The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 6, 1933 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1933
Page 4
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•;';tr^'-\^-"*tr^^ 1 '.^ BAKEKfcFiELlb COMMU NITY KiteK-z&Ssr:, ........ 1 ... ' McFARLAND CLUB . GIVESWON Wascp Women Are Guests and Present Fine Program of Music MaFARLAND, Jan. 6.—Twenty members of the Federated Woman's Club of Wasco were guests of the local elub at a covered-dish luncheon at the club rooms Thursday at 12:80. Following luncheon a short business, session was held with Mrs. F. W. Dick- Jnson, president, presiding. This was followed by a delightful program given »y. the visiting club members. Mrs. C. H. Jones, president of the Wasco club, presided and announced the program numbers. Both Mrs, Dickinson and Mrs. Jones gave charming New Years greetings to those present. The program: Reading, "Woman's Rights," by Ml»s Doris Clemens; vocal solo, "Promise," Miss Jean Robertson, accompanied at the piano by Mr«. James Hubbard; tap dance number by Miss Betty Campbell in costume, accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Hubbard; vocal solo, "You," by Mrs. James Hubbard, accompanied at tho piano ivy Miss Grace Charles. Mrs, Hubbard ftlso sang aft encore number, "Tho Star." ( Tho clubroom and luncheon table were delightfully appointed With sea sonal berries, greenery and lighted candelabra. ' At the business session, Mrs. Dickinson announced that the local club Is sponsoring a public card party to be held" at the club rooms Thursday eve- 1 ning, January 12. Mrs. A. J. Poterson» Mrs. R. J. Hodson and Mrs. Roy Jumper are the committee. Mrs. C. H. .Tdnes of the Wasco Club announced a dance to be given at the American Legion hall at Wasco Sat uYdtfy evening, January 14. She urged that McFarland Club members attend Food for the luncheon was furnished by all the club member* and the committee In charge of arrangements wns Mesdames E. P. Janes, L, J. Flula, Tod Oarrett, R. A. Brondwell, Cluude Richardson, L. R. Billings, W. J. Woolverton and M. B. McFarland. Hostesses for the day were Mesdames F. W "BUY AMERICAN" IS FAVORED AT DELANO D (Special to Tho OaUfornian) I ELAND, Jan. 6.—Members of the local Chamber of Commerce have Inaugurated a vigorous campaign to support the "Buy American" movement now rarjldly spreading throughout the United States. % ' Following an Interesting discussion of the pUm at Its recent meeting, the chamber adopted a pertinent resolution, the text of which follows: Resolution Text "Whereas, there Is a general 'Buy American' movement throughout the United States, to encourage the purchase of goods produced and manufactured in the United Spates; and "Whereas, this 'Buy American' campaign will be particularly ad Van- tag-ecus to Delano and southern California in helping fp atop the Influx of goods which are pouring into this section from foreign markets to compete with th« products of local Industry; and • "Whereas, civic organisations and governmental agencies have Indorsed the 'Buy American' movement; ther»- fore, belt • "Resolved, That the Chamber of Commerce go pn record in favor of the 'Buy American 1 movement, as a means of encouraging the purchase of locally produced and manufactured were David L. Shlfflet, H\ ft. De- Vennoy, James Swan, Harold Olson, >. W. McOllntlok, Oran Palmer, Les;te Adairm, President Faylo, L. F. Lake, Harry Schalwltz, Jerry Sinks, William B. smith, W. A, Hallook, R6y Shleppey and others, Oran Palmer nlso spoke. In favor of a community welfare Hhbw for the benefit of Chairman Allen's welfare fund, Which has diminished to $50. It was decided to present "Tho Charity Wedding," a one-act farce, on the evening of Friday, January 13, despite many "suggestions" of bad'luck connected with'the date. A unanimous vote of confidence Was given the project, and Leslie Adams was appointed chairman of publicity. The board of directors elected O, A, Clftien as male secretary, nnd It Is expected that he will begin his duties on January a. The chamber announced 1U Intentions of .launching many new projects during the year. goods." Wide