Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1927
Page 8
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PAGE iEIGHTi THE lOtyPAtLY REGISTER. ; MAJOR-MINOR DRAFT PLANS ARE DROPPED ~ .Five; I^ajfues Drdef^d to Dis(f6ntinue;Thif Agreement QtJESTipN^TILL UP Matter May Be Carried to Laridis, Who Plahs to keep Hands Off Dallas, Tex.. Doc. 9. (.^P)—Con; .eluding'its annual meeting by ' re- vlvini ;r'J the major-minor dfaft , a'greemeat coiArdyersy. delegates r totU& Xatlonal Association of Pro- fessionai ba.<;ebairl>eagues disband• ed loilay, , leaving the arbitration -board to discuss soyerai. questions. jAfter two (lays ot discussion, the - association yesterday ordered five > of its members operating undrr tile modified draft, agreement with ~ major leaguti* lo discontinue tills . practice.) The circuits ordered to ^abandon the'modifiikl.draft were: '_"the American Association, Interna- ~ tiona4. Pacific Coast, Three-I and Western leagues. • Fourteen leagues voted for ilie •• TeSolution banning the compro- ; njr .se draft aijrofnicnt and fi\'o i tiKainsl'li. Th- live voting against tile resohiiidii wcro: Western As- 1 Koclation. .Ml.-jsi.^sil)!)! ValU-y, West• <lu Thnt-l aiul Pacific Coast -.leagues. Thf moMiiiiil ilraft i>aci providi-il that leagiifs fthlch refused to ac[ - ••(•jn the inajdP-nilnor agreem»'ii' ••litvaiiced sevoii; year.-j ago could obtain j)layers_ irwm tho majors with the iitiilei.standing that such irjcn cOuld bi' drafted back by the wiciginal owuiTs. Players obtained by the minors from sources other :'than the majdr.-; were not subject lo the ilraii. • Representalivi's of k^igues spoir- sorlug the rcsiiluiion flalmed Jhe modified pad allowe't the majors - U> .•^isn virtually all pronilsinK re- (.-rnits each- year and/place them with the five circuits with the knowledge the .youngsters woitUl -be availabl.> wlu-n wanted. -.The smaller le.ignes claimtd this pei- mltted' 1h<" iiiajor.s to obtain higli prices for rocrnits in the spring , and; to reclaim them in the full at standard dn'ift prices. / | : • Adjotirumeiu found several elub j -owners questioning the legaljty of .The assoiiation taction and several ^suggestions for jfurther considera- tioii we're informnlly advanced. One group propo.'^f-il |io prut _ the rjues- fion. in the hutid.s of' Kenesaw Mountain Landii--'' commissioner of baseball. I Commissioner :l>andis, however, said he Considorvd the draft con- trbyersy something to be settled by the minors and majors themselves. He was informed of the actlotf at Kansas City, whore he stopped en-i route' to Chicago. Murchisonis NearJbeath'in Hospital Now ' -, Decntur, III.. Ue<;. 9. (API— I /or- en .Murchlxon,' ruler of the Indoor sprli|t» for nearly a decadis Kov- ered between life and,death ut St. Mar/sMioHplial Iwliiy., wlili fils condition taldng a slight iixrn for the better. He IH 8an«rlng from Influenza and complications, so. graye that bis father. Rod Murchl- sohl was summoned Iifom St. Loulaf yesterday. Starting in 191S wien ilurdhl-, s<jn represented the Jreat t.ak6s Naval Training Statlo^ In A. A.! U. competlfioni there weire few Who could take his measure on Indoor tracks at distances u^ i:o 300,yards, because, of the exceptional speed of Ws starts. He has not raced since he comfpleted u world toiir with Charlie Paddock after the i,»24 Olympiad. He became suddsnly ill at his hotel Wednesday morning and was taken to a ho.spital at noon that da.v. PLAN UP IN As Seen Bj C. A. CLIFT Cage Coaches Take to It ^tter Than Grid Mentors MAY BE SPORT^. Vote Is Now Being Taken PLAYING TOGl Studetits Find It's Risky fo Bei on Battles Pa., Dec. 9. CAP)—A number of Uiiiversity ot Piiisburgh studehbr Who would . def^a^. Thanksgiving; won wagers thjit Pitt Penn State- on Among Schoo Big Ten s of' Baskotbflll fs , riafmini;! Ifs virtlms early this yotir In jolo./ As. a re«nH two locjil fnde>' penileni .teams are erlpplcd. ; .Symnuis 4 renter for the lola; : eity tnuii,' iirobably. will be out 'of the unnie niosi nf (he season befiins)- of an Injured shouldier. Keniie h Drake, lieKrlster fur. wtird. kills been ordered to Rive up thf -icanie by his doctor be- eanse tf u dtsloealed ^ertebrjie. I The n Inor lei:gue clubs seem abfiiit