The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 6, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1933
Page 3
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''' ' " ^', i\S^;,' l'\ 'J*i rt *C' ' ?T* * * ' i - .^/ -,i ' ' '•»' _v; '. ' , " ' • , . . * " •„ J '< ,-. '•* ' ; '\'^ *' Mil fi'yV'j^'v 1 '* . ' « V(t , ; l -v ,'", s ',-'*' r - •* , i,S * Trtfe MAKfeilslPl^Lt) dALl^OtVNlAN FirllDAV' JANtJAKY 6 1&33 - 3'^ &** :M\fi*w~tev:^''W *r ' '•^eaViMlf' ir " ji: "'* il ' 2 ^ J "' "^'-^ •' «'. (AftoototeA Prttt Leaie&Wire) ATLANTA', Jan. fl.—It's «n' old Dixie . ou8t8m—"mbvln 1 '' time" for 1 tenant farmers -seeking greener fields—and at this season of the year southern highways present. spectacles remindful of A % meflenn pioneers settling the west. • • 'Wobbling wagons, drawn by gaunt .horses, or mules, rattle along with the earthly possessions of the share- orb'iipers. " Wide-eyed children are t'utfkcd among the pots and pans and • Battered' bedsteRds. Trailing behind J'kre a, cow, a hound dog and a'goat ;'<\or. tito; . ,'• i, .' ','"?V • • Modern Touch, /• 'Some have Injected a modern touch • a'nd • travel by motor cars.- uniform to the extreme- in-thei? state, of dilapidation. . Irrespective of mule ion motor power, all vehicles are brothers under the skin In n common bond,of utility. Just .as 'much -furniture and Just as many 'children can -bo crammed 'Into ~4Dio back seat of an automobile . os can-be packed In a wagon.' - 'Others; In greater poyerty that forbids either,,whgon or .motor car "tote" •n'hftt' little' they have on their backs. . Thelr-iuhlfornilty Is rigid like that of tho rattling .. fllv^r... brigade. Bach ,,-• family unto Itself walks in single file. The man trudges In the lead bearing a miscellaneous assortment of bundles and pasteboard suitcases. The "old -, • woman" carries a babe in'arms., Qhll- -'dren' of graduating sizes trail in her wake. Always there is the hound dog. Whither goes this army of wagons, " flivvers, and hitch-hikers every sea- sOn near the advent of. the new year? "Somewhere else"—that's what they will tell you. • : ' V >; .. Nemtdlo People ' ^h?JVare:a nomadic set..More often •>i thftii not there Is something that restricts their sojourn on a particular f.arm to?;.tf single' "year—a landlord they" don't like, poor crop* or maybe . '-glowing reports,, of opportunities awaiting "away out yonder," meaning a neighboring county. And so they start moving noon after Christina! going "somewhat's else." _ *-•«» . Basketball Injuries Fatal to Freshman V-- . (Agtociatei Preta Leated Wire) XORTH MANCHESTER; ind., Jan. 6.—Sheldon Grimes of Angola, Ind., Manchester College freshman, is dead of Injuries suffered when he struck a brick wall during basketball practice in tho school gymnasium. Grimes was practicing with the varsity squad Tuesday night, when he suffered cerebral Injuries. He died yesterday In tlie college hospital, wlth- oul recovering: consciousness. FAMED V i .^Si ' DEBATE l» the universe slowly being destroyed'..'.;.or ; ;ls It subject to a gradual proceis of re-creation? That wai the dramatic subject for heated debate betwen the two'celebrated physicists here •hewn as the/appeared before members ot,the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Atlantic City. Dr. Robert A. Mllllkan, left, «nd Professor Arthur H. Compton, both Nobel' prlie winners, based their arguments on opposing theories of the nature of the cosmic ray.. Between them are cosmic ray' detectors used by the scientists In their research work. c f •,,«. ,<> .4 { .,-.y .». »', Discovers Cause of Stanford Coed Limp (United Pret» Leated Wire) STANFORD UNIVERSITY, "*an. 6. Sight of Stanford coeds limping about the campus and sitting very carefully led Col. D. C. Cubblson, commander of the university's R. O. T. C. unit, to Issue an order prohibiting corps members from taking their girl friends riding on army horses. Several coeds were badly shaken up In forced landings, the colonel Indicated, and one came to grief when she tried to make her horse sit down like a cartel while she dismounted. Most of the feminine riders, however, were merely victims of bounclng-ln-the- saddle-itls. A Monty-Saving ^^";<i 'f-i-' ••!•' ••'•••'si " "• "~I'''' I Opportunity, Indood The annual signal; men await the country over to buy thtir Suit or Ore* coat at. worth while savings. MEN'S SUITS Now R«duc«d 1 Smart business suits styled in faultless manner. Ward's finely tailored Berwick*, noted for their superiority in workmanship, de-, Wool tails of finishing, distioction of cot. Trousers, $3.49 MEN f S OXOATS Now Reduced to ... Ward's superior quality OTcrcoats, warmly lined for coldest weather. Tailored of excellent woolens, featured in the new styles and colors. ,''.''