Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1933
Page 5
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tOLA, KANSAS; THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER^ FRIDAY EVENING. JANUARY 13. 1933. : Ngw York. Jan. 13. lAP).—Stocks wobbled listlessly in today's market, ^clostng narrowly irregular. After an early afternoon sag:! the list rallied; moderately, but, eased, again in : the'jlast few minutes, ^ arid ' closed about steady. Transf&rs approximated 900,000 sharbs. ; Passage by the house bf repre- .sentitives of ithe domestic: allot- merii. plan measure had little if any ^ eflept upon the market;s.. in view of uncertainty as to it-s fate in the senate or at the White" House. Gold mining stocks turned heavy, however,' for' issues ; would lose much of their charm should com- motjity jjrices turn definitely upward. Butwheal was moderately reaction- Tfibaccas were moderately firm, witft; gains of 1 to 2 points appearing ^in American Tobacco B, Liggett fi Myers B. and Reynolds B. Unit•ed Aircraft and Union Pncine push'"d UP more than a ppitit in the last hour, but the Iniler sKd off again before the close. Such-stocks as U. H. feleel, Am <T )can Telephone, New .YorJc Cenlrnl and General Motors closed about unchaugtsd. Md-Crory .stores Issues were hne^vp, and Loews waji a weak fen tare, down 2 at one limh. • Drug losi a i)61nt. Homn- -sta^e. Mining broke 4.-snd Aln.ska ' JuiK'au saii^ed a fractifin. Hlt;h :Low :J •>', (il ,107', 63 iith Sixes KELLET ItDAY ONLY Cities Sei-v SO. of and . -Amn Can . Amn T&T . ,j -Amn Tob B J An(jiConda 7 '-i Atchison 44 s Auburn ...: 53'» Beth Steel 1.5'. Case J I 48 N •Chrysler ... .. iH'-. Con Gas .... 62 •- CotiiOil ........ 5S. Drpg Inc : 36 , DuPont 40':.. Geh Elec '•: 15w Geh Motors 14 Irit Harv 24-.. Mont Ward .... 14'. Packard 2^. Pehney J,C .... 2fi'j 'Phinii>s Petr ... 6 Radio 5'':^ S^rs Roc 20 -t Socony Vac T'l : Sttt Brands .... IS'' SO of JIJ 31'. . Tox Corp 13 -I U:s steel ; 30?; • Wrslingh E ..... 2Q'< 21 , • 60' H 1051. - 6i-<,; .43'. I 52 : 15'; f 46-, I 15'. > 5^';; -35', 30=', ri5-; 13-', 23 "i3-. 6 rs'i 20'; :-7'-:; 30-; 13'.1 iig'-. ' 3 21". 61 106"i 63'/, 7-s . 43-'; 52'i 15'-s 47 ^; 15'-i 62 5"; 35-s 40 15^; 13-s 23^i 14 . 2--i 26 ; 6 :5'; 30 •< :'7';; 15's 31', 13'i 30 30 BUSINESS COUPE... . $619.00 G0UF;E, Ramble Seat. 1. .$652.00 SEDAN. 4.door ...$670.00 COUPE, ConverUble ..A. $690.00 Tax paid, delivered at your door, complete.: ROSSARBUCia.E|^^ CHBYSLEB'PLYMQUTli Sales—Bervli»—Pa;rts HUMBOLDT NEW^ New Bridge Over Neosho Opened for Traffic Wednesday .After Monthii of Conittroctibn. : . LOCAL' PRODUCE. Eg^s, firsts E^s. seconds E^s, thirds Eggs, unp.i-adcd ... THens, No. 1 . .• -^Hens, No. 2 up .. •1- NC?. ,1 Springs. 1'^- lbs.,! No.' 2 Springs i • Capons over 9 lbs. Cilpons. over !' lh.s. C;j))ons. over 7. lh.s. Cnpons. ilndiM- 7 lUs. ,.;SlJiis • B^lterfat. lb -SiaK.s. lb. ,... Cocks — Qeese. lb. ......... Ouincn.s, i-acli .. White Ducks, lb. .. Colored Dutks, lb 3c Hides..per lb Ic Mixed Corn, bu. . ..l.ic ii'ellow Corn. bii. '... i.... • IB- Wheat, bu. ,;. .....^,....28c Kafir Corn • 14c . .13c I ..idc ' .. 13: . .15e ...^c ...6c ...4c -: lie ., flo 7c lie Ac 17e ; «C ; 3C 3c .JOC V 4c Kansas City pfotluce. ; Kansas City. Jan., 13.-?-iAPi— Eggs 19. Otlier jwoduce unciiant-ed. Kansas City Hay. . Kans-is City, 13. tAPi —No hay. rccoiprs too light. : HUMBOLDT. Jan. 12.