiiiii ut:oiuc;a iiid u«i- . ^, . . . c-^f ta/ir,/-] o».ao amnimt nf nnpranno' onrl main I * ** 82% D % ents are one sister, Joann;. one;t° Soviet Foreign Minister An- set Road aiea amount of opcia ing a _ ld ma ^ I Lodge will meet Tuesday night .063 B U 1/2 brother Jefferv his nater n a I drei Gromyko in Vienna Satur- Shenff Tenlen said that if a tenance costs 01 the wateiways. at 7 30 at tne Odd Fellows Tem- 51 U % I ;«nH e ,o'thfr ^,, ALf-f «i " a ; day. , complaint is received, officers of Johnson sari these costs _,. ReDorts wlu be ffiven on the Lorenson, cooks, bakers, waiters and waitresses; Dr. Doyle Hoopingarner, Dr. Rex. H a r- Lily of the Valley Rebekahi The Bessemer Business and 2™ ^.^ons 0 ' s^edaTfsTs Professional Mens Club, Bes- —,-,— t :_ t _.^:,i--.... £,..= ... 51 U 37% 66»/4 D Vi 56'/s U Vfe 45'/2 D Vi 43 3 /8 U Vi 38 48Vz U 1 93% U 60% U 61 l /s U it i cr^nrifotv,^ T^h,,/-«i« o *oav ' complaint is received, officers of Johnson said these costs' le Rpnorts will be sivpn on thp fiSSSSSbSS.'WJimiJiJ*. omcla.s i^v^na 5 a,c, u« department -,,_ pickup U,= amount *****<*•» ^Jta. S.S^SC £."£££ .^ '/8 57% 82% U Vs 38% U Vi 36% D V4 57 U '/8 79 U Vs 43% U Vs 58% D % 44 U \4 72 D 80% 42% D Vs Vs grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Al-; Rusk brought up ex Limoshuk, also of Bruce | m B n » s meeting Crossing ' but the Russian refused to be j Funeral services will be held: drawn into the subject. How-j at 11 Tuesday morning at the ever - Gromyko discussed Vietj Brown Funeral Home at Bruce Nam for two llou rs Sunday with Crossing, the Rev. John Linna of Drench Foreign Minister Mau- to claim the animal. Funerals Trout Creek will officiate. rice Couve de Murville. French' sources said Gromyko , EDGAR PERRY ments in the waterways. inVCSt " | ^ r ^ eph - J ° neS and MrS ' R! Johnson's first disclosure Sat-! urday on his plans to reduce the | The last general meeting of excises won immediate approv- the Hurley District Parent- semer Township, will meet Tues- and dentists; Gilbert Trier, druggists; Kenneth Long, engineer- day evening at the Rams a y. j ' Don A ti *' A1 T l r\xtfr» TToll A r»Hir>l^pn ov\H cno_ ' o' ^* '** Town Hall. A chicken and spaghetti supper will be served beginning at 6:30. al in labor and industry. The auto and telephone cuts were hailed by management Albert Kinnon ! added almost nothing to the • Funeral services for Edgar! and labor leaders, although an views he expressed during his I Perry, 76, of 232 S. Curry St.,] auto manufacturers spokesman Albert Kinnon, 62, Upper Pen- recent visit to Paris. There he' who died Thursday, were h e 1 d in Detroit said it was viewed insula representative of the Fed- said that peace is impossible in < Saturday at 3 p.m. at Wesley wit h "mixed delight" because eral Land Bank Association for ; Indochina unless the United i Methodist Church. The Rev elimination of the auto tax had 34 years, died Friday at Escan-1 statss withdraws from South i Frank Leineke officiated and' been the hope. aba, where he resided at 11121 viet Nam. interment was at Riverside Ce- Senate Democratic Leader First Avenue, North, for the past' The foreign ministers were in ' metery. 16 years. He had been ill for six ! Vienna for the celebration of the j Serving as pallbearers were months. jioth anniversary of Austria's i Percy Drew, Garfield Moon, Mike Mansfield of Montana immediately backed the plan. Senate Republican Leader i/ 2 j Mr. Kinnon was born Dec. 1,1 postwar independence. Richard Robins. Ike Wat s o n, | Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois. 1902, in Laurium. He resided at! North Viet Nam rejected j John J.