Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1927
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CIRCULATION iitUordy Conimpdity a Newspaper Haiilto Sett Its Advertisers. VOlJUME:XXXI.;No. 41. HutcM«ior to The DailyiRegtater, The rially Recorrl and lola Dolly Index. lot A, KAN.. SATURDAY EVENIINGJDECEM6ER 10, 1927 —^ • . ^=£=^ \ • > " The Weekly Resister. Sstabl&hcd 18«7. The lou: Dally Restster. Extabllahed 18^. But Attorneys Are to. Fight Verdict of. Second Degree Murder JURY OUT~S HOURS 'Communicatiye Ihsanity' Cliiimed by'Defense Doesn't Trouble i Jiirors House Proceed^ With Talk pver Tax Cut Measure WuriliingtoD. r )ef. lO. (A.P). -With leaders apxioiiB to'Hhut Vff general debate on the tax filll before Kd]ourn|nent to- nlKlit, the house probeeded under preNRure today In discuHH- liiK proviBlpns of the $232,735.1)00 lax reduction meatiKre. In opet^ing debate, Kepresentolivrf Hawlcy, of OreKon. Senior Republican on the house v&yst and means committee, denied that the treasury department had dictated to Kepul^liean committee members- how' the bill Mhould be framed. RJULREING IN ST. LOUIS BY JUSTICES Federal Judges Decide I In Favor of U. S. > In Decision HOLDS FARM WOME WAYS to S WORK 'IN Conservation of the ener^' ATTENTION "~~ Out •Eureka, Ks., Dec. 10. (AP) i Attorneys for Ivan M. Hart, ^ c^nk Eureka bank clerk and > _ " — H ^ivUld War veteran, who to- Eastern Kansas Is Given jm WEATHER IS ON WAY TO THIS SECTION Test Case Brings National Interest In Matter dalj' was c.onyi<^ted of .second decree murder for killing his wife, Mabel Marmont Haft, . on;.July 8 by .sia.shing her Ihiioat with a pocket knife. h„rth wind, wiiiin- renewed will renew their hard driven crii> on Kansas jiiis niomins- legal battle to .save Hart from "'p wpstf-m riri^of nie »tate u-i Promise of Cold Tonight • ' Toppka. r )p<-.:iO. .f.'\P )L .\vith the mprcufy fulling fu^^t before a stiff its Ih is the of the home-managi^ent course |be|isr. outlined to home demonstration agents; of four'countie:, M^iss May Miles, .state home managjeihehti.specialist skid today. Mi.s.s Miles completes a two-dav con^^rence with cjiunty demonstration agents here today +T^ , ^ a long term in the peniten-""•"^'">' ''^"^P *-'' Thoca ^t-hH ^ : ^ . UtK zom iiuii tlip wnuthiT biirpaii : (JOH l>pi-aiisp tiarv. predictpd zero wPMt'uT tor the past- both thp I SL I^uis. Dec. 10. (.A,P)—RaU- j road valiiatlonfi should be on the I basis of ori^nal: cost rather than i of reproduction new, s special ! court of tij-ee federal judges decided unanimously,today in the St. Louis and'^ d'Failoii test case, In- volvlilg a difference iif $11,000,000,000 -in valuation of the nation 's railroads. ... , i The opinion was writieii by Clr- Icuit Judge "Ktmbrough Stone of ; Kdnsas City, supported in; a con-'| ' curring opiidon by District Uudge i C. a. Faris of St. IJOUIS ind supported without commen>L by Circuit' Judge Arba S. Van V'alkeuburgh j Of Kansas City. The special court .. was appointed by the United States i „,. • Circnii Court of Appeals bfere. i - Holds Attention. I has held national atten- ; of its acceptance by nterstate Commerce (:nmnii:'>Uin atid the railroads as a The average farm woman spends too'much time in h^r kitcheq. Miss Miles says, and for ' tliat rpa.-nn she doesn't du a c. pulde Job of faciiue-'niakiug. . The kltcheu contest. v,hi«h is tc bp xiarted in Allen county at once will lend to make her kitchen more Ptlicieht, .Miss .Miles said The conic'sr wili close Octobcir 1 19-8. Ottering as an exnmpip u .Mrs Bplec. of IjabPtte cuutity. .Miss Miles said ttiat by rearraugfiig kitchen, she found it necessary to take only .'i06 steps a day to prepare bet mea'.a In comparlflon with l,ri36 step? fot^merly required. In the kitchen contest, the kitchens of Farm Burcau(,meii)bcrp will be rearranged with three IdeaF Frpd ,S. Jack.son of'Toppka. (hipf orii spction by toulsht. ilpf'.nse coiinst'l. il^clarpd this Wiil«? skies were cluiuly over iho . test of the principled and methods inorniiigthat H motion for u npw "t"]^- "« had lici-n i-pporrWl ' ' - ' tria, w.., be, Hied today ^>e.oro[Z,^J:^!:[-J^^ .ImlKp'Ayrps. It is .imssible ihi-;i„rp. Uisinp tpmperatures In irest- laorpriiiion will <<in.