— Ernest Bowlby, Humboldt Insurance- agent, was In LaHarpe Monday afternoon on bu.slness. ' Mesdames J. H. Armel, C. A. Brooke and Gertrude Leltz- bach, all of Humboldt, attended n meeting of the lola Unity club Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. E..B. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Owens of Hl- attville, visited here Monday evening with relatives and friends. The Owenses formerly resided here. Mr. and Mre. C. R. Massey 'and json of Humboldt have this week re- j moved to Colony. ; Clyde Ryan, Humboldt, went to Colony Monday on business. Mr» and Mrs. H. H. Packler motored to Colony Sunday to spend the day with relatives and friends. "The family formerly resided in Colony. I Mrs. HolUs Flint and daughter, Shirley Ann. were guests Tuesday of Mrs. Plint's mother. Mrs. P. C; 'Irwin, and sister Miss- Julia Irwin in lola. Rev. C. V. Shulenberger, local Metjijicdist minister, who j has been quite ill with the Hu. is much' improved. ' j We are glad to. report that Harold Thomas, son of Rev. and Mrs. C. M. Thomas, who was brought home from the Chanute hospital Monday, lis steadily improving. I Mrs. L. P.-Rossner, Humboldt, has j returned from an extended 'visit I with her son Lome, in Kansas City, i who is seriously ill. Mrs. Rossner ! reports he .may be confined to his bed until spring. Dennis B. Lardner, 69, lumberman Juamta spent Sunday with- Roy I -^^^^^^^ ^^p^„« ^j^jg^^j. home. OF BATTLE FOR REPEAL Playing together for the first tine in their careers, Charles FjirreO snd Joan Bennett portray the featured roI «8 In "Wild. Girl." the new Pox production based on Bret Harte's story, "Salomy Jane's Kiss." OSAGE VALLEY (Mrs. Edward Sisson) Senator George W. Nbrris, head of the Senate Judiciary committe:;, is ^x- which he ds vice-president for the CmZi^'n.^i^i^r ^ vf'' .'T' "^'^^ ^S 'high school assem- Sunday evening with Edward Sis- uiy program Tuesday morning were: n'^i'i oil, ,1. Mi'S- Alpha Shoemaker, Mrs. W. J , ?m l''^ " I Casper,'Mrs. S. S. Harmon. Mi-s. E, J. P. OiUham home Sunday cve-!jj 3^^,^^, Mrs. G. W. McCreary "'n"' Ai u 1 . , . iMrs. H. H. Stewart. Mits. Van Sey- Roy Alumbaugh was taken to St.|„^^„, Mrs. .le.ssie Savafee, Mre. AJ- laire.' and Virgil Klnnell. The new "concrete arch bridge which has been in coiu^ of construction the past few montlis here „ ,-,•„, , J I has been completed, and was opened ?K??,"\„"?,'' ^^''•"i:'' r ^^lfoT irafnc Wedne.sday morning, only John's haspital for a ma.stdid operation Thursday. Mrs. Edward Sisson had a siege of' flu last week and Was tmable to write items. . ' Kansas City Grain.t City. Mo., Jan. 13''(AP)-j- \Vheat: 150 cai-s. Unchanged to •''^c down. No. 1 'dark hard 463;c; No. 2 '18-48'_c: No. 2 hard 43'.-47' No. 3 43-44',c:, No. 2 red 45'-Sc; No. 3 43--,-44',c. Close—Jan. 42'^c: May r ,4'-'-*c:'July 42'.c; Sept. 42"...c. • i > Corn: 24 ca!rs. Down '-ic No. 2 White nom. 23 'i -23".'c. No. -3 noni. •^'•-2ic: No. 2 yellow noni. aS'^S- :23'.'.c: No. 3 nom. 22'-j-23c. No. S mixed nom. 23-23'ic.—May • :24'.ic; July 25'sc. - . I Oats. 1 car. Up 'jc. No. 2. white , nom'. h'r-18?'.:c. . i : Milo maize 55c. Kafir nom. 41- 46c. Rye horn. 33'i-34c. Barlev at ;23 'i ;c. K. C. Livestock Close. * • Sheep—Market same as ea^ly and top fed lambs $5.75. • . Hogs and cattle unchanged; 5 Estimated livestock receipts for loiiiorrow: Cattle 500: hogs : 1.000; sheep, none. J Kansas City Livestock. Kansas Citv. Jan. 13.