-Searle and Charles Cle-i bedridden over the weekend Houghton for many years before i President Johnson's renewed! mens. because of a stomach upset. moving to Escanaba. offer for unconditional talks on j Out of town persons attending: was not available for immediate 78Vi D 136V2 U 52 U Vi mer Johanna Lampi. one sonjty paper Nhan Dan said John-'and Mrs. William Prisk, De- and three daughters, two sisters j son's speech Thursday "is only • troll: Mr. and Mrs. Richard and three brothers. Two of thei a maneuver aimed at preparing Wills, Battle Creek; Miss Doris brothers are Arthur and Elmer i.for still more brazen aggressive Orchard and Mr. and Mrs. Er- CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP)—(USDA) Hogs 7,000; butchers steady to 25 lowrr; 1-2 190-220 lb 22.0022.25; 58 head at 22.50; mixed Surviving are his wife, the for-; Viet Nam. The Communist par-i the rites included Mrs. E. Perry comment. Previously he had indicated he would support such action. WASHINGTON (APi — The of Bruce Crossing. Fu n e r a 1 services were held | aggressors." ; and war-seeking acts of the U.S. nest Orchard, Iron River; J.D. l excise taxes of 10 per cent col- Teacher Association Council will Events bheld a Murp h y First Presbyterian. A 3e held forestry; Reginald Trudg eon, insurance. Edwin J. Johnson and Robert Immich, journalists, newspaper work and reporting: Sgt. Cosmo rph hu * High School Cafeteria tonight 8. Installation of officers will be . .. _,,.. ,. held and officers, delegates prin- > D ^ tne Rutn ana cipals and superintendents are j c asked to attend. The Hurley; Wesley Methodist. Esther Cir- j areas, therapists, medical secre- Elemenlary PTA will be the i cle will meet Wednesday at 2itarys: Edwin Quistorff, musi- rum-! brarians; Gustave Swanson, machinists; Sister Mary Luella, , Sister Mary Irmina, Sister Mary ou " Edmund, Sister Mary Leontine and Frank Drazkowski, medical host group. p.m. at the home of Mrs. G. clans: Mrs. John Novak, nurs- Bethel 19 International Or ' Moon ' hostess; Sarah Circle will ing; Walter Paynter and Sec J. der of Job's' Daughters will' meet Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Violetta, office workers; Gilbert meet Tuesday night at'? at the' tne nome of tne nostess . Mrs - Woodcock and Gerald Kinnunen, Masonic Temple A pizza party i J ames Rowe, with Mrs. Don photography; Robert Olson, Wil- will follow the business meeting j Austin, the assisting hostess. ham L. Johnson and Paul Kend- with Karen Nelson. Carol Pe-i St. Paul Lutheran. The Chan- JTng ;. . radio Broadcasting; Jack terson and Linda Wright serving! eel Choir will rehearse Tuesday ;" nt » lcri > ietan sa ies Mrs. Shiri night at 7. Priscilla Circle will ^ Johnson social workers; ° ' on the committee. u t g e r The Sleight Parent-Teacher As-! n ;> eet Tuesd , ay night at 7:3 ° in the Frances Smith . • 1 <" 11 ' ouiim, « Hostesses are Saari and Mrs. 1 Dunstan. Mrs. Ben Shur m a k lected on retail sales would be sociation will meet tonight at 7:30. with an executive board | meeting at 7. Installation of offi- ; Abe Wheeler. cers will be held and a musical i Bethany Covenant. The Cove-; program will be presented by nant Women's Auxiliary w i 1 1 ! R Arno Lugviel, teaching, , school 5> high * this morning at the Allo Funeral; Nahn Dan said Johnson is ; and Mrs. Lawrence Cox, Grand eliminated July 1 on handbags, j flight School band stude n t s., have a work session tonight at; Twilight League to mis morning ai me AUO Jfunerai; Nann uan sam jonnson is anu jvirs. j-iawrence uux, uranu »-""•""»«.« umjr ^ UH imuuuaga, "-- ~ ~.~ . ------•,-—.