-•'•••'• , •' Reduced for Clearance '• Coat, vest and one pair of longle*. Navy blue ^cheviots, gray mixed tweeds, brown worsteds. Not all sizes, $2.95 BOYS' LEATHER COATS Shsspskin-llned coats for all boys.. Genuine horsehlde and sheepskin with four pockets, *A jA fancy sheepskin collars. VVn"ffv All sizes. MONTGOMERY WARD * CO. Twenty-fifth Street and Chester Avenue .-..H'-, .- '.-sitK^*: .; .".'Vy ... : ;.; ' >, , CRIPPLE DEPRESSION WITH ROADS AND ADS QUEBEC, Jan. 6. — Good roads )lus good newspaper advertising slew lie dragon of depression so far as the irovince of Quebec's tourist business during 1932 -was concerned. Announcement that tho flow of American motorists Into the province lad exceeded all expectations was nade here by the Honorable J. E. 'errault, minister of roads, and the leputy minister, Colonel J. L. Bou- anger. They ascribed the unexpected •olume of American tourist business o. newspaper advertising • In the United States and to* tho continuance of construction on Quebec's good roads program, despite a tendency to curtail such activities in many parts of tho world. , ' • ' The minister said that Quebec now las 14,634 miles of Improved highways, an Increase of nearly W per cent over a year ago. With the addition of 1222 miles of new roads, he said tourists can now motor through virtually all parts of the' big province, Deluding: the Gaspo peninsula section, .ho Laurentlan mountain area, the eastern townships, and the Montreal- Quebec c|ty territory. The dual program of road building and advcrtla- ng is to' be continued, It was said. E (United Prett Leaned Wire) BERLIN, Jan. 6.—Professor Albert Clnstoln 'submitted "to the Prussian Academy of Sciences a new paper revising and amplifying tho theory of •elatlvlty before ho sailed • for the United States,' It was revealed today. Professor Einstein and his assistant, W. Mayer, prepared the, paper. It alters the mathematical expressions 'or those formulae which, under tho name of Lorentz transformations, pro•Ide the foundation for tho relativity theory. Professor Einstein was understood to have revised his Interpretation of he Lorentz transformations after his ater intricate calculations concerning the unified field theoryr MAY BE MARKET HERE it Is reported that about 76 per cent of-the .passenger cars how in use in the United Slates are more than three years old and more than 33 per cent are more than six years old. DBS' MOINES. Iowa, Jan. 6.— Modern' science brought crlmo 'detection 1 "- one step closer to the crtmlnaj with announcement by Major Park'A. Plndley, former. Polk .county sheriff, tha't - ho ,, hag -discovered • a . method whereby. It may be determined absolutely' whether or .not a ( person \hus fired a gun .within the last five hours. After several weeks of experimentation, 'Flndloy announced that -he had made co.n'dluslve' testa before authoH L tative' witnesses. ''..'' His method is .this: The hand of e^ .suspect is coated with melted paraffin which is allowed to .harden and then •scraped, off into a' dish. A , prepared solution of sulphuric acid and phenylamlne is then added to the -paraffin. If tho solution turns a bluish color, the suspect has fired a gun. within the previous flvo'houra, according to Major Findley. The color Is formed by tho solution coming In contact with a nitrate. Gunpowder contains potassium nitrate which forms a nitrous oxide _gas. when the powder rexplodes. -The 1 pbros-oi the hand absorb the gas, which In turn clings to the paraffin. . .- ' Three Boys Drown While Saving Child {Amoofated I'rem Lcated Wire) ADDISON, Vt,, Jan. 6.— Three boys were drowned In Dead creek yesterday, after they had pushed to safety a 10-year-old "girl who had broken through thin' ice while skating. Tli e dead wore Robert pickorson, •15; JDonuld Lattrell, 16, and Samuel Jacobs, 19. The girl was Ruby Dlck- erson, a 1 sister of Robert. The throe wore unable to climb on the Ice shelf to which they had pushed the girl. COLDS GO THROUGH 3 STAGES! And They ar«. For £«M'«T Stopped in thtFtrtt than in the Second or Third!: ,, •A' cold ordinarily passes through three stages—the Dry Stage, tho first 24 liburB; the Watery Secretion Stage, 1 'from 1 to 3 days; and the Mucous Secretion Stage. Relief.'is twice,'as easy'in the first stage. •-.