Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 19, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1955
Page 11
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Local •;• Comic* .»• * Cltuiified Auocigted Prtss WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER: 19, 1955 Tha Neu>*i>ai>er For Tht Horn* Second Section PAUL S. MYERS •TivoMen,TivoWomen W .-' • •-...-•; • 'v. '..'.. :•,'• V i 1 •'"''.-;' ;• - ' ' Die In Flaming A uto; Trucker Also Killed .- A highway tragedy, equalled only twice in Allegany : county, this morning in La Vale took the Jives of five persons as a runaway tractor-trailer loaded with sheet • aluminum slammed into a car and a truck ahead, of it on Route 40. ;'• • •-'.' . ;•'•'. j'-, .' the'victinis were: . ~ Clifford P. Fearer, 38,,.assistant manager of Cumberland Stee! Company, Mt. Pleasant Street, IFfo'slbiirg. •j'. Francis X. Spearman, 53, clerk £in '.the office of the Cumberland | , ; Divisioh superintendent of t'ie B&O Railroad, 79 .Spring Street, -Frostburg. .Miss Grace 'Evelyn Lloyd, 35, .ilso a clerk in (he same office as I'jSpcarman; .Wright's' Crossing. Miss Nellie Thomas', 31, cashier and payroll clerk 'at the Buchanan Lumber 'Company, ."36, Bowery Street, Frostburg! . Samuel J.- Br en n e m a n, 29, SpringsrPa., a contractor. Four In Auto . Mr. Spearman, Miss Lloyd and Miss Thomas were all passengers in the car' driven, by Mr. Fearer, en. route to their jobs in Cumberland. ,'. The wreckage 'of the three vehicles.-.was strewn for about'100 yards along the National. Highway. State Police said the driver of the runaway truck was Paul Slewart-Myers Or.'25, of. Dover, Pa. He was taken from the scene of ihe tragedy, to the. office of the state's attorney by Sgt. William F. Baker of the LaVale Barracks of Stale Police. "•' ; Police gave this account of the accident: * Myers' tractor hauling a flat bed trailer 1 loaded with sheets of alum 1 ium ran away while descending Big Savage Mountain. ;Thc big vehicle roared through Frostburg and on eastward into LaVale. Vehicle Leaves Highway Just at a slight curve in Allegany jrovc in front of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kelley, the tractor- :railcr left "the highway,.. with (he jailer jackknifing.. ^ The trailer hit a utility pole be- :ween the Kclley home and the residence of John D. Kasecamp, next door. . It 'carried the pole the distance o! the Kasecamp front yard and \nocked over a tree about eight inches in diameter at the other end of the yard. The trailer as it hit about 90 miles an hour, went over the Fearer car, crushing it into a small mass of jumbled metal. The trailer went on to hit a dump truck operated by Mr. Srenneman and loaded with a bulldozer. Pushed Into Yard This vehicle was pushed about; 100 feet into the front yard of Mr. and Mrs. James Straw, and the force of the terrific impact hurled :hc heavy bulldozer over the cab! of the truck. It landed upside downy a short distance away. ,j Mr. Brenneman was dccapi-j aled. . Myers suffered only minor jruises. LaVale Volunteer Fire Department 'Sent its equipment and 16 men to the scene to help quench (Continued on Page.12) Truck Driver HeM After Five Killed Traclbr-Trailcr Roars I)own Road 100 Miles An Hour .The driver of the tractor-trailer that ran away on Big Savage Mountain and; • eventually caused the LaVale .accident this morning is being held for further investigation.. •. ;: Sgt. William F. Baker, criminal investigator for Ihe LaVale Barracks of Slate Police, took Paul Stewart Myers, 25, of Dover. Pa., into custody and questioned him for two hours this morning in the nfficc of State's Attorney Paul M. k Fletcher. : • : After the questioning, .Myers, who wns complaining'of back pains ind who suffered cuts around the 'oft eye and bruises on the left ''dc of his head was admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital. Brakes Go Bad Sgt. Baker .said Myers told him thai the brakes. on the rig went had at the top of Big Savage Mountain. The tractor-trailer gathered momentum as it descended the two- mile grade and roared through Frostburg at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. > Myers told Sgt. Baker he continued