—tAPi— .U. S. Dept.' Agr.)—Hogs: 4,5G0: 28? . i direct; fairly active, uneven, mostly • 5 lower than Thursday's a-v'erage- lop $2.95 on choice 160-220 Ibs.i^ good ' and choice, 140-160 lbs., $2.75-95: 160-250 lbs.. $2,80-95; 250-290 lbs., ' • $3.70-90; 290-350 lbs.. $2.55-85; packf sows. 275-550 lbs., $1.75-2.35; • stock pigs,' good and choice;.HO-130 lbs., $2,50-75. •.• •-' Cattle:. 700; calves: 250; generalf ly steady: a few loads shoh. fed ': .' steers offered; otherwise mo|tly i cleanup trade; steers, good and rholce. 550-900 lbs.. $5.25-7; 900-llCO , Jb,s:, $4.75-7; 1100-1300 Ib.s., . $4.1.5; G.50; 1300-1500 lbs., $4.15-6; common and medium, 550 jibs. «p. $3-5; heifers, good and choice. !>50-90fr lbs.. • $4.25-6.25.; cows.- good. $2.60-3.00; cutter. $1.25^2.00; vealers. imllkfod). ^ medium to ehoice. $2.50-6; stpcker and feeder steers, ^ood and choice. S3.75-5.75. Sheep: 3.000; lambs 15-25 lower; , -early top $5.75: lambs, good, and : choice, (X) 90 lbs. down, $5.25^85; ' good and cKplee. X) 90-98 lbs..'$5.00 !- $5.75; ewes, good and choice. 9«-150 . lbs., Sl.50-2.25. J iX)—Quotations bflsed on ewes :'! and wethers. among the unlucky ones to have their good set of harness stolen out of their barns Thursday night of last week. No trace of the harness has been found. 1 Busy Hour club meets with Mrs. Ora Mauck Thursday of this week. Fay Gillham is helping Earl Newman shuck his corn. Edward Sisson helped George SLsson stack his fodder Mond.ay afternoon. Elvis Utley and family. Chetopa. Kas.. have moved to Mr. Shaw's farm northwest of. Klncaid. Rose Ellen Hoslcy spent last week with Ml', and Mrs. Peck Gillham. We are very soi-rj' to hear of Eli I ten days beliind schedule. Funeral services for Alexander At wood of Wichita, were held in the Leitzbach Jiuieral parlors Sunday afternoon with interment in Mt. Hope cemetery. Mr. Atwood was well known here, having been a res- dent of Humboldt for iriariy years. He is survived by one daughter. Alberta Atwood; his mother, Mrs. J, M. Atwood; a sister, Mrs. Seabelle Redmon. and a niece, Mrs. Leole Hemdon. all of Wichita. The Home and Foreign Missionary societies of the Methodist chiu-ch .held a joint all day meeting Wednesday in the church basement. [The Home meeting in the morning P;J^^^^'iy ,l °v.„l '^?J"'.„,^L;^ri was conducted by the vice-president taken to St. John's hospital Saturday morning for treatment. Mrs. Edward Sisson and boys spent Saturday with Mrs. Louella Utley. CHERRY GROVE I Mrs. Lewis Hartman.') Mrs. James Arthur Smith In the absence of the president, Mrs. O; C. Payne, who was prevented from attending due to illness. Mrs. Ira 'Barber had charge of the devotion- |als. Luncheon was served at noon ;to about 20 members. At 1 p. m. i the: president of the Foreign sbciety. Jan. 9.-Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mc- i ^^.