-.. , For prompt relief take a couple of Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine Immediately upon -catching cold. This • will usually expel the cold overnight and thus prevent the spread of the infection within your system. .Grove's Laxative Bromo .Quinine fa effective because it does the four things necessary.. It opens the bowels. Kills the cold germs and fever in. the system. Relievea tho headache and grlppy feeling. Tones the entire system and fortifies against further attack. Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine contains nothing-harmful. May be safely taken by young and-old and whether you stay indoors or go out There is absolutely no penalty at tached to its use; For more than 40 years it .has been the'standard cold and grippe tablet of the world the formula keeping pace with Modern Medicine. Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine now comes in two sizes—30c and 50c. Get yourself, a package today and be ready for any cold that may come- along Say "NO" to a. substitute! NOTE:. During Epidemics a tab let or two of Grove's* Laxative Uromo Quinine every morning anr nixht will v do much to'keep your system immune.—Adv. "After the birth of twins four years ago, I was run down, nervous, irregular, ijvr.ys tired and, very disagreeable. Now I feel full of pep. My periodf are regular. I never get tired and I am always oheerful. I sgive Lydia E. Pink- hgnV^^Vegetable CQmpound the credit for the MRS. MARY LIDMILA Box 296, Odebolt, Iowa „ i^Why don't you try this medicine? Get a bottle today. Its tonic action may be just what you_noed to g|ye you more strength and energy. Sold by drugguu everywhere. lydia E. Pinkliani's Vegetable Coinpoiin Saturday ; Is Appreciation Day Special Offers in Appreciation of Your >, Generous Patronage ng as Quantities Hold Out We Will Continue to Give You Opening Days Offers at Opening Day Prices Fashion Floor's Attractions Our Fashion Floor has keeh interest these days for thrifty women — no wonder, with such distinguished fashions at January Clearance reductions — come in tomorrow and look around. Furs to Clear at 1-3 Off SCARFS-COATS-JACKETS We have a number of beautiful red, brown, beige, pointed and silver fox scarfs — large fluffy skins in lovely colors — which are amazing values. Formerly $37.75 to $120.00, Now i Off One only, Natural Golden Muskrat Swagger Goat, . . beautifully matched skins. Size 16. Formerly $97.50. Now Galapan Jackets, in black and cocoa. Sizes 16 and 18. Formerly $35.00. Now Save 1-3 on Fur-Trimmed Coats You'll love these handsome coats — all late season models with large fur collars — Sable, Squirrel, Beaver, Fox, Caracul. Colors: Black, green, brown. Formerly $49.75 to $79.75, Now $33.17 to $53.17 Save 1-2 on Beautiful Dresses Theres' a thrill in every one, styles of extraordinary smartness and for every occasion — velvets, rough crepes, satins. Sizes 12 to 40. Formerly $29.95 to $69.75, Now $14.98 to $34.88 Brock's — Fashion Floor Tremendous Savings Also in All Departments |(AYSER'S Grandees—They're Grand Oh yes! They're pajamas, and knitted like the new two-way stretch fabrics—'distinctly different, we know yoii'll like them— • Peter Pan; Collar—and-made by. Kayser, you know the quality. Flesh shade .only. Sizes 16-18. Underwear—Main Floor Boys' Sweaters 1/3 OFF Plain and fancy slipovers—all wool in Navy, Copcn, Green, Beige, Drown, Tan and Black. Sizes 24 to 30. $1.95 Value, Now.,$1.30 $2.45 Value, Now. $1.64 $2.95 Value, Now..$1.97 Boys' Corduroys slack model $469 Regular .$1.95 cords, that look so well when combined with a sweater, tan and brown shades. Sizes 2 to 18.. Boys' Shop—Main Floor i Modess. 3 Dozen for 49c $1.59 Sidley Girdles, 16-Pocket Shoe Bugs. Special.. 50c Hickory Sanitary Belts, all elastic. Special. Notions—Main Floor 42c Smart Table Lamps Made in Catalina There's something unusually appealing about Catalina Pottery—it's so different and it lends itself, to artistic treatment^— as in these,lamps, 14 inches high, cojors to match 1 tableware, handsome shades to match base. Colors: Red, green, yellow, blue. $ 1.98 Old Chinese Embroideries Two Groups to Close Out Quaint old Chinese Mats—a special purchase- very special. Some have sold as high as $2.00 each. Beautiful oriental colorings. A variety of sizes for selection. 39c and 79c Art Department—Second Floor Leather Jackets For Girls and Misses $6.95 Value Here's, value I Capcskin and Suede Jackets in the new cos- sack model. Colors: Brown, green, navy and red. Sizes 14 to 42—in this January Clearance at— $ 4.95 Brock's—Downstairs Store •i See Our Windows' MALCOLM BROCK CO KERN COUNTY!/ PROGRLmVE 5TORE • BAKER/FIFLD See Our Windows

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