in the middle of the road all.the nine miles from.the point where his brakes failed to the point of (he accident. He said he prayed that no cars would get in his way. When asked why he did not fltch the truck earlier in the terrible ride, Sgt. Baker reported that Myers said: "It just didn't enter my mind." Prayer For Clear Rond At the scene of the" accident shortly ate the crash, Harry S. Anderson .Jr., of LaVale said the trucker told him this: "I prayed to God as I roared along that some one would think to call the State Police and have them try to get the road cleared. "It. looks like people who -saw the runaway thought- only of getting to the scene of the accident rather than getting a warning .to police. 1 certainly hope that if anything like this ever happens again that some one ; will think to get word-to the police," he added to Anderson. Runaway trucks are no new thing to the 7,000 residents of Frostburg. Bound To Lonaconing : For years, Big Savage Mountain has given top speeds to trucks with brake failures.- Some drivers dilch their trucks before getting lip speed. Others run them off the highway at'Eck- harl-Flat: Observers noted that it is unusual that a runaway got as far as it did this morning. Myers was onroute with the load of she'd aluminum.,from Youngstown, Ohio, to the TachjFast Company at 'Lonaconing. •'-..;' He is married and the father of k two children. . Woman Fined On Three Charges • A 28-year-old local woman Was fined a total of $50 on Ihrcc charges this morning in Police- Court. Trial Magistrate Donald ,'ff Mason" tilled Mrs. Mary Anderson Davis,-rear of 17-Laing.'Avenue, |10 for disorderly conduct! $15 for disturbing the peace \arid $25 .for resisting arrest. ' •-,-•• Officer ! P. C. Jenkins, who arrested 'Mrs.' Davis, testifiedI -'that the .wonwn started to .fight, him and bit, three fingers, on .his lott '.hand.' Officer Jenkins wns lakcri to Memorial' Hospital by 'Sgt. Jmno* Brown and pctccllvfl Donnld Smith where h* received « tetanus «hot, BULLDOZER HURLED—This bulldozer shown upside down' in .he front yard of James Straw'-at Allegany Grove'was being hauled by Samuel J. Brenneman of Springs, Pa. to a LaVale housing project when-it was struck from (he rear by the speeding runaway tractor-trailer. Brenneman. a contractor, was killed instantly. The force of the impact can be noted by the fact that the truck was driven about 50 feet and the bulldozer another 30 feet. WRKCK-LITTERED SCENE—Here on Houle 40 at Allegany Grove five'people met their death this morning at 7:25 when a runaway tractor-trailer struck a car carrying four persons, and a truck loaded with a bulldozer. Under the piles of .sheet. aluminum is buried a sedan driven by Clifford Fearer. 38, of Froslburg, who was enroute to Cumberland with three riders. At'right-is the utility pole carried about 50 feet by.the tractor- trailer 'and the tree which the pole knocked over. " North End Sets Pre-Teeh Night Pre-Tecn Night, . sponsored by .he Recreation' 'Department at S'orth End, Playground Association, will open the group's fall and winter activities Friday night at '.he North End field house. . A.full-length-movie will feature :he initial meeting and refreshments will be sold. Kenneth Cross of the Rec department projection ivill be in charge of the movie. Chaperons will be Mrs. .Mary E N'orris and Mrs. Henry Stitcher. There .will'be a ,10-cent fee to cover 'cost of the movie and pro: iectioriist, Robert E. Pence, rec lirector, said.,,-. ..-- < • • REMAINS'-OF SEDAN—Trooper First Class Linwood Clark of the LaVale Barracks of State Police'is shown above as he and othcr volunteer workers prepare to remove the four bodies from a sedan crushed by the tractor-trailer and its load. In the back-- ricmlsvillc Alan nffers Axe Injury A Friendsville man was admit- d to Memorial Hospital Monday th a scalp, laceration sustained an axe. Attache's said Howard Articc, , is in ."fair" condition. Artie as admitted'in a semi-conscious ndilion. Police have no report of the ishap. Barber Suffers Attack While Hunting Near Here A local barber .was admitted this norning to .'Memorial Hospital after suffering ,1 a heart attack while hunting 'with, two companions on the Maryland slope of Tussey fountain, east'of. Cumberland. . Attaches, identified the man a: Oscar Bible, Golden' Lane, and said \o was rcstihg'.'comfortaWy. Bible was hunting' with] an Earl Harper and ,.another Jinfdchliflcd "j com- lahio'n when stricken. The tin- dcntificd companion went to Hintstone Volunteer Fire Company both or 'aid, and'-Bible was taken to struck Memorial in the ambulance of hat fire company. He was reported "retting comfortably" it noon; .