^'f ^Uner Harcierode presided. Henry and Eugene and Mr. and Mrs, Roy Kaufman were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Pettit Thursday evening. Miss Elva Cation visited at Oscar Coltranes Friday afternoon. Ml-. William Netzke and Mr. and with devotionals by Mrs. C. V. Shulenberger. The lesson was given by Mrs. A, J. Trueblood. The hostesses were Mrs. James Gibbs, Mrs. Ira Barber; and Miss Nellie Drollinger. The .Venus Rebekah lodge met Tuesday night and after the regular Mrs. Earnest Beck and children 1 business installed the, following of- speni Saturday evening with Mr. I ^cers: Mrs. P. Thompson. N. G.; ,r; Hutchinson—A district court jury I vesterday acquitted Ed Haas, man-, M _ager of the Fox West Coast theater ^ here, of a charge of forcing his em- ; i:„ ployes to work on Sunday. After'an- j nouncement of the -verdict. Max . .. WsTnan, county attorifcyi said he would;file no more charges agtiinst pereons working on Sunday in connection wltli the operation of thea- i ters.: • and Mrs. J. W. Adams. Mr,' and Mrs. Orin Adams attended thie funeral of Mrs. Ostmnder in Humboldt Thursday afternoon. Mr:' and Mrs. J. V. Miller of Ann Heim. California, were visitors at Mrs. J. Brothers, V. O.; Mrs. Nettie jBryant, Chaplain; Mrs. . Ida Pal- string, ;planist; Mrs. M. Caldwellft W.; Mrs. D. Miller, C.\ Emma Pick-, ars, B. S. N. G.; Fannie Sinclair, L. S. N. G.; Ida Seymour. I; G.; Elmer the Orin Adam.s home last week, iBryant, o. G.; Miry Adams, R. S. Tuesday they all drove to Fort Scott IV. C: Grace Chamberlain, L. 8. V. and socnt the day with friends. J. |G; .Nellie DroUlnfeer, D. D. Presi- Will Adams was a visitor at the Adams home Wednesday. •, Mr, and Mrs. George Pctliit and baby sixjnt Sunday at the. parental Willis Pettit home. Charles Bruce Works Is visiting his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Wilson this week. Atr.-and Mrs. Elmer Thomas and Ml', and Mrs. J. L. . Black' visited Mr. and Mrs. Jim Adams Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Cation and family visited relatives in Chanute Sunda.v. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson, Earlton, spent the day Thursday with Mr. and. Mrs. J. W. Adams. This community extends its sincere s\-mpathy to the Alva Cation family in the of Mrs. Cation's father. David Cation. Mr. and Mrs. -Rus.sell Rushton. Chanute. were •visitors at. Lewis Hartman's Sunday evening^ Mr. and Mrs.. Harry Gt^athoiise Jr.. lola. spenit Sunday evening with Mr. and Mra. Orln Adams. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Sanders. Kansas City, spent Wednesday night and Thm-sday with Mrs. Sanders' parents, Ml-, and Mrs. Lewis Hartman and family. dent; Wpi. Caldwell, Oapt. D. S. The trustees are Dora Miller. Wm. Caldwell and Elsie Eastham. The Pioneer Girls of the Presbyterian Sunday school met at the home of Marian Parker Wednesday afternoon for a class party. A pro- I gram was gi\'en. g'ames played, and refreshments served to the following: Betty Clark, Betty Lee Jordan. Narilne Campbell, Barbara Brooke, patsie Markle, Helen Dupuy. Vivian McClusky, Margaret Byerley. Eleanor Van Nice, Virginia Goshorn, Marian Parker, June Wilson, and the teacher, Mrs. W. A. Byerley. The Junior B. Natural MUsic club held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Corinne Byerley. A Kansas Dfty program consisting of the history of Kansas poets apd musicians was given.. Miss Marjorie Stearns was elected,the new president. Af^ er the business meeting, games we're played and refreshments served by the hostess. Seventeen girls were iri attendance.' Miss "Dorx)thy i Adams, assisted by Misses Doris Kent afld Marjorie Wllkerson, entertained the . Queen; Esthere of