Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 4, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1933
Page 8
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Scout Awards Made at Honor Court Session Several advancements were awarded, including two in the sea scout section,-* at the boy scout <'ourt of honor session, held Thur> <Jay night in the city council chamber. * Prof. Lee W. Forman presided over the umrt, other members being John Wenta, Russell Daubert, John Vanderlinden. sr., and Scout Executive c. R. Hesse. Mr. Daubert conducted the flag ceremony, and also quizzed the candidates for sea scout advancement Three boys in. the Christian church troop awarded the tenderfoot badge were John Yocum, Russell Rail and David Eallard. Second class advancement was achieved by Robert Juzek and Frank King, jr., in the Christian troop. and Ellis Butler in the Roosevelt school troop. Three boys in (he Christian Iroop received higher advancements. James Snedecor pas sec merit badges m cooking and life saving: Robert RIchey. merit badge in public speaking, and John Van- flerlinden completed his require ments for eagle scout. In the Roosevelt troop, James White and Richard Miller completed requirements for star scout rank. . In the .sea scout section of the Christian troop. Robert Richey passed the requirements of an apprentice seaman, and James Snedecor ?.nd John VanderllDden for ordinary seaman. AMBi. IOWA FRIDAY, AUGUST 4 1933. WU1 Present New Carillon Numbers Sunday Evening Ira Schroeder, bellmaster of the Stanton Memorial carillon, will play the regular Friday evening concert at 9 p. m. and Sunday at 6:15 p. m, will play a program of numbers which he has never before presented here. \ T , b 5 F J^ a /? evenln « Program will include "O Canada," Di Capua's "O Soje Mio." Manley's "Massa Dear." ^!« th . D "o ch Blood ln Th ' eir v « ln .»." Rose s "Honest and Truly " "Sweet- S"° f ThCta X1 '" " FarewcU to The Sunday evening program will include Bach's "Av e Maria Bohm's "Calm as the Night." "Sleep Baby, Sleep," Scollard's /Twilight Music," and the hymns. 'The King of Love My Shepherd Is," "Crown Him With Many Thorns," "0 Day of Rest and Gladness," "Who Is on the Lord's Side." Marionettes To Be Shown At Agr. Hail Th« Ames Marionettes will present a program in Agricultural assembly Saturday evening at 7:30 unfit r the auspices of the summer quarter office ot Iowa State col- leg?. Admission will be free and the publi" is invited to attend. One of ihe purposes of the program is to SIVP teachers attending summer school and others interested in rommunity work suggestions fo thKir programs. The marionettes are played b> Bn:c? and Eugene Armstrong, Ned Coover and Herbert Plagge. with the assistance .of their parents The program wjll include "The Three Spinning Fairies." "The Mu sicians of Bremen." and some shoner acts. Mr;;. W. B. Armstrong, mother of tv.-o of the players, will preface ihe performance with a talk on ?he history of marionette playjn, and the construction of puppets. All of the marionettes and cos- tuni s used by tae company are mad.