«<fnt lo a np»' prn Kansas are predicted-Vot Sun-! federal government of excess earn- to be employed In a valuation of i all the railroads of the country, j both for the purpose of rale making and for the recapture by the M'NARY-HAUGEN MEASURE GIVEN to SENATE NOW Bill Has Been Modified Slightly Frolh One trial; sinei- Clay C. (!ariH'r. i;miily <!n.^-. «»).ild nlsht wan -I bplow zero at Good- a/t»»"rii «-.v. lias sjiid. iJiV smip »»• .sMtisfled with nothing Ipf^s than i,„„i: DO.IKP City re;.()ried -I above: roMPDrcliu.' fi iihovp'; Tope'kii. 27; Kaitiis Cit.y. .'lo. .ind M'ichfta. .'11'. Steamer Crew May Be Dead Now ;r coMvictiou in the lirsi degrpp. ^ .SiiiYered 'Tln ^'ane lirlumi.n/' S;.>niit of I lip jiiror.f toilay ix- prpss*-!] HIP opinion llial Hart was tJip siiltjpct of an ••Jii.sane dplu .'-iou" ill tlip tinip he killed.his wifp. but iindpr thf law, an insane ilplu.<ion, wliich is temporary in character, dots not constitute in- ^auily atid therefore Is liot'a justl- itralion for homicide. - S>'iond degree murder in 'ls defined as homicide commit- ti'-(ft with malice, b. not "malice ijfiireliioughi," •'iditftl is, ..ol pre- nipdiated. Conviction in this de'' uri-K makes a. .-iL'nienj-e of not less ^li'an ten years in, the pfuiLpnti4ry I'nianiiatory. ' If tho lonri dops not grant, a ; ings as defined hy the trausporta- r.'ported for last j lion act. , The 'ommission, in the O'Kallon casp. rejected the method of valuation i>ropo8tKi by the railroads of cost of rpproductlon • ne«- and de- (larpd it leaned to the prudent investment theory. Judge Paris, in hln concurring Vetoed WashinKton. • DIP, M. The .McXary-Hangen liill (Al'i — vptoed last session ,1iy I rpsldpiii Coolidxe - • production new nor prudent inve«t- r.hUnfin.'' DPI-. 10. (AP) —Kcar 1 ment can be used as tlie exclusive that 21 more deaths might be a'lded yardstick of valup. but said ihat to llip toll of more tlian .lO <!xactpd the reproduitiou new theory would coiitrovprsial equalization fee pro- by the nation-wide stbrm and in- react "mon-strously,'" upon the pub- ; vision—^objecipd to by the presideut tense cold wave was expressed In ,^lc and, lu time.'upon the roads as iinconstltitilonal In vetoinK th —has been starl<'d on its wa.v through CnnprpSH acuiii in sllchi- ly inodlfipil fnriM. Senator .Mc.Nary. Uppiiliijjnn. of Oregon, new chairman ' of the senate agriculturai coinmittpp. i>nt the new bill in the senate legislative hopper late yesterday soon after it wajt formally.opened for business. The jipw measure contains the word reaching here from iProvI- dence Bay. Ont. ' Scant hop« was held for the rescue of the 21 members of the orew of the steamer .\gawa, fast on a reef near Manitoulin Island, since Wedncsda.v. Shore watchers, wait- lug .abatement of the slorm^ to go to the rpstue, feared the men either | lyouis. themselves: |original bill—as u means of rais- > By refusing to overturn,the com-j hig; muds to meet the cost of mar- mission's valuation figure in the; keling surplus crops. O'BUlon oa«ie. .the coart relccted the chief plea, of the roads. The court set Decemifter 19. for filing of the decree and for the hearing of motions of appeal in St. had died from exposure or had! iii-w trial. Mr. Jacksou said toda.v, • been trappel in tho forward part the defense may appeal to the su-' Jpreme court, or may rest its case • Jind appear later ^before Governor J I'aulen with' its plea of '•commuui- vative'insanity'," showing-that Hart was the victim of an uncuntrollahle 1ns ;iue imirulse wl tn h^ killed his Interstate Commerce j Commission Is Pleased wifp. and tVat. ai alietaisus lesXi- lied •yi'Jterday. .Mrs. Hart, hersctlf japntally irresiionsible. had com- liiiiniiated- her (U -lusions in her husband. To 4niT List M^ht. The p»se was given to the Jury 4t it .6'cloik- last I night .after de- IPHW attorneys pleaded 'commtinl- <aiive injiaulty" pau.«ed the 31-, .j'-ar-old bank employe l<> his l!ridp'.s throat wiipii she demanded lit- kill lier because she' l"parp<l i luotlverhood. Tlip vprdU't ,wa.>; re^ li;rntSl:at 2:(iri ocloik this iimrh- ;; .Attpr several ila.vs of tp.siiniony, j tric'lnuing llt)it <»I* Hart"* b:i.s iitrss 1 . [.ii-.soctatts wild appeared lis ihar-I .^ipipr vvi;iies.«ps. hv ipstlfied be was : iin --ihlp to resist h -.s wife', pli-a lor >!'