to <lo away witli tlit; major- 'ipi^ior 1. uf-iic (Irafr, liiw. ' U Is to their ad vantage. It also is to the advantage ot major league clubs \vblch are short on funds. As long as tlie diuft rule remains, the richer dubs will i.ym out promising yotinsstirs. taking Ihem .into big lime croiiipaiiy wlu'ii they need 'new- blood to carry off pennants^ The l!ecMer Devils .Jiave billed n Rsinie Air ne.xt Friday nlirht at (Jenetn. The gam^ vrieiiia^l.t scheduled for next Tne <^dny. wiis po.stponed. The Keiilsler sipiad Is enlisting; the seiilcex of seieral new players I Chicago, Dec. 9.! (AP)—The two- jteam football agitation In the |We..s.tern conference has developed the question of whether the ruling apiWies alslo to basketball, and the jiouri mentors seein keener for the two-team idea thkn the gridiron coaches. A vote Is. now being taken among the athletic directors to .see whether the two-team" rule shaU apply to all sports. .Ueanwhlle, the double-header idea in football has received a belated, addition to Its adherents in Ajnos Alonzo Stagg, the dean of B'fg Ten coaches, at the University of Chicago. Stagg already has booked Lake Forest College for a preliminary game October 6, to be played before the Chicago-Wyoming contest, and is looking for another team to. match with his reserves Sejiteniber 29, the day of tiio South Carolina meeting, j Stagg is frankly skeptical of the two-team plan except on. a first and second team basis, and only then for the first two Saturdays of the schedule. George Huff, director ^jf athletics at Illinois, added his views to tho much-discussed situation, but disagreed with jstajcg on the doubleheader plan. There is not time in one afternoon for two games. Huff said, and his second team will play three home games while the varsity is away, with some secon^ team trips ir games can be arranged. Six conference schools are now aligned in some form in the two liftih ranks, with Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue and Indiana still holding, aloof. Alia Na^imoya Has Nervous Breakdown ter Maudlin ,1x «tni seeking nies. Atchison. Kans., Dec. 9. fAP)— Stepis toward obtaining a Kans :is delegatifJn in.structcd for Sena'tdr , James A. !Reea of Missouri at the . , He declared he i5^.,nopratic liatlonal convenUoJi Avas holding ii]r)oi ti) allow baseball I ^.^.^e taken here todav at a meeting organizations to settle the 'iraft j prominent liemocixits of eastern, to settle the draft i qOe'stion once and for all.^ The comm:ssioner suggested an 'arbitration board of • major and minor • reiireseh could best hand; • the iii$.tter. If siich a iilan failed, he said he may "hi.' forced to act. | The •as.s <H -iatioii also approved - rrcbmmendatioiis iby President .Mike j H. Sextoii agaiiisi the purchase of' Kandlot'aiid college players by th<' niajjirs for trading imrposes. In adopting a n solution i condemning such i uraclices. • the j association "found the large salalrles offered tho youngsters gave tbifm a false sense of their value Bird handicai'i-; ped the miiiors in <J|>taining re. tTuits. . I . • I T-hb association wlllimeei in l)f'- -New York. Dec. 9. (AP)—.Mme; Nazlmova has' suffered a nervous . hreakdowni from overwork and has and expect* to haie one'of the' • jbeen forced to cancel her appear- lir«'t teams'In fids sertlon of lance at the.Palace Theatre next Kansas on the floor within the week, it was ktinounced today.'She ne.xt two weeks. Manager M'al- {collapsed after a tryout perform- atic^ in Bayonue, N. J., Wednesday night. ^ Washington Cathedral Has Many Contributors "Washington. Dec. 9. (AP)—A total of $6,000,000 has been contrit- utet^ "by approximately 2B,0.: i per- sjinn from every state in: the Pnion and 22 territories and foi-cign . oun- tries towards the building ot the Washington , cathedral : here on .Mount Sqint Alban. Kansas Democrats Are Organizing for Reejd Kansas. P. .M. Pearl. Iliawatha attorney, , \vas selected to act as director Of taiives , perhaps i organization work, and vtas lin- Here are Charlie Andrews, lefi and 'Ix)uls Behr. captain, both of whom are forwards on the Wisconsin basketball team.