Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 4, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1933
Page 9
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"BUY BBTT?* m ***•' PAH.Y TRIBUHS TIMB*. AMM. IOWA. P1IDAY, AUG01T 4, 1933. PAOBUTW CCC Workert •Mut.ify OLAC1ER NATIONAL Mont.. «UBHug« *r«*» ol PAHIL burned 4 beautified in Ulacier National pwk tills season by 1,817 civilian confer. corn, camps. vorittn located in IUI« C«u**4 Earth Cracks BLAIR, Nebr, <UJ!>— B*c*u»e of r*c«nt heary rains, faroer« are reporting huge crUckf In- the (round. One farmer, while cut- in* hU grain, had a binder wheel twitted completely off wh«n the machine itruck an tarth crack. RUSHING FOOD MARKET Pbont 3J9 We Deliver FINE GRANULATED SUGAR 100 Ib. bag 10 Ib cloth bag 49c $4*79 POST TOASTIEB, large 9c RED MARASCHINO CHERRIES 2-0*. bot. Be PURE PRESERVES, assorted flavors, 16 oz. jar 19c COFFEE, Brown Betty vacuum packed .." 25c MILK, I. 0. A., Ldbbyg, tall can 7c— 3 f of 20c TOMATOES, Iowa pack, good quality, 3 No. 2 cans 29e VINEGAR Pure apple cider Bring your own Jug gal ZOC BREAD, white, rye, whole wheat 5c SWEET CORN, extra standard ... 3 No. 2 cans 20c TOMATO JUICE, very fine can 5c BUTTER, Nevada creamery Ib 21c .PEAS, Wisconsin $ood quality .... 3 No. 2 cans 35c APRICOTS, California No. 10 tins 45c CERTO For making jam and jellies botde 2JC BULK COCONUT, in cellophane lh 23c MIXED PICKLING SPICES I % Ib pkg 15c KIDNEY BEANS, I. Q. A., dark red .. 3 No. 2 cans 29c JAR RINGS, L G. A., red, lipped 3 for lOc PORK & BEANS, L G. A., 3 No. 2'/ 2 cans I9c ICED TEA, mixture 18-K, in cellophane 25c SALMON, 18-K fancy red 1 Ib taU can 21c RED CHERRIES, late Wisccnsins, 32 Ib crate $1.59 GRAPES, Moore early basket 29c CANTALOUPES, Jumbo size 3 for 20c BANANAS, selected yellow fruit 3 IDS 19c PEACHES, Freestone Elbertas, large doz. 23c NEW POiATOES, large No. 1 8 Ibs 29c TOMATOES, red ripe home grown 4 Ibs 25c NEW CABBAGE, large heads Ib 4c APPLES, good eating 6 Ibs 25c LEMONS, Sunkist 10 Ibs 25c PURE LARD Open kettle rendered Jibs 12U 12lc IEANUT BUTTER, Ib SMALL WEINERS . PORK CHOPS .... VEAL STEAK,... BONELESS BEEF — Sirloin Butts ....... PICNIC HAMS |J 11% sugar cured.. I C 2 ** HAM LOAF fresh ...... CHEESE Long Horn 12k 19c CHEESE Wise brick... 'T-BONE STEAK SLICED BACON .... PORK LOIN ROAST HAMBURGER Ib PORK SAUSAGE ... BEEF ROAST ...... BEEF BOIL 18c 19c lOc lOc lOc 10c 1Cc Keith's Fruit Store 312 MAIN 2§C 1§C 1§C Blueberries, box , , . . Peaches, dozen , , . . . Plums, dozen . , . , . Apricots, dozen Grapes, seedless, | Ibs . Strawberries, 2 boxes , , , Red Raspberries, 2 boxes . , Apples, 8 Ibs Radishes, bunch . , , , Lettuce, large Tomatoes, ) Ibs ...,'. l§c Cantaloupe, 2 for 1§C Armstrong's Watermelons 2§c Interpretations of NRA Pacts WASHINGTON, <UB> — Official answers,' to J> questions regarding the national recovery" admlulstrfjtion: Q—Could the NRA abrogate «x- I Isting work contracts between em- ployerg and employees? A—No. (The NRA is urging changes in contracts to comply with the vol untary re-employment agreement, but has announced existing contracts will be acceptable with certain conditions, if an employer is not able to effect a change in agreements entered into by bona fide collective bargaining. Q—What are the conditions under which the existing contracts will be acceptable? A—To* exceptions can be made **0aly',in the case of a contract flot subject to change at jtne discretion' ol the employer and then only after * certified copy of the contract has been filed with, the NRA and its approval has been given to the ex- ceptidn stated.'