>aih and that after AJnying li^^r i'.-.iittemiitpd lo piKi his n«n:lifp. • Hiiil tiiM HIP juiy :llat ivhcn iie marripd .MalViI .Marmont last Jiiiip K .tip IBKIP li'ni pronilsp to>kill Iipr .«i<>iil(i she pvtr hTunip an ^'-xpect- :iijt motlier. HP said that ron tlie pvoiiing of July S. ho mpt her at I.UP railroad station where she was ; < mplo.vpii as a tclcKrapn opprat<^r j I that llipy'siartp'l for an aiilo- ijiobile rid.p. HP di-e-lared thai slip Ivid threat-; If the boat by the sheet of ice. Ice encased the portion of the ship iu j view aljovp the surface, atid with i the temperature still below "zeroj j Washingrton, Dec. 10. (XP)— was granually thickening.' I Members ot the Interstate Com- T&'sclip parties . hastened to the j merce Commission received the aid of many .©thWr wind-whii>ped: news of the federal court decision ships from various Creat L.akd I ih the St Louis and O'^allon valu- portx. The coast i^uard at Eagle Harbori ;Mich.. prepared to proceed to the scene of the wreck of the steamer .Mtadoc of Keweenaw Point. No word had'been received a^ Calumet of the crew's rescue, although such a report had reached ^ult Ste. .Marie. Ont..; a ciitter! mediately, f^om Two Harbors. Minn., was re-j "It Id our ported on the.,.way to the .-Vliadoc's aid. ' . ation controversy with; conslder,- able satisfaction, but tl^e commission's law staff undertook at once the task of propeeding with the next step in the Issue, which will be before the supreme court. Hail- roads are expected to appeal im- SUYERS GIVEN 10 YEARS EACH Mi^. lijlliendah] Cries, But Beach Remains Impassive f -Maya Landing. .\. J.. Dec. 10. (AP)—Defense counsel in'the Lilllendaht murder trial decided today not to ask foi: a new trial just now pn ne»^ evidence .said to have bpen discovered since the case went tov the jury. understanding that tTie commission's the6r>- of valua- > tlon was substantially; approved by the decision of the j Judges at St. Louis." said P. J. S 'at-rell, chief solicitor of the conuniss&n.' "While one judge differed from; his associates, the opinion of 'the thcee wa« entire Injaccord with .the gov- erbment's contention. It Is our un- ders -tandlng that the court: will hold an open session December 19, to consider motions neces.sary for j perfecting the appeal. » "Railroad couiuel hasinotified us I that they desire to ^go <quickl^ to i the supreme court with the matter, j and it will be the government's j desire Ut expedite the appeaL" ! i Oklahoma W.C.T.U. Is 1 Behind Its Governor _<.rn<;d 'to commit suicide in the , ^ £l^ios'' disgraccffil way possible." If: Courtroom. Mays Landing, N. J., tihf fatlp\j to take her life. Hart 1 Doc. JU. (APt—Margaret LUUelj- •iiislsiPd thai hp j )Toip.<ti >d lapk ofildahl and Willis Beach, convicted • that "our ilry governor ii tt-papon. but that, she obtained aiilof voluntary msnshiughfer Tor the •old knife from the automobile and j killing of the woniau's aged physl-, . urged him* to use it'. Irian husband. September 15, last, j president, it became known today. Put Knife III Hand! ! today were sentpnced. to' li)-yenr»! Simultaneously with the an- pach at hard labor in the state; nounccment of tlie call came a jirisnn at Trenton. [statement from the Rev. Will M Oklahoma City, i Okla., Dec. 10 (AP>—A call for all. members ,of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in Oklahoma to 'pray may not be impeaj^hed.' has been isstied by Mrs. Kllzabelh House, state i The etiltali /.Htiuil foe. '.Itnwpver. woiild now bp invoked only aftPr co-iaperativ • m .irkptinK assopiu- tlons wl (h lliP aid vi novpinment funds lonnd i^u ni .splvp.s iinali.p lo hand.e tlip snrii.ii.s i.nil thp fpps then won il Ijp ar >pli <uhlp to a:i , commodltl-s. wh <'U . retiuircd. in- jstebd of to only a part An earl .v ^turt on the farm relief i.-'sue. alrpady invoked some in the republican presidential campaign, seems certain in congress. Chairman Haugen of the house agriculture committee, co -anthor of the McNary-HnuRpn measure, announcing today he wniihl lipgin hearings n ..'Xt week. . A majority of Itepubllcans in the senate also have given a '.s ,dnrance: to the western Indeppndent group of their party that a vote On the McXary-Haugeu bill in 8bm <i form would be permitted by early February. 