^who are playing thefr eighth and final year ifogetier. They played four years in high aV.e played together for four years at l-nrakeys. school at Itoikroi-fl, IllinolH, hnd 1 Wisconsin. IJo'h are crack poin KANSAS BOXING GROUP PLACES AGE HUDKINS BACK IN GOOD GRACES Topeka, Kans.. .Dec. 9. (AP)--j t^ent^d participation in an alleged- Reinstatement of Ace Hudkins, Nej braska "wildtal" iind contender of the welterweight boxing title .b: the ' Kansas 'Athletic- Commission was announce<l today by Leslie Ed] monds, executive secretary. Kudkins's reinstatement followed payment of a $.10i> fine Intposed by the Kansas commission for.his iu' Want a Prize? ly "fixed" boxing exhibition at Kansas City. Kans.. January 20. wltl^ Sid Socklyn. a sparring partner. Hudkins'was suspended a few hours before the enjragemeiit- In a statement accompan>ing the fine; Clyde Hudkins. Ace's, brother and manager, agreed to bbide by the rules of the Kansas commission and the National Association. Geneva Fails to Appear F|9r Battle Here Last Night Tonight the local city basketball team invades Buffalo in the second Sekan league game for the locali squad. The local'team Is not In very go>d.shape for the game. la thi other .^league game Humboldt d^eated Ipla in.the last half, lola ha^ since* defeated Savonburg and miklit have scored another Victory )ver the (Jeneva team had that game been played last njgbt as it w^as scheduled. Symm iS, center fori Tola, will be out for some time having broken a collar bone yesterday afternoon. Another player has- been secured to take his place. Stanley Lee. regular local forward, also stands a chance of not starting, due to an ! ankle injury gained when the loli team played-the Savonburg quintet tihe first of the week. Baker or Cutworth may start at the forward position. WRESTLER IN were asked! to appear today asjainst'a "bettliigv.C**'"" missioner." alleged to haVe absconded withi their funds.' . The day before, the game; a man calling himseJf "C. E. Hugus. representative on a New York broker." established hlmseU at a hotel; near the''! campus land sent lettei-s - to fraternity hoiises offering to jplace bets on Pitt' against Penn »tl odds of ten to seven. Trade wasi brisk. "Hugus,"/ stnjlents charge, accepted their mohet anfd issued rjceipisi- After the Bime, the "comihis-r sioner" coiild not be located.'and' several "victory" celebrations had to be postpoBed for lack op funds. C. J. (Red) Scbinninger, ht Altoona. Pa., whs arrested aj , that place yesterdky and brought to Pittsburgh. . Students said" Schin- ninger and "Hugus" were ope and the same. ; i . Among American colleges New- Hampshire Uijiversity stands, at the top. in skatii^g, ski-jumping and i seconds. Trouble Is Averted Wrestling Match Ends in K. C. as OMAHA MAN WINS And His Supporters Are 1 Angry Because Man I Struck Him? other ice anil snow sports. Kansas City. Dec. 9. (AP)—Rudy Dnsek of Omaha had little difficulty in beating Stanley Stasiak. hioston. heavyweight wrestler, in. straight falls here last night. Dusek ibok the first fall in S9 minute-s nd the .second in 19 minutes and , |0 seconds. • . Police escorted, Stasiak to ; hi.^ " ( ressing room when supporters of • |)usek claimed the Boston man .•jtruck the Nebraskap. .Toe (Toots) Mohdt, cowboy grappler. disposed of Pat McGlU. Nebraska, in .^6 minutes and 30 Alex Garkawienko threw • Moe Stangel in 11 minutes. Lilliendahl Slayers Will Ask New Trial .Mavs llanding. N. J.. Dec. 9. (APj .Mrs. Margaret Lilliendahl andrhcr friend. Willis Beach, convicted of killing ner husband, will be sentenced tomorrow it they fall to win a new trial, tho maximum sentence IKAsI'.ile lis ten years and a fine of $1,000. Mrs. l|ilUendahrs counsel said thttt tomorrow'they would apply for ja new trial, 1>ased on information they hai^ obtained after the Juir was -given the case Wednesday afternoon. The nature of this evidence was not disclosed when the, jury returned its verdict after deliberating for more^ than 23 hours on the strength of the assertion. Justice Campbell] deferred sentence until tomorrowi. lOc and! 30c structed to employ a secretary ind a treasurer and lo obtain a chairman in eaih county of the state .'to cjpmber. I!i2.s. at Toron (".'harltw vWlieatstone., the- ihven- - tor. of til •! first To'rni telegraphy ns<'<i in ,!Kii3 ?land.yAva!4 