The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 27, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1894
Page 1
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jip your Coupons And bring them to THB'SBNTINM- olflco and eocnro a copy of the splendid portfolio TC1P AROOID THE WORLD, PART 2. A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD Olio of these coupons nti'l Ton cents ' will entitle roil to I'urt 2 of thla clmrmlnn series of vlewa. VOL. XVIII. NO. 1, CARltOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, AP1ML 27, 1894. WHOLE NO. 8U1. DO YOU KNOW THE POSTOFFICE HAS MOVED ? ij> ; Well it has, right next door to Guild's Dry Goods Store : <f And you ought just to see the bargains that Guild is offering in Dry Goods, Notions, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods. If you want to economize in your Dry Goods purchases you can't afford to let these special bargains go by without Securing some of them. I JUTS NOTE SOME OP THESE PRICES Our stock being large it is impossible to enumerate all, but come to the store and see for yourself. Good Calicoed Best Shirting Prints Best Indigo Prints - - 5c. Best Apron Check Ginghams 5c. Good yard wide Muslin - 5c. Fine White Check Dress Goods 5c. per yd (c Good Check Shirting - 5c. per yd Ladies' and Children's Hose 5c. per pair Men'l Seamless Half Hose 5c. Ladies' colored bordered Handkerchiefs (fast colors) - - S3^c. Ladies' Embroidered bordered Hdkfs. 5c Fine Wool Dress Goods - IQc. per yd Will offer this week 15 pieces Double Fold Dress Goods, beautiful colors, worth 35c. per yard, for 19c, This is a great bargain and well worthy of your inspection. We have thousands of bargains. If you see you will buy, Come in and look over our stock and get our prices. No trouble to show goods whether you wish to buy or not. Dry Gooda, Notions, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods. •Next door to M. Simon.s Clothing Stora r*TTTT Tfc \Jr U LLiU, O. * N. W. Time oara. oum TBAMI wan. 1 Ovetland limited ............. 10 W a. m. I Omaha KiproK ................ 4 80 a. ro. « n. nu .iimi>x <arrt»eiiC06 a.m. ....... liea»e« 6 iaa,m. . 7 Paoia«Bxpr«M ............... iniTp. m. ,18 ifiwttll ExpreM ............... 010 p. m. .91 fr«U»ht ........................ 8 23 p. a. PAMUBBB nUIM BAM. Me. > Or«rtand limited ............. 0 eo p. m it, t Ohloaio XxprMi ...... ...... ..11 85 p. m. n.. . • Mi«ti..i.p W M.....{is«j»«5SS:S: .. !••, M. «UxlinB l>Mi«nger ......... 6 40 a. m. JS5. M rmtbt, Weit Side to Boon*. . » 15 a. m. ' BIIM. UOirX OITT AND MOtllXB BHAIIiMM. ArrlTM Leant J. K. OttKAQKH, Agent ; o.n. *8t. P. »'y. VMJUMttm TOAIM AT •**•!•• mill OOM« BAIT. p. n. 8:14 p. m. i l;60 p 111 ;;...". : >;.,".".'."...";".i'.".".'.;".'.B!iiu p.m. " l;0fl B. III. ft)lM« WM1 •r ........ v ............. t.4Ba.». r ........ \ ............ »(37p.i». r ... ......... .^ ..... ........ 7.10 a.m. fit ............ . ........... IO:M». • Ut ..... . ..... i, ......... 10:80 p, m. for tal* »l\b» O«M, ilio Bi W. If. Bk»OKI<miB9B. A*»Ut. IW KQRTE? RStAWYER. llr« lloor Oerwun bunk .building. Ill state aud ffdorul ouu*V. el*J attention ilvon tuforecUw^r.ui mid I of eittttm. W. SOWIH [TORN EY A I'LAW \ oviioc. BEACH A HOYT liF A \A7V17PQ yJLj/\ W i Hi FA o ,, ID itat« and f«dur»l oourU. on\af • lf|r*tt, flrit»Ulrwar north of ootiomm |] 4 F. M. DAVENPORT, A MOHNK AT law. I.citHl bumnem tim • B T ......