Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 19, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1955
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MIX, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1955 DM PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Tak« Con ii ty Officials Plan More Vole Machine Talks More talks • on voting machines .have been scheduled by representatives' 'of the Allegany County Board of Election'Supervisors. They will be meeting-of the Cumberland Optimist. Club today, . Bowling Green liomemaKtrs October 25 and Ml. Savage Homemakers October 27. Already (here have been some 14 talks presented by William A. Wilson, board president: Matthew J. Mullaney, board member, and Irvin J. Neat, registrar. During November five more programs are scheduled. They are Valley Road llomcraakers November 2, Business and Professional Woman's Club November 8, North Branch Homemakers November 10, Piney Plains PTA November 14 and East Side PTA* November 17. Consecration Of Cathedral Slated Nov. 6 BALTIMORE OH — The Church ol the Incarnation, at Univcrsit> Parkway and St. Paul street in Baltimore, will .be officially consecrated Nov. 0 as the cathedra! and center of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. The diocese, which comprises most of Maryland west of the Chesapeake Kay, voted last February to make the church the official center of its activities. The Hev. .John N. Peabody wil be installed as first dean and rector of the cathedral, as part of the consecration services. Since the beginning of the Korean War, the United -States has made SI.018,736,000 worlii of military purchases in Japan. Keeps your floors bright Tough, If withstands hard wear ancf repeated scrubbing^. 1 Walk on It, dance on it, Florhide float Eoimet tenrfos its glost and durability through the burden C.84 wear! Easy to apply, easy' to clean. 11 colors. Q Com h Hi -Color to Artte*" Wokfc*, Mflf ««uo« PITTSBURGH IGJ P L A T I 0 I A S S C O M P A N T 317 Henderson Ave. • Phone PA 4-3434 Assignment: America "Common Cold" Not So Common, Not Always Spread By Kissing (1.0. U. S. Pal. Oil.) : t, PHYLLIS IATTEU.E , •'NEW YORK UN'S)—ll's'uncom- fortable enough to have a cold, without everybody looking down heir cool, dry noses at you 'and calling it a "common cold!" It doesn't matter to them, how snootily you sniffle, with what grace and dignity you sneeze, how skillfully you mix your menthol with your Chanel. Still they say your cold is common, they look at you \vilh contempt" and fear, and your pride is cut off as sharply as Ihe zephyrs in your .nasal pas;ages. "ll's not that I don't want to kiss vou," say your' alleged loved, ones. "But you understand." • UiHinderstanding and untouchable, 1 was browsing through some iteralure today and came across a few vital facts on the uncommony: common colds. For one thing, if your loved ones don't kiss you while you are ifflicted with a cold they are either overly-cautious or disinterested. Though colds .are highly 'contagious, the chances are 10 to 1 you won't catch the ailment from kiss- A good, firm handshake is just as likely to transmit a cold as a common kiss is—so far as science can see. And anyway, there is no record of one single death from a cold n medical annals. So why so squeamish, Rorrieo? More facts of reassurance to cold-owners have been 1 issued by the Grove Laboratories, Iwhich make 85 out of 100 of the cold.pills which' Americans annually pay well over a billion dollars for. The Grove folks say, for example, that f j'ou have a cold this minute, you are truly in the. sickly swing of things. . This season. Oct. 1 through Nov. 15, is the first of three' "cold waves" that nip the U. S. nose each year. During any of these periods (the other "waves" are Jan. 15 to Feb. 15, and the entire months of JNfarch and April), there are an estimated 15.000.000 persons a day running around catching cold. . . . . "Tin's," say the Grove people, "is why. we call it common." No matter how ' magnificently you blow.your nose, is their theory, what'you are blowing because ot, is common. No one knows yet exactly why you catch a cold, but it probably has to do with virus, sudden weather changes or—according to the Freudian student of the C. C.