1 Senator McN'ary had been looked upon by President CooHdge as the leader ih jefforts to work out the farm relief! program on a basis acceptable to ihimself and but how near'ihe;' new l(ill of the Oregon senator comes t^ a compromise acceptable to the president is problematical. | Senator McXary .said last night he had "every expectation" but no definite Information that .Mr." Cool- Idge would find a way to sign the new measure. Bn{ other administration leaders seemed to doubt that the president would fitfd It possib'p to approve the equalization fee evtn In modified form. The new bill does meet President Coolidge's objections ' Lo the original proposal to have farm' organizations nominate the members of the proposed farm board, as it gives him the right to appoint these members Hitb the advice of the senate. The measures creates a revolving fund ^of $2.'j0,000,000 which would be available lo the co-oji^ratlve marketiiig associations for loans at four per cent. TO LEARN KITCHEN IQ CONTEST andftiime of the farmei-'s wife in inijid: To save eitergy, to save time and to save mon4y.~ . -Stressing the sina^I aihount of niitiiey tiepe.ssary to revolutionize a kitcbc'n. .Miss .Miles .said that in .'laV i-onnty last year one woman, matib'l-O changes In-her kitchen at :i ccwt of; only *S.6I. "And." said Mlsa' .Miles, "a person can afford tc 'do It: even if renting, because of the f it that ihe kitchen equipment .•an,jhMe moved.' Kniining water, is the biggest.| ucc«;i(ftity to tlie home keeper,'either OIK the farm or in tpwn.' Mfss Miiw: believed. ' This One thing saves'much work for t^i "general of tho household." Each kitchen Is a separate problem. Miss Miics said, and each mus*. be iptproved to ipeet. individual needs, . • '• ' i ^4 HEARSTSAYS FORD PLAN BRINGS BATTLE FROM MEMBERS Legion Doesn't Approve n Step Taken by f Commander .Vitvv York. Dec. lAP)—A prop<i^-'(i iKiii nn prohibition among the' mtirp membership of the AmcrH -'Hn Legion and its auxillilry was iJp against snags today. The aniiouiipilupMi of . .Natiotjal Coma ?anilpr Kdward K. Spafford iu this 'i^iiy 'that all Li'gion posts of the country would open discussion of thK prohibiMon question preliminary JO a poll in May, drew fi'om a state commander-elect, a: former natioiial commander and one post irtatethent.s that indicate Spafford was acting without authority and Kintiary to the Leg'^in constitution. Explaining, his New York en- ^ gagp.lijpn;. S,:alford at Trenton, X. ' J.. .<»1d| the poi\ OF PAYMENT Docnntents From Mexico Mehely Show Plan _ To Do It NAMES EUMINAT^D lHdn*t Want to Cast Any Reflections, Says : N. Yi American Kew. York. Dec. 10. (AP)—The Xew York 'American, which with other Hearst papers, has been i^ub- lishing purported official Mexican doQuments, sayK today the documents contain no evidence' that repfesejitatives of the American government received money from Mexico. ; .All investigationv of charges by the Hearst papers that President. Calles ' ba4 ordered $1,200,000 paid to four senators has been ordered by the Cnited State.<s senate. The American says: ' • "These documents contain evi- deace of an attempt on the part of the representatives of the Mexican governmenVt.o convey money in large sums to certain representatives of the American government But there is no evidence that this money was ever received by thr representatives of the American government mentioneti in these documents.; "There is no evidence that'these large amounts of money > evei passed any farther, thah the pockets of certain intermediaries. "The Hearst publications therefore have eliminated, all names of alleged recipients of these funds being unii|c^'^(l to place any confidence In I the allegation of Mexican corruptionists, .and wholly un- ; run the risk of dqlng in- Ju.stice to men of spod xepnta is our government. ".Nevertheless the documents do make tli'ese allegations and the indlcatA snifforti''"t'U'"'"«« genuine documents .m hnrwf- -^le^'ca" governmental flies. "" ••'""""•"^ The paper, after saying that it !