••; •-•' :•' ; Three hunters were Injured Snt : itdays while , hunting ; ln, Grim! County, W..Va.' One,' an.It-yenr. old' Elk Gafdcn'youth' whs rrtoai seriously Injured.' . : The,youth, MnrviniChnptrun, Is a patient in .Garrell County, Memorial" Hospital, Oakland, where attaches today said he was "improving" from shotgun wounds in the shoulders and back of the nccn. He was hunting with his father, Roscoe Chapman, at the.time of "IB accident, authorities said,.'adding that the wounds resulted when the father's weapon • acddently discharged. .Wounded in the Other two Grant Coimty,;mishnps were Kelley Goldi, 28; and Harmnn-Hartman, .42, of Cabins, The men w by pellets when'the gun of «; a; companion, .Emmett-Hesse, 39, r 1' also of Cabinsi accldcnlly 'went off. •' Neither jrcqulrctl hospltallzStlon. .[Investigating' the three' accidents Is' Clarence'' Shbbc of 'Petersburg, Grant Grant County Conservation officer, '.West'.Virginia.officials have .ro- pprlctl eight hunting accidents, Including one fntnllty, since the sea spn-opentd.-Saturday:'•'., -'•'•'' is the the so. tiirtlts BROWN '— Mr. and Mrs. James, 216 North Mechanic Street, a daughter this morning at Sacred Heart Hospital, FITZWATER~Mr. and Mrs.-"William. RD.l, Sivanton, a daughter October 1 in Garrett County Memorial Hospital. HOLIDAY—Mr. and Mrs. John W., " Oldtowh'Road.'a son this morning at Memorial Hospital. JENKINS—Mr. and Mrs. Carl, 308 Pulaski Street,-a daughter this morning at Sacred Heart Hospital. - • NEALIS—Mr. and Mrs: Hctzel A., RD 1, Ridgeley, a son last night at Memorial. '. NOLAN—Mr.' and -Mrs./John, Mc- Kccsport, Pa., a son" on' October 1 'there. The father,is' a son of Joseph Nolan of Ml. Savage. • PRUITT—Mr. and Mrs. Vesper N. Jr., Alexandria, Va., a:son October 6 there. The mother is the former .'Miss Clarie. Ann-Bever, rRitighlcr 'of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bever, ML-Savage. •-; '.» • .-, SliuOYER—Mr. :and Mrs. James, 32 Roberts Sired, a son yesterday at Memorial ', ' ..-• I'crc SNOW—Mr. and Mrs, Joseph, Bow; cry Street, Frostburg, a son yesterday at Miners Hospital :' there, \ '. •': • ', j. .' '. .. . WILSON-Mr. and Mrs. Earl, Baltimore, former residents; » daughter October 13 hvBaltlmorc, The paternal grandparents are Mr. .. and Mrs. : Earl Wlljbn,. 539 Con.; tral' Avenue.. The 'maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. H, E,: Adams, Pine Avenue. ground can* be seen the .James Straw home and the truck carrying a bulldozer that was operated by the fifth victim. Samuel J. Brenneman of Springs, Pa. Brenneman was just preparing to. turn off the highway when his machine was struck. 250 To Take Part In City .oTest . ~ More lhan 250 girls from the Fifth and'Sixth grades' will participate in the Recreation Department's second annual baton twirling exhibition at Fort Hill Stadium Saturday,at 2 p.m. Recreation Director Robert E. Pence..said the girls have been practicing as a group tsvice a week for the past six weeks. They have been taught to twirl, march and to do a group routine. Saturday's contest will be judged in five categories. .First place trophy will go to the school demonstrating best .overall performance. Johnson Heights won last year's trophy. .... Runricrup 'plaques will go to groups judged best in the following: Most uniform, best marching ability,.'best 'routine performance and best appearance. Last year's plaque winners were Columbia Street, Pcnn."Avcnuc, Gcphart and SI. Mary's respectively. : ! : . In addition, a gift- will' be presented the. instructor - of. the winning school. - . Judges for Saturday's event are Mrs.. Lucilc ,W.. Boeder, Mrs. Charles-L.. Koppi and Mrs. A. J. e,' performance '.Will last