the Methodist churdi at t pected to be in the t] peal proposal which pendent Republican, ion re- hick of the fight for adoption of the prohibii his committee has reported to the senate. Ai inde- Norris campaigned for Roosevelt, and is expected to exercise .strong influence on the new administration. The new portrait of the Nebraska senator was made as he announced the cjommlt- ee's st .ind for repeal the home of the former Monday evening. , Miss Pollyl Redding was the loader. At a latq hour refreshments wore served to the 20 members In attendance, a good time being reiwrtod. . Miss Ruth Wallea was hostess to Chapter A. M. of P.| E. O., at her homo Monday evening;. Miss Lauretta Dlmond had chai-ge of the program and gave a papj^r, "Women In Aviation." The hostess, ,a.sslsted by her mother, Mrs. G. 8. Wallen. served refreshments to tliose present. . ^• , . i Dan Huntei-, living northwest of Humboldt, is reported to be seriously ill with pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Oatman and son Ralph, and M"*- and Mrs. Floyd Oatman, all of Sterling, Colo., arrived here Tuesday evening for an Indefinite vLslt with relatives and friends. DOLLAR'S WIDOW IS THREATENED Lawrence—A famous pigskin will join the hunting trophies of Chancellor E. H. Lindley of the University of Kansas. It is the football used last fall when Kansa.i defeated Missouri, 7 to 0. The ball was auto- graplxed by eight senior members of (.he squad and was presented to the chancellor by George (Speed) Atkeson. Big Six all-star guard. OljTnpla, Washn.—Clarence D. Martin, new governor of Washington, thinks a lot of his dress suit and so does his eldest son. The governor was married in it aiJd when his son, WiUlam, was! wed recently, he also wore It. Tlireatened with bombirig unless she paid $5,000 to extMlon- ers, Mrs. Margaret Dollar, labQve, Is in seclusion with lier family, under police guard. She is the wid-, ow of Captain Robert DoUak mll- dionaire shipping magnate. Both her home in San Rafael, 'calif., an4 the Dollar building in Francisco vfouli be blown demands were refused, a threatened. San up if letter NEWS OF MORAN Several from Moran Attend Inaugr- iiratlon of Governor Alfred M. Landon In To'peha. MORAN, Jan, 11— Keith Day, the 13 -month old babe of Mr. and Mrs. Randall Day, has been quite critically ill for several [days with intestinal fill, and is not yet Improved, and the family, and friends remain very anxlouSi but are hopeful for a favorably change soonl E. T..011more, who| has been ill for several weeks. Is now'so much Improved that he is alile to assist In the home' duties agalri. . Mr. and Mrs. A'. L. Martin visited Sunday in Port Scotti, guests of. a daughter, Mrs.. Walter Cassell and family. . I Mr. and Mrs. F. F. SCott and two little daughters., Patty and Coleen, spent Sunday at Greieley, Kas.,. the guests of Mrs. Scott's | parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Lyon. W. A. Cline was able to be at his place of business Tuesday afternoon for the first time since his illness began before Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. John JKoppers had as their guests Sundajr, Mrs. J. P. Flynn, Miss Pauline Flynn and Mrs. C. A. Hess, Humboldt. I Donald" Moore, Stockjton, Cal., arrived Simday night f^r a visit of several days with Harry Umphrey and family. The friendship of these