• The REGISTER'S Ci tion records open to _ inspection at ahyUmJe. SIX PAGES Teacher Finds l^andonedBab^ Mear Gan^, Ks^ ••. Independence, Kan., Dec. 10. ; (AP)—A t^-o-mpnths-old baby boy ;waa found 'abandoned in* f the vestibule of the Owens i school, near .Caney, 30 miles 1 south of her^,,"iby Miss Jesse -; Buffington. teacher, when she ; arrived 'at the school yestier-. • day morning. The baby was wrapped •• In warm clothing v and was "in a ipiisteboard box. There were no marks of iden-.i tification. The clilld was- taken to the bomev of a neighbor ' for care. , '. GOVERNOR AGAIN CHECKS SPECIAli SESSION TO VOTE If Road Amendment Can Be Agreed ''Upon, He '. Will Call Meet POLAND AND HAVE PEACE Dramatic Agreement Reached at Secret Session Is CRISIS HAS PASSED Agreement Between Two Nations Is Being Worked Out Tojseka, Dec. 10. (AP)—Goverij- or Paulen again hal put up to tUe members of the Kansas legisliituire the proposals for a special session of the legislature to consider road legislation. . / In a statement last night addressed to "the people of Kansas." Governor Paulen declared he wa(s willing to call a special sesslo'p "any. time I. am convinced, that body will subi^it; to the voters of the state the road amendment." The proposed amendment would, enable the state to engage In rOaU btillding. Governor Paulen's declai-ation followed bis statement of several weuks ago in ifhich he declared he would consider calling a sped- Geneya. Dec. 10. (AP) — inr ability to obtain agreement jbn the text of a formula for* s^t tiement of the. Polisb-lathuan ian controver-sy, resulted j 'li thc^ postponement of a project ed public session of the coun^ cil of the League of Xatlajna scheduled for tonight. A meet-! ing of the council tomorrow- was said to be a possibility: Geneva. Dec. or warr* that Premier Pllsird.s-ki of Poland Premier 10. (AP)—"Peace- wa-s, the qneiitioa inatically asked maras of Lithuania at dra- Witlde' a* secret session today of the council of the- League of Nations at which an' agreement "in priAclpIe" was; reached on the Polish-Lithuaniaa controversy. "It is p»Aace," answered the Lithuajiian leader clearly, looking the polish leader full in the eyei Then the two statesmen - undertook certain reciprocal eniiage- ments to guarantee p,>ace(ul; settlement of the controversy Which had caused .such tension in the; Italtic states ami for that matter in .all Kurope. The crisi.s In the negotiations, ^ the duty of the senate to investigate the allegations, says: Whether the names contained in . ..^J., t-^- J**! these documents shall ever be j^i^ly imormatory, and with- must .depend entirely upon xin:.X*.tv.%- official. conne<flon with j i ,g -^cJ3io^ ^, ^he rnited States tne;i.rgion. i ^ : senate. The Hearst publlcationf He said ihp p.,ll would he con- 1 consider that the responsibility is ducted on his own authority and , too great for them to assume." hai tlip .approval of u\s national*! "She pressed the knife into my hand and pointing to her thniat iaid .ciii right here." Hart testl- - fie.!. , , "I felt dazed, as if my mind was . }'.'a\in.g me. I slashe<i the knifei iicross her fhr<iiat- Then I got out, - of the car. slashed my own thiViat and wrlstB, ailrt got back in the .Car to.await.death." he continued. He said tiiat when death canie loo slowly he left the-automobile nud attempted to drown himself In a nearby stream, but his strength failed and fell in a briar patch where he was found by officers. i Th^ defense introduced expe;rt j ." -witnesses lo support ihe cont«»h- lion Mrs. Hart was Insane and that . iihe dominated her husband, f nn -Karl Mennlnger, Topeka. sjie- Halist in mental diseases, testified .he had come in contact with com- ^•fciunicatlv^ insanity. He said. .«uch Fii -condltion.'was brought about by Tliompson. pastor of a church of the srfn\e denomination to which Governor Henry S. Johnston belongs, and chairman of an investi- .Mrs. Lilllendahl had to he assisted to her fopt by. Phillips when slip rose lo receive, sentence. As Jujilice Campbell, slowly pro-' noiincpd the words, "hard labflftsifor i gating committee: of the self-cpn- ten years ' the willow's shoulder.