an- p'roXirriatcly'b'nc hour; Pence said. No admission is charged and it Is open to the public. In event, of Inclement .weather, the performance will be held, a week, later, Saturday) October 29. YOKUM — RUey. H., 65, Cresaptown., .' -.' Ritey H. Yokum Rilcy Hess Yokum. Cresaptown merchant, died in Sacred Heart Hospital yesterday on his 65th birthday. (Continued on Page 12) Today's Auto Crash Third In Area Taking Five Lives Obituary Tragedy At La Vale Hits In Five Homes::" _^ . -^ 'V*Three Family Heads:: The horrible accident in LaVale' this morning was felt in five homes, as families prepared to bury the three men and two single women. I Victims who were heads of families were the driver of the car crushed by the-tractor- trailer, Clifford P. Fearer, 38, of 2 Mt.-Pleasant Street, Frostburg; Francis X. Spearman, 59, of 79 Spring Street, Frostburg, a passenger in Fearer's car. and Samuel J. Brenneman, 29. of Springs, Pa. the driver of the truck hauling the bulldozer. The women who died in Fearer's burned, crushed car were Miss Nellie Thomas, 31, of 136 Bowery Street. Frostburg, and Miss Grace Evelyn Lloyd, 35, of Wright's Crossing. Survived By Wife Mr. Fearer, assistant manager of the Cumberland Steel Company, is survived by his wife, the former Miss Willa Delaney, and three children, all at home, William, member of Beall High School's football team. Jeannette and Mary Ann. He also .leaves his father, Leslie Fearer, Piedmont, and a sister;. Mrs. J. Leo Delaney, Baltimore. Mr. Fearer, a 1935 graduate of Allegany High School, was employed by the Cumberland- Steel Company since January 6, • 1937. During' World War II, he served in the Navy. Mr. Spearman is survived by his wife, Mrs. Kathleen- (Cosgrovet Spearman; a daughter, Mrs. Mary Theresa Wilson, Baltimore; and two -sons, Bernard Spearman, a student at LaSaile . College, Philadelphia, and Joseph Spearman, Silver Spring. Mr. Fearer and Mr. Spearman were members of St. Michael's Catholic Church, Brenneman Self Employed Mr. Brenneman, is the husband of the former Miss Virginia Ash. He was self-employed as a bulldozer operator. A son of Ernest Ash and Amelia (Shrock) Brenneman of Bittinger. he is also survived by several brothers and sisters. He was a member of the Springs Mennonite Church. Miss Lloyd, a clerk in the office of the Cumberland Division of the B&O Railroad since September 25, 19-12, is survived by her mother, Mrs. Vivian Lloyd, Wright's Crossing, with whom she resided; four sisters. Mrs. William Small, Frostburg; Mrs. % Alvin Kreiling. Frostburg; Mrs. Gorman Robertson, Midland; and Mrs. Elsie Robertson, Lonaconing; and three brothers, Owen Lloyd. Anna, Illinois: Donald Lloyd, Frostburg, and Glenn Lloyd at home. Miss Thomas comes from a family that is no stranger to tragedy. Her brothers, John and Ralph, lost their lives in the Air Force during World War H,—John over Italy, and Ralph lost over Alaska. She leaves her mother, Mrs. Nellie Thomas, with whom she resided; two sisters, Mrs. Ruth Patterson, LaVale, and Miss Bertha Thomas, at home, and three brothers. Emerson Thomas and Richard Thomas, Frostburg, and Morgan Thomas, New York. Man Found Dead On Road A 62-year-old Negro man was lound dead yesterday on West Virginia State Route 28, on the outskirts of Ridgeley. Justice of the Peace C. J. Phil- ,ips, who investigated, said Aaroi E. Howard, Route 28, Ridgeley, was walking ' toward ( Ridgeley when he suffered a heart attack and "fell dead. Time of death was set at 1:10 p. m. Phillips said that if there are any relatives in the area they should contact him at RE 8-9230. The_ body , is at the George funeral Home. There never has been a more tragic accident on area highways, so far as, lives lost are concerned, than the one of this, morning at LaVale in which three men and two women were killed. There have been, however, two others of equal severity, the recent being Ihc disaster of September 6, 1952 when five men died in an accident'on McMullcn Highway, a few miles south of'Crcsap- lown. . , ,-. Prior Io this, the worst auto mishap in' the history of County highways occurred January 26, 1923. Three women, including p. local sisters; and two men perished on U.'S. Route-Win