DlseuMlen Prior to Its adoption a- wide range of personal views were expressed by the 27 members attending the session at Hotel Kern, over which President Leonard Fayl* presided. The "Buy American" plan was the first business to come before 'the organization for action. Among those who expressed opinions Dickinson, D. Billings, M, R. Marshall and W. J. Woolvorton. More than forty-five club members attended tho luncheon and program The visitors Included: Mesdames C. H. Jones, James Hubbard, James Kyle, George WaUgh, Fred Stone, W. H. Jahant, Robert Miner; C. A. Campbell, John Fiddler, M. P. Kerr and granddaughter, Gladys; Ruth Wedoll, A. U. Fry, George RobertfOn, Dick Prather and Mrs. Hlttson, and Misses Doris Clemens, Grace Charles, Jean Robertson and Betty Campbell. 4 New Years Party Given by Werlings McKITTRICK, Jan. 8.— A very enjoyable evening was spent at the F. C. Werllnsr home Sunday, where a New. Years dinner was served, "after which music and cards were enjoyed. Those present wore Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Werllng and daughter, Jane, Mr. and Mrs. ' Ronald Williams, and son, Byron, all of Taft; Mr. and Mrs. C. R, Williams And Donald Williams of Fellows, Mrs. Badgley of San Luis Oblnpo, Juluss Hansen, Bradford Gibson, Orvllle Trusedale, Chas. Campbell, Orvllle Werllng, Miss Pearl Cauvel and the host and hastens. HAVE DINNER QUESTS OILDALE, Jnn. 6.—Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Watenbarger were hosts at a turkey dinner on New Years day. The table was set for 15 guests and the new year motif wns used throughout. Those attending were Messrs, and Mosdarries Ira Wutenbarger, Cilado Wntenbiirger, C. B. Flynn and J. D. Watehbsrifei" Ernest, James and Lloy<l Watenburger, Miss Hnzel Wat- enbargpr und Jlitry Sue Flynn, and the liunt and ENJOY PROGRAM Entertainment for Families Sponsored by P. T. A. Well Attended MOJAVE, Jan. 6.—The Parent Teacher Association enjoyed a meeting pn Tuesday night, January 8," when a special entertainment was given for the -entire family, father, mother and children' of tho members nnd the Interested public. Mrs, I, Blum, president, called the meeting to order and the audience joined In the pledge to the flag. ,' ' >•'! ' Mi's. Blum* rend the pood thought entitled "Be Square." Mrs. Roy Sla- glen song the P. T. A. song and the audience joined In the chorus. Mrs. Slagla also sang ''Sleepy Hollow Tune." Grace Everett played the 'Fifth Nocturne" by Leybach; Julia Ceccarelll also played a piano solo, "A Country Garden." The third of a series of playlets being given .for child welfare was announced by Ruth Emerlck, entitled "I Don't Want to," nnd was taken from the Eldrldge F.ntertalnment House list of child plays for P. T. A. programs This wns very well portrayed and conveyed a good moral to the many youngsters In the audrence. The story Is of a boy who is continually saying "I Don't Want to," .until the under- giyiund "Oops" more 'commonly known as Brownies, got hold of him. The Improvement In the boy's disposition wan the moral of the play. The cast of characters were from Miss Wilson's grades, and Included Raymond Harbison n * tne "boy". Buster Davis, the "Gop"; Tom Fleming and Albert Cappella as the "underground t?op»." Miss Wilson took the part of the mother. • A short P. T. A. session was held at the schoolhouse In the afternoon tn transact business,' leavlijg the evening open for the entertainment. MANUFACTURER DIES BERLIN, Jon. 6. (A. P,)—Ernst von Borslg, 03,' a leading member of the famous locomotive building firm founded by his father,' Albert, died today. , ?»w?v^^"vfS^lr^fl? 5 ww^BnP? ''• '',':' •' ? ^ v ;v/^;t>S*''./;;»"',', l '''V' -'V r .;'i'Uls^fSl*'' '• II ,.. , .'.>'..•'*.<...'/•'.'. .;...«'."''» -*-'• i ' --• ....-*--~.-I-^ 1 , EDUCATOR Dr. George F. rook, president of the University of Akron, member of the Carnegie Foundation Com- mlttlon, who personally delivered • report to the state of California on college* .and universities.' He nude a series of talks, giving suggestions for. the Improvement of the educational system of the state. Fairfax Children Guests at Party FAIRFAX, Jan. 6.