-? '< vened house of representatives, de- heaved. ; She breathed with appar- daring that "we: are determined tc ent difficulty then hnrst into tears. • do right and no intimidation can Beach's face remained impassive, j .stop us." Congressional Medal of Hmtor Is i Voted to Colonel Chas.Lijidbergh p .vpt -iil .vp .ommiliee hud. nor Uieen :Tn!ihj' HP adilpd ih 'Jl . "neg- liglb.ii" p :;ppnsp attached to the p< ol \v,)iild li; iHirnp by the Legion, in whose nnntlry magd/ine he indicated a qiip .stionnaire would be printed. • Autjiority for a poll such as Spafford f>roposed. rests oril.v with a national convention, in the opinion of Cenerat James A. Drain, past national commander. "fty fundamental law and pre- poipnt." said t)ralii at Spokane, ".No natlniial commander has thif rg.i:io establish the |>ositlon of the Atnerican Legion upon any na­ tional'question. This is a national i question and in addition it is a political one. although I do not'think it sho'pid be so." The American Legion cannot afford to ,be made the football of politicians, said Fraiik M. .McHale. of Liogansport, state commander- elect of the department of Indiaiia. in reference to Spafford's plan, and there will be no official poll taken among the ran-ks of lyegionnalres in Indiana. BIG BROTHERS Fr \D. Already reiwrted $10.00 Cash - 10.00 Register Carriers + 2.50 Tola Creamery Butter .for Christmas baskets, (approximately) 50.00 WEATHER and ROADS Wa.shIngton, Dec. 10. (AP)—The congressional medal of honor, the award • that congress can iK 'stow was unanimously voted to Colonel- Charles A. Lindbergh by the house today Just a few min.. „ .., utes after the youthful flier had intimate association, capsing two {been accordeil a hearty reception persons to .adott the same likes : on .the floor of that body. Snell of the rules committee. "There is but one; more honor that can be bestowed upon the distinguished flier," Snell said. "I present a resolution to do that now." The resolution was 'carried to the rostrum by a page amid apr plausff. atid as soon as it had been >ind dislikes. , He declared • Mrs. I Lindbergh had just left the j read, the speaker gave- .a resound'.Hart gave every ?\idence of being J chamber where;he. had been intro- Jlt)«ane and that in Ibis opinion 'luced by Speaker Longworth as '. "iHart was unable to r^Wt her de- "America 's most attractive citizen" ; jnands. when ii ^resolution, to confer, the • • (Ooiitinued on Page 6, No. L) ' medW -vja preiented by Chairman ing bang with the heavy gavel. "The bill Is passed," he almost shouted, without ^king for a rote. . Members applauded this, unusual action again and asaln.' FOB KA.XSAS: Mostly fair to- nifrht and Snnday; moderate rnid wave tonlirbt In sontheaot and ex- Ireme fa.»t portJonM: not so cold Sunday In west and north portions. . For lola.and TIcInlty: Pair \0r nlfAkt and .Sunday: moderate cold n-are tonight. Temperature—Highest yesterday .^7, at 3 p. m.: lowest last night 31 at 7 p. m.'.^hormal for today-35; deficiency yesterday 1: since January 1, 286 degi^ees; this date last year—highest 50; lowest 27. Precipitation for the 24 hours endin gat 7 a. m. today. 0: total. for this year to date,.51.5S:. eixce 'ss j WltneSSCS Tell HoW Spafford Should Resign, Says Ottawa • Otf .wa. Kas., Dei-. 10. fAPl — Director.'! of the Warreii Black,poltt ;of the,-American l.*'Klon here, have iprotcsled a national T>O 1 I of members* on the prohibition quesUoft, |as. anjiounced liy Kdward E. Spafford, national commandei'.' The following telegram has been isent. to the national Legion head- Iquarters at Indianapolis, Ind. I 'Press .Ifspatchos Xatfonal Commander Spafford orders Liegfon poll on piirihihition. Such jiiove is ill advisc^l.'. I^.v all mpans stay out of prohihitiair fight. l.«gion must jstanil for c^nforcement of all laws. If correctly quoted, Spafford 's resignation should ibe called for be|fore he makes other breaks."— Warren Black Post. Ottawa, Kas. Moffat Tunnel .Shaft Is Completed Today Denver. De^. 10.. (AP)—Tho main bore of the Moffat tunnel, starteS foiir apd.a half yeai^ ago to reduce- the mileage of 'transcontinental trains iby piercing the continental divider was completed today. The; final blaat in the worki of excess i increasing the main railroad tun- • • ' nel ta the necessary size of sixteen bi', tw,enty-four feet, was fired shortly before 4 o'clock tj^is mojrn- ing. : , Total 1- $72.80 Word cat^e into these headquarters that one of the Women's Clubs ^had voted a domgion to the Big Brothers Fund which would bo reported in due time. That is a suggestion that there are ^ good many clubs, classes and fiaterna.1 orders which carry on their books^t all times a. charity fund of greater or less proportion^. Some of these are regular contributors to this fund. 