The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1955 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 19
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, DECEMBER 1«, 1998 OOUMHK WVWV FASI HWBTEIN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU Jte'RE DOiMG A FAUEOOT V TOMORROW, MAJOR.'— PW 1 HAVE 60T 6CME PRE- HEWE "lANO TU'eKC THAT T 3KED WHILE ' WA5 ,WAlTtM6 E-6AD, MOKRI55&Y/ THesi YOU DID ££AD OUR THOUGHTS AFTER ALL, At^D YOUR MATE'S WAS MOT A 6UR(?Rl$E-' IT MUST MANE YJeiTTfcSi OM OUR AVISOS AS PLAlfJ AS THOSE STATE FAIR. HSR TO coMt PACK OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* THIS OLD CANOPY MASMT BEEM UP Slt-iCe HECIOR. SNA-S EITHER THAT TOP 6OES UP OR WO DATE, FRECKLES . ITS TOO COLD TONI6HT/ ,«i '&-&&%•;•*&'•. '' Copr. 1955 b, NEA S«... I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU, MOTHS Television — Tonight Tomorrow -~ WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 9:30 Thursday Night, Dec. 15 10 00 0,00 Jungle Jim 11:00 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 11,1(1 7:00 You Bet Your Life 12:00 "7:30 Gangbusters 12:15 8:00 Drapnet 12.30 • 8.30 Theatre 1.30 9:00 Video Theatre 10:00 Your Esso Reporter 'j 45 . 10:15 Playhouse of Stars 2 'oo . JO.45 Weather - 10:50 Mystery Theatre 3 - 00 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sl K n Off 3;30 Friday, DPC. 16 6-50 Meditation 3:45 7:00 Today 4:00 T;25 Wed ther—Memphis 4:30 . .7 30 Today 5:00 7:55 Today In Memphis 5.30 8:00 Today 5:40 '8'25 News—Mid-South 5.,xi 8:30 Today «:W 8:55 Nows and Weather 6:30 Mid-South fi-45 9:00 Dins Don;; School 7:00 Sioryland Tlic'cathy Show Home Tennessee Ernie Ford FViuher Your Nest, Farm News TV Movie Matinee Horn clunkers Progrsim Datfj With Lile Matinee Theatre — color Clnnm-1 Five Theatre World of Mr. SwfpiR'y Modern Romances Pinky U'O Howdy Goody- CD lor Afternoon Movie InuTcsttng Person Cartoons Wcmlu'T Wild Bill Hickok Eddie Fislier N'nv; Caravan Truth or Conseq-.ii-nces 7-30 Life of Ulley 8:45 8:00 Sl<: Story 9:00 8:3(1 SIOI-JK; of the 10:00 Century ll:3 ° :900 C;'.v;t;r:,df of Sports :2:00 9:4") CoMfedcraie.s 12:05 [0:on Your Esso H-porter 12:45 10.15 I.oi-ett:-. Young 2:15 10:45 Weather 10:50 Toitfhdown 3:00 11 15 Tonight 3:30 12.00 SlRii OH WHBQ Channel 13 \'^ Thursday Xifiht, Dec. 15 5:00 6.00 Lit lie R;isr;»lH 6 00 6:^5 Do rou Know Why 6.25 6:30 The Lone Ranger B.'jO 7;(KJ Ramar of thw Junfile 7:00 7:30 Stop thr Music 7:30 8'00 St:ir Tonight 8:00 8:30 Down You Go R-iO 9:(!0 Mavor of the Town P:00 9 ; ;:0 Bishop Sheen 9.30 10-00 News 10:10 Weather 10:00 10:15 Part! Pase 10 10 10:30 LatP Show U>:15 12.00 Weather Friday, fee. 16 News & Weather Romper Room This Is Hollywood 5tu Erwin News Luiic-hUme Theatre Early Show Miss America Matinee Foreign Intrigus Bozo and His Friends Autry-Rogers Mr. Dingle Mlcke-y Mouse Club UltJr Rascals Do You Know Why Annie Oakley Ozie A'- Harrlt'L Crossroads Dollar A Second Camera '4" Confidential File D^mort Uunyorv Theatre News Went her Lop Paul and Mary Ford ' Does Cook Eat Own Cooking? CHARLESTON, W.Va. (VP> — The asked: fo'.ir Alcohol Tax Unit agents watch- ! "How come you're swi ed'the moonshiners cooking musulwine when you have all foi a time before moving in for the made whisky!" arrest. I The reply was prompt: The federal men had seen nne ol \ "Man. do you think we re crazy the moonshiners drinking from » ! bottle of wine and were curious. Onf Continued from preceding page Situation Wanted Baby sitting day or night. Ph. 3-8912. ITU pt n Ironing In my home. 1329 S. 10th St. 13J19 pk 12,23 Baby silling day or night. Ph. 3-6958. 11I1S pk 12 23 wanttd to Buy Still paying highest prices for your .jr and pecans. Joe Hester's Cro.. S. Hwy 61 ph PO 2-2632. 1126 pk t|2n We buy used furniture. BALSELL & WHITE. 113 S. Division Ph 3-6096 54 ct tl H - M - MD or Super M. Stanton A Pepper. Ph. 3-3833. U|9 pk 17 ••WantPd: Logs. We are In market for colionwood. Sycamore, Rum, maple and lupelo logs delivered to mill or banked lut on road or rail siding. Betz-Tlpton Veneer company. Phone 323, Caruthersville. Missouri." 