two men Ijcgan while they were soldiers in France during the i World War. I , Postmaster and Mrs.j Ralph Martin had as their dinner guests Sim- day, Mr. Martin's brother, Roy Martin and family and his sister, Mrs. L. M. Chezem and family, Chanute. W. J. Strong, newly I elected president of the Allen County farm bureau, left Wednesday ?ifternoon for Topeka, where he will attend the annual meeting of the ptate board of agriculture. Mr. Strong accompanied Dan M. Braum, of lola, on the trip. The CJhrlstlan Endeavor of the Presbyterian church will enjoy a covered dish luncheon In the dining room of the church Friday evening, preceding their annual buaincss meeting and election of officers. The Moran Business j Men's club held Its regular monthly meeting In the social rooms of the MethodLst Episcopal church Tue.sday evening. A seven 'o'clock dinner was"served by the ladies of the church. Entertainment! features Incliided a violin .solo by Miss Emma Verle Lacey and reading by Miss Mary Stltzel. The annual election of officers following the regular i-outlne business resulted in the choice of W. W. of the Lam-Bartlett Grain ^company, as president; Ben Pennington, vice- president; and O. A. "Sfoung reelected secretary-treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. KoUenbom. Wichita, were guests over the weekend of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pennington. Mr. and Mrs. Franzl Gilmore and daughter, Nedra Jean, were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. Gilmore's parents, Mr., and Mrs. Ed Gilmore and sister. Miss Gertrude GUmore; Mrs. W,. W. Lam has been quite ill for several days and is yet confined, to her bed but is reported improving today. Mr. Lam's daughters. Mrs. Russell McHenry, lola, and Mrs. D. H. ZoUers, Henrietta, Okla.. are here visiting and assisting in Mrs.s Lam's care. Mrs, 8. E. Fowler and her daughters. Mrs. Bert Brown, and Mr. Brown and Mrs. Duke Myres and Colletla visited Wednesday in Colony, guests of their daughter and sister, Mrs. John HUl and Mr. Hill. F. A. Herrick, special salesman who has taken over the remaining stock of the Moran Mercantile company that has been closing out by fire sale since late In October, an-, nounces:a final nine-day sale be-j ginning today. L. O. Smith, owner find manager of the store, has not yet annoMnced his futare plans, MORAN, Jan. 11.—V Smith. C. A, Dickinson, Bert jOhlfest, Elsmore, and F£ed Smith: attended the InauBunil ceremonies i of Governor Landon ot Topckn Monday, . Miss Lena Damold who was absent from her work as Instructor in high school lost weekrwas able to resume her teaching Monday. . Mrs. Emma Keith was a guest Sunday of her daughter Mrs. Carl Shively and family east of town. She reporis her grandson Jlmmie Shively.-Who ^ has been qoita ill as much improved and able to. be up.; .' Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Townsend left Simday-for Tulsa .where they will visit until Thursday. ' . , Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith- and little son, >,Wellington, were here Sunday, for the day with.Mr. Smith's parents, Mr, and^AII!s. A. M* Smith. . Mr. .and Mrs. .Thomas Bombertm and daughter.lngrid. Greeley, Colo., visited here Monday, guests qt Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bartlett. They had attended the iuneral Saturday of