also thv inventor hf |t'he i/fnccr-' Una. America Is Making More Christmas Toys I of elect ri( Washington. Dec. !i. (AP)—This Chrlstm-is wll find American children plentifully suiiplii-d With toys. The commerce department estiinat- fd today that toys wilhi a .rotan value of $2.'i0.000,000 will be sold this year and that hardly one- Iwentieih of them:'would he the l^oduct of foreign countries. ' Aniericaii munufai-turerjS havebeen steadily expanding their output ol goods that formerly came from ! ('.trinaiiy. Japan and France. Civil Aviation Meet Is Urged by Coolidge AVashington. Dec. 9. (^P)—An international civil' aviation conference in Washington next Decem- b,er was urged' today by President Coolidge In a letter addressed to the civil aeronautical conference now in session here. I Flying is a I^ot of Fun, But— ••Come take a ride: Ifs lots of fuii." Bryan O'Nell. mlllUry college - student at Terrell, Tex., Invtted Miss Lillian Overton. In a tew alnutes O'Nell and Miss Overton we>e in the4>lane pictured aboTe. Ihanglng In.mSd-air between 66.000 volts'of electricity and a long dVbp' to the ground. The fire department and ajadder straightened tlilaKBiOiit.'' Miss Overton agreed it was lots ot tun, bnt there wiere - '<)tberBice ways of-amusement, too., Recoiling Log Injures Wichita Man Seriously .'Wichita. Kans., Dec. 9. (AP)— .Struck by a recoiling log chain which broke under the strald of stump pulling, J. L. McGill, 32, is In a dangerous condition at a Wichita hospital following the loss of one leg and a compound, fracture of the other. SOUTH ANDERSON (.Mrs. Anna McDowell) Dec. 8 .-7 -DanieI Charles Hoff- melcr,'coinmoi^ly called Dan. and Miss Gladys Rew were married Friddy' afternoon.. December 2. 1927; at t o'clock at the. office of the probate judife in Oarfa'ett. They were accompanied by Howard Fagg and Inez Htrffmeier. the groom's sister. After'" the ceremony they drove to the; parental Hoffmeler home in Excelsior district where they wei-e entertained-lor suppef, after which they proceeded to the Jackson farm which Dan has rented and furnished for their home this year! In the j evening an. informal reception was held and the companv treated to candy and cigars. Dan is a son of J. H. Hoff­ meler and has lived all his.lif^ in bjir iTjidst. His bride came.from Wcllsvllle. Kans., and is a stranger h !re. The neighbors wish them a long and happy life.: • iMr. Sisson threshed kafir last week and had a yield of about 31 bushels per acre.' The report is current thai. jMr. Arbuckle and family wlU not leave, aftpr. all and that they h^ve purchased the land just across the j-oad' south of them caljed .the Lanning farm and will live on it. It is ti^ie that a man and a river become crooked by following th? least resistaijbe. • Hull Sisson came home from Baker' to 3pend the week-end. Many have been complaining of colds bnt jnone have pneumonia. History jof marriage: If a child <8 lost or (Jevoured iiy animals, the fnther. in some • of these "matri- Ilneal" clans, must pay its value to the wife's relatives, as the child Is supposed to belong to the mother. ' They're all prizes that Miss Lu clUe Fisher ot Lot Angeles taaij here, pnses to go to wlnnen In the motorboai erenU to l&k«; place around Catalins Island on Jannary Ib.flThe las test pul'pulj boats on the coast are entered. The increase in the cultivation of rubber is affecting the supply of pepper: rubber plantations come to maturity much , mori quicMy than pepper. | It's when a girl is forbidden llo smoke that she starts to fume. To dry-dock an ocean liner and clean it up takes about a week and costs anything i/p to $75,000. The operation is carried out twice a year. . Admission^ Mat. 10c-20c He loved his wife—but were married ahd then co: Comedy--"Eoi Winter Relaxes Its Icy 0rip on Kansas Today Topeka; Dec. 9. (AP)—Winter rela3 (ed its icy grip on Kansas this moriiing and with clear i.skies. and a soiith wiad prevailing, the weatli- er b'ureau predicted further mod- eratiph. j , : Topeka,. with a low mark of 9 aljovp zero.' reported the coldest tlie state. Kansas City had a low of 12; Concordia and GoodJand, 14; aiid Wichita and Dodge City, 16. . Sol moisture was reported in the last 24 hours. Repetition