- « -~- -—=— --: k . - ... C h a p e 1 in Escanaba: Tuesday, mistaken if he thinks he can'Rapids, Mrs. Nellie Davis. Bes-1 luggage toilet articles and jew- Mothers of children in the two ,7 in the church parlors, and Meet On Wednesday thp remains win hp at. thp Rrnwn "Bniit. thP snriniisi " sp.mer. and Mr. and Mrs. Edffar eli;y. first grades will serve 1 u nc h j the choir will rehearse Tuesday ! Members of the Women's the remains will be at the Brown l "split the Socialist countries." semer, and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar 210-250 Ibs 21.00-21.50; 250-270 Ibs 20.50-21.00; 1-3 350-400 lb sows 18.25-19.00; 400-450 Ibs 17;75-18.50; 2-3 450-500 Ibs 17.2517.75; 500 - 600 Ibs 16.50-17.25; boars 13.50-14.50, few to 15.00. Cattle 10,500; calves 25; slaughter steers steady to 25 lower; two loads prime 1,225-1,340 lb 29.75; high choice and prime 1,150-1,375 Ibs 28.50-29.25; Choice 1,000-1,375 Ibs 26.25-28.25; mixed good and choice 950-1,300 JbS 25.25-26.25; 10 loads high choice and prime 950-1,125 lb slaughter heifers 26.75-27.00; choice 800-1,100 Ibs 25.25-26.50; rhbstly 25.50 up; mixed good and 'choice 750-1,050 Ibs 24.5025.50. ' V CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago 'QQ. 2-3 Funeral Home in Bruce Crossing ; The President had suggested Wills, Antigo, Wis. Mercantile Echange Butter •MjWM/. wholesale buying prices upchwig«d. Eggs: 70 per cent or letter Grade A whiles 27V a -28Va; mixed : ,27 i SjWJ8V / 2; mediums ltA1/ -' ftandards 26; checks 22. 1 %, •'• • '•"•••• •< HI for an hour, from 1 to 2 p.m., i Communist China was keeping preceding burial in the BrucejNorth Viet Nam from negotiat-!pk_.__ M __ n M«« U.. r f crossing, cemetery. ing. Ontonagon Man Hurt W < BESSEMER — Gustafson, 67, West US-2, died Saturday at 9:30 p.m. at the Di-| vine Infant Hospital, Wakefield,; where he was admitted about a month ago. He had been in failing health for the past six years during which time he was hospit- j alized periodically both locally i and in Duluth. i Born here Sept. 28, 1897, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Malcom Gustafson, he was reared here and attended the Rusk in testimony made public Saturday told the House Far irri,,,o,.rf „, i Eastern subcommittee March :rv . S^J Z, 31 he believed Red China did ^^ |n Auto Accident » elr,y Excise taxes levied on the manufacturer, ranging from 5 to 10 per cent, would be eliminated by July 1 on business machines, sporting goods, radios, television sets, phonographs, - Gust Fennaia,, records, musical instruments, '" "^ Grand cameras, film, photo equip- n with Mrs. Philip DeRosier, chair- • night at 7. rnH a n co-cnairman. Members of the Women's Twi,,.,,:• l[ ? M Golf League of the Goge- MiiaKov i c n, Sa|cm Luthcran> The Naomi bic Country Club, planning to at- I Circle will meet tonight at 7:30 tend Wednesday's meeting are The Ironwood American Le- ; in Fellowship Hall, instead of at; asked to phone in their reserva- gion Auxiliary will meet to- 8<-a's was reported in The Daily tlons. They are to call Mrs. night at 8 in the Legion club-loirbe Saturday. Lunch will be Bet ty Kolesar 932-1121. At the rooms. Gold Star Mothers will, potluck with Mrs. Fred Roberts • firs t meeting of the seas o n , but to in of these desires will DIIC we he said. auto accident Sunday about 6:40 ers: electric, gas and oU ap- ^ rved bys cSmmtttee « m onnm-Hmo- tn th,. report of pHances: fountain pens, me-! commuiee. Aurora Club Break-in Being Investigated honored at a special pro- in charge. Zion Lutheran. The church choir will rehearse Tuesday night at 7. Salvation Army. A Young People's meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday. St. Michael's