^ | K ^ 0( J ) MWt() uu( | f^yf,,! OUUr t|, Nutliinal llunh, Cnrr<> 0, P. FRAZEB « CO. MISSION MERCHUTS, a, Provisions and Stocks ' eolil fur m»h ur vurrivd uu mm jilin. » Soltelteil. OAia CIRVULM FHff. i 315 Rlaito Building, CHICA60, A GOOD GAME. TUB BTAItS WAVE LOST T1IEIU LUSTER. •TUB PICKED NINB PUT THEM TO SLKKP. .HUT IT WAS ALL TUBS COULD DO, FOIl •UNTIL TilEKIOIIFII INNING THE 8 TAU8 8II01IK 1)Y THBin OWK LIOUT. Wednesday afternoon one of tht moat hotly coutoatcd games of base ball was played at MincUon's park between the Carroll Stars and a picked nine of homo playeri that has been witnessed for a long time by the admirers of the game in, our city. The Stars bad been extremely forUiuuto (n winning a number of games last veur and so far this season bud no trouble in defeating everything that came before them. The club is composed entirely of boys and are rattling good plnyors for their claw, ibut yesterday's wtiWas too much for thorn. Had it not been for the unfortunate hard luck iathti eighth inning when the picked nine run in six scoroi the Stare would today be strictly in it instead otf being out of aiijht as»thoy are, uoj a single one of them wislule to the kuonett observer and their captain, Oharley, is At homo in bed. Uo is all broke up,poor follow,and bo has our sympathy too, for ih« other fellows wore £ro&t big men »«>! ought to have defeated ihem wornuthau tbuy did The following is the scovu by innings: ia»«vfitl78t» 8t!»M..... 1 0 6 0 S 0 0 0 4-1? I'leked uluo U 'i I 0 I 0 "i 0 1-13 W. Fay, umpire; time of guwo two hours. TUo guiuu was |>lay«d for a puree of |30 atid gate receipt, uMl was pluyod for all thuro WHS in It, each <club tryiuic lutrd to currv oil the boodle, UAUUWDN. 12*.Pr«sideut Harrison pawed i»ir oitr Foitluy ou his way from G.ilifurultt to ill* boms tkl Indianapolis. Wuuu h» arritad lure be ww tw*tod in lue rear euil of M spaoiul ooaob, IU« "AIa«ool" <u un «a«y ahuir. An Ilia train atap> h»r* verttl minutes * large crowd gathered the our to sue Wot. lu rwpoura to re- ted invitations he oooie out ou the uiiu uuil inquired wlwt city lulu Ou bttiug informed b« slapped ou the ii've\stH|) of ih* our where be warmly i-JuB|A| tlio liuinls of those who had tituo <t> aallViu him. '1'btt corawou expreeeiou wuo link the ueu«ral looks inuoh olJer ih.nn.thA eipuotod. UB bus » tired look (irorubly due probably to the long rulw hti uil tukeu. Qeuerol llurrieop iu u Uua lotMg tunu, with exprewiva feul ur«, whiohVaui'k him us a ( aiuu of fur more ihup oWuury ability »ud owe that aould easily U taken u« a leader o( men Our cUiuauo ^10 were fyrtouate enough -. ' \ to have tbe opportunity of seeing the only living ex-president greeted him with marked tokens of respect and esteem. RECITAL, Friday evening Prof. Aumold rendered one of his pleasant aud charming program at the Baptist church. The professor is « skilled musican on the violin apd treated his audience, which was a Urge one to a real treat. All of hie pieces were heartily •applauded and he was al ways onlled back for another selection. The local talent which assisted did their parts well and added the general attrootiqn of the entertainment. Tbe male quartette was appreciated by, all as was Mies Nita •Kail's selection. Miss Qraoo recited Jamie in a very clever way. We ihiuk •he did better iu this selection than in any we have beard her render before an audience. Mrs. 0. L. Wright was recalled for a voluntary and us usual toeily sustained tbe good opinion all tbe Oar- roll people have of her musioal powers. Tbe King's Daughters did well in arranging so pleasant an evening's entertainment aud we are pleased to note that that they were greeted with so fine an audiouoe. Wednesday at I) o'clock, Miss Edith M. Burner and John Wiuterbourno, Itcv. W. 13. Thompson, of the MuthailrSt church, performing the corumwuy. Thu nuptials were celebrated at I ha home of i ho brkl", there not being anyone promo! tixcitpt the relatives of (he contracting imriic.'ii'uuil a fuw of tlioir uioit lutimato fritmda. HUortly after the ceremony WUB ovor Ihu party repaired lo tho depot ami took the 10:!K> train for Abilune, Kau., where they will live during the amuiuur, but will roturu in tho fall whou