the,Narrows. The auto, carrying the vi skidded on the highway and' plummeted into Icy Wills Creek at " old Stone'Bridge,'-'•' '." ! John Morrlssey, ., operator • Mountain Museum In Ecklinrt, " n test-truck ' driver for Springfield Tire Company,' dis- covered the tragedy. He attracted by the "lights of the wrecked car which continued burn after it crashed into water. In the wreck of 1952, all fi men were riding in the same car which was enroute from Cumber most tend to the Tri-Towns. - . Beghniers Bridge Class To Start / • The ' beginners class in bridge Allegany sponsored by the City Recreation Department will start today at 8 i. m, in'Central YMCA.; .S The class for the 35 enthusiasts will be given by members of the Ictims, Western Maryland Duplicate Jm- Bridge Club, a member of .the Na : tlie tional Bridge Association. • . i Tonight's opening .session will be of concerned primarily with organ!then lotion and registration of the class Kelly members and the lesson In bridge playi . . CLIFFORD P. FEARER Fatal Mishap Sounds Like 'Air Attack' Area Looks As If Bomb Fell As truck . Smacks Into Aiilo The sound of the crash in -LaVale this morning was compared to an air'raid by a resident of LaVale. The wreckage and carnage made the area look like it had been hit . directly with a bomb. Five persons died. . . Leon Kelley, who lives in the home where the big tractor-trailer began to leave (he road, said there was a roaring and then a tremendous noise when the trailer hit the car operated by Clifford P. Fearer of Frostburg, and then -.the . truck driven by Samuel J. Brenne ; man of Springs, Pa. . •-"-• The flat bed trailer was "<!(£' molished to splinters—one set of wheels on one side of Route"4l) and the other on the opposite, sjd.e.; Spread 200 Yards Sheet aluminum was.spread for about 200 yards. A big load of it landed on top of the Fearer auto, and it had to be dragged away before the char•ed bodies could be moved. A utility pole and a tree in the yard of John D. Kasecamp were snapped off like a broken match. Kasecamp said he was in his front room at 7:35 a. m. when the accident occurred, and he reported blue flames lashed out from the wires dangling like loose spaghetti all over the section. . --,., There was an explosion, probably the gas tank of the burning Fearer sedan. State .Police said the five -victims never khew what hit them. The heavy, loaded .trailer was traveling at about 90 miles an hour when, it jackknifed into th'e car and sedan. There were ambulances from the LaVale Barracks of State Police, and the Hater, George and Stein funeral homes. . • The accident could have been more horrible. All along Route 40 in LaVale from 7:20 a. m. on until about 8:45 a. m. school buses are stopping to pick up children en- route to' SS. Peter and Paul School, ' n LaVale School, Park-side School and Allegany High School. Bus Just Left *;' The SS. Peter and Paul bus had just gone down the highway 15 minutes before the collision. While bodies were being ' removed many school children and persons held up on their way Jto work flocked to the scene. It took State Police and other workers about two hours to get the bodies extricated from the Fearer car. The accident happened just at [he new street on the old Warfield property that is being developed into a housing area. Oddly enough, it was at this wa ? street that Samuel.J..Brenneman, of Springs, Pa., 1 was intending to to turn off the highway. . ' '.'.''. He was to. start excavation on vc several homes in the new addition this morning. Another resident, Mrs.'Thomas R. Hinds, said the impact shook ' her home, a big sturdy dwelling, and 'started the telephone to ringing. : ••'* Electric power was off in LaVale from the time of the accident until about noon. .. ••- '; Hit-Run Accjtlcnt ; Subject Of Investigation! 5 City Police today are Investigating a, hit-and-run accident which occurred Sunday night. o« Evltts Creek Hill inside, the city limits. • "•': •/ .', •-,!.•.'•'••;''? •Lt.. JiinWs.E. .Van,'blty police' detective, said th«:accld«nt c»U*^d. damage to an njto owned by Mri. Inez Norton, RD 4, (till clli*." .'-'! T

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