Mrs. Romberhn's mother at AUce- ville. They went,Tuesday to Pittsburg . but will return here for a further visit before going home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swisher, Independence, Kas., icame a few days ago ,for a visit with Mr. Swisher's Bister, Mrs. P. H. McCoy and other relatives, and on Simday evening Mr. Swisher who is not in the best of health at any time became quite ill and his physician has ordered him to bed for several weeks. The Philathea class of the Methodist Episcopal church held their regular montWy social and business meeting Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Neni Gilliam with the following memijors present: Mesdames Ed Wood. Rueben Armstrong, Ralph Martin. Charles Harrln, Roy Cox, George Welch, Charies Agner, D, O. Gifltord, Harry Abbott. Charles Hughes, Misses Neta and Ida Manbeck. Mrs. Fred Swi.sher was a guest,; Mesdames Wood, Apmatrong, Martin, and OlJUam were hastes-ses and served refreshments. Mr. and Mrs, Faye Mitchell and baby, Nevada, Mo„ came Friday for a visit here with Mr, MStchoU's parents, Mr, and Mrs. L. D. Mitchell and other relotlves, and on Sunday went to Eureka for a few days visit with friends. Warren Bartlett has been absent from school the past two days suffering with Influenza. A largo company of young friends helped Miss Arolyn Bacon celebrate her sixteenth birthday anniversary at her horae Friday evening. The following were present: Irene Baker, Lois B^con, Opal Brown. Ruth Hall, Ina Mae Smith, Darlene Sloan, Dorothy Sloan, Emma Thompson, Fern Gilliam, Marjorie Kester, Lyle Pursman, Everett Dal ton, Charles Hall, Dale Jones, Joe Bacon. Games were played until a late hour when refreshments of fruit salad and angel food cake were served. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pike who visited last; week at., Broken Arrow, Okla., returned Monday. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Pike's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Roork who will visit here several days. . Mr. and Mrs. U. H. Epperson and daughters, Misses Eula and Delia, had as their gues'ts Sunday Mrs. Epperson's sister, Mrs. Fred Doty and Mr. Doty of Buffalo, Kas., and Mrs. Nettie Bryant and son Elmer of Humboldt. The public speaking class will present a program of three one-act Plays entitled "Romances," "Flltter- mouse," and "Elmier." this evening at the high school auditorium sponsored by Miss Mabel Mae Wilson, teacher of that department. These plays are given unddr student direction. -AUTOMOTIVE Repalrinc->Qara«es BATTTSRY Recharflng, 50o, Ideal _QarftRe. EMPLOYMENT 14 irelp Wanted—Male MAN with enclosed car ?or pickup and delivery. Apply at 109 West street tonight or before 9 o'clock _ In the mornliyi, 1 ^ LrVB STOCK 21 Hor^ Cattle, Vehicles 3 TEAMS MARES—5 to 7 years'old, wplgh.2500 to 3000 lbs..; A teams horses, 5 to 8 years bid. weigh 2400 to 3100 lbs.; 20 head good work horses and mares: 25 fresh cows, 3 to 5 yeai« old, giving 3 to 6 gral..mllk per d«y; 20 .;eows, )will freshen in 10 to 30 da>':s; 5 good bulls; 5 wagons with grain beds; ;l' new com planter; 2 other com planteirs; all kinds farming Sna- chirierv; 6 sets good work harness. Will sell on ttaie. J. C:^_ButCher. 