Mr. Win lor- bourne will outer tbe ministry. Thu young couple woro accompanied to I lie train by tlioir (rleiuls who showered rleo and well wishes itftcr them as (he train pulled out bearing them to their now home. Doth of tho vouug pooplo arc wellkuown in our city and highly rea- poctud by all who know th«m auU tho host wishes, will he with Ilium wishing them u long ami bappy jourudy through llfo. ' ......... _ "Nicuo CASH MOK«Y." Kriuud Floroucourt offeis to but $100 that wo misrepresented him last week, tie says ho will but "uloo cash inuuey" which is probably a scarce variety and can only be uu(|iiir«d by iuherltauco. As wo never had uoy rich relations dlo aud li)»ve us "ubu .cash money" we are unable to call him. Before Florcnuourt's uncle died and left hiiua pot of money no one overheard of him offering to bciifUO or training with the Republican plutocrats of tlio country. But times have chungod and Frank has become too proud and aristocratic for us end we will have to give him up. Until recently we woro in hopes that he was going to prove himself man enough to stand prosperity without allowing his head to swell, but alaa. the luring temptations of the rich have proven too insidious for him aud as soon as ilungcrforld puts 'him through the proper course of training tie will bo taken into full fellowship. The Democrats dislike to see him no, but if lie is to be tho disturbing clement and the tool of designing politicians tho sooner he tultes the plunge in tho Republican bath tub tbe batter for our party. 'The Democratic olllcidls of tlio county have grown too slow and pokey for him and do not set up free drinks often enough to ploasu this aristocratic lord and ho can only look upon them with contempt. Pimples on The face cured. Sulphur Hlltora will euro tlio worst C«KO of akin UlseiiBo; from a oummcm mmnle on tlin I'HCO to tbHt awful ilUuHsu aero fnlii, It Is the boot medicine to use ki nil eittua of such, stubborn «nd deep Boiilod diacuno. Do not delay; ute Sulphur Hitters mid .Urlvu tlio humor from your blood. 4 Diuu. Tuesday night Mm. Sophia Brauss, mother of J. F, Schumacher ami Mrs. bun Wi iiuiora, &Re78, died »t the homuof her daughter aftt<r an illness of several months. For Ilio pust two months slie has buon very fuublo .umililo lo oat scarce ly »uyihing. Tho woaknos' wns due more to old age thun any other cause. Somotlmi! past thu duceaaotl WAS a victim of the griupe aud nnvor fully recovered. ThuQ funeral was hold Thnrstluy at the reslilonce of thu ilititKhlur. Twulvo years ago Mr*. Uruusn moved to this county with her tlatightur with whom sbo has nuulu her home aud licr inuiiy frieuds will bo patuvd to learn of hur iloath. T. K. Anthony, Ki- I'onlmiuter of l'roniU« I'ttr, lowu liiijs: "1 bouultl one buttlii of "lljsllu Ouro," for lllinumutfumiiiul twoduuuo of It did mu inoro uoixt tluni any mtuilolnu I uvur tooK." Sold by J. W. Uiutimif ' ' ACTIVITY OF TH_E ROYALISTS. Thuy 1'Vul Coiillileul liruitt Ililtulii I. in Illnhld.' of l.tlluuk'uliil. BAN l'"HANi:isfij, Ai>ril V!U. — News received iioui lluiiolulu by schouiiur Alopi suys tins i'liict' toatttfu iu tliu lliiwuiiiiu situation in the mvut activity of tin Hoyulbts. Tho nativcu are suUl to U more than uver cinilldoiit tluit Groat Uiituin lu on the sido of Jjiliuokuliu uiul pioimiutious ui'u bi'iug mudu far 11 luutu iiK'utiug, u call having bueu isauuii by tho coiiuiiUtou of lliruu, luntiU'd by 11. A. Widimtiiu. Tho Cuiiiiiiercial Advei'tiiier, govuriniieiit organ, siiyo it rogunls llu ussoiubhigo of thu (lisulToctcd us u good tiling, fur il indicate* u return to ordl- phlldrenOryfor nnry inethocls of public activity and expression nml to the resumption of party political life, Hniloha Sin, tho native organization, does not approve of the meeting ami lias published u statement ronwlmtinjj all responsibility or connection iheiewith. A Ni-«- IttiDxiiin Law A limit Shtpa. ST. PuTKUsnuna, April 20.