—Mrs. A. F. Walters entertained at a delightful children's party at her home Wednesday afternoon In honor of her daughter Marian's sixth birthday anniversary Games were enjoyed and each guest received balloons which caused much merriment. i Tfie refreshment table was decorated in pink and white and the cake had six pink candles. Ice cream cake, nuts and candy were served. The guests included Jean and ttob ert Statler, Kenneth Loewen, Helen Mabray,. Helen Burgess, Johnnie Williams and tho little hostess, Mar- Ian Walters'. PLANS- PUBtlCjARD PAR1Y WASCO, Jan. ff.-^A public card party Will be given Friday, February 8, at the Legion half by members of the Legion Auxiliary, according' to, a decision made at the meeting heltt Wednesday evening at the home of the vice-president,., MrsV Bruce, Little. Mrs, Little also conducted the meeting In the absence' of the presidenti'Mrs. Frank Wllksim. .» * ,' : The committee In charge of the party Includes Mesdames Zeta 'Taylor, Colver Jones and Miss Lillian Prltschke. 'Announcement wasii.inado of a /combined district and county meeting to be held InvBakersfield," •Sunday, January 16, Mr* Little "is the county, president o'f the auxiliary, '''•''':. Following the business meeting, cards were played and • refreshment* were served. Those who attended .wire Wtesdames George i Coyne, Inland Brier, T. F, Prather, O. Sadler, Clay Gllbreath, M. M. Bridges, Zeta Taylor, Colver Jones and Misses Gladys Beh-, nett, Lillian Prltschke, Nettl« Bridges. The next meeting will be a combined social meeting with the "Legion taembers, with the Legion as hosts. imypNIZED WASCO, Jan. 0.—The January clinic 1 of the Wasco Elementary P. T. A. wa* patronized by many parents .who brought In their children for consultation with Dr. Madge Schlbtthauer of the Kern county .health department. During the morning - session over a hundred students and children were given the diphtheria toxotd, and In the afternoon 32 children were brought for examination. Assisting with the clinic were Miss Grace' Devenlsh and Miss Sprague of the county health department, and Mesdames Edwin Booth, health chairman of the P. T. A., Mrs. Colver Jones, and Mrs. Harry Scaroni, president of the P. T. A. The pupils are examined nnd advice Is given as to feeding of babies, but serious' cases are referred to the fom- •lly physician. • !•-< rrri rpi i /^i '. Ine lobacco Crop ear but that can't affect Chesterfield—why? ' -i«;i Production of tobacco* tuable for cigarette* or " roll your own." U. S, crop (average, 5 years, 1927-31) . 1,091,265,750 lb». U. S. crop (Govt. estimate, 1932) ... 751,601,000 Ibs. Estimated shortage, 1932 crop . . . 339,664,750 Ibs. The manufacturer of good cigarettes does not depend on any one year's crop. He knows that to keep up the quality of his brand, he has to carry on. hand at all times a large stock of the right kinds of tobacco from several years' crops. The domestic tobaccos are kept in large hogsheads, each containing about 1000 pounds, and are allowed to age for two full years—in other words, nature's method of curing the tobaccos. Something like ageing wine. Liggett & Myers has about four and a half miles of warehouses used for storing leaf tobacco, to make sure that its products are uniform and are as good as can be made. To do this requires a great deal of mouey—for example, there is invested in the domestic and Turkish tobaccos for Chesterfield Cigarettes over $75,000,000. Smokers can be assured, regardless of the crop conditions, that Chesterfield will be absolutely uniform—the same yesterday, today, at all times. The cigarette that's, milder—the cigarette that tastes better! <.-* % RHraHMffipwRHRI sterii *!**. fw.- - \ 4« s f.-* k, ) 19J), LiCGBtr & MYERS TOBACCO C >. CLAD IN NIGHTIE -iJWS- t • iis^*-* , Costume meant little to Alfred Davis who suddenly deolded He disliked the Industrial .Horn* School at Washington, D. C. Clad only In night, garments he (kipped about for a couple of miles—through woods and creeks—until finally he was caught and returned by a policeman. North Kern Pioneer 111 at Hospital RICIIGROVE, Jan. 6.