- by the boys and their families. The plays used are especially adapted from fairy tales and other iypr.s of stories. The company now Is working 'as its most ambitious project, tut presentation" of thf mediaeval drama of "Faust," which involves a great many characters and elaborate scenic effects, io be presented at a later dat?. STRATOSPHERE BALLOON READY (Continued from Page One) an American might have the hon- qr_of the flight. Jean withdrew in turn to give Settle a better chance at the altitude record now held by Scientific instruments carried •loft b» thj* luMtooii »re e*pecteft to go far/ toward ending contention among tciemisU over the nature ancT'oriiin of coimic ra;yg.~~ Dr. Arthu? compton of the University of Chlcteo believes the rays are electricMly charged particles. Dr. Robert Milliken of the California Institute of Technology believes they are photons or light rays. In tie sealed gondola in which Settle will ride will be .carried In addition to comsic ray equipment, ralo telephone apparatus to enabl him to maintain constant com munication with the ground an< oxygen tanks to »ustain life while in the stratosphere. The flight will occupy about 24 hwu.s. The place of landing is un certain but In view of weather conditions is likely to be not far from Chicago and to the east. Several hours will be spent by the balloon in the stratosphere it self. Here the temperatun is con stantly 55 degrees below zero The gondola has been painted half black and half white in order that the sun's ray will heat it sufficiently to prevent discomfort. POTATOES! Ask your grocer for ,nice new Nebraska Cobblers, the first on the Ames market or get them at C ft * our store, peck ...'.;..:.....'. OUC Or other potatoes 50a peck. W e deiiver"" Phone 1053. ED COE SEED STORE 215 5th St. The best VALUE "When you are offered a substitute for genuine Kellogg's, remember it is seldom in the spirit of eervice." OF BATTLE CREEK Gushing Market Red Arrow No. 1 325 Main phone 39 FRESH HAM ROLLS, RUMP ROAST, ' RIB ROAST ... PORK LOIN ROAST PORK SHOULDER ' AND BACON SQUARES VEAL ROAST, BEEP ROAST .. PORK CHOPS, 2 lbs SLICED BACON ENDS, Ib ...... IOC Pickles, Cold Meat and ^ Cheese^ • —Member of NRA— READ THE WANTS Phone 219 Free Delivery 2508 Lincoln Way FOOD MARKET j*REE DELIVERY TO' ALL PARTS OF AMES lit*. Wt DOOV* Wk*T PIG BARS, fresh, 2 lbs NAVY .._, f MACARONI, 2 boxes' 21c hand pick, 3 lbs Chore Boys, each _ 9 C Malted Ko-Ko, large can 23c Post Bran, 3 boxes !!" 26c BUTTER Fresh Creamery DRIED PEACHES, fancy, 2 lbs 21c RICE KRISPIES, Kellogg's, 2 boxes. 19c BISCUIT FLOUR, 1-2-3, large box .. 25c Apricots, No. 2y 2 , heavy syrup, 2 for 35c Pella Cookies, 1-lb assorted, box ... 25c Asparagus, Opal, tall cans, 2 for .. 29c Lb 23C VANILLA WAFERS Fresh 3 J>07 12C VA.MLLA EXTRACT 8-oz bottles Ea I9c Fruits and Vegetables Carrots, home grown, bunch 6c Spinach, home grown, 2 lbs 19c Head Lettuce, large solid, each .. lOc Cucumbers, long, 2 for 7c Cabbage, home grown, Ib ... 5c Beets, home grown, bunch 7. 5c Celery, new Mich., bunch ...... 5 C Tomatoes, nome grown, 4 lbs ... 23c Green Peppers, home grown, 2 for 5c Sweet Corn, new tender, 2 doz .. 25c Santaloupes, large ripe, 3 for ... 25c Oranges, large SunMst, doz .... 29c RICE I4c HAISINS Seedless 2 Lbs tie CORN STARCH Amaizo -- 5c THE RED ARROW MARKETS ARE BACK OF THE NRA MOVEMENT 100%—YES, SIR! Swiss Steak, choice * , Pork Chops, lean . . , : Beef Steak, choice . , Pork Steak ..... Sliced Liver . >, « . . Beef Boil . . -sT .