'Why wouldn't it be a fine thing, thia year for alt of them to get ob the roll? Next'Monday is Deceimber 12. kChristmas is.less than two weeks away. The Big Sisters will have to get busy pretty soon inaking their can-vass and their preliminary arrangements. One ot the first things they want; to know is how much they will liave to spend. in other words this is a case of "Do Y'bur Christmas Shopping Early." If you want to get in on this Christmas DinneG^benefactlon. Why Xot Now? ^ ' Colonel Lindbergh to Fly Plane to Mexico 'Washington, Dec. 10. (AP). Col. Chas. A. Lindbergh - declared today that no date had been set^for his departure on his flight to Mexico City, byt that it probably would be in : ten or twelve days. The ret^ort - that he had definitely set next 'Wednesday as the date of his departure^he said- was erroneous. I.': • Mexico City, Dec. 10. (AP)—The government has ordered a flyiuf; squkdron to welcome Col. diaries A.;Lindbergh, America's aerial ambassador of good will, when he flies here from • Washington. ial ses.sion to consider doubling (jf:"ver the Polish-Lithuanian con- . the state two-cent"gasoline tax ip I troveisy was .^^upremely dramatic, the event he was assured the iha-: dcscribpd by those i>re8ent at:.: jorlty of the membership was f^ \ loday'.'^ secret session of the counr" ^ vorable to the increased tax. tiii«l »hen the Baltic quarrel. In the; his statement last night, the gov-.[view of the council members, was ernor declared he ,would"call tltc; Hquitlaied. .... special session for the speciffc RHsBdskl Asks (ineHtlon. purpbsei of submitting the rosfd Premier Pilsuidski. Poland's Iron amendment . i marshal, hi* Jace grim and h^g' since January 1. 14.87 inches. Relative humidity,at 12 noon yesterday, 46 (ier-cenit; 7 a. m. today 70, per cent; barometer reduced to sea level 30,12 inches. Sun rises 7:28 a. m.; pets 5:03 p. ro. iRoaa rondltlon!!. "All cloudy, roads gooft. except: Pittsburg, cloudy, rdad^s rough; Topeka. cloudy,, rt^ds slippery: Dodge City, clean roads good. Mrs. Remus Oved Cinclhhatl. Dec. 10. (AP)—The manner in whichr Mrs. Iniogene Holmes Remus, slain two months ago b;^ her husband, George Remus, lived while he was in Atlanta federal: penitentiary for violating |lhe prphibitlon laws, was brought into Us snurder trial today for iengthx discussion. - State House political observers pointed oiit today that the probabilities of. a special session uud«r the gOT<$foor's latest dec,laratian were less likely than iinder his stand on the increased inisolitie tax proposals.. Under the latter,*a special ^session w:ouId hare be^n consldemi by Governor Paulen ;if a majority of the members v were favorable to theincreastd tax. Up- der the amendment proposal; .it would require a'two-thlrts voje of the legislature to submit _t^e road amendment to the voters. . Declaring the state did not appear to be making progress in the building of a connected system ''in any degree cpmpared to the. vast amount of mone^, we are speitd- ing," Governor Paulen said in ^is statement that, he was .^convinced the "trouble is in the present system. Governor Paulen urged members of the legislature to write to him. advising of their attitude on the road amendment tp the end that he -would be aided in reaching, a decision. : "If the people desire a chatige- and will work to this end, t^ey can have a special. session," Gov. Paulen said. ; MILDRED POWEI^ CASE IS DECKED Supreme Court' Upholds The Public Service [ Conuiussion Topeka, Dec. fo.; (AP)—The stati? supreme court toBay upheld power of the state puhlic serylce commission to allocate territory amdag pablic corposatlons in'affirming a decision' of the .jShawnee county dl.<ltrlct court ; < The supreme court held that the commission did not abuse its poi^er in refusing tO: permit the Kansas Gas and Electric Co., to sell electricity at .^lildred, in a territnry already served by^the Kansas Utilities Co. The <burt further ruled that the former corporation, having obtained its pei-mit to operate in Kansas prior to; the passage of the utilities ^ct. did not have the entire state for its f\eld, but that i>ts rights to^erritoi-y are restrlcted-hy the pow^r 6f ailpcatioB vested in | ^^"^ the public service. commisJiion. gard with lines caused by the fur--.