12-12 <* 18 r.M.*««-U-«.rri«r- e»pr.l«4&T NEA»«nr«*, ft dfe>/wJV/n««- "^»n we borrow vour pliers so we can pi ay .dentist?" "I knew Herschel would wait tM the tot minute H tt» about tt>« dance! Did you notice bow wWtjr I ««M y**?" t Fl£W WITH SOUS HUSBAWD IN THE WAE, M(?S.W«/NE, HE SHOWED ME PCTU?ES OP VDU AND BILLY- HE WAS ABOUT r- THIS BIG THEM.' m-r-r-r—rd VES. 1 SUPPOSE SDlft LAB TO IrUCW VWW IVECOr,€ BUSTWe WTO VDUE UFE WITH A MEWOCV BOCVLMOEP WAEM.IW MOTsure 16LESSICAM9LED NDUO UKB XJ MEETASJyWHOT ' " CF JW.BUT GUESS WHAT HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS! A GEIGER COUNTER THAT'S NOT SO SILLY CARLYLE-, 410 gauge pump gun. Ph. 3-3712. enough to drink the stuff we're making?" I Read Couner-NewF Classified Ads REMINGTON RAND Typewriters — Adding Machines — Calculators Portable - Standard - Electric Business Systems Authorized Sales and Service? WHITLEY OFFICE SUPPLY 106 So. Fifth Phone 3-8802 Best Grade Illinois Coal and Kindling Nut Coal 2 or more tons $10 per ton plus tax B&CCoalCo. S. niiw 61 Phone 3-8612 Day of the Outlaw By L«> W*!li J955, by Let Welfi. Distributed br ^^ Service, Inc. XXX DAN slammed into a table, fcung balanced a moment and then the whole thing tipped over, spilling him to the floor and Wangling him with a chair. .. Dan desperately grabbed the fallen chair, whipped it about and jabbed up with it, the four 'legs pointing at George. The chair struck the man in the pit " iof the stomach and his stride faltered. It was enough for Dan to •roll fast to one side and come to his feet. But DOW b* was trapped, his ; only retreat around the bar, or I ,aiong the wall the other way. 3Be tried that but George, eyes narrow and wicked, cut him off. Dan'* lips flattened and he set , tiimself, suddenly advancing, his tfsts flailing, each blow landing. * They struck on mouth, nose, jaw V *nd eyes. George was blinded and his advance faltered. Dan * «Wung harder. He heard George . grunt and wince. Den swung, for the rocky chin * *nd tb« blow connected. His ;.' knuckles cracked but George did mot go down. His taloned fingers ; -caught Dan's sleeve and instantly ! Dan was jerked forward. '.'. Dan felt the pressure increase * on his back and around his ribs. * He was half lifted from his feet , and the pressure was a torture, * Gteadily increasing. He felt his " strength flow out and he knew * that within a matter of seconds v George would kill him. He clawed his fingers into,the ',' bristly hair. Pain hazed his eyo,s * and he was hardly aware of the *• Rirl who had suddenly appeared I I beside them, nor did he really i honr her voice, though U shrilled i through the room, time and •* again, calling George's name. 4 Suddenly the killing pressure * was gone as George straightened' J and thftn roughly cast Dan aside. , George stood, chest heaving, j hrad hjmg .f or w • rd, but his 3 murky eyes now watched Vivian McLear. He swiped the bnck of his hands across his slack lips. Vivian spoke soothingly. "What are you doing, George'' You've lost your head." Dan painfully rolled over on his side and pushed himself up with his hands, bend hanging as he still fought for breath. Vivinn gave her full attention to the blacksmith. She smiled and extended her hand. ''You'd better go home, George You've had too much. Would yoc like for me to go with you?" He blinked, frowned to focus her. "Would you? With me?" "Sure, George. You've never asked me. Here, take my hand." He stared at the slender hand she extended, afraid to touch it. Then, slowly, he lifted his own and his fingers convulsively tightened around hers. Vivian winced and covered it with a smile. • • * THE two of them circled the end of the "bar and the outlaws moved back to give them room. Vause whistled. "She stopped it! There's a woman I'd sure like to have around." George halted in mid-stride and he dropped Vivian's hand. She instantly wheeled toward him but George had already lunged toward the outlaw, so fast that Vausc was caught unaware and could not avoid the