Catholic. St. , Katherine Trappa was elec t e d Sheriff's department. matches and'' playing• cards.""" ! Gumey TrODDer Fined The extent of injuries Is not T he present 10 per cent on For Tons' Violnrmn known at this time, said offi- passenger autos would drop to 7 9 Yloianon cers. p er cent July h ancl to 6 per Roger Adamovich, Gur n e y , Thc accident happened on the cent in 1966 then 5 per cent Jan was fined $ 15 P lus s5 ' n Iron Francls Circle will meet Tues- 1 Black River Road, about one i t 1957. ' ' County Court at Hurley. day night at 8 at the home of Ironwood police departm cut: and one-half miles east of its ' The direct retail excise taxes Judge Arne H. Wicklund Mrs. Felix Graykoski, Wilson officers are investigating THE WEATHER Ti:.MP|..IlATt RF.ii IN IRO.VWOOD .Monday, Mny (;. loss. For 2'l hr. period ending nt 12 noon 2 p.m. 39 10 p.m. 39 R a.m in 4 p.m .17;Midni s m 40 8 a.m. 3S « p.m. ao 2 a.m. 41!lu a.m 40 8 p^m. 39 4 a.m 4112 noon 63 a intersection with the Airpo r t also would be ended July 1 on O1 ' clered tr | e fin e after Wisconsin Street. ^ ^ local schools. He was employed; break-in that was reported to • Road. Pennala, traveling e a st, safe deposit boxes coin-opera- Conservation officers arres t e d Marenisco — Messiah Luther- B - i ro'?netci' C 6 h a 1 m d '4 y w° ?f r """'• °" as carpenter, in turn at the Iron- have occurred Saturday night at failed to negotiate a turn and his ted amusement devices, bowling Adamovich for trapping without an. Ruth Circle will meet Tues- ' ' '_!__ noon 29 ' 89 ' ton, Penokee, and North Range j the Aurora Athletic Club. vehicle left the road, struck two alley,s and pool tables. valici tags on nis traps. day night at 8 at the home of RANGE SKIES Mines, until 1959, when ill! Police said the bartender dis- posts in the guard rail, health forced his retirement. . Mr. Gustafson was a member covered the break-in Sunday I rolled down the embankm of the First Presby t e r i a n l work. morning, aflor reporting 1, and Effective July l, 1966, the tax Besides the fine, Adamovich Mrs. George Luoma and Sarah Sunset today 8'30 sunrise to <ment, ion admissions to mov-i> osl a11 , of lll « 8'""* licenses Circle will meet the same time morrow 5:24. MoonHse toniohi- for,.said officers. The car is report- jes, theaters, concerts and ath-' for a P ei% ' otl of one year. led to De a total wreck. letic events; cabarets, racing, at the home — man Jones. of Mrs. Nor- Moonrlse tonight 11:01 p.m Last Quarter May 23. Venus, the brightest planet, and Church and was active in the; Taken was $5 in pennies, $3 in club dues and initiation former Men's Club. nickels, a party fund containing: Making blankets and rugs is would be ended. On June 7, 1923, he married about S12, a dozen candy bars'a relatively now art to Navajo Other manufacturers' taxes to The telephone tax, now 10 ppr day "night at 7:30 at the church ning sky. Both are" : hid"d"cn"bVth« ,„, „, ,„ . [Ivy Bond of Houghton, who sur- and a case of chewing gum, of- Indians. They didn't learn weav- br eliminated July 1, 1966, are cent, would bo cut to 3 per cent with Mrs. Reuben Nikka as host- rays of'the setting sun *A11 tim P « UUOA1LV GLO0B WAKT-AD* I vives him together with one son, Ificers said. - j ing until the 18th Century. J on light bulbs and auto ac-iin51966 and ended Jan. 1, 1969. jess. |Central Daylight; fees cessories and parts except tires' White Pine — Faith Lutheran. Jupiter,-the largest one arc- to and tubes. : Mary Circle will meet Tues- day near each other in'the eve bv t.h« tim P «

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