-•'.-• . VEAL ROAST VEAL PATTIES CORN BEEF .'.'.."" "l2Uc FRESH HAM ROLLS . "lie BACON SQUARES " "" i 0c SPRING CHICKENS .;.,. "" 20c .12i/ 2 c Rolled Roast Jgg Smoked Ham, sweet . l3J^c Pork Roast, lean . . , «. Og Pork Boil ....... jg Pork Steak A^ Sliced Bacon. . . ... . . IJc WEINERS 12V 2 c SUMMERJ3AUSAGE i| c I™fl^:::::::.- v'?* S ROLLED RIBS * I 6c BEEF ROAST " "" "ITI/.P ".It WE CONTINUE WHERE WE LEFT OFF- MAKING GOOD BEER / " : PABST BLUE RIBBON B£ST OF THE BETTER BEERS No. 1 325 Main Phones 6041 SUGAR 10 lbs . . . 500 100 IBs beet $5.00 100 Ib cane $5,£0 FLOUR GoldO'n $1.29 Jersey Cr'm $1.29 Better Br'd $1.49 Last chance to get flour BY THE RED ARROW STORES WILLYA 6wi Me WHAT^S 1NSIP6 OP TUW BAG- IP usoes' WHAT IT1S PICKLING SPICE 3-oz pkg- 2 for lie :m SOAP P^G bars OXYDOL'S MQOOO.OO! C O N T E S<T 488 CASH PRIZES FULL DETAILS HERE Large Package No guess work is required when you buy at the Red Arrow Stores. You can send the children and they will re, ceive the same high quality and careful attention as if you were shopping yourself. This week just try the Red Arrow first. You won't be disappointed either in quality or price. SATURDAY SPECFLS POWD. SUGAR 2 lbs CALUMET 1-LbCan 25C SWANSDOWN Per Pkg CATSUP H oz PEAS, new pack 3 cans BLUING Pint Bottle IOC BEANS green, 3 cans ,.,.. . PAROWAX 1 Ib pkg .. OLIVES ^1j% Queen, qt jar ....'j}C PICKLES ^tlTI sweet, qt jar ZjC BREAD Mothers APPLE BUTTER * A ' No. 2i/ 2 IOC VINEGAR +4 * pure cider, gal. .. Z1C CHEESE 4m* Iowa State, per Ib 1/C BANANAS AMMONIA Pint Bottle IOC .VEGETABLE DINNER No. 2i/ 2 Can Selected Golden • 25c WATERMELONS home gwn, 29c, 39c GRAPE FRUIT New calif., 5 for ORANGES Sunkist arge Size CANTALOUPE these are Ige., 2 for LEMONS Sunkist, doz. APRICOTS for canning . . . Only opportunity at this price! CABBAGE, new *i / ^ | CELERY, new GINGER SNAPS Fresh Baked 2 lbs 25C solid, Ib ...._.. white, bunch 5c LETTUCE, large, extra solid . . . TOMATOES, per Ib , SWEET CORN, 4 AA Golden Bantam, dz IOC Sweet POTATOES New Crop VANILLA EXTRACT 8-oz Bottle NEW PEAS, ,| A , NEW POTATOES, mm Ib IOC" No. 1;.7 lbs .:... 25C CAULIFLOWER Large White each Concord GRAPES, ^^^ , PLUMS, sweet, basket 29c per basket 43c PAQBFIYB No. 2 200 Main Phone 23U2339 COFFEE Folger's lbs BUTTER Boone Dairy 22C Ib HERSHEY'S Chocolate Syrup 5c • e. CORN FLAKES Miller's, Large Pkg 2 for l9c ROOT BEER EXTRACT/ Makes 5 Gal. f IOC , PEANUT BUTTER Quart Jar 23C MARSH- f ' MALLOWS Fresh / 2 lbs 2$C'' FLY SPRAY and Gun; Enoz Brand FLY / SWATTERS Each WASHING POWDER Snow Boy; Close Out for Pkgs FRUIT PECTIN Beck's; Large Bottle SWISS STEAK Choice I4clb PORK CHOPS Lean tOc Ib BEEF STEAK Choice ROLLED ROAST Rolled SMOKED HAMS Sweet Pork Steak. Sliced Liver . Beef Boil . . Veal Roast Corn Beef . Spare Ribs iPorkBoil J Pork Steak g Sliced Bacon . . . I einers .... H >ummer Sausage Sausage " 3 lbs ^Rump Roast. (Rolled Ribs , (Beef Roast., PORK ROAST Lean Ji_ lb ITC 16c la^c iFlank Steak . . . Ijc iBacon Squares . 10c \Spring Chickens 20l Wt DO OUR PART THE RED ARROW MARKET AND STOP & SHOP MARKET ARE BACK OP THE NRA MOVEMENT 100%, YES, SIR!

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