attack. His hand dropped to his gun, but George's powerful grip tied the man's arms to his side and he was helpless. tried to get to his feet and stop this now attack. Vivian reached Cor George's arms, apam screaming his name. Tex and Juarez tried to break the giant's grip but could not and Vausc's face writhed in pain as the pressure slowly bent him back. Then Tex stepped back, his hand blurred. The shot roared and bounced in the room. George jerked, hfa snapping back. For a long sec ond he held Vause in the vise of his arms and the muscles spasmodically bunched. Vause screamed in agony, and then George's arms fell away and the giant body toppled sideways to the floor. One leg bent slightly and then fell flaccid. Vause had also fallen and he gasped on the floor beside the dead man. Dan had frozen, still half crouched and Vivian stood staring at the dead man, her face paling. No one moved and Tex slowly lifted the gun and blew at the muzzle. Vivian's head jerked up. her eyes ablaze. "Always the killer," she said coldly. "Always the brave man whh the gun, especially when you can shoot from the back. You could have used the barrel to knock him out, but not Tex Darrow. He likes to see men die." Tex stiffened and his face suf- fusotl. His left hand whipped up and across her face. DAN hardly realized ,what b* did. HP came lunging forward and then found himself facing -lack Bruhn, who had stopped between the two men. Jack's big hand thrust Dan back and h€ wheeled to face Tex. "Put up the gun, Tex. There 1 ! been enough killing in this town. Apologize to the lady." Tex stared at Jack, face stiM twisted with fury and anger. He slowly straightened, licking DM lips, and his glance whipped b*?- yond Jack to Pace Odium. Pace leaned against the bar, watching, red lips parted, a peculiar glitter in his eyes. He caught DarroW's glance and Pace slowly smiled. Suddenly Darrow's gun whipped up nnd the long tongue of flame leapt from the muzzle toward -Bruhn. The slug smashed into the broad chest ond Bruhn's body jerked. His eyes snapped wide open in stunned surprise. His lips parted and his hand came halfway up as though to touch his chest. Then he fell and the floor trembled with the impact of th« big body. (To Hf Continued* Wanted to Rent 2 bedroom house or 4 room apt. Permanent party. Ph. 3-4237 or 3-6470 after 6 p.m. 1214 ck 12,17 The World's Finest Bourbon Since 1795 Worthy of Your Trust for 160 Years... Beam old fashioned Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is distilled and aged under a formula passed on from generation to generation for over 160 years. Only Beam tastes like Beam ... only Beam taste* DO good, KM MM • H FM* MflTWNV STRMMT MVMM WMMtT MMU I. IUM MMUIM M., CUMMR, Iff. , ALL RI6KT VOU GOT lfJ,E£L" ~ " ^ "/TWeRAPtO 0UT MOT HOW/WHEM T SAW THC CC&$, 1 HUSJ© AV OUN OM TM£ PHOME HOOK ANP STEPPED OUT OP THE PHOJE BOOTH. I THOUGHT THEV MO SUCH JJJCK, V3U RAM©, THEV LBT ME ANSWER, 50" P/Rgff SOUfeB 6OINS TO DO A FAVOR, I tZ-i? ] *5 ANNOVEP WITH HIM te THE PUBLISHERS FOR ~ PAUSHT6K CARLA ISWS'. SOME REA50N! KE'$ TH1WKIW6, MRS. BOWSER'. W 'SPENDS UJMS HOURS- W W* DRAWING 60ARD,,,BUT WHEN HE'S cernwa IPEAS HE SEEMS TO THINK BETTER lyiWS DOWN! MI5S PATAKEY, YOU FATHER WORKS CONSTANTLtf BUT TOITU APWt ME OMEN DOESN'T LOOK WEKV BUSV! WHOTCHA MEAN AN' INJUW STORY'S OL' STUFF? IVt GOT A SWELL SIMMICK WHATS TH' MWTER WITH / LOOK, OOP, HORSES?/ DlDVOU EVERTRV DRAWING THEM? TOO MUCH WORK, EM? THEN HOWS FOR GIW ME ANOTHER SHOT AT THAT / A\A! ALEXANDER / CUT IT TH' SREAJ j-{ OUT, STORY? 661 WILL YOU WANT THE MOWS FOR STIL ANOTHER NKK IM AFRAID SO. DAD'S STILL A BIT 8EHIND SCHEOULS WITH HIS WORK, AMP CAN'T TAK TIMB TO TRAVEL HOWE TILL HE CATCHES DPI BUT THAT'S A SWELL SET-UP FOR ME BEING A GENTLEMAN! HOLYCOW, I'M AiREAWl AN OFFICER AN' EVERY- BOCV KNOWS cc THAT U PEST CICESO T BROWSE ABOUNP. BUT HE AIW'T < GETTIM'.M ( EVE?Y TIME HE "L " COMES IN HE BUSTS SOMETHING WEXT TO TOP, 1 UKfc t>c«s BIST! sts. rt* two vt£TS, SCX3OT PiRS THE TWO I

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