.' Q—Is there any appeal from the NRA interpretatirn of the voluntary agreement? A—No, since, the agreements are voluntary. However, interpretations would be changed if the NRA was presented with sufficient contradictory evidence. Usual court appeals may be made regarding provisions of the recovery act but officials have stated it will be administered >so there can -'be no question of constitutionality. Q—What power has the NRA to force strikers and employers to compose their differences? A— None until an industry comes under a code of fair competition. The codes vhen approved provide for collective bargaining to settle disputes. Q—Why is a blue eagle blue? Wouldn't a golden eagle be better. A—The • NRA chose the blue eagle from a number of posters Chicago School Patrons Renew Fight on Board CHICAGO <GE>— An appeal from ••. decision of Judge William V Brothers dismissing a petition for an injunction against the school board's $5,000,000 economy program was planned Friday by opponents i of the retrenchment move, who contend it will wreck the Chicago educational system- Judge Brothers, after hearing petitioners' contentions that gram, which vail abolish junior high schools afid eliminate athlet !cs in 50 per cent of the schools, ruled that the injunction petition "isn't worth the i-aper it's written on." He held that to obtain an in- lunction petitioners must show that they "have suffered some spp- etfic injury other than that suffered by the public at large." The school economy program; -sponsored by Mayor Edward Kelly, was voted over protests of thousands of parents led by a "save our schools" Members of the board said it v,as necessary he- cause 18.000 school employes, including 14,000 teachers, are $26,000.000 in back pay and because the board has an additional indebtedness of $25,000,000. submitted to get the red. white and blue national colors into the design. Q—Will the NRA pay any conj pensation to the m. <»..vo wu<> have enlisted for the educational campaign? A—No, the work is entirely voluntary. Q—What is Administrator Johnson's salary? A—$6,000 a ytar. Q—Are any men in Johnson's or. ganizUion paid more than he? A —Yes, Donald Richberg, general counsel, receives $12-000. Q—What can the NRA do about display of-the blue ea" ; «v' •' which have not qualified for it? A—The matter of policing is Icli entirely to local agencies and public opinion. Official emblems will not be issued until employers have signed agreements showing compliance. DES MOINES <U.K>—A decrease of $397,350 in gasoline tax collections for the first seven months of 1933 as compared to a year ago was shown by records in the office of State Treasurer Leo J. Wegman Friday, The collections August 1. 1923 totaled $5,744.205. A year ago they totaled $6.141,665. Total collections for 1932 were $10,795,088. This year's total prob> ably will fall considerably under that figure, Wegman said. The total of $1,031,426 for July was th> first time in the present year that collections have exceeded the million mark. Collections for January totaled $711,902. February $744,838. March $607,612, April $762.618, May $877,534. June $978,276. BUY BREAD Made in Ames PUT AMES MEN TO WORK • -t : Mother's Bread Long Sliced Whole Wheat or White BREAD— 18.05. 