—Charles Rleck, resident of this district for 30 years, was rushed to Delano Hospital at 1 o'clock on Thursday morning, where he underwent a major opera- MEM1 FtM fit' ttichgrove Literary Sectiqn Enjoys Discussion of Food Values R1CHGROVH, Jan, «. — Mrs. Paul Driver presented an Interesting program at the first meeting pf^the N^w Year for; the Neighborhood Literary, Club/ The meeting was • held on Thursday afternoon at,the home of' Mrs. Frank J,-Cpddlngtoh., ' The subject for' the program hour was "Dietetics,", and waa Introduced . by' Mrs. Driver, /who read, Edgar Guest's poem, "Lemon Pie." She 1 , fol- • lowed the poem with a very Interest-, Ing discussion of her subject lit geri- eral'torms, defining dietetics as the , study of food In relation, to the human*, body. She stated that true foods have tjie-same elements'as are found in the human body, and that 60 per dent of, all ailments of the human family are directly due to avoidable errors in diet." She classified the various Itlnds.of food such as protein, carbohydrates and mineral salts, and closed with a discussion of the calorie and Its value. Mrs; David Miller was the second speaker on -the program. Her subject was "Fruits and Vegetables." She told of the; eye and appetite appeal of foods, of the Various acids and their . functions, from what fruits-they w,ere obtained and -of the mineral properties of vegetables and the correct ways of preparing them to retain their mineral salts. , ' Mrs. John W. Reed spoke on nuts , and .cereals. She stressed that'- corn was the most easily digested of the ' cereals and that oats were rich.In,oil. She told of the beneficial qualities of . nuts and of the proper use of cereals, Mrs. George Hess, a' trained nurse, spoke on "Diet for the Sick." She mentioned diseases which are caused by Improper diet, including scurvy, rickets, diabetes, autointoxication and many others. She also told of the best diets for those suffering.'from Asthma, tuberculosis, influenia and pneumonia. Mrs. Driver closed the pl-ogram with a clever poem, entitled, "How to B»e m." ' ..-..At roll call each .member told of a. favorite recipe which she had brought and could be copied by any one .wish- Ing It. Many recipes were exchanged! Following the program the usual social half hour was enjoyed when the hostess, assisted by Mesdames Frank M. Keo and H. S. McClees,, served dainty refreshments. Quests of the club were Mesdames Harry Qutnn, George Hess and daughter Fern,' Percy Burum, and Mls» Madge Dooley. Club members enjoying the meeting were Mesdames P. E. Monroe and daughter, David Miller, Paul Driver • V tion. He will recover. years of age. • •'• • • • ' * « » He is past 70 '' McKITTRICK McKITTRICK, Jan. 6.—Mrs. Sally Malldor of Los Angeles is visiting her ulster Mrs. Anne Dawson at the telephone office. Mrs. L. T. Arnold nntl family spent the New Years holidays In Fresno, the quests of Mr., und Mrs. \V~. E. Roberts. Mrs. B, W. Ba«B and family have returned from Redqndo Bench where they spent the holidays with Mr. und MrH. James McDonald. Fred Ehlers, Jr., und his sister Isabel, returned recently from Dos Palos where they visited their mother, Mrs. Mabel Ehlers. . -. Jean Harris returned Monday from San Luc-aii. Mrs. O. .. Harris and and son Charles, J. R. Burkett, Delbert L. Post, Harry Klbbe, Howard's. Miller, Chester Dooley, John W. R^ed, Chauncey Searby, John M. ffyte, Edward Cave, Carrie Ratcllffe, W. A.'Welch, L. R. Klatt, F. M. Kee, H. .S. McClees, and Frank J. Coddlngton. . daughter Dorothy nnd Mrs. H. Candee met her nt Puno nobles. R. Mrs. M. Shnnklln and granddaughter Dolores Weber have returned from a week's visit with relatives in San Francisco. Mrs. R, . n. Candee and Mrs. O. Harris vlsltfld Mr«. Oliver Tldrow at Templeton Monday, -.•' Mrs. T. L. Pnttornon of Lout Hills visited friends her* Wednesday afternoon. , • \ OILDALE KERNVILLE KERNVILLE, Jan. 0. — Mrs. Johnnie Dlltz of the Rlvernook Dairy spent a recent day In Kernviile as the guest of Mrs. Earn4e Dotson. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Jensen and Monroe Georgo were mldwt-ek busmeea vlHltors in Bnkemfleld. Mrs. Aubrey Stulns, following n prolonged visit In KernvlU-i, has frau-.rned to Trona. Stonewall J. Rhymeu, .'ivocatlon.