— an overworked' emotional condition. The latter can be stimulated by anger, frustration, loneliness, guilt—but the .result is 'the same People And Places •"• .. -' 'WideWoiW ShowPraised For Its Scope . By CHARLES'MERCER , :NEW YOKK UV-I'opple and places are as interesting on tele vision as on vacation. Wide Wide World (NBC-TV)'"has demonstratei again, in its initial • program o the, new season it captured-.some .the. bigness and variety o America on • a Sunday afternoon Using 71 cameras,, it' took tin video audience to the Grand Can yon, Dallas, San Francisco, Lake Mead, Nov.,' the 'Mississippi River aif Ohio steel mill, a Florida 'under water theater, Rockefeller Centei in New York.'a Gloucester, Mass, fishing wharf. 11 was an extra ordinary technical feat. Suggest Mail Use Dave Garroway; served .as -nat rator of an. excellent .script .pte pared by Saul Levitt. A thoughl common commodity you acquire that occurred to one viewer is'thai in future programs Wide Wide World could well make use of a map in guiding its big.audience around this big country. It's stir with wet feet'. As a consequence, Americans spend five-billion dollars a year in lost wages and medical expenses, which is an average of ?30 a prising how.many.of iis don't know year per stopped-up head. 'Since the average American has three colds a year, (bis divides out to $10 per cold. More people have colds in Chicago than any other city, and you're more likely to catch the virus (or presumably overwork the emotions) in rural areas than in city areas, according to statistics. But everywhere, everyday, people are kachoping! And there's no way at all to avoid being called common ...... Unless, of. course, ' you don't catch a cold at all. Then people will refer to you as distinctively, if.disgustingly healthy. Two Drivers Fined. For Motor Violations .Two area'men"were fined Mon : day in. Trial -Magistrates Court as a result of motor 'vehicle violations last week. Magistrate Donald W. Mason fined Jr., 22, for permitting an unauthorized person to use his car and tacked on s j OI1| "Good Show!" a $35 fine and .costs to James Harold Miller, 20,' of Cresaptown, For driving the car without license and reckless driving. Sgt. James Brown arrested'the two men on, Henderson Avenue after their vehicle bumped into the rear of the police cruiser. what's where geograpbicallj speaking. When, -somebody "asked "'Sing Crosby what'he's doing these days (the story, goes); Crosby cheer- Fully replied, ''I'm imitating Perry Comd." .'Certainly it's 'impossible Lo go into a diner after midnigh and - fail to hear Como on the jukebox. .And-it's just as impossi ale to find anybody aged 22-or 23 or yo'unger who doesn't rave about him. : Como Real Cool Take * look at Jiis Saturdaj night show on NBC-TV and you'l learn something about the younger generation as well .as about Como Like Crosby, Como is cool. It's absolutely impossible to ruffle the guy. This is a rare virtue among men, let alone among television performers. And it's fine to see a younger-generation that admires the virtue... Somebody might say it's his singing and not his manner' thai ropes in bis. audience. Well,' you can't separate his singing from Gordon Hayward AVarnick i,j s manner. 'Very relaxed and !, of Rawlings-$15 and costs coo i. As'the British said even'be- : ore they had commercial .telev 1 - Takes Course Dr. Albert C.^Eskin, local' den- list, has jus| returned from a iwo- week course entitled "The Medical Aspects of 'Radioactive Isotopes and Special Weapons" given at the National Naval Medical Center ani National Institution of Health at Bethesda. . ... About 115,000 Americans have disabling accidents each year when they are doing their own carpentry repair work. New Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eflt, .talk, laugh or sneeze without fear of insecure false teeth dropping, slipping or wobbling. FASTEETH holds plates firmer and more comfortably. Thin pleasant powder has no Sjmmy, gooey, pasty taste or fueling, oesn't cause nausea. It's" nlfcallne (non-acid). Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug counter, Advertisc-mc-nt SPOERLS GARAGE SALES 20S N. Mechanic St. Cumberland, Md. SERVICE 28 N. George St. FORD'S DRUG STORES Cumberland and Frosrburg Miracle Cushion Holds False Teeth Tight and Firm 1 You will carry four tons of wet -**» soggy clothes up the cellar I steps and out to the clothes line each year if you don't have a clothes dryer. ThoiHmib of housewives let clean, safe electricity •o this work for them--it's an inexpensive washday blessing. ?HE_ POTOMAC IDJSON COMPANY * brand Denture Cuihioni *r» » triumph gf science;,* i«nution*I nrw plastic re-lining that get* rid of the annoyance •nd irritation of loo.., badly fitting fain t«eth. SruiR CKBPI «nr«, Irritated Eum» du« to Irwj* fitting denturri. Applied in » few minutes, makei the wohhlitst pUtt* »i»y firmly in plnce-civpB perfect comfort. E»t Humltsi to gum» or dentine*. Sfint rr-liner* ran lut from 2 to C months. Stays soft anrl.pliible-doM not harden and ruin plate. Peel* right out when replacement i* needed. Kodxilj bother h adheoiveii. Get Sntijt brand Denlur* Cushion* tnrl»y! 2 liner* for upper or lower platen $1.50. Money back if not waisfied. At alt drUKKlstj. Advert Lie ment Give her the world's smallest 23 jewel watch Never before has so beautiful a watch... • 23 jewels..;been cre- ' ated in .this sm»ll size and at this low price. Otktr BtifoM "to Pttite* <MUto« fnm ttIM itflSOM ; 13, Protects Mother, Slays Dad /•••'.-' '•' "-. : '; '••' •"''• " . ''• '• " ' '• » "--•• MARTINSBURG, W, Va.'tfl-A father' was shot and killed by iiis 13-year-old son early 'today 'to climax wHat'Statc'Police said was apparently a night 'of/terror'for the family. •- •••;•• . • Killed by'a shot behind the left car with.a hall type missile froin a r shot gun was Clarence .Augusta Sims, 50, of the Allensville'sectibri of Berkeley County. •,' Corp. Evan Moody, of-the State Police said 13-year ; old •Kenneth Tliedore Sims was.released in'ciis- tody of his mother pen'dnif a decision on the. disposition<of Uncase. Dr. C. .G. • IJowcr, county corner, •. ruled an inquest was not necessary; Aloody said members of the family told him the hoy fired as his father was choking his mother as. she tried to nurse an 11- morith-old baby, one of seven children. . The • family said the unemployed father had come' home wife of runk and began healing > the wl ami children, who range .in age said rom 11 months .to 14 years. State Police said the.father had >ecn scheduled for' a hearing to- lay on a drunken drivingclmrge but nd was out on bond -on a charge brandishing a- weapon. Police, lie had a record'of'.other ar-* rests. '•'•'''• "t Whlppoorwills do not make liestx, «jl liiy their eggs on bare ground or among accumulations of leaves.- f We/come fo Old Fashion Revival Full Gospel Assembly Of God Church Winchester Road, Cresaptown, Md. Service Every Night 7:30 (except Mon.) till Oct. 23 ' Evdng. Ruth (Reckley) Cowglil "' r. THE WHOLE TOWN IS ABOUNDING WITH VALUES ... But, no place will you find furniture values like those at Millenson's : Space, doesn't allow'us to list-all : 'the hundreds of lovely home furnishiiigs .,,•;' Itetns'verv specially priced . . . But we think you to "yourself to shop at Millenson's . . . FURNITURE, CARPETS, PIANOS, APPLIANCES . . . All of them, more wonderful values- than ever before ., . And, of course/everyone knqws Millenson's furniture . ,. FOR EXAMPLE: 3-Pc. Modern Blonde Mahogany Bedroom Suite -Consisting of:; Triple Dresser, Bookcase, Bed and Large Chest of Drawers ?omoo WAS $395.00 , NOW **»* 4-Pci Modern Grey Mahogany 'Bedroom Suite Consisting of: Triple Dresser, Chest of Drawers, Bookcase Bed and Nite Table WAS $449.00 NOW ^5900 3-Pc. Modern Cherry Bedroom Suite Consisting of: Double Dresser, Bookcase Bed and Large Chest WAS ?395.00 NOW ? 269°° 9-Pc. Genuine Mahogany Dining Room Suite WAS $539.00 NOW $ 278°° 2-Pc. Kroehler Sectionals In Choice of .Red, Beige or Pink WERE $239.00 NOW 169 2-Pc. Kroehler Living Room Suite—Lime Frieze WAS $279.00 ........ NOW 195°° NEVER,SO MUCH THAT IS NEW AND DIFFERENT AT SUCH PRICES! It's Easy To Park;At Jlillenson's— ; Op«n Ev«ry You al ' e invited to park your car on ' M. A »*» either-of..the'two; free parkinsr" lots''' mongay. Ill • . acl . oss the street, from our store. 9 P. M. ;: -'They-are maintained especially for • /, the accommodation of our customers. ' - |, It II 'il . I tf j n 1

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