5C loaf loaf Melburg Bake Shop STATE TO TO Whom It May Concern WE DO OUR PART THE OFFICERS;of this com pany are cooperating with the President to increase employment by shortening-hours of labor and to raise minimum wages. The terms of this agreement have been put into effect^ already, in all A. &. P. stores, warehouses, food plants and offices. MANY PEOPLE may ask" what effect these charfges will have on the retail price of food. There will be no change in the long established A. & P. policy of selling the best of fcods .at the lowest prices. • .Customers will continue to'.', save money at the A. & P. /NEQUALITY u DBS MOINES (UJ?)—Future ac- j tion by the state to recover from i members of the 43rd .eeneral assembly legislative expense accounts amoUHUng_to approximate j ly 550,995 was" "foreseen here 1 Friday. Attorney General Ed L. O'Connor was expected to asfc the state executive co"uncil for permission to employ special counsel in the event court action should follow' attempt ' to collect i from assembly members. Thus far. according; to records in the office of State Treasurer Leo J. Wegman. seven senalors and 15 representatives have returned payments totaling slightly more than $9.000. Right of the state to collect from membfers of assembly was upheld'in a recent supreme court •rest appealed from district court in Wapello county. The suit originally was filed ! by C. C. Wertz of. Qttumwa iagainst Leonard Simmer "and L. j W. Hall, members of' the 43rd S assembly. Lindberghs Return Safely From Flight Over Barren Region GODTHAAB. Greenland. (U.Rt — Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh were back at Holstensborg Friday after a lligbt -over;.Baffin i Land, which is above Hudson bay a(^ the northern end of .Canada. Leaving Holstensborg at 1:29 p. m.. they crossed tLe 200 miles of Davis strait, flew over the barren rojntr'y and returned at 6:05. The flight was regarded as important, as the Lindberghs are the only people to have flown over (he almost unexplored country. EIGHT O'CLOCK or granules bars 15c. and chewing tobacco Quaker Maid Prices Good All Next Week foi Threshers BOUND STEAK, Ib BKKK BOIL, lh lft<» K>UK CHOPS, BKEh KOAST, Ib LINK S.U.SAGK, honw inadr, H> VOKK STKAK, IOC -Sundays 11 a, m. to 7 p. m. Tedffs Market £f Delicatessen COFFEE 3 Ills... 49c DEL MONTE COFFEE ....".- Ib 25c CHASE & SANBdRN COFFEE Ib 27c Velvet Tobacco . .. , . can IOC Del Monte Tomatoes, Jj No. 2 cans 25C Camay Soap Chipso Flakes P. &C G. Soap Cremo Cisars Smoking Chili Sauce Post Toasties Grapenut Flakes lona Tomatoes . . J No. 2 cans 2§C Matches SSnd carton of 6 boxes Iqc Cider Vinegar , "Tse" 16-oz bot. 8c Evap. Milk' KIT 5 tall cans I7c Blue Ribbon Malt Iigdbalrk ° l can 570 Old Munich Malt lis ^ rkor can 3QC or Kellogg's Corn Flakes 3 cakes 2 Ige pkgs 29C 9-oz bars 27C . . J for IOC J10cpkgs25C 12 12-oz bots 2JC Ige pkg TAX FREE FLOUR SUNNYFIELD 49 Ibs $1.37 IONA 49 Ibs $1.19 Gold Melal or Pillsbury, 49 Ibs $1.90 FRESH FRUITS , A.RK. BLUE GRAPES basket 27c PLUMS, Burbanks, Ige and sweet basket 39c CHERRIES, Ige Black Wash 15 Ib lug $1.79 IW r.RfAT AMANTIC & PACIFIC*T£A CO.