-, tigue of bis journey from Warsaw and exhaustive conversations with various .<«tatie«men, leaned suddeit^ ly over th** table:',-'. We poiated hte.' > finger at. the diminutive, hutiener- getic profess'or who Is Lithnanial. ! premier and ?xclaime<l: "I have a definite question to put "5 to the hoDprable representa^ve of .. Lithuania: is it peace or war?" i The little ;Llthuanian premier did' ^ not qua-il tinder the gaze of th» Polish marshal. He looked Pi-e^ mier Pilsudski full in the eye and answered clearly; "lii is peace." ^ ripple of applause broke .'from the spellbound members of the council ,and .when this' had died down,; Premier Pilsudki announced in trembling tones: Work to .WnNter. "As it Is peace I no more need personally to discuss details of settlement -which I ;:,leaye to my- " Foreign Minister, M. Zaleski. I shall order a' ie deum of joy to- be sung ini all the churches of Poland will respect the independence;' of Lithhania, while Premier Wal- demaraii undertbok an engagenient that Lithuania' does not conaidef herself id a state of war with Pol- r and. ; ' i ' : This satisfied the council which a^ed Beelaerts . Van Blokland. Dutch foreign minister who is acting as !H>ecial reporter in the controversy, to draw up a report .^ased on these delcaratlons and arrange . procedure for settlement^of the> alleged mistreatmeiM. of Lithuanian, clergy at Vllna which'is expected to offer difficulties. Both ,irn.«f Agree. Both the .Poles and LUhuanlana must agree to the text of'a formula of settlement which wa« t>e- ing drafted today and it was noted that after adjounuhf^nt of the council session, the Lithuanians did not entirely agree with members of the council thai the conflict had been regulated In principle. ' i Both Premier Waldemaras and Foreign 'Minister Zaunis were far i less optimistic than, the Polish delegation. The Lithuanian lor- .. feign minister .<«aid there wgre many points still undecided which the Lithuanians consider important. The Dutch foreign minister is preparing a report .jvhich is expected to include a formula upon ~ which both Lithuania and Poland may agree and he has still Jo receive a statement from both coain- statement.i must be Boston Hotel Grcmp to Disdmrage Eating of Steaks and BWRoasts Boston. Dec. 10. (AP)—Boston's beef eaters will get their accustomed steaks and roasts, if they insist, but hotels here have defi- i^tely decided to discourage their service until "price and quality return to, normalcy." 'That announcement, together with ait expression of hope that their effort might attract nationwide attention and co-operailon, was maidi^ after a meeting ot<, the City of Boston Hotel Association. • The beef situation, was asserted "very serious." Cards tp be placed on .dining tables will add that "prices, are higher and quality poorer than at any time in miny years." The public wilt be requested to refrain from beef Orders.. • J , .-, Representatives of the leading houses voted to inaugurate t^e Campaign, asserted the blame }ay in j^ckers' hjaste to kill animals. Lean beeves have Uken ^he place of the- sleek, -well -fattened animals of formei^ days' but prices not only hav^ been maintained hut have advanced, it is Claimed. It is said that cattle-which last year were allowed 90 to 100 i^yn to fatten are being nished to ;n'ar- kef in half that;time. i '! j reconciled in drawing up the for• mula. ' . Foreign, .Minister Zaunis said there waB no reason to esitect.the immediate establishment of diplomatic relations between, the two countries as. conditions ab^Iutely forbid it. lie al^ said that news lirom thp Lithuanian-Polish i frontier was disturbing, as within t£e past ^three days the Poles • have moved additional troops near the boundary.., Husband Argues About I Christmas List; She Dies North Pelham. X. Y., Dec. 10 fAP)—Andrew C. Foster object^l'' to the length of his wife's Chrisi-> mas last night, and wheij Ue arose this morning he foundihet dead on the kitchefi floor, wit^-the; . gap jets of the range open.. , _ .'1

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