-u forestry service lookout, and Bert James, locul merchant, were recent buatuoNH callers tn Bakerxfleld. C. E. Tlmmons, Kernvllle posimns- ter and official scorer of tlm weitlior, reports precipitation to date at 1.34 Inches, us against 6,33 this date last yeur. FELLOWS people Know it FELLOWS, Jan,' 0.—T. B. Handy was In Fresno Wednesday ou business. Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter C. Fulrey and daughter Arul, Mr. Falrey's mother Mrs. E. M, Fulrey, und Raymond O'Dell motored to Los Angeles Sunday to tnlto Mlas Aral Kulrey and Mrs. E. M. Fulrey there. Miss Fsvlrey will enter a beauty school. The rest of the party returned home Tuesday evening. The ladies v of the Presbyterian Chun-h assisted by, others,from the Amaranth Court, n«w>?d on qulltn Monday and Tuesday for. the men at Hoov*v camp, also for needy here In FellowB, the latter given to Mrs. T. TC. Barnes for distribution through the P. T. A. MemberH,' of tlie Aremo Club, O. 15. R., also ure worklhir on quilts for tiuedy families, which will be given to Mrs. Barnes for distribution. ! MOUNTAIN VIEW MOUNTAIN VIEW, .Tan. 6.-— Miss Hlslo Rueter spent last week-end In iiong Beach. Mrs. C. P. Bartlett has returned to her home In Pasadena after rtpendlng neveral weeks with her daughter, Mrs. E. O. BuerWe. . The llev. Leonard OechslI, superintendent of Fremio dlstrlcl, will be at Mountain View Church Sunday and conduct. the inornlntf sarvloe. Bvui'y- UIIH In Ilia uouimunlty IH eoi'diully In- vll«d lo be vru«ent. ^lrB. Ofval I'Jbteu returned. home on Monday after spending a few days In thu suuth. • -- ' * OILDALE, Jan. 6.—Mr. and Mrs, J. J. Kosher and children Ruth. Geneva and Jack ofi Long Beach, spent the New Year holidays wtth Mr. and . Mrs. S. ,L. Russell and family. , ' Mrs. Lowell Dowdy of Taft, and Mrs. John Haczard-spent Wednesday at-the Glen Preston home. ., v Mr. und Mrs. Robert G. Elliott of "Wusco,* were the guests of Mrs. Bertha P. Elliott over New Tears. Tho regular Friday night card .party < will be held at the Community- Club and the public is Invited to attend. Mr. and . Mrs. A. 8. Boyutoii und daughters of Santa Paula were the week-end guests of Mr. und Mrs. (J. A. Brown. i ' , Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Cowan spent ' a week in Ontario fcnd Imperial valley, California, visiting relatives. . • ' Melvln Jon«s und BUI Harper spent the week-end' at Breckenrldge, visit* ing with Mr. Harper's father. • The Ladles' Aid Society of the Congregational Church will setve at a dinner elven for the Nortn-of-the- Rlver Club next Wednesday evening. All members ure requested to attorn!. ' Mr. and Mrs. G, W. T3anks, Jr., of McFarlund, have moved to - Olldale and are now living on Decutur street. Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Price are spending the week ut Los- Angeles. ' . Sir. and Mrs. W. E. Price and chll- . dren were recent visitors to Porter- vlllo. " -; •• Mr. nnd Mrs-. W. O. Whltworth have returned from Vlsalla where they spent Saturday and Sunday and- on returning they visited Mrn. Whitworth's mother ,at McFarlanci, on Monday. , • C. Lawson of Qlendale visited J. C. Wutenbareer- on .Wednesday. Mr. unU Mrs. J. C. Wntephargef and sons Ernest, Lloyd and James,'.. were recent visitors at the,. Tltley " , home In Toft. :i'. Mrs. U. H. Apparson, proprietress, ' of the Apperson store who wns In. • jurml Saturday night tn an automobile • accident In Ba«rsfleld, Is Improving . at Kern General Hdspltal, ,. , «-*-« .''.: RETURN FROM SOUTH ' MoFARLAND, Jan. 0.—Mr. and Mrs. ,» William Elchenhofer and .children v William, Jr., und Betty Ann returned Monday evening from the south whoro they spent the New Year holt-, days. While there they wer» guests of Mrs. Elchenhofer's pnreutt), Mr. nnd Mrs. George Preece, at their homo In Los Angeles. They also attended th« Tournament of Roses nt Pasadena. .. chest COLDS *"••"';"' yr;V i$' , - <•>', _* *Li '»;••* > J » • vk,». ;•>!« '*i rku .*/£ ^ i^bi

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