22: Poultry and SappUea COCKERELS —Black anH White Giants for sale. Phone S9, La­ Harpe. i . I- MERCHANDI^ ArUeles For Sal^ BATTERIES — Guaranteed. $4.95. IdeW Garage. liioTOR OIL— 50c gBL; 5 goi:, $i §.19. Ideal Oarage. Phone 174;26 ' Farm and Daliy Products- FIOUR—Fully guaranteed,' 48 ^bs., ;65c. Brownie's, Cream, PoUltry [and Eggs. ' • . 28 HoosehoU Qoodi> AUTOMOTIVE CLOSE-OUT PRICES—Circulators, wood and combination heawrs. Trade in old, Curtis', 10 l«r. Wash. NEW FURNITURE BARGAII^B $75.00 vanity, bed, bench aiKl rocker. In fine quality quaf: tered gum, yovirs for i$26.00 *25.<)0 walnut vanity drosiSi ^ ers,;only '^.$1T).00 $75.00 bed and chltforobiv, •• French walnut .',$30.00 $40.00 walnut dressers ...,. .;$18.00 A. R. SLEEPER PURN.fCO.- 20 i:tSED living room suites, $15^ up. Henninger's PmnltUre Store!. USED FURNITURE BARGAINS S-plece enamel breakfast suites. $7.50; large fibre rockers, $5.00; 2 -t)lece mohair living room siiite, $12.50; 6 oak dining chairs, lefttn- :er seats, $7.50; Quick Meal gas r^ngo with Lorain heat contr4l. $10.00. A. R. SLEEPER FURN. CO.' USED BTO'VES and Furniture. Store packed. Henninger's Pum. Sibre. USED DININO ROOM, bedroom and living room furniture at tnon- ; ey .saving prices. Terms. W.: H. Wood Fine Furniture. 202 S. Jeff. 29 * BiMhIaerisr and Tooto GOOD USED No. 3 McCormick- Deerlng Primrose cream separator, $25; 1 No. 3 McCormick-Deerlng separator, like new, $50.00. Mien • County Implement Co. 30 MoaiMl. Badio NEW AND UaED RADIOS— $1350 jup, Henningr 'B Furniture Store. 32 W»nte«-Io Boy Antomobiles Sale Dodge SALES AND SERVICE Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phohe 301 Cash—Trade—Terms THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CARS IN TOWN 1032 Chev. Sport Sedan, like new 1929 Chcv. Panel Delivery 1930 Chevrolet Coach 1931 Chevrolet Truck, long wheel base 1928 Chevrolet'Truck 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler-Roadster 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 "Essex Coupe 1929 Ford Truck 1929 Hudson Sedan 1928 Pontiac Sedan 1628 Pontiac coach lfl28 Hup 8 Coupe 1929 Whippet I Coach Plenty of Other Bargains pUD •WHTTE MOTOR CO. PONTIAC - BUICK GOOD WILL USED CARS SHELLY MOTOR CO. Authorized B,ul<&-Pont4ac 214 N. Jefferson—Pho. 80 WANTEDr-Sniflll house to mo\t4 or wreck; must be cheap, L. F. Hartman, Huiriboldt. Kas. ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apsrtmentt and Flats ATTRACTIVE. 3 .ROOM mo<fern apartment, garage, close In, Reasonable. 210 Bast Jackson. - "i'' FURNISHEas i rooms with pahJry, ; closets, porches, modem, prime _ entrance, clogejn. Phone 1234.- Real Estate For Rent 36 Farms and Land For Bent 240 ACRES— Well Improved, : for : rent or exchange for smaller faon, L :,E. 8. Strattbn, Geneva, Kas. :;_ 37 Homes For Bent TOR RENT-Houses. good location. See G. E. Pees. y -JtOOM MODERN bungalow, c*k 'SJ?"S' U V U W room; fine place. - 605 N. Washington. lola Laiid Oo 6 -ROOM modem, garage, $6J)0- . 2-acre suburban, gas, electricity. Gas City. V. C. Archer & Co. Phone 304. Real Estate For Sale (3 To Exchange—Beal Estate > F^"^^^^ concrete garage . 80 and fiUing station, 4 -ro<)m house clear; good opening ?or good mechanic, for good clear improved 80. H. A. Kemmerer, C&t- lyle. Kas. _ ':es^<lence, $2,000 equity i to 160 A.. ;all farm land, W:^ • !i2Hf®-^°?, on aU weatiier road. 2 miles of high school town. . R. D, Loper, Miller, Mo,

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