—A law has been prepared compelling the oVners of all Russian vessels to place thorn at the disposal of thu government iu tiuio o! war if domutulud. l \\'iiut» Sainnit. LONDON. April jtf.—Sir Thomas Es- inondo has given notice that he will ask the government to give its assent to thu annexation ottheSamotm islands to Now Zealand. • Miner* Kluht-llour nil). LONDON, April HO.—In tho house of commons the 8-hour bill tor minors passed its second reading. Mike Bowentmn, Lexington, Ky., has issued a challenge to all owners, in which ho offers to race his twain of laurt« ugaint t any Biiuilar team eligible to the 3:10 class for $1,000 a aide. "Little Bo Peep luul lost her «h««p anil couldn't tell uhortttollnd tlii'in." tiu old nursery rlijrma nays and It gom ou to bltl liw "loave Uioui alone, mill Ihvy'll ooiuu homo and Urine their tiUlu behliul them." M\ thin nmj ba true of lom ttlieep, but If you linvi> lojt jour lio»ltli. youounnot Hlturd to Icuve luiu nlonu. It will not coma tmrk uf Its own un-ortl. Somo iieoplo UruK Hint th«y newt boilicr nbout olds. Tln-y "lot them uo Iliu \v«y tli-y OHII.O." Aln.s, too often Ilia viiMHus CD to H uounuinptlvu'ii iirnve. Hemouiber (hut lir. l'l«rt'«'« Oulilen Mfdh'ul Dlioovery rt)niovt>» urupttoun, Ulot<-lim. plmiilrt, iili-ern, S'Tofulouei hunioni and Inolploiit I'ouaumiillun \vhl.-U U mniiily in'roiulit of ilio tunica. It tMirU'hun thu blood.nmkln« It | ure nnd thi) wlioloujtitcni now. Somo vory good looking jwoplo aro deformed ou tho inside. A lio u mile away Is alvuys trying to provo that it is tho truth. The Superiority Of Itood'd diiraapiirlllu U duo to the umuoum Dim ttiuouiitof bruit) work ttud conbtmil onru usoilln lu |iroii:irittlou. Try ono liultlu tiiul you nlll Uo convinced o( Itu «u|iororlly. II putliloa Iliu blood which U the sourco of lit'uUli, curott dyniopuln, ovurcomuii tluk lumdncluis mul bllliuuainmn, It U ]u«i tho uiuUlelne for you. 11 lod'n nllUuro Ilio Ud«t after illniu>r pl'u. iia»l«t dliiutiluu, cure hoadiioho. Try » box. Platinum is holding it.s own, Silver soup basket* tor thu bathtub M\- producud, Thuro aro now detiigus in toiujt and luutUn racks. Don't Tobacco Spit or 8moko your Life A WAV It tlu< Uutllful, itnrtlliiK utlu of u Illllo book Ibut KlU all about No to-bixolliu wonderful, Uttrmlim* auitruutvuU tobacco Lttblt euro. Thu oo»l I* trifling ami tlio wuu who wiiuU to uult and oiiu'triiun uo uliy*lculoyiluiiuolul rlok lu U»log "Xo To Uau?' He'•»!))• J. w, HtiHou. llookvut sloru or by ui»ll fr«w, addrow, Tho Storllnif UcuioUy Uo., lutlluuu Mluuiul Hprlugv.Iud. Pitoher'tOattorU. •*^^v£XJIUSj^l r AVER'S SARSAPARILLA HI. Hnminorlv, a woll-kiinwn business i M. llammorly. n well-known business man of Illllsboro, Va., semis this u alimony to H*! Uie merlUol Ayur's Sarsnimrllla: o<-T,-iai years uuo, I liiirt my* Injury leaving U sort) which It'd to i<r\s!|>t>l.<s. Jiv MidtM-lncS were extreme, my u-jj, imin iliu knoe to the Illlkld, belli); u .Snlltl s.n f, \\ liicli li,-i;ail to OX- tend toother purls of tbt>, A f tor trying various rvinudu-g, I bftjiin "lakuiK Ayur'S Sitrsaparlllii. and. bt>fon> I )md llnlslieit the . . Urst bollli>, 1 fX|>t<rifiiv?d ^HMI lellel; lecoiul bottlu vlleotud u cumplf io euro.' 1 Ayer's Sarsaparllla Prcpuvd by Or. J. O. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mm. Cures other0,wlll cure you PARKER'S - 1 HAIR BALSAM IK* ttHU bt-autirit* lli<- £t* .. N»v« >•»!!• la litiloio Qru Hulr 19 lu VOI.M.I.J! Color Curw m<p <li~-»Ki i lini t»UU.<. * N SU IVIPT I V E Rpotl ruakiMUthomoelrolaoomulata.' grout Touiiwrutico Drink K|V«« u. prw l ^u I WRa - ? fe ^ 4 The Cha8,B. Hires in*' K. map l» UMUM vium

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