of Blockade Is Feared in Michigan Sanlt Ste Marie, Mich., Dec. 9. (AP)—A WpetiUon of the blockade that froze in more than 160 freighter:: at the close of navigation last year, is feared by marine men here with tne ihiprisonment in Mud Lake of the steamer Thomas Britt, of the Valley Camp line. The vessel. downbOund, with grain is caught in 12-Inch ice and the temperature is five below. The steamer Brooktou also is frizen in behind the Britt. Th? steimer Soodpc today is attempting :o buck ice in Little Mud Lake, uplound but is making virtually no progress- TODAY ONLY Ai|i Exquisite a n d Tens'eful St6ry of JEIemental Emotions^ KINNErHniONUOW CIOROtMNCMJFT trOAMCirmir. #4^^ JLMMfS IMMMS aOMSMutnaL-VAM Wld!I^KlSwB>l» A WILLl.AM K. HOWARD PRODUCTION Prohibition Agent Is ; • Convicted for Slaying Hagerstown. .Md., Dec. J9. (AP)— A verdict of first degre^ murder without capital punishment was returned today by a jury lln Washington county criminal court, against Reginald E. Walters, undercover man, for the killing of Hunt- et* R. Stotler, western ; Mar.vland dry ehief. f This prisoner based his plea on self defense, testifyiiig that when he afcused Stotler of having •'im- prpp «T relations'' with his wife, Stotler reached for his gr.n. He said -that he shot his superior officer to protect his own life. ; . ~. • ^ • li Colored Slayer Dies After Prison Stabbing Lansing, Kans., Dec. 9. (AP)-i Verii|bii "Mouaie" Clay, 28. Negro, Lea«enWorth county slayer, died in the -Kansas penitentiary hospital here yesterd&y from stab wounds rece}ve<U*n> cellhouse fight with Gus \ Thomas, negro. Crawford couijtV slayer. Wichita Police After C^ke-Eater Bandits Wichita'. Kas.. Dec. 9., (API- Wichita police today are : seeking extradition papers for five alleged "cake-eater" bandits held at San Bernardino, Calif., following the recovery of a car there stolen from Wichita Saturday. Capt. W. O. Lyle and Rudolph X.acroix, superintendent of identification, will' Interview Governor Paulen today then proceed to Sacramento for q^ditlonal papers from the governor of California. The return trip jprobably will be made in the stolepj car. . Betting will Tie.illegal on the gre^'hound race-tracks to be established in -New Zealand. A heart drama that" .sweeps with irresistible povf^r from the picture.s(]iie-djtnee halLs of Mexico to the barren plains of the western sheep country, in\^olving1 beautifur dancing girl, a .young sheep rancher, and other man." ! .A.dded Comedy and Fcix News AI Wilson in *fSky High Saunders" the A whirling, zooming, .sweeping drama';i,0uO feet clouds! Just recall last Saturday 's "Lone Eagle" know you want to see this pne. JfOXD.lV A>D TlESnAY above the a'lid yoti'll 1 I I I I i I I 1 r I ft I I "Chang? nndonlitediy lielopps In the rtitegory of fcreatplctures^ •' If only foi* (he kirk ymi get froni If. This liiay not be a test of art I lint It certnlnir Is-* of <>ntertaIiioieht. .N'oihlng In the cinema line—" to- date can beat this film for n iveJty, sustained Interest iand ex^ | ritlnif Incident. >oihIng.caii nppr^nch It for surprise. Ifryonare | an old picture fan and Ihluk you iknow what the movies; can do^ ; I go ."ee "Chang." (.'o anywiy;--'*Aee,'» hi K. r. Journal-Post' I Night 10c-25c Last .Tiines T^day BERT LYTELL in *bHE FIRST NIGHT" so did the other man—they Implications set in. A fast moving mirthful comedy, that w}ll keep you laughing. Sale Bungalow' , Krazy Kat Hartooii Komedy SATJJRDAy ' Admission 1 to 4 p..m. |lOr;. 4:Jo ^1 p. m. lOC'SOc TEX M.\YNARD in •?(iUN HAND GARRISON'' A roW-hand of the bad lands ibo handles a mean gun and never missed hls.miirk.ivhen if cane ifor Law and Order. romedy~"l^ -^^0 Bine Eyes" "The King >f the-Jnngfe" "Krazy Kat Jiprtooa; Komedy" rojnxG MO.\DAri-jOHS GILBERT R '' rrWBLTE MILES OUT" j Why Cpnceal the Fact When everyone kno^s that Marathon Tires are the best that yoii can buy. Sold by the oldest exclusive tire dealer in Southeast Kansas, giving maximum mileage, making new friends every day, ^0 why cqnceal the fact? ^ Come over today and. let us: show you this tire and then "get right" witH Marathons. TIRE REPAIR SHOP C. CANATSEY, Prop. -116 East Jackson^ Phone. 146

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