-Miaaib'W«*».-.ri;p. SUOAE Pure fine granulated 50c THE MOr-lF OF LOWEST AVERAGE HUGE OXIOIHAT01B COCOA BISQXHCK * Makes perfect biscuit* P k t *-<A POST TOASTIES *lge pkg He FLOUR Gold Medal Kitchen Test'd 49 Ib bag $1.79 Ib bag DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE Fancy sliced or crushed , No. 1 flat can, 3 for Fruiti for Salad FRUIT JARS Re*. Mason Pints ,..67c Quarts ..79c H gal ..99c BAKERS Chocolate Yt ib mm- cake mm\r One lOc cake i, FREE OLIVES Win You Fey Plain Queen 8-oz jar 15c Stuffed Queen 17c can c * n 4Sc DEL MONTE APRICOTS / Choice California halves No. 2^4 can, 2 for ., ttc APRICOTS Porterville Calif, halves No - At* 10 can 45* CHERRIES Maraschino Falcon a oz. f— bottle JC BLACKBERRIES " Santiam solid, pack 10 can' PUFFED WHEAT JXL4UERY Delicious Gelatine Dessert six flavors^ MUSHROOMS Savery Hotels 8 oz. mm. can m /' PEANUT BUTTER Fancy bulk a Ibs 18c OXYDOL'S IQOOO.OO CONTE ST 488 CASH PRIZES FULL DETAILS HERE OXTDOL Cleans everything Ige pkg. SHRIMP Warsaw fey dry No. 1 can, a for . 44 ^ **V MORTONS SALT Plain or Iodized L ISc JAR CAPS Reg. Mason SUGAR Pure cane l$c MALTED Thompsons Choc. Flaf. 1 Ib Mm- can 4Z€ SOUP Campbells Pure tomato l$c DEL MONTE CORN Fancy whole kernel Crosby No. 2 can, 2 for COFFEE Del Monte PEAS Early- DEL MONTE SALMON Fancy Red Sockeye 1 Ib tall can. 2 for ....,,, ; . ; ....-,.,. Miracle Whip SALAD, DRESSING A new Kraft 8 ox jar . . 9c Pint-jar .18c Quart jar 28c P. & G. SOAP White Naptha PORK 4 BEANS 17c COCONUT CAKE' ROLLS Pineapple - BREAD Harts Butterkrust white or whole wheat TEA BISCUITS white or gra. L. 12C .CINNAMON BREAD Shop With Us—Fresh and Complete Supply Fruits and Vegetables ." T-I | W f { LARGE BASKET, ' Aaa rresh Peaches LT L S S3 US 25C RIPE HOME GROWN, FINE FLAVOR, LARGE lOc AND for CELERY, crisp, fresh, 2 for 0c and lOc HJtAD LETTUCE, fresh, a for '.. 17c CARROTS, fresh bunch, 2 for .,-,.' 15c EGGPLANT, home grown-; large 15c RED RASPBERRIES, fresh, .pint ......... 20c GRAPES, new crop, Ib • .* >.. 16c BING CBOERRIES, large. Ib .- 15c PEARS, rioe Bartlett, 8 for. lOc Kicnest Juice test Flavor ORANGES 2 dozen . . . . 3Jc •» . i •\. ' : • . . ' , . , %Qozen .... d%C Our supply is always ^" fresh—Saes for juice and 2 dozen ... . {^C slicing. The best values. Dozen ••;• ... J4C SWEET CORN, Bantam, dozen ....... 12/ 2 c CABBAGE, home grown. Ib 8/ 2 c CAULIFLOWER, white, eEith 25c SPANISH ONIONS, genuine. 4 Ibs ..... 25c SUNR1ST LEMONS, dozen ........... 85c CUCtTMBEBS, long green, & for -....*..... IOC BLUB GRAPES, 6-Ib basket, 20c «nd,.. 89c GRAPEFRUIT, seedless. 8 for ....... 25e Fresh Peas NEWDISTEICT, GREEN, PULL PODS POTATOES U. S. NO. 1 COBBLEBS, 10 LBS 37c, 16-LB PECK 53c Pose's Market Quality Meats at Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSEN'S CAMPUS MARKET Sliced Bacon Fine Quality Sugar Cured 35C Swiss Steak lit. 15c I Cube Steaks Ib. 25c Beef Roast From Corn Fed Branded Beef 2 IDS. 25c Leg of Iamb Ib. 2Cc i Rolled Rumplb.2oc Pork Roast LEAN YOUNG PORK Ib. 10 Pork Chops Ib. ISc I Veal Chops Ib. 18c Loin of Veal Roast ™ K Ib. ISc Ham Loaf Ib. 15c j Beef Ribs Ib. 9c Lard In Cartons Ham To Bake or Boil IOC Lb

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